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									Global Indian Festival

                    Indian presence growing rapidly
                          in Malaysian market

   H.E. Mr VIjay Gokhale, Indian High Commissioner (2nd from right) inaugurating the FIEO pavilion.On his right are Mr Jaggarao, VP, Malaysia-India Chamber of Commerce
      and Mrs Padma Murthy, Asst. Director, FIEO. At extreme left is Mr Y B Dato Kanagarajan Raman, President, Malaysia-India Chamber of Commerce and at extreme
                                               left is Mr D P Gana, Representative of Malaysia India Chamber of Commerce.

    FIEO arranged the participation
of Indian exporters in the 9th Global
Indian Festival 2011 organized by
the Malaysia-India Chamber of Com-
merce. This was the first time FIEO
participated in the event, which was
held in Kuala Lumpur from June 8-
12, 2011, along with 16 Indian com-
panies with 35 delegates in this fair.
The exhibition was followed by
colourful cultural programmes and a
fashion show.

   The Indian Pavilion was inaugu-
rated by Mr Vijay Gokhale, High
Commissioner, High Commission of
India, Malaysia. Mr B.N. Reddy,
Deputy High Commissioner, Mr Y.B.                         Standing from left, Mr Benny Bushan, Tourism Director, Andaman & Nicobar; Mr Jaggarao Simancha, Vice President,
Dato Kanagaraja Raman, President,                          Malaysia-India Chamber of Commerce; Mr D P Gana, Rep of Malaysia-India Chamber of Commerce; Mr Y B Dato
                                                              Kanagaraja Raman, President, Malaysia-India Chamber of Commerce; H.E. Mr Vijay Gokhale, Indian High
Malaysia India Chamber of Com-                                Comissioner of India,Malaysia; Mrs Padma R Murthy, Asstt Director,FIEO; Mr N K Sethi, Coordinator,FIEO;
merce, and Mr Jaggarao Simancha,                             Mr B N Reddy, Deputy High Commissioner of India, Malaysia; Mr Amit Chopra, Indian Agent of Malaysia-India
Vice President, Malaysia India                                                  Chamber of Commerce; and Mr G N Rao, Special Officer, Shilpa Raman.

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  LEFT: Mr A K Pillai, Hon’ble Dy. Miniser of Foreign Affairs, Govt. of Malaysia signing in the Visitors book at FIEO booth. CEnTEr: Mr A K Pillay, Hon’ble Dy. Minister, Foreign
     Affairs, Govt. of Malaysia (centre) presenting a momento to Mrs Padma R Murthy, Asst. Director, FIEO. At extreme left is Mr Y B Data Kanagaraja Raman, President,
      Malaysia-India Chamber of Commerce. rIGHT: H.E. Mr Vijay Gokhale, High Commissioner of India (3rd from right) interacting with the participants. On his right are
    Mr B N Reddy, Deputy High Commissioner; and Mr Y B Dato Kanagarajan Raman, President, Malaysia-India Chamber of Commerce. On his left are Mrs Padma Murthy,
                                                             Asstt Director, FIEO; and Mr N K Sethi, Coordinator, FIEO.

Chamber of Commerce were present
at the occasion. FIEO was repre-
sented by Mrs Padma Murthy, Assis-
tant Director, and Mr N.K. Sethi,

   Mr Gokhale and Mr Reddy inau-
gurated the FIEO Pavilion. They
complimented FIEO for participating
and bringing the Indian companies
dealing in different products like
fashion      jewellery,    handicrafts,
made-ups,        wooden      furniture,
scarves, shawls, stoles, costume
jewellery, garments and madeups,
home furnishing items, pooja items,
cotton bags, silk garments etc. They
also appreciated FIEO’s efforts in ar-
ranging the participation of Indian
                                                                            BUSineSS Generated                             US$ 16.63 Million
exporters in the 9th Global Indian
Festival and said it would expand
the visibility of India’s products and                      was distributed to all the partici-                           duty on 1200 tariff lines ranging from
services in Malaysia. They also vis-                        pants and to the visitors who visited                         machinery, textiles and iron and steel.
ited the Indian booths and inter-                           the FIEO pavilion.                                            Malaysia will provide access to 850
acted with the Indian participants.                                                                                       tariff lines at zero or reduced duty.
                                                               The exhibition provided a plat-                            Looking at the potential between the
    Mr A.K. Pillai, Deputy Minister,                        form for Indian businesses to pro-                            two countries, trade can easily reach
Foreign Affairs, Government of                              mote their products and services                              US$20-22 billion by 2015.
Malaysia, addressed the gathering                           through the “Global Indian Festival”
and visited the Indian Pavilion on                          and expand the visibility of Indian                           Bilateral Trade Statistics
June 10. He requested FIEO to con-                          industry in the Malaysian market.                                 Bilateral trade has increased from
tinue participating every year. Mr                                                                                        US$3.52 billion in 2005 to US$9.12
Dato S. Veerasingham, Adviser to                            Malaysia: An overview                                         billion in 2010. A target of US$15
the Chief Minister of Perak, one of                            Malaysia is India’s 3rd largest                            billion has been earmarked by 2015.
the 13 states of Malaysia, also vis-                        trading partner in the ASEAN. India-                          The India-Malaysia CECA is an ambi-
ited the Indian pavilion. FIEO partic-                      Malaysia    trade    increased   from                         tious agreement that envisages lib-
ipants    generated       business   of                     US$3.52 billion to US$9.12 billion be-                        eral trade in goods and services and
US$166,345. The Federation had                              tween 2005 and 2010 after reaching a                          a stable, competitive investment
also published a participant’s book-                        peak of US$10.65 billion in 2008.                             regime to promote foreign invest-
let giving a brief profile and business                     With implementation of the CECA,                              ment between the two countries.
interest of the Indian exhibitors. It                       India will drastically reduce import                                                           Contd. on page 23

20                                                                                                                                                  FIEO NEWS l July 2011
Indian presence growing rapidly in Malaysian market
Contd. from page 20

The goods package under CECA             services, medical and dental, IT and              mercially meaningful market access
takes the tariff liberalization beyond   & ITES, Management Consulting                     to both entrepreneurs.
the India-ASEAN FTA commitments          Services etc. would get Malaysian
on items of mutual interest for both     market access.                                        Similarly, the investment chapter
the countries. Under the agreement,                                                        under CECA will include commit-
India will get market access in the      CECA (Effective from July 1, 2011)                ments leading to progressive liberal-
Malaysian market for goods, includ-          The signing of the CECA is very               ization of investment regimes in
ing fruits such as mangoes, banana       important for both the countries and              order to promote investments and
and guava, basmati rice, two wheel-      will lead to the increase in trade and            create a liberal, facilitative, trans-
ers and cotton garments. At the          services. The exact status would be               parent and competitive investment
same time, protection continues to       known only after the commence-                    regime. The CECA will also include
be provided for the sensitive sectors    ment of the agreement on July 1,                  economic cooperation in areas such
under the services agreement; India      2011. In trade in services, the                   as infrastructure development, cre-
and Malaysia have provided com-          agreement envisages a progressive                 ative industries, tourism, bio-tech-
mercially meaningful commitments         liberalization, on a preferential                 nology, SMEs, business facilitation,
in sectors and modes of interest to      basis, with substantial sectoral cov-             science and technology, and human
each other which should result in en-    erage, including movement of pro-                 resource development. There is spe-
hanced services trade. Sectors such      fessionals,       skilled     persons,            cial emphasis on renewable energy
as accounting and auditing, architec-    cross-border supply and telecommu-                collaboration for rural electrification
ture, urban planning, engineering        nications services, to provide com-               in Malaysia.                          n

                                 Important Meetings of President, FIEO
                          Date             Dignitary

                          04 June 2011     Mr Anand Sharma, Hon’ble Minister of Commerce and Industry
                                           Dr Anup K. Pujari, Director General of Foreign Trade
                          27 June 2011     Mr S. D. Majumdar, Chairman, CBEC

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