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     Club Office telephone number: 021 855 8333

      3 August – 9 August 2009
                        German Club
               Monday 3 August – 6:00 pm - Talani

     Tuesday 4 August – 6:30 pm

               Parchment Craft
   Friday 7 August – 2:00 pm - Arts & Crafts Room

                  Music Society Concert
                Sunday 9 August – 4:00 pm - Talani

Please note: Public Holiday – Women’s Day
             Monday 10 August
    All offices and departments closed
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Monday 3
  By app.     Hand & foot care – Healthcare (Ester le Roux 083 256 1499)
 6:00 am      Senior Fitness (Dena 021 855 4729/083 600 1031)
 8:30 am      Tennis – Social play
 8:30 am      Line dancing lesson – Clubhouse
 8:30 am      (play at 8:45 am) Old Boys Golf Competition
 8:30 am      Yoga classes – Gym (Marié Fouché 021 856 5815)
 9:00 am      Croquet draw (pm – arrange own games)
 9:15 am      Bus to Somerset West/Somerset Mall/Waterstone Village
 9:30 am      Woodcarving - Woodwork shop (Jan Stekhoven 021 855 3523)
10:00 am      Library (10:00 am – 12 noon & 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm)
11:45 am      Stretch & Tone class – Gym (Cynthia Gerber 021 886 6800)
 1:45 pm      Village bowls
 2:00 pm      Waste Paper Collection – IF DRY
 2:00 pm      Various medium with Jan Schutte – Arts & Crafts Room
 2:30 pm      Prayer Group – Allenwood
 5:00 pm      Back Maintenance class – Gym (Amaritha 021 851 3156)
 5:30 pm      Line dancing practice – Clubhouse
 6:00 pm      German Club - Talani
Tuesday 4
  By app.     Hand & foot care - Healthcare (Ester le Roux – 083 256 1499)
 6:00 am      Senior Fitness (Dena 021 855 4729/083 600 1031)
 8:00 am      Back maintenance class – Gym (Amaritha 021 851 3156)
 9:00 am      Croquet draw (pm – arrange own games)
 9:00 am      Chess – Allenwood
 9:00 am      Water colours – Arts & Crafts room
 9:15 am      Bus to Somerset West/Somerset Mall/Waterstone Village
 9:30 am      Pottery – Workshop – visitors welcome!
10:00 am      Pathcare - Dr Dietrich & Partners (Blood Tests) – Healthcare
 1:15 pm      Duplicate Bridge –Talani (Pat King 021 855 0567)
 1:45 pm      Bowls tabs-in
 2:00 pm      Dermatologist – Healthcare (Dr Cecile Keyzer 021 855 0214)
 2:00 pm      Christian Fellowship – Allenwood (Robert 021 855 0543)
 2:00 pm      Any media – Arts & Crafts room
 5:45 pm      - 6:45 pm: Pilates exercises – Gym (Justine 021 851 9231)
 6:30 pm      Quiz - Clubhouse
Wednesday 5
  By app.     Hand & foot care - Healthcare (Ester le Roux – 083 256 1499)

 6:00 am     Senior Fitness (Dena 021 855 4729/083 600 1031)
 8:30 am     Tennis – Social play
 9:00 am     Croquet (pm: arrange own games)
 9:00 am     China & Fabric Painting – Arts & Crafts room
 9:15 am     Tap dancing – Clubhouse (Julie 082 978 2399)
 9:15 am     Bus to Somerset West/Somerset Mall/Waterstone Village
10:00 am     Library (10:00 am – 12:00 noon & 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm)
11:30 am     Golf competition
11:45 am     Stretch & Tone class – Gym (Cynthia Gerber 021 886 6800)
 1:00 pm     Nia classes – Gym (Dena 083 600 1031)
 1:30 pm     Duplicate Bridge – Talani (Margaret Harington 021 855 3524)
 1:45 pm     Bowls tabs-in
 2:00 pm     Watercolours – Arts & Crafts room
 4:00 pm     Jeu de Boules – Clubhouse veranda
 5:30 pm     Nia classes – Gym (Dena 083 600 1031)
 5:30 pm     Line dancing practice – Clubhouse
Thursday 6
 By app.     Hand & foot care - Healthcare (Ester le Roux – 083 256 1499)
 6:00 am     Senior Fitness (Dena 021 855 4729/ 083 600 1031)
 9:00 am     Croquet Bisquers (pm: arrange own games)
 9:00 am     Oils & Acrylics – Arts & Crafts room
 9:00 am     Arts & Crafts Committee meeting - Clubhouse
 9:15 am     Bus to Somerset West/Somerset Mall/Waterstone Village
 9:30 am     Pottery – Workshop
10:00 am     Pathcare - Dr Dietrich & Partners (Blood Tests) – Healthcare
10:00 am     Library (10 am – 12 noon & 3 pm – 5 pm)
10:00 am     Bybelstudie (E Louw 021 855 4359, S Zeeman 021 855 3691,
             G Bester 021 855 4286)
10:00 am     REAL - REsume an Active Lifestyle - Gym (Trudi 078 747 1859)
 1:15 pm     -1:30 pm: Social Bridge – Talani (Jean Pardey 021 855 2056)
 1:45 pm     Bowls tabs-in
 2:00 pm     Knitting, Sewing & Quilting – Arts & Crafts room
 2:30 pm     Bible Study – Allenwood (Sylvia Leslie 021 855 3713)
 5:00 pm     Back Maintenance class – Gym (Amaritha 021 851 3156)
 5:30 pm     Line dancing practice - Clubhouse
Friday 7
 By app.     Hand & Foot care – Healthcare (Ester le Roux 083 256 1499)
 6:00 am     Senior Fitness (Dena 021 855 4729/083 600 1031)
 8:15 am     (play at 8:30 am) Ladies Golf competition
 8:30 am     Tennis – Social play
 9:00 am     Croquet – arrange own games am & pm
 9:15 am     Bus to Somerset West/Somerset Mall/Waterstone Village
10:00 am     Library (10 am – 12 noon & 3 pm – 5 pm)
 2:00 pm     Bus to Heldervue

 1:45 pm     Village Bowls
 2:00 pm     Parchment Craft – Arts & Crafts Room
 2:45 pm     (3:00 pm tee-off): Golf Sundowner competition – 9 holes
 3:00 pm     Choir (principles, 3:00 pm; main choir, 3:45 pm) - Talani
Saturday 8
 6:00 am     Senior Fitness – by appointment only (Dena 021 855 4729)
 8:30 am     Tennis – Social play
 8:30 am     Golf Competition
 9:00 am     Croquet draw (pm: arrange own games)
 9:00 am     Bowls Clinic by appointment (G Harington 021 855 3524; M
             Ehmke 021 855 2988)
 9:30 am     Fabric Painting class – Arts & Crafts Room
 1:45 pm     Bowls tabs-in
Sunday 9
10:00 vm     N.G. Videokerk– Allenwood
 4:00 pm     Music Society Concert – Talani

Dramatics Drama-Academy presents Putting back the Magic at The Playhouse
Theatre on Thursday 5 August and Friday 6 August at 7:30 pm. Tickets cost
R40 each. For more info, please contact Chantal on 082 052 6034 or e-mail . Unfortunately, we cannot provide transport.
I am my own Wife at the Baxter Theatre on Wednesday 12 August at 7:30
pm (Bus departs at 6:30 pm). Tickets R110; transport R80. Book at the Club
Office (021 855 8333).
The Cape Town Male Voice Choir, Clubhouse, Wednesday 19 August at
7:00 pm. Tickets cost R30, inclusive of a glass of wine. Seats may be reserved
at the Club Office (021 855 8333).
2 seats available for the Outing to the Waterfront on Thursday 20 August,
departing at 9:00 am (return 3:00 pm). Transport cost R70.00 p.p. Book at the
Club Office (021 855 8333).
Travels with my Aunt at the Theatre on the Bay on Saturday 22 August at
5:00 pm (bus departs at 3:45 pm).Tickets R90, R125; Transport cost R80 p.p.
Book at the Club Office (021 855 8333).
The internationally famous Tygerberg Children’s Choir will be performing at
the Hottentots-Holland High School Hall on Sunday 23 August at 4:00 pm.
Tickets @ R60 p.p. are available at the Club Office (021 855 8333).
Unfortunately, we cannot provide transport.
1 seat available for Butlers & Botox at Artscape Arena on Thursday 27
August at 8:15 pm. Tickets R49; transport R80 p.p. Book at the Club Office
(021 855 8333).

1 seat available on the bus to visit the Duckitt Nursery at Oudepost Farm near
Darling and the 92nd Darling Wildflower show on Saturday 19 September,
departing at 9:00 am and expected to return to the Village by early afternoon.
Transport cost R200.00 p.p. Book at the Club Office (021 855 8333).
Russian State Kuban Cossack Dance Company at Artscape on Saturday 5
September at 7:00 pm. Tickets R135, R165, R195 & R225; Transport R80 p.p.
Book at the Club Office (021 855 8333).
Defending the Caveman is back! At Theatre on the Bay, Saturday 3 October
at 5:30 pm (bus departs at 4:00 pm). Tickets R125; Transport cost R80 p.p.
Book at the Club Office (021 855 8333).
3 seats available to see the show, CATS a musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber at
Artscape Opera House, Saturday 5 December at 2:30 pm. Tickets R175,
R275, R375; transport cost R80 p.p. Book at the Club Office (021 855 8333).

Friday Crafters: This is just a reminder that this afternoon is a “Do your own
thing” session. Come and share ideas, cheerful company and a cup of tea. Next
Friday, 7 August, is a parchment craft afternoon. Jan will be there with her box
of tricks, sound and helpful advice and all else needed for an instructive time.
See you there!
General: Oh yes, do remember to take a look at the new window display in
place from Monday. By the way, after the wonderful display of pottery, are
there not a few folk who have become inspired and wish to learn how to do it
under the friendly and expert eye of Tina? Next year the window display could
well feature some of YOUR work!
Arts & Crafts Annual Luncheon: Bookings are open for our Annual Arts &
Crafts Luncheon to be held on Friday, 18 September at 12 noon in Talani at a
cost of R95 per person. Limited seating is available, so please book by adding
your name to the booking sheet at the Club Office.
Duplicate Bridge Tuesday - to play or cancel, phone Pat King (021 855 0567)
Thursday Social Bridge – to play or cancel phone Renée Bijl (021 851 6182)
or Jean Pardey (021 855 2056)
Weekly Results – 21 July – 12 Table Mitchell
Unfortunately an error crept in and it was not possible to mark this movement.
Thursday Social Bridge - 23 July: Winnie Lamont – 3 730 pts
CHESS: Play starts at 9:00 am on Tuesdays at Allenwood.
Phone Eddie Daniels (021 855 4999).
Results for 28 July 2009:
Bernard Joffe     2 - Dennis Murray           0

Eddie Daniels      1½ - David Mahlangu ½
Solution to last week’s problem, no. 65: Qg1
This week’s problem no. 66 is alongside.

This is to remind our many users that Helderberg Village Library will be closed
on Monday, 10 August. The hard-working ladies who volunteer their loyal
services to the library certainly deserve the break provided by Women’s Day!
As in the past, it also gives us great pleasure to thank those Villagers who have
recently donated books, magazines, newspapers, DVD’s, puzzles, cash, golf
balls and other items. It is wonderful to experience the on-going expansion of
our library.
Next Concert Sunday 9 August 2009 at 4:00 pm in Talani
Prof Virginia Davids of the UCT College of Music will bring Friedel Mitas,
Mozuko Teto and Nelmari Reyneke, all sopranos, and Jen Kummer, mezzo-
soprano, to perform a programme from the operas, operettas and other vocal
compositions. None of these students have sung for us before, but they have
varied experience of performance in opera and concert hall. More details next

Hooray! The first single match was played. Please follow-up on the single’s
matches as we need these scores to determine accurate handicaps for League
matches to be played in the new season.
Competition results:
Wednesday 22 July: 4BBB Stableford – 18 Holes
Winners:     Pitte Swanepoel & Mike Green                                 37 pts
Runners-up: Willie Gough & Anne Luker                                     34 pts
Saturday 25 July: 4BB Stableford 18 Holes:
Winners:     Dave Ribbans & Chris Gouws                                   42 pts
Runners-up: Japie Joubert & Andre Kock                                    41 pts
Monday 27 July: Old Boys 3B Alliance:
Winners:      Willie Gough, Japie Joubert & Egmont Human                  41 pts
Runners-up: Philip Mohr, Guillaume de Klerk & ghost                       38 pts

Next competitions: (Mon draw 8:30 am & play 8:45 am, Wed 11:30 am, Fri
8:15 am, Sat 8:00 am)
Monday 3 August: Old Boys 3B Alliance      (Frikkie Pieters 021 855 2190)
Wednesday 5 August: 4BBB Stableford
Friday 7 August: 3 Ball Alliance 1st 9      (Jane Rossiter 021 855 3777)
Friday 7 August: Golf Sundowner – 9 holes
Saturday 8 August: 4BBB Stableford

The Bredell pool utilises a heat exchange pump to keep the water warm. This
system needs a temperature of 10 degrees or more to work effectively. Recently
we have had very cold temperatures during the day with the result that the heat
pumps did not work. Please keep this in mind if you find that the pool
temperature has dropped, it is not caused by faulty equipment but by the
extremely cold day time temperatures.
The CEO, Dave Sandham, will be on annual leave for the period from 3 August
to 29 August, returning to office on 31 August 2009. During this period, the
General Manager, Mr Vagn Nielsen, will be acting in his stead.
New legislation for Cycads or Broed Bome will be passed shortly making it
illegal to have these trees without a permit. If you do not have a permit for your
cycads, please contact Helen van der Westhuisen at Cape Nature Conservation
on 021 957 5903. Your cooperation in this regard will be greatly appreciated.
How to deal with a common kitchen fire: In the event of oil catching alight in
a pan on the stove – NEVER try dousing it with water. The water, being heavier
than oil, sinks to the bottom where it instantly becomes superheated. The
explosive force of the steam blows the burning oil up and out. It will become a
high fireball that hits the ceiling and fills the entire room. Also, do not throw
sugar or flour on a grease fire. One cup of either creates the explosive force of
two sticks of dynamite.
What to do: Stay calm – don’t try grabbing the pan to move it from the stove.
Switch off the stove, then simply grab a kitchen towel (cloth), soak it with water
under a tap, wring lightly to expel excess water and cover the pan with it.
On Wednesday, 19 August, the Garden Club will have an outing to
Vergelegen. We will depart from Allenwood at 9:30 am and have tea at 10:00
am at Lady Phillips Restaurant where Eric Theron, the Resident Horticulturist
will give a talk on camellias and clivias followed by a walk in the gardens. The
cost per person is R30 and includes entry fee. Rain will not cancel this outing.
Please wear walking shoes and bring an anorak. Please add your name to the list
at the Club Office (021 855 8333) before Monday, 17 August.
At this time of the year, we get regular requests to tie up small trees being
blown over by strong winter winds. Old stockings work extremely well for this
job. Please assist us and drop off any old stockings at the Maintenance
Grounds maintenance wishes to inform Villagers that a number of the edging
and gardening staff will be inter-changing areas in the near future. The reasons
for these changes are to ensure that productivity levels, measures and standards
are maintained throughout the Village. In addition, this will also ensure the
continuity of service and allow the gardeners to obtain experience in other areas
of the Village. Your understanding in this regard is greatly appreciated.
Villagers are forewarned that there will be no normal Housekeeping
services on the next public holiday, Women’s Day, Monday, 10 August.
Villagers, who miss out on their housekeeping service on Monday 10 August
and would like to arrange for a housekeeping service during the period 8 to 14
August 2009, are welcome to contact Carlton Fourie at the Housekeeping
Reception (021 855 8361) to book staff for private work. Carlton keeps a list of
Village housekeepers who make themselves available for private work on week
day afternoons (2:00 pm to 4:30 pm), over the weekend, or on public holidays.
Villagers will be required to pay the housekeeper directly.
Please note that transport is available on normal week day afternoons, but that
there is no transport available over weekends and on the public holidays.
Herewith please find the changes in the laundry service for the week 10 August
2009 to 14 August 2009:
 Monday, 10 August        Public holiday – Regret NO SERVICE (service on
                          Tuesday & Wednesday)
 Tuesday, 11 August       9:00 am – Service to North Riding (500’s, 600’s
                          & 700’s, Clubhouse & Healthcare apartments),
                          Talani (200’s) & Hamilton (302 – 371) & 800 –
                          803, 11:00 am – Service to Malray (400’s &
 Wednesday, 12 August 09:00 am – Service to Bredell (804 – 992)
                          11:00 am – Service to Shemara (1 – 190)
 Thursday, 13 August      Normal service to Vredenburg (1000’s)
 Friday, 14 August        All outstanding deliveries
Daily service will be rendered to Healthcare and Western Province Caterers,
except on Monday 10 August 2009.
Emergencies can be discussed with Carolina de Klerk, Supervisor – Laundry,
(021 855 8368). However, collection and delivery of laundry will only take
place as per the above-mentioned schedule.
NATURE NOTES 30: Shaggy Ink Cap.                           Jon Richfield
                        I seldom discuss mushrooms because I fear that I might
                        tempt well-meaning innocents to poison themselves.
                        With good guides and an eye for such things it is easy to
                        recognise several safe local species, but not everyone has
                        that eye and accidents happen. To describe mushrooms
                        purely verbally without risk of confusing anyone is
                        terribly difficult, so this discussion is for interest, not
                        recommendation. The Shaggy Ink Cap certainly is an
                        interesting mushroom. It has various regional names,
such as "lawyer's wig" and "shaggy mane". It is common in Helderberg Village
and easy to recognise. It emerges from lawns and composts as a handsome,
silvery, furled parasol of a mushroom and its scientific name is Coprinus
comatus, which means something like "shaggy manure-dweller". Some
varieties are buff or brown, but in Helderberg Village I have mainly seen white
specimens. There are many other species of Coprinus, but none have that rather
endearing shaggy-umbrella appearance.
The real fungal body is not the mushroom, but a tangle of nearly invisible
threads, a "mycelium", that scavenges food in compost or around roots
underground. The mushroom itself is just the fruiting body, in which
accumulated food stores are collected and converted into spores. It often comes
up round the edge of the mycelium, thereby reducing the tendency to drop
spores in already occupied soil, and therefore it sometimes appears in "fairy
rings", but in Helderberg Village I have only seen it growing singly or in
clumps. Perhaps we have few places where a mycelium has been established
long enough to form fairy rings. As Coprinus comatus ripens, which in warm
weather happens practically overnight, the bottom of the cap begins to unfurl
and turn dark. By this time the mushroom is past its best for eating. Soon
afterwards the cap practically liquefies. The books say it "deliquesces". It drips
down in an evil-looking black suspension of spores, most of which soak back
into the soil, but any creature trailing through the mess spreads the spores,
possibly for miles. Apparently you can boil the "ink", strain it, and use it for
writing. I haven't tried that, but hooray for self-sufficiency! When very young
and fresh, shaggy mane is pleasantly crisp with a light mushroom aroma and
delicate flavour. It makes a fine, decorative garnish in salad or soup, and also
figures in many cooked recipes. You need not feel guilty about collecting it
within reason. The mycelium survives if not too badly persecuted, and by
occasionally leaving a deliquescing cap on one of our compost heaps, you can
pay for many a mushroom dish.

N.G. KERK-LIDMATE:                           Greta Bester (021 855 4286)
Dr. Breda Ludich sal Sondag, 2 Augustus om 10:00 vm, Nagmaal in Allenwood
bedien. Almal is welkom.
Paving of the outer pathway around Bredell dam will commence in the week of
the 3rd August 2009. Please be aware of building material and contractors
moving around in that area.
THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK:                              Psalm 89 verses 1 and 2
I will sing of the mercies of the Lord for ever: with my mouth will I make known
Thy faithfulness to all generations. For I have said, Mercy shall be built up for
ever: Thy faithfulness shalt Thou establish in the very heavens.
This past week has been a very exciting one for the WPC family as we have
received some really great reviews from a number of Villagers. It has really
been great to see some new faces joining us at the Clubhouse, as well as at
Kilberry Lodge for our lovely à la carte dinners. A firm winner with Villagers
seems to be the Sunday buffet carvery at Kilberry Lodge; it is fantastic value for
money and is a guaranteed must try on a Sunday. Whether you would like to
come and enjoy a glass of red wine or sherry in front of the fire in winter or
enjoy a glass of Chardonnay on the patio in summer, Kilberry Lodge is truly the
place to be seen in Helderberg Village. And on top of it all, it boasts one of the
most amazing views in the Village. The à la carte dinners have been a great
success over the past two weeks. We can only see them improving along with
the weather and as the confidence of our staff grows.
This Friday night in the Clubhouse we are having a lucky draw for a bottle of
10 yrs old Brandy worth R200.00. Tickets are available at the Clubhouse at a
cost R10.00 each and there is no limit to the number of tickets one can
purchase. Please note that the winner must be present to claim his/her prize, or
another ticket will be drawn. We look forward to seeing a lot of new faces again
this week, so come on down to the Clubhouse bar on Friday night and join us
for a couple of drinks and a chance at the lucky draw.
Have a wonderful week! Regards the WPC team.

 Aanhouwen Work and Care Centre in Dummer Street is in needs of left
  over candles of any colour or size. They can be dropped off at unit 23 (next
  to Killberry Lodge Restaurant) by contacting Gisela Jespersen at 082 570
  6288 or at the Club Office.
 Defy Tumbler Dryer and Dishwasher (±2 years old) – R950 each. Please
  contact 084 245 2460.

  Timeshare at Beacon Isle Hotel, Plettenberg Bay, ocean and pool facing,
   from Saturday 8 August till Saturday 15 August asking only R1 500. Please
   contact 021 855 1272.
 Electric Welder (Oil cooled) U-Weld- 220v mains type, complete with hood
   and welding rods - R200 onco; Gas Welder – Easyweld - complete with
   oxygen and butane bottles and goggles - R200 onco; Set of old Golf Clubs -
   suitable for a beginner, including leather golf bag, four woods & nine irons
   - R 65. Phone 021 855 3699 to view.
 Slide projector screen in excellent condition (1200 x 900 mm) - standing
   800 mm from floor. Please contact 021 855 5102.
 Tape recorder with tapes – R300; Solar curtains, suitable for sunroom x 3
   @ R300; 3 pairs Readwell Reading glasses – R25 each; Heater portable
   with long cord; Suitcases: Samsonite set (3) and travel bags; Rain gear:
   Shoes, pants & shoes. Please contact 021 855 4979.
 2 x Persian carpets – R5 000; 3 x lamps @ R400 each; Dining table with 6
   chairs – R3 000; 2 x pool loungers (PVC) with cushions – R400; PVC table
   with 4 chairs & cushions – R300; 1x white dinner service – R350; Metal
   office desk with wooden top – R800; Panasonic TV, decoder & stand – R1
   300.     Staffordshire ware with hunting scene pattern: 6 sets (side
   plate/saucer/soup bowl) @ R50 per set. To view, phone 072 257 5464.
 Lonely lady, confined to cottage, would welcome occasional visits for
   interesting discussion. Previous participants temporarily incapacitated.
   Please contact 021 855 2424.
 Villager wanting to purchase antique round table with chairs. Please contact
   082 576 7602.
 Urgently wanting a good second hand car for student. Please contact 021
   855 2041.
 Various units, rental varying from minimum R4 400 to R6 280 per month,
   the maximum from R12 500 to R15 000 per month negotiable are available
   to rent (long term). Rental includes levy. Please contact Vicky on 021 855
   8317; email – or view on the
   Village website and click on Rentals.
 Garage to let in Talani at R250 per month. Please contact Vicky on 021 855
   8317; e-mail –
 Seamstress available in the Village. Please contact Taryn on 071 496 5752.
 Good vibrations @ Senior Fitness: Does standing on a vibrating exercise
   machine & shedding kilos seem too good to be true? Research around the
   world proves these modern machines really can optimise weight loss &
   toning & improve overall health. Come & try the Electro vibe machine &

     attach your abdominals & your hidden fat that is linked to Type 2 Diabetes
     & high blood pressure & heart disease. We need to keep exercising folks!
    Any men out there interested in a group exercise class? It would involve a
     warm-up period with various area specific exercises followed by a strength
     section with & without weights, a fitness section to improve overall athletic
     performance & heart muscle health & a well rounded stretching routine will
     increase flexibility of neck, shoulders, trunk & legs – the whole deal! Phone
     Dena at Senior Gym (021 855 4729) for details.
    The Waterproofing, Roofing, Damp & Painting Specialist, Noël Prinsloo
     (unit 66) is offering his expertise to Villagers. Contact Noël on 021 855
     4590/083 658 8128 for a free quote.


AUGUST 2009:
Mon 10                       Public holiday – National Women’s Day
Wed 12     6:30 pm           I am my own Wife – Baxter (show at 7:30 pm)
Thu  13    5:30 pm           Arts & Crafts General meeting – Allenwood
Fri  14    2:00 pm           Friday Crafters – Arts & Crafts room
Tue  18    6:30 pm           Quiz - Clubhouse
Wed 19     9:30 am           Outing to Vergelegen – Garden Club
Wed 19     7:00 pm           Cape Town Male Voice Choir – Clubhouse
Thu  20    9:00 am           Outing to Waterfront (return at 3:30 pm)
Fri  21    9:00 am           - 2:00 pm: Sharpening Services – Admin Parking
Sat  22    3:45 pm           Travels with my Aunt – Theatre on the Bay
Mon 24     – Sat 29          Arts & Crafts Annual Exhibition
Thu  27    7:00 pm           Butlers & Botox – Artscape (show at 8:15 pm)
Fri  28    6:00 pm           Social Evening with Henry Morkel
Tue     1     6:30 pm        Quiz - Clubhouse
Wed 2         9:00 am        Bowls Committee meeting – Boardroom
Thu     3     9:00 am        Arts & Crafts Committee meeting – Clubhouse
Fri     4     2:00 pm        Parchment Crafters – Arts & Crafts Room
Sat     5     6:00 pm        Russian Cossack Dance Company - Artscape
Sun     6     4:00 pm        Music Society Concert – Talani
Mon 7         3:00 pm        CEO’s Chat Session – Clubhouse
Wed 9         9:30 am        Garden Club – Allenwood
Fri/Sat 11 & 12 6:00 pm      HV Choir concert – Talani

Fri   18    12 noon    Arts & Crafts Annual Luncheon – Talani
Sat   19    9:00 am    Outing to Darling & Duckitt Orchid Show
Thu   24               Public Holiday – Heritage Day
Tue   29    6:30 pm    Quiz - Clubhouse

           The solution to Chess problem no. 66: Qh3

                  The 84- year Old Bride
   The local news station was interviewing an 84 year old lady
    because she had just gotten married … for the fourth time.
The interviewer asked her questions about her life, about what
 it felt like to be marrying again at 84, and then about her new
                        husband’s occupation.
               “He’s a Funeral Director,” she answered.
                 “Interesting”, the newsman thought.
He then asked her if she wouldn’t mind telling him a little about
      her first three husbands and what they did for a living.
  She paused for a few moments, needing time to reflect on all
                              those years.
After a short time, a smile came to her face and she answered
   proudly explaining that she first married a banker when she
    was in her early 20’s, then a circus ringmaster when in her
40’s, later on a preacher when in her 60’s and now, in her 80’s,
                           a funeral director.
The interviewer looked at her, quite astonished, and asked why
       she had married four men with such diverse careers.
                       “Easy, son,” she smiled.
   “I married one for the money … two for the show … three to
                      get ready and four to go!”

  “One can dream of horizons bigger than
   their imagination: How you go about
implementing those dreams may be the key
 to the success of following that rainbow”
                 Ronnie B


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