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									                               Rabbit Proof Fence
                                     Worksheet 2

                                An Internal Conflict
Do you remember what an internal conflict is?
Explain what you believe the definition is in the space below.

In both films and novels, characters encounter internal conflicts. In worksheet 1, you
defined an ‘internal conflict’. Remember that we discussed these during our short story
unit as well, when we read about Ved’s experiences in America.

Think back to the ‘removal’ scene in the movie when the children were taken away. Is the
constable (the policeman) happy about what he is doing? Take some time to discuss this
with the people at your table. Consider words, actions and facial expression. If you like,
you can ask the teacher to play that scene again.

In your binder/notebook, answer the following question in paragraph form:

What internal conflict is the policeman faced with?

Make sure you give your response a title. Date the piece of work.

                           Beginning a character study
Analyzing Molly
A character’s traits (characteristics) are created through their words and actions. In a
movie, we can also analyze a character’s body language and facial expressions.
Traits can be explicit (made obvious through words or actions) or implicit (where we
have to use our powers of interpretation because the traits are implied).
As viewers, we have to draw conclusions about the character from all the information
available to us.

Discussion (~ 5 minutes)
Discuss what kind of person Molly is with the people at your table. Support your
comments with evidence from the movie (words, actions, facial expressions or how other
people treat her)
Do you remember creating a character web in the Journeys Unit?
Create one for Molly in your binder/notebook.
    Draw a bubble with Molly inside. Around the bubble, write down words that you
       would use to describe her character. Use a different color for each characteristic /
       trait, and link the word/s to the bubble with a line.
    Next to each characteristic / trait, write the evidence that supports your view (such
       as words or actions from the movie)

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