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					                               St Mary’s College Newsletter

Number 1                                                              11 February 2004

Number 1 11 February 2004

Loving God,
You give us this new school year
and new friends with whom to share it.
Bless all who pray and work and learn
And grant a happy year to all people
of the world.
We ask you this through Christ our

Dear Parents/Guardians                           The College extends a warm welcome
                                                 to Mrs Angela Alibrando (Head of
I extend a warm welcome to all staff,            Early Childhood) and Mr Jamie
students, parents and caregivers of the          Sgherza (Head of Junior School) who
St Mary’s College community for                  join Mr Ted Kosicki (Head of Senior
2004. Thank you all for your efforts             School) and Mrs Veronica Parker
which have contributed to a very                 (K-12 Religious Education
smooth start to the school year. The             Coordinator) as members with the
students on both campuses have                   Principal of the College Senior
presented very well in their uniforms            Leadership Team.
and have adjusted to the school routine
with ease.                                       The new management structure in the
                                                 Senior School incorporates:
                                                  Mrs Kerry Randall as the
The management restructure at the
College has been implemented and I                 Curriculum and Student Services
call your attention to the following               Coordinator for Years 11 and 12.
                                                  Mrs Bridgid Lafferty as the Student
details. The College is divided into
three sub schools. Kindergarten to                 Services Coordinator for Years 8 to
Year 3 is to be known as Early                     10.
                                                  Ms Alison Millen as the Curriculum
Childhood. Years 4 to 7 is to be called
Junior School and Years 8 to 12 is to              Coordinator for Years 8 to 10.
be known as Senior School. As we
continue to grow it is anticipated that          We welcome Kerry, Bridgid and
the establishment of a Middle School             Alison to their new roles as leaders in
will eventuate encompassing the Years            the Senior School and request that
7 to 9.                                          parents approach them initially should

                                                                         Newsletter 1 of 2004
concerns arise regarding students in
these areas of the Senior School.        Our College Board Executive and
New staff on the primary campus are      members for 2004 are:
Mrs Amanda Martin Year 3 and
Mr Michael Martin (Teaching              Mr Michael Schaafsma - Chairperson
Assistant), Mr Dino Manalis Year 6       Mrs Anthea Fogliani - Treasurer
and Mr Adrian Conroy Year 7.             Ms Patty Pigram      - Secretary

Mrs Andrea Bozikovic is our new          Other members of the College Board
music teacher and Ms Teri Van Zetten     are Ms Alison Hayden, Fr Joseph Pelle
is our ITC teacher. Both teachers work   (Parish representative) Mr Craig
across campus.                           Phillips, Mr Mark Fogliani, and
                                         Mrs Andrea Chi.
New staff on the secondary campus are
Mr John Bridson, Mrs Jacky Brown,        Thank you to those new members who
Ms Dallas Bruce, Ms Mary Compton,        have joined the Committee and to those
Ms Maree Helm, Mr Michael Lake,          existing members who will be
Mr Matthew Martinovich, Mr Aidan         continuing as members of the
Mitchell and Ms Elisha Wallace.          St Mary’s College Board.

I extend a warm welcome to all new       Last Saturday 7 February staff attended
staff.                                   a Commissioning Mass at 6.00pm held
                                         at the Cathedral. I would like to thank
Welcome back to Ms Kylie Stott who       staff for their attendance and
is working in Kindergarten this year.    contribution.

Our ASSPA Executive Committee            ATTENTION SECONDARY
Members for 2004 are:
Leah Dolby         - Chairperson
                                         We are beginning a process of
Nola Councillor    - Vice Chairperson
                                         changing the current arrangements for
Rachael Marshall   - Treasurer
                                         the dropping and collecting of students
Leilani Cook       - Secretary
                                         on the secondary campus.
I wish to thank both the Executive
                                         The volume of traffic accessing and
Committee members and the
                                         parking in the main entrance has
Committee members who have come
                                         become untenable. Changes will be
on board for their support and
                                         implemented in two phases.

                                                                   Newsletter 1 of 2004
Phase 1                                           ASSPA MEETING
To be implemented from Monday 16
February 2004.                             The next meeting will be held on
Parents/guardians are requested to drop    Thursday 16 February 2004 in the
and collect students from the car park     Multi-Purpose Room on the primary
between the Hospitality and Tourism        campus at 5.00pm.
Skills Centre and the Chapel. (The staff
car park). Signs and an attendant will     All members nominated last year
be present to assist with the changes.     please attend.
Phase 2
We are in consultation with                Parents/guardians are encouraged to
representatives from the Shire and the     come along to this meeting and to offer
Transport Department to open access to     any contribution they wish to make.
another section of the secondary           You are all very welcome!
campus to be used as a drop and collect
zone. You will be kept advised of          Light refreshments will be provided.
developments from this process.

MR TONY TREACY                             LEAH DOLBY
PRINCIPAL                                  CHAIRPERSON
_______________________________            _______________________________
If you have talents that you are willing
                                           SCHOOL NEWSLETTER
to share with the College, please let us
know. We are always looking for            PACK
parents and friends to assist in a range
of areas.                                  Riding in the open space of utes and
If you can help with sewing, music,        trucks.
covering books, sport, gardening ...
please contact Ronnie, or alternatively    Travelling as a passenger in the open
leave a message with your son or           load space (on the back of utes, trucks,
daughter's teacher.                        etc.) is extremely dangerous. The risk
                                           of death or serious injury is much
MRS VERONICA PARKER                        greater than to passengers correctly
RELIGIOUS EDUCATION                        restrained inside a vehicle.
COORDINATOR K-12                           Regulations were introduced in
                                           Western Australia effective as of

                                                                      Newsletter 1 of 2004
1 January 2001 in an effort to save         ANDY GRIFFITHS –
lives. From this date travelling in the     VISITING AUTHOR
open load space of a vehicle will only
be permitted where the vehicle has          Tuesday 17 February
been fitted with an approved rollover       10.45am – 12.00 noon
protection device. After 1 January 2006     Session with Year 8 to Year 10
it will be illegal to carry passengers in   students
the open load space of a vehicle at all.
                                            Wednesday 18 February
For more information, please contact        9.30am – 10.30am
RoadWise on 9213 2066.                      Session with primary students.

                                            Wednesday 18 February
                                            10.45am – 12.00 noon
          CALENDAR                          Session with primary students.

     Tuesday 17 February 2004
  Primary Parent Information Night          PRIMARY MERIT
    Thursday 19 February 2004               CERTIFICATES WEEK
         Secondary Year 8                   ENDING 6 FEBRUARY 2004
      Parent Information Night
           and Barbeque                     YR 1A      CATHRYN BROWN
          ASSPA Meeting                     YR 1N      TYLAH BEACHAM
   Wednesday 25 February 2004               YR 2P      REBEKAH GREECHAN
          Ash Wednesday                     YR 3K      STEPHEN HOWARD
          College Liturgy                   YR 3A      JOHEI HAMAGUCHI
                                            YR 4M      THAILA BERNARD
                                            YR 4J      LAIB TARRAN
                                            YR 5R      AIDEN ALBERT
SCHOOL DENTAL VAN                           YR 5L      SEEWANA KJELLGREN
                                            YR 6J      RACHEL FONG
The School Dental Van will be located       YR 6D      LAWRENCE
at Broome Primary School during                        COOMERANG
Term 1. The contact number is               YR 7A      TIMEIKA SLOCKEE
9192 1546.                                  YR 7D      JACOB AITKEN
                                            SPORT      BAILEY FORBES

                                                                      Newsletter 1 of 2004
FROM THE HEAD OF EARLY                     Jamie Sgherza
CHILDHOOD AND JUNIOR                       Head of Junior School
SCHOOL                                     (Years 4-7)
As part of restructuring across the
College, the primary campus has two        WELCOME
new leaders. Angela Alibrando is the       A special welcome goes out to all our
Head of Early Childhood Education          new students, parents/guardians. We
(Years K-3) and Jamie Sgherza is the       hope that you enjoy your journey of
Head of Junior School (Years 4-7).         learning at St Mary's College.
                                           We also welcome all the new teachers
It is with great pleasure that we have     to the primary campus this year.
assumed responsibility for the primary
campus. We have been in our new roles      ANDY GRIFFITHS
for a fortnight now but already we feel    Popular children’s author Andy
very much part of the school. Thank        Griffiths will visit St Mary's College
you for the warm welcome.                  next Wednesday. Children from Years
                                           4-7 are invited to attend. Apart from
All students and teachers have made a      encouraging children to read, we are
smooth transition. Children are happy      sure that the sessions will be more than
and enthusiastic to commit themselves      “Just Crazy, Just Annoying and Just
to another year of learning at St Mary’s   Disgusting”. It will be great fun too.
College. We look forward to getting to
know you all personally and you can be     To attend children need to return the
assured that we will work hard for the     permission slip along with $3 to cover
good of all the children at St Mary’s      the performance cost.
                                           BOOKLIST REMINDER
Should you have any questions or           All primary campus students are
concerns please make an appointment        required to buy the materials on the
to see us.                                 class booklist. If your child has not yet
                                           purchased the materials, please visit the
Angela Alibrando                           secondary campus to buy your books
Head of Early Childhood Education          this week.
(Years K-3)

                                                                      Newsletter 1 of 2004
UNIFORMS                                       PRIMARY PARKING
Please ensure that you children attend
school in full school uniform including
                                           The College community is reminded
shoes and a hat. St Mary’s primary
                                           that there is NO PARKING in the
campus has a “No Hat, No Shoes No
                                           DRIVE THROUGH AREA outside
Play” policy.
                                           the staff room/office. You will notice
                                           that we have made bays for the College
                                           vehicles on the right hand side. This
All children are reminded that they
                                           whole area is designed as a “kiss and
must wear helmets when riding a bike
                                           drop”. We have made every effort to
to school. Please take care on your bike
                                           make this work. It is up to parents
and do the right thing.
                                           /guardians to help as well.
                                           Parking is not allowed, even for start
All parents/guardians are invited to
                                           times. If you want to go to the Canteen
attend the Primary Parent Information
                                           or office, please park in the parent car
Night next Tuesday 17 February.
Come along to meet the staff, visit the
classrooms and find out about the plans
as we begin our partnership in learning    SWIMMING LESSONS
for the new school year.
                                           Swimming lessons for all students in
Tuesday 17 February                        Year 1 to Year 7 will start on Tuesday
Years 1, 2 & 3. 5.00pm to 5:45pm in        2 March 2004. Lessons are
                the classrooms.            compulsory. Parents / guardians are
Years 4-7       6.00pm to 6:45 in the      requested to forward a note to your
                classrooms.                child’s class teacher if your child
See you there!                             cannot participate.

                                           The cost of $15.00 for pool entry will
                                           be included in the Term 1 school fees.
                                           This will also cover transport. Refunds
                                           will not be available for children
MRS ANGELA ALIBRANDO                       enrolled to do the lessons and who miss
AND                                        classes due to illness or other reasons.

                                                                      Newsletter 1 of 2004
SWIMMING CLUB                              Thank you to all parents/guardians for
                                           the way in which your children
The St Mary’s Swimming Club has            presented themselves on the first day of
begun training on Tuesdays and             the 2004 school year. Students were
Thursdays from 6.00am to 7.00am and        well behaved, their manners were
is for all students from Year 3 to Year    wonderful and they were all in uniform
12 who want to improve their               and equipped with stationery etc. to
swimming and their fitness.                begin classes.

To join you need to be able to swim        ARRIVAL AT SCHOOL
25m of freestyle or breaststroke.          As a duty of care, students are not to
                                           arrive at school prior to 7.30am and are
See Mr Matthew or Miss Bridgid on          requested to use the “guard crossing”
the secondary campus and Mr Dennis         when crossing Port Drive.
at the primary campus.
                                           RIDING BIKES TO SCHOOL
                                           Students riding their bikes to school
MR DENNIS BAPTIST                          must wear their helmets. This is law.
COORDINATOR, PRIMARY                       DIARIES
_______________________________            College diaries are compulsory and
                                           students must use their diaries as a tool
FROM THE HEAD OF                           for communication between home and
                                           the College and parents/guardians are
                                           requested to sign these diaries on a
                                           weekly basis. Staff are required to
I would like to welcome back students
                                           make a notation in students’ diaries
and their families to what has been a
                                           when a student is late to school and/or
great beginning to another year. I
                                           when arriving late to class.
would also like to welcome all new
students and their families. If I can be
                                           INTERIM REPORTS
of any assistance, please contact me at
                                           Interim Reports will be issued at the
the secondary administration to make
                                           end of the term. These are an indicator
an initial appointment.
                                           of student progress to date.
I also welcome new secondary staff
who have commenced at St Mary’s
College this year and thank them for
                                           MR TED KOSICKI
their positive start to 2004.

                                                                       Newsletter 1 of 2004
  SECONDARY SWIMMING                     YEAR 8 PARENT
       CARNIVAL                          INFORMATION NIGHT
                                         AND BARBEQUE
The 2004 Faction Swimming Carnival       Our new Year 8 group - parents
is fast approaching – Thursday 11        /guardians and families - are invited to
March. The students have begun           come along and meet the St Mary’s
practicing hard in their Physical        College staff.
Education classes and starting next      WHEN: Thursday 19 February 2004
week we are inviting any potential       WHERE: Secondary Campus
interschool swimmers to start training   TIME:      5.00pm
with the St Mary’s College Swimming      All food and drink is supplied. Just
Squad.                                   come along and have a chat with the
                                         parents and staff that make up our
WHERE: Broome Aquatic Centre             College community.

WHEN:      Tuesday and Thursday          HOPE TO SEE YOU!
           mornings 6.00am-7.00am
           No need to go home            MRS BRIDGID LATTERTY
           because                       YEARS 8-10 STUDENT SERVICES
BREAKFAST:                               _______________________________

           7.00am at the primary         INFORMATION FROM THE
           Canteen                       ASSISTANT BURSAR
           Only $2.00 each
                                         Parents / guardians who have
                                         concession cards may be eligible for
                                         the Secondary Assistance Scheme or
                                         Abstudy top-up.
                                         For further details, please contact me
                                         on the secondary campus

                                         MRS ANGIE GANNON

                                                                    Newsletter 1 of 2004

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