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									                              Effects of A Bad Credit Score

If you are one of those people who don’t care at all about their credit score, then you might want
to change your perspective about it as early as now. What’s worse than having a bad score is
that if you forget about it or even miss out on something, it’ll last for some time and it will even
continue to ruin your record if you let it pass. On the other hand, having a good credit score is
like having an instant pass to financial situations. You get the best deals in the market with the
best interest rates too. Here are a few things that will surely motivate you to get your credit
score higher.

1. High interest rates- A low credit score will surely get you an interest rate of 5% or even
higher. On some cases, the creditor won’t even do business with you as soon as they see that
you do not meet their standards. That amount of money, if saved up can reach up to a hundreds
or even thousands of dollars. Think about it, if you have a good score, you can use that extra
money for something else or to give yourself a treat for all the hard work that you’ve done.

2. Denied loan applications- Whenever you apply for a loan, they will automatically run a credit
check whether you like it or not. They will look at your credit score because it is like the
summary of your overall credit report. If your score isn’t high enough, chances are you’ll get
rejected or you’ll get the loan but with a very high interest rate. Some creditors will even require
you to shell out a large amount of deposit because they would think that you won’t be able to
pay them. A healthy credit score will get you a loan easily, some creditors even add more
benefits if you have a good one. It’s because they won’t see you as a risk if you score is well
taken care of.

3. Denied job applications- Whenever you apply for a job, the company you are applying for,
especially ones that have a high position, will often do an involuntary background check. No
matter how good your resume is, if your credit is not intact, it will still have an effect on how they
look at you. Companies will want to hire someone they can trust and someone who is
responsible. Your score will reflect the whole you even if the bad records on it are accidentally

Think about the ones above and decide whether you still want to ignore your credit scores. The
effects can be quite drastic, both good and bad. A little effort can go a long way, you’ll never
know when you’re going to need your credit.

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