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					FA S H I O N F O R E C A S T A U T U M N / W I N T E R 2 0 0 9 / 1 0
     styling trends/womenswear/menswear/knitwear/accessories & jewelry


TREND COLORS                                 TREND COLORS

         ®                ®              ®              ®                   ®
  PANTONE       PANTONE        PANTONE        PANTONE             PANTONE
 12-0642 TCS   16-4529 TCS    19-3536 TCS    17-2624 TCS         19-1764 TCS

                                                                         ®                 ®              ®
                                                                  PANTONE        PANTONE        PANTONE       Lacquer
                                                                 18-5410 TCS    16-1407 TCS    17-0000 TCS     Black

   theme 4 / Sofisticated Feeling                         STYLING TRENDS                                              AUTUMN/WINTER 2009/10

Sofisticated   Women’s wear                                          Fabrics: Volume through cashmere, mohair,             fabrics are soft, glossy, hairy, in different color
Feeling                                                              angora, colored wool shawls, shorn surfaces,          shades with black outlines and patterns, com-
               Fabric-mix, elegant color-palettes,                   hairy and cloudlike wool, tweeds, felt, wool          plemented by flannel and cashmere themes.
               haute couture-look, avant-garde                       muslin with fringes and “devoré” effects, clo-
                                                                     qués, visible weaving edges, velvet, silk satins,     Styles: Suits are fitted at the waist and both
               The thematic orientation points towards a             couture-bourette, metallic colors, jacquards,         single and double-breasted, with narrow
               symbiosis of minimalism and high-couture              embroidered wool, lamés, sequins, prints,             lapels, narrow pants with cuffed legs, wool
               ideas, of lightness and irony.                        metallic colors.                                      and techno coats, sport-coats in different
                                                                                                                           lengths, stand-up collar jackets and blousons,
               Stylish, surprising combinations show a               Designs: Color-blockings are complemented             luxurious biker and leather jackets, shirts with
               modern avant-garde mix of colors, fabrics and         with dots, color sprinklings, chiné prints, sche-     narrow and stand-up collars, elegant knits in
               designs. Color-blockings in different lengths         matic, geometric patterns, multicolored intar-        clear-cut cardigans, V-neck sweaters, turtlen-
               point towards a 1940’s influence with exclusive       sia, degrades, stained designs.                       ecks and débardeurs.
               accessories. The outfits mix soft wool coats
               and jackets with simple tunics, narrow pants          Men’s wear                                            Colors: Black in mixed materials, noble cash-
               and pencil skirts, complemented by plain knit-                                                              mere and flannel shades, dark tones, gold and
               ted pieces in different lengths and materials.        Clear-cut suits, purist looks, black                  silver for well-placed highlights.
               Materials tend to soft tweeds, mohair, cash-          in all variations
               mere - shorn or long-fibred, mixed with flowing                                                             Fabrics: Refined wool fabrics, flannels, cash-
               silks, lurex and artistic prints. Bright color sha-   Black is back… with codes reminiscent of the          meres, double-face fabrics with print reverse
               des mix with luxurious, neutral color-palettes.       eighties and big business, competition, suc-          sides, diagonals, suit fabrics with matt and
                                                                     cess stories. Now the theme comes up again            glossy effects, micro-designs, satins, silk com-
               Styles: Simple wraparound coats, short sailor-        in both fabrics and outfits that are strict, exclu-   binations, techno-finishes, stretch-types, vel-
               style coats, collarless jackets, tweed coats          sive, recognizable and masculine. Indeed,             vet, glossy shirting-fabrics, satin stripes, soft
               with fur collars, soft leather and fur coats,         fashion visibly revolves around the refined busi-     leather, furs.
               drain-pipe and cigarette pants, pencil-skirts         ness attire. This is complemented by a smart
               and flared skirts, tunics, wraparound dresses,        weekend look, which distances itself from the         Designs: Pin-stripes, shaded and chalky stri-
               blouses, pants and skirts in silk prints, solid-      usual “sportswear crowd”. The theme brings            pes, black on black in mixed materials, on-
               colored knit garments with precise details.           with it clear-cut suits, jackets, soft wool coats,    and-off stripes, blurred glen-checks, herring-
                                                                     short sailor-style coats and stand-up collar          bone and micro-designs, shaded checks and
               Colors: Elegant grey, rich beige, wooly yellow,       lumber jackets, soft leather blousons, fur jak-       stripes, tie patterns, geometric patterns and
               orange, red, purple, green, ultramarine.              kets, exclusive elegant knit wear with precise        ornaments in different color shades.
                                                                     details, shirts with matt and glossy effects. The       70
theme 4 / Sofisticated Feeling


theme 4 / Sofisticated Feeling


   theme 4 / Sofisticated Feeling                           KNITWEAR TRENDS                                                   AUTUMN/WINTER 2009/10

Feeling        Yarns: Fluffy-volume wool in cashmere, angora,
               mohair, camel-hair mélange, alpaca and baby-
                                                                     Shapes: Solid knits with precise details.
                                                                     Minimalistic shapes are underscored by unex-
                                                                                                                              Men’s wear: Male models are clear-cut and
                                                                                                                              pure, reminiscent of success and the eighties.
               alpaca, cotton mixtures, combinations of fine,        pected details, such as cap sleeves, puffed              They show strict, exclusive outfits, with an unmi-
               hairy and coarse yarns, felt-like looks, short pile   sleeves, glossy ornaments, wide Japanese-                stakable business-look style.
               chenille, stretch-effects, colored glossy and lurex   style belts, ornamental zippers and letters.
               effects. Wool-silk combinations, mercerized cot-                                                               Shapes: Exclusive fine-knit wear with precise
               ton, spot and sparkling effects, metallic-finish      Patterns: Fabric stitches combine playfully with         details, fine-yarn clear-cut cardigans, V-neck
               yarns.                                                3-D reliefs, draped details, asymmetries, graphic        sweaters, turtlenecks, débardeurs.
                                                                     patterns and stripes, filled with life through color.
               Women’s wear: The style is characterized by           Dark shades and especially black are knit in bur-        Patterns: Knit-wear in elegant solid colors,
               minimalistic and haute-couture ideas, lightness       nout looks, with new wavy structures and exotic          mélanges, moulinés with spots and sparkling
               and irony. Combinations are worn in a style-          braid or plait patterns, in dramatic sprinklings or in   effects, black on black as a mix of materials, on-
               conscious and confident manner, with exquisite        a mix of yarns and structures.                           and-off stripes, tie patterns, geometric patterns
               colors, mixed fabrics and designs in a modern                                                                  and ornaments in different color shades.
               avant-garde look. This is an extroverted moder-       Knit wear in fine yarns, mohair, prints, art jac-
               nity, in which color is a key player. Classic yarns   quards, with shaggy and glossy effects, ringlets,
               and structures meet techno materials and outfits.     color-blockings, multicolored intarsia, schematic
                                                                     and well-placed patterns.

theme 4 / Sofisticated Feeling


theme 4 / Sofisticated Feeling


   theme 4 / Sofisticated Feeling                              ACCESSORIES/JEWELRY TRENDS
                                                                        AUTUMN/WINTER 2009/10

          Bags                                                 Belts & shoes                                      Hats, caps & gloves

          - Apart from pouch and bowl-shaped bags,             - Straight-legged boots                            - Headbands are in again

            straight-line vertical or horizontal shopper and   - Pumps                                            - Shawls and scarves in new varieties of color

            business bags are also in the limelight            - Flat, broad-heeled shoes (trotteurs)               and material blockings

          - Flat shoulder bags with long straps                - A small platform flatters the figure

          - Fantasy bags with small flounces and draped        - Narrow, straight heels between 2 and 3 inches

            details are shown to their best advantage by         tall, slightly round- toe, sometimes in simple   Jewelry
            smooth leathers such as elegant plongé or            pleated versions                                 - Striking   but   nonetheless    sophisticated
            nappa                                              - Belts with color and material blockings            metal-chain necklaces and bracelets
          - Lamb-plongé
          - Ponyskin, which is really calfskin
          - Pouch-shaped frame bags used as evening
            purses, with chain straps
          - Bags with sophisticated surface and color

          Ties & scarves
          - Non-color ties
          - Matt/ glossy effects
          - Extremely     elegant,   luxurious    cashmere
          - Jersey scarves
          - Printed silk scarves

theme 4 / Sofisticated Feeling



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