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									There will come a time, when your computer will start to slow down and
give you problems. This is actually very normal and there are a few
things, which can be done to prevent this. One thing to remember is that,
you can only prolong the life of your computer, but sooner or later you
will have to repair it. Depending on how long you use the computer, it
might be better to just leave the computer on, but to turn off the
monitor to save power. This is because people often mistaken that turning
off the computer at the end of each day is good, if you have been using
the computer for more than a few hours, it will actually be a very bad
thing to do.

 Computers are meant to run at a constant temperature, the heat that they
produce when they are running is very normal, but a cooling fan should
take the hot air away from important parts of the computer. Most people
think that cooling down the computer is good, but this will cause the
computer to go through a high and low temperature cycle. The parts in the
computer are not built, to withstand the constant changing temperature
and they will break down faster.

 To prevent a buildup of heat in your computer, you will want to check
the air ways at least once a month. Dust and debris, which are all around
us, might find their way into the computer. This will cause a blockage
and prevent the hot air from escaping, after some time this will make the
computer overheat and certain parts might be damaged. If you want to do
this yourself, all you need to do is to remove the casing around the
central processing unit of the computer, when that is exposed you will be
able to see the inside of the unit. Check the air ways to see if they are
dusty or is anything is blocking the flow of air.

 Remove all foreign objects and use a very soft brush to loosen the dust,
which are clinging on the sides or parts of the computer. One good tip is
to use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust from the central processing
unit, please be careful when you are doing this, as you do not want to
damage any parts of the computer, when you are doing this.

 If all else fails and you do not know what to do to repair your
computer, send it to a computer repair shop. You can find one easily from
the internet or at your local shopping mall, they will be able to
pinpoint and find the problem you are facing in a very short time. This
will allow them, to make the computer repairs or inform you, if it is
better to buy a new computer. They will even inform you if it is time for
an upgrade, to keep your computer working like new. There will be times,
when a simple upgrade is all you need to add years to your computer's

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