Pleasing Your Father's Heart

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					                 PLEASING YOUR FATHERS’ HEART.
                                An article by: Edidiong udofia

Have you recently sat back to say the Lords’ Prayer? Does your own
prayer life reflect the way and manner He (Jesus) taught us to pray? Have
you ever found yourself in a position that opening your mouth to
appreciate God becomes so heavy?

The first thing He (Jesus) taught was; when you want to pray, let prayer begin
with an appreciation to a superior being. You should begin by acknowledging
someone that is more superior than you, and everything around you. In Matthew
6: 9, He said “In this manner therefore, pray: Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be
your name”.

After the appreciation, He made a request, but this request wasn’t about His need
or His followers. Note that the request should be the one that should move the
Father’s heart. Verse 10 (Matthew 6): says “Your kingdom come, your will be
done on earth as it is in heaven”. As you request His kingdom, you are indirectly
telling Him come into my world. Be the Lord over my fears, my taught, my family,
my home, in the office and everything around me.

Let’s review on this story: Hadassah was a young beautiful who had no body
except an uncle. Her uncle fathered her and should I say out of obscurity she
became the queen of that land. In the land she became queen, there was a prime
minister who loved to be worshipped. He was always pleased when he walk pass,
everyone around bows in worship to him.

In that same land, there was a man who just couldn’t fine the prime minister fit
for his worship. This man who was eventually the king’s gateman preferred
making his worship to his God instead of man. The prime minister who was always
in rage on thinking about this man seek the council of his friends and most trusted
allies on what to be done to the gateman.

He sort for a meeting with the king and succeeded in convincing the king to make
a decree that every foreigner in the land would be eliminated. This gateman
happened not to come from that land and also the queen. To shortened the story,
he and his allies personally prepared a gallow that will be used to hang the

The gateman who eventually was the uncle to the orphan that became the queen
(that fathered her) sort a meeting with the little nice (the queen). He told the
queen, if you think because you are the queen now that when your brethren will
be killed you will not be affected, you lie. You and the whole of your father’s house
will be wiped away. He told the queen, that the prime minister can never be happy
that a foreigner is sitting on the throne.

The words of her uncle and the passion for her people made the queen to make up
her mind to go to the queen even at the instance of her life. She said I must go to
the king, if I perish, I perish. It was a law in that land that no one goes to the king
except on the king invitation (not even his queen).

One this faithful day, the queen went to the king’s chamber (without the king
invitation), and bowed before him. With surprise and shock in the faces of the
king’s chamberlains, the king raised his scepter and the queen’s life was spared.
Instead of her perishing, the king demanded of her to make a request and it shall
be granted. The queen requested for the presence of the king in her own chamber
and her request was granted. A date was fixed for the king and the prime minister
to dine with the queen in her chambers.

To go straight to the point, the king went on this date to the queen’s chamber and
after so much merriment, the king’s heart was filled with so much excitement and
he asked the queen to make another request, even to a portion of his kingdom.
She requested for a second visit. Her wish was granted again. At the end of the
second visit, the queen was asked to make another request and she requested the
king to spare her life and the life of her people.

It was at this point that the king demanded to know who was after her life and
she pointed to chief prosecutor who never wished the gateman and his people
should see the light of day. The king was raged with his prime minister and
passed a sentence on him.

Our point here was that she was able to utilize the presence of the king in her
chamber to save her life and the life of her people, including her uncle the king’s
gateman. She was able to nail the enemy of his people and the enemy was hung
on the same gallow he prepared for the prosecution of the man that couldn’t
worship him, but preferred to worship is God alone.

What am I saying, when the kingdom of God comes, power changes hands, lives
are saved, needs are met, hopes are raised, destinies are fulfilled. Our situations
will bring testimonies at the presence of the king in our lives.

                               LET THY KINGDOM COME
                                   Matthew 6: 10

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