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                                      2011 @ The Studio
           (816) 531-4466

                               Relax and Rejuvenate
         Register NOW for Studio Retreat @ the Elms
   There is still plenty of time to register for
   the 5th annual Studio Retreat at the His-
                                                     Crafts for Good Causes
   toric Elms Hotel in Excelsior Spring, MO        Throughout 2010, Studio customers
   on January 28-30, 2011. What a great            have generously knitted, crocheted and
   way to recover from the holiday frenzy          quilted for a number of causes. Each
   and spend a little time hanging out with        quarter of the past year featured a chari-
   yarn friends and fans. Returning atten-         table activity that inspired us to use our
   dees will find such past favorites as           talents in the service of others.
   door prizes for everyone, classes, stu-         We made warm winter clothing and
   dent fashion show, designer fashion             outerwear for the children of Afghanistan.
   show and the Yarn Market.                       We made hundreds of blankets and af-
                                                   ghans in all sizes for traumatized chil-
We’ve also added some new touches,                 dren in the greater Kansas City area.
based on feedback from past evaluations,           We made many tiny hats for premature
such as more snacks during the day, late           and sick babies in the Neonatal Intensive
night activities, one hour skill classes for a     Care Unit at St. Luke’s Hospital.
more flexible schedule and more notions in         And we are currently making lap blankets
the Yarn Market. You can find the flyer with       and shawls for people receiving palliative
all the information you need on the Studio’s       care through Heartland Hospice. The
website, and, also new this year, you can          deadline for turning those in is Sunday,
even register online.                              January 9th.
Cost…                                              Many thanks go to Alie Scholes, Studio
                                                   owner, who has identified, coordinated
The entire weekend package, which in-              and promoted each of these charitable
cludes 5 meals, student fashion show, pro-         activities. Even more thanks goes to
fessional trunk show, door prizes, a goodie        Studio customers, as you have enthusi-
bag and late night activities is $150. Satur-      astically risen to every challenge and
day only is $130.                                  knitted, crocheted and quilted your
Three hour classes are $50 each. One hour          hearts out for the benefit of people near
classes are $20; $50 if you purchase three         and far.
one-hour classes.                                  So we are pleased to announce that cre-
Additional cost include your room, drinks          ating for charity will continue at the Stu-
from the bar and personal purchases made           dio in 2011. See the back page for de-
at the yarn market. Final registration             tails on several ways to get involved!
deadline is Friday, January 21, 2011.
                   “How To” Classes! Learn to Knit or Crochet

Learn the basics of how to knit, crochet or needlepoint. These two hour Crash Courses in knit-
ting or crochet classes will provide you with the skills you need to begin your adventure into one
of these hand crafts. If purchasing materials the day of the class, please allow time to before the
class starts to make your selections. One Session. Instruction is $10 if class materials are pur-
chased at The Studio or $25.

Crash Courses in Knitting Dates/Times:               Learn To Knit/Learn To Crochet
Thursday, January. 13, 1-3 pm OR Tuesday,
January. 25, 3-5 pm OR Friday, February 11,        Do you prefer to learn in a more relaxed set-
11:30 am-1:30 pm OR Thursday, January              ting? Then these two-session “Learn To…”
24, 4-6 pm .                                       classes are for you. “Learn To…” classes are
Crash Courses in Crochet Dates/Times:              $10 if you purchase class materials at the Stu-
Friday, January 14, 2-4 pm OR Saturday,            dio or $30.
February 26, 1-3 pm                                Learn to Knit Class Dates/Times
                                                   Saturday, Jan. 8 & 15, 10 am-Noon OR
      How To Read Patterns                         Tuesday, Feb. 15 & 22, 6-8 pm
                                                   Learn to Crochet Class Dates/Times:
Whether knitting or crocheting, patterns have      Wednesday, Jan. 12 & 19, 2-4 pm OR
common features that you need to under-            Friday, Feb. 18 & 25, 2-4 pm.
stand to use them effectively. Learn great
strategies for following the ins and outs of                     Cabling Basics
any pattern, even ones with charts and sym-        Learn how to use a cable needle, read a cable
bols! One Session.                                 chart, understand basic cable definitions and
Date/Time: Thursday, Feb. 10, 6-8 pm               abbreviations and get started on a cabled pro-
Fee: $25 + Supplies                                ject such as a washcloth or scarf.
                                                   Date/Time: Tuesday, Feb. 8, 12:30-2:30 pm
Secrets of the Savvy Knitter                       Fee: $25 + Supplies
Learn a variety of knitter-ly skills, such as
Magic Loop, I-Cord, how to cable without a         How To Pick Your Classes….
needle, provisional cast-on, Judy’s magic          One Flower: No prior knowledge/skill required
                                                   Two Flowers: Must know basic skills—cast on &
cast-on, three needle and sewn bind-offs and
                                                   knit stitch or chain on and single and double cro-
more. Get answers to your knotty knitting          chet st
questions in this fun and informational class.     Three Flowers: Must know above and purl st or
One Session.                                       how to crochet in the round
Date/Time: Monday, Jan. 17, 1-4 pm                 Four Flowers: Must know above and how to in-
Fee: $25 + Supplies                                crease and decrease and follow a pattern.
                                  Project Classes
BACK TO BASICS is the theme of this newsletter; basic skills that will help you move from one
level to the next in your chosen craft of knitting and or crocheting. So choose your class and
come on in from the cold!
             Any Gauge Hat                            Basic Sock Construction
Learn the basics of knitting in the round us-       Learn all the skills required to make your very
ing circular and/or double pointed needles          first pair of top down socks, including how to
while knitting your very first hat. You will        measure the foot to determine the number of
learn how to take the right measurements            stitches to cast on, how to knit the cuff and
and then make a hat that really fits its recipi-    turn the heel, gusset shaping and how to sew
ent. Find out about different brims to start        together the toe using the kitchener stitch.
your hat and toppers that will finish it off        You’ll enjoy toasting your toes in your very
spectacularly. Two Sessions.                        own creation. Please complete gauge swatch
Dates/Time: Tues., Jan. 11 & 18, 6-8 pm             in your yarn before class. Three Sessions.
Fee: $30 + Supplies                                 Dates/Time: Wed., Feb. 2, 9 & 16, 5-7 pm
                                                    Fee: $35 + Supplies
         Fittin’ Mittens
 Make your very first pair of mittens this winter
 while learning lots of skills. Discover how to      Elizabeth Zimmermann
 measure and “do the math” to make mittens
 that fit any size hand. In this class, you will
                                                    February Baby Sweater
 learn how to use double point needles, knit a
 ribbed cuff, make a gusset and then pick up        The February Baby Sweater is another one
 stitches for the thumb and then end your mit-      of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s iconic designs,
 ten with the kitchener stitch. Two Sessions        named so because she writes about it in the
 (6 hours)                                          February chapter of her Knitter’s Almanac,
 Dates/Time: Sat., Jan. 22 & Feb. 5, 1-4 pm         along with some other “baby things.” This is
 Fee: $35 + Supplies                                a top down sweater, requiring only two
                                                    seams. The pattern is written using EZ’s
                                                    famous percentage system for the increases
    Crocheted Handwarmers                           and decreases, so by applying a little math,
                                                    you can make the sweater in different sizes
Learn the simple technique of creating the          and, if you so desire, incorporate some crea-
single crochet ridge stitch and apply it to the     tive stitch patterns of your own. In the end,
side to side construction of a pair of hand-        you will have learned the basics of sweater
warmers. These will keep you toasty on              design and construction. Three Sessions
those quick trips out of doors. One Session.        Dates/Time: Thursday, Jan. 27, Feb. 3 &
Date/Time: Saturday, Jan. 15, 2-4 pm                10, 1-3 pm
Fee: $25 +Supplies                                  Fee: $35 + Supplies
                               More Studio News!
        Red Scarf Project                                         Studio Hours
Our first charitable activity of 2011 will benefit   M-W-F-S          am—
                                                                   10 am—5 pm
women who are patients of St. Luke’s                 T-Th             am—
                                                                   10 am—6 pm
Women’s Heart Center. Just as the pink scarf
has become the banner of the fight against           Sun            Noon—
                                                                    Noon—4 pm
breast cancer, the red scarf now symbolizes
the struggle against heart disease in women.
The Women’s Heart Center serves women who
                                                     Prayer Shawl Project Goes
are both inpatients and outpatients who are
currently dealing with heart disease in their
lives. The Center will distribute the scarves we
make to these women.                                 Our last charitable project of 2010 revisited a
For this project, there are almost no require-       service project from the past—prayer shawls.
ments. Scarves can be of any fiber, any pat-         Studio customers have been busy making
tern or in any style. They can be made for           shawls and lap blankets for patients who are
warmth or can be a pretty accent scarf. The          receiving palliative care through Heartland Hos-
only requirement is that they be “mostly” red        pice. These shawls and blankets provide com-
This charitable activity starts on January 9,        fort to people who are in the end stage of their
2011 and concludes at the end of the first quar-     lives and often become treasured memories of
ter of the year, March 31.                           their loved ones for family members.
However, because Valentine’s Day falls during        This project “officially” ends on January 9, but
this period AND we are talking about hearts          the Studio customers who have become in-
here, Studio customers are invited to bring in a     volved have decided to take this charitable ac-
red scarf (or more!) on Sunday or Monday,            tivity year-round and continue to make shawls
February 13 or 14, and receive a special gift in     and blankets for hospice patients.
appreciation of your generosity and to cele-         The first Sunday of every month, from 1 to 2:30
brate the holiday of hearts.                         pm, is the designated turn-in time for shawls
So reach into your stash or come to Studio,          and blankets. Nancy McDonnell, a Studio vol-
buy some red or red-shaded yarn and get              unteer, will be at the shop on those days to dis-
those needles or hooks a’going. This is a            tribute donated yarn, provide information, share
cause we can all get behind, because it could        patterns and lead prayers over the shawls and
happen any day to any of us.                         blankets before she takes them to the Heartland
                                                     Hospice offices. Hospice volunteers will see
        DON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!                       that the shawls and blankets are distributed to
Please call the Studio or drop by to register for    patients.
all classes, even FREE ones. Classes with            Guidelines for making shawls and blankets can
small enrollments are subject to cancellation        be found on the Studio website and at the regis-
and only those who are pre-registered will be        ter at the Studio. Prayer shawls and blankets
contacted. Be sure you are IN THE COUNT              are a great way to use of stash yarn to make
by registering early!                                beautiful, multicolored gifts for people with a
                                                     very special need.

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