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									                           Dutch Barges for Sale
The dutch barge comes in many different forms, many of which don’t even
resemble a barge. For instance, the Luxe Motor is a type of Dutch barge that has
the upswept gunwale that one often expects with a luxury barge. These are quite
long barges that often will have a luxury captain’s quarters in the rear portion.

The skutsje is a sailing barge that, at a distance, looks more like a regular sailboat
than a barge. However, the flat bottom is still a feature, and the wide deck carries
cargo. Many of these are rebuilt into houseboats and sailing yachts.

Dutch barges are usually more lightweight than other types of barges, although
they do range in length from 15 meters to 40 meters. The Dutch barge is
considered more of a luxury vehicle than a cargo ship. When checking out barges
for sale, you will see that these luxury barges have spacious living quarters below
decks, often with rare and exquisite appointments.

The luxury Dutch barge also has a broad deck for outdoor activities. The presence
or absence of sails is totally up to individual taste, as all Dutch barges are powered
by engines. The living spaces below deck are at times quite opulent, with exotic
woods and marble or granite tiles. Chandeliers, full kitchens, and spacious
bathrooms are frequently included in the floor plans of these living arrangements.
Your barge can be a vacation or cruise vehicle, or it can become your permanent
home, depending on your own desires.

Contrary to the common mental image of a barge, the Dutch barge is easily
maneuvered. While the cargo barge may be slower and require more room for
handling, the Dutch barge is easily handled. The technical installations for a dutch
barge should be worthy of the quality of the build, easily maintained and operated.
Check us out for dutch barges for sale.

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