Newsletter of the Syracuse Weavers Guild by jennyyingdi


									                   Newsletter of the Syracuse Weavers Guild
                                  President's Message

Dear SWG Members,                                    Several members showed their samples and
       It’s hard to believe that at this time        we discussed how this technique allows one
last year we were just beginning to lift our         to do tapestry without the usual slowness of
heads out of the snow. How nice to be able           typical tapestry.
to weave in the morning instead of shoveling                 In February we watched the Madelyn
snow - not that I am weaving every morning.          van der Hoogt video about warping. The
I am, however, working on the Huck Lace              video is full of great tips for smooth warping
gamp on the traveling guild loom and enjoying        and takes the viewer through the process
seeing the various patterns evolve. If you           front to back. This video belongs to the
have not signed up for this project but              guild library so if you missed the meeting or
would like to try it, you certainly can have a       wish to study Madelyn's demonstrations
chance. It’s a great opportunity to do some          more closely, just ask Elyse Meltz about
sampling without having to warp up and               borrowing the DVD from the library.
thread your own loom - it is all done for you.               My thoughts for this winter have
This sampler is set up with different                focused on how valuable it is to practice.
combinations of two colors on a 5 end huck           For Christmas presents I wove two scarves,
pattern and you weave with the various               but one had a treadling error. So after the
treadlings and color order. Everything is            holidays I wound another warp and wove two
written out clearly so the weaving is very           more of the same scarves, this time one for
easy and      the Kyra table loom is very            me. Since the two dressings of the loom
portable and smooth to use. Consider giving          came so close to one another and the weave
it a try.                                            was the same, I could focus on efficiency.
       At the January meeting Lois Koenig            In her video, Madelyn van der Hoogt stated
nicely led us through the history and basics         that warping, threading and sleying can be
of the Theo Moorman technique, which was             very soothing if you to take your time,
the topic of last year's Study Group.                forget trying to hurry (cont. on next page.)

                 The mission of the Syracuse Weavers’ Guild is to stimulate
                         an interest in the art and craft of weaving,
                            achieve a high standard of excellence
                  and help and encourage all persons interested in weaving.
President s Message continued.
through the process and enjoy yourself. So                       reinventing the wheel each time. Perhaps a
by efficiency I mean feeling like I really                       warp a week would help.
know what I am doing rather than                                                                 Nancy

                                   Guild Officers 2011 - 2012
  Nancy Smothergill                      474-4508               Secretary
                                                                 Dianne Leach                            339-2023
1st Vice President
  Kathleen Sokolovic                     682-9882
2nd Vice President                                               Donna Johnson-Brown                     696-6041
  Joyce Lock                             446-8655

Booklets:                                                        Publicity:       Lois Koenig             627-0451
  Nancy Smothergill                      474-4508
                                                                 Special Projects:
Calling Committee                                                 Joyce Lock                              446-8655
  Carolyn Wolfson                        449-1707
  Meg Welch                              638-4230
                                                                   Elyse Meltz                            478-1592
                                                                 Thrums Newsletter and June Exhibit:
 Donna Johnson-Brown                     696-6041
                                                                  Karen Smith                  673-3250
Refreshments Coordinator:
  Butch Walters                          637-9513
                                                                  Sue Belloma                             673-1087
 Sandy Hayes                             437-0179
                                                                 Yarn (order information):
                                                                  Clara Rose Thomas                       635-3478
  Kathleen Sokolovic                     682-9882
                                                                  Sue Belloma                             673-1087
  Sarah Saulson                          449-9423
                                                                  Sarah Saulson                           449-9423
  Lois Koenig                            627-0451

               New Member!                                               White Elephant Table
      We welcome our newest member to
the Syracuse Weavers’ Guild and ask that                                This is a pain free fundraiser for our
you add her information to your membership                       guild! Simply bring an unwanted item from
booklet.                                                         home to sell at any of our guild meetings. It
     Jennifer Weisenthal                                         can be weaving related, but it certainly
     720 Maple Dr Fayetteville, NY 13066                         doesn’t have to be! The price/donation
     (315)446-3942                                               amount will be up to the buyer. If your item                                    doesn’t sell, you must take it back, but
                                                                 thanks for trying! Proceeds are used to
 Contact Nancy Smothergill if you have not
                                                                 support guild programs.
           received a booklet.
                                    SWG Program
             Remember to bring your mug and lunch. Hostesses provide dessert!
   Meetings begin at the Church of the Good Shepherd at 10:00 unless indicated otherwise.
                   Please plan on arriving by 9:45 so we can begin on time.
                 March 3                                           April 14
                                                               "Two Block Design
                                                           Facilitator: Joyce Lock
                                                         Inspired by Handwoven magazine, the
                                                  Syracuse Weavers Guild is sponsoring a
                                                  weave-along where everyone starts with the
                                                  same profile draft, but chooses their own
                                                  weave structure for their sample. While
                                                  you can view the results of Handwoven's
                                                   weave-along in the November/December 2011
                                                  issue, our Challenge culminates at the April
    “Weaving Up Your Stash”                       meeting where the discussion will be centered
                                                  around your samples.
   Presenter: Jan Hewitt Towsley                         Handwoven's discussion of their
       Do you seem to have too many yarns         Weave-Along as well as the profile draft can
that you would like to use in a worthwhile,       be found at the following site:
but efficient, way? Or do you have yarns and
colors that you have not found a purpose          spx
for?                                                 Guild elections will be held at the April
       Join us to learn about many tips &                            meeting.
techniques for weaving those favorite yarns,
into scarves, shawls, clothing, rugs and wall                          May 5
hangings. As you learn about a variety of
                                                       Annual Pot Luck Luncheon
simple weaving techniques, inspirations and
goals may be the result. Participants are                And Towel Exchange
invited to bring a few samples of those              At the home of Nancy Smothergill
yarns for problem solving examples. Included                      Noon
are hands-on demonstrations of time saving         Annual business meeting, installment of new
tips.                                               officers, show and tell, collection of work
                                                                 for guild exhibit

                                 Program Hostesses
   Please arrange for your own substitute if you are unable to hostess your assigned meeting.
March: Donna Johnson Brown, Kathleen Sokolovic    April:    Judith Lockwood, Linda Wollowitz
    Guild Two Block Design                                             Mentors
         Weave-Along                                              Need help? Contact:
                                                     Sue Belloma - 673-1087 - overshot, general
       Have you started your Weave-Along
                                                           information on weaving
sample yet? It's not too late! Members of
                                                     Joyce Lock - 446-8655 - handwoven laces,
the Two Block Design group are enjoying
                                                           household woven items
weaving samples, viewing the samples of
                                                     Sarah Saulson - 449-9423 - weave
others and comparing different weave
                                                           structures, project planning
structures all woven from the same two-
                                                     Nancy Smothergill - 474-4508 - rag rugs,
block profile draft. Similar to the guild
                                                           handwoven laces, warping
color studies we've done in previous years,
                                                     Clara Rose Thomas - 635-3478 - double
the April program will be a guild discussion
                                                           weave pickup, overshot, Bronson lace
centered around your samples, so the more
                                                     Dianne Leach - 339-2023- tassels and
input from guild members, the more
                                                           cord, temari balls
successful and interesting the program.
                                                          Elyse Meltz - 478-1592 - overshot
       If you need some motivation or
assistance in getting started contact Joyce                 ________________________________________

Lock or Karen Smith.
                                                                   Guild Looms
                                                           Our guild has a variety of looms that
                                                     may be borrowed for a donation of $2 per
          Special Projects
                                                     month. These include floor looms, table top
Traveling Loom:                                      looms, tapestry and inkle looms. Widths and
       The Huck Lace and Color gamp                  manufacturers vary. Contact Dianne Leach, our
traveling loom is making the rounds.                 guild secretary, if you are interested in trying
The materials fee is $8 for members.                 one of them out.
Contact Joyce Lock if you are interested in
weaving on this loom..

2-Block Design Weave-Along Study                               Towel Exchange
Group:                                                       This is an enjoyable and rewarding
      The Two-Block Design Weave-Along               experience and you are invited to
Study Group met Thursday January 26th.               participate! Weave a towel or two or three
Members presented the samples they had               or. . . well, you get the idea! Bring them to
woven and their frustrations (sometimes) in          the May meeting and exchange towels with
getting there. We played find the mistake in         your fellow weavers. For every towel you
the completed samples.                               trade, you receive one in return.
      The final study group meeting will be                   In addition, a “wall of towels” is
held on Thursday March 8th at 7:00 pm at             planned for our guild show in June. Don’t let
Joyce's home. You need not have come to              this opportunity pass you by!
study group before to participate.

                                               Guild Exhibit
                                    Baldwinsville Public Library
                                                    June 2012

        Weaving work, both old and new, and                     out of space, the first pieces to be
of all levels,      will be important to the                    eliminated will be from those weavers who
success of this show, which will be a vehicle                   submitted the greatest number and those
for educating others, promoting the art and                     that are repetitive of other work in the
craft of weaving and promoting the                              exhibit.
Syracuse Weavers Guild. Work that you                                  Please be sure that your work is
have done in the past is most welcome, as                       “show ready”, i.e. pressed and hemmed (if
long as it has not been shown in Baldwinsville                  appropriate.) Also, attach a tag with:
before. The exhibit space is challenging only                          Name
because it is large, but will be rewarding as                          Title or purpose
well, in that it is versatile and highly visible!                      Weave structure
        As for collecting the work, it has                             Materials
already begun! You can bring work to any                               Price or Not for sale
meeting, or give it to a friend to bring if you                        Narrative, comments, if any.
can’t make it. When you share an item at                              Please feel free to contact me if you
show and tell, you can leave it with me.                        have any questions or concerns.
        There is no limit to the number of                                               Karen
pieces that you may submit, but if we do run

                                                                    Our next due date for articles, poems,
                                                                  photos, equipment for sale etc. will be April
                                                                  5. This will be the last Thrums until
                                                                  August. Please send your contributions to
                                                                  Karen Smith
                                                                  39 Reed Street, Marcellus, NY 13108

         Guild Attendance. . .                                                  SWG Website
. . . is on the rise! After a four year slump, our                      Have you checked out the guild
attendance has risen to its highest since 2007.                   website lately? Thanks to technology, we
What could be the reasons? The economy?                           enjoyed a guest from eastern New York
Programs? Promotion? Whatever it is, let’s                        who was interested in our Theo Moorman
keep it up!                                                       program in January!
                                                                        Joyce Lock is our webmaster. The
                                                                  address is
       At the January meeting, guild                Day, a separate event being held the
members voted to renew our membership in            following day.
Weave a Real Peace, otherwise known as
WARP.      In so doing, we are supporting
textile arts and artisans in many places
around the globe. WARP is self described as
“a catalyst for improving the quality of life
of weavers and textile artisans in
communities-in-need.         We      provide
information and networking opportunities to
individuals and organizations who value the
social, cultural, historic and artistic
importance of textiles around the world.”
       Sarah Saulson has been a member of
WARP since 1999, and attended her first
annual meeting in 2001. She then joined the
board and served 2 terms for a total of 6
years.    She is currently helping to
coordinate the scholarship program for the
annual meeting to be held in Boulder,
                                                          For     more      information,   visit
Colorado in May of this year. Sarah will also
be one of the speakers at Colorado Weavers
                 SWG Membership Form

Phone______________________ E-mail_______________________________


City_________________________________ State____________ Zip Code__________
Memberships are for one year (May to May)           Regular dues: $30   Senior dues: $25
Please make checks payable to:      Syracuse Weavers Guild.
             Mail to:     Donna Johnson-Brown, Membership Chair
                          137 Crooked Lake Road
                          Tully , NY 13159
                  Soierie Saint Georges à Lyon, France
                    (Saint Georges Silk Factory in Lyon, France)
 At one time, Lyon had been the center of
     the silk industry in France.

Apparently this shop/museum had once been
a place where silk cloth was manufactured.
There was a wonderful collection of
equipment and materials from days gone by.
                                             The gentleman in the shop demonstrated how
                                             weaving of silk fabric for velvet was once done,
                                             as well as the cutting of the fibers while still on
                                             the loom to create the velvet effect.

                                             The wooden rollers were used to apply chemicals
                                             to remove fibers and create patterns.

    This is a 19th century Jacquard loom.
Note the cards above the harnesses.
Joseph-Marie Jacquard, inventor of the
programmable loom, once worked in this part
of Lyon.

                                                  The red piece of velvet hanging from the
                                                  corner of this bobbin holder appeared to
                                                  have been woven on the loom pictured at

                                                            Mystery Picture
                                                            Can you determine what this piece
                                                            of equipment might be?
                                                            Honestly, I cannot remember, but
                                                            it certainly looks impressive, don’t
                                                            you think?
                                                            Nancy suggested that it could be
                                                            a warping drum.
                                                            So the next question would be,
                                                            how does that work?

                                                                       Karen Smith
                                                                       One time traveler to France

Karen Smith
39 Reed Street
Marcellus, NY 13108

                              SWG Calendar
                       March 3 Weaving Up Your Stash
                        Presenter:Jan Hewitt Towsley
                      Hostesses: D Johnson Brown, K Sokolovic

                                   April 14
                        Two Block Design Weave-Along
                           Facilitator: Joyce Lock
                       Hostesses: J Lockwood, L Wollowitz

                       May 5 Annual Pot Luck Luncheon


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