Exam 4 - Chapter 4 Designing and Building a Relational Database by T55315f


									Exam 4 - Chapter 4 Designing and Building a Relational Database

Question 1
              Data that is entered and stored according to its intended use is said to have data ________.

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 Question 2
              To prevent possible problems in creating a dynamic Web site for a database,
              you should avoid using ________ in the table and field names.

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 Question 3
              The most common type of relation in a relational database is a(n):

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 Question 4
              When using a relational database, you can use a single form to enter data from
              more than one table.

               Selected Answer:     True
 Question 5
              The ________ data type is usually used for values such as True/False or On/Off.

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 Question 6
              You can extract information from a database using a ________.

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 Question 7
              With the Relationships window open, you can create a relationships report by clicking
              the Relationship Report button in the:

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                                   Tools group
 Question 8
              There are how many different Access data types?

               Selected Answer:      10
Question 9
              The default value for a Yes/No field is an unchecked checkbox.

              Selected Answer:      False
Question 10
              You can retrieve values from another table or a value list by using a:

              Selected Answer:
                                   lookup field.
Question 11
              To add fields to a new table, you click the Table Design button in the:

              Selected Answer:
                                   Tables group on the Create tab.
Question 12
              To fit a report on a single page, you click the Size to Fit button in the:

              Selected Answer:
                                   Position group on the Arrange tab.
Question 13
              When indexing an Access database, the Yes (No Duplicates) option builds an index so
              that every value in that field in the table is unique.

              Selected Answer:      True
Question 14
              The ________ Rule property is used to check values for accuracy as they are entered into
              a table.

              Selected Answer:
Question 15
              In the Datasheet view, Yes/No fields are displayed as a(n):

              Selected Answer:         Check box.

Question 16
              To create a form with a subform, you click the Form button in the:

              Selected Answer:
                                   Forms group on the Create tab.
Question 17
              A Caption property makes field names more user-friendly by displaying alternate text for
              database objects.

              Selected Answer:      True
Question 18
              A relational database that has ________ decreases efficiency and accuracy because data is
              needlessly repeated.

              Selected Answer:
                                   Data redundancy
Question 19
              The primary key is the only field in a table in which a user must enter a value.

              Selected Answer:      True
Question 20
              Which Input Mask replacement character precedes characters and is used to change them
              to uppercase?

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Question 21
              When using the Input Mask Wizard, which of the following is NOT a pre-built mask?

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Question 22
              When using a list box, the user can not enter a value that is not in the list.

              Selected Answer:      True
Question 23
              A person who enters the data using forms or uses the information found in queries and
              reports is called a(n):

              Selected Answer:
Question 24
              You can avoid data entry errors by changing the ________.

              Selected Answer:
                                   field properties
Question 25
              A ________ is a character that cannot be changed by the end user during data entry
              such as the parentheses that might surround an area code.

              Selected Answer:
                                  literal character
Question 26
              Once you have created a table, you then plan the field properties that are needed for
              each field.

              Selected Answer:     False
Question 27
              The Yes/No data type is used when a field that will hold only one of two values.

              Selected Answer:     True
Question 28
              To speed up searching and sorting, you use the ________ property to create a second, more
              efficient table that is quickly searched or sorted.

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Question 29
              In a one-to-many relationship, the related field in the second table is called a ________ key.

              Selected Answer:
Question 30
              Which Input Mask replacement character is used to indicate a single digit is required?

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Question 31
              In a relational database, a(n) ________ relationship does not impose referential integrity.

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Question 32
              The ________ data type is the preferred type for storing pictures, Office files, and small
              executable files.

              Selected Answer:        Attachment
Question 33
              When using the Password input mask all of the Password's characters are displayed as

              Selected Answer:
                                  asterisks (*)
Question 34
              Although Word and Excel can store data in tables, the true power of using Access instead of
              Word or Excel is its ability to ________ tables.

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Question 35
              The Password input mask displays all of the Password's characters as x's, but stores the actual
              password in the table

              Selected Answer:        False
Question 36
              A ________ box includes an arrow that when clicked displays a list of user selectable items.

              Selected Answer:
Question 37
              When using the Input Mask Wizard,________ are the characters that the user modifies during
              data entry.

              Selected Answer:
                                  Placeholder characters
Question 38
              What is the special report showing the current layout of the Relationships window called?

              Selected Answer:
                                  Relationships report
Question 39
              Which Input Mask replacement character specifies that the following character will be a literal

              Selected Answer:
Question 40
              Which Validation Rule specifies that the number that is entered is greater than zero?

              Selected Answer:
Question 41
              When using the Relationship window, you can display the Edit Relationships dialog
              box, by clicking the Edit Relationships button in the:

              Selected Answer:
                                  Tools group on the Design tab.
Question 42
              You can use a ________ to see more than one column of data from the table that contains the
              lookup values.

              Selected Answer:
                                  multiple column lookup field
Question 43
              Indexes should be created for fields that are searched or sorted infrequently.

              Selected Answer:     False
Question 44
              In a ________ relationship, the common field used to join two tables must have a unique
              matching record in the other table.

              Selected Answer:
Question 45
              A ________ box displays several values without having to click an arrow.

              Selected Answer:
Question 46
              To create a query, you click the Query Design button in the:

              Selected Answer:
                                  Other group on the Create tab.
Question 47
              In a ________, whenever the data in the first table is modified, all the related occurrences of
              the data in the second table are also modified.

              Selected Answer:           cascading update
Question 48
              Typically, data is entered directly into tables and not into forms.

              Selected Answer:      False
Question 49
              The ________ property allows an entry to have no characters.

              Selected Answer:
                                  Allow Zero Length
Question 50
              To control the structure of data entered into a field, you would use the field's:

              Selected Answer:
                                  Input Mask property.

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