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April 3, 2009

UWP 2009 Symposium Review Panel
801 22nd Street, NW, Rome 556
Washington, DC 20052

Dear Review Panel:

Begin by explicitly saying “I write to propose a presentation for the Spring 2009 University
Writing and Research Symposium.” Include your proposed title, the number of presenters
(if more than one), and the format you have chosen (e.g., a formal paper, a performance,

Next, include a paragraph or two that expands on your abstract and explains how your
project will contribute to the Symposium. Specifically, describe 1) how you propose to shape
your material and thereby persuade an audience to see something they had not seen before,
and 2) how your proposed presentation frames a critical and original scholarly project likely
to engage the Symposium audience—a broad cross-section of GW students (especially first-
year), but also faculty, librarians, and D.C. area community members. For example:
     Does your topic raise critical intellectual, moral, or political questions likely to matter
        to your audience?
     Do your methods or claims represent a significant challenge to conventional public
        wisdom, the existing scholarly literature, or your own initial assumptions about the
     Does your research make particularly original use of primary, secondary, archival, or
        online sources?
     Is your presentation style innovative or engaging in ways critical to the exploration of
        your topic?
Finish by explaining what you still need to do to ready your presentation for the Symposium.

Then provide contact information (such as your e-mail address) and suggest your willingness
to answer any further questions or concerns the review panel might have. End on a note
along the following lines: “I look forward to receiving the review panel’s response to my
proposal, and I look forward to presenting it at the Symposium.”


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Your Name Here
UW20, Section XX

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