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									               Amazing Guatemala: A Nice Place for Expats
Guatemala is one of the nicest places to settle down if you are looking for a pleasurable
retirement. However, before deciding to become an expat, you must first learn Facts About
Guatemala. Here are some of the most important things you should know about:

* Real estate is a flourishing industry that is well-suited for expats. Costs of properties in the
country are low so it is easier for a foreigner to make a good investment at one.

* Cost of living in Guatemala is lower than most nations in South and Central America. But
low cost does not mean low quality of life. In fact, locals are used to luxurious living and you,
too, can easily afford one.

* There is a high sense of security among homeowners there. Guatemalans value security
more than anything. That’s why they have all possible measures to secure their properties
including high walls and cameras installed in suitable corners.

* The weather is pleasant for the most part of the year, allowing people to enjoy sightseeing
and many other activities along the way. Air conditioning and electric heaters are not in
demand because temperature range is usually not harsh.

* The people of Guatemala are polite, friendly, and humble. You will not have problems
mingling around because it is easy to mix in; the locals will not give you a hard time.

* Infrastructure is modernized so you do not have to worry about transportation efficiency.
You can easily travel from one place to another with ease because transport options are all
cost-efficient and quite effective.

* The country offers many choices to keep you entertained. Theaters, operas, orchestra,
museums, and nightclubs are widespread. No matter where you are, you would certainly find
an entertainment center nearby.

* It is easy to love the Guatemalan lifestyle. There are lots of activities available from water
sports to shopping and food tripping. Taking a bite of their food is exceptionally interesting.

The Taste of Guatemala Food

Talking about food, Guatemala has a very rich food culture that you should not miss out on.

For one, the breakfast meals in the country are simple but rich. They usually involve a bite of
fresh produce like bananas and papayas and avocados partnered with a luscious cup of local

For another, most meals are identical to the Mexican cuisine, which is basically simple but
rich as well. Meat stews and soups usually pepper a complete meal. Their most famous dishes
usually include chiles, corns, and beans as key ingredients. Elotes is a favorite recipe among
the locals. It is basically roast ears of corn spiced flavored with some chili, mayonnaise,
cheese, and lime.

Other notable dishes include fiambre, a traditional food usually eaten to celebrate the Day of
the Dead as well as the All Saint’s Day.

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