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									D A N I E L’ S D I C T I O N A R Y
w w w. d e p t s . d r e w. e d u / e s a / h a n d b o o k / c l a


                             DREW UNIVERSITY 2005– 06
This handbook is brought to you by

w w w. d e p t s . d r e w. e d u / e s a / h a n d b o o k / c l a

C A N B E O F A S S I S TA N C E :
STUDENT AFFAIRS                                               The Commons, x3468
Sycamore Cottage, x3390
                                                              HEALTH SERVICE
CAMPUS RECREATION SERVICES                                    Morris Health Center, x3414
Forum, x3444
                                                              INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SERVICES
COUNSELING AND PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES                         Brothers College 119, x3182
Sycamore Cottage, x3398
                                                              RELIGIOUS AND SPIRITUAL LIFE
DEAN OF EDUCATIONAL AND STUDENT AFFAIRS                       Mead Hall 021, x3718 or x3711
Brothers College 114, x3327
                                                              RESIDENCE LIFE
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICES                    Holloway Annex, x3394
Brothers College 119, x3608
                                                              STUDENT ACTIVITIES AND UNIVERSITY CENTER
Sycamore Cottage, x3397

Please note: Information and dates are subject to change. A continually updated version of this handbook is available at
                                                                                                                           Daniel’s Dictionary 2005-06

                               D A N I E L’ S D I C T I O N A R Y
                          College Edition • 2005–06
                    D A N I E L’ S D I C T I O N A R Y • 2 0 0 5 – 0 6
                    w w w. d e p t s . d r e w. e d u / e s a / h a n d b o o k / c l a

                    TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S               15 Exams (final)                    21 Teacher Certification
                                                               15 Fellowships
                          THE ABCs OF                                                                 esa/teacher
                      4                                        16 Grade Point Average
                          CAMPUS LIFE                                                              22 Tutors
                           4 WHOM TO SEE AND                                                
                             WHERE TO GO FOR                   16 Grades (A, B, C, etc.)              esa/tutoring
                             HELP                              16 Grade Disputes                   22 Writing Center
                           7 OFFICES AND NUMBERS               16 Grade Reports             
                             YOU SHOULD KNOW                                                          writecen
                                                               16 Graduation, Application
                          DANIEL’S DIRECTORY                   17 Honors at Graduation
                      8                                                                            EDUCATIONAL &
                          TO DOWNTOWN                                                         23
                                                               17 Honor Societies                  STUDENT AFFAIRS
                          AND BEYOND
                                                               18 Incomplete                       FROM A TO Z
                                                                                                   23 Dean of Educational and
                                                               18 International and
                          UNIVERSITY HISTORY                                                          Student Affairs
                     10                                           Off-Campus Programs
                          AND MISSION AND                                                   
                          DIVERSITY STATEMENT                     offcamp                          23 Associate Dean of
                                                                                                      Student Life
                                                               18 Learning Differences
                     12                                        19 Library, University
                          INFORMATION FROM A-Z                                                     24 Dean’s Certification
                          12 Academic Advising                                                        Letters
                                                               19 Major, Declaring a
                          12 Academic Honesty                                                      24 Excused Absence
                               19 Make-up Work

                          12 Academic Progress
                             (warning, probation, etc.)

                          13 Academic Requirements

                          13 Academic Year

                          13 Add/Drop

                          13 Attendance
                                                               19 Minor, Declaring a               24 Leave of Absence
                          14 Classification of Students                                               (Voluntary and Required)
                                                               19 Music/Private Lessons
                             (seniors, juniors, etc.)
                                                               20 Observatory                      24 Re-admission/Re-entry
                          14 Class Status
                                                                                                   24 Study-Away (in U.S.)
Table of Contents

                                                               20 Privacy of Student
                          14 Course Lists
                                                                  Records (FERPA)                  24 Transferring
                          14 Course Withdrawal          
                                                                                                   24 Alcohol Permit
                          14 Dean’s List                       20 P/U Option
                                                                                                   25 Change of Status
                          14 Drew Scholars                     21 Registrar                           (commuter to resident, etc.)
                          15 EOS Program                
                                                                                                   25 Harassing Phone Calls
                               21 Repeating Courses

25 Student Conduct Policy            35 Rules and Regulations               APPENDIX
                                        (Community Standards      
25 Who’s Who
26 Withdrawal/Dismissal                                                     handbook/cla/policies
                                     41 Student Activities and
27 Campus Recreation                                                   79   INDEX
                                        University Center     
27 Career Center                        stuactiv                            ACADEMIC CALENDAR

27 Academic Internship
                                     UNIVERSITY OFFICES
   Program                      44
                                     FROM A TO Z
                                     44 Alumni/ae and Parent
28 Federal Community
                                     44 Athletics (Inter-Collegiate)
   Service Program
   career/fcsp.htm                   45 Bookstore
28 Off-Campus Student
   Employment                        45 Buildings & Grounds
28 Counseling &
   Psychological Services               46 Business Office
28 Alcohol/Drug Counselor
                                     47 Computing and Network
29 Suicide
30 English for Speakers of    
   Other Languages (ESOL)
                                     48 Financial Assistance
                                     49 Work/Study (campus
30 Conversation Partners
31 Food Service
                                     49 Housing, Conferences
                                        & Hospitality
32 Health Service
                                     49 Housing Office
   health                            50 Scheduling

32 Medical Insurance                 50 Mail & Duplicating
33 International Student
   Services                          50 Media Resource Center        
                                                                                                        Table of Contents

   esa/iss                           51 Public Safety & Parking
33 Religious Life                            53 Telephones
34 Residence Life                       telecom        54 Television

                       THE ABCs OF CAMPUS LIFE
                       Where to go for help

                         A                                        B
                                                                                                      (psychological), Dr. Marianne O’Hare
                                                                                                      Sycamore Cottage, x3398
                       ABSENCES                                 BILLS
                       (dean’s excuse)                          (payment), Cashier, Business Office
                                                                                                      CUE (CONTINUING UNIVERSITY
                       Dean Edye Lawler                         Tilghman 1, x3114
                                                                                                      EDUCATION) Trish Laprey
                       Brothers College 114, x3327
                                                                                                      Hall of Sciences, Rooms 8–11, x3618
                                                                (problems), Joseph Kelly
                       ACADEMIC ADVISING                        Business Office, Tilghman 1, x3900
                       Dean Edye Lawler
                       Brothers College 114, x3327
                                                                                                      DIS (DREW INTERNATIONAL
                       ACADEMIC INTERNSHIPS
                                                                                                      SEMINAR) Carlo Colecchia
                       Pat Harris, Career Center/UC 101         CAMPUS CALENDAR                       International and Off-Campus
                       x3566                                    HCH Learning Center, x3308            Programs, Brothers College 115
                       ACADEMIC PROBLEMS                        CAMPUS-WIDE MESSAGES
                       Dean Edye Lawler                         (approval of email or vmail) Dean     DISCRIMINATION
                       Brothers College 114, x3327              Frank Merckx, Sycamore Cottage        Dr. George-Harold Jennings
                                                                x3390                                 Affirmative Action Officer
                       ACTIVITIES (STUDENT)                                                           Sycamore Cottage, x3392
                       Maria Miceli-Jacobson                    CAR REGISTRATION
                       UC 110, x3455                            Public Safety, Pepin, x3379           DRUG/ALCOHOL PROBLEMS
                                                                                                      Audra Tonero, Hall of Sciences 342
                       ADD/DROP (CLASSES)                       CAREER COUNSELING                     x3318
                       Office of the Registrar, Tilghman 1      Laure Paul, Career Center/UC 101
                       x3025                                    x3710                                 DRUG HOTLINE
                                                                                                      (on-campus tips line), x5656
                       ALCOHOL/DRUG PROBLEMS                    CLUBS
                       Audra Tonero, Hall of Sciences 342       (student), Maria Miceli-Jacobson
                       x3318                                    UC 110, x3455                           E

                       ATHLETICS                                CNS HELPDESK                          EMERGENCIES
                       (inter-collegiate)                       Brothers College/Lower Level, x3205   Public Safety Office, Pepin, x4444
                       Dr. Connee Zotos, Forum, x3648
                                                                COMMENCEMENT                          EXAMS
                       AUTO REGULATIONS                         (program, social events)              (Missing a final), Dean Edye Lawler
Where To Go For Help

                       (parking, registration), Public Safety   Dawn Cerciello, Office of the         Brothers College 114, x3327
                       Pepin, x3379                             Registrar, Tilghman 1, x3211
                                                                                                      EXCUSED ABSENCE
                                                                COMPUTER PROBLEMS/REPAIRS             Dean Edye Lawler
                                                                CNS Help Desk, Brothers College/      Brothers College 114, x3327
                                                                Lower Level, x3205

  F                                     H                                   J

FINANCIAL AID                          HEALTH PROBLEMS                    JOBS
Norma Betz, Tilghman 2, x3637          Kathleen Nottage, Health Service   (off campus), Mary Jane Ryan
                                       x3414                              Career Center/UC 101, x3710
(Aramark), The Commons, x3468          HOUSING                            (on campus), Zarinah Smith
                                       Bob Meade, HCH                     Office of Financial Assistance
FORUM                                  Learning Center 59, x3681          Tilghman House, x3717
(hours of operation, general info)
(security desk), x1768
                                       IMMIGRATION INFORMATION
                                       Char Lee Kibler                    LEARNING DIFFERENCES
(scheduling of facilities)                                                Dean Edye Lawler
                                       Brothers College 119, x3182
Christa Racine, x3650                                                     Brothers College 114, x3327
  G                                    (academic), Pat Harris             LEAVE OF ABSENCE
                                       Career Center/UC 101, x3566        Dean Edye Lawler
GRADUATION                                                                Brothers College 114, x3327
(academic status, requirements)        INTERNATIONAL STUDENT
Carol Gates, Office of the Registrar   SERVICES                           LIBRARY
Tilghman 1, x3247                      Char Lee Kibler                    General information, x3486
                                       Brothers College 119, x3182        Hours, x3125
                                                                          Reference desk, x3588
                                       INTRAMURAL SPORTS
                                       TBA, Forum 262, x3444              LOST AND FOUND
                                                                          UC Desk, x3456, or
                                                                          Public Safety Office, Pepin, x3379


                                                                          MAIL ROOM
                                                                          University Center, x3449
                                                                          Pepin, Kevin Healy, x3601

                                                                          MEAL PLAN
                                                                          Business Office, Tilghman 1, x3114

                                                                          MEDICAL ATTENTION
                                                                                                               Where To Go For Help

                                                                          Kathleen Nottage, Health Service


                                                                          (The Acorn), UC 124, x3451

                       NOTARY SERVICES                            REPAIRS/MAINTENANCE                      TELEPHONE PROBLEMS/QUESTIONS
                       Maryann Errico, Alumni/ae House, x3233     (in residence halls), Service Response   Learning Center 69, x3333
                       Erin Hennessey, Mead Hall, x3580 or        Center/Facilities, Pepin, x3510
                       Diane Zsombik, Madison House, x3328                                                 THEFT
                                                                  ROOMMATE PROBLEMS                        Public Safety, Pepin, x3379
                                                                  Residence Life Office, Holloway Annex
                         O                                        x3394                                    TRANSCRIPTS
                                                                                                           TBA, Tilghman 1, x3754
                       OBSCENE PHONE CALLS
                       Dean Frank Merckx                           S                                       TRANSFER
                       Sycamore Cottage, x3390                                                             (to another school), Dean Edye
                                                                  SPORTS INFORMATION                       Lawler, Brothers College 114, x3327
                       OFF-CAMPUS PROGRAMS                        Jennifer Brauner, Forum, x3574
                       Carlo Colecchia                                                                     TUITION PAYMENT
                       Brothers College 115, x3047                STUDENT CLUBS/                           Cashier, Business Office, Tilghman 1
                                                                  ORGANIZATIONS                            x3114
                                                                  Maria Miceli-Jacobson, UC 110, x3455
                         P                                                                                 TUTORS
                                                                  STUDENT GOVERNMENT                       (academic), Dr. Carolyn G. Rooney
                       PARKING PERMITS                            ASSOCIATION (SGA)                        Brothers College 119, x3608
                       Public Safety, Pepin, x3379                Adam Alonso, President
                                                                  Jennifer McGroarty, Vice-President
                       PARKING TICKET APPEALS                     UC 108, x3450                             U
                       Sycamore Cottage, x3986
                                                                  STUDY ABROAD                             UC DESK
                       POOL                                       Carlo Colecchia, Brothers College        x3456
                       (information), Dorsi Raynolds              115, x3047
                       Forum, x3094
                                                                  STUDY AWAY
                       PRE-MED ADVISING                           (approved list), Carlo Colecchia
                       Prof. Elizabeth Justin                     Brothers College 115, x3047
                                                                                                           Char Lee Kibler, Brothers College 119
                       Hall of Sciences 123, x3656
                                                                  (in the US; January and summer
                                                                  sessions), Carol Gates
                       PSYCHOLOGICAL COUNSELING                                                            VOCATIONAL COUNSELING
                                                                  Tilghman 1 x3247
                       Dr. Marianne O’Hare                                                                 Laure Paul, Career Center
                       Sycamore Cottage, x3398                                                             UC 101, x3710
                                                                  SUMMER SCHOOL
                                                                  Trish Laprey, Hall of Sciences
                       PUBLIC SAFETY
                                                                  Rooms 8–11, x3618
                       Chief Tom Evans, Pepin, x3379                                                        W

                                                                   T                                       WITHDRAWAL
                         R                                                                                 Dean Edye Lawler
                                                                  TELEPHONE BILLS                          Brothers College 114, x3327
Where To Go For Help

                       RECREATION/SPORTS                          Strategic Telecommunications
                       TBA, Forum 262, x3444                      Consulting (STC), x7820                  WORK/STUDY
                                                                                                           (jobs, eligibility), Zarinah Smith
                       REGISTRATION                               TELEPHONE CALLS                          Tilghman 2, x3717
                       Registrar Horace Tate, Tilghman 1, x3025   (obscene, threatening, nuisance)
                                                                  Dean Frank Merckx, Sycamore              WRITING
                       RELIGIOUS AND SPIRITUAL LIFE                                                        (help with papers), Erek Smith
                                                                  Cottage, x3390
                       Rev. Tanya Bennett, Mead Hall 021                                                   Writing Center, Brothers College
                       x3718                                                                               Chapel, x3617
                       Akiva Roth, Mead Hall 021, x3711


Academic Affairs                    Educational and                         x3394   Residence Life

                                    Student Affairs                         x3574   Sports Information
x3327   Academic Advising
                                    x3318    Alcohol/Drug Counselor
x3566   Academic Internship                                                 x3454   Student Activities Office
        Program                     x3390    Associate Dean of
                                             Educational and                x3456   UC Information Desk
x3205   CNS Help Desk                        Student Affairs

                                    x3648    Athletic Department
x3327   Dean of Educational and                                             Administrative
        Student Affairs
                                    x3444    Campus Recreation Services     Offices
x3321   Dean of the College                                                 x3229   Alumni/ae and Parent Affairs
                                    x3710    Career Center
x3608   Educational Services                                                x3097   Bookstore
                                    x3398    Counseling and
x3578   EOS (Educational                     Psychological Services         x3114   Business Office
        Opportunity Scholars)
                                            FEEL     DOWN?                  x3240   Duplicating Services
x3438   Off-Campus Programs                DIAL G-O-O-D (4663)
                                   The PAR hotline run by peer counselors   x3510   Facilities
x3327   Learning Differences                 5 p.m. to 9 a.m.
                                                                            x3112   Financial Assistance
x3486   Library Circulation Desk
                                    x3327    Dean of Educational and
                                                                            x3103   HCH (Housing, Conferences
x3588   Library Reference Desk               Student Affairs
                                                                                    and Hospitality)

x3656   Pre-Med Advising            x3318    Drug/Alcohol Counselor
                                                                            x3601   Mail Room/Pepin

                                                                                                                   Offices and Numbers You Should Know
x3025   Registrar                   x3397    ESOL (English for Speakers
                                                                            x3349   Mail Room/UC
                                             of Other Languages)

x3608   Tutors                                                              x3342   MRC (Media Resource
                                    x3468    Food Service (Aramark)
x3617   Writing Center
                                    x3441    Forum (hours and general
                                                                            x3379   Public Safety Desk

                                                                               IN   AN    EMERGENCY?
                                    x1768    Forum (security desk)
                                                                                Public Safety can be contacted
                                                                                        24 hours a day
                                    x3414    Health Service

                                    x3182    International Student
                                                                            x3333   Telecommunications

                                    x3718    Religious and Spiritual Life

                      DIRECTORY OF DOWNTOWN
                      and beyond...

                      To find out which Madison       MADISON HOTEL                          Movie Theaters
                      merchants offer discounts to    One Convent Station and
                      Drew students, check            Madison Avenue, Morristown             CLEARVIEW CHATHAM CINEMA
               973/285-1800                           Shunpike Road (Hickory Tree
                                                                                             Shopping Plaza), Chatham
                                                      WESTIN MORRISTOWN HOTEL                973/822-1550
                      Banks                           2 Whippany Road, Morristown
                                                      973/539-7300                           CLEARVIEW HEADQUARTERS
                      THE BANK OF NEW YORK                                                   PLAZA
                      (providing 24-hour on-campus                                           72 Headquarters Plaza, Morristown
                      banking) 10 Greenwood Avenue
                                                      Hotlines                               973/292-0606
                      Madison 973/377-0606
                                                      AIDS HOTLINE                           CLEARVIEW MADISON CINEMA 4
                      CHASE BANK                      (referrals, counseling, and testing)   14 Lincoln Place, Madison
                      2 Waverly Place, Madison        800/624-2377                           973/377-2388
                                                      ALCOHOL/SUBSTANCE ABUSE
                                                      800/443-9181                           Museums
                      Coffee and Such
                                                      WOMEN’S REFERRAL CENTER                MORRIS MUSEUM OF ARTS AND
                      BAGEL CHATEAU                                                          SCIENCES
                      45 Main Street, Madison                                                Columbia Turnpike, Morristown
                      973/301-9888                                                           973/971-3700
                      DUNKIN DONUTS                                                          WATERLOO VILLAGE
                      227 Main Street, Madison        MADISON PUBLIC LIBRARY                 Route 80, Exit 25, Stanhope
                      973/443-9009                    39 Keep Street, Madison                973/347-0900
                      311 Main Street, Madison        MORRISTOWN AND MORRIS                  Pizza+
                      973/410-0244                    TOWNSHIP LIBRARY
                                                      1 Miller Road, Morristown              DOMINO’S PIZZA
                                                      973/538-6161                           8 Park Avenue, Madison
                      Hotels                                                                 973/593-0070

                      BEST WESTERN/
                      MORRISTOWN INN
Downtown and Beyond

                      270 South Street, Morristown

                      HAMILTON PARK
                      175 Park Avenue, Florham Park

15 Central Avenue, Madison           6 Main Street, Madison               Direct service to the Port Authority
973/765-0565                         973/822-3359                         in New York City.
                                                                          Schedules available at the UC Desk
ROCCO’S                              CHATHAM SALSA                        973/366-0600
30 Cook Plaza, Madison               255A Main Street, Chatham
973/377-7161                         973/635-0055                         TRAIN
                                                                          (FROM THE MADISON TRAIN
ROMANELLI’S                          GARLIC ROSE                          STATION)
42 Lincoln Place, Madison            41 Main Street, Madison              NJ TRANSIT
973/377-9515                         973/822-1178                         • Local-stop service
                                                                          • Midtown Direct” service to Penn
                                     MAIN STREETS CAFÉ                      Station, New York
Recreation                           54 Main Street, Madison              • PATH tube or ferry from Hoboken
                                     973/966-0252                           to lower Manhattan 800/772-2222
PINCH BROOK PUBLIC COURSE                                                 AMTRAK
                                     MAMA TUCCI’S
239 Ridgedale Avenue, Florham Park                                        Service from Penn Station/Newark to
                                     77 Main Street, Madison
973/377-2039                                                              various points along the East Coast
                                                                          schedules available at the UC Desk
HORSEBACK RIDING                                                          800/872-7245
                                     ON A ROLL
                                     50 1/2 Main Street, Madison
440 South Street, Morristown                                              LIMOUSINE
973/267-1372                                                              (SERVICE TO AIRPORTS)
                                     POOR HERBIE’S                        AIRPORTER
ICE SKATING                                                               Budget-rate ($23) shuttle service
                                     13 Waverly Place, Madison
MENNEN SPORTS ARENA                                                       between Newark and JFK airports
161 E. Hanover Avenue, Morris                                             leaves hourly (most times of day)
Township                                                                  800/468-6696
                                     SAGES PAGES
                                     250 Main Street, Madison
                                     973/377-9473                         ROSE CITY LIMO
PARKS                                                                     212 Main Street, Madison
LEWIS MORRIS COUNTY PARK                                                  973/377-2146
                                     SOHO 33
Route 24 between Morristown and
                                     33 Main Street, Madison
Mendham                                                                   SUMMIT EXPRESS
973/326-7600                                                              24-hour car and limousine service to
                                     TOP NOTCH                            Newark, LaGuardia, and JFK airports
RAFTING/CANOEING                                                          973/635-9889
                                     4 Park Avenue, Madison
Matamoras, PA
800/356-2852                                                              Video Rentals
                                     Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n           BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO
                                                                                                                 Downtown and Beyond

Restaurants, Pubs                    BUS
                                                                          311 Main Street, Madison
                                                                          (across from Staples shopping
and Cafés                            (FROM THE DREW MAIN GATE)            center) 973/410-0345
                                     NJ TRANSIT
                                     Local-stop service from Morristown
20 Waverly Place, Madison                                                 WEST COAST VIDEO
                                     to the Livingston Mall
973/443-0595                                                              (HUGE SELECTION)
                                                                          463 Main Street, Chatham

                                 UNIVERSITY HISTORY
                                 AND MISSION

                                 M I S S I O N S TAT E M E N T           DREW DIVERSITY                          growth and change. A particularly
                                                                                                                 notable innovation was the development
                                 AND PHILOSOPHY                          S TAT E M E N T                         of off-campus semester-long programs,
                                 OF THE UNIVERSITY                       Drew University is committed to
                                                                                                                 blending academic and experiential
                                                                                                                 learning, that were among the first
                                                                         seeking academic excellence while
                                 Drew University’s highest priority                                              offered by an American college.
                                                                         striving continuously to be a
                                 is excellence in liberal education in
                                                                         welcoming, diverse, and socially just   By 1970 the College had grown to
                                 a changing world environment.
                                                                         campus. We aspire to provide an         1,100 students and, during the 70s,
                                 This priority guides the planning,
                                                                         education that in content, scope,       the now widely imitated freshman
                                 implementation, and evaluation of
                                                                         and pedagogy embraces difference        seminar program was introduced. In
                                 the programs and activities of the
                                                                         and promotes respect that extends       1984, Drew became the first liberal
                                 University as well as the stewardship
                                                                         beyond the classroom to all             arts college to provide personal
                                 of its varied resources.
                                                                         University spaces and to local and      computers to all its students as part
                                 Excellence in liberal education at      global communities. Diversity           of their tuition. During the tenure of
                                 Drew requires scholarly and creative    encompasses multiple dimensions,        the University’s 10th president,
                                 faculty who teach effectively,          including, but not limited to, race,    Thomas H. Kean (1990-2005), the
                                 intellectually prepared students        culture, nationality, ethnicity,        University saw the construction of
                                 who want to learn, and alumni/ae        geographic origin, class, sexual        the William E. and Carol G. Simon
                                 who support their endeavors.            orientation, gender, disability, age,   Forum and Athletic Center and the
                                 This excellence emphasizes the          and religion. Our intent is to          Dorothy Young Center for the Arts.
                                 inter-relatedness of learning in        achieve a learning environment in       In addition, applications increased,
                                 the undergraduate, graduate, and        which students, faculty, and staff      the endowment nearly tripled, and
                                 theological schools and promotes        understand the challenges,              new off-campus study programs
                                 intellectual rigor and responsible      accomplishments, and perspectives       were launched.
                                 citizenship, while preparing            of various groups of people, thus
                                 individuals for eventful lives.         gaining a fuller understanding of       On July 1, 2005, the University
                                                                         themselves as well as how to            welcomed its 11th president, Dr.
                                 Drew University endeavors to create     engage in conversation spanning         Robert Weisbuch, whose national
                                 a distinctive environment for liberal   differences and commonalities.          reputation as a spokesman for the
                                 education. Characteristics of this      Achieving this vision is a              liberal arts will help Drew further
                                 environment are an ethos of curiosity   fundamental commitment critical to      enhance its reputation as one of the
                                 and achievement with an intentionally   Drew University's mission as an         finest liberal arts colleges in the
                                 intimate community of learning,         institution of higher learning.         country. Formerly head of the
                                 emphasizing close student-faculty                                               Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship
                                 relationships, and close partnerships                                           Foundation, President Weisbuch
                                                                         DREW HISTORY
University History and Mission

                                 among students. This ethos                                                      served 25 years at the University of
                                 includes respect for individuality      (SHORT VERSION)                         Michigan in positions including Chair
                                 and appreciation of diversity. Drew                                             of the Department of English,
                                 University places special attention     The College admitted its first class    Associate Vice President for
                                 on the ongoing evaluation and           of 12 students in 1928, building upon   Research, and interim Dean of the
                                 improvement of teaching and             the success and reputation of the       Rackham School of Graduate
                                 learning, the uses of technology, and   Drew Theological Seminary (which        Studies.
                                 the global contest of knowledge.        was chartered in 1868). From the
                                                                         start, it was intended that the         Today, the College offers majors in
                                                                         College would be a small and close      29 disciplines and minors in another
                                                                         academic community. It enrolled         18. Drew undergraduates, one third
                                                                         only 400 students in 1948 and grew      of whom rank in the top 10 percent
                                                                         to just 600 students by 1960. The       of their high school classes, hail
                                                                         next decade began a period of rapid     from 43 states and 12 foreign

countries. With a median high              DREW FOREST                              A D M I N I S T R AT I O N
school class rank of 91.5 percent,         “The Forest” was the name given
Drew students are among the                in the 1700s to the land which, in       AND GOVERNANCE
strongest in the nation.                   the 1800s, became the summer
                                                                                    The Drew administration consists
                                           estate of Georgia-born planter and
As the 21st century unfolds, the                                                    of many different people-some
                                           businessman William Gibbons and
College is confident that it will, as it                                            academic, some non-academic in
                                           his family. As the Gibbons property
has for the past 77 years, provide its                                              discipline, training, and responsibility
                                           through the early 1860s, it was
students with an excellent education                                                —who report to the president, who
                                           formally called The Forest. Since
that blends the timeless values of                                                  in turn reports to the University
                                           the property’s ownership and
the liberal arts with contemporary                                                  Board of Trustees.
                                           occupation by Drew, it has continued
ways of knowing. It is an education
                                           to be called “The Forest” (hence, the    BOARD OF TRUSTEES
that Drew graduates will value
                                           name, “The University in the Forest”).   As an incorporated, not-for-profit
throughout their lives.
                                                                                    center of higher learning, Drew
                                           The Forest Preserve is located on
                                                                                    University is governed by a volunteer
                                           campus, a 38-acre area set aside
WHO WAS                                    for posterity from among Drew’s
                                                                                    board of trustees who together
                                                                                    hold financial and legal (fiduciary)
DANIEL DREW?                               186-acres. The entrance to the
                                                                                    responsibility for the University.
                                           nature walk is located in the upper
              The Wall Street tycoon                                                The Drew board numbers between
                                           left corner of the baseball field (or
              who told friends that he                                              40 and 50 and meets three times a
                                           down the right field line). Within the
              “wanted to do                                                         year to conduct the business of the
                                           Preserve are two glacially formed
              something for the                                                     University. Standing committees
                                           ponds and the Zuck Arboretum, an
              Methodist Church,” in                                                 meet on a more regular basis.
                                           outdoor lab facility for the science
1867 supplied $250,000 for the real
                                           department (and a great place to         ADMINISTRATION
estate and endowment of the Drew
                                           crosscountry ski!).
Theological Seminary—the largest                                                    Dr. Robert Weisbuch, President
gift to American higher education at       Also of note: The Hardin Oak, a          Margaret E. L. (Peggi) Howard
the time. The financier, whose early       400-year-old tree named for a past       Vice President for Administration
cattle dealings gave birth to the term     president of Drew.                       and University Relations
“watered stock,” managed the                                                        Michael B. McKitish, Vice President
school’s endowment through stock           MEAD HALL
                                                                                    of Finance and Business Affairs
and bond manipulations until, in 1875,     From the time of its construction in
                                           1836 to the present, Mead Hall has       Ronald A. Ross, Vice President of
his speculative practices nearly                                                    Development and Alumni/ae Affairs
bankrupted the young seminary.             lived a storied history. Built as a
                                                                                    Dr. Paolo M. Cucchi, Vice President

                                                                                                                               Daniel Drew, Administration and Governance
                                           mansion in the Greek Revival style,
In life, Drew failed to silence those      the building predates the founding       and Dean of the College
critics who believed his gift to the       of the University. A fire devastated     Dr. Maxine Clark Beach, Vice
seminary an attempt to buy his way         Mead Hall in August 1989. Thanks,        President and Dean of the
into heaven. In death, the founder         however, to a $13 million project        Theological School
continues to struggle against his          (funded in part by the New Jersey        Dr. James H. Pain, Dean of the
robber baron reputation. In 1973,          Historic Trust) the building has been    Caspersen School of Graduate Studies
when a handful of Drew students            restored to its pre-Civil War
                                                                                    Dr. Edwina (Edye) Lawler, Dean of
volunteered to help the Brewster,          splendor. Individual contributions
                                                                                    Educational and Student Affairs
N.Y. Landmarks Preservation                also helped refurbish the structure.
Committee restore the financier’s                                                   Mary Beth Carey, Dean of College
grave site, one student detractor          Today, Mead Hall is the architectural    Admissions and Financial Assistance
remarked that, “his grave might            focus of the campus. Small seminar       Frank C. Merckx, Associate Dean of
better be left to the insults of nature    rooms can be found on the first floor    Educational and Student Affairs
and fellow thieves.”                       and basement. The President’s
                                                                                    Laure Paul, Associate Dean of
                                           Office, the Office of the Vice
                                                                                    Student Affairs
COLORS:   Oxford Blue and                  President for Administration, and the
                                                                                    Dr. Edward Domber, Associate
          Lincoln Green                    Vice President/Dean of the College,
                                                                                    Dean of the College
NICKNAME: The Rangers                      and Vice President/Dean of the
MASCOT:   Ranger Bear                      Theological School are located on        Wendy Kolmar, Associate Dean of
                                           the second floor.                        the College

                       A C A D E M I C I N F O R M AT I O N F R O M A T O Z
                       Educational Policies And Regulations

                       ACADEMIC                                ACADEMIC                               Students must maintain satisfactory
                                                                                                      progress toward the degree overall
                       ADVISING                                PROGRESS                               and in performance in the semester
                       Your academic adviser is a faculty      All students (with few exceptions)     just concluded to continue in good
                       member who helps you plan your          are expected to maintain full-time     standing. The following guidelines
                       course of study throughout your four    registration (12 credits or more/      are used by the Committee on
                       years at Drew. Your adviser reviews     semester) and will normally complete   Academic Standing to place students
                       your course registration for each       the B.A. in four academic years        on status when satisfactory progress
                       semester and assists you in selecting   (eight semesters) with a minimum       is not made:
                       the courses you need to complete        of 128 credits. In no case may a
                       your major and minor and to meet        full-time student expect to spend      WARNING
                       all graduation requirements. Be         more than five years (10 semesters)    Semester GPA between 1.99 and
                       sure to meet with your adviser prior    unless granted an exception by the     1.90; or any credit deficiency based
                       to registering online.                  Academic Standing Committee (ASC).     upon the number of semesters
                                                                                                      completed; or major GPA below 2.00.
                                                               Students who fall behind in either
                       ACADEMIC                                grades or credit hours will be         PROBATION
                                                               subject to review by the ASC. This     Semester GPA between 1.89 and
                       HONESTY                                                                        1.40. If a student does not earn 12
                                                               committee can place students on
                       The University places high value        warning/probation, require a leave     credits and a 2.00 semester average
                       on academic integrity and honesty.      of absence, or dismiss a student on    during a semester on Probation, the
                       Faculty are instructed to report        academic grounds.                      student may be placed on Required
                       alleged dishonesty (such as cheating                                           Leave.
                       on a test, plagiarism) to the Dean of
                       the College. Students are requested
                       to cooperate by reporting cases of
                       observed dishonesty. A faculty
                       committee will investigate

                       The maximum penalty for a first
                       offense is suspension from the
                       College; for a second offense,
                       dismissal. Every student is given a
                       copy of the Standards of Academic
                       Integrity and should be familiar with
Academic Information

                       its contents.

REQUIRED LEAVE                           For graduation, the cumulative           class absences must be completed
Semester GPA below 1.40. After           grade point average (both overall        by the student. Excessive absence
at least one semester on Required        and in the major) must be at least       can result in failure of the course.
Leave, a student may petition the        2.00. For more details, please
Academic Standing Committee for          contact Dean Lawler, x3327.              Each professor sets his/her own
re-admission. Upon return, the                                                    policy for attendance and partici-
student is placed on Strict                                                       pation in class. In cases of illness
Probation.                               ACADEMIC YEAR                            or emergency, the student should
                                                                                  contact the professor(s) and the
STRICT PROBATION                         The academic year for full-time          Dean of Educational and Student
If a student does not complete a         students consists of two 13-week         Affairs, x3327.
minimum of 12 credits and earn at        semesters. In addition, there are two
least a 2.00 semester GPA during a       summer sessions. The University
semester on Strict Probation, the        offers both weekday and evening
student may be required to withdraw      classes utilizing the semester credit-
from the College.                        hour system. Four credit hours are
                                         earned for satisfactory work in at
                                         least 150 minutes of class per week
                                         for a semester. For a laboratory
Once on Required Withdrawal, a
                                         course, a longer period of laboratory
student may not return to the College.
                                         work is required for a semester
                                         credit hour.
Although these categories are listed
in increasing order of severity, a
step-by-step progression is not to
be inferred. For example, a student      ADD/DROP
who earns no credit during a semester
                                         During the fall and spring semesters,
will be placed on Required Leave.
                                         students are permitted to change
                                         their course selection normally only
For further details on academic          within the first two weeks of the
progress and sanctions, see              semester. A course may be added
“Academic Discipline” under              during the second week only with
Student Conduct Policy in the            the consent and signature of both
Appendix.                                instructor and adviser. No courses
                                         may be added after the end of the
                                         second week of the semester. For
ACADEMIC                                 summer session add/drop information,
REQUIREMENTS                             please review the summer term
                                         brochure. The brochure is normally
All students must complete a             published in March.
minimum of 128 semester hours, of
which at least 64 must be completed
at Drew University. In addition,
                                         AT T E N D A N C E
                                                                                                                         Academic Information

students must complete 64 credits
beyond the introductory level and        Regular class attendance is the
at least 32 must be at the upper         responsibility of each student.
level. All students must fulfill the     Instructors are permitted to include
requirements of a major and those        a portion of the final grade for
of the general education program.        attendance. All work missed by

                       C L A S S I F I C AT I O N               • An unclassified student is a part-      COURSE
                                                                  time student working toward a
                       OF STUDENTS                                degree.
                                                                                                          W I T H D R AWA L
                       Full-time students are classified as
                                                                                                          To withdraw from a course you must
                       follows:                                 • A special student is a full- or part-
                                                                                                          file an add/drop form in the Office
                                                                  time student who is not enrolled
                                                                                                          of the Registrar. Courses dropped
                       SENIORS                                    as a degree candidate (visiting
                                                                                                          after the end of the second week
                       all students with 92 or more credit        students from other schools
                                                                                                          of classes (but within the first nine
                       hours or (regardless of number of          enrolled in Drew special-semester
                                                                                                          weeks) will be marked “W.” Courses
                       hours credited) who expect to              programs excepted).
                                                                                                          may not be dropped after the end of
                       complete degree requirements
                                                                                                          the ninth week.
                       during the academic year.                • A visiting student is a student
                                                                  from another college or university
                                                                                                          Students who adjust their schedules
                       JUNIORS                                    attending Drew on a temporary
                                                                                                          during the first two weeks of a
                       all students with 56 or more credit        basis by special arrangement with
                                                                                                          semester (so that the overall course
                       hours who are not seniors.                 and the approval of the student’s
                                                                                                          load falls below 12 credits or above
                                                                  home school.
                                                                                                          20) will have their tuition and
                       SECOND-YEAR STUDENTS
                                                                                                          financial aid adjusted accordingly.
                       students with 26 to 55 hours credited.   • Non-Drew students are visiting
                                                                  Drew for a special-semester
                       FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS                        program.
                                                                                                          DEAN'S LIST
                       students with fewer than 26 credit
                       hours.                                                                             A student with a semester average
                                                                C L A S S S TAT U S                       of 3.40 or better (on a registration of
                                                                                                          12 or more hours with no incompletes
                                                                Eligibility for housing is determined
                                                                                                          outstanding or unreported grades) is
                                                                by a student’s starting date and
                                                                                                          eligible for the Dean’s List. Students
                                                                expected graduation date—not by
                                                                                                          whose Drew registration is less than
                                                                the number of credits attained
                                                                                                          full-time (but whose total registration
                                                                (as described above). Your Drew
                                                                                                          is full-time due to additional
                                                                acceptance letter—”Welcome to the
                                                                                                          registration in the teacher certification
                                                                Class of ____” determines your
                                                                                                          program at the College of Saint
                                                                starting date and regardless of AP
                                                                                                          Elizabeth) are eligible also.
                                                                credits, summer school courses,
                                                                etc., this date determines your
                                                                eligibility for room selection.
                                                                                                          DREW SCHOLARS/
                                                                                                          TRUSTEE SCHOLARS
                                                                COURSE LISTS                              Each year a select number of first-
                                                                The course list for each semester is      year students enter as Drew or
                                                                available on the Campus Web via           Trustee Scholars. Selection for this
                                                                                                          program is highly competitive.
Academic Information

                                                                the Registrar’s departmental Web
                                                                page           Each scholar receives a merit award
                                                                Paper copies are maintained in the        renewable annually for the standard
                                                                Office of the Registrar.                  four years of college, provided the
                                                                                                          minimum requirements to retain the
                                                                                                          scholarship are met or exceeded.

E D U C AT I O N A L                      EXAMS (Final)                              Changes in the final examination
OPPORTUNITY                               The schedule is published on the            schedule (because of conflicts,
SCHOLARS (EOS)                            Registrar’s Web site                          serious illness, or personal
                                 at the          emergency) are made only with the
PROGRAM                                                                                 permission of Dean Lawler
                                          beginning of each semester.                    Changes do occur, so be certain to              (BC 113, x3514 or x3327).
Cordelza Haynes, Director                 check the network close to the time       Students may not negotiate a make-up
Sycamore Cottage, x3578                   of finals. The following rules apply      date directly with the faculty member
                                          to final examinations:                  involved. Faculty regulations forbid that.
This program is a joint partnership
between the New Jersey Commission
                                          • Final examinations are proctored      • Semester examinations may not be
of Higher Education and Drew
                                            by faculty members. No books or         given to individuals other than those
University. The EOS Program
                                            papers may be brought to an             scheduled for the class as a whole.
supports talented and motivated
                                            examination except by direction
students who have been burdened
                                            of the instructor of the course       • Neither semester examinations nor
historically with academic and
                                            concerned.                              written hourly examinations may
economic disadvantages. To be
                                                                                    be given to a class during the last
eligible, students must be residents
                                          • In three-hour final examinations        five days or during the reading
of New Jersey and meet both the
                                            there normally is a 10-minute           period of the semester (any
academic and financial criteria
                                            recess after the first 90 minutes.      exception must be approved by
established by the state. Candidates
                                            Instructors may give examinations       the Dean of the College, x3321,
for this program are recruited,
                                            of other types in upper-level           and the Dean’s Council.
assessed, and admitted on a
                                            courses at their discretion.
selective basis.

Students enrolled in the program
                                          • If a student is scheduled for three   FELLOWSHIPS
                                            finals in one calendar day, one of
receive a broad range of services                                                 Prof. Sarah Abramowitz, Adviser
                                            the exams may be rescheduled at
during their four years at Drew,                                                  x3346
                                            the convenience of the instructor
including academic, financial,
                                            and the student. For permission,
personal, and career counseling.                                                  Besides fellowships and scholarships
                                            see Dean Lawler.
In addition, specially designed                                                   awarded to students for graduate
workshops are offered to address                                                  study by universities, there are
various issues and concerns of the

All students admitted to EOS (other
than transfers) are required to attend
a six-week summer academic-
enrichment program designed to
assist first-year students in their
transition from high school to college.
                                                                                                                               Academic Information

During the summer program,
students receive assistance in
improving their study habits, enroll
in college-level courses, and also
receive an overall orientation to

                       several other opportunities available
                       that you may want to learn about. To
                       mention a few, there are the Fulbright,
                       Beinecke Memorial, Marshall, and
                       Barry M. Goldwater Scholarships.
                       Since all of these are highly
                       competitive, you cannot begin thinking
                       about them too soon. Prof. Abramowitz
                       is the adviser for these fellowships
                       and is ready to assist you.

                       In addition, there are the Rhodes
                       Scholar program (Dean Pain of the               A .......Excellent ...............4.00   a course should discuss the matter
                       Caspersen School, x3285, is the                 A-......Excellent ...............3.67    with the instructor assigning the
                       adviser) and the Truman Scholars                                                         grade. If such discussion does not
                                                                       B+ .....Good ....................3.33
                       program (the faculty coordinator                                                         resolve the matter, you should
                                                                       B ......Good ....................3.00    submit a statement detailing the
                       is Prof. Phil Mundo, Smith
                       House, x3436).                                  B-......Good ....................2.67    reasons for the contestation to the
                                                                       C+.....Satisfactory ..........2.33       department chairperson. If the
                                                                                                                matter still remains unresolved, it is
                                                                       C .......Satisfactory ..........2.00
                       GRADE POINT                                     C- .....Satisfactory ..........1.67
                                                                                                                referred to the Dean of the College.

                       AV E R A G E ( G PA )                           D+.....Marginal................1.33
                       The average is determined by                    D .......Marginal................1.00    GRADE REPORTS
                       dividing the total grade points                 D- .....Marginal................0.67     Because grades are instantaneously
                       earned by the total number of credit
                                                                       U .......Unsatisfactory.......0.00       available to students through the
                       hours attempted, with grades on the
                                                                       NC No credit ..................0.00      Campus Web, the Office of the
                       “A” through “U” scale. For example,
                                                                                                                Registrar does not mail grade reports
                       a student with the following grade
                                                                       P .......Pass (in course taken on        to students unless requested to do
                       report has a GPA of 2.85:
                                                                                Pass/Unsatisfactory             so. However, with the authorization
                            8 credits . . .A x 4.00 = 32.00                     basis; represents work of       of the student, grade reports will be
                            10 credits . .B x 3.00= 30.00                       D- or higher quality)           mailed to parents.

                            8 credits . . .B x 2.67 = 21.36            I ........Incomplete
                            4 credits . .C+ x 2.33= 9.32               W ......Withdrawal                       G R A D U AT I O N,
                            4 credits . . .C x 2.00 = 8.00             X .......Grade deferred until            A P P L I C AT I O N F O R
                            2 credits . . .D x 1.00 = 2.00                      completion or termination
                                                                                of project                      Monday, January 30th is a red-letter
                                                                                                                day if you plan to graduate in
                            36 credits . . . . . . . .= 2.85 GPA       NR ....Grade not reported by
                                                                                                                May 2006. It means you owe the
                                                                              instructor at time report
                                                                                                                Registrar’s Office a completed form
Academic Information

                                                                                                                (this acts as a checklist against
                       GRADES                                          Z .......Grade roster not reported       which the office makes certain that
                                                                                by instructor at time           you are, in fact, ready to graduate).
                       Grades go from “A” to “U” and
                                                                                reports issued                  If you miss the deadline, there’s a
                       are based on a 4.00 scale. A “U”
                                                                                                                $25 late fee. If you miss it by a long
                       (unsatisfactory) is averaged into the
                                                                                                                shot, you may not get your name in
                       GPA (grade point average) and is            GRADE DISPUTES
                                                                                                                the Commencement program or
                       used when a student fails a class
                                                                   Students who feel they have                  receive a diploma at graduation.
                       or fails to withdraw before the
                                                                   received an inappropriate grade for
                       deadline period.

H O N O R S AT                           To be eligible, students must            OMICRON DELTA EPSILON
                                                                                  Professor of Economics Don Cole
G R A D U AT I O N                       • Take a foreign language through        Adviser, x3429
The B.A. degree may be awarded             the intermediate level       
with honors of two kinds: specialized                                             awards.htm
honors (in a specific field, usually     • Take at least one college-level
a major) and general honors.               course in math                         PHI ALPHA THETA
General honors may be awarded                                                     Professor of History Wyatt Evans
in three grades:                         There is no fixed GPA for eligibility    Adviser, x3329
                                         because the College may induct only
CUM LAUDE                                a set percentage of the graduating       PI DELTA PHI
an overall cumulative average of         class. Selection begins with the top     Professor of French Deborah Hess
3.40-3.59 with not more than one         GPAs and continues downward until        Adviser, x3339
grade of “U” or the equivalent           Drew’s quota is met.
(excluding physical education).                                                   PI MU EPSILON
                                         ALPHA KAPPA DELTA                        Professor of Mathematics
MAGNA CUM LAUDE                          Professor of Sociology Caitlin Killian   Steve Surace, Adviser, x3726
an overall cumulative average of         Adviser, x3183
3.60-3.79 with not more than one       PINNACLE
grade of “U” or the equivalent                                                    (non-traditional continuing
(excluding physical education).          BETA BETA BETA                           education students)
                                         (a.k.a. TriBeta, for obvious reasons)    Director of Continuing Education
SUMMA CUM LAUDE                          Instructor in Biology Beth Justin        Patricia Laprey, Adviser, x3618
an overall cumulative average of         Adviser, x3656
3.80 or higher with not more than                                                 PI SIGMA ALPHA
one grade of “U” or the equivalent       CHI ALPHA EPSILON                        Professor of Political Science
(excluding physical education).          (national honor society)                 Joseph Romance, Adviser, x3036
                                         EOS Director Cordelza Haynes
For further details, please contact      Adviser, x3578                           PSI CHI
Dean Lawler, BC 114, x3327.                                                       Professors of Psychology
                                         DELTA PHI ALPHA                          Jessica Lakin, x3263, and
                                         Dean of Educational and Student          Robin Timmons, x3348
HONOR SOCIETIES                          Affairs and Professor of German          Co-advisers
                                         Edye Lawler, Adviser, x3327
THE HONOR SOCIETIES LISTED                                                        SIGMA DELTA PI
BELOW ARE ACTIVE AT DREW                 DOBRO SLOVO                              Professor of Spanish
                                         Professor of Russian Carol Ueland        Ada Ortuzar-Young, Adviser
PHI BETA KAPPA                           Adviser, x3507                           x3386
Professor Elfriede Smith
Adviser, x3516                           EPSILON OMEGA PSI                        SIGMA PI SIGMA                   (NJ State honor society)                 Professor of Physics
                                         EOS Director Cordelza Haynes             Robert Fenstermacher
                                                                                                                     Academic Information

All students with senior status,         Adviser, x3578                           Adviser, x3371
regardless of major, are automatically                                  
considered for induction into Phi Beta   NOUS KAI SOFIA                           physsps.html
Kappa; no application is necessary.      (neuroscience)
                                         Professor of Biology Roger Knowles
                                         Adviser, x3561

                       INCOMPLETE                                 Benin, China, Egypt, France, Ghana,    • Eritrea Semester
                                                                  Greece, and Peru. Seminar locations
                       The mark of “Incomplete” (“I”) may         for the year 2006-2007 will be         • European Semester (fall 2005)
                       be given at the end of a semester          announced in early November 2005.
                       only with the approval of the              Applications are due the last          APPROVED LIST PROGRAMS
                       instructor and Dean Lawler. When           Monday in February for participation   Students who wish to study in
                       permitted to receive a mark of             in the following academic year.        locations where Drew does not
                       “I”, the student and the instructor        While the seminars are designed for    sponsor its own semester- or year-
                       determine the time and conditions          sophomores, upper-class students       long study programs may choose a
                       under which the mark may be                may apply also, as some seminars       program sponsored by another
                       removed. Where a final grade for           have spaces for advanced students.     institution. Programs that have been
                       an Incomplete has not been                                                        approved for credit for Drew students
                       submitted by the end of the second         SEMESTER-LONG DREW                     are included in the Approved List,
                       week of classes, a grade of “U”            PROGRAMS                               available in the International and
                       (Unsatisfactory) will be recorded by       Students may select from the           Off-Campus Programs Office.
                       the registrar and that will be the final   following Drew-sponsored               Participation is open to juniors and
                       grade for the course.                      international and off-campus           first-semester seniors.
                                                                                                         SUMMER PROGRAMS
                       I N T E R N AT I O N A L                   • London Semester                      Drew in West Africa is a four-week
                                                                                                         summer-study program that focuses
                       AND OFF-CAMPUS                                                                    on the art and cultures of Mali.
                                                                  • New York Semester on
                       PROGRAMS                                     Contemporary Art
                                                                                                         Drew in Barcelona, Spain is a four-
                                                                  • Semester in Washington, DC           week, summer-study that focuses
                       Carlo Colecchia, Director
                                                                                                         on Spanish language and culture.
                       BC 115, x3438
                                                                  • Semester on the United Nations
                       The Drew International Seminars                                                   Drew in Harbin, China is a four-
                       (DIS) for 2005-06 will take place in       • Wall Street Semester                 week summer-study program that
                                                                                                         concentrates on speaking, listening,
                                                                                                         and understanding Chinese

                                                                                                         Dr. Carolyn G. Rooney
                                                                                                         BC 119,, x3608

                                                                                                         Support services are available for
                                                                                                         enrolled students with documented
Academic Information

                                                                                                         learning differences. Although
                                                                                                         students with learning differences
                                                                                                         must meet the same academic
                                                                                                         standards as other students, the
                                                                                                         University is committed to helping
                                                                                                         them achieve success.

    L I B R A R Y,                          to avoid fines. Newspapers and              Tilghman House, and at the UC
                                            magazines cannot be checked out.            desk. For a double major, a student
    UNIVERSITY                                                                          must complete the requirements for                  RESEARCH ASSISTANCE                         each individual major. For a special
    Dr. Andrew Scrimgeour                   Help is available at the reference          major, contact Dean Edward
    Director, x3322                         counter in the Library. You can also        Domber, BC 110, x3353.
                                            send the Library reference questions
    • Circulation Desk, x3486               through the Web site. In addition to
                                            answering quick questions, the              MAKE-UP WORK
    • Reference Counter, x3588              reference librarians are available for
                                                                                        Faculty members are not obligated
                                            individual tutorials to help you plan
    • Library Hours, x3125                                                              to give make-up exams or lab
                                            your research, select productive
                                                                                        sessions for unexcused absences.
                                            indexes, and search them efficiently.
                                                                                        Make-up exercises, if granted, shall
       SEMESTER HOURS                       Please call the reference counter for
                                                                                        not be penalized. Any make-up of a
Monday–Thursday       8:30 a.m.–midnight    an appointment.
                                                                                        final exam may be authorized only
Friday                8:30 a.m.–7 p.m.                                                  by Dean Lawler, x3327.
Saturday              9:30 a.m.–5 p.m.      RESERVE MATERIALS
Sunday                1 p.m.–midnight       Many professors put materials on
                                            reserve for course assignments.
          STUDY HOURS                                                                   MINOR
                                            When materials are available, titles
Sunday–Thursday       midnight–2 a.m.,      may be viewed online from the               In addition to a major, all students
No services provided; Drew ID required.     Library catalog page. Reserve               must also complete an in-depth
                                            room materials must be used within          study outside the major (aka
                                            the Library.                                “minor”) of at least 20 credits.
                                                                                        A minimum of eight credits in the
    The University Library contains more
                                            INTERLIBRARY LOAN SERVICE                   declared minor must be completed
    than half a million items including
                                            Books or journal articles that are          at Drew University. (Students who
    books, journals, manuscripts,
                                            not available at the Drew University        are double majors or enrolled in a
    archival materials, US, UN, and NJ
                                            Library can be obtained through the         special program such as the UMDNJ
    documents, and subscriptions to
                                            Interlibrary Loan office. Requests          dual-degree program or the teacher-
    more than 2000 periodicals in paper
                                            from members of the Drew                    certification program are not
    format and thousands more on the
                                            community may be submitted                  required to complete a minor). The
    Web. The Library’s Web-based
                                            in person or through an online              minor must be declared by the end
    catalog is available through the
                                            request form.                               of the first semester of the student’s
    Library Web site (see above) along
                                                                                        junior year. For a special minor,
    with access to resources such as
                                                                                        contact Dean Edward Domber,
    ProQuest Direct (an index with full-
    text of 900+ periodicals), Britannica   MAJOR,                                      BC 110, x3353.

    Online, and a wide range of             DECLARING A
    specialized indexes and other
    research tools. Click on “Research      All students must declare a major no        M U S I C / P R I VAT E
    Resources” to explore what’s            later than one month before advance         LESSONS
    available.                              registration for the junior year.
                                                                                                                                    Academic Information

                                            Students may change their major at
                                            any time as long as they fulfill the        Music Department
                                            requirements of at least one major to       Dorothy Young Center for the Arts
    Your ID card serves as your Library
                                            graduate. Students must complete            x3421
    card. Circulating materials can be
                                            at least 16 credits at the intermediate
    taken out for 30 days and renewed
                                            or upper level at Drew University in        Private lessons, both vocal and
    if no one else is waiting for them.
                                            their declared major field of study.        instrumental, are available for credit
    Items may be renewed online.
                                            Declaration of Major forms are              with affiliate artists. Contact the
    Books should be renewed promptly
                                            available in the Office of the Registrar,   music department for further information.

                       In addition, there are numerous         P R I VA C Y O F                        also considered directory
                       musical groups (from small                                                      information. A student who is
                       ensembles to a full orchestra) for
                                                               STUDENT RECORDS                         unwilling to have this information
                       students to participate in. Please      ( F E R PA )                            revealed may notify the Associate
                       see “Clubs and Organizations” at                                                Dean of Educational and Student
                                                               A student’s permanent record (grade
                                                         Affairs in writing. The University will
                                                               reports, applications for programs
                       &orgs.html                                                                      not make public a student’s home
                                                               abroad, correspondence with deans
                                                                                                       address or telephone number.
                                                               and other University officials, etc.)
                                                               is maintained by both the Registrar
                       O B S E R VAT O RY                      and the Associate Dean of
                                                                                                       For a complete copy of the policy
                                                                                                       regarding the Family Educational
                             Educational and Student Affairs.
                                                                                                       Rights and Privacy Act (also known
                       Astronomy/astronomy.html                This file is available to all faculty
                                                                                                       as FERPA or the Buckley Amendment)
                       Laurie Morgus, Professor of             and administrators who have
                                                                                                       visit the Registrar’s Web page
                       Physics, HS 200, x3834                  educational reasons for viewing it.
                       Hours of operation: x3500               Students may see their own records
                                                               in Sycamore Cottage.
                                                                                                       See also Rights and Responsibilities
                       Friday nights are “public nights” at                                            of Students in the Appendix.
                       the Drew Observatory, which is open     The University reserves the right to
                       to students from 7 to 10 p.m. (EST)     make public, at its discretion, the
                       and 8 to 11 p.m. (DST) when school      following which is considered to be
                                                               directory information: name, class,
                                                                                                       P/U OPTION
                       is in session during the fall and
                       spring semesters.                       campus mail box, email address,         Full-time students (other than first-
                                                               telephone number, major field of        year students) may take one course
                                                                                                       a semester on a Pass/Unsatisfactory
                                                                                                       basis, subject to the following

                                                                                                       • No such course may be used to
                                                                                                         satisfy a general education

                                                                                                       • No course taken to satisfy a
                                                                                                         requirement in a student’s major or
                                                                                                         minor department and no specified
                                                                                                         related field course may be taken
                                                                                                         on a P/U basis (except, in each
                                                                                                         case, when an entire course has
                       Come see star clusters, planets,        study, hometown and state, dates of       been placed on a P/U basis).
                       galaxies, and occasional satellites.    attendance at Drew, degrees, honors
                       A student assistant will be on hand     and awards received, height and
                                                                                                       • No student may elect more than
                       to help explain phenomena and lead      weight of members of athletic
                                                                                                         20 credits on a P/U basis during
Academic Information

                       a discussion afterwards. The            teams, participation in officially
                                                                                                         his or her course of study at Drew.
                       Observatory, with its 16-inch DFM       recognized activities and sports,
                       telescope, is located on the east       previous educational institution most
                                                                                                       • Selection of a course on a P/U
                       corner of the Hall of Sciences roof     recently attended, and other similar
                                                                                                         basis must be made by the first
                       (entrance on parking lot side). Call    information. In addition, under the
                                                                                                         two weeks of the semester by
                       x3500 to check if it’s open on Friday   Solomon Amendment, for the
                                                                                                         written notification to the Registrar.
                       nights of questionable weather.         purpose of military recruitment,
                                                               street address and birthplace are

• A course may be changed from          • If a student receives a “D” in a     TEACHER
  P/U to the conventional grade           course and elects to re-enroll, he
  system during the first two weeks       or she must file written notice of
                                                                               E D U C AT I O N
  of the semester upon written            the subsequent enrollment with the   C E R T I F I C AT I O N
  notification to the Registrar.          Registrar before the end of the
                                          add/drop period at the beginning
                                                                               Dean Edye Lawler,
• Any exception to these regulations      of each term. Again, both grades
                                                                               BC 114, x3327
  above must receive the approval of      will be calculated into the GPA.
  the Academic Standing Committee.        However, students will receive
                                                                               While at Drew, students may take
                                          credit for the course only once.
                                                                               advantage of cross-campus
                                                                               registration and enroll in the teacher
Horace Tate, Registrar
Tilghman House, x3025

Mark Holcomb, Manager of Office
Systems, x3245

The Office of the Registrar maintains
student records and is responsible
for the processing of grades,
transcripts, course registration, and
classroom scheduling. In addition,
the office compiles and releases the
Dean’s List and academic-standing

All changes in a student’s marital
status, address, or phone number
should be reported to the Registrar.

Students may repeat a course under
the following conditions:

• If a student receives a “U” in a
                                                                                                                        Academic Information

  course and elects to enroll for it
  again, both the first “U” and the
  subsequent grade are calculated
  in the GPA and both grades will
  appear on the transcript.

                       certification program at the College                                                you are a first-time user. Please do
                       of Saint Elizabeth. Ordinarily, this     N E E D H E L P W I T H A PA P E R ?       so and, when done, click “continue”
                       program should be started in the              Call the Writing Center for an        at the top of the page. Next, go to
                       second year to ensure completion                    appointment x3617               “Quick Links” at the bottom of the
                       before graduation. If interested,                                                   page and click the scheduling
                       meet with Dean Lawler before                                                        prompt. You will notice a list of
                       registering for your sophomore year.      WRITING CENTER                            writing center consultants for every
                       Students interested in elementary                                                   day of the week. Hours in which
                       education should meet with Dean 
                       Lawler during their first semester.       Erek Smith, Director, Brothers
                                                                 College Chapel,,                SEMESTER HOURS
                                                                 x3617                                     Monday–Thursday       10 a.m.–5 p.m.
                                                                                                                                 and 6–8 p.m.
                                                                 The Writing Center provides                    (Schedule may vary; please call
                        individualized help with all kinds                   for weekly hours)
                       Dr. Carolyn Rooney, Assistant             of writing. For example:
                       Director/Educational Services, BC
                       119,, x3608               • Assignments
                                                                                                           they are not available will be shaded
                                                                 • Peer consultants offer guidance         maroon. When you click on a name,
                       Peer tutors are generally available         in getting started, developing          a small window should pop up
                       for all courses taught in any given         content, organizing ideas,              asking you what hour you want to
                       semester. Tutors will work with any         and revising                            schedule and on what paper you
                       student who is experiencing difficulty                                              would like to work. After you
                       in a course. To arrange for a tutor,      • For clarity and coherence
                                                                                                           schedule an appointment, you
                       schedule an appointment by calling                                                  should get an email confirmation
                                                                 • For stylistic concerns
                       Dr. Grace’s secretary at x3327 (or by                                               within seconds.
                       stopping by BC 114).
                                                                 ONLINE SCHEDULING:
                                                               International students may also see
                       If you are interested in being a tutor                                              Mrs. Katherine Brown in the ESOL
                       (tutors are paid by the University,                                                 Office (Sycamore Cottage, x3397)
                       although there is no charge to the                                                  for individualized help with writing
                                                                 When you click on the above
                       student), contact Dr. Grace as well.                                                and papers.
                                                                 address, it will ask you to register if
Academic Information


The Department of Educational             Dr. Carolyn G. Rooney, Assistant       • Intercollegiate Athletics
and Student Affairs supports and          Director of Educational Services
                                                                                 • Public Safety
complements the academic mission          BC 119, x3608 (responsible for the
of the College by providing support       tutoring program and disability        • Religious and Spiritual Life
to assist each student reach his          services)
or her intellectual potential; by                                                Students are welcome to meet with
                                          The Department of Educational and
fostering a safe, salutary, residential                                          a dean to discuss any matter of
                                          Student Affairs is comprised of the
environment that is inclusive and                                                concern—personal or academic.
                                          following areas:
conducive to learning; by sponsoring                                             Except for emergencies or urgent
a range of programming, educational       • Alcohol and Other Drugs Program      issues requiring immediate attention,
and social in nature; and by                                                     calling in advance to schedule an
providing opportunities for students      • Campus Recreation Services           appointment is recommended.
to develop personal autonomy,
                                          • Counseling and Psychological
positive self-perceptions, leadership                                            Mandatory meetings are necessary
skills, and a heightened                                                         in certain instances. Schedule a
consciousness regarding social            • English for Speakers of Other        meeting with
responsibility and appreciation for         Languages (ESOL)
sameness and difference.                                                         Dean Lawler
                                          • Health Promotion Initiative (grant
                                                                                 • to discuss academic problems
DEAN OF                                   • Health Service
                                                                                 • to secure a signature for a dean’s
E D U C AT I O N A L A N D                • International Student Services         certification form
                                          • Residential Life                     • if you plan to withdraw or take a
OFFICE OF                                                                          leave of absence
                                          • Services for Students with

                                                                                                                         Educational and Student Affairs, Department of                      Learning Differences                 • to re-enter Drew following a leave
Edye Lawler, Dean of Educational                                                   of absence
and Student Affairs, BC 114, x3327        • Student Activities
                                                                                 • to transfer from Drew
Frank Merckx, Associate Dean of           • Student Conduct Policy
Educational and Student Affairs,                                                 Associate Dean Merckx
                                          • Teacher Certification
Sycamore Cottage, x3390
(responsible for enforcement of the       • Tutoring                             • to change your status from
Student Conduct Policy, Residence                                                  commuter to campus resident (or
Life, Student Activities, and the         Closely aligned with the                 vice versa)
Volunteer Resource Center)                department are:
                                                                                 • to secure approval for campus-
Laure Paul, Associate Dean of             • Career Center                          wide email or voicemail messages
Student Affairs, UC/Career Center,
x3710 (responsible for the Career         • Educational Opportunity Scholars     • to appeal a parking ticket
Center and special projects such            (EOS)
                                                                                 • to secure a one-day alcoholic
as student conduct hearings and           • Food Service                           beverage permit
meal-plan requests)

                                                 DEAN’S CERTIFICATION LETTERS             Required Academic Leave:                TRANSFERRING TO
                                                 LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION                Students who fail to maintain           ANOTHER SCHOOL
                                                 Dean Lawler, BC 114 x3327                satisfactory academic progress          Dean Lawler, BC 114 x3327
                                                                                          will be required to take a leave
                                                 If you need to have a dean’s certifi-                                            Recommendations and withdrawal
                                                                                          of absence. In order to return,
                                                 cation form filled out (to transfer,                                             forms are available from the Dean of
                                                                                          students must make an appointment
                                                 attend law or graduate school),                                                  Educational and Student Affairs.
                                                                                          with Dean Lawler and file a re-entry
                                                 please bring your form(s) to
                                                                                          form and petition. Decisions are
                                                 Sycamore Cottage, observing the                                                  ALCOHOL PERMIT (ONE-DAY)
                                                                                          made by the Academic Standing
                                                 following guidelines:                                                            Associate Dean Merckx,
                                                                                                                                  Sycamore Cottage, x3390
                                                 • Allow seven to 10 business days
                                                                                          RE-ADMISSION/RE-ENTRY                   Special one-day permits are necessary
                                                  for the Dean of Educational and
                                                                                          Dean Lawler, BC 114 x3327               for student events where alcohol is
                                                  Student Affairs to review and sign
                                                                                                                                  to be served. A form, available from
                                                  the form(s)                             Students on a voluntary leave of
                                                                                                                                  the Madison town clerk, must be
                                                                                          absence who plan to return to Drew
                                                 • Provide a stamped, addressed                                                   signed by both the Associate Dean
                                                                                          must fill out a re-entry form and
                                                   envelope for each form                                                         of Educational and Student Affairs
                                                                                          schedule an appointment with the
                                                                                                                                  and the Director of Public Safety and
                                                 • Indicate if you would like to pick     Dean of Educational and Student
                                                                                                                                  submitted to the Alcoholic Beverage
                                                   up the completed form(s) in person     Affairs (at least one month prior to
                                                                                                                                  Commission in Trenton.
                                                   or if it should be mailed              return). If you have been away from
                                                                                          Drew for more than two semesters,
                                                 EXCUSED ABSENCE                                                                  For instructions in securing, see the
                                                                                          you must also file a petition,
                                                 Dean Lawler, BC 114 x3327                                                        Alcohol Policy in the Appendix or
                                                                                          available from the Office of the
                                                                                                                                  call the Office of the Associate Dean
                                                 If you’re going to miss two or                                                   of Educational and Student Affairs
                                                 more days of classes (due to an                                                  x3390.
                                                                                          Students on a required leave (for
                                                 unavoidable event such as illness or
                                                                                          academic reasons) should consult
                                                 a death in the family), notify your
                                                                                          with the dean regarding the
                                                 professors that you will be absent
                                                                                          conditions under which re-admission
                                                 and make an appointment to meet
                                                                                          may be sought.
                                                 with Dean Lawler to discuss the
Educational and Student Affairs, Department of

                                                                                          STUDY AWAY (IN THE U.S.)
                                                                                          Dean Lawler, BC 114 x3327
                                                 LEAVE OF ABSENCE
                                                 Dean Lawler, BC 114 x3327                If you plan to take courses at
                                                                                          another school in the United States,
                                                 Voluntary: A leave of absence is
                                                                                          a leave-of-absence form (available in
                                                 often advisable to obtain a sense
                                                                                          Dean Lawler’s office) must be filled
                                                 of direction, maturity, motivation,
                                                                                          out and signed by Dean Lawler. This
                                                 or just plain cash to continue.
                                                                                          form supplements the “Petition to
                                                 Students can leave for one or two
                                                                                          Receive Credit for Courses Taken
                                                 semesters and return, or choose a
                                                                                          Elsewhere” available from the Office
                                                 different course of action. If you are
                                                                                          of the Registrar.
                                                 considering such a break, talk it over
                                                 with your academic adviser and the
                                                 Dean of Educational and Student          For study-away programs overseas,
                                                 Affairs. You must fill out a form,       see INTERNATIONAL AND OFF-
                                                 however, to avoid being billed for       CAMPUS PROGRAMS, page 18.
                                                 the following term.

CHANGE OF STATUS                         disciplinary process. While the           12. Damage/Vandalism
Associate Dean Merckx                    system strives to allow due process,
Sycamore Cottage, x3390                  it is not bound to the same rules         13. Incidents involving stolen goods
                                         governing civil or criminal legal             and property
Students who wish to change from
                                         proceedings. Nevertheless, the
“commuter” to “resident” (or the                                                   14. Unauthorized entry
                                         University makes every effort to
reverse) must inform the Associate
                                         ensure fairness to all parties involved
Dean, who will in turn notify the                                                  15. Violation of human rights policy
                                         in the resolution of an offense.
Business Office, the Housing Office,
Registrar, etc.                          Matters of academic dishonesty            16. Interfering with freedom of
                                         (such as cheating, duplicate                  expression
HARASSING PHONE CALLS                    submission, and plagiarism) will be
Call “O” for Operator                    dealt with by the Dean of the             17. Failure to comply with the
Contact the Department of                College.                                      directive of a University official
Public Safety, x3379
Notify the Associate Dean of             Student conduct offenses will be          18. Interfering with fire safety
Educational and Student Affairs          handled by either the Dean of
                                                                                   19. Misuse of computer, network,
x3390                                    Educational and Student Affairs,
                                                                                       or telephone equipment
                                         the Associate Dean of Educational
Obscene, threatening, and/or             and Student Affairs (or designee)
                                                                                   20. Hazing
annoying telephone calls will be         or, when necessary, the Student
investigated, whether they come          Conduct Board. The following
                                                                                   21. Solicitation
from on or off campus. Call any of       actions are regarded as offenses
the offices listed above for             against the University and the
                                                                                   22. Violation of disciplinary
assistance.                              Drew community:

WHO’S WHO                                 1. Behavior disruptive to                23. Assisting another to commit an
Associate Dean Merckx                        University functions                      offense
Sycamore Cottage, x3390
                                          2. Assault                               24. False, vicious, malicious
The Dean’s office mails applications
in the fall to all juniors and seniors    3. Abuse of self or others

                                                                                                                            Educational and Student Affairs, Department of
with a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or
                                                                                   25. Providing false information
better. Nominees are selected by          4. Sexual assault
a committee of deans on the basis                                                  26. Violation of campus housing
of social and academic standing,          5. Disorderly conduct                        regulations
leadership, and participation in
extracurricular activities. Those         6. Incidents involving weapons           27. Violation of campus car and
students named to Who’s Who                  and explosives                            parking regulations
receive certificates and are honored
at an awards ceremony during the          7. Violation of the alcohol policy       28. Violation of public law
spring semester. The students are
                                          8. Violation of the drug policy          29. Intimidation of witnesses
also listed in the annual Who’s Who
                                          9. Failure to provide valid              STUDENT CONDUCT SANCTIONS
                                             identification                        Regulations governing student
The Department of Educational and                                                  conduct are essential to the
                                         10. Misuse of documents
Student Affairs is entrusted with                                                  fulfillment of the University’s
oversight of the University’s                                                      educational objectives. When a
                                         11. Theft

                                                 student enrolls at Drew University,      Academic Withdrawal: A student           2. Suspension (from the University
                                                 acceptance of the rules and              may be required to withdraw for             or from the residence halls):
                                                 regulations (of the students, faculty,   unsatisfactory scholarship. This            The student is required to
                                                 and governing board of the               decision is made by the Committee           withdraw from the University (or
                                                 University) begins with registration     on Academic Standing.                       from University housing) for a
                                                 for courses. A violation of any of                                                   specified period of time, with
                                                 these rules or regulations subjects      Medical Leave/Withdrawal: At the            the privilege of applying for
                                                 the student to disciplinary action       request of the student (and before          re-entry after the period of
                                                 by an administrator or the Student       the drop deadline), the Dean of             suspension. In making a
                                                 Conduct Board. Disciplinary              Educational and Student Affairs (in         determination on the re-entry
                                                 sanctions may include, but are           consultation with physicians and            application, the University will
                                                 not limited to, the following:           counselors) is authorized to effect         evaluate the documented (as
                                                                                          a withdrawal for reasons of health          appropriate) progress the
                                                  1. Revocation of admission
                                                                                          without prejudice to consideration          student has made and/or any
                                                     and/or degree
                                                                                          of an application for re-admission.         positive indication that the
                                                  2. Withholding Degree                   Medical withdrawals after the drop          student is ready to return.
                                                                                          deadline are considered by the
                                                  3. Expulsion from Drew University       Academic Standing Committee upon         3. Voluntary Withdrawal:
                                                                                          the recommendation of the Dean of           Withdrawal forms are available
                                                  4. Suspension from Drew
                                                                                          Educational and Student Affairs.            from both the Office of the
                                                                                                                                      Registrar and the Dean of
                                                  5. Suspension from the Residence        In exceptional circumstances, the           Educational and Student Affairs.
                                                     Halls                                Dean is authorized to require a             It is essential that a student
                                                                                          student to withdraw for reasons of          notify the University if he/she
                                                  6. Restriction
                                                                                          physical or psychological health            is not planning to return. The
                                                  7. Disciplinary Probation               without prejudice to consideration          $300 enrollment deposit and
                                                                                          of an application for re-admission.         $400 security deposit (totaling
                                                  8. Relocation to another                This action might occur if, in the          $700) are forfeited if the
                                                     Residence Hall                       judgment of the University, the             University is not formally
                                                                                          student could not benefit from the          notified of withdrawal by
                                                  9. Warning
                                                                                          available, limited therapeutic              August 1 (for the fall semester)
Educational and Student Affairs, Department of

                                                 10. Restitution                          resources of the University or if the       or December 1 (for the spring
                                                                                          student was threatening to self             semester).
                                                 11. Disclosure
                                                                                          and/or others.
                                                 12. Community Service                                                            Students leaving later than the end
                                                                                          Non-Academic Withdrawal: Among          of the ninth week of classes, and
                                                 13. Written Reprimand                                                            before the end of a given semester,
                                                                                          the sanctions the University can
                                                                                          impose to protect its community are     will be subject to grades of “U” at
                                                 Please see the Appendix for further
                                                                                          the following types of withdrawal:      the time of withdrawal, unless a
                                                 details on the Student Conduct
                                                                                                                                  recommendation for withdrawal
                                                 Policy and sanctions.
                                                                                           1. Expulsion: Unconditional            (“W”) is made by the Dean of
                                                                                              separation from the University.     Educational and Student Affairs.
                                                 WITHDRAWAL AND
                                                                                              The expelled student is barred
                                                 DISMISSAL POLICY
                                                                                              from campus and all University-     There will be no refund of tuition
                                                 Dean Lawler, BC 114, x3327
                                                                                              sponsored activities.               and fees for a student who is
                                                 Students may withdraw voluntarily or                                             expelled or suspended (from the
                                                 may be asked to leave the University.                                            University or from housing).
                                                 The following policies apply:

C A M P U S R E C R E AT I O N             Informal “Self-Serve” Recreation:         • Resume-writing advice, interview
                                           Basketball, volleyball, racquetball,        practice, and job-search planning
SERVICES                                   squash, and swimming are just a
                                                                                     • The Career Center Interview
                                           few of the activities available.
                                                                                       Program for seniors
TBA, Simon Forum, Room 262, x3444
                                           Fitness Activities: Cardio-vascular       • Career Information Programs
The department’s programs are              equipment (such as lifecycles, stair
designed to meet the athletic and          climbers, and treadmills) and strength-   • The Academic Internship Program
recreational needs of the whole            training equipment are located in the
                                                                                     • Listings of part-time off-campus
community–-all students, staff,            Simon Forum’s Health & Fitness
and faculty. Programs provide              Complex. Aerobics, kickboxing, and
opportunities for the worthwhile           yoga classes are also offered.            • Graduate school and testing
use of leisure time and maintenance                                                    information
of high-level health and wellness.         Special Events: Specific programs,
                                                                                     The Academic Internship Program,
Activities are held in the Simon Forum     tournaments, and/or social
                                                                                     Federal Community Service Program
and associated outdoor facilities          gatherings may be offered in
                                                                                     (FCSP), and Off-Campus Student
within five major program areas:           conjunction with the Department
                                                                                     Employment Offices are also a part
                                           of Student Activities.
                                                                                     of the Career Center.
Intramural Sports: Both team and
individual competition take place in
                                                                                     ACADEMIC INTERNSHIP PROGRAM
sports and activities such as flag         CAREER CENTER                   
football, indoor/outdoor soccer,
                                                                                     Pat Harris, UC/Career Center, x3566
basketball, softball, tennis, billiards,
etc. There are awards and                       SEMESTER HOURS
                                                                                     The Internship Program provides
occasional travel to regional and          Monday–Friday       9 a.m.–noon
                                                                                     students with off-campus supervised
national tournaments.                                          1–5 p.m.
                                                                                     work experiences that demonstrate
                                                                                     how academics can be applied to
Club Sports: The clubs are                        the “real world.” There are more
organized and operated by students         Laure Paul, Director, UC 101              than 7,000 internships listed in our
in conjunction with the Department                                                   database in areas such as business,
                                           (near the Snack Bar), x3710
of Campus Recreation. Ultimate                                                       communications, non-profits,
                                           Sue Ceravolo, Assistant Director
Frisbee, men’s and women’s rugby,                                                    education, hospitals, government,
and men’s and women’s volleyball                                                     and the arts.

                                                                                                                             Campus Recreation Services, Career Center
are the club sports presently offered.     There is life after college and the
                                           Career Center is here to help you         To earn credit for an internship,
                                           plan it.                                  a student must:

                                                                                     • Have taken two courses in a
                                           The mission of the Career Center is
                                                                                       department related to the project
                                           to provide students with opportu-
                                           nities to relate their academic           • Complete a learning contract
                                           studies to careers, to make sound           detailing goals and objectives
                                           career decisions, to test possible
                                           careers through internships and           • Work 140 hours (4-credit project)
                                           part-time jobs, to develop job-             or 70 hours (2-credit project)
                                           search skills, and to research post-
                                                                                     • Submit a journal and on-the-job
                                           graduate education. By visiting the
                                                                                       supervisor evaluations
                                           Career Center, you can take
                                           advantage of:                             • Write an academic paper to be
                                                                                       graded by a faculty member from
                                           • Individual career counseling and          the related department
                                             extensive career resources

                                        No more than four credits may be                                               • Psychological testing and
                                        earned for one project; a maximum           SEMESTER HOURS                       assessment (there may be a
                                        of eight credits may be applied          Monday–Friday         9 a.m.–noon       fee for some tests)
                                        toward graduation requirements.                                1–5 p.m.
                                                                                                                       • Referral to off-campus professionals
                                                                                                                         and agencies for long-term
                                        FEDERAL COMMUNITY                      The mission of Counseling and
                                        SERVICE PROGRAM                        Psychological Services is to help
                                           students define and accomplish their    • Referral, off campus, for
                                        fcsp.htm                               personal and academic goals.              psychiatric consultations
                                        Pat Harris, FCSP OFFICE/UC 101         Substance abuse, eating disorders,
                                        x3566                                                                          Each fall, Counseling and
                                                                               relationship problems, homesickness,
                                                                                                                       Psychological Services sponsors
                                                                               depression, stress, learning
                                        Here, students have the opportunity                                            a Reading and Study Skills program.
                                                                               disabilities, and family dynamics
                                        to work off campus in a non-profit                                             And, when you are ready for graduate
                                                                               are just some of the issues the
                                        organization and participate in                                                school, the Miller Analogies Test
                                                                               Counseling Center regularly
                                        service experiences that meet real                                             (MAT) can be taken by appointment.
                                        community needs—all while being                                                (There is a fee for both these
                                        paid through their work/study                                                  services).
                                                                               Students generally come of their
                                                                               own volition and there is no charge
                                                                                                                       ALCOHOL/DRUG COUNSELOR
                                                                               for services other than the mandatory
                                        OFF-CAMPUS STUDENT                                                             Audra Tonero, Coordinator of Substance
                                                                               health and counseling service fee
                                        EMPLOYMENT                                                                     Awareness and Educational Programs
                                                                               (with a few noted exceptions).
                                        Mary Jane Ryan, UC/Career Center                                               Hall of Sciences 342, x3318
                                                                               Services are strictly confidential.
                                                                                                                       The Substance Awareness
                                        Numerous part-time positions,          The department is an integral part
                                                                                                                       Counselor (SAC) helps students
                                        mostly in the local area, are listed   of the educational mission of the
                                                                                                                       accomplish their personal and
                                        in the Career Center. The jobs are     University and supports it in a
                                                                                                                       academic goals through education,
                                        both semester or year long and         variety of ways. For example, we
                                                                                                                       prevention, and remediation as
                                        occasional jobs.                       provide:
                                                                                                                       related to the use of alcohol and/or
                                                                                                                       other drugs. This is accomplished
                                                                               • Individual and group short-term
                                                                                                                       in the following ways:
                                           SHORT ON CASH?                        counseling
                                        Check the babysitting listings in
                                                                               • Decision counseling                   Intervention and Prevention: The
                                              the Career Center
                                                                                                                       SAC can assess a student’s use
Counseling and Psychological Services

                                                                               • Crisis intervention and emergency
                                                                                                                       of alcohol/other substances to
                                                                                                                       determine if a problem (or potential
                                        COUNSELING AND                         • Supervision and training for the      problem) exists. Individual and
                                        PSYCHOLOGICAL                            “GOOD” line (a help line operated     group counseling would be provided
                                                                                 by student volunteers, referred to    or, if necessary, referral to an off-
                                        SERVICES                                                                       campus program.
                                                                                 as PAR (Peer Assistance and
                                             Referral Service; see next page)
                                        Dr. Marianne O’Hare, Director                                                  Campus Education: The SAC
                                        Sycamore Cottage, x3398                • Outreach programs in residence        provides programs in the residence
                                                                                 halls                                 halls and collaborates with RAs,
                                        Audra Tonero, Coordinator of
                                                                                                                       RDs, the Peer Assistance and
                                        Substance Awareness and                • Outreach and consultation with
                                                                                                                       Referral Service (PAR), and Bacchus
                                        Educational Programs                    administration, faculty, staff, and
                                                                                                                       to design and implement preventive
                                        Hall of Sciences 342, x3318             students
                                                                                                                       programs. She consults with various

departments on campus in regard to       There are times when we all feel           RD, the Counseling Center (x3398),
alcohol/drugs and assists with non-      stress. Often it helps to talk with        and Public Safety (x4444) are all
alcoholic social events, co-sponsors     someone who will care and listen.          trained to respond and be of
Alcohol Awareness Week, and              PAR is a student-run program               assistance. Please notify one or all
provides literature and referral         designed for students to help              of them, depending on the severity
information to the Drew community.       students. This volunteer service           of the situation.
                                         involves the following commitments:
Community Involvement: The SAC                                                      ATTEMPTED SUICIDE
is an active participant in off-campus   • Managing and answering a help            (LIFE-THREATENING SITUATION)
programs and organizations.                line that operates nightly (5 p.m.–      This is a situation in which a student
                                           9 a.m.), seven days/week                 has inflicted harm to him/herself that
You do not have to have an                                                          a reasonable person regards as
                                         • Sitting with students who are in
alcohol/drug problem to meet with                                                   serious. Examples are: a student
and talk to the SAC. Among other                                                    has ingested a substance(s) and the
reasons, a desire for information, a     • Providing information and referral       effect is uncertain; the extent of the
concern about others, or a willingness     to appropriate resources                 injury is unknown; or the student is
to help with programs are valid                                                     unresponsive. In these cases, Public
reasons to visit the coordinator.        • Listening to troubles                    Safety should be notified (x4444)
There is no fee for her services.                                                   and the student will be taken to
                                         Whether it’s a personal or academic
                                                                                    the emergency room immediately.
                                         problem or if it’s just to talk, you can
PEER ASSISTANCE AND                                                                 Even if he/she is uncooperative or
                                         reach a PAR person by dialing G-O-
REFERRAL (PAR)                                                                      antagonistic, the student is required
                                         O-D. Anonymity and confidentiality                                                         to go to the hospital and the police
                                         are strictly maintained.
TheGoodLine.html                                                                    will be called to enforce this
Carol Gernat, Adviser, Sycamore                                                     requirement. Treatment and
                                         To be a PAR person, you need not
Cottage, x3984                                                                      evaluation are necessary before the
                                         be a psychology major or have
                                                                                    student can return to classes and/or
"If you feel bad, dial G-O-O-D"          experience. You will be trained and
                                                                                    residence halls. Lack of cooperation
(x4663) is the motto of PAR.             supervised through Counseling and
                                                                                    only delays the return to normal
                                         Psychological Services. College,
                                         Graduate, and Theological School
                                         students are invited to apply.
                                                                                    In all cases of attempted suicide,
                                         Applications are available in the
                                                                                    parents will be notified and will
                                         Counseling Center, located on the
                                                                                    assume responsibility for the
                                         second floor of Sycamore Cottage.
                                                                                    student’s welfare.

                                                                                                                             Counseling and Psychological Services
                                                                                    NON LIFE-THREATENING SUICIDE
                                         Is anyone you know suicidal?
                                                                                    ATTEMPT OR GESTURE
                                                                                    This is a situation in which a student
                                         Any time a student attempts, or
                                                                                    may have inflicted superficial
                                         seriously threatens, suicide or is
                                                                                    scratches or cuts or consumed
                                         in a life-threatening situation, that
                                                                                    a reportedly small amount of
                                         student will be taken immediately to
                                                                                    alcohol/drugs with the intent of
                                         Morristown Memorial Hospital
                                                                                    killing him/herself. In most of these
                                         (MMH) for evaluation.
                                                                                    cases there is doubt about the
                                                                                    seriousness of the student’s physical
                                         Please review the following situations,
                                                                                    condition (such as how many pills
                                         which are considered grounds for an
                                                                                    have been ingested or how much
                                         emergency evaluation, so you will
                                                                                    alcohol consumed). Therefore,
                                         know how to respond. Your RA and

       Public Safety should be called and       the student alone. Remain with           If you know someone who may be
       the student should be taken to MMH       him/her until a counselor or Public      suicidal...
       immediately for professional             Safety arrives.
       observation. No suicidal student                                                  It is not unusual for any student,
       should ever be left alone, no matter     When the Counseling Center is not        during his/her college experience,
       how superficial the attempt may          open (evenings, weekends, holidays,      to be concerned that a friend or
       seem.                                    etc.), call Public Safety (x4444). The   roommate may be suicidal. If this is
                                                student will be transported to MMH       the case and your friend/roommate
       SUICIDE THREAT                           for evaluation.                          is not in imminent danger, confer in
       A threat is a statement of intention                                              confidence with a counselor (x3398)
       to harm oneself, even though no act      No student who attempts suicide          or your RA or RD. If you feel your
       has yet taken place. All suicide         will be allowed to reside in the         friend/roommate is in immediate
       threats are considered serious and       residence halls until:                   danger, do not leave him/her alone.
       will be treated in the same way as a                                              Call Public Safety, x4444.
       non-life-threatening suicide gesture.    • His/her parents have been notified.

       It is difficult to evaluate the          • The student has been seen              ENGLISH FOR
       seriousness of threats. Since they         and evaluated by a private             SPEAKERS OF
       are frequently an indirect attempt to      psychologist/psychiatrist and it is
       get help, threats are dangerous to         the professional’s judgment that it
                                                                                         OTHER LANGUAGES
       ignore or dismiss. Suicidal students       is safe for the student to return to   (ESOL)
       may perceive a lack of response as         the residence halls.
       rejection or lack of concern, and this                                  
       perception could then lead to a                                                   Katherine G. Brown, Coordinator
                                                • The Dean of Educational and
       suicide act.                                                                      Sycamore Cottage, x3397
                                                  Student Affairs, Director of
                                                  Counseling and Psychological
       A student threatening suicide should       Services, and the Director of          The ESOL program is designed to
       be taken directly to Counseling and        Residence Life have met to             provide English-language support
       Psychological Services Monday-             discuss the student’s situation.       services to all students whose first
       Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Do not leave                                                language is not English. Its purpose
                                                                                         is to coordinate English-language
                                                                                         testing and to provide instruction
                                                                                         and activities that will help students
                                                                                         enhance their English-language

                                                                                         Individual appointments are
                                                                                         encouraged. Please call for an
                                                                                         appointment if you need help with
                                                                                         the organization, content, or
                                                                                         documentation of research papers
                                                                                         and reports.

                                                                                         CONVERSATION PARTNERS
                                                                                         TBA, Coordinator, Sycamore Cottage

                                                                                         The Conversation Partners Program
                                                                                         is coordinated by the ESOL

 department. Its purpose is to match      • Carving station                        JAVA CITY
 native English-speaking students
                                          • Self-sauté station
 with non-native English-speaking
                                                                                         SEMESTER HOURS
 campus residents who need to             • Salad and deli bar                     Monday–Thursday          8 a.m.–6 p.m.
 polish their English conversation
                                          • Soup station                           Friday                   8 a.m.–2:30 p.m.
 skills. The time commitment is only
 one hour per week, but the rewards
                                          • Beverages
 are endless—for both partners! If                                                 Located in the UC lobby, Java City
 you’d like to participate, please call   • Desserts                               offers your favorite coffee and
 the coordinator.                                                                  espresso-based beverages (hot
                                                                                   and iced), as well as a variety of
                                          SNACK BAR
 FOOD SERVICE                                                                      breakfast and lunch options to go.

 Tom Lambert, Director
                                              SEMESTER HOURS                       THE SPACE
 The Commons, x3468
 Aramark is the name of Drew’s
                                            Breakfast   8–10:30 a.m.
 dining service and it offers a variety                                                 SEMESTER HOURS
                                            Lunch       10:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.
 of options to meet student needs.                                                 Monday–Saturday       10 p.m.-1:30 a.m.
                                            Dinner      4:30–10 p.m.
                                                        (9 p.m. Fridays)
                                          Saturday and                             This is a late-night destination where
                                          Sunday        2–10 p.m.                  you’ll find food, company, and
                                                                                   regular entertainment.
                                          The UC Snack Bar offers an
    Breakfast      7:30–9 a.m.                                                     MEAL PLANS
                                          alternative to The Commons. It
    Lunch          11 a.m.–1:30 p.m.                                               Business Office, Tilghman 1, x3114
                                          is a convenient location to pick up
    Dinner         4:30–6:45 p.m.
                                          something on the run or to sit           To keep costs as low as possible, all
                                          comfortably and socialize with your      College students living on campus
    Brunch         11:00 a.m.–1:30 p.m.
                                          friends. You can choose from the         must participate in the meal plan.
    Dinner         5–6:30 p.m.
                                          Bene’s Pizza Station, the Grill Works,   There are virtually no exceptions.
                                          Montague’s Deli, Freshens Smoothies,     The following meal plans are available:
    Brunch         11:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m.
                                          Java City coffee, fresh pastries,
    Dinner         5–6:30 p.m.
                                          snacks, a variety of beverages, and      • full-board, 19 meal/week plan
                                          many grab-and-go selections.
 The Commons is Drew’s “all-you-                                                   • 14 meals/week with declining
 care-to-eat” restaurant. In it you                                                  balance
 can find                                                                          • 10 meals/week with declining
 • The Home-cooked section                                                           balance

 • The Granary (freshly prepared
   vegetarian and vegan dishes)

 • Pasta Kitchen (pasta entrees
   prepared to order)

 • Grill Room
                                                                                                                               Food Service

 • Pizza station

 • Casserole station

                     Students are subject to disciplinary      SERVICES PROVIDED                          Information will be released in the
                     action for such offenses as removing                                                 following situations, as required by law:
                     food from The Commons, illegal use        • Health counseling
                     of the meal card, or illegal entry into                                              • Immunization records are not
                     The Commons, the Snack Bar, Java          • Treatment of most acute illnesses          confidential and must be available
                     City, or The Space.                         and injuries                               to some University officials and
                                                                                                            state inspectors
                                                               • Management of chronic disease or
                     H E A LT H S E R V I C E                    disability                               • Request for records by subpoena

                                                               • Massage therapy                          • Some communicable diseases
                     Kathleen E. Nottage, Director
                                                                                                            must be reported to the
                     Morris Health Center, x3414
                                                               • Sports physicals                           Department of Health

                        SEMESTER HOURS                         • International travel advisory            Excused Absence: Students and
                 Monday–Thursday     9 a.m.–8 p.m.                                                        faculty should be aware that the
                 Friday              9 a.m.–5 p.m.             • Well-woman care                          Health Service does not give
                 Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m.–2 p.m.                                                       students permission to miss class.
                                                               • Vaccines, medical supplies, lab          For faculty wishing to inquire about
                                                                 tests, and many prescription             repeated or timely absences, the
                     The Health Service is a nationally
                                                                 medications, which are discounted        Health Service will disclose the
                     accredited, primary health-care
                                                                 and available at the Health Service.     nature of a specific office visit
                     center, which is open seven days
                                                                 There is no charge for condoms.          or illness and/or treatment
                     a week during the regular semester.
                                                                                                          recommendations if the student
                     It is staffed by full-time nurse-
                                                               A complete health-history form and         provides written permission.
                     practitioners. Part-time board-
                     certified physicians are also             immunization record must be on file
                                                               at the Health Service in order to          Fees: There is no fee for routine
                     available on-site during the week.
                                                               register for classes.                      office visits. All billable services are
                                                                                                          discounted. Payment is due at time
                     The mission of the Health Service is
                                                               Confidentiality: All medical care is       of service and may be paid by cash,
                     to provide accessible, cost-effective,
                                                               confidential. Only with your written       check, credit card, or the all-campus
                     high-quality primary health care and
                                                               permission will information be             card. Unpaid balances that are
                     health education in a university
                                                               disclosed or released to anyone            forwarded to the Business Office will
                                                               with the following exceptions:             incur a $10 processing fee. No
                                                                                                          student who is ill will be refused care
                     College health services are essential
                                                               The Dean of Educational and                because of inability to pay at the
                     in an educational community and
                                                               Student Affairs (and others on a           time of service.
                     integrate the universal concepts of
                     health promotion, health protection,      need-to-know basis) will be notified
                                                               when there is:                             Medical Insurance: All full-time
                     disease prevention, and clinical care
                                                                                                          students must carry medical
                     in order to optimize students’ ability
                                                               • suicide or homicide threat               insurance to comply with New
                     to learn. These services focus on
                                                                                                          Jersey state law. Students are billed
                     measures that enhance self-esteem
                                                                                                          $450/year for a basic plan. Students
                     and wellness and not solely on            • life-threatening illness (except
                                                                                                          with comparable medical insurance
                     problems or illness.                        HIV/AIDS)
                                                                                                          can opt to waive the student plan
Health Servcie

                                                                                                          online. However, all residential students
                                                               • hospitalization following an emergency
                                                                                                          and athletes are strongly urged to
                                                                                                          enroll in the student plan even if they
                                                                                                          are also enrolled in their family’s plan.

The Drew insurance plan has been           means of transportation. The              RELIGIOUS AND
designed to complement the                 service is not free! Students have
services available on campus. It           the option to pay the fare (approxi-
                                                                                     SPIRITUAL LIFE
will provide complete or partial           mately $18) within forty-eight hours      A wide variety of worship, study,
coverage for off-campus referrals          or have it billed to their student        service, and fellowship opportunities
or hospitalizations and will co-pay        account. To arrange for transport,        is available at Drew. Historically
with other insurance up to $50,000.        contact Public Safety, x3379.             affiliated with the United Methodist
There is no deductible, no restrictions                                              Church, Drew encourages an
on providers, whether at home, on                                                    atmosphere of ecumenical and
vacation, or at Drew. Optional             I N T E R N AT I O N A L                  interfaith dialogue. Therefore, all
catastrophic coverage is also
available and is recommended when
                                           STUDENT SERVICES                          religious traditions are regarded as
                                                                                     traditions of learning and as important
the student insurance plan is the                conversation partners in the
only insurance.                            Char Lee Kibler, Coordinator              academic and cultural community.
                                           BC 119, x3182
There is no fee for routine office                                                   Under the direction of the Director
                                           This office aids international students
visits or wellness counseling.                                                       of the Religious Life Council and the
                                           when they first arrive and while they
Students enrolled in this insurance                                                  Associate Chaplain, the different
                                           are at Drew and helps them to adjust
plan will not be billed for on-campus                                                religious organizations meet regularly
                                           to the United States, Drew, and other
prescriptions, allergy shots, laboratory                                             at the Religious Life Council to plan
                                           aspects of their new environment. The
services, well-woman care, and                                                       programs and to share concerns.
                                           office develops and provides
some vaccines. Please note:                                                          Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims,
                                           International Student Orientation as
Students do not have to enroll in the                                                Hindus, and Pan Africans exercise
                                           well as F and J immigration and
student insurance plan in order to                                                   their faith with integrity and engage
                                           non-academic advising, programs,
receive care at the Health Service.                                                  each other in open dialogue.
                                           and activities. The coordinator also
                                                                                     Various ecumenical and interfaith
                                           serves as adviser to the International
Notification of Illness: Students                                                    worship services occur throughout
                                           Student Organization (ISO).
are responsible for notifying family                                                 the year. In addition, the Theological
and/or faculty of illnesses. Health                                                  School offers weekly worship
                                           Immigration Advising: The
Service will speak to family or                                                      services open to all students.
                                           International Student Services office
faculty members if the student has
                                           issues I-20’s and DS2019’s and has
given staff written permission to do

                                                                                                                               International Student Services, Religious Life
                                           professional staff who are both the
so. Students may obtain a “release
                                           Designated School Official (DSO) for
of information” form at the Health
                                           F-1 matters and the Responsible
Service. In the event of a serious
                                           Officer (RO) for J-1 matters. Staff
emergency or life-threatening illness,
                                           aid students with F and J immigration
a dean will be notified and all efforts
                                           issues such as extensions of stay,
will be made to inform family and
                                           new visas, work authorization, change
faculty if a student is unable to do
                                           of status, reinstatement, and other
so him/herself.
                                           immigration-related issues.

Taxi Rides from Morristown
                                           While the ISS Office aids students
Memorial Hospital (MMH) for
                                           in many areas, it does not provide
Students with Medical Needs:
                                           assistance with finances or funding
The University has contracted with a
                                           for education or living expenses.
local taxi company to provide
                                           Please contact the Office of
transportation from MMH back to
                                           Financial Assistance for help in
Drew for students without other
                                           these areas, x3404.

                 OFFICE OF RELIGIOUS AND                 that advance knowledge of religious         RESIDENCE LIFE
                 SPIRITUAL LIFE                          traditions and that support the
                    spiritual development of students.
                 Rev. Tanya Bennett, Director of the     Additionally, the RLC plans various         Mecca Scott, Director of
                 Religious Life Council, Mead Hall 021   campus-wide events throughout the           Residence Life, Holloway Annex
                 x3718                                   year, such as Festival of Lights, the       x3394,
                 Akiva D. Roth, Associate Chaplain       Interfaith Leadership for Life program,
                 Mead Hall 021, x3711                    and the Interfaith Storytelling Festival.
                                                                                                            SEMESTER HOURS
                                                         The council also sponsors Spirituality
                 Akiva Roth, Rev. Bennett, and other                                                 Monday–Friday              9 a.m.–5 p.m.
                                                         House on Asbury 3rd floor.
                 campus ministers are available to all
                 students, faculty, and staff
                                                         RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS
                 regardless of their religious                                                       The Office of Residence Life
                                                         ON CAMPUS
                 affiliation. The Religious and                                                      endeavors to create a purposeful,
                                                         Catholic Campus Ministry, Fr. Joe
                 Spiritual Life staff seek to provide                                                open, safe, just, and celebrated
                                                         Farias, Catholic Chaplain, Mead Hall
                 assistance in the following ways:                                                   living-learning environment in which
                                                         021, x3027
                                                                                                     all students may accomplish their
                 • Advising persons who need to          Kevin Donahue, Campus Ministry              personal and academic goals.
                   share problems or confidential        Mead Hall 021, x3953
                   matters                                                                           Under the supervision of the Director
                                                         Episcopal Campus Ministry                   of Residence Life, live-in staff
                 • Helping people to integrate           Fr. Tom Mathews, Leader and                 members work to enhance the
                   their spiritual, academic, and        Adviser 973/377-0106                        quality of life in the residence halls,
                   professional concerns                                                             and are actively involved in
                                                         Hillel (Jewish Student
                 • Enabling leadership of worship        Organization), Akiva D. Roth                establishing such an environment.
                   and study groups                      Associate Chaplain and Hillel
                                                         Director, Mead Hall 021, x3711              Halls are grouped into complexes of
                 • Encouraging dialogue between                                                      two or more, each staffed by a
                   different religious expressions in    InterVarsity Christian Fellowship           complex residence director (CRD),
                   a positive multicultural setting      Prof. Michael Christensen                   who is a full-time, student affairs
                                                         Adviser, x3738                              professional. The CRD supervises
                 • Applying the resources of our
                                                                                                     a staff of undergraduate resident
                   interfaith community to current       Muslim Student Association, Prof.
                                                                                                     assistants (RAs) and house assistants
                   intellectual and ethical issues       Christopher Taylor, Adviser, x3641

                 • Teaching academic courses in the

                 Rev. Tanya Bennett, Director
                 Mead Hall 021, x3718

                 The Religious Life Council is an
                 interfaith, representative body that
                 includes students, faculty, and
                 campus ministers from the different
                 religious organizations. The goals
Residence Life

                 of the council are to provide
                 multicultural and interdisciplinary
                 co-curricular learning opportunities

(HAs) who are assigned to nearly         Check-in/Check-out: Students             Community Standards: Each
every floor of a residence hall. All     may check in only on the day             floor/house/building comes together
staff members receive special training   assigned, as designated by the           at the beginning of the year to
and are available to students in         University calendar. A late-arrival      establish governing standards for
many ways. They                          fee will be assessed to the accounts     the immediate community. These
                                         of those students who arrive after       standards do not replace University
• Communicate the University’s           the announced time. Early arrivals       policies and procedures, but do
  goals, expectations, and mission       must be approved by the Associate        serve as additional standards for
                                         Dean of Educational and Student          the members (and guests) of the
• Develop programs of an
                                         Affairs and, in certain cases, will be   community.
  educational, social, or community-
                                         billed per diem.
  service nature
                                                                                  Damages: Damage beyond normal
• Promote mutual respect and             Prior to a student’s taking occupancy    wear and tear to a room or its
  understanding in a diverse and         of a room, the RA/HA will perform a      furnishings or other University property
  open community                         careful inspection using an              will be charged to the student and
                                         authorized check-in form called a        may include additional fines for extra
• Mediate and resolve conflicts          “Room Condition Report” or RCR.          cleaning and/or vandalism. All
                                         At move-in time, students should         common-area damages not charged
• Refer students to other student
                                         re-check the room vis a vis the form     to an individual(s) will be assessed
  affairs offices (such as the Health
                                         and report any discrepancies to the      to individual floors, suites, or to the
  Service or the Counseling Center)
                                         RA/HA/RD within 48 hours. When a         entire residence hall or house. Please
  when appropriate
                                         student later vacates the room, the      consult your RD on how to avoid
• Act as peer counselors and             room will be checked again for           damage assessments. Students
  educators                              damage. Students are required to         who fail to check out properly waive
                                         participate in the check-out process     their right to appeal damage charges.
• Advise students about other
                                         because they will be charged for         Common-area damages may not
  University resources (such as
                                         conditions that are unacceptable or      be appealed.
  clubs, organizations, and
                                         for damage has that occurred.
  academic offices)
                                                                                  Decorations: Students may
• Uphold community standards             Those who fail to check out properly     decorate their rooms in any
                                         are subject to a fine and waive their    appropriate way, according to
• Act as liaison between students        right to appeal damage charges. An       their own personal tastes, and in
  and other University offices, such     accelerated check-out can be             consultation with their roommate(s),
  as HCH and Facilities                  arranged utilizing an express            with the following exceptions:
                                         check-out form. Appeals are not
                                         granted for an express check-out.        • University furniture (with the
                                         Appointments must be made at least         exception of bed frames) may not
                                         24 hours in advance for all check-         be removed from the room.
                                         outs. Late or improper check-outs          Frames stored during the year
Living in a community has its            will result in a charge assessed to        must be put back in the room prior
rewards and its responsibilities.        the student’s account (see Fines).         to final exams to avoid fines.
The rewards you know about. The                                                     Students in “double singles” may
responsibilities follow:                 Common Areas: Lounges,                     not store the additional bed as the
                                         bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways          room must be ready should
Banners: Banners may not be hung         are deemed public spaces and must          another student be re-assigned.
                                                                                                                             Residence Life

outside buildings without the approval   be maintained in acceptable fashion.
                                                                                  • Room surfaces and structural
of the Associate Dean of Educational     Abuse can lead to expenses, which
                                                                                    components of University furniture
and Student Affairs, nor can outer       will be charged to all floor, or
                                                                                    may not be altered or defaced in
walls be marked directly with chalk,     building, residents (see below).
                                                                                    any way. This includes the
paint, etc.

                  painting of walls and the use of          • Failure to remove loft—$125 plus       smoke alarm or door. Halogen
                  nails, tacks, and industrial tape.          $30/day                                lamps and extension cords (other
                                                                                                     than surge protectors) are prohibited
                 • Decorative (“holiday”) lights may        • Prohibited appliances/items—up to
                                                                                                     because they are a fire hazard.
                   not be hung. Halogen lamps are             $500
                                                            • Improper check-out of room—$125        Fire-safety equipment is intended for
                 • No decorations may be hung on                                                     the protection of all residents and is
                                                            • Failure to properly clean room at      not to be tampered with. Misuse of
                   the ceiling or from the fire sprinkler
                                                              end of year—$50 minimum                this equipment (including, but not
                                                                                                     limited to, fire-alarm pull boxes,
                                                            • Littering—$50 minimum
                 Deposits/Refunds: A $300                                                            smoke detector systems, alarm bells
                 admission deposit and a $400               • Excessive noise—$50, first             and sirens, fire extinguishers,
                 security deposit (totaling $700) are         offense; $100, second offense          emergency and electrical panels,
                 carried over each semester to be                                                    etc.) is a serious violation.
                 refunded after graduation or approved      • Trespassing during vacation periods
                 withdrawal from the University (after       —$250
                                                                                                     Never hang items from, or interfere
                 any outstanding fines, penalties,                                                   with, the sprinkler system.
                                                            • Vandalism—up to $500 plus the
                 and/or miscellaneous charges have
                                                              cost of repair/replacement
                 been deducted).
                                                                                                     Students are required by state law
                                                            • Wrongful possession of University
                                                                                                     to evacuate the residence hall when
                 For students officially withdrawing          property—$50-$500
                                                                                                     a fire alarm is activated. Propping
                 from the University, this deposit will                                              open exterior hall doors or interior
                                                            • Health-and-safety inspection
                 be forfeited unless a withdrawal                                                    fire doors or circumventing any other
                                                              violations—$25 for candle, extension
                 form is filed (by August 1 for the fall                                             safety/security measures is also
                                                              cord, decorative lights, and other
                 semester and December 1 for the                                                     prohibited. In addition, bicycles or
                                                              first-time minor violations. Second
                 spring semester).                                                                   other personal belongings may not
                                                              incident, $50. The fee for a
                                                              microwave oven is $150 for the         be placed in stairwells or other
                 Fines: At the discretion of a                                                       public areas of buildings.
                                                              first incident; $300 for the second
                 University official, fines and/or
                                                              The fee for unapproved appliances
                 community service can be levied                                                     Furniture: No University furniture
                                                              is $100 for the first incident; $200
                 for the following reasons:                                                          other than bed frames may be
                                                              for the second.
                                                                                                     removed from a room. A bed frame
                 • Tampering with fire-safety               • Failure to comply with the directive   may be taken by a student to Baldwin
                   equipment —$100-$500                       of a University official—up to $100    basement for storage at designated
                                                                                                     times at the beginning of each
                 • Failure to vacate room during fire       • Giving false information to a
                                                                                                     semester. Space is limited, however,
                   drill—$50                                  University official—up to $100
                                                                                                     and will be offered on a first-come,
                 • Late arrival (after 5 p.m.) on an        • Furniture missing from room—           first-served basis. Failure to retrieve
                   official check-in day—$25                  replacement cost of each piece         a bed frame at the end of the year
                                                                                                     will result in a fine. Students in
                 • Failure to leave room by official        Please note: Fines are separate and
                                                                                                     “double singles” may not store the
                   hall closing—$100 first hour plus        distinct from, and may be imposed
                                                                                                     additional bed as the room must be
                   $50 for each additional hour             in addition to, reimbursement for
                                                                                                     in tact should another student be
                 • Propping outside doors—$100 first                                                 re-assigned. Never place your room
                   offense; second offense, removal                                                  furniture in the hallway, as it is a fire
Residence Life

                                                            Fire Safety: In decorating your
                   from housing                                                                      hazard and will be removed and you
                                                            room, be sure posters, draperies,
                                                                                                     will be charged the FULL replacement
                 • Possession of a prohibited pet—$50       and other flammable items are not
                                                                                                     cost of that furniture. Students will
                                                            located over or near light fixtures/
                                                                                                     be charged for replacement of ALL
                 • Repeat alcohol offenses—up to            lamps or suspended to block the
                                                                                                     damaged or missing room furniture.
                   $100; keg or beer ball, $250

All non-University furniture brought        5. Student hosts are responsible        During Senior Week, underclass
to campus by students should be                for informing their guests of        students who are the guests of
fire resistant and must be removed             University policies and their        graduating seniors may stay on
from campus prior to final check-out           guests are responsible for           campus but not in their own rooms.
(i.e. it may not be left in rooms or           abiding by the policies.             Senior hosts must first notify the
hallways).                                                                          Office of Residence Life of their
                                            6. Students will be held accountable
                                                                                    guest(s) and the guests must check
                                               for the conduct of their guests
Guests/Visitors: Students are                                                       out of their room, in order to stay in
                                               and for any violations (including
welcome to invite off-campus friends                                                the room of the senior host. Any
                                               parking) incurred by them.
to visit and stay overnight on                                                      violation will result in immediate
campus. However, they must abide            7. Guests with cars are required to     removal of the guest and hamper the
by the following regulations, which            stop in at Pepin/Public Safety       senior host’s ability to participate in
are intended to protect the quality of         for a temporary parking permit.      senior activities or Commencement.
life for all resident students and to
clarify the rights of individuals to        8. Guests may not sleep overnight       Incident Reports: These forms
their own, private living space.               in a residence-hall lounge.          may be obtained from the Office of
                                                                                    Residence Life Web page. They
 1. University housing is provided          9. Students are asked to report
                                                                                    may be filled out by faculty, staff, or
    only for those students who                suspicious or uninvited visitors
                                                                                    students to report accidents, thefts,
    have been assigned a room                  to the Public Safety Office,
                                                                                    or policy violations. They will be
    and have signed a housing                  x3379.
                                                                                    circulated to the appropriate
    agreement with the Housing
                                           Visits by fellow students:               University offices and, in the case
    Office. Non-Drew persons have
                                           Consideration must be given to           of a policy violation, may lead to the
    no right of entry into the residence
                                           the needs and rights of roommates.       onset of the disciplinary process.
    halls, but are allowed entry by a
                                           Residence Life staff reserve the right
    sponsoring student.
                                           to intervene if a roommate’s rights      Inspections/Health and Safety:
 2. Students who wish to house a           are not being observed.                  In order to maintain a healthy, safe
    guest must have the approval of
    their roommate/s and suitemates.
    There is a limit of two guests/
    sponsor at a time.

 3. Guests must be escorted by
    their hosts at all times.

 4. Guests may stay up to 72
    hours (3 days) within a two-
    week interval. In unusual
    circumstances, a longer stay
    may be discussed with the RA
    and RD. If it is determined that
    a guest’s stay is for the purpose
    of taking up residence, the
    student host may be charged
    restitution and face judicial
    charges, while the guest may
                                                                                                                              Residence Life

    be restricted from further entry
    into the residence halls or
    campus grounds.

                 environment in the residence halls,       Lofts: Anyone desiring a loft must          for restitution, the unit will not be
                 the Office of Residence Life conducts     first acquire a “loft guide” from the       repaired or replaced by the University.
                 room inspection several times during      Office of Residence Life Web site           Instead, the residents of the building
                 a semester. Fines are imposed for         and then observe the appropriate            will be responsible for raising the
                 violations (such as possession of         guidelines. For example, furniture          funds for a replacement.
                 party lights, candles, prohibited         cannot be placed on top of a loft nor
                 pets) and other infractions (for          can a loft be created by placing a          Pets: Only non-meat-eating fish are
                 example, alcohol in a room whose          mattress on top of other University         permitted in residence halls.
                 occupants are underage). Fines may        furniture (such as a desk). Failure to
                 be imposed for each infraction.           follow official guidelines will result in   Prohibited Items: To protect the
                                                           the immediate removal of the loft at        health and welfare of the University
                 Keys: Room keys must be returned          the owner’s expense.                        community, the following articles are
                 when residents move out, and they                                                     prohibited in residence halls:
                 must not be duplicated or loaned          Please note that, due to fire-safety
                 to anyone. Lost keys should be            precautions, lofts cannot be stored
                                                                                                                HALOGEN LAMPS
                 reported immediately to a member          over the summer.
                 of the Residence Life staff.
                 Students are responsible for              Lounges: Students (and their guests)
                 authorized or unauthorized use of         may not sleep in residence-hall
                                                                                                        1. Firearms and objects of all
                 their key or key fob unless reported      lounges. Fire marshals have advised
                                                                                                           kinds with the potential to
                 lost or stolen. Likewise, a student is    Drew that no one is permitted to
                                                                                                           cause bodily harm, including
                 responsible for any violations or         sleep in lounge spaces, even
                                                                                                           (but not limited to) guns, BB
                 damage in his/her room as a result        students preparing for a Drew-
                                                                                                           guns, knives, bows and arrows,
                 of key usage or leaving a room            sponsored trip.
                                                                                                           and martial arts equipment
                 unlocked. A new key fob will be
                 issued ($50 for the first, $75 for the    Medical Housing: Students with               2. Fireworks, explosives, incense,
                 second, etc.) and new room keys will      special medical conditions may                  candles, and flammable liquids
                 be issued at the following rates ($30     contact the Housing Office, x3681,
                 for a single; $35 for a double, $40       prior to room selection. Since there         3. Extension cords or “outlet
                 for a triple room, and $55 for a          is a limited number of rooms                    expanders” (with the exception
                 suite). Students must return the          designated as “medical housing,”                of surge protectors); surge
                 same key at the end of the semester       each student’s condition will be                protectors are allowed, but
                 or they will be billed for replacement.   evaluated by the Health Service                 one may not be plugged into
                                                           and/or the Counseling Center before             another.
                 Key Fobs: The University utilizes         a room assignment is made. Once
                                                                                                        4. Decorative lighting (such as
                 a key-fob system for entrance into        granted, re-assignment to medical
                                                                                                           holiday lights, neon signs)
                 the exterior doors. Students are          housing is not automatic. Students
                 responsible for their fob and must        must re-apply annually.                      5. Halogen lamps
                 report the loss of a fob to the Office
                                                                                                        6. Illegal or non-prescribed drugs
                 of Residence Life or Public Safety        Microwave Ovens: Microwave
                                                                                                           and drug paraphernalia
                 immediately. Likewise, students are       ovens are prohibited in student
                 responsible for anyone who gains          rooms (unless they are part of a             7. Kegs, beer balls, and other
                 access to a building while utilizing      University-issued micro-fridge).                alcoholic beverages in bulk
                 his/her (the student’s) fob, including    They are installed in the kitchen               quantities. Empty containers,
                 any damage that may result from           areas of most residence halls and               funnels, or other paraphernalia
Residence Life

                 improper entry.                           will be given standard care and                 used for bingeing purposes will
                                                           repairs necessitated by normal use.             be considered illegal also and
                                                           If ovens are vandalized or stolen,              owners/room occupants are
                                                           and the culprit cannot be identified            subject to fines

 8. Volatile liquids and substances         14. Waterbeds, pools                      Refrigerators: Only University-
    of any kind, including (but not                                                   issued micro-fridges are permitted.
                                            15. Halogen lamps of any type
    limited to) fuels, lighter fluid,                                                 Information regarding rentals of
    open cans of paint, paint               16. Pets, except for non-meat-            small refrigerators is distributed at
    thinner, and turpentine                     eating fish                           the beginning of fall semester or can
                                                                                      be obtained by contacting the Office
 9. Motorcycles, mopeds, or                 17. University furniture other than       of Residence Life. See “Prohibited
    motor bikes                                 that provided at the beginning        Items” above.
                                                of the year
10. Any appliance exceeding 500
    watts (except hair dryers used                                                    Repairs: Students should not
                                            18. Unapproved lofts
    in bathroom facilities)                                                           attempt to make repairs or alter
                                            19. Alcohol if under the age of 21        University furniture/facilities. If
11. Refrigerators with built-in taps                                                  repairs are required, contact the
    and/or internal dimensions              20. University, other university/
                                                                                      Facilities Office directly at x3510.
    larger than 4 1/2 cu. ft. or starting       college, local, state, federal, or
    current exceeding 7 amps. Each              private/non-profit industry signage
                                                                                      Room and Roommate Changes:
    resident may have one small                                                       Students are expected to keep the
                                            21. Items attached to/hanging
    refrigerator                                                                      rooms and roommates assigned to
                                                from fire-safety equipment
12. Microwave ovens, microwave-                                                       them for the academic year.
                                            22. Paper lamps                           Roommate problems should be
    refrigerator combo (other than
    University-issued), hot plates,                                                   directed initially to RAs/RDs for
    deep-fat fryers, toasters, open-                                                  resolution and then, if a move seems
                                                EXTENSION CORDS                       necessary, a room-change form will
    flame or opencoil appliances
                                                       ARE A NO-NO                    be initiated by the Office of
13. Air conditioners, space heaters,                                                  Residence Life and processed by
    ceiling fans, washing machines,                                                   the Housing Office. Students are
    dryers, freezers, or other high-                                                  required to have the RD’s signature
                                            Property Damage: The University is
    voltage equipment                                                                 authorizing the move before they
                                            not responsible for damage to, or
                                            loss of, students’ personal property      approach the housing assigner.
                                            due to fire, facility failure, theft,
                                            or severe weather. Students are           Students may not take up residence
                                            encouraged to check on their              in any room other than the one to
                                            parents’ insurance coverage or            which they are assigned unless a
                                            obtain personal property insurance.       room-change has been processed.
                                                                                      Students are encouraged to be
                                                                                      mindful of the needs and rights of
                                                                                      others. The Office of Residence Life
                                            QUIET HOURS                 2-8 a.m.
                                                                                      reserves the right to intervene in
                                                                                      situations where a roommate’s rights
                                            Quiet Hours: Students live in such        are not being observed or when
                                            close proximity that, naturally, noise    policies are not being followed.
                                            can cause problems. Everyone must
                                            be able to sleep and study. Quiet         Room Searches: Rooms may
                                            hours are determined by individual        be entered by University staff for
                                            halls and the Office of Residence         routine maintenance, for health and
                                                                                                                              Residence Life

                                            Life. The minimum campus quiet            safety inspections, or for “probable
                                            hours extend from 2 to 8 a.m.             cause.” What constitutes probable
                                                                                      cause? If a Public Safety officer has

                 reason to believe that a violation of     Room Selection: This three-day
                 University policy is, or may be, taking   process occurs in April following             SMOKING IS PROHIBITED
                 place in a student’s room, the officer    registration for the fall semester.                    IN PUBLIC AREAS
                 has the right to enter that room. The     Returning students must be registered
                 officer will first knock on the door.     for at least 12 credits in order to be      Smoking: Smoking is not permitted
                 If it is opened by a student, the         eligible for room selection. The order      in the residence halls. Ash trays
                 officer will enter and conduct an         of selection is determined by class         will be placed in designated spots
                 investigation. If no one answers, the     standing and expected year of               outside buildings. Smokers should
                 officer will knock and announce that      graduation (not on the number of            be respectful of residents who reside
                 it is Public Safety. The officer will     credits completed), with upcoming           near doorways.
                 then key into the room.                   seniors selecting on the first night,
                                                           upcoming juniors selecting on
                 Examples of probable cause to enter       the second night, and upcoming                            STORAGE
                 a student’s room include, but are not     sophomores selecting on the last           Students are advised to take valuable items
                 limited to:                               night. The order of selection is             home over vacations and breaks, as the
                                                           determined by randomly generated            University does not assume responsibility
                 • The odor of marijuana                   lottery numbers. See also Housing             for items left in storage. The Office of
                                                           Office, page 49.                              Residence Life identifies local storage
                 • A noise complaint
                                                                                                           facilities and notifies students about
                                                           New students are assigned a room
                 • A witness who comes forward                                                        summer-storage options. Information about
                                                           in July and are notified by early
                   saying that he or she has just                                                         storage services can be found on the
                                                           August. Every effort is made to
                   observed a violation taking place                                                                department Web page.
                                                           match roommates compatibly.
                   in a given room                         Each housing application is carefully        Due to lack of space, the only University
                 • A loud argument or the sound of         read and roommates are matched              furniture that can be stored is bed frames
                   violence                                according to the information                         during the academic year.
                                                           furnished by the student.

                                                           Search and Seizure: The personal
                                                                                                       Students Without Roommates:
                                                           possessions of students will not be
                                                                                                       At any time during the semester,
                                                           searched except in emergencies,
                                                                                                       a room with a vacancy may be
                                                           such as fear for the physical safety
                                                                                                       assigned an additional roommate.
                                                           of a resident.
                                                                                                       Unfortunately, because housing on
                                                                                                       campus is limited, students do not
                                                           If an official search is deemed
                                                                                                       have the option of retaining a double
                                                           necessary, appropriate authorization
                                                                                                       room as a single or a triple as a
                                                           will be obtained and official procedures
                                                                                                       double, etc.
                                                           will be followed. See the Appendix
                                                           for Regulations Regarding Search
                                                                                                       Vacations: The residence halls
                                                           and Routine Room Inspection.
                                                                                                       close during stated vacation periods
                                                                                                       including, but not limited to,
                                                           Signs: The Director of Residence
                                                                                                       Thanksgiving, winter, and spring
                                                           Life and department designees have
                                                                                                       break. Any student seeking to stay
                                                           the final say on the posting of signs
                                                                                                       longer, or return earlier, must gain
                                                           within buildings and on doors. If
                                                                                                       approval from the Associate Dean
                                                           you would like to post a sign(s), it is
Residence Life

                                                                                                       of Educational and Student Affairs.
                                                           suggested you obtain approval from
                                                                                                       Requests that are approved will be
                                                           the director prior to posting. The
                                                                                                       at the established per diem rate.
                                                           posting person/organization is
                                                           responsible for removing signs.

    Interim housing will be provided as        Violations: Violations of residence          The University Center (UC) serves
    needed and students will be charged        hall regulations will lead to disciplinary   as a central gathering place for the
    for the full term of the closing.          sanctions. For specifics, see the            University community, as many
    Information on interim housing will        Student Conduct Policy in the                programs and events are held there.
    be available from the Housing Office       Appendix.                                    In addition, the Office of Student
    approximately two weeks before the                                                      Activities advises clubs and organi-
    vacation period.                                                                        zations, coordinates New Student
                                               STUDENT ACTIVITIES                           Orientation and Family Weekend,
    To allow staff members to begin their                                                   and sponsors the annual Student
                                               AND THE                                      Recognition Awards ceremony.
    own vacations, students must leave
    their rooms on time—within 24 hours        UNIVERSITY CENTER
    of their last final exam or by the                                                      For a listing of many of Drew’s
    official closing time, whichever comes                                                  clubs and organizations (and
                                               Maria Miceli-Jacobson, Director of
    first. A fine for late departure will be                                                their Web sites), please go to
                                               Student Activities, UC 110, x3454
    charged at the closing of the halls                                           
    during any break period or end of          Genevieve Famoso, Assistant
    year closing (see Fines). At the end       Director, UC 109A, x3454                     UNIVERSITY CENTER (UC)
    of spring semester, only students
                                               Semone Perez, Administrative
    participating in Commencement may
                                               Assistant, UC 110, x3454                            SEMESTER HOURS
    remain in their room, and they must
                                                                                              Monday–Friday              8–2 a.m.
    vacate rooms by 7 p.m. the evening         Leigh Anne Walters, Program
                                                                                              Saturday/Sunday            10–2 a.m.
    of Commencement.                           Coordinator, UC 109B, x3460

                                                                                            In the UC, one will find the Bookstore,
    Vacation closing times are posted in       The Office of Student Activities
                                                                                            Java City, the Snack Bar, The Space,
    residence halls and are sent to all        works with students and student
                                                                                            The Pub, the Mail Room, the Career
    students via summer mail and email.        organizations to develop leadership
                                                                                            Center, the Academic Internship
    In addition, they are listed on the        skills and increase involvement in
                                                                                            Office, the Office of Student Activities,
    Web pages of the Registrar and the         extra-curricular and co-curricular
                                                                                            the UC Desk, the ATM machine, the
    Office of Residence Life.                  activities. These activities contribute
                                                                                            Alumni/ae Lounge, Commuter
                                               to the interaction of students, faculty,
                                                                                            Corner, meeting rooms, billiards
       ANONYMOUS TIPS                          and administrators in social and
                                                                                            tables, ping-pong tables, air hockey,
    Students are encouraged to report          educational programming, programs
                                                                                            foosball, lounge areas, as well as the
                                               aimed at greater appreciation of

                                                                                                                                        Student Activities and the University Center
    vandalism to Residence Life staff                                                       offices of The Acorn, Extra-Curricular
members or to the Office of Public Safety      diversity, meaningful leisure-time
                                                                                            Activities Board (ECAB), Student
        anonymously. Call x5656                pursuits, and a smooth transition to
                                                                                            Government Association (SGA),
 (the Public Safety Crime Stoppers line).      college life for new students.

    Vandalism: When incidents of
    vandalism occur and no individual
    takes responsibility, or the act
    goes unreported to an RA/RD,
    it unfortunately becomes the
    responsibility of floor residents to
    pay collectively for the damages
    and their accounts will be billed.
    In the case of graduating seniors,
    funds to repair the damage are
    deducted from the $700 in deposits
    assessed to each student.

                                               Orientation Committee (OC),               must provide your own lock and          Posters may be tied to trees. They
                                               University Program Board (UPB),           remove it each day by the time the      may not be nailed or tacked as doing
                                               and the Volunteer Resource                building closes).                       so will harm the trees. Please keep
                                               Center (VRC).                                                                     in mind the weather and remove
                                                                                         THE PUB                                 decomposing posters as quickly as
                                               UC DESK                                   x3426                                   possible.
                                                                                         Associate Dean of the Graduate
                                                                                                                                 Chalk cannot be used on any
                                               At the UC desk, students and              School William Rogers, Pub
                                                                                                                                 buildings, walkways, staircases, etc.
                                               visitors alike find the answers to        Advisory Board Chair, x3283
                                                                                                                                 and may be treated as vandalism.
                                               many questions. Besides providing
                                                                                         Stephanie Dalianis, student
                                               basic information, the UC desk is
                                                                                         representative to the Pub Board         READERSHIP PROGRAM
                                               the source of game equipment such
                                               as ping-pong paddles, pool cues,                                                  The Office of Student Activities
                                               and foosballs. The desk attendants        The Pub is a traditional bar managed    provides funding for the delivery of
                                               are prepared to provide helpful           by a student staff, who report to the   free [to students] copies of the New
                                               information or assistance, including      Pub Advisory Board (made up of          York Times, USA Today, and the
                                               University office telephone numbers,      students, faculty, and staff from all   Star-Ledger, to residence halls and
                                               the times and locations of many           three schools). The Food Service        the Commuter Corner Monday
                                               campus events, copies of bus and          provides operational consulting. Any    through Friday.
                                               train schedules, Web addresses,           member of the Drew community 21
                                               information about local merchants,        years or older (in accordance with      THE SPACE
                                               and a host of off-campus telephone        NJ State law) may join the Center       Manager, Aramark, x3468
                                               numbers.                                  Pub Association; non-members must
                                                                                                                                 Programming, UPB,
                                                                                         pay a nominal cover charge. Popular
                                               LOST AND FOUND                            events include Monday night football,
                                                                                         theme nights, and happy hours.
                                               If you lose something in the UC, you                                              A great gathering place for late-night
                                                                                         Watch for publicity in The Acorn.
                                               can often recover it at the UC desk.                                              food, the Space is home to many
                                               This is also the place to bring objects                                           events and programs throughout the
                                               you’ve found. Lost room keys                                                      semester sponsored by many
                                               should be turned in to the Residence      All announcements (flyers, posters,     student organizations. On Thursday
                                               Life Office or Department of Public       banners, etc.) in the University        nights, the University Program Board
Student Activities and the University Center

                                               Safety (Pepin), so check there as well.   Center must be approved by the          hosts events ranging from music to
                                                                                         Director of Student Activities prior    comedy, and spoken word. Be on
                                               COMMUTER CORNER                           to posting and the sponsoring           the lookout for the entertainment
                                                  organization is responsible for         line-up!
                                                                                         removal within 48 hours of the
                                               Commuting students have a space
                                                                                         conclusion of the event. Please be      “TICKET TO THE ARTS”
                                               to call their own. The UC houses a
                                                                                         aware of your posting needs and
                                               lounge where commuting students                                                   Students have the opportunity to
                                                                                         submit the publicity for approval
                                               can relax, make on-campus calls, do                                               subscribe to a variety of events
                                                                                         at least 24 hours before it is to be
                                               some work, or chat with other                                                     covering theatre, music, dance,
                                                                                         posted. Once approved, it will be
                                               students. Located near the Snack                                                  opera, and more. Be sure to check
                                                                                         hung on appropriate bulletin
                                               Bar, it’s a quiet, cozy nook where                                                the Student Activities Web site for
                                                                                         boards—those approved for general
                                               you can keep yourself up-to-date on                                               up-to-date series information and
                                                                                         postings—by office staff. Do not
                                               goings-on at Drew. Commuters@Drew                                                 ticket sales dates.
                                                                                         post on UC windows and doors or
                                               has a bulletin board where pertinent
                                                                                         on organization-specific bulletin
                                               information is posted and there are
                                                                                         boards without the permission of
                                               day lockers where you can leave
                                                                                         those organizations (such as the
                                               your “stuff” until you need it. (You
                                                                                         GSA, SGA, UPB, C@D).

    VOLUNTEER RESOURCE                    CLUBS AND                             whether it’s musical, athletic,
    CENTER (VRC)                                                                political, or volunteer. For a complete
                                          O R G A N I Z AT I O N S              listing of the active clubs and
                                          organizations on campus, click on
    Email:, x5888
                                          clubs&orgs.html                       the address above or contact the
    David Whitcomb, Coordinator           There is a campus organization for    Student Activities Office, x3454,
                                          practically every student interest—   for assistance.
    Lisa Agiewich, Kristin Bruno
    and Cristina Klymasz, Assistant

    Dean Frank C. Merckx, Adviser
    Sycamore Cottage, x3390

Monday–Friday        10 a.m.-4 p.m.
                     and by

    The Volunteer Resource Center is
    a student-run office which finds
    volunteer opportunities (both long-
    term and one-time) for students,
    faculty, and staff. The VRC also
    aids campus groups in finding
    places to volunteer and provides
    support to existing community-
    service-oriented clubs.

                                                                                                                          Student Activities and the University Center

                                                  UNIVERSITY OFFICES AND SERVICES
                                                  from A to Z

                                                  ALUMNI/AE AND                          organizations wishing to conduct          years, Ranger teams have won 65
                                                                                         fund-raising activities, such as the      conference or divisional titles and
                                                  PA R E N T R E L AT I O N S            OC Auction. It also assists the           appeared in 84 regional and 32
                                                  ALUMNI/AE HOUSE                        Senior Gift Society, an undergraduate     national tournaments.
                                                            tradition which allows classes to
                                                            create legacies such as the UC            THE 18 TEAMS AND COACHES ARE:
                                                                                         patio, Library courtyard benches,
                                                  Ronald A. Ross C’73, Vice                                                        Women's Soccer, Christa Racine
                                                                                         and scholarships.
                                                  President, x3210                                                                  x3650

                                                  Gregory Ellmer, Director of Annual     AT H L E T I C S                          Men's Soccer, Lenny Armuth, x3135
                                                  Giving, x3988, x3838
                                                                                         (Inter-Collegiate)                        Women's Lacrosse, Kim Christos
                                                  Karrie Moss, Director of Alumni/ae                                                x3087
                                                  and Parent Relations, 3838
                                                                                         Connee Zotos, Director of Athletics       Field Hockey, Kelly Ford, x3440
                                                  The Office of Alumni/ae and Parent     Simon Forum, x3648
                                                                                                                                   Softball, Tammy Evans, x3017
                                                  Relations promotes a life-long
                                                                                         Vincent Masco, Associate Director
                                                  connection between former students                                               Equestrian, Karen Sykes, x3441
                                                  and the University. This connection
                                                                                                                                   Men’s/Women’s Cross Country
                                                  directly benefits current students     Christa Racine, Assistant Director
                                                                                                                                    Mark Leibowitz, x3727
                                                  and the entire Drew community.         x3650
                                                  Alumni/ae provide much-needed                                                    Men's Lacrosse, Tom Leanos, x3573
                                                                                         The Athletics Department provides
                                                  support for scholarships, building
                                                                                         participation and competition             Men's Basketball, Walter Townes
                                                  renovations, and ongoing
                                                                                         opportunities for students with an         x3719
                                                  operations. Alumni/ae volunteer
                                                                                         interest and ability in varsity sports.
                                                  their time to assist with admissions
                                                                                                                                   Men's Baseball, Vincent Masco
                                                  recruitment, provide career
                                                                                         It is intended that the benefits           x3443
Alumni/ae Office, Athletics, (Inter-Collegiate)

                                                  mentoring, and support student
                                                                                         derived from sports will positively
                                                  activities such as Life After Drew                                               Men’s/Women’s Swimming
                                                                                         impact many aspects of the athletes’
                                                  and the Senior Banquet.                                                           Dorsi Raynolds, x3002
                                                                                         lives and will serve as an appropriate
                                                                                         complement to the rigorous academic       Men’s/Women’s Fencing
                                                  The Office of Alumni/ae and Parent
                                                                                         climate of the College.                    Dayn Derose, x3497
                                                  Relations coordinates the Student-
                                                  Alumni/ae Association. Students                                                  Women's Basketball, Anne Jones
                                                                                         As a member of the NCAA (National
                                                  assist with events and programs and                                               x3616
                                                                                         Collegiate Athletic Association), the
                                                  have many opportunities to develop
                                                                                         ECAC (Eastern College Athletic            Men's/Women’s Tennis
                                                  leadership skills and network with
                                                                                         Conference), MACFA (Middle Atlantic        Ira Miller, x3115
                                                  alumni/ae. The office also maintains
                                                                                         Collegiate Fencing Association) and
                                                  a mentoring database (called Career
                                                                                         IHSA (International Horse Show
                                                  Connections), which students
                                                                                         Association), Drew fields 18 varsity
                                                  may access through the secure
                                                                                         (intercollegiate) teams, 15 of which
                                                  online alumni/ae community at
                                                                                         compete in the nation’s largest and
                                                                                         toughest Division III league, the
                                                                                         Middle Atlantic Conference/Freedom
                                                  The Office of Annual Giving
                                                                                         Conference. Over the past 22
                                                  can provide guidance to student

 OTHER NAMES AND NUMBERS               POOL                                    as new and used textbooks. It also
 TO KNOW IN THE DEPARTMENT             Dorsi Raynolds                          stocks school and office supplies,
 OF ATHLETICS:                         Aquatics Director, x3002                soda and snacks, and a variety of
                                                                               health and beauty aids. Come in
 Aquatics Information, x3002
                                                                               and see the many Drew specialty
 Equipment Manager                          SEMESTER HOURS                     items and the great collection of
  William Hosking, x3649               Monday–Friday         7:30–9:30 a.m.    Drew clothing. Books of stamps,
                                                             11 a.m.-1 p.m.    pre-paid phone cards, helium
 Athletic Training Office, x3651                             7:30-9:30 p.m.    balloons, greeting cards, and a
                                       Saturday–Sunday       1-6 p.m.          film-processing service are also
 Sports Information
                                                                               available. Major credit cards are
  Jennifer Brauner, x3574
                                       The Simon Forum is home to a
 Forum, William E. and                 world-class, state-of-the-art, 25-      Textbooks can also be ordered
 Carol G. Simon                        yard swimming pool with eight lanes,    over the Internet. The address is
                                       overflow gutters, and a Colorado
 Rosemari Renahan, Secretary/
                                       timing system. While the pool is
  Athletics Business Manager, x3441
                                       used by the varsity and Madison-        Cashing Checks: Personal checks
 Public Safety Desk, x1768             area swim teams for meets and           ($50 limit) written by a student on
                                       practice, it is open to students at     his/her own account and made out
                                       the hours listed above.                 to the Bookstore may be cashed at
                                                                               the Bookstore. Students may also
Monday–Friday       7 a.m.–11 p.m.
                                       TENNIS COURTS                           cash Drew University payroll checks.
Saturday            10 a.m.-9 p.m.
                                       Eight lighted tennis courts are         There is a $1 check-cashing fee
Sunday              1-9 p.m.
                                       available on a first-come, first-       unless a purchase of $5 or more
                                       served basis. To play at night you      is made.
                                       must have tokens ($.50 each at the
 The Simon Forum is open seven
                                       Public Safety Desk in the Forum).       There is an automatic teller machine
 days a week year round. It houses
                                       Tokens are good for one half hour       (ATM) outside the Bookstore. In
 a 200-meter track surrounding four
                                       each, and there is a limit of           addition, Drew payroll checks (with
 multipurpose courts that can
                                       two/customer/day.                       proper ID) may be cashed at The
 accommodate basketball, volleyball,
                                                                               Bank of New York, 10 Greenwood
 tennis, and various other indoor
                                                                               Avenue, Madison. Note: The
 sports—in addition to squash and
 racquetball courts and a 25-yard,
                                       BOOKSTORE                               Bookstore charges $20 for
                                                                               returned checks.
 eight-lane pool.            
                                       Pat Lardas, Store Manager, x3097
                                                                               BUILDINGS AND
                                                                                                                       Bookstore, Buidlings and Grounds
 The Forum also contains aerobics
 and dance rooms and a fitness                                                 GROUNDS
 center (offering cardio-vascular           SEMESTER HOURS
 equipment such as lifecycles, stair   Monday–Thursday       9 a.m.–7 p.m.
 climbers, treadmills, and weight      Friday                9 a.m.-5 p.m.     Julie Valerio, Director of Facilities
 machines) and a free-weight room      Saturday              Noon-4 p.m.       Pepin Services Building, x3311
 with equipment for toning and body    Holiday and summer hours vary           David Morales, Director of
 building. Lockers are available for
                                                                               Operations, x3311
 day use.
                                       The Bookstore sells reading material    Service Response Center, x3510
                                       of all kinds, fiction and nonfiction,
                                                                               The maintenance of Drew’s buildings
                                       magazines, and newspapers, as well
                                                                               and grounds is managed by Aramark

                  Facilities Services (AFS). Grounds         BUSINESS OFFICE                          Java City, The Space, Bookstore, the
                  keeping, building repairs, and                                                      Health Service, and in select
                  housekeeping for all campus                      vending and laundry machines.
                  buildings is the responsibility of         Tilghman House, x3114
                  this office.                               Email:                 Every student is required to carry the
                                                                                                      ID card at all times. It must be
                                                             BILLING DEADLINES
                  Students should report items in need                                                presented at every meal in order to
                  of repair to the department’s Service      Tuition, room, and board fees must       eat and to attend on-campus events.
                  Response Center between the hours          be paid in full no later than August 5   It also serves as collateral when
                  of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday               for the fall semester or January 6 for   checking out games such as pool
                  through Friday, or via the                 the spring semester. A $500 late fee     and ping-pong in the UC.
                  department’s Web page (see above).         is assessed to accounts whose
                  If an emergency occurs after hours,        payments are received after these        If your card is lost or stolen, you
                  please call Public Safety at x3379.        dates. Failure to pay on time may        must contact the Business Office
                                                             also result in registration and          immediately to obtain a replacement.
                  RECYCLING                                  housing holds and/or cancellations.      The cost is $10. If your card
                  X3510                                      A brochure, “Understanding Your          becomes damaged (i.e.
                  Recycling starts with you! Drew            Drew Bill,” is available from the        demagnetized) or destroyed, please
                  recycles paper, cardboard, bottles,        Business Office.                         bring the card, no matter its
                  cans, and plastics. It is each student’s                                            condition, to the Business Office for
                  responsibility to separate recyclables                                              a replacement. Do not throw your
                                                                    LOST YOUR ID?
                  from trash and to place recyclables in                                              card away! There is no charge for
                                                                          Call x3114
                  the proper container. Facilities will                                               the replacement if you have the
                  take it from there.                                                                 original card.
                                                             ID CARDS
                  Each building will be provided with        Business Office, Tilghman House          INSURANCE
                  two containers—one for                     x3114                                    Tuition-Refund Insurance covers
                  paper/cardboard and one for metal                                                   medical leaves-of-absence and
                                                             In addition to being your official
                  cans/bottles/plastic. For receptacle                                                withdrawals only and entitles
                                                             Drew ID card, your ID serves as your
                  locations and other recycling                                                       students to a pro-rated refund of
                                                             meal-plan card, Library card, and
                  questions, please call the number                                                   tuition, room, board, and fees if they
                                                             declining-balance card. It can be
                  above.                                                                              must leave for medical reasons.
                                                             used in The Commons, Snack Bar,
                                                                                                      Students are billed for this insurance
                                                                                                      automatically and have the option of
                                                                                                      waiving it by the billing due date.
                                                                                                      Students who waive this insurance
                                                                                                      will receive no refund from the
                                                                                                      University. (Students with federal
                                                                                                      financial aid should check with the
                                                                                                      Business Office and/or the Office of
                                                                                                      Financial Assistance to see if they
                                                                                                      are entitled to a partial refund).

                                                                                                      Accident and Sickness Insurance:
                                                                                                      The state of New Jersey requires
Business Office

                                                                                                      that all full-time students carry
                                                                                                      health insurance. Therefore, all
                                                                                                      students are billed for Drew’s

accident and sickness insurance,        • Fourth week—0% (NO refund of           COMPUTING AND
which provides basic coverage (see        charges)
Health Service for details). Students
                                                                                 NETWORK SERVICES
                                        After the third week of a semester,
have the option of waiving out of                                                THE CAMPUS NETWORK
                                        only those students with a
this insurance so long as they carry
                                        documented medical condition who         Mike Richichi, Director, Computing
comparable health insurance and
                                        have not waived the tuition-refund       and Network Services, BC 4, x3840
waive University insurance prior to
                                        insurance are entitled to a refund of
August 5th. Waiver instructions are
                                        tuition, room, and fees. See             Gamin Bartle, Training Coordinator
included in the billing packets all
                                        “Insurance” above.                       Instructional Technology Services
students receive for the fall
                                                                                 BC 6, x3926
semester. See also HEALTH
                                        Refund of enrollment and security
SERVICE, page 32.
                                        deposits: Students who withdraw          All enrolled students (as well as
                                        voluntarily from the University are      faculty and staff) have accounts on
Property Insurance: The University
                                        entitled to a refund of these deposits   the campus network, and there is
does not insure students for
                                        (totaling approx. $700) if they notify   access to the network from all
property damage or loss and is
                                        the Associate Dean of Educational        rooms in the residence halls and
therefore not responsible for lost,
                                        and Student Affairs by August 1 (for     from academic and administrative
stolen, or damaged personal items
                                        the fall semester) or December 1 (for    buildings throughout the campus.
(this includes University-issued
                                        the spring semester).                    There is wireless access to the
computers). Students should check
                                                                                 network from the Library, University
to see if they are covered by
parents’ insurance or obtain their
own personal policy.


During the first three weeks of a
semester: In general, students who
withdraw or take a leave of absence
for any reason during the first three
weeks of the semester are entitled to
a partial refund. The refund is based
on the official date of withdrawal on
the form on file in the Office of the   Housing: There is no refund for          Center, The Commons, and most
Registrar (blank forms are available    housing once the semester has            academic locations. Each individual
from the Associate Dean                 started, even if the student never       using the network has private space
of Educational and Student Affairs).    actually occupied the room.              on the network for files, which may

                                                                                                                          Computer and Networking Services
Since federal regulations and                                                    be shared with designated others
individual circumstances vary widely,   No refund on any bill is due a           and Web pages.
please contact the Business Office      student who is required to withdraw
and/or the Office of Financial          or required to vacate University         The campus network provides
Assistance to determine the amount      housing, or who leaves without first     access to the Internet, electronic
of your refund.                         securing the consent of the Dean of      mail, the Library catalog, Library
                                        Educational and Student Affairs.         resources in electronic form, licensed
• First week—90% refund of charges                                               academic software, updated virus
                                        RETURNED CHECKS                          protection, updated Windows security
• Second week—70% refund of
                                                                                 and anti-spam software, and a great
                                        The Business Office charges $50 for      deal of campus information. The
• Third week—50% refund of              checks returned for lack of funds.       network also provides secure access
  charges                                                                        to special services including

                                      Blackboard and ATTIC course                see the CNS Web page located at          LOSS/THEFT
                                      management software, Campus Web                    If you have reason to believe your
                                      (which is used for online registration                                              computer (or any of its components)
                                      and lookup of transcript and account       Campus-wide email messages:              is lost or stolen, report it to Public
                                      information), and Web interfaces to        • Students are welcome to send           Safety. Be aware that student
                                      electronic mail and network files.           campus-wide email messages             property is not covered by University
                                                                                   (using University-maintained           insurance; students should look to
                                      Drew-issued computers are specially          distribution lists) to publicize       their family’s insurance or purchase
                                      configured to be well integrated with        upcoming events. Using the             their own policy.
                                      the campus network, allowing                 Internet Explorer start page, click
                                      students to achieve the full benefit         on Forms and then click on “S” for     Misuse of Computing Facilities:
                                      of the services offered. It is important     “Send campus-wide email.”              Computing resources are provided
                                      that you log into the network                                                       for the use of faculty, students, and
                                      frequently (at least once a day)           • Select the group(s) to which you       staff for academic purposes. The
                                      in order to check for important              would like to send your message.       privilege of use by a student is not
                                      information from faculty and/or                                                     transferable to another student, to
                                      administrators, and to receive the         • Type the message and press “S”         an outside individual, or to an outside
                                      latest virus protection software and         for send (you are, in fact, sending    organization. Misuse is considered
                                      Windows updates to protect your              the message only to the system         a serious offense and carries
                                      computer.                                    manager, not the community             sanctions for anyone found in
                                                                                   at large).                             violation of the University’s policy.
                                      COMPUTER SUPPORT                                                                    Please see the Appendix for the
                                                       • A copy of your message will be         Academic Technology Policy,
                                      CNS helpdesk, BC Lower Level                 sent automatically to you and to       page 77.
                                      x3205                                        the Office of the Associate Dean
                                                                                   of Educational and Student Affairs

                                           SEMESTER HOURS
                                                                                   for approval.                          FINANCIAL
                                  Monday-Thursday       9 a.m.–5 p.m. and                                                 A S S I S TA N C E ,
                                                                                 • You will be contacted immediately
                                                        6–11 p.m.
                                                                                   if there is a problem with approval
                                                                                                                          OFFICE OF
                                  Friday                9 a.m.–5 p.m.
                                                                                   (if, for example, the event is
                                  Saturday              1-5 p.m.
                                                                                   scheduled for a non-handicap-          Norma Betz, Director, Tilghman
                                  Sunday                1–5 p.m. and
                                                                                   accessible space.) Otherwise,          House, x3637
                                                        6–11 p.m.
                                                                                   if received before 4 p.m., the
                                                                                   message will likely be sent out        The services and resources of the
                                      The CNS helpdesk provides help               the following day.                     Office of Financial Assistance are
                                      and support for Drew-issued hardware                                                available to all students. Financial
                                      and standard Drew software (issued         • Please keep messages brief and
Financial Assistance, Office of

                                      with the Drew computer package).             try not to use identical wording for
                                      It is staffed by students who are            both email and voicemail.
                                      supervised by full-time staff.
                                      Computers needing repair should            NOTE: The system can send only a
                                      be brought here. You may also use          limited number of campus-wide
                                      the URL,, to ask          messages each day. Please confine
                                      questions or to request support            your use of campus-wide emails to
                                      related to Drew-issued computers,          one message per event.
                                      standard software, or network
                                      services. For more information,

assistance awards are based on a           • Withdrawals from Drew must be          Commencement: At the end of the
student’s academic and extracur-             made officially through the Dean of    spring semester, only graduating
ricular accomplishment and financial         Educational and Student Affairs.       seniors and students participating
need. About 79% of Drew students                                                    in Commencement may remain in
receive some form of financial                                                      their rooms. These rooms must be
                                           CAMPUS WORK/
assistance, available in the form of                                                vacated by 7 p.m. the evening of
                                           STUDY EMPLOYMENT
scholarships, grants, loans, and                                                    Commencement. Vacation closing
                                           Zarinah Smith, Coordinator
work/study employment. Students                                                     times are posted in each residence
                                           Tilghman House, x3402
are encouraged to contact this office                                               hall and are sent to all students
to utilize the information and financial   If you have filed a FAFSA form, you      via email.
counseling services available.             may be eligible for campus work/
                                           study. The coordinator assesses          Room Selection and the Promissory
                                           students’ interests and talents and      Note: Room selection for the following
 YOUR FINANCIAL AID                        then tries to match them with an         academic year is generally conducted
    A P P L I C AT I O N                   appropriate office on campus.            in mid-April via randomly selected
  THE DEADLINE IS APRIL 1                  Hundreds of students take part in        lottery numbers. Rather than requiring
                                           this program. If you’d like to earn      a non-refundable deposit, the
                                           a little extra cash, call Ms. Smith.     Housing Office (in conjunction with
Procedure for Applying: Returning                                                   student organizations) decided on
students must submit:                                                               the promissory-note system.

• Renewal Application for Federal          H O U S I N G,                           The promissory note, signed at the
  Student Aid and the University’s         CONFERENCES AND                          time of room selection, obligates a
  Supplemental Form by April 1.                                                     student to occupy the chosen room
                                           H O S P I TA L I T Y ( H C H )
                                                                                    for the following year. Students who
• All forms can be obtained in the
                                                    decide to cancel their housing are
  Office of Financial Assistance.
                                                                                    subject to the following policies:
  Determination of a student’s             Pat Naylor, Director, Learning
  eligibility for aid will be provided     Center, x3103
                                                                                    • Students who have selected a
  once all of the above forms are
  successfully completed and on
                                           Housing Office                             room in one of the Suites (Foster,
                                           Robert Meade, Coordinator, x3681           Hurst, or McClintock) or in
  file with the Office of Financial
                                                                                      Townhouse 29 or 30 and then
  Assistance.                              The Housing Office makes room              cancel their housing for the fall

                                                                                                                             Housing, Conferences and Hospitality (HCH)
                                           assignments and conducts room              semester will be assessed one-fifth
Please keep in mind the following
                                           selection in the spring. It also works     of the semester cost of the selected
                                           with Facilities and the Office of          room. Also, they will be assessed
• Students must be in good standing
                                           Residence Life on maintenance              one-fifth of the semester cost for
  and maintain satisfactory
                                           issues in the residence halls.             changing to another room outside
  academic progress according
  to University policy.                                                               the Suites or Townhouse 29 or 30
                                           Roommate problems should not               if they do so after selecting the
• Any change in status (such as            directed to this office. Students          room and prior to the first day of
  moving from full- to part-time) may      should try to work out their               fall-semester classes.
  change your award package.               differences with the assistance of
                                           their RA or RD and/or the Residence      • Students who have selected a
• Any change in housing status                                                        room other than in the Suites
                                           Life Office (Holloway, x3394). If a
  (such as changing from resident to                                                  (Foster, Hurst, or McClintock) or
                                           room change is agreed upon, the
  commuter or vice versa) may                                                         Townhouse 29 or 30 must cancel
                                           Housing Office will facilitate that
  impact your award package.                                                          their housing in writing, to the
                                                                                      Housing Office, before June 1,
                                                                                      2005 to avoid a fine.

                                                                All students are encouraged to             Following are the buildings designated   All students are expected to check
                                                                attend room selection. If you are          as “break housing” for 2005-06:          their campus mail box regularly, as
                                                                unable to attend, you may designate                                                 important mail may be waiting.
                                                                another student to proxy for you.          Thanksgiving — Eberhardt Hall 23,
                                                                You must provide your proxy with a         24 (Womyn’s Concerns)                    The Millennium Group, a profes-
                                                                signed letter giving permission for                                                 sional mail-management company,
                                                                                                           Winter Break (between finals and
                                                                that person to select your housing,                                                 provides mail service. Letters and
                                                                                                           New Year’s Day—Eberhardt Hall 21,
                                                                along with your completed housing                                                   small packages will be delivered
                                                                                                           22 (Earth House)
                                                                application form. Remember, it is                                                   to the UC mail center; oversize
                                                                your responsibility to register for the    January Experience — Haselton            packages will be kept at the Pepin
                                                                upcoming fall semester. All students       and Baldwin Halls                        mail center. A yellow card in your
                                                                must be pre-registered for at least                                                 campus mail box means your
                                                                12 credits in order to participate in      Spring Break — Foster and                package is at Pepin. A valid student
                                                                room selection.                            McClintock Halls (Hurst, if needed)      ID is required to pick up your package.

                                                                                                           Summer Housing — TBA
                                                                                                                                                    Addressing Mail Correctly: For
                                                                SMOKE-FREE LIVING AREAS
                                                                                                                                                    accurate and timely delivery, all
                                                              According to New Jersey State law,           SCHEDULING
                                                                                                                                                    in-bound mail should be addressed
                                                           smoking is prohibited in all residence halls.
                                                                                                                                                    as follows:
                                                                                                           (Online Calendar)
                                                                                                                                                         Your Name
                                                                                                           Calendar Coordinator, x3308
                                                                                                                                                         Drew University/CMB #
                                                                Substance Free Floors: The first           HCH is responsible for reserving              P. O. Box 802
                                                                floor of Holloway Hall and the first       spaces for meetings, activities, and          Madison, NJ 07940-0802
                                                                floor of Tolley have been set aside        events throughout the campus.
                                                                as substance-free, which means that        Members of the campus community          DUPLICATING
                                                                students who choose to live there          can request reservations through the     Pepin, x3240
Mail & Duplicating Services, Media Resource Center (MRC)

                                                                must sign an agreement stating             online calendar or through the
                                                                they will not drink alcohol or use                                                  Students who need to make multiple
                                                                                                           Campus Web homepage. Staff will
                                                                illegal/illicit substances on the floor.                                            copies of flyers and such can bring
                                                                                                           also assist with set-up needs and
                                                                                                                                                    them to the Duplicating Office (next
                                                                                                           coordination of resources for events.
                                                                                                                                                    to the Pepin mail room) where they
                                                                Vacations: The residence halls
                                                                                                                                                    will be charged $.03/impression.
                                                                close during all stated vacation
                                                                                                                                                    Duplicating will not copy books for
                                                                periods (including, but not limited        M A I L & D U P L I C AT I N G           students.
                                                                to, Thanksgiving, winter break,
                                                                semester break, and spring break).
                                                                Students seeking to stay longer            Kevin Healy, Manager
                                                                (due to emergency, unpredictable           Pepin Mail Center, x3601                 MEDIA RESOURCE
                                                                weather, or travel conditions) must        UC Mail Center, x1449                    CENTER (MRC)
                                                                request approval in writing (email is
                                                                fine) from the Associate Dean of                                          
                                                                                                               SEMESTER HOURS
                                                                Educational and Student Affairs.                                                    Jeannie Kosakowski, Coordinator
                                                                                                           Pepin                 8 a.m.–5 p.m.
                                                                Students who are approved should                                                    of Media Services, Library/Lower
                                                                fill out an application, available in      Monday–Friday         9 a.m.–5 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                    Level, x3521
                                                                the Housing Office, and will be            UC Window Service 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
                                                                charged the established rate of                                                     Bob Gainey, Media Services
                                                                                                           Saturdays             11:30 a.m.–
                                                                $34/day (when the Food Service is                                5 p.m.             Manager, x3858
                                                                open); $24/day (if the Food Service
                                                                                                                                                    The MRC (a part of Instructional
                                                                is closed).
                                                                                                                                                          S E M E S T E supports R S
                                                                                                                                                    Technology Services) R H O U The
                                                                                                                                                    Monday–Friday         8:30 a.m.–5 p.m.

The MRC ( a part of Instructional                                                     Public Safety has a voice
                                               SEMESTER HOURS
Technology Services) supports                                                         mailbox, x5656, dedicated to
                                                     24 hours a day
classroom media technology and                                                        crime tips. Students may leave
                                                     7 days a week
houses a wide variety of both media                                                   confidential messages
materials and media equipment.                                                        regarding an incident without
Services include: a non-print media                                                   identifying themselves.
collection and related support            The Department of Public Safety
                                                                                   3. I am a first year student
services; audio and video production      provides the Drew community and
                                                                                      and want to bring my car to
and duplication; consultation/technical   its students with a safe environment
                                                                                      campus for a few days. May I
support; and an assortment of             in which to live, study, and pursue
                                                                                      make arrangements for this?
media-support supplies (such as           educational goals. Public Safety is
                                                                                      YES. Freshmen and sophomores
audio and video tapes). The Center        open 24 hours a day, seven days a
                                                                                      may get temporary parking
also has rooms available to preview       week, and responds to all emergency
                                                                                      permits only, from Friday at
audio or video tapes. See also            calls. Responsibilities include crime
                                                                                      5 p.m. to Sunday at 5 p.m., for
“Television,” page 54.                    prevention and investigation, fire
                                                                                      a charge of $2 per night. They
                                          safety, parking, and enforcement of
                                                                                      will not be given temporary
                                          other campus regulations. The
                                                                                      permits for any other times
N O TA RY S E R V I C E                   department is recognized throughout
                                                                                      unless they receive special
                                          the state for its highly trained staff
If you need a document notarized,                                                     approval in advance from the
                                          of professional men and women
you may take it to Maryann Errico                                                     Director of Public Safety.
                                          and it provides a level of service
(x3233) in Alumni/ae House, Erin          usually associated with larger           4. Does it matter how many tickets
Hennessy (x3580) in Mead Hall, or         campus communities. For complete            I get so long as I pay them?
Diane Zsombik (x3328) in Accounts         information about the Department of         YES, it matters. Students who
Payable in Madison House during           Public Safety and the services it           receive more than three (3)
regular business hours. Call first to     provides, visit the department Web          summonses in less than one
be sure they are in before you trek       site. Here is a list of frequently          academic year may lose their
over there.                               asked questions and an overview of          future parking privileges and
                                          University parking regulations.             additional fines may be issued.
                                                                                      Furthermore, students may be
                                          FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:                 referred to the Associate Dean
    OPEN 24/7
                                                                                      of Educational and Student
             x3379                         1. If I encounter an emergency
                                                                                      Affairs for additional disciplinary
                                              situation on campus, should I

                                                                                                                            Notary Service, Public Safety and Parking
                                                                                      action. (See Parking/Vehicle
                                              first call the Madison Police?
                                                                                      Regulations, #9, on page 53.)
                                              NO. Call the Public Safety
PUBLIC SAFETY                                 emergency extension, x4444.
A N D PA R K I N G                            The Public Safety dispatcher
                                                                                   5. I will be having a guest for the
                                                                                      weekend. What should I do
                                              will send an officer immediately.                                                          to register the car?
                                              He/she has a direct line to
                                                                                      When your guest arrives, go
Email:                     the Madison police and fire
                                                                                      with him/her to Public Safety
                                              departments if further
Chief Tom Evans, Director of Public                                                   and purchase a guest pass for
                                              assistance is needed.
Safety, x3379                                                                         $2 a night. Your guest must
                                           2. I know some people involved             provide the vehicle’s registration
Crime Stoppers Line, x5656                                                            and insurance card. Your guest
                                              in an incident that should be
Emergencies, x4444                            reported, but I’m concerned             will be given a decal for the
                                              about retaliation. What should          Tilghman lot.
                                              I do?

                                            6. I am a senior but do not have           Affairs, and a Public Safety        PARKING/VEHICLE REGULATIONS
                                               a car on campus. May I register         staff member) which meets 
                                               my friend’s car in my name?             regularly throughout the school
                                                                                                                           For a complete list and full
                                               NO. You may not register a car          year. For further details, see
                                                                                                                           description of regulations governing
                                               for anyone but yourself, and the        below.
                                                                                                                           vehicles on campus, refer to the
                                               car must belong to you or to
                                                                                                                           Public Safety Web site or the Motor
                                               the person who pays your           PARKING APPEALS
                                                                                                                           Vehicle Regulations Handbook,
                                               student bill.                      Sycamore Cottage, x3986
                                                                                                                           available at the Department of
                                                                                  If you think you have received a         Public Safety in the Pepin building.
                                            7. If it’s nighttime and the only
                                                                                  parking ticket unjustly, you may         All students are expected to
                                               available parking spaces are
                                                                                  appeal the violation. Your appeal        understand these rules and
                                               in the Tilghman lot, far away
                                                                                  must be made in writing within           regulations. They are not intended
                                               from my residence hall, what
                                                                                  seven days of receiving the ticket       to hassle! They are designed to
                                               can I do to feel safe?
                                                                                  and should be submitted to the           promote the safe flow of traffic and
                                               Park your car in the Tilghman
                                                                                  Office of the Associate Dean of          to provide as much on-campus
                                               lot and then go to either the
                                                                                  Educational and Student Affairs in       parking as possible. The following
                                               gatehouse or the Department of
                                                                                  Sycamore Cottage, first floor, rear      are a few guidelines:
                                               Public Safety in Pepin. A Public
                                                                                  office. Public Safety will provide
                                               Safety officer will escort you
                                                                                  you with the information and forms        1. Acceptance of a parking permit
                                               back to your residence hall.
                                                                                  necessary to appeal your ticket.             constitutes agreement on the
                                                                                  Appeals are heard by the Parking             part of the person to whom the
                                            8. I received a parking ticket
                                                                                  Appeals Committee of the Student             permit is issued to obey all
                                               but I want to appeal it. What
                                                                                  Conduct Board, which is made up of           regulations or incur the
                                               should I do?
                                                                                  fellow students, members of the              penalties imposed.
                                               You may appeal your citation
                                                                                  Department of Public Safety, and the
                                               within seven days of issuance                                                2. Only grad/theo students,
                                                                                  Associate Dean of Educational and
                                               through the Parking Appeals                                                     resident seniors and juniors,
                                                                                  Student Affairs. The committee
                                               Committee (made up of students                                                  and commuters are allowed to
                                                                                  meets regularly throughout the
                                               from the Student Conduct                                                        purchase annual parking
                                                                                  school year and all decisions are
                                               Board, the Associate Dean of                                                    permits. Resident freshmen
                                                                                  final and binding.
                                               Educational and Student                                                         and sophomores are not eligible
                                                                                                                               for annual parking privileges.
                                                                                  Please make yourself familiar with all
                                                                                  University parking regulations. For a     3. You may not register a vehicle
Notary Service, Public Safety and Parking

                                                                                  complete list and full description of        for someone other than yourself.
                                                                                  regulations governing vehicles on            Students allowed to obtain a
                                                                                  campus, refer to the Public Safety           permit may do so only for their
                                                                                  Web site or obtain a copy of the             own vehicles, and the car must
                                                                                  Motor Vehicle Regulations Handbook           belong to that student or to the
                                                                                  available at the Department of               person paying the student’s
                                                                                  Public Safety.                               University bill.

                                                                                  TRANSPORTATION FROM                       4. All students, including freshmen
                                                                                  MORRISTOWN MEMORIAL                          and sophomores, may obtain
                                                                                  HOSPITAL TO DREW                             weekend temporary permits
                                                                                                                               (Friday night at 5 p.m. until
                                                                                  For details on taxi service, see             Sunday at 5 p.m.) for themselves
                                                                                  Health Service, page 33.                     or for their guests. They must
                                                                                                                               register and pay at the
                                                                                                                               gatehouse or at Public Safety.

   This temporary pass will allow           may lose their parking privileges      GATE HOURS
   parking privileges only in the           for the entire calendar year—
                                                                                   Main gate and church gate:
   designated area. University              and additional fines may be
                                                                                   5 a.m. to 8 p.m.
   hosts are responsible for the            issued. (Summonses that are
   motor vehicle violations of              appealed and granted will not          Glenwild gate: 5 a.m. to 8 p.m.
   their guests.                            be included in this count).            (Closed from 8 to 9 a.m. and 3 to 4
                                            Students may also be referred          p.m. for the safety of nearby
5. Permission to drive or park a
                                            to the Associate Dean of               elementary school students).
   vehicle on campus is a privilege
                                            Educational and Student Affairs
   and not a right to which one is
                                            for additional disciplinary action.
   entitled by reason of enrollment
   in the University. The granting      REGISTRATION PROCEDURES                          CORDLESS PHONES
   of a parking permit does not         AND FEES                                          ARE PROHIBITED

   insure any permit holder a           When registering a vehicle please         Only cell phones and wired (non-cordless)
   parking place. Insufficient          bring the following to Public             phones are permitted in the residence halls
   parking places in any one lot        Safety: vehicle, driver’s license
   are no excuse for illegal parking!   and registration, insurance card,
                                        Drew ID, and cash or a check (no
6. Violations may be appealed                                                      TELEPHONES
                                        charge cards).
   within seven days of issuance
   through the Parking Appeals          • The cost for an annual decal, valid
   Board. Obtain forms and                from September to August, is $100.       Telecommunications Office, LC 69
   information at Public Safety.                                                   (Library/lower level, rear ramp)
                                        • Grad/Theo students only are
7. The University assumes no              allowed to register a second             Balance info, x7820
   responsibility for a motor             vehicle. The cost is $100.
                                                                                   Bills, x7821
   vehicle or its contents in
                                        • Guest and weekend temporary
   regards to fire, theft, or other                                                Problems (with voicemail,
                                          permits cost $2 a night.
   damage.                                                                         authcode, email, or cable TV) x3333

8. Any unregistered or illegally                                                   Harassing calls x3379 (Public
   parked vehicle is subject to                                                    Safety) or x3390 (Associate Dean of
                                                  DIAL DUSC
   being towed at the violator’s                                                   Educational and Student Affairs)
                                        to see if school has been closed for
                                          bad weather or other emergency           You provide the telephone (no
9. Students who receive more                                                       cordless phones, please) and
   than three (3) summonses in                                                     Telecom. will provide phone service,
   less than one academic year                                                     establish your personal voice
                                                                                   mailbox, provide an authorization
                                                                                   code so you can make off-campus
                                                                                   calls, and create an account on Drew’s
                                                                                   network (which includes email).

                                                                                   Only cell phones and wired (non-
                                                                                   cordless) phones are permitted in
                                                                                   the residence halls. Cordless
                                                                                   phones are prohibited.

                                                                                   Special Features: For example, in a
                                                                                   single call, you can pick up messages

             sent to you, send messages to                Be sure to specify when and to          hour hotline for balance information
             others, or send a copy of a message          whom the message should be sent.        only: x7820.
             to someone else. If you want to
                                                         • After sending the electronic form,
             send the same message to several                                                     If you are unable to resolve a
                                                           record your message and send it
             people, you can record your message                                                  problem with STC, please contact
                                                           to voicemail box 9999.
             once and send it to any number of                                                    Telecommunications, x3333.
             extensions. If you send messages            • Give Telecom. advance notice
             to the same group of people                   since a maximum of four                Harassing Phone Calls: If you
             regularly (for example, to club               messages is sent out each day.         receive a harassing or threatening
             members or floor residents) you can           Plan ahead to get your preferred       call, you should report it immediately
             create a “distribution list” which will       time slot. Seven-day notice is         to Public Safety (x3379) or to the
             send a recorded message to a list of          preferable, but two to three days is   Associate Dean of Student Life
             people in one stroke. If you have             often workable.                        (x3390). At your request, Public
             an important message, you can                                                        Safety will investigate the call(s).
             mark it “urgent.” If you want to be         • Events to which the entire campus      When reporting a threatening call,
             certain the person receives your              (or virtually the entire campus) is    please provide the following
             message, you can request a “delivery          invited must be held in handicap-      information, if possible:
             report.” And this is just the beginning!      accessible locations. Contact
                                                           HCH (x3103) if you are uncertain       • The time and date the call was
                                                           about which spaces conform to            received. Note: If the call came to
             Please refer to the Telecom. Web
                                                           ADA accessibility standards.             your voice mailbox, do not archive
             page for up-to-the-minute
                                                                                                    or delete it! Instead, skip the
                                                         Off-Campus Calls: Each student is          message.
                                                         provided with a personal authorization
             Voice Mail: All students, faculty, and      code (authcode). Guard it carefully!     • Note if the call came from on
             staff have personal voice mailboxes         It is not necessary or advisable to        campus (indicated by a single ring)
             for sending and receiving messages.         tell anyone (even your roommate)           or off campus (indicated by a
             The voicemail system acts as an             what it is. Do not write it down           double ring).
             answering machine, protected by a           where it can be easily seen. You will
             password, which automatically                                                        • Make note of anything distinct
                                                         be billed for all calls outside the
             records messages to be picked up                                                       about the voice (i.e. male/female,
                                                         local calling area (for specifics, see
             at the student’s convenience,                                                          accent, phrases, etc.).
                                                         the Telecom. Web page). Do not
             whether on or off campus.                   use anyone else’s authcode.
                                                         Disciplinary action and/or fines will    TELEVISION
             Campus-Wide Messages: Students              apply. (See “Academic Technology
             are welcome to send voice messages          Policy” in the Appendix.)                Telecommunications and the MRC
             to the entire campus (or large                                                       provide cable TV service. At this
             segments of campus) using                   Telephone Bills: Phone billing           time, Drew offers more than 25
             University-maintained distribution          is provided by Strategic                 stations, including many area and
             lists (such as “all students,” “faculty,”   Telecommunications Consulting            satellite channels, as well as a Drew
             “staff”) to publicize an upcoming           (STC). Itemized bills are sent via       local-origination channel and two
             event. Instructions are on the              email. Failure to pay will result in     Drew-controlled educational
             Telecom. Web page.                          cancellation of the authcode.            channels. Each residence hall room
                                                                                                  is wired for cable-TV access.
             • Fill out a voice message form             For service questions, account           Students must provide their own
               available on the Telecom. Web             balances, or phone-billing problems,     cables and TVs.
               page. A copy will be sent                 you can call campus extension 7821
               automatically for approval to the         between the hours of 9 a.m. and
               Office of the Associate Dean of

                                                         6 p.m. (EST). There is also a 24-
               Educational and Student Affairs.

w w w. d e p t s . d r e w. e d u / e s a / h a n d b o o k / c l a / p o l i c i e s

UNIVERSITY POLICIES                   STATEMENT AGAINST                         Frank C. Merckx, Associate Dean of
                                      DISCRIMINATION                            Educational and Student Affairs
  1. Human Rights Policy                                                        Sycamore Cottage, 1st floor
                                      Discrimination in education or
  2. Academic Integrity                                               
                                      employment on the basis of age,
  3. Affirmative Action               ethnicity, gender, national origin,
  4. Citizenship                      physical disability, race, religion, or
                                                                                All sexual harassment complaints
                                      sexual orientation is also prohibited.
  5. Commuting Students                                                         will be dealt with following the
                                                                                procedures outlined in the
  6. Disabled Access                  STATEMENT AGAINST SEXUAL
                                                                                University’s Sexual Harassment
  7. Emergency Procedures             HARASSMENT
                                                                                Policy, 12.
  8. Statement of Rights and          Sexual discrimination in the form of
     Responsibilities of Students     sexual harassment is defined as the
  9. Student Conduct Policy           use of one's authority or power to
                                                                                2. ACADEMIC
                                      coerce another person into unwanted
10. Alcohol Policy
                                      sexual relations or to punish another        INTEGRITY
11. Drug Policy                       person for that individual's refusal,
                                                                                Students attend college in order to
12. Sexual Harassment Policy          or the creation of an intimidating,
                                                                                educate themselves. The various
13. Regulations for Search and        hostile, or offensive environment for
                                                                                exercises that absorb so much time
    Routine Room Inspection           living, working, or learning by a
                                                                                and energy during the semester—
                                      member of the University community
14. Policy Regarding Use of                                                     tests, reports, problem sets, essays,
                                      through repetitive verbal or physical
    University Facilities and                                                   and term papers—are all purposeful
                                      conduct of a sexual nature.
    Buildings                                                                   opportunities enabling students to
                                                                                develop and display their acquired
15. Academic Technology Policy        WHAT YOU SHOULD DO                        skills, knowledge, and capacity
    (Computers, Email, Internet,
                                      A student who believes he or she          for critical thinking and creative
                                      has been discriminated against by         analysis. Since academic dishonesty
                                      another student or by a faculty or        necessarily hinders such development,
1. DREW UNIVERSITY                    staff member has the right to             it cannot be tolerated under any
   HUMAN RIGHTS                       register a complaint and seek             circumstances. Accordingly, Drew
                                                                                University has established standards
   POLICY                             redress of his/her grievance,
                                                                                of academic integrity and
                                      following the procedures outlined in
STATEMENT AGAINST VERBAL              the Sexual Harassment policy (12).        procedures governing violations of
HARASSMENT AND HOSTILE                                                          them. These basic standards apply
PHYSICAL CONDUCT                                                                to all work done at Drew.
                                      Dr. George-Harold Jennings
                                      University Affirmative Action Officer     In response to an allegation of
Each member of the University
                                      Sycamore Cottage, 1st floor               academic dishonesty, the Dean of
community is expressly prohibited
                                                     the College will convene and chair a
from severe or pervasive verbal or
                                      973/408-3392                              hearing of the Academic Integrity
physical conduct that creates for
other members of the community an                                               Committee, which will be made up
                                      Dr. Edye Lawler, Dean of                  of two faculty members and one
intimidating, hostile, or offensive

                                      Educational and Student Affairs           student from the College Student
environment for living, working, or
                                      Brothers College 113                      Conduct Board plus the accused
                                                      student’s academic adviser or
                                      973/408-3390 or 973/408-3327

           another faculty member of the           4. CITIZENSHIP                             6. DISABLED
           accused student’s choosing.
           Sanctions range from probationary       Students, as both citizens and                ACCESS
           measures to expulsion from the          members of the academic community,         Peggi Howard, 504 Compliance
           University.                             enjoy the same freedoms of speech          Officer, Mead Hall, x3100
                                                   (as stated in the Human Rights Policy
           a. First offense: maximum penalty,      above)—peaceful assembly, right to         Drew strives to accommodate the
           suspension from the College;            privacy, and right of petition—that        needs of individuals whose disabilities
           disqualification from Honors may        other citizens enjoy, and they are         range from mild to severely limiting.
           be one of the penalties exacted.        subject to the obligations that accrue     As is Drew's intent in dealing with
                                                   to them by virtue of their membership.     all students, disabled students
           b. Second offense: maximum
                                                   See also Rights and Responsibilities       are accommodated with personal
           penalty, dismissal from the College.
                                                   of Students, policy 8 in the Appendix.     attention and the University tries to
                                                                                              employ its resources to ensure that
           Students are expected to study
                                                                                              each disabled student has equal
           and comply with these principles
           as detailed in a separate “Standards    5. COMMUTING                               access to a Drew education. Several
                                                                                              staff members have an overview
           of Academic Integrity” booklet             STUDENTS                                of provisions at Drew for disabled
           distributed to new students at the
                                                       students. Students seeking
           beginning of the school year.
                                                                                              information on accessibility may also
                                                   Commuters are entitled to all the          contact the Dean of Educational and
                                                   privileges of resident students            Student Affairs, x3327.
           3 . A F F I R M AT I V E                (except room and board) and are
               ACTION                              subject to the same restrictions.
                                                   Therefore, commuters should read
                                                                                              7. EMERGENCY
                                                   this handbook carefully and, if
                                                   questions arise, refer to the Associate       PROCEDURES
           Prof. George-Harold Jennings
                                                   Dean of Educational and Student
           UAAO, Sycamore Cottage, x3392                                                      In case of a fire, medical, or police
                                                   Affairs for further clarification.         emergency, use any Drew network
           The University supports the view
                                                                                              phone and dial x4444 (973/408-4444
           that there is strength in diversity     Commuters are welcome to stay              from non-network phones) to reach
           and toward this end it has              overnight with friends in a residence      the Department of Public Safety.
           developed an affirmative action         hall, especially if they are planning to   Describe the location and nature of
           policy that promotes and celebrates     stay late on campus. They may              the emergency to the dispatcher,
           multiculturalism. If you feel you (or   apply for voicemail boxes (contact         who will summon appropriate help
           someone you know) have been             Telecommunications at x3333) from          immediately. The dispatcher on duty
           subjected to acts of discrimination     which they can access messages             has direct contact with emergency
           based on gender, race, ethnicity,       sent by friends and administrators.        officials. Dispatchers report all
           age, religion, national origin,         There is a “Commuter Corner” in            emergency calls to the Director of
           disability, or sexual orientation—or    the University Center and an               Public Safety even if assistance is
           if you become aware of situations       active commuters club called               ultimately provided from outside the
           in which the University’s support of    Commuters@Drew.                            University.
           multiculturalism and affirmative
           action is violated— contact the
           University Affirmative Action Officer
           (UAAO) or the Associate Dean of
           Educational and Student Affairs.

8 . S TAT E M E N T O F                     students shall be welcomed on           evaluated solely on an academic
                                            campus subject to specific              basis, not on opinions or conduct in
    RIGHTS AND                              regulations governing the use of        matters unrelated to academic
    RESPONSIBILITIES                        its several buildings and facilities,   standards.
    OF STUDENTS                             and provided that the guest
                                            respects the University's standards       A. Protection of Freedom of
Academic institutions exist for the         of individual responsibility and          Expression: Students shall be
transmission of knowledge, the              conduct at all times. Invited             free to take reasoned exception
pursuit of truth, the development of        guests must be accompanied by             to the data or views offered in
students, and the general well being        a matriculated-student host at            any course of study and to
of society. At Drew, we believe that        all times.                                reserve judgment about matters
free inquiry and free expression are                                                  of opinion.
indispensable to the attainment of          B. Students of the University
these goals. As members of the              currently have free access to the         B. Protection Against Improper
academic community, students are            book stacks of the general                Academic Evaluation: Students
encouraged to develop the capacity          collection in the Rose Memorial           shall have protection through
for critical judgment and to engage         Library. Continuance of such              orderly procedures established by
in sustained and independent search         freedom of access is contingent           faculty against prejudiced or
for truth.                                  upon student acceptance of                capricious academic evaluation.
                                            responsibility for the collection         At the same time, students are
Freedom to teach and freedom                and respect for the procedures            responsible for maintaining
to learn are axioms of academic             established for its proper use.           standards of academic performance
freedom. As the freedom to learn                                                      established for each course in
is dependent upon appropriate               C. Regulations regarding the use          which they are enrolled.
opportunities and conditions (in the        of Drew University's property and
classroom, on the campus, and in            facilities for solicitation,            III. PRIVACY OF STUDENT RECORDS
the larger community) it is our goal        commercial sales, fund raising,
to provide such an environment.             distribution of literature, and the       A. Drew University respects and
However, the responsibility to secure       like by other than duly matric-           seeks to safeguard the confidential
and to respect general conditions           ulated students, faculty, and staff       nature of the following materials
conducive to the freedom to learn           are available in the Office of the        that comprise a student's record:
is shared by all members of the             Associate Dean of Educational
academic community.                         and Student Affairs and in this             1. Such documents as have
                                            Appendix. Any person or organi-             been submitted in application
The statements of policy set forth          zation violating such regulations           for admission to the University
here are intended as a framework            shall be considered a trespasser            or in application for financial aid
within which this mutual responsibility     by the University.                          2. The transcript of a student's
may be exercised with a minimum of          (Please see policy regarding use            academic record at the University
misunderstanding and confusion.             of Drew University facilities and           and at other places where the
                                            buildings (Policy 14).                      student may have studied
   FACILITIES                             II. ACADEMIC PURSUIT                          3. The record of a student's
                                                                                        disciplinary history at the
  A. The facilities of Drew University    All members of the academic                   University
  shall be open to all of its duly        community shall encourage free
                                                                                        4. Medical and psychological-
  matriculated students and               discussion, inquiry, and expression
                                                                                        counseling records compiled
  members of students' immediate          in all phases of academic life.
                                                                                        during the course of a student's

  family residing on campus. The          Student performances shall be
                                                                                        career at the University
  invited guests of matriculated

           B. Such confidential information          without student consent in           IV. STUDENT AFFAIRS
           will be made available only to            providing such medical or
                                                                                          In student affairs, certain standards
           authorized persons on campus.             psychological records as may
                                                                                          must be maintained if the freedom
                                                     be deemed professionally
             1. Authorized persons on                                                     of students is to be preserved. An
                                                     necessary by the attending
             campus (with universal access                                                individual, by virtue of his/her status
                                                     physician or counselor.
             to all students' records except                                              as a student, is a member of a
             those specified in No. 4 above,         3. Students shall have access        community, the very existence of
             unless the student gives                to all information in their files    which is contingent upon the
             permission) are defined as the          with the exception of letters of     responsible behavior of the
             President of the University and         recommendation that they have        individual members; namely, that
             all respective academic deans,          requested be written on a            their exercise of freedom takes full
             the Dean of Educational and             confidential basis. Students         cognizance of the rights of others.
             Student Affairs, the Associate          should contact the Associate
             Dean of Educational and                 Dean of Educational and                A. Campus Organizations
             Student Affairs, and their              Student Affairs at x3390 to            Students bring to the campus a
             designees.                              review their files.                    variety of interests previously
                                                                                            acquired, and, as members of the
             2. Because of the nature of their     D. According to a record-retention
                                                                                            academic community, they often
             responsibilities, the following       schedule maintained by the
                                                                                            develop new interests as well.
             persons shall be authorized to        University, all references to
                                                                                            They shall be free to organize and
             have access to the records as         disciplinary history and other
                                                                                            join associations to promote these
             specified in No. 1 and No. 3          material having no direct bearing
             above: admissions committee,          on the academic record shall be
             financial aid committee, registrar,   destroyed three years after a
                                                                                            Organizations having or seeking
             and counseling personnel              student’s graduation (or
                                                                                            institutional recognition shall
                                                   separation from Drew).
             3. Advisers have access                                                        be required to submit to the
             to admission folders and                1. This provision is to be             appropriate board, such as the
             transcripts, and faculty has            understood as permitting the           Extra-Curricular Activities Board
             access to transcripts on the            recording of any institutional         (ECAB), a statement of purpose,
             direct or implied request of            action, such as suspension             criteria for membership, rules of
             the student                             and expulsion for academic             procedures (including those for
                                                     or disciplinary reasons, which         financial accountability), and a
           C. Confidential information               affects a student's eligibility to     current list of officers. When
           contained in a student's records          re-register at the institution.        seeking institutional recognition, a
           shall not be made available to                                                   membership list may be requested
                                                     2. Drew University shall maintain      to establish noted support for an
           persons or institutions off campus
                                                     no records of a student's              organization and to ensure lack
           without the written permission of
                                                     political activity or beliefs.         of duplication of organizations;
           the student pursuant to court
           order or subpoena, or according                                                  in addition, all groups seeking
                                                   E. The Office of the Registrar           recognition must name an
           to FERPA regulations.
                                                   reserves the right to issue copies       adviser who will be active and
             1. In the case of a court             of a student's academic record           knowledgeable about the group’s
             order, the University shall with      to that student's high school or         activities. The University, by
             reasonable promptness attempt         previous college when such               permitting recognition, does not
             to notify the student concerned.      information is requested for use         necessarily signify its approval or
                                                   in evaluating the educational            endorsement of the organization’s
             2. In cases involving the
                                                   program.                                 values.
             physical or mental illness of a

             student, the University may act

1. Campus organizations,              B. Inquiry and Expression                ad hoc groups to follow in their
including those affiliated with       Freedom of inquiry and expression        programming.
an extramural association, shall      is integral to the definition of a
                                                                               3. Students have the responsi-
be open to all students without       university. As an academic
                                                                               bility to make clear to the
respect to race, ethnicity, gender,   community, the University is
                                                                               academic and larger community
creed, sexual orientation, or         devoted to the objective,
                                                                               that sponsorship of guest
national origin.                      reasoned, and fair study of all
                                                                               speakers does not necessarily
                                      issues and questions. There are
2. Membership, policies, and                                                   imply approval or endorsement
                                      times when the study of certain
actions of student organizations                                               of the views expressed by
                                      questions will be the subject of
shall be determined by vote of                                                 either the sponsoring group or
                                      disagreement and controversy.
only those persons who hold                                                    the institution. All publicity
                                      While free to voice their objections
bona fide membership in the                                                    shall clearly indicate that the
                                      and to protest, students shall be
College or University community,                                               views expressed or to be
                                      responsible for helping to maintain
following guidelines established                                               expressed are those of the
                                      an atmosphere in which objective
by the appropriate committee of                                                guest speaker and are not
                                      and rational study can continue.
each school within the                                                         necessarily those of Drew
University.                             1. Students and student                University.
                                        organizations shall be free
3. Affiliation with an extramural                                              4. No publicity may be released
                                        to examine and discuss all
organization shall not of itself                                               to the public, press, radio, or
                                        questions of interest to them
disqualify a student organi-                                                   television except through the
                                        and to express opinions
zation from institutional                                                      Office of University Relations.
                                        publicly and privately by
                                        demonstrations or in other             5. No student may enter into or
4. With the exception of certain        ways, conducted in an orderly          sign a contract in the name of
activities where advisory duties        and non-obstructive manner.            Drew University (or for any
are part of an individual's             Students should be free, and no        group within the University)
employment contract with                special permission should be           without first seeking approval
the University (such as in              required, to distribute                (and the signature) of the
athletics and dramatics), each          pamphlets or collect names for         Director of Student Activities
organization shall be free to           petitions and solicit support.         and/or his/her designee.
choose its own adviser. It is
                                        2. Students shall be allowed to      C. Student Participation in
required of all groups seeking
                                        invite and to hear any person        Institutional Government
recognition, and strongly
                                        of their own choosing. Those
encouraged of existing                                                         1. As constituents of the
                                        routine procedures required by
organizations, to identify an                                                  academic community, students
                                        the University before a guest
adviser. Institutional recognition                                             shall be free individually and
                                        speaker is invited to appear on
and/or approval of certain                                                     collectively to express their
                                        campus shall be designed to
activities (such as travel) may                                                views on issues of institutional
                                        ensure that there is orderly
be withheld or withdrawn due                                                   policy and on matters of
                                        scheduling of facilities and
to the inability of a student                                                  general interest to the student
                                        adequate preparation for the
organization to secure an adviser.                                             body. Students should
                                        event, including the financial
The adviser shall guide the                                                    participate in the formulation
                                        requirements, and that the
organization in the exercise of                                                and application of institutional
                                        occasion is conducted in a
responsibility but shall not have                                              policy affecting academic and
                                        manner appropriate to an
the authority to control the policy                                            student affairs.
                                        academic community. Non-
of the organization (unless it is
                                        recognized organizations should
to uphold University, local, state,

                                        be aware of the procedure for
or federal rules and regulations).

           The participation of the student         student press are a valuable aid         merely to duplicate the function
           body “in the formulation and             in establishing and maintaining          of general laws. Only where the
           application of institutional             an atmosphere of free and                interests of Drew University as an
           policy affecting academic and            responsible discussion and of            academic community are distinctly
           student affairs” may involve a           intellectual exploration on the          and clearly involved should the
           variety of activities ranging from       campus. They are a means of              special authority of the institution
           student discussion of proposed           bringing student concerns to             be asserted according to regular
           policy in committees and in              the attention of the University          student conduct procedures.
           organized agencies of student            community, authorities, and of
           government or through the                formulating student opinion on           Disciplinary actions undertaken
           student press, to the more               various issues on the campus             by Drew University will normally
           formal determination of policy           and in the world at large.               proceed during the pendency of
           by groups that include student                                                    any criminal proceedings, and the
                                                V. STUDENTS AS CITIZENS
           members or, where and if                                                          University's disciplinary actions
           delegated by appropriate              A. Exercise of Rights of                    shall not be subject to challenge
           authority, by groups that are         Citizenship: Drew University                on the ground that a criminal
           composed only of students.            students, as both citizens and              allegation involving the same
           Such participation is a               members of the academic                     incident is pending, has been
           responsibility as well as a           community, shall enjoy the same             dismissed, or has been reduced.
           right. Through such                   freedom of speech, peaceful
           participation, students share in      assembly, right to privacy, and             The status of a student shall not
           the responsibility of responding      right of petition that other citizens       be altered, or the right to be
           to the needs and wishes of            enjoy and they are subject to the           present on the campus and to
           all members of the academic           obligations that accrue to them by          attend classes suspended, except
           community.                            virtue of their membership.                 when it is clear that a threat exists
                                                                                             to the health, safety, or well-being
           2. Student associations may be
                                                 Faculty members and administrative          of the campus community. Either
           organized to act as the central
                                                 officials shall ensure that institutional   the President or the Dean of
           deliberative body of the
                                                 powers are not employed to inhibit          Educational and Student Affairs
           students of each of the schools
                                                 such intellectual and personal              may, upon finding that such a
           of the University and to
                                                 development of students as is               threat exists, revoke a student's
           exercise such legislative powers
                                                 often promoted by their exercise            right to be on campus or suspend
           as are delegated by the
                                                 of the rights of citizenship both on        a student from class for an interim
           respective faculties and the
                                                 and off campus. Specifically,               period pending a prompt hearing
           trustees. It is understood that
                                                 students who absent themselves              pursuant to University disciplinary
           the faculty and administration
                                                 from class as an exercise of                procedures. Any such interim
           will consult with the student
                                                 conscience or in support of their           revocation or suspension shall
           body or with individual students
                                                 rights of citizenship should receive        become immediately effective
           when requested, and when it is
                                                 no penalties other than those               upon the required finding being
           deemed appropriate will review
                                                 normally resulting from class               made without prior notice to the
           proposed student legislation.
                                                 absence.                                    affected student. On application
           The faculty, administration, and
                                                                                             of the affected student, the
           student associations retain the
                                                 B. Institutional Authority and              University official invoking the
           right of final review in matters
                                                 Civil Penalties: Students who               interim revocation or suspension
           pertaining to their respective
                                                 violate the law may incur penalties         shall, within five (5) business days,
                                                 prescribed by civil authorities.            meet with the suspended student
           3. Student Publications:              Drew University's institutional             to consider only the reliability of

           Student publications and the          authority shall never be used               the information regarding the
                                                                                             student's conduct and whether

  the conduct and surrounding             Information regarding sanctions will               Standing are four faculty
  circumstances reasonably indicate       not be released to faculty or staff                members, the Dean of the
  that the presence of the student        except in the following circum-                    College, the Dean of
  on campus or in class continues         stances:                                           Educational and Student
  to threaten the health, safety, or                                                         Affairs, two students, and
                                            • An educational need is identified
  well-being of the campus                                                                   the Registrar.
  community.                                • Disclosure is one of the sanctions
                                                                                          2. Sanctions
                                            • A student is thought to be a risk
                                                                                             a. Warning or academic
                                              to him/herself or others
9. STUDENT                                                                                   probation
   CONDUCT POLICY                         Attorneys and/or non-University
                                                                                             b. Required leave of absence
                                          advisers may not participate in, or
The disciplinary process shall,                                                              or dismissal of the student
                                          attend, student conduct hearings.
insofar as the setting of the                                                                from the College on
University permits, strive to allow       Student Conduct Board hearings                     academic grounds. Student
procedural fairness. The University       and administrative meetings are                    may be required to withdraw
does not have full judicial authority     separate from local, state, and                    or take a leave of absence
so far as the law is concerned and,       federal court proceedings.                         from the College for unsatis-
therefore, does not intend to replicate                                                      factory scholarship:
judicial proceedings as followed in       I. ACADEMIC DISCIPLINE is discipline
                                                                                               i. For failure to maintain
civil or criminal legal proceedings.      resulting from violations of academic
                                                                                               satisfactory progress as
Formal rules of process, procedure,       matters and is the responsibility of
                                                                                               defined above
and/or technical rules of evidence,       the faculty, following these
such as are applied in criminal or        procedures:                                          ii. For failure to improve
civil court, are not used in student                                                           after one semester on
                                            A. Matters of Academic Dishonesty
conduct proceedings. The                                                                       probation
                                            See the Standards of Academic
University will, however, make every
                                            Integrity booklet that is distributed              iii. For failure to qualify for
effort to protect students from
                                            to each student by the First Year                  good standing after two
arbitrary or capricious disciplinary
                                            Seminar instructor. (Transfer                      semesters on probation
action, to ensure fairness to all
                                            students with sophomore standing
parties involved, and to achieve an                                                            iv. Irrespective of the
                                            or higher receive it from their
informed and equitable result from                                                             general average, for any
                                            adviser.) This booklet describes
the process.                                                                                   semester in which no credit
                                            academic violations (such as
                                                                                               is earned or semester GPA
Confidentiality: All meetings and all       plagiarism, duplicate submission,
                                                                                               is below 1.4
information gathered during the             cheating) and the process by
student conduct review process is           which violations are adjudicated.
                                                                                      II. NON-ACADEMIC DISCIPLINE
confidential to the extent outlined by
                                            B. Matters of Academic                    stems from violations of the Student
FERPA and University policy (see
                                            Standing: The Committee on                Conduct Policy and is generally
Privacy of Student Records, page 20)
                                            Academic Standing determines              under the jurisdiction of the
and shall not be released except
                                            status when a student's GPA falls         Associate Dean of Educational
with cause through the Office of the
                                            below 2.00 or the student does            and Student Affairs.
Associate Dean of Educational and
                                            not, at the end of the academic
Student Affairs. Any question of
                                            year, successfully complete the             A. University Jurisdiction: The
interpretation or application of the
                                            proper multiple of at least 12 credits.     The University will exercise
Student Conduct Policy shall be
                                                                                        jurisdiction over any and all
referred to the Dean of Educational           1. Committee Process
                                                                                        offenses against the University and
and Student Affairs, or the Dean’s

                                                 a. This year, the members of           its community whether the offense
designee, for final determination.
                                                 the Committee on Academic              is committed on or off the campus.

           B. Offenses Against the               4. Sexual Assault: Sexual            10. Misuse of Documents:
           University and the Drew               assault and sexual harassment        Forgery, alteration, misappro-
           Community: The following may be       are defined in the Sexual            priation, or unauthorized
           regarded as offenses against the      Harassment Policy (section 12)       disclosure of University
           University and its community,         and will be dealt with by the        documents/records, official
           whether the offense is attempted      University Sexual Harassment         student documents/records, or
           or completed. Members of the          Committee. The entire policy         student identification cards (IDs).
           Drew community and their guests       (including procedures) is
                                                                                      11. Theft: Intentionally,
           are bound by the following rules.     available at the UC Desk and in
                                                                                      carelessly, or recklessly taking,
           Sanctions may result as set forth     the University Library.
                                                                                      or attempting to take, or
           in Section G, including suspension
                                                 5. Disorderly Conduct:               borrowing without authorization,
           or expulsion:
                                                 Engaging in fighting or              any University property or any
             1. Behavior Disruptive to           threatening, displaying violent      private property of a member
             University Functions:               or tumultuous behavior, or           of the University community.
             Obstruction or disruption of any    creating an unreasonably             The unauthorized use of the
             regular or special function of      hazardous or physically              name "Drew University" or the
             the University; participation in,   dangerous condition while on         University seal is considered
             or encouragement of, any effort     the University campus or at a        theft.
             to disrupt a class; creating a      University-sponsored event.
                                                                                      12. Damage/Vandalism:
             public inconvenience,
                                                 6. Weapons and Explosives:           Intentionally, carelessly, or
             annoyance, or alarm;
                                                 The sale, purchase, possession,      recklessly damaging or
             unreasonable noise.
                                                 distribution, or use of any          destroying any University
             2. Assault/Battery: The use (or     firearm, explosive, firecracker,     property or any private property
             threat of use) of physical force    incendiary materials, knives         of a member of the Drew
             against any member of the           (other than pocket knives), or       community.
             University community;               other weapons.
                                                                                      13. Stolen Goods: The sale,
             intentionally or recklessly
                                                 7. Alcohol Infractions: Any          distribution, or knowing
             causing physical harm to any
                                                 violation of the University’s        purchase or possession of any
             person on the University
                                                 Alcohol Policy as defined in the     property illegally obtained either
             campus or at a University-
                                                 Appendix, section 10. This           on or off campus.
             sponsored activity; intentionally
                                                 includes any violation of the law
             or recklessly causing an                                                 14. Unauthorized Entry: The
                                                 concerning consumption,
             individual to inflict physical                                           unauthorized entry into any
                                                 possession, and purchase of
             harm on another person or on                                             University-owned property or
                                                 alcohol as mandated by the
             him/herself; verbal coercion;                                            privately owned property on
                                                 State of New Jersey.
             intimidation.                                                            the University campus, either
                                                 8. Drug Infractions: The sale,       forcibly or non-forcibly;
             3. Abuse of Self or Others:
                                                 purchase, possession, distri-        unauthorized entry into any
             Inflicting mental or bodily harm
                                                 bution, or use of any controlled     designated restricted area;
             upon any person (including
                                                 dangerous substances and/or          unauthorized use of keys
             one’s self); engaging in any
                                                 drug paraphernalia, as defined       (including electronic keys).
             intentional or reckless action
                                                 in the Appendix, section 11.
             from which mental or bodily                                              15. Human Rights Violations:
             harm could result (including        9. Failure to Provide                Any violation of the Human
             one’s self); causing a person to    Identification: Failure to produce   Rights Policy as enumerated in
             believe that the offender may       valid identification (such as a      the Appendix of this handbook,
             cause mental or bodily harm.        student ID) when requested by        Section 1. This includes severe

                                                 the proper authorities.              or pervasive verbal or physical

conduct or the display or             19. Misuse of Computer,               23. Assisting Another to
publication of words, pictures,       Network, or Telephone                 Commit an Offense: Aiding,
or symbols intended to offend         Equipment: Any misuse of the          abetting, or assisting another to
personally or to create an            computing network or                  commit, to plan, or to attempt
intimidating, hostile, or             equipment as explained in the         to commit any of the above
offensive working or                  Appendix, Section 15, including       offenses against the University
educational environment for           the telephone network or              community.
members of the other sex, other       equipment. Placing an obscene
                                                                            24. False, Vicious, Malicious
races, religions, ethnic groups,      or abusive phone call is illegal
                                                                            Allegations: Knowingly bringing
or persons of differing views or      and may violate federal (as well
                                                                            false allegations against the
sexual orientation.                   as University) regulations.
                                                                            University or another person for
16. Interfering with Freedom          20. Hazing: Any action taken,         any reason.
of Expression: Intentionally or       or situation created intentionally,
                                                                            25. Providing False
substantially interfering with the    whether on or off campus,
                                                                            Information: Intentionally
freedom of expression of others       which produces mental
                                                                            counterfeiting and/or misrepre-
on the University campus or at        or physical discomfort,
                                                                            senting information to the
University-sponsored activities.      embarrassment, or ridicule;
                                                                            University, including incidents
                                      where participants are endangered
17. Failure to Comply with                                                  of fraud and embezzlement.
                                      physically or mentally; where
the Directive of a University
                                      participants are pressured            26. Violation of Campus
Official: To disregard or ignore
                                      against their will to participate;    Housing Regulations
the directions of University
                                      where the participants are            (Community Standards):
officials acting in the performance
                                      targeted based on class year or       Violations of campus housing
of their duties; to demonstrate
                                      other criteria; which is a            regulations, as enumerated in
disrespect through verbal or
                                      violation of the participant’s        the Residence Life/Rules and
physical abuse.
                                      human rights; that is not in          Regulations section of this
18. Interfering with Fire             compliance with the University’s      handbook and the housing
Safety: Intentionally, carelessly,    general mission, philosophy,          agreement, including additional
or recklessly tampering with,         and policies. The express or          regulations imposed during
damaging, or misusing fire-           implied consent of the victim         break housing.
safety equipment such as, but         will not be a defense. Apathy,
                                      indifference, or acquiescence in      27. Violation of Campus
not limited to, fire extinguishers,
                                      the presence of hazing are not        Car/Parking Regulations:
smoke alarms, sprinkler systems,
                                      neutral acts, and therefore are a     Violations of the campus
or exit signs; unauthorized
                                      violation of this rule.               car/parking regulations as
burning of any material in any
                                                                            enumerated in the Drew
University building or on or near
                                      21. Improper Solicitation: The        University Traffic and Motor
University property; disregarding
                                      unauthorized sale of goods on         Vehicle Regulations Handbook,
a fire alarm or refusing to
                                      the University campus without         available online and from the
evacuate a building or section
                                      University-issued permission or       Department of Public Safety.
of a building when a fire alarm
                                      license; the unauthorized
is sounding; intentionally                                                  28. Violation of Public Law:
                                      request for donations on or off
registering or causing to be                                                All Drew University students are
                                      the University campus.
initiated any false report, alarm,                                          bound by local, state, and
warning or threat of fire,            22. Violation of Sanctions:           federal laws. The University will
explosion, or other emergency         Knowingly violating the terms of      not interfere with the adminis-
on the University campus or at        any disciplinary sanction (such       tration of public law and, in
University-sponsored activities.      as probation) previously              cases that affect the Drew

Obstruction of fire escapes,          imposed by the University.            community, may impose
corridors, or stairways.

             sanctions even for violations            Dean will determine the                The goal of an administrative
             that occur off campus.                   appropriate follow-up based            meeting is to arrive at a
                                                      upon factors such as the nature        finding of “responsible” or
             29. Intimidation of Witnesses:           and seriousness of the offense,        “not responsible”, and to
             In instances of alleged intimi-          whether or not it is a repeat          assign sanctions if necessary.
             dation of witnesses, the                 violation, etc. In cases where
                                                                                             Major and/or repeat offenses
             Associate Dean of Educational            the Associate Dean or designee)
                                                                                             (those which potentially could
             and Student Affairs will                 is unable to schedule a meeting
                                                                                             result in removal from the
             investigate the allegations. All         (due to a conflict of interest or
                                                                                             residence halls or suspension/
             parties involved will be heard           other reason), the Dean of
                                                                                             expulsion from the University)
             separately. If intimidation              Educational and Student Affairs
                                                                                             may be resolved in an
             allegations are substantiated,           shall assume those duties.
                                                                                             administrative meeting with
             the student(s) accused of intimi-        Under special circumstances,
                                                                                             the Associate Dean of
             dation is automatically subject          the University President
                                                                                             Educational and Student
             to suspension or expulsion. If           may designate a discipline
                                                                                             Affairs or in a formal Student
             intimidation allegations are not         administrator.
                                                                                             Conduct Board hearing.
             substantiated, no disciplinary
             sanctions will be instituted.                                                   b. Student Conduct Board
                                                 3. If a student poses an immediate          Hearing. The goal of a
           C. Procedures for Student             danger or threat to the health, safety,     formal Student Conduct
           Conduct Policy Violations:            or well-being of the University             Board hearing is to determine
                                                 community, the President or the             responsibility and impose
             1. Any member of the Drew           President's designee may impose a           appropriate sanctions in a
             community may allege that a         suspension or other separation from         timely and fair manner.
             student has violated University     the University with no prior notice,
             policy. Except in cases of          effective until due process is            5. A student charged with a
             sexual assault and sexual           concluded.                                serious University offense may
             harassment, the University also                                               withdraw from the University in
             may choose to file allegations                                                writing, effective immediately
                                                      4. A student accused of a
             on behalf of another person or                                                upon receipt by the Associate
                                                      violation will be contacted
             on its own behalf. (See the                                                   Dean of Educational and
                                                      by the Associate Dean of
             Sexual Harassment Policy                                                      Student Affairs, thereby
                                                      Educational and Student Affairs
             for further clarification.) All                                               forfeiting all tuition, fees, and
                                                      (or designated discipline
             allegations of violations must                                                any opportunity to enroll at a
                                                      administrator) to discuss the
             be submitted to the Associate                                                 future date to the University.
                                                      allegations. Lesser offenses
             Dean of Educational and                                                       This option may be exercised
                                                      (those which do not warrant
             Student Affairs. Formal                                                       only before an administrative
                                                      removal from the residence halls
             allegations must be made in                                                   meeting or Student Conduct
                                                      or suspension/ expulsion from
             writing, such as a letter or                                                  Board hearing takes place.
                                                      the University) will be resolved
             incident report. The incident
                                                      in an administrative meeting.
             report form is available on the                                               6. If there is more than one
             Residence Life Web site                                                       allegation and the student
                                                        a. Administrative Meeting.
                                                    pleads “responsible” to one
                                                        Depending on the seriousness
             /incident.htm.                                                                allegation and “not responsible”
                                                        of the offense, an adminis-
                                                        trative meeting occurs with a      to the other, the administrator
             2. Under normal circumstances,                                                shall determine if the case
                                                        staff member such as an RD,
             the Associate Dean of                                                         needs to be referred to the
                                                        the Director of Residence Life,
             Educational and Student Affairs                                               Student Conduct Board, which

                                                        or the Associate Dean of
             shall be the primary discipline                                               will follow the procedures set
                                                        Educational and Student Affairs.
             administrator. The Associate                                                  forth in sections E/F below.

  7. Failure to Respond. Should          the outcome and sanctions as        3. It is the convener’s duty
  a student fail to schedule and         discussed in the administrative     to make all parties aware of
  attend an administrative or            meeting.                            how the proceedings will be
  Student Conduct Board meeting                                              conducted. The hearing
                                         5. If a sanction has been
  in the time designated by the                                              committee has the following
                                         imposed, it is the responsibility
  Associate Dean (or designee),                                              obligations to parties involved
                                         of the student to ensure
  the student’s case will be                                                 in the hearing:
                                         that the Associate Dean of
  decided in his/her absence.
                                         Educational and Student Affairs,      a. To provide
                                         or the designated discipline
D. Procedures for an                                                              i. A statement of the
                                         administrator, is notified of the
Administrative Meeting                                                            allegations
                                         completion of the sanction.
  Students charged with a violation      Failure to complete a sanction           ii. Disclosure of the results
  of the Student Conduct Policy or       may result in the assessment             of an investigation, if any
  other University policy who are        of additional sanctions.
  directed to meet with a discipline                                              iii. A summary of the
  administrator will receive oral or   E. Procedures for a Student                procedures to be followed
  written notice of the alleged        Conduct Board Hearing
                                                                                  iv. A statement that the
  violations prior to a meeting.
                                         1. A Student Conduct Board               choice of hearing officer or
  The discipline administrator will      hearing committee can be                 convener may be
  meet with the student(s) to:           convened by the Associate                challenged in writing to the
                                         Dean of Student Affairs (or              Dean of Educational and
  1. Discuss the complaint and                                                    Student Affairs within 48
                                         designee). In situations where
  alleged conduct.                                                                hours of notification
                                         the Associate Dean/designee is
  2. Allow the student to review         unable to convene a committee
                                                                               b. To conduct the process in
  the complaint and present              due to a conflict of interest, or
                                                                               a timely fashion. (In cases
  his/her understanding of the           any other reason, the Dean of
                                                                               where incidents occur near
  events related to the incident(s).     Educational and Student Affairs
                                                                               the end of a semester, the
                                         shall assume those duties. In
                                                                               case may need to be
  3. Determine an appropriate            special circumstances, the
                                                                               adjudicated at the beginning
  finding:                               University President may
                                                                               of the next semester).
                                         designate a convener.
    a. That it is more likely than
                                                                               c. To notify the accused
    not that the alleged conduct
                                         2. A Student Conduct Board            student in writing of the
    did not occur and the
                                         hearing committee is comprised        reasons for the proposed
    respondent is not responsible
                                         of four students from the Student     disciplinary action and to allow
    for violating the University
                                         Conduct Board and three faculty       sufficient time to prepare
    Student Conduct Policy, or
                                         members selected according to
                                                                               d. To permit the student to
    b. It is more likely than not        faculty regulations. At the
                                                                               be advised by someone of
    that the alleged conduct did         request of either the complainant
                                                                               his/her choice from within the
    occur and that the respondent        or the accused, up to two board
                                                                               University community, such
    is responsible for violating         members may be replaced due
                                                                               as the SGA Attorney General
    the University/Student               to conflict of interest. The
    Conduct Policy, thus necessi-        convener will attempt to rotate       e. To allow the accused
    tating the imposition of             the members who serve in              student to consult with an
    sanctions as appropriate.            hearings in such fashion as to        adviser during the hearing
                                         give all members an equal             (the adviser will not take part
  4. After a decision has been

                                         opportunity to participate.           in the proceedings)
  rendered, the respondent will
  receive a letter summarizing

           f. To permit the accused to           in support of the charges shall        will not be a basis for
           speak on his/her own behalf           be presented and considered            sustaining an appeal unless
           and present evidence and              even though the accused                significant prejudice results
           witnesses. The accused may            student is not present
                                                                                     2. Decisions following an
           decline to answer questions
                                                 n. The convener may                 administrative hearing or
           g. To advise the accused              accommodate concerns for            Student Conduct Board hearing
           student of all available              personal safety, well-being,        must be appealed within two (2)
           evidence and testimony with           and/or fears of confrontation       business days of notification.
           opportunity for rebuttal              of the complainant, accused         Appeals will be heard by the
                                                 student, and/or other witness       Dean of Educational and
           h. To permit all accused
                                                 during the hearing by               Student Affairs (or designee).
           parties to be present
                                                 providing separate facilities,
           throughout the hearing with
                                                 by using a visual screen,         G. Sanctions: The University
           the opportunity to question
                                                 and/or permitting participation   maintains the right to impose
                                                 by telephone, videophone,         sanctions upon students found
           i. To present all relevant            video conferencing, videotape,    responsible for violating the
           evidence as determined by             audio tape, written statement,    Student Conduct Policy or other
           the Associate Dean of                 or other means as determined      University policy to protect the
           Student Affairs (or designee)         in the sole judgment of the       University community. The
                                                 convener to be appropriate.       purpose of these sanctions is
           j. To render a decision based                                           educational and rehabilitative.
           solely upon the prepon-           F. Appeals
                                                                                   The reasons for the imposition of
           derance of evidence and give                                            sanctions will be stated in the
                                               1. The right of both the
           written notification of that                                            student's file and will become a
                                               complainant or accused student
           decision to the accused, the                                            part of the student's record.
                                               to appeal a decision (whether
           Associate Dean of
                                               by an administrator or the
           Educational and Student                                                 Sanctions may also be issued in
                                               Student Conduct Board) is
           Affairs, and relevant                                                   abeyance, meaning that any
                                               guaranteed. Except as required
           University officials.                                                   further violation will result in the
                                               to explain the basis of new
                                                                                   implementation of the sanction in
           k. To provide a tape                information, an appeal shall be
                                                                                   abeyance. Prior sanctions will be
           recording or transcript of the      limited to a review of the
                                                                                   disclosed to the Student Conduct
           proceedings to be kept by           verbatim record of the hearing
                                                                                   Board by the convener and may
           the Office of the Associate         and supporting documents.
                                                                                   be considered.
           Dean of Educational and             Appeals may be granted for the
           Student Affairs, use of which       following reasons only:             Sanctions will increase if a student
           will normally be limited to an                                          is already on probation.
           appeal                                a. Relevant new evidence
                                                                                     1. Revocation of admission
                                                 or information is available
           l. In certain cases deemed                                                and/or degree: Admission to
                                                 because such information
           appropriate by the proper                                                 or a degree awarded from the
                                                 and/or facts were not known
           authorities, information on an                                            University may be revoked for
                                                 to the person appealing at
           offense may be disclosed to                                               fraud, misrepresentation, or
                                                 the time of the original
           individuals or to the entire                                              other violation of University
           University community                                                      standards in obtaining the
                                                 b. A procedural error was           degree, or for other serious
           m. If an accused student,             made that precluded fair and        violations committed by a
           with notice, does not attend          impartial hearing. Deviations       student prior to graduation.

           the proceeding, the information       from designated procedures

2. Withholding Degree: The         progress the student has made            to individuals or the entire
University may withhold the        and/or any positive indication           University community.
awarding of a degree otherwise     that the student is ready to
earned until the completion of     return to the residence halls.           13. Discretionary Sanctions:
the process set forth in the                                                Educational assignments,
Student Conduct Policy,            7. Restriction: The student is           essays, service to the
including the completion of all    restricted from participating in         community with a specified
sanctions imposed, if any.         certain University events and            length of time, or other related
                                   activities or from remaining a           discretionary assignments.
3. Expulsion: Unconditional        resident on campus. The
separation from the University.    imposition of this sanction              14. Written Reprimand:
The expelled student shall be      should not ordinarily have the           A written communication to
barred from the University         effect of harming other students         the student concerning the
campus and all University-         or disrupting planned activities.        infraction that is placed in the
sponsored activities.              Restriction is imposed for a             student's file and may be
                                   specified period of time.                considered should any future
4. Expulsion from the                                                       violation of regulations occur.
Residence Halls: Permanent         8. Disciplinary Probation: The           The copy will be removed from
separation of the student from     student is placed under a status         the student's file upon petition
residing in or visiting the        whereby any further violation            of the student after a specific
residence halls.                   of University regulations is             period of time.
                                   considered in the context of
5. Suspension from the             the original violation and with          Nothing in this code restricts
University: The student is         prejudice. The period of                 the right of the President or
separated from the University      probation lasts for a specified          official designee to suspend a
for a specified period of time     period of time.                          student immediately if, upon
with the privilege of applying                                              investigation, the President finds
for re-entry after the period of   9. Relocation: Assignment to             the continued presence of the
suspension. In making a            another residence hall.                  student to be a threat to the
determination on the re-entry                                               health, safety, or well-being of
application, the University will   10. Warning: Written or verbal           the University community or
evaluate the documented (as        caution to the student that any          any member of the University
appropriate) progress the          repetition of the behavior will          community, including the student.
student has made and/or any        result in more severe disciplinary       The procedures for such action
positive indication that the       action, including removal from           are described in Article V,
student is ready for re-entry.     the residence halls.                     Section B of the University's
                                                                            "Statement on Rights and
6. Suspension from the             11. Restitution: When property           Responsibilities of Students"
Residence Halls: The student       is involved, fines may be levied         found in this Appendix.
is required to move out of the     and/or replacement costs
residence halls for a specified    assessed. The imposition of
period of time. Re-entry as a      this sanction does not preclude      10. ALCOHOL POLICY
residential student must be        the use of other sanctions.
evaluated. In making a                                                  I. VISION
determination on re-entry as       12. Disclosure: In certain cases
a residential student, the         deemed appropriate by the            The Drew University Alcohol Policy
University will evaluate the       proper authorities, information      was created as a result of the

documented (as appropriate)        on an offense may be disclosed       University's concern for the

           education and development of the         In the event of emergency or              B. Alcoholic beverages may not be
           whole person. The policy provides        concern, the Office of Public Safety      sold at any time in residence halls.
           parameters to keep students safe         is located in Pepin Services Center
                                                                                              C. Persons may not transport
           and is in accord with New Jersey         and provides 24-hour help and
                                                                                              open containers of alcoholic
           laws regarding alcoholic beverages.      protection. This service is available
                                                                                              beverages, nor may they consume
           According to New Jersey State law,       seven days a week on a year-round
                                                                                              alcoholic beverages, in hallways,
           it is illegal for anyone under the age   basis. On campus dial x4444.
                                                                                              foyers, stairwells, bathrooms, or
           of 21 to:
                                                    III. USE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES           other public areas, including
                1. Purchase, possess,               IN THE RESIDENCE HALLS                    outdoor University grounds
                consume, manufacture, or                                                      without an event liquor license.
                                                      A. Alcohol possession in residence
                distribute alcoholic beverages
                                                      halls is permitted only for students    D. An individual suite will be
                                                      of legal age (21). Alcohol may be       considered a regular student
                2. Enter places licensed to sell
                                                      consumed only by legal-age              room, and the rules set forth
                alcoholic beverages with the
                                                      students in students' rooms or in       above will apply.
                intent to purchase, have served
                                                      common areas during a University-
                or delivered to them, alcoholic                                               E. Because of the many different
                                                      sponsored event. Consumption in
                beverages                                                                     types of housing accommodations
                                                      student rooms should not infringe
                                                                                              provided by the University, Drew
                                                      on the rights of other students to
                3. Misrepresent his/her age or                                                identifies the following areas as
                                                      study or negate any normal student
                the age of anyone else for the                                                public:
                                                      activity. Students of legal age may
                purpose of purchasing alcohol
                                                      not give or sell alcohol to minors      • General hallways leading to
                or gaining entrance to a place
                                                      to transport, possess, or consume.        individual rooms, suites, or quads
                that sells or serves alcohol
                                                      Minors may not transport, possess,
                                                      consume, or purchase alcohol in         • Lounges that adjoin complexes
           It is also illegal for anyone to                                                     or are not directly connected to
                                                      any area of the residence halls.
           purchase, manufacture, or distribute                                                 a student room with access
                                                      Full responsibility for compliance
           alcohol to a person who is under 21                                                  doors either opened or closed
                                                      with New Jersey State laws
           years of age. In addition to criminal
                                                      belongs to all students. Student
           sanctions for violations of State law,                                             • General floor restrooms
                                                      rooms will not be entered unless
           there is potential civil liability for
                                                      there is a cause, see “Regulations      • The area outside a Townhouse
           serving minors or serving a person
                                                      for Search and Routine Room
           who is already intoxicated.                                                        • Outside on University grounds
                                                      Inspection,” policy 13 in the
                                                      Appendix.                               F. Alcohol in bulk quantities (such
           II. MISSION
                                                                                              as kegs or beer balls) is not
           Drew University acknowledges that                                                  permitted in residence halls.
                                                      ALCOHOL COUNSELOR
           students are adults and make their
                                                           In view of the University’s
           own decisions regarding alcohol.                                                  IV. USE OF ALCOHOLIC
                                                    commitment to educate and support
           However, the University has an                                                        BEVERAGES BY STUDENTS
                                                     the growth and development of the
           obligation to minimize the potential
                                                    whole person, the University employs
           for negative consequences                                                          A. UC Pub: Alcoholic beverages
                                                       a certified Substance Awareness
           associated with the use, misuse, and                                               may be purchased, served, and
                                                     Counselor who is available full time
           abuse of alcohol. This policy sets                                                 consumed in the University Center
                                                     during the academic year. If you or
           standards for the community and will                                               Pub, which is licensed by the
                                                        someone you know may have a
           be enforced consistently and in                                                    State of New Jersey and operates
                                                     problem with alcohol, the counselor
           accordance with local, state, and                                                  under policies compliant with New
                                                    provides assessment, education, and
           federal laws.                                                                      Jersey law.
                                                       individual and group counseling.

                                                      Referral’s off-campus and to local
                                                      support groups are also available.

                                                         Call x3318 for assistance.

B. Public areas: All other campus         Student Affairs indicating he/           hallways, bathrooms, University
areas are considered public and           she is aware of both the event           grounds, etc.) will be given a
alcoholic beverages may not be            and the sponsoring organization.         warning and/or documented
present except under special                                                       • the container will be
conditions.                             E. Bulk quantities: Alcohol in bulk          confiscated
                                        quantities (such as kegs or beer           • minors possessing or
C. Guest behavior: Drew students        balls) is permitted on campus only           consuming alcohol in public
are held responsible for the            at events for which a liquor license         areas will be subject to further
behavior of their guests, as            has been obtained from the New               disciplinary action
defined in Daniel’s Dictionary,         Jersey Alcoholic Beverage
“Residence Life Rules and               Commission.                                2. Refusal to hand over the
Regulations”, Guests/Visitors.                                                     alcohol, show valid ID, any
                                        F. Non-carbonated, non-                    verbal or physical abuse of
D. One-day liquor license:              alcoholic beverages: Such                  University officials, or any
Student groups selling alcoholic        beverages must be available and            alcohol-induced inappropriate
beverages at, charging admission        accessible at any event where              behaviors will result in a
to, or collecting money for an          alcoholic beverages are served.            meeting with a member of the
event where alcohol is served                                                      Office of Residence Life or the
must obtain a one-day liquor            G. Food: At all events where               Associate Dean of Educational
license issued by the New Jersey        alcoholic beverages are served,            and Student Affairs or the Dean
Alcoholic Beverage Commission.          food must also be served.                  of Educational and Student
It is the organization's responsi-                                                 Affairs.
bility for every aspect of such an      H. Delivery: Retail delivery of
event. The following procedures         alcoholic beverages is prohibited.         3. Serious or repeated
must be followed to obtain a one-                                                  violations of the Alcohol Policy
day alcohol permit:                     I. Funding for alcoholic beverages:        will result in one, or a combination,
                                        CLA student activities funds may           of the following sanctions:
  1. Pick up form at town hall in       not be used for the purchase of            • fine
  Madison. The form indicates           alcoholic beverages.                       • counseling
  procedures to be followed.                                                       • community service
                                       V. VIOLATIONS AND                           • restriction of attendance
  2. Form must be signed by               ENFORCEMENT OF THE                         at University functions,
  both the Associate Dean of              ALCOHOL POLICY                             athletics, and/or visitations
  Educational and Student Affairs                                                    in residence halls
  and the Director of Public Safety.    A. In addition to criminal sanctions       • probation
                                        and civil liability under State law,       • parental/guardian notification
  3. Form must be mailed at least       violations of this policy will subject       at the discretion of the
  3 weeks in advance (or hand           a student to University non-                 Associate Dean of Educational
  carried) to Trenton. If form is       academic disciplinary procedures.            and Student Affairs, or
  incomplete it will be rejected.       These procedures allow for a                 designee
                                        hearing, and, if the student is            • suspension or expulsion from
  4. Form must be accompanied           found responsible, may result in             the residence halls and/or the
  by a diagram of the physical          one, or a combination of the                 University without refund
  space where the event will be         following sanctions:
  held (including fencing, roping                                                B. Each member of the University
  off of an alcohol-free area, etc.)      1. Any student found consuming         community is responsible for
  and a letter from the Associate         or in possession of an open            his/her own actions. The

  Dean of Educational and                 container in a public area (i.e.       University will intervene beyond

                  disciplinary action if a student        be pro-active in response to a                late for class
                  displays any or all of the following    situation, if a student is transported      • You sometimes have a drink
                  behaviors:                              by emergency response team and                to help you sleep
                                                          alcohol and/or drugs is involved, the       • When you drink, you wind
                    1. Harm to self or others
                                                          following procedure is implemented:           up drunk
                    2. Excessive consumption of                                                       • You promise yourself you will
                                                               1. Public Safety will respond to
                    alcohol resulting in transport                                                      cut down or stop, but that only
                                                               the initial call.
                                                                                                        lasts a short time, if at all
                    3. Assault while under the                                                        • Someone has expressed
                                                               2. Public Safety will contact the
                    influence (sexual or physical)                                                      concern over your drinking
                                                               Madison EMT Squad.
                                                                                                      • It is difficult to stop after one or
                    4. Blackout behavior (engaging
                                                               3. Public Safety will inform the         two drinks
                    in activity that is against
                                                               Health Service of the transport        • The day after drinking you have
                    University policy and having no
                                                               and file a report with the               trouble remembering parts of
                    recollection the following day)
                                                               Associate Dean of Educational            the night (blackouts)
                    5. Vandalism while under the               and Student Affairs.                   • You regret things you have said
                    influence                                                                           or done while drinking
                                                               4. The Office of the Associate
                                                                                                      • Even after others have
                    6. Breaking and entering while             Dean of Educational and
                                                                                                        stopped, you want to continue
                    under the influence                        Student Affairs will contact the
                                                               Coordinator of Substance
                    7. Medical conditions                                                             • You get irritated when anyone
                                                               Awareness and Educational
                    exacerbated by alcohol use                                                          talks about your drinking
                                                                                                      • At times, grades have suffered
                    8. Needing medical intervention            5. The Coordinator will reach            because of drinking
                    when alcohol is involved                   out to the student within 24           • A significant part of the day is
                                                               hours to complete an                     spent getting, using, or
                    9. Violent behavior while under
                                                               assessment session.                      recovering from the effects of
                    the influence
                    10. Other behaviors not listed          SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF                     • You have been arrested for DWI
                    and considered to be self-              PROBLEMATIC DRINKING                        or other behavior while under
                    injurious or threatening to self                                                    the influence
                                                             • Increase in alcohol tolerance
                    and/or others while under the                                                     • You have become violent while
                                                             • Urgency to have the first drink
                    influence                                                                           drinking
                                                             • Drinking because you are
                                                                                                      • You have anxiety, shaking
                                                               angry, upset, or stressed
               VI. EMERGENCY PROCEDURE                                                                  hands, hallucinations the day
                                                             • Your personality is altered
                                                                                                        after drinking
               Drew University recognizes that an              when drinking
                                                                                                      • You have switched from one
               emergency situation involving drugs           • Drinking the night before has
                                                                                                        type of alcohol to another to
               and alcohol may arise. In order to              caused you to miss or to be
                                                                                                        control your “drunk”
                                                                                                      • You have neglected classes or
                                                                                                        responsibilities two or more
                            “ G O O D S A M A R I TA N ” E X C E P T I O N
                                                                                                        days in a row because of
           To safeguard students so they receive the help they need without fear of penalty or
            retribution, the "Good Samaritan Clause" has been adopted. This clause may be
              invoked one time only by the person in need of assistance and by those who           If you can relate to three or more of
           provided that person with alcohol. If a student or organization helps an intoxicated    the above criteria, you may have a
            student to get assistance from Public Safety, medical professionals, and/or local      drinking problem.
             or state police, both the intoxicated student and the individual(s) assisting may

             not be subject to formal University disciplinary action for 1) being intoxicated or
                                         2) having provided alcohol.

            This policy refers to isolated incidents only and does not excuse or protect those
                          who flagrantly or repeatedly violate the Alcohol Policy.

11. DRUG POLICY                          academic year. The counselor              sanctions will increase. These
                                         provides assessment, education,           sanctions are in addition to any legal
I. VISION                                and individual and group counseling.      allegations incurred in accordance
                                         Referrals off-campus and to local         with state, federal, or local law. That
Drew University has an obligation to
                                         support groups are also available.        is, a student found responsible for a
the students and the entire University
                                         You can reach the counselor at            drug violation can be sanctioned by
community to address and diminish
                                         x3318.                                    the University and also charged on a
the misuse, abuse, and negative
                                                                                   state, federal, or local level.
behavior resulting from legal and        In the event of emergency or
illegal drug use. Therefore, the         concern, The Department of Public         If an incident is brought to the
University will consistently enforce     Safety is located in Pepin Services       attention of the University by an
the Drug Policy as well as comply        Center and provides 24-hour help          outside party or victim, students will
with local, federal, and state laws      and protection. This service is           be held accountable by the University.
pertaining to drug possession/           available seven days a week on            It is not “double jeopardy” for both
consumption, distribution, or            a year-round basis. On campus             the civil authorities and the University
sale/manufacture.                        dial x4444.                               to proceed against, and sanction, a
                                                                                   person for the same specified conduct.
II. MISSION                              III. POLICY
                                                                                   Possession/Consumption of
Drew University is committed to          The policy makes clear that students      Controlled Dangerous Substances
maintaining a safe and healthy           found using or possessing illegal         (Definition: Controlled substances
environment for the students, staff,     drugs will be disciplined up to and       include all illegal drugs and misused
faculty, administration, and guests.     including expulsion from Drew             legal drugs, both over-the-counter
This drug policy is intended to          without refund of tuition and fees.       and prescription. Possession means
accomplish the following goals           Students who supply or sell drugs         that such substances are on one’s
                                         face immediate expulsion and              person, or in one’s room, living
   • To promote a healthy and safe
                                         criminal prosecution. This policy also    environment, or automobile.
     campus community.
                                         encompasses the abuse, misuse, or         Consumption refers to active use
   • To demonstrate the commitment       sale of any prescribed medications;       or being under the influence.
     of Drew to provide education        under this policy such actions will be
     and prevention services, referral   treated as possession/consumption,          1st Offense
     services, support services, and     distribution, or sale. If you are            • One year probation
     treatment.                          living with a person or persons              • Housing suspension in abeyance.
                                         that use or sell drugs, you will               Commuter students five (5)
   • To define expectations of           be held responsible; University                week residence hall separation
     student behavior in regard to       sanctioning, state, or federal laws          • Required education project to
     illicit drug use.                   may apply.                                     benefit the Drew community
   • To identify appropriate                                                            and the individual
                                         Sanctions: The following are
     disciplinary procedures for                                                      • Required completion of drug
                                         minimum sanctions as part of the
     those students who engage in                                                       education meeting
                                         Drew University policy addressing
     illegal drug-related activity.                                                   • Parental/guardian notification at
                                         the possession/consumption,
                                                                                        the discretion of the Associate
In view of its commitment to             distribution, or sale/manufacture
                                                                                        Dean of Educational and Student
education, prevention, and support       of any controlled dangerous
                                                                                        Affairs, or designee, for those
in regard to illegal drug use or         substances and/or paraphernalia.
                                                                                        under 21
misuse, the University employs a         (See Daniel’s Dictionary, Appendix
                                                                                      • No board positions in co-
full time Coordinator of Substance       9,II,F, “Procedures for Non-Academic
                                                                                        curricular activities for the
Awareness and Educational Programs       Violations,” for a full definition and
                                                                                        duration of probation
                                         description of disciplinary sanctions.)

who is available throughout the
                                         For students already on probation,

             2nd Offense                             Selling/Manufacturing of                  requested and approved by the
             All offenses beyond a first will be     Controlled Dangerous Substances           Dean of Educational and Student
             considered with prejudice.              (Definition: Selling of any illegal       Affairs or the Associate Dean of
              • Probation effective for the          substances or legal prescription or       Educational and Student Affairs as
                remainder of time enrolled           over-the-counter drugs for money          defined in the Appendix to Daniel’s
                at Drew                              or barter. Manufacturing means            Dictionary, “Regulations for Search
              • Suspension from residence            purchasing or possessing the              and Routine Room Inspection”).
                halls for duration of the semester   materials necessary to make or
                                                                                               A report is filed by Public Safety.
              • Required substance abuse             synthesize certain illegal drugs for
                                                                                               Residence Life staff may also file
                assessment and compliance            personal use, distribution, or sale).
                                                                                               a report.
                with recommendations
                                                       1st Offense
              • Community service that is                                                        A. The report is sent to the
                                                        • Expulsion from the University
                related to the sanction and that                                                 Associate Dean of Educational
                is to be completed on campus         IV. PROCEDURE                               and Student Affairs.
                within a specified time. Off-
                campus service is an option if       Everyone is asked to assist in              B. A meeting request will
                approved by the Coordinator          keeping the campus a safe place by          immediately be sent by the
                of Substance Awareness and           being alert to suspicious situations        Associate Dean of Educational
                Educational Programs; the            and reporting them promptly. If you         and Student Affairs to those
                coordinator will also verify         are a victim or a witness to any on-        parties involved.
                hours served                         campus offense, promptly notify
                                                                                                 C. If necessary, a student may
              • Mandatory parental/guardian          the RD on duty or Public Safety
                                                                                                 withdraw from the University prior
                notification by the Associate        at x4444.
                                                                                                 to the meeting with the Associate
                Dean of Educational and
                                                     Provide the following information:          Dean of Educational and Student
                Student Affairs, or designee
                                                        • Nature of the incident                 Affairs (see Daniel’s Dictionary,
              • No board positions in co-
                                                        • Location of the incident               Appendix 9, C, 4)
                curricular activities for the
                                                        • Description of the people involved
                duration of probation.                                                           D. A meeting with documented
                                                        • Description of the property
                                                                                                 party/parties will be held with the
             3rd Offense                                  involved
                                                                                                 Associate Dean of Educational
             All offenses beyond a first will be
                                                     If activity or paraphernalia related to     and Student Affairs.
             considered with prejudice.
                                                     illegal possession/consumption,
              • Expulsion from the University                                                    E. The Associate Dean may
                                                     distribution, or sale/manufacture is
                                                                                                 accept the accused student’s plea
           Distribution of Controlled                detected:
                                                                                                 of responsible or not responsible.
           Dangerous Substances                          • Public Safety will immediately
                                                                                                 A student plea of not responsible
           (Definition: Providing a person                 contact the Dean of Educational
                                                                                                 will be handled as defined in
           with a drug, legal or illegal, and not          and Student Affairs and/or the
                                                                                                 Daniel’s Dictionary, Appendix 9, II,
           accepting or intending to accept                Associate Dean of Educational
                                                                                                 C “Procedures for Non-Academic
           money or barter).                               and Student Affairs and the
                                                                                                 Violations,” 2 (a) and 2 (b).
                                                           Director of Public Safety.
             1st Offense                                 • The Dean of Educational and           F. A student plea of responsible or
              • Suspension from the University             Student Affairs will contact the      a Student Conduct Board finding
                                                           Associate Dean of Educational         of responsible will result in the
             2nd Offense
                                                           and Student Affairs and the           imposition of the sanctions
             All offenses beyond a first will be
                                                           Director of Public Safety.            stipulated above.
             considered with prejudice.
                                                     If it is deemed necessary by Public
              • Expulsion from the University
                                                     Safety and/or the Residence Life

                                                     staff involved, a search may be

V. CONTROLLED DANGEROUS                     imposed for first convictions.            anywhere at Drew is subject
  SUBSTANCES                                Penalties for subsequent                  to arrest, time in jail, and a
                                            convictions are twice as                  fine up to $150,000
Being aware of state and federal
                                            severe. If death or serious               depending upon the amount
laws regarding controlled substance
                                            bodily injury results from the            of substance possessed.
use and possession is very important.
                                            use of a controlled dangerous             During part of this term of
The consequences of drug possession,
                                            substance that has been                   imprisonment there is no
use, and distribution vary depending
                                            illegally distributed, the                eligibility for parole.
on the type of drug. Federal law
                                            person convicted on federal
prohibits the possession, use, or                                              Potential penalties for a conviction:
                                            drug charges of distributing
distribution of illicit drugs. Strict                                          Simple possession, use, or being
                                            the substances faces a
penalties are provided for drug                                                under the influence of:
                                            mandatory life sentence and
convictions, including mandatory                                               • Marijuana: 0-18 months in jail;
                                            fines ranging up to $8 million.
prison terms for many offenses. The                                              a fine of $500 to $15,000; and a
                                            Persons convicted on federal
following information, although not                                              mandatory loss of driver’s license
                                            charges of drug trafficking
complete, provides an overview of                                                for 6 months to 2 years.
                                            within 1,000 feet of a school
federal penalties.
                                            (21USC 845a) face penalties        • Cocaine/Crack: 3-5 years in jail;
    1. Denial of Federal Benefits           of prison terms and fines that       a fine of $1,000 to $25,000; and a
       (21USC 862)                          are twice as high as the regular     mandatory loss of driver’s license
                                            penalties for the offense, with      for 6 months to 2 years.
       A federal drug conviction            a mandatory prison sentence        • Amphetamine (“Speed”): 3-5 years
       may result in the loss of            of at least one year.                in jail, a fine of $1,000 to $25,000;
       federal benefits including
                                                                                 and a mandatory loss of driver’s
       school loans, grants,              3. State of New Jersey Laws
                                                                                 license for 6 months to 2 years.
       scholarships, contracts,
                                            The New Jersey Comprehensive       • Psilocybin (“Shrooms”) and LSD:
       and licenses. Federal drug
                                            Drug Reform Act (N.J.S. 2C:          3-5 years in jail; a fine of $1,000
       trafficking convictions may
                                            35-1 et seq) created new             to $25,000; and a mandatory loss
       result in the denial of federal
                                            offenses, increased penalties        of driver’s license for 6 months to
       benefits for up to five years
                                            for some existing offenses to        2 years
       for a first conviction, 10 years
                                            “ensure the imposition of
       for a second conviction, and                                            Possession of:
                                            stern, consistent punishment
       a permanent denial of benefits                                          • MDMA/Ecstasy: .50 oz. or less:
                                            for all drug offenders,” and
       for a third conviction. Federal                                           maximum fine $100,000; maximum
                                            transferred all drug offenses
       drug convictions for possession                                           prison sentence of 5 years in jail,
                                            into the Code of Criminal
       may result in denial of federal                                           2 1/2 years without parole; and a
       benefits for up to one year                                               mandatory loss of driver’s license
       for a first conviction and up      4. Drug-Free School Zone               for 6 months to 2 years.
       to five years for subsequent          (NJ Statute 2C:35-1.1)            • MDMA/Ecstasy: .50 oz. to 5.0 oz.:
       convictions.                                                              maximum fine $150,000; maximum
                                            Drew University is within
                                                                                 prison sentence of 10 years in jail,
    2. Federal Drug Trafficking             1,000 feet of an elementary
                                                                                 5 years without parole; and a
       Penalties (21USC 841)                school and a nursery school
                                                                                 mandatory loss of driver’s license
                                            and, therefore, is within a
       Penalties for federal drug                                                for 6 months to 2 years.
                                            drug-free school zone as
       trafficking convictions vary                                            • MDMA/Ecstasy: 5.0 oz. or more:
                                            defined by New Jersey law.
       according to the quantity of                                              maximum fine $250,000; maximum
                                            This means that any person
       the substance involved in the                                             prison sentence of 20 years in jail,
                                            who distributes, dispenses,
       transaction. The list below is                                            10 years without parole; and a
                                            or possesses with intent to
       a sample of the range and                                                 mandatory loss of driver’s license

                                            distribute a controlled
       severity of federal penalties                                             for 6 months to 2 years.
                                            dangerous substance

           Use or possession with the intent        drug diversionary program must pay            • Tremors or shakes of hands,
           to distribute:                           a mandatory penalty ranging from                feet, or head
           • Marijuana: 0-10 years in jail; a       $500 to $3,000 and a mandatory                • Change in overall
             fine of $750 to $100,000; and a        $50 laboratory fee.                             attitude/personality
             mandatory loss of driver’s license                                                   • Change in activities or hobbies
                                                    The Act provides that any person, 18
             for 6 months to 2 years.                                                             • Drop in grades, skipping class
                                                    years or older, who uses, solicits, or
           • Cocaine: 3-20 years in jail (with a                                                  • Difficulty paying attention;
                                                    directs a juvenile (17 years or younger)
             3-5 year mandatory sentence with                                                       forgetfulness
                                                    to manufacture or distribute drugs is
             no parole if the amount exceeds                                                      • General lack of motivation,
                                                    guilty of a second degree crime and
             5oz.); a fine of $1,000 to $300,000;                                                   energy, self-esteem; “I don’t
                                                    is subject to imprisonment for 5-10
             and a mandatory loss of driver’s                                                       care” attitude
                                                    years and a fine up to $300,000.
             license for 6 months to 2 years.                                                     • Moodiness, irritability, or
           • Amphetamine (“Speed”): 3-10            Use or possession of drug                       nervousness
             years in jail; a fine of $1,000 to     paraphernalia:                                • Paranoia
             $100,000; and a mandatory loss         • Up to 6 months in jail; mandatory           • Secretive or suspicious behavior
             of driver’s license for 6 months to      fine of $500 to $1,000; and a               • Change in personal grooming
             2 years.                                 mandatory loss of license for 6               habits
           • Psilocybin (“Shrooms”) and LSD:          months to 2 years.                          • Change in peer group or
             3-5 years in jail; a fine of $2,000    • It is unlawful for any person to              isolation from others
             to $300,000; and a mandatory loss        deliver drug paraphernalia to a
             of driver’s license from 6 months        person under 18 years of age.            12. SEXUAL
             to 2 years.
                                                       Signs and Symptoms of
           Possession or distribution:                 Problematic Drug Use                        POLICY
           • Ketamine: maximum fine                     • Loss of appetite, increase in
             $100,000; maximum prison                                                          Dean Wendy Kolmar, Co-Chair
                                                          appetite, changes in eating
             sentence of 5 years in jail, 2 1/2                                                Sexual Harassment Committee
                                                          habits, unexplained weight loss
             years without parole; mandatory                                                   Brothers College 104, x3944
                                                          or gain
             loss of driver’s license for 6             • Slowed or staggering walk;           Dean Virginina Samuel, Co-Chair
             months to 2 years.                           poor physical coordination           Sexual Harassment Committee
           • Rohypnol (Flunitrazepam):                  • Red, watery eyes; pupils larger      Seminary Hall 102, x3418
             maximum fine $100,000; maximum               or smaller than usual; blank stare
             prison sentence of 5 years in jail,        • Puffy face, blushing, or             Sexual harassment, which has been
             2 1/2 years without parole;                  paleness                             considered tantamount to sexual
             mandatory loss of driver’s license         • Smell of substance on breath,        discrimination under state and federal
             for 6 months to 2 years.                     body, or clothes                     law, undermines the educational and
           • GHB (Gamma Hydroxybutrate)                 • Extreme hyperactivity;               employment environment of the
             and GBL (Gamma Butyrlactone):                excessive talkativeness              University. The purpose of this
             maximum fine $100,000; maximum             • Runny nose, hacking cough            policy is to guarantee all students
             prison sentence of 5 years in              • Excessive sweating                   equal educational access (and all
             jail, 2 1/2 years without parole;                                                 employees equal employment
             revocation of driver’s license for a                                              opportunity) in an environment free
             maximum of 6 months; mandatory         If you or someone you know may have        from sexual harassment of all kinds.
             loss of driver’s license for 6         a problem with drugs or alcohol, Drew      This policy seeks to protect the
             months to 2 years.                           University employs a full-time       atmosphere of trust and collegiality
                                                     Coordinator of Substance Awareness        in the University community, to
           In addition to the foregoing fines,        and Educational Programs available       educate the community about sexual
           every defendant who is convicted of         throughout the academic year. The       harassment, and to provide students,

           any drug offense or who goes into a           counselor provides assessment,        faculty, and staff who believe that
                                                         education, individual, and group
                                                    counseling. Referrals off-campus and
                                                         to local support groups are also
                                                        available. Call x3318 on campus.

they have been sexually harassed                 B. Harassment of a Group           FRIVOLOUS OR MALICIOUS
with a reliable and effective process               Sexist humor or jokes; use      ALLEGATIONS
for seeking a remedy, while affording               of derogatory, denigrating,     This policy shall not be used to bring
those accused of a violation a fair                 or belittling terms or          frivolous or malicious allegations
opportunity to be heard.                            stereotypic generalizations     against students, faculty, or staff
                                                    of a sexual nature; repeated    members. Disciplinary action under
                                                    differential treatment based    the appropriate University policy
Sexual harassment is physical or
                                                    on gender or sexual             may be taken against any person
verbal conduct of a sexual nature
                                                    preference.                     bringing an allegation of sexual
which has the intent or effect of
                                                                                    harassment in bad faith.
creating an intimidating or hostile
educational or employment
                                          All proceedings, documents, activities,   FREE ACADEMIC INQUIRY
environment. Sexual harassment
                                          and meetings related to a specific        Academic freedom is central to the
includes a range of behaviors
                                          case before the Sexual Harassment         University's educational mission.
specified below. Common to all
                                          Committee are confidential. Disclosure    Allegations that would undermine
of these is that non-compliance or
                                          of any information related to a case      free academic inquiry or expression
objection by the person(s) being
                                          by the complainant, person complained     will not be considered under
harassed carries with it an implied
                                          against, a committee member, or a         this policy.
threat to an individual's employment
                                          witness in a case will be considered
or academic status or access and/or
                                          a violation of the Sexual Harassment      The complete text of the Sexual
compliance carries an implicit or
                                          Policy and will be subject to             Harassment Policy, including
explicit offer of advantage or
                                          disciplinary action.                      hearing procedures, is available
                                                                                    for students at the UC desk and in
                                          RETALIATION                               the Library.
     1. Overt Sexual Advances
                                          This policy seeks to encourage
        Demands for sexual favors;
                                          students, staff, and faculty to
        pressure for sexual activity;
                                          express freely and responsibly their      1 3 . R E G U L AT I O N S
        physical molestation; sexual
        assault; coerced sexual
                                          opinions and feelings about any                 FOR SEARCH AND
                                          problem or complaint of sexual
        intercourse, or attempted rape.                                                   ROUTINE ROOM
                                          harassment. Any act of reprisal,
                                          interference, restraint, penalty,               INSPECTION
     2. Other Verbal and
                                          discrimination, coercion, or              ENTRY INTO RESIDENCE HALL ROOMS
        Physical Conduct
                                          harassment—overtly or covertly—           Students living in the residence halls
        Behaviors in these categories
                                          by a University employee or student       can expect a level of privacy in their
        are most often sexual
                                          against a person who uses the             rooms and suites, as well as in the
        harassment when they are
                                          policy and procedures responsibly         community at large. However, the
        frequent and repeated or when
                                          interferes with free expression and       University reserves the right to enter
        they continue after someone
                                          openness. This includes both              rooms utilizing a master key for
        has asked that they stop.
                                          retaliation against a complainant at      reasons related to safety, security,
       A. Harassment of                   any point during or after the process     health, fire-code compliance, facility
          an Individual                   and retaliation against a person          maintenance, legal, reasonable
          Pinching and other              complained against at any point           cause, or discipline.
          inappropriate touching;         during or after the process.
          rubbing and brushing            Accordingly, such acts violate this       Routine inspection for safety,
          against the body; remarks       policy and require appropriate and        maintenance, or alteration may
          about an individual's           prompt disciplinary action.               occur without notice to room
          body, sexuality or sexual                                                 occupants. In such cases, entry

          preference; sexist remarks,                                               shall be preceded by a knock and
          or humor directed at an                                                   verbal identification. Entry may

           be made even if a student is not           possessions that are in plain view       for a specific reason. Authorization
           present. Such entry does not               and observed by staff during the         standards are listed below.
           include the authority to search            normal execution of their duties
           personal belongings in a student's         (within or beyond the confines of a      Authorization
           desk, closet, bureau, etc. However,        residence hall room) may be              Authorization may come from a
           it does provide authority to perform       confiscated and/or used in a             court of competent jurisdiction in the
           necessary functions such as safety,        University disciplinary and/or legal     form of a search warrant, if there is
           maintenance, and room inspection.          proceeding. During such plain-view       an alleged violation of the penal
           At the time of such entry, any             searches, staff may not open drawers,    laws of this or any other state. The
           prohibited articles that are in plain      closets, closed doors, refrigerators,    administration shall request such
           sight may be reported to Public            or any sealed area or property           authorities to inform the President
           Safety (x3379).                            owned by a student(s). A student(s)      (or a designated representative) of
                                                      may voluntarily open a closed area       the impending search so that a
                                                      or personal belonging for a plain        representative of the University,
           Except in an extreme emergency
                                                      view inspection during the course        and when possible, a student
           (of such a nature as to cause fear
                                                      of a search. Plain-view violations/      government representative (such as
           for the physical safety of a room
                                                      searches can be conducted in the         the attorney general) may be present
           occupant) or in instances of plain-
                                                      absence of the resident(s) in            at the search to guard against
           view violations, the room and
                                                      accordance with the procedures           violation of a student's rights.
           personal possessions of a student
                                                      outlined above. In certain situations,
           shall not be searched unless
                                                      Public Safety may be called upon to      If there is an alleged violation of
           appropriate authorization and
                                                      assist with confiscation procedures      University regulations (substantiated
           permission have been obtained.
                                                      and may act on any violation in          by information upon oath or
                                                      plain view.                              affirmation), authorization may
           The conditions for room search
                                                                                               come from the Associate Dean of
           are as follows:
                                                      Voluntary Search: Students have          Educational and Student Affairs (or a
                                                      the option to provide written            designated representative) upon a
           Emergencies: The safety and
                                                      consent to have their room or            finding that there is probable cause
           security of students and their guests
                                                      personal area(s) searched when           to believe that such regulations have
           are top priorities of the University.
                                                      there is reasonable cause to believe     been violated. Such authorization
           As such, staff authorized by the
                                                      they are in possession of prohibited     shall be in the form of a written note
           University (such as the Associate
                                                      illegal or stolen items, materials,      that includes the following:
           Dean of Educational and Student
                                                      substances, or possessions, or are
           Affairs or a designated represen-                                                   • The name of the student whose
                                                      aware of or involved in a violation
           tative) may enter a student’s room                                                    room is to be searched and his/her
                                                      that is criminal in nature. Such
           without permission in response to                                                     campus address
                                                      searches shall be conducted by a
             • attempted or suspected suicide                                                  • The specific violations of
                                                      Public Safety officer. Any evidence
             • fire                                                                              University regulations alleged
                                                      seized may be used in a University
             • significant physical injury                                                     • The specific object of the search
                                                      disciplinary and/or legal proceeding.
             • medical emergency
                                                                                               The Associate Dean of Educational
             • situations in which there is a
                                                      Involuntary Search: When there           and Student Affairs (or designated
                potential or actual threat to the
                                                      is reasonable cause to believe that      representative), along with a
                security, health, or welfare of the
                                                      a student is in possession of            representative of the student
                resident(s) of the room, suite, or
                                                      prohibited, illegal, or stolen items,    government association, may be
                surrounding community
                                                      materials, or substances, or has         present at the search. Entry shall be
           Plain View Violation/Searches:             knowledge of or involvement with a       preceded by verbal identification of
           Items that are prohibited, illegal, or     violation that is criminal in nature,    the searchers and the purpose of

           stolen, or materials, substances, or       Public Safety may request authori-       the search. A copy of the written
                                                      zation for a search of a defined area

authorization for the search shall be         or other purposes and not                5. Duly recognized organi-
furnished to the student. The                 duly-registered and recognized              zations may be granted
student shall be compensated for              by the officially designated                permission to use Great
any damage to personal property               committee of the school or                  Hall, the Hall of Sciences
occurring as a result of any                  college concerned.                          Auditorium, or the Baldwin
University search procedure.                                                              Gym/Simon Forum and
                                            2. Any ad hoc group of students
                                                                                          Athletic Center only with the
                                               wishing to use University
                                                                                          approval of the University
14. POLICY                                     Center facilities for an
                                                                                          after proper application for
                                               announced meeting must
    REGARDING USE                                                                         such use has been made.
                                               register its name and its list
                                                                                          Such application must state
    OF UNIVERSITY                              of officers with the UC Director
                                                                                          the nature and purpose of
    FA C I L I T I E S A N D                   prior to making arrangements
                                                                                          the occasion, and whether or
                                               for any function. Subject to
    BUILDINGS                                                                             not the occasion is to be
                                               availability, a room assignment
                                                                                          open to persons outside the
Drew University encourages its                 will be made for such a
                                                                                          University community and an
students to participate in the                 meeting only when it has
                                                                                          invited audience.
discussion of controversial topics             been scheduled at least 72
and to listen to speakers representing         hours in advance, the partic-           6. In no case, either on behalf
all shades of opinion. It is not obliged,      ipants noted, and the nature               of an ad hoc group or a duly-
however, to open its facilities on an          of the meeting clearly stated.             recognized organization, will
unrestricted basis to any and all                                                         any announcement of an
groups of students who wish to                The same regulations                        occasion be released to the
utilize them for public meetings; nor         regarding publicity of events               public, to the press, radio, or
is it appropriate for the University to       apply to ad hoc groups as to                television except through the
be put into the position of playing           formally recognized groups.                 established University Public
official host for any and all visiting                                                    Relations Office, and after
                                            3. When applying for space for
speakers invited to the campus by                                                         University approval has
                                               the holding of a meeting,
student groups. The necessity for                                                         been obtained.
                                               lecture, or discussion
regulation is obvious. The University
                                               involving speakers invited
cannot permit unregulated use of its
campus, especially for the holding of
                                               from off campus, such an ad        15. ACADEMIC
                                               hoc organization must present
meetings that have no part in its                                                     TECHNOLOGY
                                               signed authorization from a
regular curricular or extracurricular
                                               tenured faculty member                 POLICY
activities. While University policy
                                               indicating that he/she will be             (INCLUDING COMPUTERS,
permits full freedom of speech on its
                                               in attendance at the meeting               EMAIL, INTERNET, AND
campus, it cannot permit itself to be
                                              and take responsibility for                 TELEPHONES)
used physically as a public forum
                                              extending proper hospitality
open at will to random attendance                                       
                                              to the invited guests.
by persons off the campus. Such                                                   netuser.htm
use would be inconsistent with the          4. The above regulations are          Use of the University computing
academic purposes and traditions of            not intended to apply to           systems, including the campus LAN
a University and with facilities               student organizations already      (local area network) is governed by
available on campus.                           recognized by the schools or       the following policy.
                                               colleges of the University and
     1. The University Center (UC)
                                               carried on the official lists of   Computing resources are provided
        is designated as the only
                                               those schools or colleges as       for the use of faculty, students, and
        facility open to groups of
                                               recognized extra-curricular        staff for academic purposes. The

        students formed into ad hoc
                                               activities in good standing.       privilege of use by a student is not
        organizations for discussion
                                                                                  transferable to another student, to

           an outside individual, or to an             you to restrict your use of the      when there is an alleged
           outside organization. Misuse of             LAN or not to use the LAN            violation of University
           computer facilities is considered a         because of a temporary               regulations and the search is
           serious offense at Drew and carries         condition. You must comply           authorized by the Dean of
           sanctions for anyone found in               with those requests.                 the College or the Associate
           violation of the University's policy.       Applications which use an            Dean of Educational and
                                                       unusually high proportion of         Student Affairs or their
           As a member of the Drew
                                                       network bandwidth for                designated representatives.
           community of campus LAN users,
                                                       extended periods of time,            Search and notification
           there are rules and policies by which
                                                       including, but not limited to        procedures specified in the
           you must abide to keep the network
                                                       running servers or network           Appendix (section 14) will
           secure and available for all to use
                                                       games, are not permitted.            be followed.
           and to maintain an atmosphere
           where all are welcome. Your use of        5. There are University              8. Campus LAN services and
           the LAN connects you to the entire           standards for network                wiring may not be modified,
           Drew community and to the world             software and hardware that            tampered with, or extended.
           via the Internet, and therefore             can be used on the campus             This applies to all network
           reflects on both you and on the             LAN. Computers, network               wiring, network jacks, and
           institution. Please take these              cards, and network software           hardware. If you cause
           responsibilities seriously.                 issued by Drew become the             damage by modifying or
                                                       standard. Use of hardware or          tampering with network
                1. The campus LAN is to be
                                                       network software other than           wiring, jacks, or hardware,
                   used primarily for purposes
                                                       the University standard               you will be held financially
                   of fulfilling the University's
                                                       without permission is not             responsible for such damage
                   academic mission. It is
                                                       permitted. You will be asked          and may be subject to
                   intended to be used as a tool
                                                       to remove applications that           disciplinary procedures.
                   to enhance your education
                                                       interfere with the operation of
                   and is not available for                                               9. Sending harassing or
                                                       the LAN.
                   unrestricted use for other                                                threatening messages,
                   purposes.                         6. Users of the campus LAN              attempting to forge
                                                        must comply with federal,            messages, crack passwords,
                2. The University provides the
                                                        state, and local laws and            or intercept data, and other
                   campus LAN exclusively to
                                                        ordinances including U.S.            malicious uses of the
                   you as a registered student.
                                                        copyright law.                       network are strictly forbidden
                   You are not permitted to
                                                                                             by University computer-
                   share your account with           7. Network administrators may
                                                                                             usage policies.
                   anyone else.                         access any file on the system
                                                        in order to maintain network      10. Support of the campus
                3. Protect your account
                                                        operation or security.                LAN is provided through
                   password at all times. You
                                                        Contents of personal files            University staff, student
                   will be held responsible for
                                                        may also be accessed by               employees, and outside
                   all activities which occur with
                                                        programs designed to do               vendors. We will make every
                   your account.
                                                        heuristic searches for                reasonable effort to keep
                4. The campus LAN is a shared           materials which could interfere       the service operational 24
                  resource. Therefore, network          with network operation or            hours a day and to provide
                  use or applications which             security. Files may be               problem resolution within
                  inhibit or interfere with the         individually searched for            48 hours.
                  use of the network by others          investigative purposes when
                  are not permitted. At times,          ordered by a court of

                  LAN administrators may ask            competent jurisdiction, or


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Academic honesty . . . . . . . . . . . .12              Conversation Partners . . . . . . . . .30             Final Exams . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15
Academic internship program . . .27                     Counseling & Psychological                            Financial assistance . . . . . . . . . . .48
Academic progress . . . . . . . . . . .12                 Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28      Fines . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36
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Alcohol permit (one-day) . . . . . . .69                  (Your Ticket to the Arts) . . . . . .42                Carol G. Simon . . . . . . . . . . . . .45
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Art Semester (in New York) . . . . .19                  Declaring a major . . . . . . . . . . . . .19         Grades . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16
Associate Dean of Educational                           Decorations (room) . . . . . . . . . . .35            Graduation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16
  and Student Affairs . . . . . . . . . .23             Deposits/refunds . . . . . . . . . . . . .36          Guest policy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37
Athletics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44     DIS (Drew International Seminars) .18                 Halogen lamps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38
Attendance policy . . . . . . . . . . . .13             Disability services                                   Handicap access . . . . . . . . . . . . .56
Banners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35         (learning differences) . . . . . . . .18            Harassing phone calls . . . . . . . . .25
Banks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8    Disabled access . . . . . . . . . . . . . .56         Harassment, sexual . . . . . . . . . . .74
Bed frames (furniture) . . . . . .36, 40                Discrimination . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .56        Health Service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32
Bills . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .46   Diversity Statement . . . . . . . . . . .10           Hotlines . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8
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Campus card (ID) . . . . . . . . . . . . .46            Duplicating . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50     Housing, Conferences, and
Campus Recreation Services . . . .27                    Educational Opportunity                                  Hospitality . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .49
Campus-wide messages . . . . . . .54                      Scholars (EOS) . . . . . . . . . . . . .15          Human Rights Policy . . . . . . . . . .55
Career Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27           Email . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .48   ID (campus card) . . . . . . . . . . . . .46
Cashing checks . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45            Emergency procedures . . . . .70, 76                  Illegal items
Change of status . . . . . . . . . . . . .25            Employment                                               (see prohibited items) . . . . . . . .38
Chaplain (associate) . . . . . . . . . .33                (on and off campus) . . . . . .28, 49               Immigration information . . . . . . . .33
Check-in, Check-out . . . . . . . . . .35               EOS (Educational Opportunity                          Incompletes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18
Checks (bad) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47            Scholars) Program . . . . . . . . . .15             Incident reports . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37
Checks (cashing) . . . . . . . . . . . . .45            Escort Service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52        Insurance (medical) . . . . . . . . . . .46
Class status . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14        ESOL (English for Speakers of                         Insurance (tuition) . . . . . . . . . . . .46
Classification of students . . . . . . .14                Other Languages) . . . . . . . . . . .30            International and
Clubs and organizations . . . . . . .43                 Exams . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15        off-campus programs . . . . . . . .19
Club sports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27         Excused absence . . . . . . . . . . . . .24           International student services . . .33
Common areas (damage to) . . . . .35                    Expulsion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26     Internet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47, 77
Commuters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .56           Federal community service                             Intramurals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27
Commons, The . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31                program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28       Keys . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38
Computers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47, 77           Fellowships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15       Learning differences . . . . . . . . . .18

        Leave of absence . . . . . . . . . . . .            .24   Pool . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45   Room selection . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40
        Library, University . . . . . . . . . . .           .19   Posters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42      Scheduling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50
        Lofts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   .38   Privacy of student records . . . . . .20               Search and Seizure . . . . . . . . . . .40
        London Semester . . . . . . . . . . .               .18   Prohibited items . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38         Sexual Harassment Policy . . . . . .74
        Lost and Found . . . . . . . . . . . . .            .42   Promissory note . . . . . . . . . . . . . .49          Smoking . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40
        Mail and duplicating services . .                   .50   Property damage . . . . . . . . . . . . .35            Snack Bar, The . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31
        Major, planning a . . . . . . . . . . . .           .19   Pub, The . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42       Storage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40
        Make-up work . . . . . . . . . . . . . .            .19   P/U option . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20       Space, The . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31, 42
        Meal plan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       .31   Public Safety, Department of . . . .51                 Student Activities, Department of . .41
        Media Resource Center (MRC) .                       .50   Publicity/posters . . . . . . . . . . . . .42          Student Conduct Policy . . . . . . . .61
        Medical housing . . . . . . . . . . . . .           .38   Quiet hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39        Study away (within the US) . . . . .24
        Microfridges . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .        .39   Readership program . . . . . . . . . .42               Study away (outside the US) . . . .18
        Microwave ovens . . . . . . . . . . . .             .38   Re-admission/re-entry . . . . . . . . .24              Substance Abuse Counselor . . . .28
        Minor, planning a . . . . . . . . . . . .           .19   Recreation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27       Substance-free housing . . . . . . . .50
        Mission statement . . . . . . . . . . .             .10   Refrigerators . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39        Suicide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29
        Music/private lessons . . . . . . . .               .19   Refunds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .47        Suspension . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26
        Newspapers (free copies).                                 Registrar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21      Teacher certification . . . . . . . . . . .21
          See readership program . . . . .                  .42   Religious and Spiritual Life . . . . .33               Telephones . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .53
        Notary service . . . . . . . . . . . . . .          .51   Repairs (to rooms) . . . . . . . . . . . .39           Television . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54
        Observatory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .         .20   Repeating courses . . . . . . . . . . . .21            Tennis courts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45
        Off-campus employment . . . . . .                   .28   Required leave of absence . . . . .13                  Theft . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .48
        Off-campus programs . . . . . . . .                 .18   Requirements for graduation . . . .12                  Transfer (to another school) . . . . .24
        One-day alcohol permit . . . . . . .                .69     (academic requirements) . . . . .13                  Transportation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9
        PAR (Peer Assistance and Referral)                  .29   Residence Life, Department of . .34                    Tutors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27
        Parking appeals . . . . . . . . . . . . .           .52   Residence Life, rules/regulations .35                  UC Desk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42
        Parking permits . . . . . . . . . . . . .           .53   Restaurants . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9       UN Semester . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18
        Parking regulations . . . . . . . . . .             .52   Rights and Responsibilities                            University Center (UC) . . . . . . . . .41
        Parking tickets . . . . . . . . . . . . . .         .51     of Students . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .57        University Commons . . . . . . . . . .31
        Pets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    .38   Room/roommate changes . . . . . .49                    University history . . . . . . . . . . . . .10
        Phi Beta Kappa . . . . . . . . . . . . .            .17   Room search . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39          Vacation housing . . . . . . . . . .40, 50
                                                                                                                         Vandalism . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .41
                                                                                                                         Varsity teams . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44
                                                                                                                         Violations (see incident reports) . .37
                                                                                                                         Visas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33
                                                                                                                         Voice messages (campus wide) . .54
                                                                                                                         Voluntary withdrawal . . . . . . . . . .26
                                                                                                                         Volunteer Resource Center . . . . .43
                                                                                                                         Wall Street Semester . . . . . . . . . .18
                                                                                                                         Washington (DC) Semester . . . . .18
                                                                                                                         West Africa Semester, Drew in . . .18
                                                                                                                         Who’s Who . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25
                                                                                                                         Withdrawal and dismissal policy .26
                                                                                                                         Work/Study . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .49
                                                                                                                         Writing Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22
                                                                                                                         Your ticket to the arts . . . . . . . . .42

ACADEMIC CALENDAR                                                               2005–06

Fall 2005                               MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19                    FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18
                                        Last day to add a semester-long         Last day to add second half-
                                        class with instructor’s signature, to   semester classes, to drop second
                                        change P/U option, enroll from wait     half-semester classes without a “W,”
New students arrive and orientation
                                        list, or drop a semester-long class     to enroll from wait list (second half-
begins; Academic Convocation, CUE
                                        without a “W” ( Note: No reduction      semester courses), or change P/U
student orientation and registration
                                        in charges for any reduced load after   option (second half-semester
                                        this date). Outstanding “I” and “NR”    classes)
FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2                     grades from the spring 2005 term
Registration for returning students     convert to “U” grades
who did not pre-register and for CLA                                            NOVEMBER 7–17
Special Students. (Note: $125 late      FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7                       Registration for spring 2006
registration fee)
                                        Last day to drop first half-semester    semester. Note: No registration on
                                        classes with a “W”                      November 15. (Material available one
SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 3                                                           week before; clear financial account
Registration for new students                                                   required to register)
                                        FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7–SUNDAY,
                                        OCTOBER 9
SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 4                     Family Weekend                          FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11

Residence halls open for returning                                              Last day to drop semester-long
students 12 noon                                                                course with a “W.” (Courses
                                        THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13
                                                                                discontinued after this date earn
                                        Yom Kippur, no classes
                                                                                a grade of “U”)
Labor Day, no classes                   THURSDAY–FRIDAY,
                                                                                TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22
                                        OCTOBER 13–14
                                                                                Last day to drop second half-
TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6                    Reading days, no classes
                                                                                semester classes with a “W”
Classes begin
                                        TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18
                                                                                WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23
MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12                    Thursday classes meet
                                                                                Thanksgiving recess begins, no
Last day to add a semester-long                                                 classes. Residence halls close
class without instructor’s signature.   WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19                   12 noon ; halls re-open Sunday,
                                                                                                                         Academic Calendar 2005–06
Last day to add first half-semester                                             November 27 at 12 noon
                                        Friday classes meet
classes, to change to P/U option
(first half-semester classes), enroll
                                                                                MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28
from wait list (first half-semester
classes), or drop first half-semester                                           Classes resume
classes without a “W”
                                                                                MONDAY, DECEMBER 12
                                                                                Wednesday classes meet, last
                                                                                classes meet

                            TUESDAY–WEDNESDAY                       FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10                      FRIDAY, APRIL 14
                            DECEMBER 13–14                          Last day to add a semester-long          Good Friday, no classes
                            Reading days, no classes                class with instructor’s signature, to
                                                                    change P/U option, enroll from wait
                                                                    list, or drop a semester-long class
                            THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15                                                            APRIL 10–19
                                                                    without a “W” ( Note: No reduction
                            Final examinations begin                                                         Registration for fall 2006 term
                                                                    in charges for any reduced load after
                                                                                                             (materials ready one week before;
                                                                    this date). Outstanding “I” and “NR”
                                                                                                             clear financial accounts required to
                            WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 21                  grades from the fall 2005 semester
                                                                                                             register). Returning students who
                            All examinations and semester end.      convert to “U” grades
                                                                                                             do not register during this period are
                            Residence halls close at 12 noon on
                                                                                                             ineligible for fall housing selection
                            Thursday, December 22.                  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 1
                                                                    Last day to drop first half-semester
                                                                                                             FRIDAY, APRIL 21
                                                                    classes with a “W”
                                                                                                             Last day to drop second half-
                            Spring 2006                                                                      semester classes with a grade of “W”
                                                                    FRIDAY, MARCH 10
                                                                    Spring recess begins at 5 p.m.
                            FRIDAY, JANUARY 27                                                               MONDAY, MAY 8
                                                                    Residence halls close at 7 p.m.
                            Registration/Orientation for new                                                 Last classes meet, Friday
                                                                    Residence halls re-open at 12 noon
                            students, returning students not pre-                                            classes meet
                                                                    on Sunday, March 19
                            registered, non-Drew students and
                            special students                                                                 TUESDAY–WEDNESDAY
                                                                    MONDAY, MARCH 20
                                                                                                             MAY 9–10
                                                                    Classes resume
                            SATURDAY, JANUARY 28                                                             Reading days, no classes
                            Residence halls open at 12 noon for
                                                                    FRIDAY, MARCH 24
                            returning students; dining hall opens
                                                                                                             THURSDAY, MAY 11
                            with dinner                             Last day to add second half-
                                                                    semester classes, to drop second         Final examinations begin
                                                                    half-semester classes without a “W,”
                            MONDAY, JANUARY 30
                                                                    to enroll from wait list (second half-   WEDNESDAY, MAY 17
                            Classes begin. Application due for      semester classes), or change P/U
                                                                                                             Last day of final examinations,
                            May commencement                        option (second half-semester
                                                                                                             semester ends. Residence halls
                                                                                                             close at 12 noon on Thursday,
                            FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 3                                                               May 18, except for graduates
                            Last day to add a semester-long         FRIDAY, APRIL 7
                            class without instructor’s signature.   Last day to withdraw from a              FRIDAY, MAY 19
                            Last day to add first half-semester     semester-long class with a grade of
Academic Calendar 2005–06

                                                                                                             Baccalaureate service, 5 p.m.
                            classes, to change to P/U option        “W;” classes discontinued after this
                            (first half-semester classes), enroll   date earn the grade of “U”
                            from wait list (first half semester                                              SATURDAY, MAY 20
                            classes) or drop first half-semester                                             Commencement, 10:30 a.m.
                            classes without a “W”





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