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									                 Trigonometry Worksheets
Trigonometry Worksheets

In mathematics, we study about the lots of branches of mathematics, from one of
them geometry is a part of mathematics, which deals with the diagrammatical
representation of the shapes and figures. In geometry, there are lots of shapes and
figures are defined. Triangle is the shape of geometry which is enclosed with three
straight lines.

Each line might be of same size or different. The right angled triangle is a type of a
triangle which contains the angle of 90o.

Trigonometry is the part of right angled triangle. In the other way we can say that
trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that studies triangles and the relationship
between the angles and sides of the triangle. To describe the relationship between
the triangles sides and angles, we use the trigonometry functions.

The perpendicular side is a side that has the 90o of angle on them. The base side is
known as adjacent and in the opposite direction of the adjacent side is known as
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Below are some of the trigonometry ratio of the trigonometry angles are given. Where
x, y and z are refers to the lengths of the sides of right angle that helps to understand
the concept of trionometry.

Sin = x / z = opposite / hypotenuse,

In the above given function we can see that there is a function of sin, which defines
the ratio of the side opposite the angle to the hypotenuse.

Cos = y / z = adjacent / hypotenuse,

In the above given function we can see that the cos function defines the ratio of the
adjacent angle to the hypotenuse.

Tan = x / y = opposite / adjacent,
In the simple we can write as:
Tan = sin / cos,

 In the same aspect the inverse of the above given ration helps to find out the
relationship between the sides of the triangle. Here they are:

Cosec A = 1 / sin A,

Sec A = 1 / Cos A,

Cot A = 1 / tan A,

In the above given function we can see that the function tan defines the ratio of the
perpendicular angle to the adjacent angle.
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In the concept of trigonometry there are various types of trigonometry identities that
define the equalities that involve trigonometry functions. Now we will see, “how to use
the trigonometry ratios that helps in understanding the concept of trigonometry”.

We can understand this concept with help of trigonometry worksheet.

Example: Suppose there is a triangle PQR. The right angle is formed on the angle ‘Q’.
The measurement of the side PQ is 12 inches and the side PR is 13 inches. Now
calculate the value of Tan A and Cot A?

Solution: Given that, in the triangle PQR the value of,
                PQ = 12 inches,

                PR = 13 inches,

                QR = ?,

So, first we need to calculate the value of side QR
           PR2 - PQ2 = QR2,

          132 - 122 = QR2,

            √25 = QR2,

So now we can easily calculate the value of Tan A and Cot A.

Tan A = QR / PQ = 5 / 12,

Cot A = PQ / QR = 12 / 5,                                              Page No. : ­ 3/4
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