6th May 2011
                          Park Street School
Dear Parents/Carers,
I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and now we can at last settle back into school. I would
like to say how impressed I was with the quality of the ‘Greek Temples’ that came into school af-
ter the Easter Holiday. Well done to all those parents and children in Class 3 who completed this
Homework activity.
I have noticed over the last term and particularly this term that some children are unsuitably
dressed for school. Although we do not have a school uniform I would like to just clarify a few
rules: Children should wear clothes that enable them to participate in activities at school. When it
is hot they may wear a ‘vest top’ but I would ask that you ensure children have protection against
the sun. They also need to have a cardigan /sweatshirt in school for when it turns cold and they
are outside at playtime or participating in outdoor P.E. lessons.
Long floaty scarves, and T shirts/ sweatshirts with inappropriate slogans are not allowed.
Children in KS1 should have shoes suitable for playing on the climbing frame and for running on
the Green. In KS2 children should wear shoes suitable for walking and running on the Green.

Children may wear a watch and any children with pierced ears may wear sleepers or studs.
Earrings need to be removed or taped for P.E. lessons. Children in Class 3 have been asked to
remove earrings when they go swimming.
Children should not be wearing bracelets and necklaces. These have to be removed for Health
and Safety reasons when children do P.E. and there are a large number of children with friend-
ship bracelets that cannot be removed.

Nail Varnish and Make Up.
          This is not allowed with the exception of the school disco.

          Children should have a sunhat for when they are outside.

            P.E. Kits.
            This term all the classes will be going to the Green for P.E. Children should have a
named P.E kit in a bag on their peg. They should wear either plimsolls or trainers suitable for
running on the grass. There are a large number of children with ill fitting plimsolls. I would be
grateful if you could check what your child is wearing, especially parents of children in Classes 3
and 4.

                               Children from Class 4 prepared and
                               served food at our Royal Wedding
                               street party last week. They did a
                               great job but were not too
                               impressed when the food ran out!
                               Next time we know to make twice
                               as much!
            Park Street will be holding a Bags 2 school collection on the 19th May.
As the weather’s changing if you’re sorting through clothing, please would you consider donating
                             your unwanted things to the collection.
                                   Bags2school collect used:

                                  Adult and children’s clothing
                                      Sheets and Blankets
                                            Soft toys
                                      Belts and Handbags
These will be weighed, sorted and then sold to Eastern and Western Europe, Africa and Asia as
    affordable, re-used clothing. The school will be paid according to the weight we collect.

Ice lollies will be on sale every Friday ( starting next week) in the KS2

There will be a cake sale on Monday 23rd May.

The Summer Fair will be on Saturday 9th July.

Please can we have any remaining Tesco and Sainsbury’s vouchers as
we need to send them off shortly.

Next Week in school

Year 6 will be sitting their KS2 SAT’s every morning. Year 5 will sit optional SAT’s at the same
Cass, Chris, Louisa and Elizabeth will be representing our School at the Year 5 Maths Challenge
to be held at Mayfield School on Monday afternoon. We wish them luck!

If anyone has lost a family membership card for Wandlebury, please come to the office.

Bella (in Class 3) has some stick insects for sale. Please see the poster on
the door of Class 3.

Dates for next year will be distributed next week

Have a nice weekend,
Gill Owen

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