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					Learning Management Systems

    Learning Management Systems
•   True North Logic
•   Blackboard
•   Delaware Virtual Schools
•   DCET
Detail: Develop a new Web site called the
         “Education Insight Portal”
 The Education Insight Portal will:
 • Provide customized dashboards for
   different stakeholder groups
 • Generate regular reports targeted to a
   range of stakeholders (e.g., Dropout
   Early Warning)                                                    Sample dashboard
 • Allow users to generate custom reports
   and analysis, including researchers

       The portal will be developed in SY 2010-11 and piloted in Summer 2011

RESPONSIBILITY: TLEU (Special Projects Program Manager); Technology Resources and Data
Development Work Group; School Support Services Workgroup; Early Development and
Learning Resources Workgroup; Exceptional Children Resources Workgroup
       Data systems to support instruction
Objective: Build the capacity to use data to inform instruction

Major new state activities                              Relevant current activities
• Provide “data coaches” to all schools                 • Continue using Professional
• Define the criteria and quality standards for           Learning Communities;
  “instructional improvement systems”                     Response to Intervention; and
                                                          Instructional Support Teams

Major new LEA commitments
• Provide 90 minutes of weekly collaborative time for
• Implement an instructional improvement system that
  meets State criteria and quality standards
• Integrate State data coaches

 Establish professional development standards and
create a process for certifying and monitoring all PD
 State certification of professional                    Sample PD offering:
 development will:
 • Ensure all professional development meets
   the standards created by the National Staff
   Development Council (NSDC)
 • Incorporate an evaluation system to
   measure professional development design,
   delivery, and outcomes
 • Prioritize professional development
   opportunities geared to critical skills (e.g.,
   training for administrators in providing
   feedback following observation)

RESPONSIBILITY: TLEU (PD Program Manager); and Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development Work Group
Delaware Center for Educational Technology Work Group Career, Technical and Title 1 Resources Workgroup

                           DCAS - Online
TEST NAME             SUBJECTS                   GRADES     DATES
Initial Blended       Reading & Mathematics       3 – 10    9/20/10 – 10/29/10

Mid-Year Blended      Reading & Mathematics       3 – 10    1/5/11 – 4/11/11
End-of-Course Field English II, Algebra I,                  1/5/11 – 1/28/11
Test                Integrated Mathematics I,
                      Biology and U.S. History
Grade 2 Ongoing       Reading & Mathematics         2       4/18/11 – 6/3/11
Final Blended         Reading & Mathematics       3 – 10    4/18/11 – 6/3/11
Final Summative       Science                    5, 8, 10   4/18/11 – 6/3/11
End-of-Course Field English II, Algebra I,                  5/2/11 – 6/3/11
Test                Integrated Mathematics I,
                      Biology and U.S. History
Final Summative       Social Studies               4, 7     5/23/11 – 6/3/11
Norm-Referenced       Reading & Mathematics       3 – 10    4/18/11 – 6/3/11
               Bruce E. Dacey
Bruce Dacey is the Education Associate, Pupil
Accounting for DDOE and assigned to the
Technology Management and Design Work Group.
Dr. Dacey serves as Project Manager for the SLDS
Grant. Prior to serving in his present role at DDOE,
Dr. Dacey was a teacher and administrator in
Delaware for 27 years. He has a Doctorate in
Education from Wilmington University and holds
MCSE and MCT certifications. Bruce has extensive
knowledge and experience with SLDS and has
served in leadership roles in national and state
professional organizations.

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