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					                         Thomas Patrick O’Halloran
                                                    968 Paisley St.
                                                  Las Vegas, NV 89145
                                   702.544.7771  

              OBJECTIVE:           Highly skilled IT Professional seeking challenging role with enterprise level
              responsibility for network management.

              SUMMARY:         Seasoned IT Security professional with 20+ years of experience. Background covers a
              wide range of product solutions sets including NetWare, Microsoft products, Exchange, Windows NT
              Workstation and various server platforms. Crisis management of mission critical systems has always been
              an area of concentration for me. Largest enterprise system worked on was at UCSF Stanford Healthcare
              with 250+servers and 10,000 users.

     National University, San Diego                                                                 6/81
     BBA, Business Administration

     United States International University
     MBA, Organizational Development (on hold ½ way thru)

     Server Side Software:     Windows 2000 Advanced Server, MS NT 4.0, Novell 5.0, Solaris, Linux, MS IIS,
                               Netscape Application Server, MS SQL Server, MS Exchange 5.5, Web Trends, , What’s
                               Up Gold, Solaris, Linux, Bind DNS, Arcserve Enterprise Backup, Norton and Macafee
                               Anti Virus, Legato/Vinca fail-over system

     Client Side Software:     Widows95/98, Linux, MS Office, MS Project, Photoshop, Adobe Go-Live, MS Front
                               Page, MS Access, MS Power Point, PS Project

     Web Software:             Familiar with: HTML, DHTML, XML, PHP, ASP, Java Script, JSP, Dreamweaver

     Hardware:                 All Intel based servers, Network Appliance SAN arrays, Big IP, Cisco and 3Com routers
                               and switches, Big IP Load Balancer

     Security Tools:                Firewalls:            Cisco PIX, Novell Border Manager, Web Trends, Secure
                                                           Point, Sonic Wall

                                   Monitoring:            Site Scope, Bind View Security, Site Scope, HP Open View,
                                                           Nmap, ISS, Tripwire, SATAN, Net Ranger

                                   VPNs:                  Cisco, Microsoft, Shiva

                                   Secure Access:         SSL Certificates, RSA Secure ID Tokens

     Documentation:            End User Remote Login and Backup processes, Network documentation, Network and
                               Desktop Standards, End User Security Guidelines, Policies and Procedures for: Server
                               Builds, Backup/ Restore Operations, Offsite Data Storage, Server/Application monitoring
                               processes, Data/Disaster recovery, Login/Password security issues, Internet Publication
                               Procedures, Server/Website QA Processes, Remote Access Guidelines and processes

     Vendor Management:        Managed and negotiated Vendor support for Telecom support, Outsourced helpdesk
                               support, Co-location of data centers, Software support, general contractor building

TRAINING:     Trained end users in Desktop Applications, Remote Access, Security awareness. Trained IT Staff
              in Security awareness, Risk analysis, Server Log File Analysis, Server/Desktop build standards,
              virus awareness, customer service skills and issue escalation methods.
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       Consolidated Resorts Inc. - Las Vegas                                                             09/05-
               Liner/Closer – Timeshare sales
       Marriott Vacation Club International - Las Vegas                                                  05/02-02/03
               Liner – Timeshare sales
       Berkeley Group Resorts – Las Vegas                                                                08/01- 02/02
               Liner – Timeshare sales

       Shamrock Network Engineering - Small Contracting shop (closed doors 6/01)         09/00-06/01
       Director of Operations
       Environment: NT4/Win 2000, MS Exchange, Cisco, Compaq Servers, Sony and Dell Laptops

               Rebuilding contracting team, building corporate website and business plan. Manage Network Operations
               on an interim basis for one of their clients. Hired 4 staff members, managed the monitoring and
               documentation of network, rebuilding of 3 server rooms. Purchased and deployed 12 servers for Exchange,
               RAS, Backup libraries and file services. Assisted in Cisco VOIP phone system installation.

       Broad Daylight Inc.      Santa Clara ASP grew company from 20 to 95 employees, left w/ layoffs
                                bringing employee count back to 20                         1/00-09/00
       Director of Operations/IT
       Environment: NT4/Win 2000 Advanced Server, Solaris, MS Exchange, Cisco, Dell Servers, Sony and Dell
                        Laptops, Java Script, Jrun, Site Scope, HP Open View, Bind DNS, Big IP Load Balancers,
                        Tripwire, SATAN, Net Ranger, Shiva LAN Rover, Nortel Telecom PBX.

               As Director of Operations for Broad Daylight Inc. I was responsible for all of the IT Teams including
               Server Team, Network Engineering, Telecom and Help Desk. I was also responsible for Facilities. Under
               my leadership, the Server and Network Engineering teams designed a completely new production system
               for our web based application servers. This system consisted of fully redundant, highly available and
               massively scaleable servers and routers at a Co-Lo site. The entire system is guaranteed to our customer
               base to be available 99.999%. We used HP Open view and Site Scope to monitor out servers/web pages
               and Legato clustering tools for server fail-over. Created policies and procedures for monitoring of systems.
               I implemented a change control policy, a trouble call tracking system 7/24 server monitoring/paging
               systems, a disaster recovery program and server build standards. Worked with vendors to develop RFP for
               new phone system, designed to implement VOIP and ACD.(Not implemented due to financial

       UCSF Stanford Healthcare                                                              10/97-1/00
       Manager, Server Team and Network Security
       Environment: NT4, Win 2000 Advanced Server, Solaris, Novell 4/5, Bind View Enterprise Management,
                       Compaq Insight Manager, Cisco Routers and Switches, HP Open View, Site Scope,
                       PIX Firewall, CiscoTAC/ACS Remote Access Manager

               As Manager of the Server Team for UCSF Stanford Healthcare, I managed team tasks such as daily
               maintenance of file servers, new projects including new server builds, server upgrades, domain
               redesign, data migration, and change control.

               Developed a strategic plan for integrating the better aspects of each network into a new Enterprise
               infrastructure. Strategic plan included a reengineering of the North campus network that eliminated
               dozens of small departmental servers as we moved the various departments to our Enterprise
               servers. This reengineering process allowed a higher degree of support for the departmental users,
               and saved the company over 2 million dollars by reducing the number of servers supported,
               standardizing server builds and centralizing purchasing.

               Strategic plan addressed issues such as the mixed environment of Unix/NT and Novell servers,
               whereas each campus was predominately NT or Novell, the reengineered network used each Network
               operating system for its strengths across the enterprise.
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               Integrated the two separate campus teams into one cohesive team of engineers that truly worked as a
               team to accomplish our objectives. Nearly every project had an owner and at least 2 other engineers,
               ensuring that we avoided the right hand-left hand issues and benefited from multiple points of view
               as the projects evolved. An additional benefit of my ‘triads’ was that cross training was almost
               automatic, as engineers were frequently assigned tasks to their weakness rather than to their
               strength- something that cannot be successfully done when they work individually.

               Consulted with various members other IT Management team, Doctors that headed up various
               departments, and Executive Staff in the development of a formal Service Level Agreement. Many
               of the departments had previously preferred to handle their own IT issues, but fully embraced my
               plan to centralize support and standardize systems. Most servers would never be monitored, and
               only after failure would they be serviced. With the Enterprise system, we monitored every server
               constantly, and avoided most of the problems before they manifested.

               Strategic plan addressed issues such as the mixed environment of Unix/NT and Novell servers,
               whereas each campus was predominately NT or Novell, the reengineered network used each Network
               operating system for its strengths across the enterprise. It also avoided the issues that would
               inevitably arise if we attempted to eliminate one of the systems, as some of the engineers and some of
               the users only knew, and thus swore by one or the other.

               Rolled out a network performance monitoring system that allowed us to definitively point out a
               network problem that caused out network utilization to get hammered. Without the monitoring in
               place, the South campus suffered severe network utilization issues for over 90 days after Microsoft
               SMS was deployed. When SMS was deployed on my network though, I was able to point to the exact
               time of deployment and show on a graph as the utilization skyrocketed. SMS was turned off within
               the hour and utilization dropped from 100% to 17%. It was this issue that prompted my promotion
               to Enterprise Network Manager.

               Maintained 100% retention of my team in the face of the merger, with cuts throughout the
               organization, and the fear of layoffs throughout. My team had a clear mission, and through a metric
               that I developed, knew exactly what their deliverables were, and how long it would take to do any of
               the tasks involved. Management used my metrics to increase my staff as we took on support
               responsibilities that extended out baseline service level enough to impact out level of service.

       Shamrock Network Engineering, San Mateo, CA                                                     4/94-10/97
       Senior Network Engineer
       Project Manager
               Managed a Windows NT migration project at KLA Instruments involving 1350 PCs in a seven building
               campus, from initial inventory through migration and follow up support and training. This project included
               the hiring and managing of 24 contractors.

               Managed a project at West Marine Products involving the migration of 284 PCs to a NetWare environment.
               This project included hardware and software upgrades to meet standards, as well as installation of network
               client and terminal emulation software for AS400 connectivity. Also provided initial Help Desk setup and

               Performed a Network Quality Assurance Audit for a local insurance company. This project involved
               analyzing Windows NT servers for design, performance, fault tolerance, and back-up procedures. System
               security (both internal and external) was addressed, in addition to host connectivity. Desktop
               standardization, cabling, wiring closets, hubs, and router configurations were also analyzed. The end
               document enabled the company to close existing security gaps and to improve the performance of their
               network, maximizing the return on MIS investment.

               Developed Network Documentation deliverables for a division of Wells Fargo, enabling MIS support
               teams to provide more timely support to their users.

               Supported a 15 server Novell 4.01 network in a development environment, and designed server and desktop
               standards for a project to be rolled out to AAA field offices statewide. Issues addressed were security,
               accessibility of software, NDS design, CD ROM enterprise access, DAT backup, desktop standardization,
               and software version control.

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