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									        Things to Consider Prior to Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

When seeking compensation for an injury due to the negligence of another, it is important to research
thoroughly so you know you are hiring the right personal injury lawyer for your case. Many lawyers are
located in the Miami area that specialize in personal injury, however, many of them might not be the right
attorney for you. The success of a case depends on proper representation. Below are a few things to
consider prior to choosing a personal injury attorney in Miami:

- Experience matters! A lawyer with significant experience will know the laws and regulations of the state
well, and also know the tricks companies use to get out of paying. This can become especially handy
when dealing with insurance companies. An attorney with years of experience will be well equipped to
face insurance companies, as well as opposing lawyers, in order to receive the full compensation amount.
An experienced lawyer is more comfortable navigating the law and the courtroom in order to achieve the
desired results.

- Not all cases go to trial. Claims for compensation go to trial only when a deal cannot be settled between
the two parties. A competent lawyer will ensure that the facts of the case are represented well, thereby
ensuring you the result you desire. If you think your case may go to trial, it is also best to ask your lawyer
how much more that would cost. Some lawyers will not mention this on purpose until you do go to court,
and then charge much more than you anticipated. This will leave you with a negative view of your lawyer
and the partnership between you may be damaged at that point.

- Most cases are accepted on a contingency basis. This means that the lawyer will receive a percentage
of the compensation if the case is won or will receive nothing if the case is lost. Legal fees, such as costs
for filing the lawsuit, or serving notices are to be incurred by the petitioner. The contingency fee differs
from lawyer to lawyer, so do some research and see what they offer first. One Miami personal injury
attorney may charge a little fee while others may charge a much more significant fee which is something
to consider when hiring.

- Personal injury cases may include road accidents, work related accidents, and medical malpractice.
Compensation can also be sought for psychological injuries as a result of illness, false arrests, or
malicious prosecution.

- While many attorneys on television or in print media sound trustworthy, they may not be reliable. Good
lawyers are found through word of mouth or through recognition of practice in elite publications. It is
important to consider the reputation of the attorney prior to hiring them. If you have a few lawyer names
on hand, do a search on the internet with their name and include: “bad reputation” or “scam”. You may
find some good reports or bad, but it is always best to know who you are trusting your case with and their
track record.

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