Warm and Cold Market Recruiting by leader6


									              Warm and Cold Market Recruiting
                                                            By Eddie Sturgis

1. Expose your Warm Market Prospects to the business opportunity and service:
   A. Pique their interest on the fantastic part-time income opportunity.
   B. Put them through some type of Third Party Exposure (live expert or tool).
        Live? After edifying Upline, Sideline, Downline – In Town or
        Tool?          Sizzle Call, Web Site, Audio Tape, Video Tape, CD, DVD,
   C. Get them in front of a winning presentation, lead with business opportunity:
        Which? Sit-Down, PBR, Weekly Money Mixer.
        When? Breakfast, Lunch, or After Dinner.
   D. Close them on the membership and Identity Theft Shield
   E. Ask them if they keep their options open when it comes to making serious extra
   F. SHOW THEM THE MONEY with the compensation plan breakdown.
   G. App them up and get stated immediately!
   H. Get them started with the “Getting Started Right” pack with an emphasis on the
       prospect list.

2. Expose your Cold Market Prospects to the business opportunity and
   service: ame as Warm Market exposure, but the difference is how you pique interest.

The 4 Step Process Of Cold Market Recruiting:

Step 1

Ask a Conversational Question:

            Do you work in this area?

            How long have you lived here?

            Do you shop here often?

         IMPORTANT - You should always end with 2 questions:

         1.) What kind of work do you do?

         When they tell you what they do, you should follow up with the 2nd question:

         2.) Are they paying you all the money that you want to make right now?
Step 2

Ask a Piquing Interest Question:

            Let me ask you - do you keep your options open when it comes to making serious
             extra income, outside of what you are currently doing?

            Would you be open to making some serious money, without interfering with your
             current job?

            If you could earn an extra $500-$1,000 a month, part time, would you be open to
             looking at a business idea?

            If I were to take the time to show you how to make a extra $500-$1,000 a month,
             would you take the time to listen?

Step 3

Ask the final question

         Now, I’m assuming that you like to make any kind of decision based on the facts,
         is that correct? Well, great!

Step 4

The Wrap-Up

         I’m working with a fast growing New York Stock Exchange company that is
         expanding into this area, and they are looking for sharp people, like yourself, to get
         into part-time management positions – rite away.

         Now, I can’t promise anything, but I would like to get with you briefly, and share
         with you how we are generating very serious incomes here in this area.

         I know that now is not the right time, but here is my card and a:
          Web Site
          Audio Tape
          Video tape
          CD
          DVD

         Now, promise me you will access this material in the next 24 hours and give me a call
         and let me know what you liked best!

         I’m sometimes hard to get a hold of, what is the best number to get you at?

         What’s the best time to call?

         Great!   I can’t wait to hear from you!    Talk to you later.

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