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									                                              Templeton Community Services District presents:
                                                  SATURDAY, MAY 19, 8AM-2PM
                                    COMMUNITY-WIDE SALE EVENT
#       Street       Address                  Items
1     Abramson       320 Abramson Rd          Nordic track, antiques, misc household items, tools
2      Ag Hill       390 Ag Hill Rd           Misc Household Items
                                              Children's toys, antique children's toys, collectible dolls, resin outdoor fountain, player piano rolls, furniture, men's
3       Aurora       65 Aurora Wy             XL shirts, women's & girls clothes, Bowflex leg attachment, compressor, older Playboy magazines, kitchen items,
                                              small appliances, etc.
4       Brewer       76 Brewer St             Books, electronics, household items, carpets, misc.
5       Brewer       84 Brewer                MOVING SALE…Everything is for sale!
6       Brewer       91 Brewer                Clothing, bedding, misc.
7       Brewer       89 Brewer St             Weight benches, tents, desks, life vests, jet ski w/ trailer, fishing pole (new), etc.
                                              Corner desk, wicker furniture, fish and reptile tanks, dog loo, car top carrier, small animal cages, adjustable
8       Casteel      1030 Casteel Ln
                                              basketball hoop, misc. household, clothes, etc.
 9     Cayucos       665 Cayucos Ave          Moving Sale: furniture, desks, chairs, dressers, clothes, double bed, dishes, toys, girl clothes
10     Cayucos       630 Cayucos              Really Good Stuff! Household general
11      Cherish      360 Cherish Ln           Computer chair, sm BBQ, Little Tikes Castle & Playhouse, girls clothes, and more!
12      Chianti      980 Chianti Ct           Furniture, video games, sports equipment, movies, and electronics
13      Condor       1415 Condor              Household, antiques, Treddle sewing machine, 12x12 tile, furniture, fabric, etc.
14      Condor       1415 Condor Ln           Furniture, kitchen items, videos & DVDs, clothes, misc.
15      Condor       1494 Condor Ln           Baby items, exercise ab lounger, general household, etc.
16     Conover       280 Conover Ln           Antique radio cabinet, oak rolltop desk, tv, mobility scooter, china hutch, bar stools, kitchen item
17     Corrietta     90 Corrietta Ct          Wedding dress sz 6, Urban Decay retail makeup trays, bicycle, lamps, home décor, quality clothing
18     Corrietta     75 Corrietta Ct          Entertainment center(s), white desk, 2 oak bookshelves, 40" TV, 30" TV, misc.
19     Donelson      1725 Donelson Pl         Furniture, tools, clothing, knick knacks
20     Elizabeth     470 Elizabeth Ct         Designer clothing (women), furniture, books
21        Fifth      298 Fifth St             Small household items, trinkets, books, etc.
22       Finch       310 Finch St             Electric lawn mower-needs repair, dog kennel, basketball hoop, misc.
                                              Wooden "retro" furniture, patio lounge chairs, vintage slide projector & screen, butcher block table, butcher blocks,
23       First       191 First St             quality bakeware/cookware, garden tools, art work, pottery, plant stands, antiques & collectibles, etc.
                                              Exercise equipment, household light fixtures, appliances, home improvement items, bathroom mirror, door knobs,
25     Frontier      195 Frontier Wy
                                              trash compactor, trundle bed w/ mattress, etc.
26     Granache      1674 Granche Wy          Car seats, scooter, sm furniture, home décor, toys, books, linens, quilts, curtains, much more!
27     Gray Pine     59 Gray Pine             Household, baby, furniture, etc
28       Harley      330 Harley Dr            Misc Household Items
29      Harness      200 Harness Ct           Camping gear, video stuff, books, young men's clothing, shop-vac, yard tools, etc.
30      Hawley       65 Hawley St             Clothes (children to adult), musical equipment, furniture, everything needs to go!! Selling cheap!
31      Helgren      140 Helgren Ct           Furniture, gardening and landscape décor & tools, yarn, dishes, appliances, etc.
                                              Maytag dryer (like new), computer desk unit, single water ski, screen storm door, bicycle, bathroom exhaust fans,
32     Helgren       130 Helgren Ct           interior oak doors, outside vapor light, golf pull carts, patio "two person" swing, quality clothing, etc.
33    Hemingway      955 Hemingway Ln         Antiques, jewelry, fishing gear, etc.
34      Honey        60 Honey Wy              Baby, 6 & 7 year old, teen, and adult clothes.
                                              (Park on the street next to houses 786 & 790 and walk down driveway) Outside fire pit, patio chairs, kitchen
35     Horstman      129 Horstman             appliances, adult/children clothes, toys, infant swing, double stroller, single BOB stroller, large entertainment center,
36     Horstman      153 Horstman St          Radios, clocks, flashlights, jackets & clothing, camping chairs, lanterns, tools, electric edger, etc.
37     Kingsbury     6950 Kingsbury           Multifamily sale. Antiques, tools, toys, etc. NOT ON THE MAP.
38      Lawton       985 Lawton Ln            Shop items, household items, home decorating items, garden items.
39      Lincoln      891 Lincoln Ave          YARD Sale! 8am-NOON. Lots of great stuff!!
40      Lincoln      797 Lincoln Ave          Baby, kids & adults clothing, bedding, toys, books, estate items, table saw, fans, tv, speakers, games, brand new
41     Lone Oak      19 Lone Oak Wy           Furniture, clothes, baby items, glassware, outdoors/patio furniture, gardening tools, etc.
42     Lone Oak      54 Lone Oak Wy           Misc Household Items
43     Malvasia      1125 Malvasia Ct         Baby crib & mattress, toys, boys bike, clothing, tricycle, etc.
                                              Boys and Girls toys and clothing, sm furniture, electronics, books, linens, drafting table, bed frame, movies, sports
44     Malvasia      1145 Malvasia Ct
                                              equipment, etc.
                                              Books, clothing, CD's, DVD's, electronics, computer parts/accessories, comic books, toys, baby clothes, picture
45     Marbella      1481 Marbella Ln         frames, etc.
46     Marbella      1460 Marbella            Household items, toys, bicycles, picture, kitchen items, sm furniure, etc.
47      Martin       550 Martin Rd            3 FAMILY SALE! Furniture, clothes, toys, school supplies, electronics, household, etc.
48      Megan        1145 Megan Ct            Pool table, swimming pool, basketball hoop, child's bed, misc household
49      Megan        1115 Megan Ct            TVs, kids items, bikes, toys, clothes, books, misc.
50     Oak Knoll     3296 Oak Knoll Dr        Dining table, camping items, child girl clothes, kelty child hiking back pack, misc.
51    Old County     400 Old County Rd        Chickens, plants, clothes, books, plants, collectables, furniture, craft items, etc.
52    Old County     312 Old County Rd        Misc Household Items
53    Old County     290 Old County Rd        Bookshelf, tomato cages, books, china, décor, house plants, office supplies, bakers rack, pup tent
54    Old County     270 Old County Rd        Electronic items, speakers, chandlier lamps, bird cage (old), much more!
55    Old County     81 Old County Rd         Furniture, tools, toys, clothes, much much more.
56      Osprey       1449 Osprey Ct           Household general
                                              Wicker furniture, clothing, dishwasher, lawnmower, kitchen items, boy's clothes (size 4 and under), women's clothes
57   Petersen Rnch   1247 Petersen Ranch Rd
                                              (size 8 and 10), bike parts and old frames, 1994 GM Suburban $2800
58      Reisling     1045 Reisling            Kids toys, clothes, accessories, misc.
59       Rolfe       1140 Rolfe Ln            Household items, dog crate, clothing, furniture
60       Rolfe       1160 Rolfe Ln            Children's clothing, toys, small fish tank, etc.
61      S Main       1275 S. Main St          Misc Household Items
62      S Main       995 S. Main St           Clothes, toys, play structures, books, furniture, antiques & collectibles…Too much to list!
63      S Main       509 S. Main St           Last Stop Antiques! Tons of great finds for all the antique lovers!
64      S. Main      91 S. Main St            Household items, small appliances, gas BBQ, pictures
65      S. Main      610 Main St              First Presbyterian Church. Multi…Multi-Family.
                                              Bird cages, classical LPs, books, darkroom equip, classic 70's stereo equip, "Keyboard" magazines, shotgun reloading
66    Santa Rita     620 Santa Rita Rd
                                              supplies, air comressor, misc.
67       Sixth       311 Sixth St             Big Sale at the Wellness Kitchen Parking Lot across from the Templeton Park!!
68     Suncrest      60 Suncrest Dr           Furniture, antiques, stemware, Harley Davidson leathers (excellent condition), toys, etc.
69      Tadpole      330 Tadpole Ct           Kids clothing, bikes, toys, small furniture, adult clothing, etc.
70     Tamarack      58 Tamarack Wy           Women's clothing (small & medium), shoes size 6.5 - 7, houshold items, quality fabric & yarn
                                              3 FAMILY SALE! Couch/loveseat, chairs, end tables/night stands, book shelf, desk, wall art, kitchen items, clothing,
                                              sandbox, toys, pack n play, bouncy seat, ceiling fan, TV surround sound system, lazy boy recliner, computer chair,
71    Tamarack      46 Tamarack Wy
                                              TVw/ DVD player, pet crates. ALL PROCEEDS TO ANIMAL SHELTER ADOPTION PARTNERS. KITTENS AND CATS WILL
                                              ALSO BE UP FOR ADOPTION DURING THIS SALE.
                                              Nintendo DS games, Game Cube system/games, portable DVD player, MP3 player, dig camera, soccer cleats, Air
72    Temp. Hills   1250 Templeton Hills Rd   Jordan shoes, bike helmet, sheets and comforter set, ladies tops (L/XL), scooter, toboggan, fertilizer spreader, framed
                                              prints, baseball caps, etc.
73     Vaquero      302 Vaquero Dr            Couch, TVs, clothes, shoes, kids area rugs, misc. (NOT ON MAP)
74     Via Rojas    1505 Via Rojas            Furniture, toys, books, clothes
75     Via Rojas    1615 Via Rojas Wy         Home ware, children's clothing, toys, pet stuff, tools, folding table, etc.
76     Vineyard     1230 Vineyard Dr.         Kiwanis of Templeton - Multifamily sale
                                              Celebration Worship Center. Multi-Family. Garage sale items, car wash, girly items, home décor, books, clothes, Car
77     Vineyard     988 Vineyard Dr
78     Vineyard     2975 Vineyard             Multi-Family Sale!! Clothes, kitchen stuff, misc yard sale items
                                              White tile round kitchen table w/ 6 chairs, childrens VHS movies, Fisher Price construction set, remote control dump
79     Wessels      177 Wessels Wy
                                              truck, changing table pad, frog shapped sand box (7:30am - 10:30am)
                                              Christmas décor, gardening tools, pots, lawn mower, outdoor furniture, outdoor pool table, shelving, tupperware,
80    Wild Oats     920 Wild Oats Wy          DVD's, books, appliances, sm electronics, electronics, rugs, games, file cabinets, storage cabinets, tools, picture
                                              frame, silver, candles, clothes, TV, china, Barbies, etc.
81   Wine Country   1215 Wine Country         Big screen TV, furniture, clothing & accessories, cake baking supplies, and additional household
82    Zinfandel     1465 Zinfandel Ct         Household items, workshop lights, outdoor lights, appliances, clothing and more

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