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       Professional Extreme Adventurer


Nigel Gifford OBE FRGS is one of Britain's seasoned mountaineers and adventurous
travellers; his Himalayan high altitude mountain expeditions include Everest South Col
(Nepal), Everest Lho La (Tibet), Nuptse South Face, Himal Chuli and Hanuman Tibba.

He has climbed in the European Alps, East Africa, Japan, Canada, West Coast of America,
and the Yukon. In Alaska, he made a solo ascent of Mt. McKinley in 5 days. Nigel is also an
accomplished skydiver with over 1,000 freefall descents. In 2008 planned and organised the
world record breaking first Everest skydive in front of Mt Everest from 29,500ft, making some
of the evaluation skydives himself.

He has advised planned, and participated in a wide diversity of adventures, projects and
journeys and was a member of Sir Richard Branson's support team for his Round the World
Balloon attempts. He has lectured at the Royal Geographic Society on expeditions, and is
the author of "Expeditions and Exploration" the handbook of expedition planning and co-
author of the Daily Telegraph Adventurous Traveller with Richard Madden.

As an entrepreneur Nigel was the creator of the Camera Care Systems brand of protective
camera cases, and brought the Merrell Outdoor footwear Range from the United States to
UK, starting distribution to the major European countries.
He was also one of the founders of the Ellie Poo Paper Co, which made a variety of papers
from elephant dung giving the profits from sales to support elephant conservation in Sri
Nigel was awarded and OBE in 1996 is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Going Live
The website will be live by mid June 2008.It will bring you details of various courses on
planning and preparing for adventure in inhospitable environments around the world based,
on “The Adventurous Traveller” published by Constable and Robinson, the Daily Telegraph
adventure editor.The first course is planned to cover the practicalities and importance of diet,
nutrition and feeding in inhospitable environments whether they be Arctic, High Mountain,
Desert, Rain Forest, Ocean crossing or as in the case of Richard Branson’s Global
Challenger, attempting to fly round the world in a small pressurised capsule suspended
beneath a vast balloon envelope.
Nigel has successfully prepared healthy and tasty meals for them all, as well as tutoring at
the Royal Geographical Society and writing the catering sections of their renowned
expedition handbook.

News and Views
It will also bring news of current activities and expeditions being planned, and details of past
expeditions covering over 40 years travelling “beyond the road head and looking over the

Regular Blog
There will be a blog commenting on events as they happen and looking at some of the more
colourful professional adventurers and some controversial topics.

Revised Expedition Planning Book
The publication dates of his revised addition of “Expeditions and Exploration” the definitive
work on planning your own expeditions and where to purchase copies will be noted here
too.The new website will for adventurers of all ages and abilities, and is planned to be a
helpful reference point for planning and organising.

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