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									                                                    The “E-” Newsletter
Friday, September 30, 2005                                                                         Volume 1, Number 1

                         In This Issue                                Greetings from the “E-” Newsletter
 Greetings from the “E-” Newsletter
 12 Months to Go!                                                 Greetings from the “E-” Newsletter! We know that
 Future Editions                                                  many of you are wondering what the hell the “E-”
                                                                   Newsletter is! Well have no fear…Elizabeth and Erica
 Wedding Party Members
                                                                   will Explain the concept of this “E-” Newsletter! If
 Important Dates and Times                                        you haven’t gotten the concept let us spell it out for
                                                                   you…the “E-” Newsletter will be the document that
                                                                   keeps all of us (i.e. the wedding party of Elizabeth
               Online Wedding Resources                            Dawn Jacobs and Erica Nichol Ware) on the same
Check out our Wedding Location- Flint Hill Plantation House        page!

                                                                   I was inspired to develop this newsletter not only
Visit Us on The Knot!                                              because of the sample that was forwarded to me, but
The Knot                                                           also because as you all know…I LOVE to communicate.
                                                                   Because many of the wedding party members reside
                                                                   all over the United States, it is important to Erica and
                    Contact Liz and Erica                          I that you all get to know each other before the
6875 Peachtree Dunwoody Road #121                                  ceremony takes place. Hence, this newsletter (with
                                                                   editions to come in the near future) will give you the
Atlanta, GA 30328
                                                                   opportunity to learn more about our wedding party
Home 770-698-9407                                                  members, and also receive details regarding the                                           wedding.

                                                                   We only have 12 months to go until our special day!
       Got Questions about your dress/attire?                      Therefore… we decided we will create a bi-monthly
                                                                   newsletter that will have wedding information and
Have no fear…we know completely understand that wedding            details so that you remain in the “loop” during this
attire can cause a damper on you pocket book. Erica and I
would like everyone to feel comfortable in his/her wedding         exciting time! Keep reading for more information on
attire. Please refer to the position information below for your    wedding party members, as well as some important
wedding day attire:                                                dates for the near future.
Best Man: Black Tux with Champagne/ Ivory vest
Bridesmaid & Matron of Honor: Tan/Champagne Belosie dress
Flower Debutant: Ivory dress
Host and Hostess: Black/ tan dress pants and shirt/ dress top-
Poetry Reader: Black/ tan dress pants and shirt/top-
Personal Assistant: Black/ tan dress pants and shirt/dress- top
Although many of the descriptions are general, we recommend
that you shop early; in that we want to make sure everyone’s                       Table of Contents
attire is established well before the wedding (if you want to
email us pictures that’s even better :>).
                                                                  On this page…Greetings and In this Issue
                                                                  Page 2        Who’s Who???
                                                                  Page 3        Meet the Jacobs-Ware Wedding Party
                                           Who’s Who???
In order for us to learn more about one another, take a moment and attempt to match the following
descriptions with the correct person on the left (description options may be repeated).

Wedding Party Members                             Description

Kevin E. Bynes ______                             a. Currently completing a doctoral program

Tanisha S. Grimes ______                          b. Test individuals in the community for HIV/ AIDS

Mark Anthony Johnson ______                       c. Works for an accounting firm

Leslie Lacey ______                               d. Loves “Phantom of the Opera”

Leonardo “Shanta” Parker ______                   e. Sorority member

Monica Reynoso (soon to be Gonzalez) ______       f. Completed an undergraduate degree

Frankie-Marie Higgs Shipman _______               g. Loves to plan parties

Haleema Vaughn _______                            h. Loves shopping

Jessica Williams Vaughn _______                   i. Loves to read

                                                  j. Recently started a new job

                                                  k. Born in the South

                                                  l. Wears a natural (hair style)

                                                  m. Loves music

                                                  n. Loves boys

Funny right! As you may have predicted, we all have a lot of these descriptors in common (outside of
being close friends with Erica and Liz). 

We just wanted to give ya’ll the opportunity to see our commonalities on paper! We hope you are
beginning to feel like you are learning more about the other wedding party members!

                            Meet the Jacobs-Ware Wedding Party Members
Below is a list of wedding party positions and names. There is also a brief description of each wedding party member.
Best Man:
         Mark Anthony Johnson
         Mark resides in San Francisco, CA, but was born and raised in New York City. He moved to San Francisco and studied
         philosophy at the University of San Francisco. Upon graduation, Mark returned to New York, but quickly returned to the city he
         left his heart in. Mark works in the Human Resources Department at an Accounting Firm and enjoys reading, volunteering,
         creative writing, movies, theatre (on & off-Broadway), and philosophical conversations/analyzing the elements/purpose of life.

Martian of Honor:
         Leslie Lacey
         Leslie Lacey is orginally from St. Louis, MO. She moved to Nashville, TN in 1995 to study at Tennessee State University (TSU).
         While studying at school she met her husband (Michael Lacey) of 3 years. While in college, Leslie and Erica were roommates all
         the way through their matriculation at TSU. Both Leslie and Erica view their relationship as a blessing, because not many
         people can get along and be friends/roommates for such a long time. Furthermore, Leslie currently works with a prominent
         cable television company. In her free time Leslie enjoys spending time with her family and friends and shopping.

        Monica Reynoso (Gonzalez as of July 2006)
        Monica currently lives in San Francisco, CA, but was born and raised in Southern California. Monica is also planning her
        wedding for July 2006. She and her fiancée (Jaime) have been dating for over 9 years. He proposed to her on the beach in
        Mexico. Additionally, Monica is in the process of pursuing her doctorate of psychology (PsyD) and will be graduating in 2007.
        During her free time, Monica enjoys reading (for pleasure), shopping, and hanging out with friends (Jaime included).

Flower Debutant:
        Haleema Vaughn
        Haleema is currently in the 7th grade at a Moses Middle School located in Dallas Georgia. She is currently 12 years old, and is
        preparing to celebrate her 13th birthday (10-7-05). After school Haleema completes her homework and hangs out around the
        house, takes care of Dre (her puppy), and helps her little brother with his homework. During her free time she enjoys talking
        on the phone, shopping, watching television, and hanging out with her friends.

Poetry Reader:
        Kevin Bynes
        Kevin is originally from the West Coast, but currently resides in Atlanta, GA. Kevin works at a non-profit HIV prevention/
        treatment agency (AID Atlanta). In 2005 Kevin received a Center’s for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) honorable
        appointment. Kevin enjoys reading, writing, and shopping.

Host/ Hostess:
        Tanisha S. Grimes
        Tanisha considers herself "bi-coastal", being both from the West Coast and from Atlanta, GA (where she currently resides). She
        recently began a pursuit for her doctoral degree at the University of Georgia at Athens (UGA). Tanisha works 2 jobs, while in
        school, and yet still has time for a daily 1and a half-hour workout! During her free time, Tanisha enjoys dancing, watching TV,
        going to the movies, reading and hanging out with her little sister with big brother/big sister of Atlanta.

         Leonardo Shanta Parker
         Leonardo? Shanta? Parker was born in Statesboro, Georiga. After completing his degree in Community Health at Georgia
         Southern University, he relocated to Atlanta, GA. He has coordinated and managed a number of programs concentrating on
         HIV/ STI prevention among youth and adults. He is currently employed by the Georgia Department of Human Resources as a
         Disease Investigator. In his spare time he enjoys shopping, sleeping, and spending time at home.

         Frankie-Marie Higgs Shipman
         Frankie was born in New Orleans and grew up in Maryland. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Emory University in
         2001. After earning her degree, Frankie returned back to the Maryland/D.C. area to work in a non-profit for a year before
         moving back to Atlanta in 2002 to study yet again at Emory for her master’s degree in public health. Frankie will begin a
         public health fellowship through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in October of 2005. Over 200 individuals
         applied for this position, and she was 1 of 25 chosen! During her free time she enjoys tennis, reading, spending time with her
         boyfriend, watching movies, and hanging out with friends (Liz not included).

Personal Assistant:
         Jessica Williams-Vaughn
         Jessica is a native of the ATL, and loves planning parties. She began her own event planning business entitled, Everlasting
         Beauti Events (EBE). She recently planned her own commitment ceremony, and she and her partner are officially
         “newlyweds.” Jessica enjoys arts and crafts, and loves to coordinate events (specifically weddings).

                                               Our Special Day

As you know our special day will take place on Sunday, October 15, 2006. We would greatly appreciate
you being available beginning on Saturday, October 14, 2006 at 2:00pm. Below is a rough schedule for
our wedding weekend:

                             Dates and Times                               Events/Plans
               Thursday, October 12, 2006 or              Check-in to host hotel (if reserving a room)
               Friday, October 13, 2006
               Friday, October 13, 2006                   Rest & Relaxation Day #1- Spa and Massages
                                                          (not required, but HIGHLY recommended)
               Saturday, October 14, 2006                 Rest & Relaxation Day #2- Last opportunity
                                                          for nail, hair, and clothing appointments
               Saturday, October 14, 2006                 Ceremony Rehearsal
               Saturday, October 14, 2006                 Rehearsal Dinner
               Saturday, October 14, 2006                 Rest & Relaxation (individually)
               Sunday, October 15, 2006                   Arrive at Flint Hill Plantation House for pre-
                                                          ceremony pictures
               Sunday, October 15, 2006                   Last minute set-up (which SHOULD NOT be
               Sunday, October 15, 2006                   Guest begin to arrive
               Sunday, October 15, 2006                   Commitment Ceremony
               Sunday, October 15, 2006                   Appetizers and Drinks for Guest (while the
                                                          post-wedding pictures takes place)
               Sunday, October 15, 2006                   Reception
               Sunday, October 15, 2006                   Pack-up gifts and left over favors (into Mark,
                                                          Jessica, and Tammi’s automobiles- crates and
               (11:00pm-11:15pm)                          itemized check-lists will be provided to make
                                                          the packing process run smoother)
               Sunday, October 15, 2006                   Flint Hill Plantation House closes for the
                                                          Jacobs-Ware Guest

                                          Future Editions…

This newsletter will contain 6 additional editions! Because this newsletter will be produced on a bi-

monthly basis, Erica and I intend to keep you updated and informed on ALL the wedding news! The

following is a table of The “E-” Newsletter edition number and release month:

              Newsletter Edition Number                            Newsletter Release Month
#2                                                      November 2005
#3                                                      January 2006
#4                                                      March 2006
#5                                                      May 2006
#6                                                      July 2006
Finale                                                  September 2006

In Closing…

Please feel free to email us updates on you and your life (i.e. you located your wedding attire, new jobs,

starting school, new partner, pictures, etc.), and we will be sure to include them in the “Wedding Party

Update” section of future newsletters.

                                     Take care and we love you all!
                                             Liz and Erica
                                           September 2005


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