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					Wholesale Brochure

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Delivering a greener outlook                                               boningale.co.uk
    Product Range                                                                             Wholesale Brochure

    Boningale Nurseries pride themselves on offering one of the most extensive
    ranges of products in the U.K. nursery stock industry.

    We specialise in the production of container grown shrubs, perennials and grasses on our 15
    hectare site near Wolverhampton in the West Midlands. Our production is heavily geared
    towards producing top quality amenity plants in 2 & 3 litre containers and an increasing range of
    specimen plants from 5 litres up to 1000 litres.

    We are a 'one stop' solution to our customers' plant requirements and over many years have developed
    a comprehensive network of specialist growers both in the U.K. and across Europe which complements
    our own range of production.

    Understanding the market place as we do, our highly skilled dedicated procurement department
    ensure that we are able to offer the highest levels of stock quality and locate even the most
    demanding list of plant material.

    It is impractical to list our entire range, so below are just some examples of the ranges we
    offer. For further information or a quotation on any of your requirements please contact our
    Sales Department who will be happy to help with any enquiries or technical information
    that you require.


2          Tel: 01902 374991 Fax: 01902 373151
                                                                          Wholesale Brochure

             Bare-rooted, rootballed and container grown available from
             Feathered trees to Semi-mature stock.

        Transplants & Seedlings:
             Available from 30-40cm to 175-200cm.

             Small 9cm - large specimen stock.

             Bare-rooted & container grown.

             Extensive range from 9cm - 10lt

             Rootballed & container grown, in many sizes


             From 2lt stock to specimens up to 5 metres in height.

        Alpines & Heathers:
             9cm - 2lt in a wide range

        Grasses & Bamboos:
             Comprehensive range available from 1lt - 150lt

             Field grown stock & container grown in a large range
             of sizes

             An extensive range available from Buxus cones to bespoke
             pieces produced to almost any size.

        Tel: 01902 374991 Fax: 01902 373151                                              3
    Trees                                                                                    Wholesale Brochure

    For many years Boningale Nurseries have been supplying an extensive range of tree
    material, to demanding specifications, across a wide and varied market place. Our
    experience, expertise, and in-depth knowledge allows us to satisfy all your requirements no
    matter how complex or unusual they may be.

    Working alongside our selected specialist producers we are able to offer you high quality trees
    in a huge range of sizes from small feathered trees through to semi-mature & mature trees.

    The extensive range of varieties that we offer is also available in many forms to meet our
    customers’ requirements and allow us to offer tree stock all year through. Stock is available as
    bare root, root-balled or container grown.

    With so many varieties and forms of trees on offer we are able to supply just what you are
    looking for. With our experience in satisfying the increasing demand for ‘something a bit
    different’ we have access to a range of specialist trees such as Pleached forms, Box and Cone
    forms, and Multistems.


4        Tel: 01902 374991 Fax: 01902 373151
                                                                                                  Wholesale Brochure

        Our sales team’s extensive plant and market knowledge is a valuable asset to landscape
        architects and contractors alike. They are always available to give advice and information on
        availability, price, and specification.

        Plant handling and transportation are critical when dealing with larger stock, Boningale are
        constantly improving and upgrading their equipment in order to deliver the product in the best
        possible condition. Our highly skilled despatch team work in close communication with our
        customers to ensure the most effective service possible.

        For further information and prices please contact our sales team.

               Tel: 01902 374991 Fax: 01902 373151                                                               5
    Trees                                                                                      Wholesale Brochure

    The girth of a tree is ‘‘the circumference of the stem measured at 1 metre above ground
    level.’’ Usually this measure applies to standard trees, but girth grades can be given for large
    feathered trees.


                                          Figure 1:
                                          MEASURING THE GIRTH OF
                                          A STANDARD TREE

        cm                            Form                              Marking colour

        6-8                       Light standard                               blue
        8-10                      Standard                                     yellow
       10-12                      Selected Standard                            red
       12-14                      Heavy                                        white
       14-16                      Extra heavy                                  blue
       16-18                      Extra heavy                                  yellow
       18-20                      Extra heavy                                  red
       20-25                      Semi-mature                                  white
       25-30                      Semi-mature                                  blue
       30-35                      Semi-mature                                  yellow
       35-40                      Semi-mature                                  red
       40-45                      Semi-mature                                  white
       45-50                      Semi-mature                                  blue

      For trees above 50 cm girth, the measure increases in 10 cm steps, 50-60, 60-70, etc.

      The colours indicate the European colour system for marking trees.

6          Tel: 01902 374991 Fax: 01902 373151
        Trees                                                                                        Wholesale Brochure

        Girth for feathered trees
        When the girth size is greater than 6 cm it should be specified as for clear stem standard
        trees, e.g. 6-8, 10-12, etc.

                                             Multi Stemmed trees
                                             For these trees, the number of stems required must be
                                             specified - along with the height of the tree.

                                             Bushy Trees
                                             Due to the many stems of bushy trees, they should only
                                             be specified by height.

                                             Figure 2:
                                             MULTI STEMMED (Alnus glutinosa)
                                             Eight Grades - Clear stem standards and larger
                                             feathered trees

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    Trees                                                                                    Wholesale Brochure


                                        Figure 3: 425-600 cm height, 1
                                        4-16 cm girth STANDARD TREE
                                        (Acer platanoides 'Emerald Queen')

        cm                     Form of tree                          Girth        Mark colour

      250-300                   Light                        6-8                    blue
      250-300                   Standard                     8-10                   yellow
      300-350                   Selected                     10-12                  red
      350-400                   Heavy                        12-14                  white
      400-450                   Extra heavy                  14-16                  blue
      450-500                   Extra heavy                  16-18                  yellow
      450-500                   Extra heavy                  18-20                  red
      500-550                   Semi-mature                  20-25                  white
      600-650                   Semi-mature                  25-30 & 30-35
      700-750                   Semi-mature                  35-40 & 40-45
      750-800                   Semi-mature                  45-50 & 50-60

    Although height grades are given for these larger trees, the height becomes less significant.
    This should be used as a guide to choose and specify the correct girth of the trees.

8          Tel: 01902 374991 Fax: 01902 373151
        Trees                                                                    Wholesale Brochure

                             Height Grades - Multi-stemmed and bushy forms
                             Although multi stemmed and bushy trees are specified
                             primarily by OVERALL HEIGHT (qualifying also the ROOT
                             PROTECTION and the SIZE OF CONTAINER, if appropriate) they
                             may also be specified by reference to the number of stems and/or
                             main branches arising from or near ground level - and also a
                             measure of the diameter of the head. For example, Betula pendula is
                             typically specified with 2 stems or with 3 stems. An indication of the
                             girth of the thinnest or average stem may also be indicated.

                             Figure 4: 300-350 cm height

                             BUSHY TREE (Acer campestre)

         cm               Form

         200-250   Multi-stem/bushy
         250-300   Multi-stem/bushy
         300-350   Multi-stem/bushy
         350-400   Multi-stem/bushy
         400-500   Multi-stem/bushy
         500-600   Multi-stem/bushy

          Tel: 01902 374991 Fax: 01902 373151                                                         9
     Trees:                                                                                     Wholesale Brochure

     Clear Stem Height
                                       Clear stem height is defined as "the distance from the ground to
                                       the lowest branch."

                                       Clear stem height applies only to standard form trees.
                                       The following table gives grades for clear stem height for the
                                       appropriate range of trees.

                                       Clear stem height grades - standard forms

                                       Figure 1: 2 metre clear stem on
                                       a 10-12 cm girth STANDARD TREE

      Clear stem cm            Overall height cm                Form                     Girth

          150-175                    250-300                     Light                    6-8
          175-200                    250-300                   Standard                   8-10
          min 200                    300-350                   Selected                  10-12
          min 200                    350 min                    Heavy                    12-14

     All trees larger than this are usually grown with a clear stem height of 200 cm. Larger trees, for example
     for roadside planting, are grown so that the lower branches can be removed without spoiling the final
     shape and appearance of the head and the tree.

10          Tel: 01902 374991 Fax: 01902 373151
        Trees:                                                              Wholesale Brochure

        Root Wrapped Trees
                       Typically the smaller sizes of trees and those species
                       which transplant more readily will be supplied bare root.
                       All bare root systems are supplied in bags, containing and
                       enclosing the whole root system and tied at the top. The bags
                       are manufactured from co-extruded polythene – black on the
                       inside and white on the outside. Seedlings, cuttings and
                       transplants (up to 30-40 cm, overall height) are typically supplied
                       with shoots and roots fully enclosed in the bag, whereas for larger
                       trees only the root system is enclosed. Trees are bagged in the
                       field immediately upon lifting.

                       Trees will be supplied bagged unless any other protection
                       (rootball, container grown) for the root system is specified.

                       All evergreen broadleaf trees are supplied rootballed or
                       container grown.

                       Deciduous trees with girth measures greater than

                       18 cm should be specified as rootballed.

                       Figure 1:
                       BAGGED BAREROOT TRANSPLANTS

         Tel: 01902 374991 Fax: 01902 373151                                                 11
     Trees:                                                              Wholesale Brochure

     Rootball Trees
                  Rootballs must be firm and solid and the roots must penetrate the
                  whole ball. They are enclosed in hessian (burlap). The size of the
                  rootball must be appropriate for the species/cultivar and its age and
                  growth rates under the cultural and soil conditions within which it is
                  growing. The root ball will be free of perennial weeds. Rootballed trees are
                  indicated by the letters ‘‘RB’’ in the plant specification.

                  For standard trees of girth 12-14 and larger and the equivalent sizes of
                  Multi-stemmed and bushy trees the root ball will be additionally protected
                  with ungalvanised wire netting or wire basket. All materials used to
                  support root balls decompose within eighteen months of planting and
                  will not constrict the continuing growth of the tree. Root control bags
                  can be used instead of RB.

                  Figure 2:
                  ROOTBALLED TREE
                  (Sorbus aucuparia 'Asplenifolia', 20-25 cm girth)


12    Tel: 01902 374991 Fax: 01902 373151
        Trees:                                                              Wholesale Brochure

        Clear Stem Height
                       Container grown plants have been grown in the container for
                       sufficient time for the root growth to have substantially penetrated
                       the medium but not be root bound.

                       Plants are centered in the container, well rooted, firm and moist on
                       delivery, with the growing medium coming within a suitable depth of the
                       pot rim. The surface of the growing medium is free of all weeds.

                       CONTAINER GROWN TREE (12-14 cm, 40 litre)
                       The following containers are commonly used:
                       · rigid containers
                       · spring ring/airpots
                       · easy-lift bags
                       · polythene bags
                       · custom-built containers for very large trees

                       Figure 3:
                       CONTAINER GROWN TREE
                       (12-14 cm, 40 litre)

         Tel: 01902 374991 Fax: 01902 373151                                                     13
     Container                                                                                  Wholesale Brochure

     All forms of trees are available in containers. The range of species reduces with the increasing size of
     trees. Larger trees are available by personal selection from those grown speculatively. Or, if time is
     available, large trees can be grown by contract to a specific size for a particular species. No standards are
     available for these trees and personal selection is strongly encouraged.

     Figure 1: 7.5-20 litre containers

     Figure 2: 40-85 litre containers

14          Tel: 01902 374991 Fax: 01902 373151
        Trees                                                                     Wholesale Brochure

                              The minimum number of breaks/branches/lateral growth may be
                              included in the specification. The number present at the time of sale
                              depends on the characteristics of the species, hybrid or cultivar and
                              the age/size of the tree. The following table indicates the minimum
                              number of branches for various sizes and species of trees. The typical
                              number of branches for each size is indicated in bold type.

                              Species with little branching (at 100-175 cm height) include: Acer
                              platanoides, Robinia pseudoacacia. Well feathered species include:
                              Betula pendula, Alnus glutinosa, Fagus sylvatica. Ailanthus altissima
                              and Catalpa bignonioides typically have 2 or 3 branches at 10-12
                              to 14-16 size.

                              Figure 1:8 cm girth,
                              LIGHT STANDARD TREE
                              showing branching

        No. Branches      Form                     Girth               Height (cm)

        1                 Whip                                            100-125
        2,3 or 5         Feather                                          125-150
        3 or 5           Feather                                          150-175
        3 or 4             Half                      4-6                  175-250
        3, 4 or 5       Extra light                  5-6                  200-250
        3, 4 or 5         Light                      6-8                  250-300
        3, 4 or 5       Standard                    8-10                  250-300
        4, 5 or 7       Selected                   10-12                  300-350
        5, 6 or 7         Heavy                    12-14                  350-425
        5, 6 or 7      Extra heavy                 14-16                  425-600

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     Trees:                                                                                        Wholesale Brochure

     Other details
     For the majority of the criteria, grading standards and measures have been developed and
     accepted for the usual specifications of trees. However in some instances it may be necessary to
     specify other details. The following is a list of some of the more typical extra specification requirements
     which might be used. They should be considered to be indicative and not comprehensive.

     Origin and Provenance
     These terms are of particular importance in the specification of native (indigenous) plants, or plants which
     are required from a known source of propagation material.

     Origin is defined as "the place in which indigenous plants are growing or the place from which
     non-indigenous plants were originally introduced."

     Provenance is defined as "the place in which any plants, whether indigenous or non-
     indigenous are growing."

     It is not appropriate to specify particular origin/provenance speculatively. A limited number of
     specialist growers are producing native species and may be listed as sources.
     Specifications are developed following discussions with specialists (ecologists and

     growers) and then contract grown to precise requirements. At the moment it is probably
     easiest to specify the required provenance (indicating the exact source of the young plants
     or propagation material) if this is significant to the project. Establishing the origin of plants
     is a complex issue which is currently the topic of research. It is hoped that this research will
     yield information which will assist in the specification of plants for our landscapes.

     Current British Standards indicate that the 'country of origin' is the country where the plant
     has been growing for the latter half of the most recent growing season. If this is not
     acceptable then it may be necessary to require information about the provenance of the
     propagation material (seed, cuttings, budwood, grafts, etc.) in the specification.

     Top/Bottom Working
     Many cultivar or clone forms of commercially available trees are vegetatively propagated by budding
     or grafting. In the UK most trees are ‘bottom worked’, budding the desired cultivar or clone onto a
     transplant of a related species, close to ground level, e.g. Sorbus aucuparia ‘Sheerwater Seedling’
     budded onto the rootstock of Sorbus aucuparia grown from seed. The bud is then trained to form the
     stem and crown of the desired cultivar. ‘Top working’, grafting the desired form at high level (typically 1.6
     metres or higher) is not encouraged in this country except for certain weeping trees - although it is more
     commonly used as a means of propagation throughout the rest of Europe.

     All trees should be bottom worked unless otherwise specified.

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                                                                                                  Wholesale Brochure

        The Summary of Specification Criteria indicates the natural or most typical forms in which trees can be
        bought. However there are other shapes of trees: these are some examples of the more common types:

        These trees, typically genera Tilia and Platanus, are trained to provide an instant pleached effect. Although
        mature pleached trees may be trained to form a three dimensional 'hedge on sticks', (Carpinus betulus, for
        example), commercially available pleached trees tend to have a two dimensional effect with the branches
        spreading sideways in one plane only.

        These trees, typically genus Salix, have a minimum clear stem height of 2 metres and a head which
        has been cut to create a head of the typical pollard regrowth.

        Popular in continental Europe for providing shade, these large trees have had their central
        leaders cut and the main branches trained over a horizontal frame, creating a parasol effect.

        Tilia and Platanus are typical genera used to create these shapes.

        Espalier and Fan
        An espalier is a tree with a central stem with balanced, (the same number of) horizontal
        branches in one vertical plane on each side, the bottom tier being 30-40 cm from ground level
        and additional tiers spaced 30-40 cm apart. The branches at the same level must be about the
        same length and size.

        A fan is a tree with a leg not more than 50 cm in height and a balanced fan-shaped system of
        branches in one vertical plane, with a minimum of 5 branches at least 30 cm long. Shoots must have
        about the same length and size.

        These are typical for top fruit trees (Apples, Pears, Plums). Whilst these trees can be trained from maidens,
        two tier espaliers are available commercially. Many other shapes (Horizontal cordon with one arm, Horizontal
        cordon with two arms, Oblique Palmet, Single Stage Oblique Palmet, Two-Stage Oblique Palmet, Single U,
        Double U, and Two Stage Double U) are also available. Consult specialist growers for more details.

               Tel: 01902 374991 Fax: 01902 373151                                                                      17
     Trees:                                                        Wholesale Brochure

     Other details

     Criterion           Qualification        Notes
     Origin/Provenance   British Grown        Note that British Grown is not
                                              reliably British Provenance or
                         British Provenance   origin.

                         Local Provenance

     Top/Bottom work     Top worked           May apply particularly for
                                              weeping trees.

     Shape               Pleached             More detailed information on
                                              the other criteria necessary
                         Pollard              for the specification of these
                                              shapes (girth measures,
                         Parasol              branch lengths, root
                                              condition, size of container,
                         Espalier             etc.) can be obtained from
                                              the specialists who supply
                         Fan                  these trees.

                         Other shapes

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        Nomenclature                                                                                      Wholesale Brochure

        General information
        A tree is defined as a woody perennial, which in its natural state, has a distinct trunk.

        Each tree should be specified by giving its full BOTANICAL name. The botanical name is specific to the
        plant and avoids the confusion which can occur in using COMMON names. The botanical name relies on
        the use of the binomial system. This system, invented by Linnaeus in the eighteenth century, has enabled
        botanists to name and classify plants throughout the world. By this means Acer pseudoplatanus is the
        international name for what in the U.K. is known as sycamore but in the U.S. is called a Plane. Its botanical
        name gives absolute clarity to ensure that the correct plant is supplied.

        A genus may be defined as "a group of closely related species possessing certain morphological characters in
        common, by which they are classified and distinguished from all others."

        In the example above, sycamore is a species within the genus Acer which includes many other species of
        ‘maple’, the Norway maple, Acer platanoides being an example. Generic names are always spelt using
        an upper case initial letter when using a combination of upper and lower case letters.

        e.g. Acer platanoides

        SPECIES (SP.)
        A species may be defined as ‘‘a sub-division of a genus consisting of plants which have
        the same constant and distinctive characters and which have the capacity to interbreed amongst

        The species is the basic unit of classification and nomenclature. Quercus petraea, or Sessile Oak is
        a species within the genus Quercus which includes all the oaks worldwide. By the use of specific
        epithets, the range of different Oak trees can be identified; Quercus robur, which is commonly called
        the Pendunculate Oak or the English Oak (but only in the U.K.!), Quercus cerris, the Turkey Oak,
        Quercus ilex, the Evergreen or Holm Oak, Quercus rubra, the Red Oak and so on. All of these species
        are sufficiently similar to be identified as within the genus Quercus, but sufficiently different to be separate

        The specific name may refer to a characteristic feature of the plant; Quercus rubra is the Red Oak; Populus
        alba is the White Poplar. Specific names are always spelt using lower case letters when using a combination of
        upper and lower case letters.

        e.g. Quercus rubra

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     Trees:                                                                                                  Wholesale Brochure

     These may be defined as naturally occurring ‘‘sub-divisions of a species, consisting of plants
     which differ in some heritable characters such as form, colour or season, from what is regarded as
     typical of the species.’’

     Study of any species identifies variation within that species. Identification of subspecies, varietas (or more
     commonly ‘‘variety’’) or forma is the recognition of this variation by name. The tree Sorbus domestica has
     a variant with apple-shaped fruits, Sorbus domestica maliformis. The addition of the third word within the
     name not only identifies the plant but also, in this instance, describes the particular characteristic of this
     variety. For the botanists there are reasons to identify subspecies, varieties or forma, but for plant
     specification purposes, they can be broadly considered to be the same.

     Subspecies, varieties and forma are not common in commercial, amenity horticulture. These are
     identified by the third word within the name which, in the case of subspecies, varieties or
     forma is written in lower case letters when a combination of upper and lower case is used.
     Usually the qualification within the name, e.g. variety (var.) subspecies (subsp.) or forma (f.)
     is not included.

     e.g. Sorbus domestica maliformis

     A cultivar may be defined as ‘‘an internationally agreed term for a cultivated variety’’
     and a clone as ‘‘genetically uniform group of plants originating from a single plant by
     vegetative propagation.’’

     A variety within a species is usually identified form the typical form by botanical characteristics
     which may or may not be relevant to its selection and use within horticulture or landscape work.
     A cultivar is a plant which has been specifically selected by man because it exhibits different
     characteristics from the typical species and is worth maintaining in cultivation by vegetative
     propagation or by seed in the case of true breeding cultivars. Acer platanoides ‘Crimson King’ is a
     cultivar of Acer platanoides, the Norway maple, selected and cultivated for its deep purple leaves. In
     this instance the change in leaf colour arose by chance and it is easier to maintain in cultivation by
     vegetative means than relying on seed. Clones are the vegetatively produced offspring from a single
     parent and are therefore identical to the parent in all respects. Many cultivars are, in fact, clones,
     propagated vegetatively in order to perpetuate the characteristics of the original selection.

     In the example above, Acer platanoides ‘Crimson King’ is exactly like the green leafed Acer platanoides except
     for its leaf colour. It is not, therefore, difficult to identify that it is a variation of a particular species and the cultivar
     name qualifies the species name. However, through selection, hybridisation and mutation, it is not always easy to
     link a cultivar name to a species or hybrid. An example is Prunus ‘Snow Goose’. Its exact botanical origins are in
     doubt but it is a cultivar within the genus Prunus which has been selected and continues to be propagated. In
     these instances the species name is left out.

     Cultivars are common in commercial and amenity horticulture. Whilst the genus, species and variety is
     identified by the use of italic typeface and the use of a combination of upper and lower case letters,
     cultivar names are in Roman letters, with an upper case initial and is within single inverted commas.

     e.g. Fraxinus excelsior ‘Westhof’s Glorie’ or Sorbus ‘Sheerwater Seedling’

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        Trees:                                                                                      Wholesale Brochure

        A hybrid may be defined as ‘‘a plant raised by the crossing of two genetically distinct plants’’.

        Since the characteristics of a species are maintained through breeding between individuals within the
        species, it can be surmised that hybridisation is uncommon in nature. Hybrids may result from the
        crossing of species (bi/specific) or even more rarely, the crossing of genera (bi-generic). Aesculus x
        carnea is the result of crossing the species Aesculus hippocastanum with Aesculus pavia. The resultant
        plants exhibit characteristics of both parents but differ between themselves and so have been given a
        range of cultivar names, e.g. Aesculus x carnea ‘Briotii’. The well known Leyland Cypress, x
        Cupressocyparis leylandii is an example of a bi-generic hybrid. In this instance the cross was between
        two species in different genera, Chamaecyparis nootkatensis and Cupressus macrocarpa.

        Hybrids are identified by the symbol ‘x’ , which for a bi-specific hybrid occurs before the
        specific name,

        e.g. Sorbus x thuringiaca

        and for a bi-generic hybrid occurs before the generic name,

        e.g. x Crataemespilus

        It is recommended that common names are only used in addition to the botanical name and
        never used alone. Many plants of our landscapes have a very wide range of common names.
        Geoffrey Grigson in Dictionary of English Plant Names (1974) records 90 different local names
        for Arum maculatum within the U.K. Lords and Ladies, Cuckoo Pint, Jack in the Pulpit,
        Starchwort, Sucky Calves are just the start of a long list.

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     Transplants                                                                               Wholesale Brochure

     From October through to March, we offer a comprehensive range of seedlings and
     transplants, hedging and under-stocks as well as a good selection of feathered forest trees
     suitable for any landscaping scheme.

     All bare rooted stock is lifted and despatched as close to the despatch date as possible to ensure the
     plants are out of the ground for the minimum amount of time therefore decreasing any detrimental
     effects on the plant material, the plants are dipped in water and then bagged in co-extruded polythene
     bags. Plant material can also be treated at this stage with a Mycorrhizal or Water Retaining root dip at an
     additional cost.

     A mycorrhiza is a symbiotic association between a fungus and the roots of a plant. The fungus colonizes the
     roots of most plant species. This colonization extends far into the soil and extends the root system.
     Mycorrhizae are found in undisturbed soils with other beneficial soil organisms. Site preparation, road and
     home construction, and removal of topsoil can degrade the mycorrhizal forming potential of soil. The fungi
     improve the ability of plants to utilize the soil resources and assist in the establishment of plants.
     Resistance to soil borne pathogens is also improved.


22          Tel: 01902 374991 Fax: 01902 373151
                                                                                                     Wholesale Brochure

        Water retaining polymer granules absorb large amounts of water, forming a
        swollen gel and acting as a reservoir in the soil around the root system of the plant.

        Each variety carries a master label with the quantity of plants, size & reference or order
        number on. Additional labelling can be arranged at cost.

        Bare rooted material is available in many different sizes ranging from 30-40cm to
        175-200cm. Please contact us for a quotation or any further information required.

                 Tel: 01902 374991 Fax: 01902 373151                                                               23
     Transplants                                                   Wholesale Brochure

     & Seedlings

                     Figure 1:
                     1u1 SEEDLING

       Description          Definition

       1+0 or 1/0           A 1 year old seedling which has
                            not been transplanted

       0= or 1/0=           A 1 year old undercut seedling

       1u1                  A 2 year old seedling, undercut after
                            1 year but not transplanted from the seedbed

       2+0 or 2/0           A 2 year old seedling which has not
                            been transplanted

       2u2                  A 4 year old seedling, undercut after
                            2 years but not transplanted from the seedbed

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        Transplants                                                  Wholesale Brochure

        & Seedings

                          Figure 2:
                          0/2 CUTTING

         Description           Definition
         0/1                   A 1 year old hardwood cutting which
                               has not been transplanted

         0/2                   A 2 year old hardwood cutting which
                               has not been transplanted

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     Transplants                                                         Wholesale Brochure

     (seedling and cutting propagated)

     Seedling propagated

                           Figure 3:
                           1+2 TRANSPLANT

      Description            Definition
      1+1 or 1/1             2 year old seedling transplant; 1 year in seedbed,
                             transplanted and grown on for one year

      1+2 or 1/2             3 year old seedling transplant; 1 year in seedbed,
                             transplanted and grown on for 2 years

      2+1 or 2/1             2+1 or 2/1 3 year old seedling transplant, 2 years in
                             seedbed, transplanted and grown on for 1 year

      2+2 or 2/2             4 year old seedling transplant, 2 years in seedbed,
                             transplanted and grown on for 2 years

     Cutting propagated

       Description           Definition
       0/1/1                 2 year old cutting transplant, 1 year in cutting bed,
                             transplanted and grown on for 1 year

       0/1/2                 3 year old cutting transplant, one year in cutting bed,
                             transplanted and grown on for 2 years

       0/2/1                 3 year old cutting transplant, 2 years in cutting bed,
                             transplant and grown on for 1 year

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                                                                                             Wholesale Brochure
        Most trees are graded to heights appropriate for their age and development. The
        following table indicates the typical grades.

        Height Grades

                                     Figure 1:
                                     80-100 cm height TRANSPLANT

          cm                    Form

             10-15              Seedling
             15-20              Seedling
             20-25              Seedling                                      For Cell grown trees and shrubs the
                                                                              following height grades are used:
             25-30              Seedling, transplant
             30-40              Seedling, transplant
                                                                               cm                    Form
             40-50              Seedling, cutting, transplant
             50-60              Seedling, cutting, transplant                  10-20                 Seedling
             60-80              Seedling, cutting, transplant                  20-40                 Seedling
            80-100              Seedling, cutting, transplant                  40-60                 Seedling
           100-125              Seedling, cutting, transplant                  60-90                 Seedling

               Tel: 01902 374991 Fax: 01902 373151                                                                  27
     Transplants                                                   Wholesale Brochure

     Height Grades

                     Figure 2:
                     125-150 cm height FEATHERED TREE

      cm             Form of tree               Girth   Mark colour

      80-100         whip/feathered                       yellow
      100-125        whip/feathered                        white
      125-150        whip/feathered                        blue
      150-175        whip/feathered                         red
      175-200        whip/feathered                       yellow

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                                                                                               Wholesale Brochure
        Root Protection
        Seedlings, cuttings and transplants are typically supplied with shoots and roots fully
        enclosed in the bag, The bags used should be manufactured from co-extruded polythene
        – black on the inside and white on the outside.

                                              Figure 1: 80-100 cm height TRANSPLANT

        Cell Grown Stock

                                         Cell grown trees, which are usually seedling in form,
                                         combine growing the plant in a container (a cell) and then
                                         supplying the plant as a complete root ball, bundled
                                         together, protected with plastic and supplied in boxes.
                                         Cell trees are specified by ROOT VOLUME (Container size),
                                         HEIGHT and ROOT COLLAR DIAMETER.
                                         As with all plants, specifications cannot be rigid since growing
                                         conditions will vary from year to year but the information in this
                                         specification gives the general standards for growing cell plants.
                                         Again, as for other stocks, larger plants can be grown by contract.

                                         Figure 4: CELL GROWN TREE
                                         (Fagus sylvatica, 200 cc cell)

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                                                                                                 Wholesale Brochure

     Container grown
     Container grown plants should have been grown in the container for sufficient time for
     the root growth to have substantially penetrated the medium but not be root bound.
     Plants are to be centered in the container, well rooted, firm and moist on delivery, with the
     growing medium coming within a suitable depth of the pot rim. The surface of the growing
     medium shall be free of all weeds.

     Origin and Provenance
     These terms are of particular importance in the specification of native (indigenous) plants, or plants which
     are required from a known source of propagation material.

     Origin is defined as "the place in which indigenous plants are growing or the place from which non-
     indigenous plants were originally introduced." Provenance is defined as "the place in which any plants,
     whether indigenous or non-indigenous are growing."

     It is not appropriate to specify particular origin/provenance speculatively. A limited number of
     specialist growers are producing native species and may be listed as sources. Specifications
     should be developed following discussions with specialists (ecologists and growers) and
     then contract grown to precise requirements. At the moment it is probably easiest to
     specify the required provenance (indicating the exact source of the young plants or
     propagation material) if this is significant to the project. Establishing the origin of plants is

     a complex issue which is currently the topic of research. It is hoped that this research will
     yield information which will assist in the specification of plants for our landscapes.

     Current British Standards indicate that the 'country of origin' is the country where the
     plant has been growing for the latter half of the most recent growing season.

     Sourced from HTA. www.gohelios.co.uk

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Regions of provenance
                                                     Wholesale Brochure
and seed zones in Great Britain
(including zones for indigenous Scots pine)

                 Regions of Provenance
                 (large numbers)
                 Native seed zones
                 (small numbers)
                 Indigenous Scots pine
                 seed zones (continuous
                 lines are ‘exclusion zones’):
                 1: North
                 2: North Central
                 3: Northeast
                 4: East Central
                 5: South Central
                 6: Southwest (exclusion zone)
                 7: Northwest (exclusion zone)

Provenance Map
Source: The Forestry Commission

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     Shrubs                                                                                     Wholesale Brochure

     Boningale Nurseries have been producing a wide range of shrub material on our
     site near Albrighton for over 40 years. The production unit is split into specialist areas
     to allow us to focus on delivering the varied requirements of stock ranges. These ranges
     are supplemented by our network of suppliers both in the U.K. and across Europe. We have
     sold over 5 million plants in the last 3 seasons in 6495 varieties, 940 different sizes and over
     25,000 different product lines from small 9cm stock through to 12 metre tall specimen plants.

     Some of the benefits of offering such a comprehensive range from such a diverse supply base:

             • It enables us to price all commercially grown lines at tender stage that helps provide a fast
               efficient tender process for the landscape contractor without making too many amendments to
               the tender.

             • It enables Boningale to offer a number of options to architects on lines of particular
               importance to a scheme thus tailoring material to meet or exceed the client’s

             • It also enables us to offer continuity of supply throughout the year.


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                                                                                                   Wholesale Brochure

        Our experienced procurement department are often able to source even the
        most unusual items; this is of particular importance when embarking on projects such
        as park restorations.

        We also offer a contact growing option that enables clients to stipulate more demanding
        specifications whist inspecting stock during the growing process. This offers the benefits of
        guaranteed availability of stock grown to specific sizes and dates that might otherwise be
        unavailable. There are often cost savings possible with contract growing as the uncertainty of stock
        availability is removed.

        Plant labelling and identification are of utmost importance on site, we offer a service which we believe
        overcomes many of the issues experienced at the planting stage of the project. We are able to split
        orders into areas; these are boxed separately and labelled with the specified reference, thus reducing
        wasted time on site splitting out areas.

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     Shrub                                                                      Wholesale Brochure

                            Cell Grown Shrubs
                            Cells are used for the production of seed raised trees and
                            shrubs. The following height grades are used. In addition it is
                            important to specify the CELL VOLUME and the minimum ROOT
                            COLLAR DIAMETER in specifying cell grown shrubs.

                            Figure 1: CELL GROWN SHRUB
                            (Corylus avellana)

     Overall height (cm)   Volume             Root collar dia.
     10-20                 50 cc                      4
     20-40                 100 cc                     4
     40-60                 150 cc                     6
     60-80                 200 cc                     8

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        Typical Overall                                                            Wholesale Brochure

        Height Grades
                                Typical Overall Height Grades
                                All forms of shrubs are supplied in containers.
                                The following are the typical OVERALL HEIGHT
                                grades used for the supply of container grown shrubs. The
                                actual grade is determined by cultural conditions and the
                                characteristics of the species/cv.

                                Typically the height is specified except for compact/low growing
                                shrubs or ground covers where spread is specified.

                                Figure 2: CONTAINER GROWN SHRUB
                                (Cytisus x praecox 'Warminster')

        Overall Height in cm:


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                                                                     Wholesale Brochure
     Typical Overall
     Spread Grades
                              Typically the spread grade is specified for
                              compact/low growing shrubs or ground
                              covers. The following are the typical OVERALL
                              SPREAD grades used for the supply of container
                              grown shrubs. The actual grade is determined by the
                              cultural conditions of the plant and the characteristics
                              of the species/cv.

                              For specimen shrubs both height and spread may
                              be specified.

                              Figure 3: SPREADING SHRUB
                              (Stephanandra incisa 'Crispa')

     Overall Height in cm:


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        Shrubs:                                                                                    Wholesale Brochure

        In recent years, there has been much discussion about definitions for the juvenile habit (or plant
        shape) of shrubs – aimed at more precisely indicating the required appearance of the specified shrub. It
        is important to appreciate that the mature habit of the species can differ from the juvenile shape at time of
        purchase. The following words are currently used to describe shrub habit:

        - Branched
        - Bushy
        - Leader and Laterals
        - Several Shoots
        - Single Leader

                                                         A branched shrub is defined as "a plant with
                                                         lateral shoots arising either from a main

                                                         stem or from a central point. Relatively few
                                                         sub-lateral shoots."

                                                         For example:
                                                         Amelanchier spp.
                                                         Arbutus spp.
                                                         Forsythia spp.
                                                         Kerria spp.
                                                         Sambucus spp.
                                                         Syringa spp.

                                                         The majority of shrubs have a branched or bushy habit.

                                                         Figure 1: SHRUB WITH BRANCHED
                                                         HABIT (Laurus nobilis)

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     Shrubs:                                                             Wholesale Brochure

     Rootball Shrubs
                    The following types of shrubs are typically supplied with
                    a rootball, if they are not container grown: Evergreen
                    species and cvs. Field grown deciduous spp. and cvs. usually
                    over 1 metre height.

                    Rootballs must be firm and solid and the roots must penetrate the
                    whole ball. They must be enclosed in hessian (burlap). The size of the
                    rootball must be appropriate for the species/cultivar and its age and
                    growth rates under the cultural and soil conditions within which it is
                    growing. The root ball must be free of perennial weeds.

                    For specimen conifers the rootball will be additionally
                    protected with ungalvanised wire netting, wire basket,
                    spring ring, root control bag, tree cradle or custom built
                    container. All materials used to support rootballs must
                    decompose within eighteen months of planting and
                    not constrict the continuing growth of the plant.

                    Figure 2: ROOTBALLED SHRUB
                    (Buxus sempervirens)

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        Shrubs:                                                                                     Wholesale Brochure

        Container (or pot)
        Grown Shrubs
                                             Container grown plants should have been grown in the container for
                                             sufficient time for the root growth to have substantially penetrated the
                                             medium but not be root bound. The rooting must be well balanced in
                                             accordance with the container size.

                                             Plants are to be centered in the container, well rooted, firm and moist on
                                             delivery, with the growing medium coming within a suitable depth of the
                                             pot rim, taking into account the size of the container and the age since

                                             The surface of the growing medium shall be free of all weeds.
                                             Plants shall be supplied in rigid containers or polybags. If
                                             polybags are used, then this should be stated. Container
                                             grown plants are defined by the letter ‘C’ followed by a
                                             number indicating the volume in litres, e.g. C5. Small

                                             container sizes (less than 2 litres) are referred to as Pots.
                                             Pot grown plants are defined by P followed by a number
                                             indicating the upper, outside width in cm, e.g. P9.

        (Berberis darwinii, 12 litre)

        Shrubs : Size of Container
        Container grown plants are defined by ‘C’ followed by a number indicating the volume in
        litres, e.g. C5.

        The volume of cell grown plants is indicated in cubic centimetres (cc). (Sometimes reference is made
        to pot grown plants. ‘Pot’ refers to a small container, less than 2 litres in volume typically used
        in propagation. Pot grown plants are defined by ‘P’ followed by a number indicating the upper, outside
        width in cm, typically ranging from 5-13 cm. P9 is a typical small size, containing approx. 0.5 litres of
        growing medium).

               Tel: 01902 374991 Fax: 01902 373151                                                                        39
                                                                           Wholesale Brochure

     Typical container sizes for shrubs are as follows:

     Cell grown shrubs

     Size of cell (cc)         Minimum root collar diameter (mm)   Approx overall height

             100                                    4                     10-20
             200                                    4                     15-30
             200                                    4                     20-40
             200                                    6                     40-60

     Container grown shrubs

         Type                          Volume in litres                      Note

            c                                 0.5                             P9
            c                                   1

            c                                 1.5
            c                                   2
            c                                   3
            c                                   4
            c                                   5
            c                                 7.5
            c                                  10

40         Tel: 01902 374991 Fax: 01902 373151
        Shrubs:                                                                               Wholesale Brochure

        Typical Container
        All shrubs must be specified by plant size (height/spread) as well as SIZE OF CONTAINER.
        Height and habit are dependent on the natural characteristics of the shrub.

        Figure 1: 9 cm/0.5 litre - 2 litre containers

        Figure 2: 2.5 - 5 litre containers

        Figure 3: 7.5 - 20 litre containers

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     Project Sheet                                                                          Wholesale Brochure

     Oxford Science Park
     “We very much value the expertise, quality of product and service provided by
     Boningale Nurseries, which is always of the highest standard. We feel able to draw on
     your experience and knowledge of the amenity market. I have a great deal of confidence
     in the team at Boningale Nurseries.”

     Eric Corns - Grounds Maintenance and Capital Works Contractor

                                           On further developments on an already ‘live’ site, such as
                                           business park extensions, space is a real issue and ‘just in
                                           time’ deliveries are essential.

                                           Scheduling daily deliveries to keep the site operatives
                                           ‘fed’ without causing additional storage or
                                           maintenance headaches can be advantageous to
                                           contractors and increase the profitability of the

                                           Boningale Nurseries’ versatile transport fleet
                                           means that ‘call-off’ contracts and bulk drop

                                           projects are both handled with the same
                                           degree of importance.

                                           Summary of material supplied:

                                           • Shrubs

                                           • Herbaceous

                                           • Ornamental planting

                                           • Trees

                                           • Ground cover

                                           • Specimen plants

                                           Total value of order = £30k

42         Tel: 01902 374991 Fax: 01902 373151
        Project Sheet                                                                      Wholesale Brochure

        Cheltenham Racecourse
        “We conducted a nursery inspection to view quality. We were offered material either
        meeting or exceeding the specification.”

        Heather Sparkes - Landscape Architect

                                                Stock for this scheme was under close scrutiny because of
                                                the high profile nature of the project.

                                                Naturally the Landscape Architect was cautious and insisted
                                                on a pre-delivery inspection.

                                                Having been so delighted with the stock supplied,
                                                Boningale Nurseries were nominated for two further
                                                phases of this job and added to the approved
                                                suppliers list for future works.

                                                Summary of material supplied:

                                                • Ornamental planting

                                                • Trees

                                                • Herbaceous

                                                • Ground cover

                                                • Specimen plants

                                                • Shrubs

                                                Total value of order = £35k

              Tel: 01902 374991 Fax: 01902 373151                                                             43
     Project Sheet                                                                            Wholesale Brochure

     Gallagher Estates
     “I don’t know if I relayed how impressed I was with the stock, I think you’ll find a few more
     orders coming your way if this quality is maintained.”

     Thomas Grantham-Wright - Landscape Architect

                                              Gallagher Estates recently moved onto the site of a new Business
                                              Park they have developed on the outskirts of Warwick and
                                              demanded that its landscape complement their new multi-million
                                              pound investment. Thomas Grantham-Wright of BEA Landscape
                                              Design was appointed to design the scheme. Because securing
                                              top quality nursery stock was his first objective, he went directly
                                              to Boningale Nurseries to discuss his requirements.

                                              Thomas had a clear idea of the effect he wanted his
                                              design to create - very large plants worked into strong
                                              geometric shapes. Boningale Nurseries arranged to
                                              take both he and the client to several nurseries in
                                              Holland where they saw a selection of first quality
                                              specimen topiary plants.

                                              The order was assembled from a mixture of ‘own
                                              stock’ and bought-in stock. The diversity of the
                                              plants used meant stock was sourced from 9
                                              suppliers before being sorted at our Holding Area
                                              and despatched to site in accordance with the
                                              client’s programme.

                                              The finished scheme is impressive - first quality mature
                                              plants that balance the high quality finish of the building.
                                              By adopting this process of negotiated supply the client
                                              dealt with Boningale Nurseries directly and was able to
                                              ensure value for money.

                                              Summary of material supplied:

                                              • Ornamental planting

                                              • Topiary

                                              • Specimen plants

                                              • Trees

                                              • Ground cover

                                              • Shrubs

                                              • Herbaceous

                                              Total value of order = £55k

44         Tel: 01902 374991 Fax: 01902 373151
        Project Sheet                                                                        Wholesale Brochure

        Priory Park Reigate
        “I have been impressed with Boningale’s professionalism and helpful attitude during the
        project. The quality of stock and timely deliveries along with technical assistance has helped
        move the job forward.”

        Robert Cox - UPM Tillhill

                                                UPM Tilhill’s South-East England district were awarded the
                                                soft landscaping contract, worth in excess of £400,000 by
                                                Crispin & Borst.

                                                The works formed part of a one year, multi-million pound Heritage
                                                Lottery Funded project to restore the historic landscape of
                                                Priory Park, Reigate to its 18th century heyday.

                                                Adrian Wikeley from Land Use Consultants used their
                                                specialist skills and successful track record to help
                                                secure over £4 million from the Heritage Lottery
                                                Fund for the refurbishment of the park.

                                                “Priory Park is a unique recreational and heritage

                                                asset, and we look forward to working with the
                                                Borough and local community to create a scheme
                                                with genuine lasting benefits for park users.”

                                                Amid glorious surroundings and hundreds of
                                                excited school children, HRH the Earl of Wessex
                                                toured the restored Priory Park to mark the Park’s
                                                official opening.

                                                Summary of material supplied:

                                                • Herbaceous

                                                • Hedging

                                                • Shrubs Specimens

                                                • Topiary

                                                • Bulbs

                                                • Aquatics

                                                Total value of order = £90K

              Tel: 01902 374991 Fax: 01902 373151                                                                   45
     Grasses for all                                                                         Wholesale Brochure

     Variety                                Brief Description

     ACORUS Gramineus Hakiro-nishiki        Most attractive dwarf form of 'Ogon' with bright golden
                                            variegated leaves. Height 10cms. Evergreen. Waterside.
     ACORUS Gramineus Masamune              Slow growing, dark green leaves striped cream. Height
                                            20-25cms. Evergreen. Waterside.
     ACORUS Gramineus Ogon                  Superb bright yellow fans of narrow grass-like foliage,
                                            very striking plant especially in winter. Height 30cms.
     ACORUS Gramineus Variegatus            Narrow leaves striped creamy-white, grows somewhat
                                            fan shaped. Height 30cms. Evergreen. Waterside.
     AGROSTIS Canina Silver Needles         Forms a dense carpet of quite fine green leaves edged
                                            with white. Height 10cms.
     ALOPECURUS Borealis Alpinus Glaucus    (Blue Foxtail) Silvery blue grass sometimes tinged
                                            purple. Sunny spot. Height 20-60cms. Semi-evergreen.
     ALOPECURUS Pratensis Aureovariegatus   (Golden Foxtail) Forms loose clumps of very brilliant
                                            yellow and green striped leaves. Front of border and
                                            good ground cover. Height 30cms. Semi-evergreen.
     AMMOPHILA Arenaria                     (Marram Grass) Grey/green leaves, dense spikes of pale

                                            straw coloured flowers. Height 100-120cms. Evergreen.
     ANDROPOGON Scoparius                   (Schizachyrium Scoparium) Forms tussocks of grey-
                                            green leaves which turn blue to purplish with age
                                            becoming coppery colour in autumn/winter. Attractive
                                            slender flower plumes late summer/early autumn. Height
                                            100cms. Will stand damp conditions. Evergreen.
     ARRHENATHERUM Bulbosum Variegatum      (Striped Oat Grass) Extremely bright white variegation, a
                                            soft grass forming a low tussock. Height 30cms.
     ARTHROPODIUM Candidum Purpureum        (Grass Lily) Delicate bronze spotted leaves, with loose
                                            sprays of tiny white flowers in summer. Flowers droop
                                            from erect stems above leaves. Height 20cms.
     ARUNDO Donax                           (Giant Reed) Forms large evergreen clumps to 2 metres
                                            or more. Greyish-green bamboo like foliage. Striking as
                                            a feature plant. Evergreen.
     ARUNDO Donax Versicolor                (Variegata) (Striped Giant Reed) A striking form with
                                            white and green variegated leaves. Semi-evergreen to 1
                                            metre. Needs a protected spot as less hardy than
                                            'Donax'. Ideal for patio pots.
     BOUTELOUA Gracilis                     (Mosquito Grass) Light green grass with very attractive
                                            flower heads of brownish purple spikelets. Height
                                            60cms. Dry conditions. Can also be densely planted
                                            and mown or strimmed for dry areas.
     BRIZA Media                            (Quaking Grass)(Rattle Grass)(Doddering Dickies) Green
                                            clump forming. Unusual flowers which are many on
                                            stems and form pendant spikelets resembling hanging
                                            oats. Can be very useful for cut flower drying and
                                            arrangements. Height 60cms.
     BRIZA Triloba                          (Quaking Grass)(Chascolytrum Subaristatum) Green
                                            grass with dense arching heads of pearl green spikelets
                                            turning buff with age. Height 50cms. Evergreen.
     BROMUS Inermis Skinner's Gold          (Skinners Gold Brome) Stunning bright golden striped
                                            foliage, golden seed heads droop attractively. Height
                                            60cms. Sun or part shade. Evergreen.

46          Tel: 01902 374991 Fax: 01902 373151
                                                                                                   Wholesale Brochure

        Variety                                   Brief Description

        CALAMAGROSTIS Acutiflora Karl Foerster    (Feather Reed Grass) Mid green slender upright leaves,
                                                  purple tinted flowers in summer that last well. Height
                                                  150cms. Evergreen.
        CALAMAGROSTIS Acutiflora Overdam          Variegated reed grass to 120cms. Green and white
                                                  variegated leaves, erect in habit, in summer superb pink
                                                  flower heads. Evergreen.
        CALAMAGROSTIS Brachytricha                (Korean Feather Grass) Clump forming, upright growing
                                                  to 120cms in bloom. Flowers with purply red tint fading
                                                  to silvery grey. Very useful for flower arrangements.
        CAREX Berggrenii                          A very desirable dwarf bronze leaved evergreen sedge.
                                                  Forms attractive dome shaped tufts 10/15cms high,
                                                  needs moisture.
        CAREX Brunnea Jenneke                     Upright, thin very bright golden variegated leaves.
                                                  Height 30cms. Evergreen.
        CAREX Brunnea Varieagata                  (Minor Variegata) Thin bronzey green leaves with yellow
                                                  margins. Height 30cms. Evergreen.
        CAREX Buchananii                          (Red Fox Sedge) A very attractive sedge with 60cm

                                                  plumes of narrow reddish brown leaves which curl at the
                                                  tips, forms a neat clump. Good in shade, will stand
                                                  damp conditions. Evergreen.
        CAREX Buchananii Viridis                  Not quite so upright growing as type, leaves pretty mid
                                                  green. Height to 50cms. Evergreen.
        CAREX Carophyllea The Beatles             Height 10-15cms but wider growing, mop of green
                                                  foliage with green flower heads.
        CAREX Chathamica (Trifida) Chatham Blue   Evergreen blue/green wide leaves, clump forming. Light
                                                  brown flower spikes. Height 75/90cms.
        CAREX Comans Bronce Perfection            Narrow leaves which are bronze brown. Good ground
                                                  cover. Height 45cms. Evergreen.
        CAREX Comans Bronze                       Narrow bronze coloured leaves which cascade
                                                  beautifully, good ground cover. Height 40cms.
        CAREX Comans Copper Fountain              Attractive copper coloured foliage which tends to
        (Our own introduction)                    cascade, forms a dense clump. Height 45cms.
        CAREX Comans Frosted Curls                The narrow arching leaves with unusual curling tips
                                                  silvery green in colour. Forms clumps for foliar effect.
                                                  Height 25cms. Useful for tub planting.
        CAREX Comans Milk Chocolate               Pale brown fairly stiff arching leaves. Evergreen. Height
                                                  to 60cms.
        CAREX Comans Red                          Forms dense clump, pinky red foliage. Height 40cms.
        CAREX Conica Snowline                     (Marginata)(Variegata) A miniature grass with narrow
                                                  white margined leaves. Height 10cms. Good edging
                                                  grass, prefers a sunny position. Evergreen.
        CAREX Dipsacea                            Clump forming with bronzey olive-green leaves. Black
                                                  flower heads. Height 30cms. Extremely attractive. Moist
                                                  soil. Evergreen.

               Tel: 01902 374991 Fax: 01902 373151                                                               47
                                                                                           Wholesale Brochure

     Variety                             Brief Description

     CAREX Dolichostachya Kaga Nishiki   (Golden Fountains) (Golden Fountain Sedge) Forms
                                         fountain like clumps of leaves with a bright yellow
                                         border. A most attractive grass. Will stand damp sites.
                                         Height to 30/45cms.
     CAREX Elata Aurea                   (Bowles Golden Sedge) Very striking, long bright yellow
                                         leaves. Damp soil. Height 60cms.
     CAREX Flagellifera                  Arching leaves of light brown, very attractive. Height
                                         45cms. Damp ground. Evergreen.
     CAREX Glauca                        Broad blue/grey foliage, useful evergreen which will
                                         stand shade. Height to 30cms.
     CAREX Grayi                         (Star Sedge)(Morning Star) Semi-evergreen, spiky flower
                                         heads ageing to light brown. Quite useful for flower
                                         decorations. Likes moist conditions.
     CAREX Kaloides                      Erect leaves of pale orange brown. Height 50/60cms.
     CAREX Morrowii Fisher's Form        Wide, tapered green leaves margined with cream, forms
                                         good evergreen clumps to 60cms. Sun or shade.

     CAREX Morrowii Ice Dance            A stunning introduction, superb creamy white margined
                                         leaves, forms a tidy carpet and therefore useful for
                                         ground cover. Height 40cms. Evergreen.
     CAREX Morrowii Silver Sceptre       Forms a dense clump of white variegated leaves. Height
                                         30cms. Evergreen.
     CAREX Morrowii Variegata            Dark green leaves with narrow creamy white margins.
                                         Height 40cms. Evergreen.
     CAREX Muskingumensis                (Palm Branch Sedge) Mid green sedge, moist soil in sun
                                         or partial shade, flowering June-August. Height
                                         60/90cms. Evergreen.
     CAREX Muskingumensis Silberstrei    (Silver Stripe) Variegated grass with silver stripe along
                                         centre of leaf. Moist soil. Height 60cms. Evergreen.
     CAREX Nigra                         (Black Sedge) Blue-green leaves. Likes damp
                                         conditions. Height 45cms.
     CAREX Nigra Variegata               Slender leaves edged yellow, blackish seed heads.
                                         Damp ground. Height 40cms. Evergreen.
     CAREX Ornithopoda Variegata         (Birds Foot Sedge)(Aurea) Long narrow white edged
                                         leaves. Height 15cms. Evergreen. Ideal for rock
     CAREX Oshimensis Evergold           (Aureovariegata)(Old Gold) Superb evergreen sedge
                                         forming a small clump. Bright yellow stripe through
                                         centre of leaves which with age turns creamy yellow.
                                         Height 25cms.
     CAREX Panicea                       (Carnation Sedge) Grey-blue leaves.
     CAREX Pendula                       (Weeping Sedge) Weeping/pendulous green sedge.
                                         Forms dense clump, damp ground. Height 90cms.
     CAREX Pendula Moonraker             A variegated form of the common sedge which is at its
                                         best in spring. New growths of creamy white which then
                                         turn to yellow and finally green. Height 90cms.
     CAREX Petriei                       Fairly dense upright growing, pinky brown foliage.
                                         Height 30/40 cms. Evergreen.

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        Variety                            Brief Description

        CAREX Phyllocephala Sparkler       (Fuiri Tenjiku-suge)(Whirling Sparkler) A most unusual
                                           grass from Japan, requires winter protection. Leaves
                                           striped creamy-white, very useful as patio pot plant. Will
                                           stand part shade and moisture. Height 45/60cms.
        CAREX Pseudocyperus                Upright clumps of broad, bright yellow-green evergreen
                                           leaves.Yellow-green finger-like flowers droop elegantly
                                           from fine stems. Height 75cms. Good marginal grass.
        CAREX Riparia Variegata            A variegated version of pond sedge, arching leaves
                                           boldly striped white. Happy in moist to wet conditions.
        CAREX Secta Tenuiculmis            Good dark brown grass, long arching leaves form a
                                           central clump. Height 45cms. Evergreen. Superb
                                           autumn colour.
        CAREX Siderosticha Kisokaido       (Broad leaved Sedge)(Spring Snow) Large leaves, the
                                           middles being white but with age turn to pale green.
                                           Height 20cms. Damp soil. Avoid full sun.
        CAREX Siderosticha Shima Nishiki   (Island Brocade) Small growing sedge with striking

                                           bright variegated gold and green leaves. Moist soil,
                                           avoid full sun. Height 20cms.
        CAREX Siderosticha Variegata       Extremely colourful inch-wide leaves which are striped
                                           white, pink flushed at base. Damp soil. Height 30cms.
        CAREX Solandri                     Clump forming, olive green foliage, flower spikes light
                                           black in colour. Height 45/60cms. Evergreen.
        CAREX Taranaki                     (Little Red)(Small Red) Pretty tufts of browny-red leaves
                                           curling at top. Height 30cms. Evergreen.
        CAREX Testacea                     Dense evergreen clump, pale olive green leaves, tinged
                                           orange to reddish. Moist soil. Height 45/60cms.
        CAREX Testacea Coco-Cola           A most attractive bronzey-brown. Forms dense clumps
        (Our own introduction)             to 45cms. Evergreen.
        CAREX Testacea Old Gold            Dense evergreen clumps, foliage olive/yellow. Height
                                           45/60cms. Evergreen.
        CHASMANTHIUM Latifolium            (Uniola Latifolium)(Spangle Grass) Pale green leaves,
                                           somewhat like bamboo. Will stand light shade.
                                           Attractive quite flat flowers in clusters which will last well
                                           into winter. Moist ground. Height to 100cms.
        CHIONOCHLOA Conspicua Rubra        (Red Tussock Grass) Dense clumps of copper-brown
                                           foliage. Height 90cms. Evergreen.
        CORTADERIA Selloana                (Pampas Grass)(Argentea)(White Feather) Makes a
                                           beautiful specimen plant with large white plumes. Height
                                           150cms. Evergreen.
        CORTADERIA Selloana Albolineata    (Pampas Grass)(Silver Stripe) As “Gold Band" but with a
                                           silver stripe. Again very useful as a specimen plant.
        CORTADERIA Selloana Aureolineata   (Pampas Grass)(Gold Band) Golden variegated pampas
                                           grass. Ideal as specimen with bright yellow stripes through
                                           leaves. White plumes. Height 2+ metres with plumes.
        CORTADERIA Selloana Pumila         (Pampas Grass) Small compact growing pampas grass
                                           to 2 metres with plumes which are erect and white.
        CORTADERIA Selloana Rosea          (Pampas Grass)(Pink Feather) Makes a beautiful specimen
                                           plant with large pink plumes. Height 150cms. Evergreen.

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     Variety                                 Brief Description

     CORYNEPHORUS Canescens                  (Grey Hair Grass) Dense tufts of fine blue-grey leaves,
                                             reddish at base. Height 15cms. Dry soil. Evergreen.
     CYNODON Aethiopicus                     (Star Grass) Blue green leaves, very attractive grass.
                                             Flower plumes in shape of star. Hardiness in doubt but
                                             attractive for summer planting.
     CYPERUS Eragrostis                      (Pale Galingale) Broad pale green leaves which are as
                                             long as stems. Clusters of unusual pale green flowers.
                                             Moist soil. Height 60cms.
     DACTYLIS Glomerata Variegata            (Variegated Cock's Foot) Most attractive green and
                                             white striped leaves, striking in spring and early summer.
                                             Height 30cms. Semi-evergreen.
     DESCHAMPSIA Cespitosa                   (Tufted Hair Grass) Dense tussocks with dark green
                                             leaves, cloud-like flowers turning yellow. Damp soil.
                                             Height 60cms. Evergreen.
     DESCHAMPSIA Cespitosa Bronzeschleier    (Bronze Veil) Dense clumps of narrow arching green
                                             leaves, bronze-purple flowers. Height 60cms. Evergreen.
     DESCHAMPSIA Cespitosa Goldtau           (Golden Dew) Dark green evergreen leaves, heads of

                                             yellowish-green flowers ageing to straw gold. Height
     DESCHAMPSIA Cespitosa Northern Lights   Forms small tufts of striking margined and striped cream
                                             leaves flushed pink. A super grass. Damp soil, semi-
                                             shade. Height 30cms. Evergreen.
     DESCHAMPSIA Cespitosa Vivipara          (Fairy’s Joke) Dense tussocks with blue-green leaves,
                                             tiny plantlets form among the flowers at top of plant.
                                             Damp soil. Height 60cms. Evergreen.
     DESCHAMPSIA Flexuosa Tatra Gold         (Aurea)(Golden Wavy Grass) Fine yellow-green leaves
                                             and stems with tawny red-brown flowers May/June. Dry
                                             or damp soil. Height 15cms. Evergreen.
     DIANELLA Nigra Margaret Pringle         Clump-forming grass with variegated leaves which are
                                             creamy white with margins often tinged pink. White
                                             flowers which turn to blue berries. Evergreen.
     DIANELLA Tasmanica Variegata            (Silver Flax Lily) Narrow silver variegated iris-like leaves,
                                             branching stems with tiny nodding flowers. Will only
                                             survive a little frost.
     DIANELLA Tasmanica Variegata Aureum     As the 'Tasmanica Variegata' but with a yellow stripe
                                             down the leaf.
     DIERAMA Pulcherrimum                    Full sun, evergreen perennial.
     ELYMUS Hispidus                         (Blue Wheat Grass) Stunning metallic blue leaves. Height
                                             60/90cms. Semi-evergreen.
     ELYMUS Magellanicus                     (Magellan Wheat Grass) (Blue Wheat Grass) Forms
                                             clump of intense blue foliage. Height 35cms. Semi-
     EQUISETUM Scirpoides                    An evergreen horsetail, slowly spreading to form dense
                                             low growing growths. Damp soil.
     ERAGROSTIS Airoides                     (Flying Grass) Clump-forming to 45cms, masses of tiny
                                             arching flower spikes quite unusual in appearance.
     ERAGROSTIS Curvula                      (Weeping Love Grass) Arching narrow foliage and large
                                             open olive-grey seed heads in late summer. Height
                                             75cms. Evergreen.

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        Variety                        Brief Description

        ERIOPHORUM Angustifolium       (Cotton Grass) A useful marginal plant, reddish tints to
                                       the foliage in late summer/autumn. The seed heads
                                       resemble cotton wool. Height 30cms. Evergreen.
        ERIOPHORUM Vaginatum           (Cotton Grass)(Hare's Tail) Good bog grass, grows in
                                       tussocks. Height 30/50cms. Evergreen.
        FESTUCA Amethystina            (Hair Fescue) Dense tufts of bluish green soft leaves.
                                       Dry Spot. Height 20cms. Evergreen.
        FESTUCA Eskia                  Brilliant green, ideal for ground covering, mounds or
                                       carpets, soft pointed dark green leaves, green flowers
                                       turning red-brown June/July. Height 15cms. Evergreen.
        FESTUCA Glauca                 (Blue Fescue Grass) Fine steel blue foliage, densely
                                       tufted growth, blue-green flowers June/July, extremely
                                       good ground cover. Height 30cms. Evergreen.
        FESTUCA Glauca Azurit          Intensive steel blue foliage, very attractive. Height 25cms.
        FESTUCA Glauca Blue Fox        (Blaufuchs) A superb bright blue grass for edging or
                                       massing, good tidy grower, prefers well drained soil and

                                       best in sunny position. Height 20cms. Evergreen.
        FESTUCA Glauca Blue Glow       (Blauglut) Excellent silvery-blue foliage. Height 25cms.
        FESTUCA Glauca Elijah Blue     A very bright blue grass, forms neat mounds. Flowers
                                       blue-grey May-June. Height 20cms. Evergreen.
        FESTUCA Glauca Golden Toupee   Yellow-green foliage, best in full sun and dry spot.
                                       Height 20cms. Evergreen
        FESTUCA Glauca Harz            Blue-green leaves with purplish tips. Clump forming
                                       to 30cms.
        FESTUCA Glauca Sea Urchin      (Seeigel) Very fine olive-green foliage, useful ground
                                       cover. Height 15cms.
        FESTUCA Ovina                  (Sheeps Fescue) Dense tufts of bright green thread-like
                                       leaves. Dry spot. Height 20cms. Evergreen.
        FESTUCA Scoparia               (Gautieri) A small tufted bright green grass, forming a
                                       rounded cushion, extremely good ground cover plant in
                                       sun or part shade. Height 15cms. Evergreen.
        FESTUCA Valesiaca Silver Sea   (Silbersee)(Seven Seas) A superb silvery blue grass
                                       forms a neat clump with very fine leaves, ideal for edging
                                       borders. Height 15cms. Evergreen.
        GLYCERIA Maxima                (Manna Grass)(Aquatica) Flat pale green leaves.
                                       Waterside planting. Height 75cms.
        GLYCERIA Maxima Variegata      (Variegated Manna Grass)(Foliis Variegatus) Very
                                       attractive cream with green stripes, leaves flushed pink
                                       in early spring. Waterside planting. Height 75cms.
        HAKONECHLOA Macra              (Hakone Grass) Rounded arching mounds of bright
                                       green leaves flushed red in autumn. Height 25cms.
        HAKONECHLOA Macra Aureola      (Albo Aurea)(Golden Variegated Hakone Grass) Forms
                                       mounds of beautiful variegated gold and green
                                       leaves, turning reddish-brown in autumn. Height
                                       30cms. A striking plant.
        HELICTOTRICHON Sempervirens    (Avena Candida)(Blue Oat Grass) Vivid blue very slightly
                                       arching leaves. Height 45cms. Evergreen.

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     Variety                                Brief Description

     HIEROCHLOE Odorata                     (Vanilla Grass) Bright green leaves which are fragrant when
                                            crushed. Damp ground. Height to 40cms. Evergreen.
     HOLCUS Mollis Albovariegatus           (Striped Yorkshire Fog) Soft white and green variegated
                                            foliage, superb ground cover. Pale green flowers
                                            July/August. Height 30cms. Evergreen.
     HOLCUS Mollis White Fog                Brilliant white variegation which is happy in full sun.
                                            Height 30cms. Evergreen.
     HORDEUM Jubatum                        (Foxtail)(Squirrel Tail) Nodding spikes of green with a
                                            reddish tinge. Extremely decorative and useful for floral
                                            arrangements. Height 20/30cms.
     HYSTRIX Patula                         (Bottlebrush Grass) An untidy grower but has unusual
                                            bottle brush type flowers which are useful for flower
                                            arrangements. Height to 90cms, will stand dry shady
     IMPERATA Cylindrica Red Baron          (Japanese Blood Grass) An extremely showy grass,
                                            narrow leaves which are tipped blood red, becoming
                                            totally red by midsummer. Moist soil. Height 60cms.

     ISOLEPIS Cernua - see Scirpus Cernus
     JUNCUS Effusus Curly-Wurly             Tightly spiralling green leaves, very attractive smaller
                                            version of Spiralis. Damp soil. Height 15cms. Evergreen.
     JUNCUS Effusus Gold Strike             Leaf stems have a yellow line throughout the stems.
                                            Damp ground. Height 120/150cms. Evergreen.
     JUNCUS Effusus Spiralis                (Corkscrew Rush) Very unusual spiralling dark green
                                            shiny leaves. Can be planted as a specimen. Brown
                                            heads July/August. Height 45/60cm. Evergreen.
     JUNCUS Ensifolius                      Bright green rush, stunning purplish brown flower
                                            heads. Wet ground. Height 40cms. Evergreen.
     JUNCUS Patens Carmen's Grey            Evergreen clump-forming with grey/green leaves.
     JUNCUS Tenuis                          (Slender Rush) Ideal for damp soil, tufted green grass
                                            with pale green flower clusters. Height 70cms.
     JUNCUS Xiphioides                      Iris-like leaves have a papery margin, looking somewhat
                                            variegated. Flower heads brown becoming reddish.
                                            Damp ground. Height 60cms. Evergreen.
     KOELERIA Glauca                        (Blue Hair Grass) Evergreen tufts of rich silver-blue
                                            leaves. Blue-green flowers turn brown at maturity.
                                            Height 25cms.
     LEYMUS Arenarius                       (Elymus Arenarius)(Blue Lyme Grass) Broad intense
                                            grey-blue leaves, wheat-like flower heads. Height
                                            60/90cms. Evergreen.
     LIRIOPE Muscari                        (Lily Turf) Evergreen, bright green leaves which are
                                            widish, tallish flowering stems with masses of little
                                            flowers of pale purple.
     LIRIOPE Muscari Gold Banded            Arching leaves edged bright gold. Height 30/40cms.
     LIRIOPE Muscari Silver Ribbon          Brightly variegated arching leaves. Good ground cover.
                                            Height 40cms. Evergreen.
     LIRIOPE Muscari Variegata              Variegated evergreen leaves.
     LIRIOPE Spicata Silver Dragon          Bold silvery-white striping. Flower spikes of light purple.
                                            Height 25/30cms. Evergreen.

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        Variety                                      Brief Description

        LUZULA Nivea                              (Snowy Woodrush) Evergreen grass ideal for woodland
                                                  or shade ground cover. Dark green leaves have silvery
                                                  hairs mostly along the edges. Height 30cms.
        LUZULA Sylvatica Hohe Tatra               (Aurea)(Tatra Gold) Superb bright yellow leaves in winter,
                                                  yellow-green in summer. Height 45cms. Evergreen.
        LUZULA Sylvatica Marginata                (Variegata) Broad glossy green leaves with narrow cream
                                                  margin. Height 45cms.
        LUZULA Sylvatica Taggart's Cream          In spring leaves pale to cream.
        MELICA Altissima Atropurpurea             (Melic) For partial shade or sun. Can be planted by
                                                  streams, forms clumps. Attractive flower spikelets hang
                                                  from stems at a 45 degree angle, a deep purple,
                                                  maturing paler. Height 60/90cms.
        MELICA Ciliata                            (Hairy Melic Grass) Narrow green leaves, white flowers
                                                  arching over leaves. Height 60cms.
        MELICA Nutans                             (Nodding Melic) Rich green foliage, graceful heads of
                                                  bead-like flowers. Height 30cms.
        MILIUM Effusum Aureum                     (Golden Wood Millet)(Bowles Golden Grass) Superb

                                                  bright yellow leaves, shade-loving grass, yellowish
                                                  flowers May/July. Height 40cms. Evergreen.
        MILIUM Effusum Yaffle                     Very attractive bright yellow leaves with white midribs,
                                                  shade loving. Height 40cms.
        MISCANTHUS Floridulus                     Large growing to 2m, broad leaves.
        MISCANTHUS Oligostachyus Nanus Variegatus Small growing to 90/120cms in bloom, yellow/green
                                                  variegated leaves.
        MISCANTHUS Sinensis                       (Japanese Silver Grass) Clump forming, leaves have
                                                  whitish midribs, pale green reverse. Height 120cms.
        MISCANTHUS Sinensis Adagio                Dwarf growing with very narrow green leaves. Flowers
                                                  profusely pale pinky brown. Height 60cms. Semi-evergreen.
        MISCANTHUS Sinensis Augustfeder           Compact to 175cms in bloom silvery white plumes.
        MISCANTHUS Sinensis Cabaret               A must for any garden - stunning. Wide green leaves with
                                                  a very broad white central stripe sometimes flushed pink.
                                                  Pinky flowers and stems paling with age. Height 150cms.
        MISCANTHUS Sinensis Ferne Osten           (Far East) Stunning flower plumes of deep red / brown /
                                                  coppery / red autumn foliage. Height 120/150cms.
        MISCANTHUS Sinensis Flamingo              Stunning flower plumes of purplish-pink. Height
                                                  120/150cms. Semi-evergreen.
        MISCANTHUS Sinensis Gnome                 Another compact small growing miscanthus to 90cms.
                                                  Makes a lovely plant. Semi-evergreen.
        MISCANTHUS Sinensis Gracillimus           (Maiden Grass) Narrow green leaves with white stripe
                                                  along midrib. Copper red flower spikes occasionally late
                                                  summer. Height 90cms. Semi-evergreen.
        MISCANTHUS Sinensis Graziella             Large clump-forming grass, narrow leaves with weeping
                                                  silver plumes which stand well above foliage. Height
        MISCANTHUS Sinensis Grosse Fontane        (Large Fountain) Broad leaves with silver midrib, blooms
                                                  open reddish. Height in bloom 2+ metres.
        MISCANTHUS Sinensis Kaskade               (Cascade) Arching pinky-purple flower plumes, slender
                                                  leaves. Height 180cms. Semi-evergreen.

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     Variety                                    Brief Description

     MISCANTHUS Sinensis Kleine Fontane         (Small Fountain) Narrow leaves with silver midrib, height
                                                in bloom 1+ metres. Blooms opening reddish, turning
                                                pinky white.
     MISCANTHUS Sinensis Kleine Silberspinne    (Small Silver Spider) Narrow leaves with red-brown
                                                flower plumes ageing silvery-pink. Height 90cms.
     MISCANTHUS Sinensis Malepartus             Superb bronze-tinted foliage and red-purple flower
                                                plumes. Height 150cms.
     MISCANTHUS Sinensis Morning Light          Dense erect clumps, narrow grey-green leaves with
                                                white striped variegation. Height 100cms.
     MISCANTHUS Sinensis Nippon                 Compact grower with narrow green leaves, good
                                                autumn foliage colours. Flower plumes red-brown.
                                                Height 60/90cms. Semi-evergreen.
     MISCANTHUS Sinensis Purpurascens           Green stems turn reddish-purple in late summer. Erect
                                                purple flower plumes. Height 90cms.
     MISCANTHUS Sinensis Rotsilber              Compact growing, bright green leaves with silver midrib,
                                                pinky-red flower plumes late summer, good orangey-red
                                                autumn foliage colour. Height 180cms.

     MISCANTHUS Sinensis Sarabande              Similar to the variety Gracillimus. Narrow leaves,
                                                copper-coloured plumes. Ageing white. Height 150cms.
     MISCANTHUS Sinensis Variegatu              Height 150/175cms in bloom, creamy white striped
                                                foliage, blooms open red-tinted.
     MISCANTHUS Sinensis Yaku Jima              Small growing in bloom to 100cms, narrow leaves,
                                                reddish flowers.
     MISCANTHUS Sinensis Yakushima Dwarf        Low growing tiny foliage, pretty flower heads. Height
     MISCANTHUS Sinensis Zebrinus               (Zebra Grass) Green leaves banded yellowish or whitish.
                                                Ideal as a feature plant. Height 200cms.
     MISCANTHUS Sinensis Zebrinus Little Dots   (Punktchen) A smaller growing Zebra grass, forms a
                                                clump to 120cms. Yellow bands across leaf, pink-
                                                coppery plumes in autumn. Semi-evergreen.
     MISCANTHUS Sinensis Zebrinus Strictus      (Zebra Grass)(Porcupine Grass) Bright green leaves with
                                                horizontal bands of creamy yellow, a most attractive
                                                zebra grass, ideal for specimen planting. Height 180cms.
                                                Quite similar to 'Zebrinus' but more upright growing.
     MISCANTHUS Transmorrisonensis              (Taiwanese Miscanthus) Narrow dark green leaves,
                                                attractive pale pink flowers. Height 100cms. Evergreen.
     MOLINIA Arundinacea Skyracer               Widish green leaves, turning yellow in autumn, the straw-
                                                coloured flower sprays make this quite tall to 2 metres.
     MOLINIA Caerulea Edith Dudszus             Tidy clump-forming, attractive almost black flower
                                                spikes late summer/autumn. Height 40cms.
     MOLINIA Caerulea Heidebraut                (Heather Bride) Fairly upright pale green leaves, purplish
                                                flower heads which ripen to pale yellow. Height 90cms.
     MOLINIA Caerulea Karl Foerster             Dark purple flower plumes on very bright stems to
                                                120cms. Height 75cms.
     MOLINIA Caerulea Moorhexe                  (Bog Witch) Upright grey-green leaves, purplish-green
                                                flower plumes. Height 40cms.
     MOLINIA Caerulea Transparent               Strong growing, clump forming. Has graceful arching tall
                                                stems. Height 120cms.

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        Variety                                 Brief Description

        MOLINIA Caerulea Variegata              One of the most colourful grasses. Dense tufts of
                                                narrow arching leaves striped with cream, flowers
                                                July/August. Height 30cms.
        MUHLENBERGIA Japonica Cream Delight     (Variegata) Leaves bordered creamy yellow, silvery flower
                                                heads. Height 20cms.
        NASSELLA Trichotoma                     Fountain-shaped clumps of bright pale green leaves.
                                                Clouds of tiny pinky brown spikelets. Height 40/50cms.
        OPHIOPOGON Black Dragon                 (Planiscapus Nigrescens) Grass-like black leaves,
                                                racemes of lilac flowers in summer, followed by black
                                                fruits. Height 20cms. Sunny position. Evergreen.
                                                Absolutely stunning.
        OPHIOPOGON Japonicus Minor              Grassy dark green foliage, racemes of white flowers in
                                                summer. Height 15/20cms. Sunny position. Evergreen.
        PANICUM Virgatum Heavy Metal            (Blue Switch Grass) Upright metallic blue foliage. Height
                                                80cms. Evergreen.
        PANICUM Virgatum Rotstrahlbusch         (Red Switch Grass) Most attractive autumn foliage
                                                colour, leaves turning from their summer green through

                                                yellow and red shades. Height 90cms. Evergreen.
        PANICUM Virgatum Rubrum                 Top of leaves reddish during summer, all leaves turning
                                                bright red in autumn. A most attractive Panicum. Height
        PANICUM Virgatum Shenandoah             (Red Switch Grass) Green foliage in spring, tips turning
                                                to dark red during course of summer. Superb autumn
                                                foliage of burgundy colour, reddish pink flower plumes.
                                                Height 120cms.
        PANICUM Virgatum Squaw                  Vigorous and upright growing, useful as a feature plant.
                                                Foliage turns red in summer and autumn. Height
                                                70cms. Evergreen.
        PANICUM Virgatum Warrior                Vigorous upright growth, leaves browny-yellow in autumn,
                                                large purplish flower heads. Height 90cms. Evergreen.
        PENNISETUM Alopecuroides                (Fountain Grass) Rounded clumps, stems arching with
                                                flowers that look almost like hanging caterpillars.
                                                Height 60cms.
        PENNISETUM Alopecuroides Hameln         Attractive flowers which resemble hairy caterpillars, a little
                                                more compact than 'Alopecuroides'. Height 50cms.
        PENNISETUM Alopecuroides Little Bunny   (Dwarf Fountain Grass) Small growing with fluffy white
                                                flowers. Height 20cms.
        PENNISETUM Alopecuroides Little Honey   (Dwarf Fountain Grass) Thin grey-green leaves striped
                                                white, attractive bottle brush flower heads. Height 20cms.
                                                Sunny position.
        PENNISETUM Alopecuroides Viridescens    Clump-forming fountain grass, dark green leaves,
                                                flowers are almost black. Height to 50cms.
        PENNISETUM Burgundy Giant               (Giant Burgundy Fountain Grass) Bronze-burgundy quite
                                                wide leaves, forms good clump. This plant is not winter
                                                hardy but very useful for summer tub planting where it will
                                                reach full height in the first season. Evergreen.
        PENNISETUM Macrourum                    (Fountain Grass) Green leaves clump-forming, long flower
                                                racemes on upright stems. Height 60cms. Evergreen.

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     Variety                              Brief Description

     PENNISETUM Orientale                 (Oriental Fountain Grass) Most attractive nodding pink
                                          flower heads, forms good clump. Sun. Height 90cms.
     PENNISETUM Orientale Karley Rose     Erect green leaves, large deep pink beautiful flower
                                          spikes. A really attractive pennisetum. Sun. Height
     PENNISETUM Setaceum                  Dense clumps, has many bright purplish-pink bristling
                                          plumes. Not frost hardy but invaluable for tub and patio
                                          planting. Height 45/60cms.
     PENNISETUM Setaceum Eaton Canyon     (Rubrum Compactum)(Dwarf Red Fountain Grass) Bright
                                          red narrow leaves sometimes green at base, purply-red
                                          flower plumes. This plant is not winter hardy, very useful
                                          for summer planting. Evergreen.
     PENNISETUM Villosum                  (Feather Grass)(Ethiopian Fountain Grass) A real
                                          fountain-like habit, forms good sized clumps. Grey-
                                          green leaves, green flower heads maturing to white and
                                          then buff. Height 45cms. Dry, full sun.
     PHALARIS Arundinacea Feesey's Form   (Strawberries and Cream)(Woodside) Leaves white with

                                          narrow green margins, quite often pink tinged in spring.
                                          Height 90cms. Evergreen.
     PHALARIS Arundinacea Picta           (Striped Canary Grass) White and green striped leaves,
                                          very attractive in early spring and summer. Will grow
                                          more or less anywhere. Height 75cms. Evergreen.
     PHALARIS Arundinacea Tricolor        Similar to 'Arundinacea Picta' but has a pinkish/purple
                                          flush to the margins, especially on young growth. Height
                                          75cms. Evergreen.
     PHORMIUM Dark Delight                Dark purple-black leaves, one of the darkest purpurea types,
                                          strong upright growing reaching 150cms. Evergreen.
     PHORMIUM Golden Ray                  Bright gold, leaves have a narrow green centre with
                                          golden yellow stripes to margins and a bronze orange
                                          strip on edge of margins. Upright growing. Evergreen.
     PHORMIUM Pink Panther                A smaller growing variety, leaves pink margined deep
                                          red with bronzey brown overtones. Narrow leaves with
                                          an arching habit. Height 75cms. Evergreen.
     PHORMIUM Platts Black                The blackest of the phormium. Arching leaves are
                                          purplish black. Height 90cms. Evergreen.
     PHORMIUM Purpurea                    Dark purple/bronze leaves. Strong upright growing.
                                          Height 90/120cms. Evergreen.
     PHORMIUM Rainbow Maiden              (Maori Maiden) Arching leaves are pink in the centres
                                          with variegations of bronze red towards margins. Height
                                          60cms. Evergreen.
     PHORMIUM Surfer Bronze               Dwarf-clump forming, leaves bronze, margins bronze,
                                          brown. Height 45cms. Evergreen.
     PHORMIUM Yellow Wave                 Wide bright yellow band down centre of leaf and stripes
                                          of green variegation towards margins. Upright growing
                                          but arching with age. Height 90cms. Evergreen.
     PHRAGMITES Australis Communis        (Reed Grass) Marginal and deeper water grass, vigorous
                                          to 180cms in height.

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                                                                                                Wholesale Brochure

        Variety                             Brief Description

        PHRAGMITES Australis Variegatus     (Variegated Reed Grass) A lovely variegated grass with
                                            tall yellow striped leaves, attractive pinky-purple flowers.
                                            Damp soil. Height 150cms.
        PLEIOBLASTUS Auricomus              (Viridistriata) A slow spreading bamboo to 75cms. Long
                                            narrow bright yellow and green variegated leaves.
                                            Purplish coloured canes. A really beautiful bamboo.
        PLEIOBLASTUS Humilis Pumilis        Forms a good creeping ground cover bamboo. Height
                                            60cms. Evergreen.
        PLEIOBLASTUS Pygmaeus               A hardy spreading bamboo, ideal ground cover reaching
                                            30cms. Small narrow green leaves. Evergreen.
        PLEIOBLASTUS Pygmaeus Distichus     Spreading ground cover bamboo reaching 60/90cms.
                                            Small narrow green leaves useful for semi-shade areas.
        POA Colensoi                        (New Zealand Blue Grass) Evergreen tufts, clump-
                                            forming, looks much like a Festuca with its blunt foliage.
                                            Height 30cms.

        SACCHARUM Ravennae                  (Ravenna Grass) Tall grass, somewhat like pampas
                                            grass, narrow leaves turn brown in autumn tinged purple
                                            and orange. Height 120cms.
        SCHOENUS Pauciflorus                (Bog Rush) Dense clump of maroon foliage, very slender
                                            leaves. Height 40cms. Little known but very colourful
                                            grass. Evergreen.
        SCIRPUS Cernuus                     (Isolepis Cernua)(Fibre Optics Plant) Arching bright green
                                            leaves forming a mop-like appearance, small whitish
                                            flowers. Height 20/30cms. Evergreen.
        SCIRPUS Pictus                      (Schoenoplectus)(Albescens)(Candy Rush) A most
                                            attractive tall growing rush to 120cms. Introduced from
                                            Japan. Stems striped light green and whitish.
        SCIRPUS Taburnaemontani Zebrinus    (Zebra Rush) Stems banded white and green. Height
                                            120cms. Stunning.
        SESLERIA Caerulea                   (Blue Moor Grass) Flat growing habit, a blue grass with
                                            early metallic blue/purple flowers March/June. Damp
                                            soil. Height 20cms. Evergreen.
        SHIBATAEA Kumasaca                  Very attractive small growing bamboo, ideal for tub or
                                            patio planting. Compact with broad leaves forming an
                                            umbrella effect. Height 60/90cms. Evergreen.
        SORGHASTUM Nutans Indian Steel      (Indian Grass) Steel blue leaves, bronzy copper flower
                                            plumes. Height 150/180cms. Evergreen.
        SPARTINA Pectinata Aureomarginata   Narrow leaves with yellow margins, forms large clumps,
                                            especially in damp positions. Makes ideal specimen
                                            grass. Height 120cms. Evergreen.
        STIPA Arundinacea                   (Pheasant’s Tail Grass) Fountain-like mounds with
                                            orangy brown leaves which turn bright orange and red in
                                            autumn. Height 90cms. Evergreen.
        STIPA Calamagrostis                 Forms mounds of green foliage, arching plumes of
                                            silvery white, maturing to straw yellow then buff. Height
                                            90cms. Full sun.

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     Variety                        Brief Description

     STIPA Gigantea                 (Giant Oat Grass)(Giant Feather Grass) Evergreen
                                    arching green leaves, forms a large clump. Golden
                                    brown airy flower plumes which age to straw yellow.
                                    Height 75/90cms.
     STIPA Tenuissima               Erect clump-forming grass, bright green leaves, whitish
                                    flower plumes with feathery bristles on stems to 50cms.
     TULBAGHIA Fragans Lilac        A broader leaf than 'Violacaea'. Flowers lilac and very
                                    much like an Agapanthus flower. Height 50cms.
     TULBAGHIA Violacea             Pink flowers looking very much like an Agapanthus
                                    flower head. Very adaptable and drought resistant.
                                    Full sun to partial shade with a well drained soil mix.
                                    Height 30cms.
     TULBAGHIA Violacea Variegata   (Silver Lace) A variegated form of above. Full sun to
                                    partial shade with a well drained soil mix. Height 30cms.
     TYPHA Angustifolia             A narrow leaved bullrush. Requires wet conditions at
                                    edge of pond, lake etc. and will be happy in water.
                                    Height to 3 metres.

     TYPHA Latifolia Variegata      (Broad Leaved Bullrush) An excellent plant with bright
                                    creamy white variegated leaves up to 3 metres.
     TYPHA Minima                   (Dwarf Bullrush) Upright growing rush, ideal for small
                                    pond margins or shallow water. Height 60cms.
     UNCINIA Rubra                  (Red Hook Sedge) A beautiful deep red grass, low growing
                                    and compact, superb when planted against a yellow
                                    backdrop. Height 15cms. Damp ground. Evergreen.

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        Shrub                                                                                              Wholesale Brochure

        (i) The purpose of pruning is to build a strong framework keeping shrubs healthy and vigorous, maintaining the
            shape and balance, ensuring the maximum amount of flowering wood is produced, and that the shrubs are kept
            so that they do not create a nuisance or damage.

        (ii) Pruning of all shrubs should be carried out only with sharp and suitable tools. Cuts should be clean, normally
             10mm above a suitable bud.

        (iii) All flowering shrubs should be pruned at the same time and in a manner most suitable for the plant, to
              encourage a good display of flowers.

        (iv) All evergreens should be pruned by secateurs or loppers to eliminate bruising and bleeding.

        (v) Pruning of individual shrubs should be carried out in accordance with one of the following
            instructions as detailed on the pruning schedule.

           a. No pruning required other than light shaping and removal of dead/diseased wood.
              Shaping should be carried out in late spring, remaining pruning carried out when required.

           b. Remove all wood, which has borne flowers, retaining the young wood to ripen and
              produce flowers the following year. Pruning should be carried out immediately
              after flowering.

           c. Remove completely one or two old stems; cut back younger flowering shoots to fresh
              growth of main branches. Thin out crowded shoots and remove weak twigs. Pruning should
              be carried out between November and March.

           d. Cut back previous season’s wood to within two or three buds of the old wood in February
              or March.

           e. No pruning, remove dead/damaged material as necessary

           f.   Cut back side shoots of current growth to within five or six buds Aug/Sept

           g. Hard pruning will encourage growth

           h. No pruning other than shaping to required size/height and removal of dead/diseased wood, October - April.

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     Shrub                                                                     Wholesale Brochure

     Pruning Guide
     Shrub Species     Preferred Location                         Pruning Instructions

     Acer Campestre    Sun/semi shade, well drained soil                   h
     Allium            Sun well drained soil                               e
     Berberis          Sun/semi shade, any well drained soil               a
     Bergenia          Sun/semi shade, well drained soil                   e
     Buddleia          Full sun, well drained soil                         d
     Ceanothus         Sheltered site in full sun                          a
     Choisya           Full sun, well drained soil                         a
     Cotinus           Full sun/semi shade                                 a
     Crataegus         Sun/semi shade, any soil except very wet            h
     Cystisus          Full sun, well drained soil                         a

     Elaeagnus         Sun/shade well drained soil                         a
     Erica Carnia      Tolerates shade                                     e
     Erica Proudly     Tolerates shade                                     g
     Euonynus          Sun/semi shade, well drained soil                   a
     Fagus             Sun/semi shade, any soil except very wet            h
     Genista           Sun well drained soil                               a
     Hebe              Full sun, well drained soil                         a
     Ilex              Sun/shade well drained soil                         a
     Lavendula         Full sun, well drained soil                         d
     Photinia          Sun, well drained soil                              f
     Potentilla        Full sun, well drained soil                         a
     Prunus Spinosa    Full sun any soil except very wet                   h
     Rosmarinus        Sun, well drained soil                              b
     Santolina         Sun, well drained soil                              d
     Spirea            Sun, well drained soil                              a
     Viburnum          Sun/semi shade, moist soil                          a
     Vinca             Sun/ shade, moist soil                              a

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                                                                                                         Wholesale Brochure
        Turf Aftercare
        1. Water newly laid turf immediately after laying and maintain this for the first 3 to
           4 weeks ideally using a hose pipe as each roll of turf requires a gallon of water a
           day. If the turf cracks this is a sign of under watering.

        2. It is best not to walk on the turf while it is establishing. If there is a need to cross the turf
           then the use of a plank is recommended.

        3. Do not attempt to cut newly laid turf until you are sure that the turf has firmly knit together. Try to lift
           a corner of a turf to establish if the roots are firm in the ground. If the turf lifts do not cut.

        4. It is essential when cutting to avoid cutting too short or scalping as this can kill turf but the turf should
           not be allowed to grow too long.

        5. Always weed and feed the turf in the autumn as this encourages new growth for the next season.

        6. If remedial work is required use a good quality topsoil or loam and overseed rather than use
           small pieces of turf to patch as this will not take properly and will always look different to the
           rest of the grass.

        7. In long dry conditions mow less frequently and leave grass to grow longer. It may turn
           brown, but will grow green again when the rain comes. In the meantime, don’t feed the
           grass as this can scorch it. Don’t water it either as this encourages the grass to root
           closer to the surface, making it vulnerable to drought.

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     Environmental                                                                                            Wholesale Brochure

     Boningale Nurseries is a producer and supplier of Hardy Nursery Stock to the landscape and the
     amenity sectors.

     Boningale Nurseries is committed to operating and working in a manner that protects the environment as far as
     it is reasonable and practicable to do so by preventing pollution, reducing environmental risk, conserving energy,
     natural resources, maximising recycling, and minimising waste and is committed to continued improvement.

     Boningale Nurseries will endeavour to comply with the Environmental Management System standards, industry
     codes of practice, and customer requirements now and in the future.

     It is the responsibility of the Managing Director to implement this policy, liaising with all Directors, Environmental
     Representative and Departmental Managers who within their area of responsibility give full support to the Directors.
     The Directors and Managers will ensure that they and their staff are made aware of environmental issues that
     might be affected and influenced by nursery activities.

     This will be achieved by:

            - Maintaining an Environmental Management System.

            - Full co-operation from all Directors and employees.

            - Promotion of environmental awareness amongst all employees and provision of sufficient
              levels of training to allow them to meet their environmental responsibilities.

            - Regular review of relevant legislation and other requirements to ensure compliance.

            - Meeting and where reasonably practicable exceeding the requirements of all applicable
              environmental legislation and regulations.

            - Undertaking waste reduction, reuse, and recycling activities wherever practicable.

            - Improving the efficiency of energy use within the organisation.

            - Developing an energy use profile to allow an appreciation of energy issues and targeting of
              specific areas to improve.

            - Conducting regular reviews of performance against the above and to be proactive in our
              approach to future improvements.

            - Setting environmental targets, objectives and performance indicators.

            - The policy will be maintained and checked on an annual basis to keep it up to date.

     Boningale will make this policy available to all staff, customers, contractors and the general public.

     Tim Edwards
     Managing Director
     31 January 2008

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        Terms                                                                                                         Wholesale Brochure

        & conditions
        The following is a resumé of the Company’s Trading Terms and Conditions, full details of
        which are available upon written request from the Company’s registered office.

        DEFINITIONS                                                PAYMENT
        1. In these conditions the following terms shall have      5. All invoices are payable without discount or set-off
        the following meanings.                                    of any kind in the quoted currency within 30 days of
            “Company” means Boningale Nurseries (“the              the invoice month end and in no circumstances shall
            Nursery”)                                              the customer be entitled to make any deduction or
                                                                   withhold payment for any reason at all, unless
            “Customer” means the non-domestic consumer             otherwise agreed in writing.
            customer of the Company.
            “Contract” means any contract for the sale of              5.1 If the customer fails to pay the invoice price by
            Goods and/or services by the Company to                    the due date the customer shall not be allowed
            the Customer                                               any discount given in that invoice or in any other
                                                                       way agreed and shall pay interest on any overdue
            “Goods” means any goods forming the subject of             amount from the date of which payment was due
            this contract including parts and components of            to that on which it is made (whether before or
            or materials incorporated in them.                         after judgement) on a daily basis at a rate of [4]%
                                                                       p.a.over the base rate from time to time quoted
                                                                       by the National Westminster Bank and reimburse
        2. Quotations by the Company unless otherwise stated           to the Company all costs and expenses (including
        in them shall be open for acceptance within 14 days of         legal costs) incurred in the collection of any
        the date of the quotation and shall in any event be            overdue amount.
        subject to availability.

                                                                   6. For the purpose of section 12 of the Sale of Goods
        3. No Contract shall come into existence until the         Act 1979 the Company shall transfer only such title or
        customer’s order (however given) is accepted by the        rights in respect of the goods as the Company has and
        Company’s written Order Acknowledgement or within          if the goods are purchased from a third party shall
        5 working days of receipt of the order.                    transfer only such title or rights as that party had and
            3.1 These conditions shall be incorporated in the      has transferred to the Company.
            Contract to the exclusion of any terms or                  6.1 Notwithstanding the earlier passing of risk, title
            conditions stipulated or referred to by the                in the goods shall remain with the Company and
            customer. These are the only terms and                     shall not pass to the customer until the amount
            conditions on which the Company trades and no              due under the invoice for them (including interest
            other terms or conditions whether written or oral          and costs) has been paid in full.
            are capable of incorporation herein.
                                                                       6.2 Until title passes the entire proceeds of sale of
        PRICES                                                         the goods shall be held in trust for the customer
        4. The prices for the goods are ex-nursery and exclude         and shall be held in a separate designated account
        packing, insurance and carriage, VAT, and other taxes          and not mingled with other monies or paid into any
        or duties.                                                     overdrawn bank account and shall be at all times
                                                                       identifiable as the Company’s money.
            4.1 Prices invoiced are calculated in respect of the
            quantity of goods actually delivered irrespective of       6.3 The Company may maintain an action for the
            the quantity in respect of which any quotation was         price of any goods notwithstanding that title in
            issued.                                                    them has not passed to the customer.

            4.2 The Company shall have the right [in respect       RISK, DELIVERY AND PERFORMANCE
            of any uncompleted portion of the Contract] to         7. The Contract shall be satisfied when the Company
            adjust its prices for any increase in the price of     makes the goods available to the Customer or any
            any materials, labour, transport, changes in work      agent of the customer or any carrier (who shall be the
            or delivery schedules or quantities or any other       customer’s agent or whoever pays its charges) at the
            costs of any kind arising for any reason after the     Customer’s premises or other delivery point agreed by
            date of the Contract.                                  the Company.
            4.3 Small orders [or] orders whose total invoice           7.1 Risk in the goods passes when they are put
            value is less than £250.00 are subject to a                aside for the customer.
            minimum order surcharge of not less than £30.00.
                                                                       7.2 Any dates quoted by the Company for the
            4.4 The Company has an absolute discretion to              delivery of the goods are approximate only and
            make a delivery charge for any goods ordered.              shall not form part of the Contract and the

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     Terms                                                                                                            Wholesale Brochure

     & conditions
         customer acknowledges that in the                        9.2 the suitability of any goods for any particular
         performance expected of the Company no                   purpose or use under specific conditions
         regard has been paid to any quoted delivery              whether or not the purpose or conditions were
         dates, unless otherwise agreed in writing.               known or communicated to the Company;
         7.3 The Customer shall be responsible for                9.3 any substitution by the Company of any
         providing unobstructed access to a clear and             materials or goods not forming part of any
         safe site for the purpose of off-loading.                specification of the goods agreed in writing by
                                                                  the Company;
         7.4 Where appropriate equipment and/or its
         operator are unavailable the Company shall be            9.4 any descriptions, illustrations, specifications,
         under no obligation to attempt to off-load.              figures as to performance, drawings and
                                                                  particulars of weights and dimensions submitted
         7.5 The Company shall not be liable for any              by the Company contained in the Company’s
         penalty, loss, injury, damage or expense arising         catalogues, price lists or elsewhere since they
         from any delay or failure in delivery or                 are merely intended to represent a general idea
         performance from any cause at all nor shall any          of the goods and not to form part of the
         such delay or failure entitle the customer to            Contract or be treated as representations;
         refuse to accept any delivery or performance of
         or repudiate the Contract.                               9.5 any technical information,
                                                                  recommendations, statements or advice
         7.6 Where the Company delivers goods to the              furnished by the Company its servants or
         Customer in returnable containers the                    agents not given in writing in response to
         containers must be empty when made available             a specific written request from the customer
         for collection. The Company has an absolute              before the Contract is made: or
         discretion to either not collect containers which

         contain rubbish or waste material, including             9.6 any variations in the quantities or
         packaging and pots, or to collect and charge             dimensions of any goods or changes of their
         the Customer for disposal of the contents, at a          specifications or substitution of any type or
         minimum rate of £10.00 per pallet.                       species, if the variation or substitution does not
                                                                  materially affect the characteristics of the goods,
     CLAIMS NOTIFICATION                                          and the substituted materials or components
     8. Any claim for non-delivery of any goods shall be          are of a quality equal or superior to those
     notified orally by the customer to the Company               originally specified.
     within two days of the date of delivery and in writing       9.7 During periods of inclement weather
     within 7 days thereafter.                                    including storm, freezing temperatures or
         8.1 Any claim that any goods have been                   excessive heat, the Company may in its
         delivered damaged, are not of the correct                absolute discretion, without bringing itself into
         quantity or do not comply with their description         breach of contract for failure to perform,
         shall be notified by the customer to the Company         withhold or delay indefinitely the delivery of
         verbally within 2 days of their delivery and             any goods ordered by the Customer.
         confirmed in writing within 7 days thereafter.           9.8 Where in the exercise of its discretion to
         8.2 Any alleged defect shall be notified by the          withhold or delay indefinitely the delivery of any
         customer to the Company verbally within 2 days           goods the Company incurs additional costs for
         of the delivery of the goods or in the case of any       storage and/or husbandry the Company may so
         defect which is not reasonably apparent on               charge the Customer.
         inspection verbally within 2 days of the defect
         coming to the customer’s attention and in either     EXTENT OF LIABILITY
         event confirmed in writing within 7 days.            10. The Company shall have no liability to the
                                                              customer for any loss or damage of any nature arising
     SCOPE OF CONTRACT                                        from any breach of any express or implied warranty or
     9. Unless agreed otherwise in writing the Company        condition of the Contract or any negligence, breach of
     shall under no circumstances have any liability of       statutory or other duty on the part of the Company or
     whatever kind for:                                       in any other way out of or in connection with the
                                                              performance or purported performance of or failure to
         9.1 any defects resulting from weather,              perform the Contract except
         accident, failure to tend, improper use by the
         customer or use by the customer except in                • for death or personal injury resulting from the
         accordance with the instructions or advice of              Company’s negligence. and
         the Company or the manufacturer of any goods             • as expressly stated in these conditions.
         or neglect or from any instructions or materials
         provided by the customer;

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        Terms                                                                                                         Wholesale Brochure

        & conditions
        GENERAL                                                 FORCE MAJEURE
        11. The Company may sub-contract the                    13. The Company shall not be liable for any act or
        performance of this Contract in whole or in part.       omission arising which shall render performance of
            11.1 The Company may at its discretion              the contract impossible or shall in any way have the
            suspend or terminate the supply of any goods if     effect of frustrating the common cause where such
            the customer fails to make any payment when         an act or omission is beyond the control of either the
            and as due or otherwise defaults in any of its      Company or the Customer or was not reasonably
            obligations under the Contract or any other         foreseeable by either one or both of them. Such act
            agreement with the Company or becomes               or omission shall have the effect of automatically
            insolvent, has an administrative receiver           terminating the contract, save where the Customer
            appointed of its business or is compulsorily or     has ordered stock seasonal goods:
            voluntarily wound up or the Company bona fide           13.1 which unless expressly otherwise agreed in
            believes that any of those events may occur,            writing by both the Company and the Customer,
            and in case of termination may forfeit any              shall be accepted by the Company as being
            deposit paid.                                           expressly required for delivery during the
            11.2 If the goods are grown in accordance with          relevant season.
            any design or specification provided or made by
            the customer the customer shall compensate          LAW AND JURISDICTION
            the Company in full on demand for all claims,       14. This contract shall be interpreted in accordance
            expenses and liabilities of any nature in           with the laws of England and Wales and the
            connection with them, including any claim,          customer consents to the exclusive jurisdiction of
            whether actual or alleged, that the design or       the High Court of England and Wales in all matters
            specification infringes the rights of any third     regarding it except to the extent that the Company

            party or falls within the ambit of the Plant        invokes the jurisdiction of the courts of any other
            Varieties and Seeds Act 1964 as may be              country pursuant to the Brussels Convention, or
            amended from time to time.                          alternatively elects to have any matter referred to an
                                                                arbitrator in which case failing agreement between
            11.3 Except for any which is expressly agreed       the Company and the Customer on the appointment
            to be included in the goods all tools, patterns,    of an arbitrator either one of them may apply to the
            materials, drawings, specifications and other       Director General for the time being of The
            data provided by the Company shall remain its       Horticultural Trades Association who shall make
            property and all technical information,             such an appointment and the decision of the
            patentable or unpatentable, copyright and           arbitrator shall bind the parties to the same extent
            registered designs arising from the execution of    as an Order of the Court.
            any orders shall become the property of the
            Company.                                            NOTICES

        CANCELLATION                                            15. Service of Notices.

        12. Orders for goods which have to be grown or          Any notice given under this Contract shall be in
        acquired especially for the customer, or which have         writing and may be served personally,
        been put aside especially for the Customer, may in          by registered or recorded delivery mail,
        the Company’s absolute discretion be charged in full        by telex or facsimile transmission,
        unless written notice of cancellation is received not
                                                                    by any other means which any party specifies
        later than the date on which the Company puts aside
                                                                    by notice to the other.
        the goods for the customer or the latest date on
        which the Company must place an order to a third        A notice shall be deemed to have be served:
        party to fulfil the customer’s delivery date
        requirements, providing that such steps have not            if it was served in person, at the time of service,
        been taken at the date of that notice.                      if it was served by post, the day after the day
            12.1 Orders for stock items may be cancelled by         after posting,
            written notice at any time before the goods are         if it was served by facsimile transmission, at the
            allocated to the Contract but if a cancellation         time of transmission.
            notice is received after the goods have been
            allocated to the Contract then a charge of 80%
            of order value will be payable by the customer.

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                                           Wholesale Brochure


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