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									my computer hello ,do you rember me? i am

 ebookboy ,i am from china ,china is a

 beautiful place.in china ,computer is

 very expensive .so if you have a

 computer you looks so handsome! luck ,i have a computer ,it is IBM. i
like it very much ,because it is

 very useful for me.i can use my

 computer share my feeling with all

 around world friends,and you ,you are

 reading my article now,although i am

 not very good at English ,i am

 willing to try my best to learn it. everyone call me ebookboy,because i

 have so many ebooks ,i use my

 computer to sale my ebooks ,but no

 one buy it ,haha,that is so great . i use my computer to share my

 experience ,i have a website

 ,,and a chinese web

 shop,that is so great . i think ,you should ues your

 computer to do something that is

 meaningful. my teacher is TOM HUA,do

 you him ? if i am so successful like

 him ,that is so great . i like my computer,and you?

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