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									        West London Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Forum
                                        Monday 13th July 2009
         Ealing CVS, The Lido Centre, 63 Mattock Lane, West Ealing, London W13 9LA`

                                 Minutes of Meeting
1      Present
Chris Boucher – Outwest Co-Chair & WL LGBT Forum Chair (CB)
Ebonie Blackaby – ECVS (EB)
Anna Godina – ECVS (AG)
Stephen Lynch – ECVS (SL)
Colin Izzard - NWLLGG – Vice Chair (CI)
Griffith Vaughn Williams – MPs Pan London LGBT Advisory Group (GVW)
Brian Baylis – Ealing Resident (BB)
Richard Eason - Chair RuT LGBT Forum (RE)
Martin Greenway – Hounslow Homes (MG)
Fiona Collins – Hillingdon Police (FC)
Babs Doran – Nottinghill Housing Group (BD)
Lukasz Konieczka – Mosaic Youth (LK)
Jon Harrold – Ealing PCT (JH)
Neel Shah – Ealing PCT (NS)
Lisa Taylor – Hillingdon Homes (LT)
Les Jackson – Outwest (LJ)
Darren Rayson – LGBT PC (DR)
A F Hassan – NWLCGG Membership Secretary (AFH)
Alain Strong – Global Strong Trust (AS)
Laura Fox – Richmond Resident (LF)

2      Also in attendance
Peter Vittles - Ealing CVS – Minute Taker (PV)

3      Apologies
David Stern
Pam Chisholm - Hillingdon Police (PC)
John-Paul Matthews – Harrow Police
Dan Cox - Outwest
Corrina Whitte – Ealing PCT
Hitesh Taylor – Ealing resident
DS Kirstey Martin – Hounslow Police

 No.                               Item                                          Action
1.          CB welcomed everyone to the April West London LGBT

         A round of introduction of all attendees.
         Apologies given (listed above)
2.    Minutes of last meeting
           The minutes were approved by the Forum.
      Matter Arising
            Forum members requested that the minutes be page
3.       Naz Project: Speaker Wondwossen Eshetu
          Apologies as unable to attend.
4.   Feedback on Outwest Hate Crime Conference and Third Party
     Reporting Initiative – Chris Boucher, Outwest
      Conference was positively received. Speakers included Sue Sanders
        (schools out), Carl Busy (met police LGBT lead)
      Members of the forum noted that that no politicians and only 2
        counsellors from 7 local boroughs attended the conference.
      CB discussed the launch of the third party reporting initiative.
      2000 copies about third party reporting have been printed and a
        further 2000 will be done.
      Copies of these leaflets have been sent to the police in 6 boroughs
      Questions from the forum
       Can other groups put their leaflets out alongside Outwests? Would
           Outwest be able to pass on their hate crime statistics to other
      Yes other groups can put their leaflets with Outwests. Outwest are
      willing to share hate crime stats only but will only hand the information
      over to workers and volunteers who have been CRB checked and
      completed an information sharing consent form.
       Do Outwest deal with people of sexual assault and work alongside
           the police to explain what would happen to the victim if they went to
           the police?
      Yes they would be willing to do that.
       What do you do if you have more than one report of hate crime in the
           same location?
      Outwest are able to map hotspots and share with the police & other
5.    Ealing PCT Mental Health and Wellbeing Service: Neel Shah and
      Jonathon Harrold
       JH and NS explained this service that has been put in place to
         improve access for people who may need psychological therapy.
       People can be referred by a doctor or they can self-refer. Anyone
         who wants to use the service must be over 18 and registered with a
         GP in Ealing.
       LGBT residents can access this service via a phone line 020 3315
         5660 Mon–Fri 9am–5pm.
       People are initially screened over the phone when they first contact
         the service, so the right help can be established.
       Phone conversations continue, if it’s required a step up to

         counselling is available.
      NS explained that young people 18 - 35 can have help with higher or
         further education, benefit forms & other practical support.
      They also offer support, training and workshops for organisations.
     Questions from the forum
      How long should the average person expect to be on the waiting list?
     JH Counselling has a high waiting list for 2 or 3 months. In 6 months the
     waiting list has gone from 9 months to 3 months. People can also be
     referred onto other counselling services if they meet more of the needs
     of the person.
      BD Nottinghill housing supports people within their houses and
         would they be able to pass people on directly or would they have to
         go through their GP?
     NS Residents can be signposted to self referral number, 020 3313 5660
     Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm or referred via email to
     What about other boroughs?
     JH This service is only for Ealing, it is going to spread across other
      Also how are you coping with different languages?
     NS Southall have a specific team of trained counsellors & therapists
     who can speak a range of languages.
      The initial contact is by phone, how can deaf people access this
     NS We are looking into having drop in centres that would be suitable for
     all people.

6.   West London LGBT Residents survey: Anna Godina
      The composition of the survey is about issues regarding housing,
       social issues, safety issues and wellbeing issues.
      Paper copies will be handed out and the survey will also be put on
       the internet.
      AG Want to hear what everyone in the forum thinks of the survey
       and if they have any comments.
      Referring to Q7 of the survey. What qualifications do you have? This
       question is too broad. It needs to be expanded or have more options
       for answers to be more relevant for modern age.
      LK Would like to see the results of the 13-19 age range.
      Under question about ethnicity, European should be an option.
      RE What is happening to the information because some of it is
       quite personal?
      Referring to Q25 having a partner but living separately should be an
      LK The question about sexual orientation should be earlier on the
      LK The question have you had any difficulties? Should become have
       you had any difficulties in the last 5 years?
      Are there ways to complain or contact you with any further
         The end of the survey is a bit vague.

7.     West London LGBT Development Project: Peter Vittles
        Forum members have increased from 150 to nearly 300 since
        For social networking to reach out to LGBT residents. A project is
          piloting on facebook, twitter etc.
        On the online forum total membership is now 15. This will next be
          trialled on facebook and twitter.
        There is now an online directory with a list of services and contacts.
        Funding bid from equalities and human rights commission to build a
          consortium of LGBT and statutory partners. Number 1 from Brent as
          an organisation bid.
        Ealing safer partnership has a 6 month initial funding for hate crime
        There is going to be LGBT training.
        Mainstream surveys will be mailed out at the end of July and open till
          the end of September. The findings will be presented at the
          November conference.
       Questions from the forum
        RE Could you use contacts that you already have?
       PV Yes we will do that.

8.        West London LGBT Conference 2009: Peter Vittles and Chris
       CB The evaluation forms from last year raised issue of older LGBT
      people. Next conference to specifically address this.
       Conference title: ‘Out on the edges: Meeting the needs of all LGBT
      people in West London’. Hoping to ask Stephen K Amos to open the
       Proposed workshops:
           Older people
           LGBT and mental health needs
           Islam and LGBT identities
           West London LGBT Development Project
           Political Husting with reps from main parties
          A full conference proposal will be sent out with minutes for the Forum
          to comment on.

9.     Information Sharing Opportunity.
        Sue Saunder received £1000 check for the lunch award.
        West 5 birthday party 25 July, contact John from Outwest who is
          planning the event.

                           Meeting Finished @ 8.00pm
For any information on the Forum or if you have information you would like circulated
to Forum members contact Peter Vittles at Ealing CVS email: peter@ealingcvs.org.uk
or telephone 020 8280 2286
Dates of future meetings:        Monday 14 September 2009
                                 Monday 14 December 2009


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