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									                     STREET INDEX OF SCHOOL ZONES                                  MARCH 20, 2008

BELLWOOD – BW                                       AIRPORT RD            JP    APRIL LN                       ES
BLACK FOX - BF                                      ALAMO AVE             ES    ARAPAHO DR                     BF
BRADLEY - BR                                        ALBANY CT             MN    ARCHER AVE                     NF
CASON LANE ACADEMY- CLA                             ALCHEMY CT            SC    ARGYLE AVE                     BF
ERMA SIEGEL – ES                                    ALCOVE CT             CLA   ARISTOCRATE DR                 SC
HOBGOOD – HG                                        ALEXANDER BLVD              ARK LN                         SC
JOHN PITTARD - JP                                         up thru 2308    JP    ARLINGTON CT                   MN
MITCHELL-NEILSON - MN                                     2309 +          NF    ARMADALE DR                    SC
NORTHFIELD - NF                                     ALLEGRA CT            CLA   ARMORY DR                      MN
REEVES-ROGERS – RR                                  ALLEN AVE             MN    ARNETTE ST                     HG
SCALES - SC                                         ALLENBY TR            SC    ARNOLD LN                      HG
                                                    ALLGRIN CT            BF    ARROW CT                       BF
                                                    ALLSTON DR            CLA   ARROW LN (311-312 only)        SC
Families who purchased their property prior to      ALMAR KNOT DR         SC    ARROWHEAD PL                   MN
5/22/07 in Hawksridge, Meadowwood Annex,            ALUMNI DR             HG    ASBURY LN (3050 & 3450 only)   MN
Pebble Creek, Bradford Place, Salem Creek,          AMAL DR               SC    ASCOT CLOSE                    SC
Three Rivers, Southern Meadows, Woodlands           AMBER DR              NF    ASH ST                         BR
of Southern Meadows, and E. Kimbro Woods            AMBER GLEN CT         CLA   ASHERS FORK DR                 CLA
with the anticipation of their children attending   AMBER GLEN DR         CLA   ASHFORD CT                     ES
the school previously assigned to their sub-        AMBERWOOD CR          CLA   ASHLAWN DR                     MN
division will be accepted on a space-available      AMELIA WAY            JP    ASPEN AVE                      BF
basis at that school upon providing documen-        AMERICAN AVE          ES    ASTER CT                       SC
tation proving they purchased the property          AMERICAN HORSE TR     BF    ATHENS AVE                     CLA
prior to 5/22/07.                                   AMSTERDAM CT          JP    ATLAS ST                       HG
                                                    ANATOLE DR            JP    AUGUST CR                      MN
                                                    ANATOLE LN            JP    AURORA CIR                     BF
ABBIE RD                             BF
                                                    ANDREW CT             MN    AUTUMN OAKS CT                 MN
ABBY CT                              NF
                                                    ANDREW JACKSON BLVD   ES    AUXBURY PL                     MN
ABERDEEN CR                          JP
                                                    ANGLO                 NF    AVELLINO CR                    JP
ABRAMS CT                            JP
                                                    ANITA CT              SC    AVENAL CT                      NF
ACADEMIC CR                          JP
                                                    ANNAPOLIS CT          CLA   AVERWATER RUN                  SC
                                                    ANNEX CT              BF    AVINGTON CT                    SC
  N110-1215                          NF
                                                    ANTEBELLUM DR         SC    AVON RD
  S117-223                           NF
                                                    ANTHEM WAY            SC    1400-1500                      NF
  S301-427                           MN
                                                    APACHE MOON TER       BF    1501-1900                      MN
ACCESS                               HG
                                                    APACHE TRL            MN    AZTEC DR                       SC
ADAMS CR                             NF
                                                    APOLLO DR             HG    AZURE WAY                      CLA
ADONIS DR                            CLA
                                                    APOSTLE LN            MN
AGATE DR                             SC
                                                    APPLE CROSS CT        BF
AIRPORT AVE                          HG
                                                    APPLETREE CT          ES

                  STREET INDEX OF SCHOOL ZONES                        MARCH 20, 2008

BAIRD LANE                           BEESLEY RD (310 only)   SC    BINFORD CT                       JP
       N106-215                HG    BELFAST CT              MN    BIRCH DR                         MN
       S115-716                HG    BELFORT CT              JP    BISHOP AVE                       BF
       S720+                   BF    BELIZE CT               BF    BISHOP ST                        ES
BALLATER DR                    SC    BELL ST                 NF    BLACK BEAR TRL                   BF
BALMORAL WAY                   SC    BELLE CHASE DR          JP    BLACK FOX CRSG                   BF
BALSON DR                      SC    BELLE HAVEN DR          SC    BLACK FOX CT                     BF
BANNER                         ES    BELLE OAKS DR           JP    BLACK HAWK WAY                   BF
BANYON DR                      CLA   BELLE RIVE DR           SC    BLACK STALLION CT                JP
BARCLAY CT                     CLA   BELLWOOD DR             SC    BLACKFOOT TR                     SC
BARFIELD/CRESCENT RD                 BELMONT CT              MN    BLACKPOOL CT                     SC
 100-479; (487-697 odd only)   BF    BELVIDERE CT            BF    BLACKWATER DR                    CLA
BARK PL                        JP    BENJAMIN DR             CLA   BLAIR ST                         MN
BARNSLEY DR                    SC    BENLEY ST               JP    BLAKE CT                         NF
BARKER ST                      NF    BENNINGTON DR           NF    BLANTON DR                       MN
BARNSTABLE CT                  BF    BENSON PL               MN    BLAZE DR                         SC
BARON CT                       ES    BENTLEY DR              SC    BLOOMING OAK PL                  ES
BARROW CT                      JP    BERKLEY ST              MN    BLUE RAIDER DR                   HG
BARTWAY DR                     BF    BERKSHIRE LN            NF    BLUEBELL ST                      NF
BASKINBROOK CT                 JP    BERRY PL                BR    BLUESPRUCE WAY                   SC
BASS AVE                       NF    BERRYHILL DR            BF    BLUFF AVE                        CLA
BASTOGNE WAY                   ES    BERRYSIDE DR            SC    BOLD RULER CT                    BF
BATTLE AVE                     CLA   BERRYFIELD DR           BF    BOLDEN DR                        BF
BATTLEFIELD PKY                MN    BERWICK DR              BF    BONAVENTURE CT                   BF
BATTLEGROUND DR                MN    BERYL DR                SC    BOND CT                          NF
BAULCOM CT                     CLA   BETH ANN DR             CLA   BOONE CT                         SC
BAYARD AVE                     NF    BETHANY CR              SC    BOSTON ST                        HG
BAYBERRY CT                    JP    BETSY ANN AVE           MN    BOWERS LN                        ES
BEACONCREST CR                 CLA   BETSY ROSS DR           ES    BOXELDER WAY                     SC
BEAR BRANCH COVE               JP    BIG EAGLE TR            BF    BOYD DR                          MN
BEAR PAW LN                    JP    BILBREY DR              BF    BOYLE CT                         CLA
BEASIE RD                      CLA   BILBRO AVE                    BRADBERRY DR                     JP
BEASLEY CT                     MN      S200-326              MN    BRADFORD PL                      NF
BEAUFORT ST                    BF      S400-509              BR    BRADYVILLE PK
BEAULAH CT                     CLA     S110-119              NF     600-1002 including Chelsea Pl   BR
BEAULAH DR                     CLA     N114-124              NF            and
BEECHWOOD ST                   MN    BILLINGHAM DR           SC     1003-2149; 2229; 2233; 2247;
BEEM CT                        BF    BILLY BLVD              HG     2251; 2255; 2259                BF
                                     BILTMORE CR             CLA           except
                                     BIMELECH LN             SC

                  STREET INDEX OF SCHOOL ZONES                        MARCH 20, 2008

BRADYVILLE PK—1335                     BROOKSIDE PATH        BF    CARAWAY DR                ES
 Wyndover Apts.                  SC    BROWN DR              JP    CARBONCOPY CT             JP
BRAEBURN CT                      SC    BUCKINGHAM DR         ES    CARDINAL ST               HG
BRANCH PL                        JP    BUCKLE ST             NF    CARLOWE CT                BF
BRANDIES CR                      CLA   BUCK CHERRY WAY       SC    CARLY CT                  SC
BRANDY KEG CREEK DR              CLA   BUCKSKIN CT           BF    CARLYLE CT                ES
BRANDYWINE DR                    NF    BUCKTHORNE WAY        SC    CARMEL DR                 SC
BRAXTON DR                       ES    BUD CT                ES    CAROL DR                  SC
BRAY CT                          CLA   BUFFALO RIVER DR      CLA   CAROLINE DR               BF
BRECKENRIDGE DR                        BUMBLEBEE DR          MN    CAROLYN CT                BF
        up thru 1639             ES    BUNNY CT              JP    CARRIAGE DR               BF
        1742+                    MN    BURGESS ST            CLA   CARRICK DR
BRENTMEADE DR                    ES    BURLINGTON CT         CLA         up thru 1521        SC
BREWSTER CT                      ES    BURNS CT              BR          1609+               CLA
BRIAR BEND DR                    CLA   BURR CT               NF    CARVER AVE                BR
BRIAR CT                         NF    BURTON ST             NF    CASBAH RUN                BF
BRICK WAY                        JP    BUSHMAN CT            JP    CASCADE CT                BF
BRIDGE AVE                       CLA   BUTLER ST             BF    CASON CT                  CLA
BRIDGET DR                       ES    BUTTERFLY BEND        MN    CASON LANE                CLA
BRIDGEWAY ST                     SC    BYRD AVE              MN    CASON SQUARE BLVD         CLA
BRIGHTON DR                      BF    BYRON AVE             MN    CASON TRAIL
BRINKLEY AVE                     MN    CABOT CT              MN          up thru 1828 only   CLA
BRINKLEY RD                            CAIN CT               BF          2014+               SC
 547; 639; 647; 701; 1509;             CALABASH CR           MN    CASTLE ST
 1603 only                       SC    CALAIS CT             BF          E310-1109           MN
BRINXTON RUN                     SC    CALDERWOOD CT         JP          E 1315              HG
BRITON CT                        JP    CALEB CT              NF          W 215-310           SC
BROAD ST NW                            CALLY ST              SC    CASTLE VIEW CT            MN
  610; 702-5106; 5222; 5520            CALUMET TR            BF    CASTLEFORD DR             SC
  5522; 5524; 5530; 5536; 5542         CAMBORNE CR           MN    CASTLEGATE CT             ES
  5548; 5612; 5623; 5630 only    MN    CAMBRIDGE DR          MN    CASTLEMERE                ES
BROAD ST SE                            CAMERON CT            BF    CASTLEREA DR              CLA
   306-1202                      BR    CAMPBELL CT           JP    CASTLETON DR              SC
   1203-2225                     BF    CAMPFIRE DR           SC    CASTLEWOOD DR             NF
BROADLANDS DR                    BF    CANCUN LN             SC    CATALINA CT               SC
BROADMOR BLVD                    MN    CANDLEWICK CT         BF    CATAWBA WAY               JP
BROCKWAY DR                      BF    CANNON AVE            CLA   CAVENDISH DR              SC
BROOK HIGHLAND                   BF    CANTERBURY CT         ES    CAYUGA DR                 JP
BROOKFIELD DR                    BF    CANTERBURY LN         BF
BROOKLET CT                      SC    CPT. JOE FULGHUM DR   SC

                   STREET INDEX OF SCHOOL ZONES                                   MARCH 20, 2008

CEDAR VIEW DR                            CHICKASAW RD                    JP    COLFAX DR                       MN
100-129; 130; 131-172; 173; 174-186;     CHIPARA DR                      SC    COLGATE CT                      CLA
187; 188-197; 198-199 only         ES    CHIPPEN CT                      BF    COLLEGE HGTS ST                 HG
CELTIC CT                          MN    CHIPPENDALE DR                  MN    COLLEGE ST E                    NF
CENTER POINTE DR                   JP    CHIPPEWA PL                     SC            W 105-710               NF
CENTERTREE DR.                     CLA   CHOCTAW TRACE                   MN            W 801+                  MN
CENTRAL PARK CT                    JP    CHOPIN CT N & S                 SC    COLYN AVE                       SC
CENTRAL VALLEY RD                        CHRISTY CT                      NF    COMANCHE WAY                    BF
  939; 955; 1105; 1115; 1125; 1135       CHURCH ST N                     NF    COMER CR                        BF
  1145; 1155; 1165; 1428 only      ES    CHURCH ST S                           COMER DR                        BF
CHAD CT                            ES     105-320                        NF    COMMERCE PK                     SC
CHAFFIN PL                         CLA    508-2552                       SC    COMMERCIAL CT                   CLA
CHALICE DR                         BF           except                         COMMONWEALTH                    MN
CHAMBERLAIN AVE                    MN     2590-3081; (3082-3298 even only);    COMMUNITY CR                    SC
CHAMBERLAIN DR                     MN     (3083-3183 odd only)           BF    COMPASSION LN                   SC
CHAMPION WAY                       JP    CIDER DR (4124 & 4125 only)     ES    COMPTON RD
CHANDA LN                          ES    CITY VIEW DR                    HG     150-162 & 340-344 even only;
CHANDLER PL                        BF    CLAIRE CT                       ES     345-546 even & odd; 547-567 odd only;
CHARIOT DR                         JP    CLARENCE CT                     SC     722; 820; 861-867odd only      ES
CHARLES CT                         BF    CINCH CT                        SC            and
CHARLESTON BLVD                    JP    CLARK BLVD. E                   JP     869-1043 odd only; 1080
CHARLESTON CT                      JP       except 205-1145 odd only     MN     1197-1229                      JP
CHARTER CT                         MN    CLARK BLVD. W                   MN    CONCORD CR                      NF
CHARTWELL CT                       BF    CLAYDON CT                      SC    CONCORD CT (off Patriot Dr)     JP
CHASE LN                           NF    CLAYMORE RUN                    JP    CONHOCKEN CT
CHASTEEN CT                        JP    CLEARVIEW CT                    NF            438-439 only            SC
CHATHAM                            MN    CLIFDON CT                      SC    CONQUER DR                      SC
CHATO CT                           BF    CLIFFORD DR                     MN    CONQUEST RD                     SC
CHAUCER DR                         ES    CLIFFVIEW CT                    SC    CONTESSA DR                     SC
CHELANIE CR                        MN    CICADA CIR                      MN    CONWAY CT                       JP
CHEROKEE CT                        JP    CLOISTER DR                     SC    COOLIDGE CT                     BF
CHERRY LN (100-199)                NF    CLOVER AVE                      HG    COONTREE CT                     MN
CHERRY LN (off 231 is county)            CLOVERCROFT DR                  ES    COOPER RD                       BF
CHESAPEAKE CR                      NF    CLUB RIDGE CT                   NF    CORNELIUS DR                    MN
CHESIRE PL                         MN    CLYDEWAY DR                     BF    CORNELL PL                      MN
CHESTERFIELD CT                    MN    COBBLEFIELD AVE                 ES    CORNER CT                       NF
CHESTNUT ST                        NF    COBIA DR                        CLA   CORNERSTONE DR                  SC
CHEYENNE CT                        MN    COCHISE CT                      BF    CORNWALL CT                     MN
CHICKAMAUGA DR                           COFFEE AVE                      NF    CORSICA CT                      JP
         817-844 only              SC    COLCHESTER CT                   SC    COTSWOLD LN                     SC

                   STREET INDEX OF SCHOOL ZONES                        MARCH 20, 2008

COTTINGHAM DR                  SC     DALLAS CT                ES    DOSIE AVE          CLA
COUNCIL BLUFF PKWY             BF     DALMALLY DR              SC    DOTHAN DR          CLA
COUNTRY ALMOND WAY             SC     DAMSEL CT                ES    DOUGLAS AVE        CLA
COUNTY FARM RD                        DANCING WOLF             BF    DOVER ST           JP
 197; 217; 439-685 odd only;          DASHIEL ST               MN    DOW ST             NF
 650; 700 only                 BF     DAVY CROCKETT DR         ES    DOWNING CT         ES
COURT DR                       SC     DAWSON PL                MN    DRAGON DR          JP
COURTLAND ST                   NF     DEBONAIR LN              SC    DRAYTON DR         JP
COVENANT BLVD                  SC     DEER PARK CIR            SC    DRESDEN LN         SC
COVENTRY LN                    CLA    DEERSKIN CT              BF    DREXEL CT          BF
COZUMEL CT                     SC     DEERRUN RD               MN    DRUM CT            MN
CRAIG CT                       JP     DEERVIEW DR              SC    DUBLIN CT          SC
CRAPE CR                       MN     DEERWOOD AVE             JP    DUCHESS CR         ES
CRAYTHORNE DR                  MN     DEJARNETT LN                   DUDLEY ST          NF
CRAZY HORSE CT                 BF            up thru 431       NF    DUE NORTH DR       ES
CREE CT                        MN            433 +             JP    DUGAN CT           BF
CREEK OAK DR                   SC     DELANO CT                NF    DUKE CT            NF
CREEKHILL AVE                  JP     DELMAR AVE               BF    DUNCAN CT          NF
CREEKVIEW DR                   SC     DESTINY DR               JP    DUNRAVEN DR        SC
CREEKWALK DR                   JP     DERBY CT                 MN    DUVAL DR           BF
CREEKWOOD CT                   BF     DEWSBURY DR              SC    DUSAN BLVD         MN
CREST CT                       ES     DIAMOND CT               BF    EAGLE ST           HG
CRESTLAND AVE                  HG     DIANA ST                 HG    EARL CT            JP
CROCUS CT                      SC     DIAWA CT                 CLA   EAST ST            HG
CROSS DR                       MN     DIBRELL CT               JP    EASTLAND AVE       HG
CROSS MEADOW DR                JP     DICKENS CT               ES    EASTRIDGE DR       JP
CROSSWAY AVE                   HG     DILL LN                  HG    EASTVIEW DR        CLA
CROWN CT                       NF     DILTON-MANKIN RD               EASTWOODS DR       JP
CROWN HILL DR                  NF            2525; 2923 only   BF    EATON ST           HG
CROWN POINT DR                 ES     DIVISION ST              HG    EDGEWOOD CT        JP
CRYSTAL BEAR TRAIL             BF     DIXON CT                 BF    EDINBURGH LN       JP
CRYSTAL CT                     NF     DODD TRAIL               CLA   ELAINA LN          BF
CUSHING AVE                    JP     DOGWOOD DR               MN    ELAM FARMS PKWY    BF
CUSTER’S WAY                   BF     DONALD BRADLEY CT        JP    ELDERBERRY WAY     SC
CYPRESS DR                     BF     DONARD CT                CLA   ELDIN CREEK DR     CLA
DAISY CT                       SC     DONCASTER CT             NF    ELIJAH DR          MN
DAKOTA DR                      MN     DONNELL ST               MN    ELK RIVER DR       NF
DAKOTA WAY                     JP     DORA ELIZABETH CT        NF    ELLIOTT DR         MN
DANAHER WAY                    BF     DOROTHY DR               BF    ELLISTON DR        MN
D'ANN DR                       MN     DORSET ST                JP    ELM ST             NF

                STREET INDEX OF SCHOOL ZONES                                MARCH 20, 2008

ELORA CT                      BF    FIRST AVE                             FROGTOWN LN               CLA
ELROD ST                      HG             107-120                NF    FRONT ST                  NF
EMPIRE MAKER WAY              SC             200-515                MN    FRONTAGE RD               CLA
EMPRESS DR                    JP    FIRST PL                        MN    GAITHERHILL DR            ES
ENFIELD DR (2708-2721only)    CLA   FLETZ CR                        MN    GALLOP LN                 SC
ENGLISH HILL                  JP    FLORENCE RD (2822; 3006; 3016;        GALSTON CT                CLA
ENNISMORE CT                  SC      3017; 3020; 3028; 3432; 3435;       GARCIA BLVD               SC
ESQUIRE CT (950-1126 only)    JP      3510; 3518; 3522; 3526; 3605;       GARDEN CITY DR            BF
ESQUIRE DR (3400-3490 only)   JP      3913 only)                    MN    GARDEN CT                 NF
ESSEX CT                      BR    FLOWERS CT                      JP    GARDEN LN                 JP
ESTES RUN                     JP    FLOYD AVE                       BF    GARDENDALE DR             JP
ESTES ST                      NF    FOLCROFT DR                     ES    GARDENIA WAY              ES
ESTHER LN                     SC    FOREST GLEN CR                  BF    GARDNER DR                BF
EVANBACK CT                   ES    FOREST GLEN CT                  BF    GARRISON COVE             JP
EVENTIDE DR                   MN    FORREST HWY                     CLA   GARY BOWMAN CT            ES
EVERGREEN ST                  NF    FORREST POINTE DR               SC    GASTON CT                 CLA
EVERTON                       SC    FORREST ST                      NF    GATELAND DR               BF
EVREUX                        ES    FORSMAN CT                      SC    GAYLE LN                  NF
EWING BLVD                    HG    FORSYTH ST                      BF    GAYLORD CT                NF
EXETER DR                     JP    FORTRESS BLVD                   SC    GENERAL BRADLEY AVE       ES
FACTORS WALK                  SC    FOUNDER’S LN                    HG    GENERAL CABOT CT          ES
FAIRFAX DR                          FOUNDRY CR                      SC    GENERAL EISENHOWER DR     ES
  100 - 199                   ES    FOURTH AVE                      HG    GENERAL KIRK. DR          MN
FAIRHAVEN LANE                SC    FOWLER ST                       BF    GENERAL MARSHALL CT       ES
FAIRVIEW AVE                  HG    FOX CREEK DR                    BF    GENERAL NEYLAND DR        ES
FALCON DR                     MN    FOX POINT CT                    ES    GENERAL NIMITZ BLVD       ES
FALLEN ACORN CT               ES    FOXDALE DR                      BF    GENERAL PATTON AVE        ES
FALLING LEAF CT               JP    FOXMOOR                         ES    GENERAL RAINES DR         MN
FALLING TREE CT               JP    FOXSIDE LN                      SC    GENERAL WESTMORELAND CT   ES
FARRAR ST                     MN    FOXVIEW CT                      MN    GENEVA DR                 CLA
FAULKENBERRY DR               HG    FRANK ROBINSON DR               ES    GENOA DR
FAXON CT                      BF    FRANKLIN LN                     NF          up thru 3433        CLA
FEBRUARY ST                   CLA   FRANKLIN ROAD (2915; 3296; 4424;            3512 +              SC
FEDERAL CT                    NF    4570;4620; 5027; 5495 only)     SC    GENTRY TERR               BF
FELICITY CT                   SC    FREEDOM AVE                     MN    GEORGE WASHINGTON BLVD    ES
FENWICK CLOSE                 NF    FREEDOM CT                      NF    GEORGETOWN CT             MN
FERN DR                       BF    FRIENDSHIP ST                   HG    GEORGETOWN LN             MN
FIELDSTONE CT                 BF    FRISCO ST                             GILBERT ST                NF
                                             1107                   MN    GINGER CT                 MN
                                             1205-1210              HG    GIVAN CT                  HG

                STREET INDEX OF SCHOOL ZONES                                MARCH 20, 2008

GLACOMO DR                   SC    GRESHAM LANE                          HAVEN DR                    BF
GLAD CT                      SC     (100-135 odd only); 137-155;         HAVERING DR                 CLA
GLASGOW DR                   JP     (157-999 odd only);                  HAVILAND WAY                SC
GLAZE CT                     SC     1556-1599                      SC    HAWK EYE CT                 BF
GLEN BROOK DR                CLA   GRESHAM RD (OLD)                MN    HAWKINS AVE                 HG
GLENHAVEN DR                 BF    GREYROCK CR                     JP    HAWKSRIDGE DR               JP
GLENIS DR                    JP    GRIGG AVE                       MN    HAWTHORN PL                 JP
GLENWOOD DR                  MN    GROVE CR                        CLA   HAYES ST                    NF
GODDARD CT                   BF    GUNNERSON AVE                   JP    HAYNES DR
GOLD VALLEY DR               JP    GWENETH CR                      SC           202-809              NF
GOLDEN BEAR CT               SC    GWYNN ST                        HG           810+                 MN
GOLFIELD CT                  BF    HADDINGTON CR                   JP    HAYNES HAVEN LN             NF
GOLFVIEW CT                  BF    HALE AVE                        NF    HAZELWOOD ST                JP
GOOSE CREEK LN               CLA   HALE'S TRAILER CT               MN       except 906-1211          MN
GORDON TERR                  BF    HALEY RD                        SC    HEADWATER CT                SC
GRADUATE LN                  JP    HALIFAX CT                      JP    HEARTLAND LN                BF
GRAND CT                     NF    HALLIGEN CT                     BF    HEATHER PL                  SC
GRANDVIEW DR                 MN    HALLS HILL PK.                        HENDERSON LN                JP
GRANITE SPRINGS WAY          ES      2302-2304; 2327 only          JP    HENRY HALL DR               MN
GRANTLAND AVE                MN    HAMBERTON CR                    SC    HERALD LN                   MN
GRANTOWN DR                  SC    HAMBLEN CT                      ES    HEROES LN                   ES
GRASS CREEK CT               BF    HAMILTON DR                     MN    HERITAGE PK                 NF
GRASSMERE CT                 NF    HAMMOCK DR                      SC    HICKERSON DR                SC
GRAYBAR LN                   MN    HAMPTON DR                      MN    HIGGINS LN                  JP
GREAT SUN CT                 BF    HANCOCK ST                            HIGHFIELD DR                BF
GREEN ACRES LN               MN            114-227                 NF    HIGHLAND AVE N              NF
GREENBRIER DR                JP            302-467                 MN    HIGHLAND AVE S
GREENHILL ST                 MN            501-608                 BR           102-226              NF
GREENLAND DR                       HANDLEY ST                      SC           302-437              MN
      514-1121               HG    HANNAH DR                       SC           501-620              BR
      1207-2200              JP    HANOVER ST                      JP    HIGHLAND TERR               NF
GREENOCK DR (1325 only)      SC    HARDING PL                      MN    HILLARD DR                  SC
GREENWAY DR                  ES    HARDWICK ST                     NF    HILLCREST DR                MN
      except                       HARDWOOD DR                     MN    HILLDALE DR                 MN
GREENWAY DR (off Jefferson         HARPETH RIVER CT                NF    HILLINGDON DR               BF
      Pike is county)              HARRELL CT                      HG    HILLMONT DR                 NF
GREERSON CT                  BF    HARRISON AVE                    HG    HILLSIDE CT                 NF
GREERSON DR                  BF    HARTFORD DR                     ES    HILLVIEW RD
                                   HARTLEPOOL DR                   SC           470; 480; 490 only   BF
                                   HASTINGS ST                     BF    HILLWOOD BLVD               SC

                 STREET INDEX OF SCHOOL ZONES                             MARCH 20, 2008

HIXON CT                    MN      IRBY LANE                           JONES BLVD
HOCH CT                     BF       1501-2199 odd only           BF            0-2099        MN
HODGE DR                    NF      IRIS AVE                      SC           2100-2599      NF
HOLBEACH DR                 HG      IRON HORSE CT                 SC    JONQUIL CT            SC
HOLDEN CT                   SC      IRONGATE BLVD                 NF    JOPLEN CT             JP
HOLDERWOOD DR               SC      IRONWOOD CT                   ES    JORDAN AVE            HG
HOLLICOM DR                 MN      IROQUOIS CT                   BF    JOSE WAY              JP
HOLLYRIDGE CT               JP      ISAIAH DR                     JP    JOSEPH CT             CLA
HOLMES DR                   MN      ISIS CT                       CLA   JOSIAH CT             BF
HOLSTED DR (up thru 3005)   CLA     ISLINGTON DR                  CLA   JOSIE CT              JP
         3017+              SC      ITHACA ST                     NF    JOURNEY DR            JP
HOLTS CT                    CLA     IVY CT                        MN    JUBILEE CT            SC
HOMECOMING CR               HG      JACKSON RD (3300-3391 only)   ES    JUDSON CL             NF
HONEYBEE DR                 MN      JACKSON ST                    NF    JUNEBERRY WAY         SC
HONEYWOOD PL                JP      JAMES DR                      NF    JUPITER PL            HG
HOPEWELL CT                 BF      JAMES EDMON CT                NF    KADYDAY WAY           SC
HORNCASTLE DR               HG      JAMES LUSINSKI DR             MN    KANATAK LN            SC
HOUK CT                     ES      JAMIE CR                      JP    KARIN LN              ES
HOUSTON DR                  SC      JAMISON PL                    NF    KARLEIGH CT           BF
HOWELL DR                   NF      JANELL TRL                    CLA   KATELYN CT            CLA
HUBBARDS DR                 CLA     JANUARY ST                    CLA   KATHLEEN CT           BF
HUDDLESTON AVE              MN      JAY CT                        ES    KATIE CT              CLA
HUNT ST                     BF      JAYHAWK CT                    SC    KATYDID CROSSING      MN
HUNTERS CT                  JP      JEN CT                        ES    KAY ST                BF
HUNTINGTON DR               MN      JENKINS DR                    BF    KAYLEE CR             SC
HUNTWOOD ST                 JP      JENNIFER CT                   ES    KEDZIE DR             JP
    except 1702-1721        MN      JERICKIA CT                   MN    KEEGAN DR             JP
HUTCHINSON LN               BF      JERICO RD                     JP    KEENELAND COM BLVD    BF
HYANNIS DR                  BF      JESSICA ST                    BR    KEENELAND CT          BF
HYLE AVENUE                 BF      JESTER CT                     NF    KEEPSAKE DIAMOND LN   SC
IDLEWOOD DR                         JETTON DR                     NF    KELLY CLOSE           NF
  (not Brandywood Sub)      MN      JILLSON CT                    MN    KENMARE CT            BF
IMPERIAL CT                 ES      JIM HOUSTON CT                NF    KENNETH AVE           MN
INDEPENDENCE WAY            NF      JOBEN DR                      CLA   KENSINGTON DR         BF
INDIAN PARK DR              BF      JOE FULGHUM DR                SC    KENSLO AVE            CLA
INDIAN PL                   MN      JOHN DEERE DR                 BF    KENT PL               BF
INDUSTRIAL DR               CLA     JOHN R. RICE BLVD             SC    KERR AVE              MN
INNSBROOKE BLVD.            BF      JOHNSON ST                    BR    KEVIN DR              NF
INVERNESS DR                NF      JONAH DR                      MN    KICKING BEAR CT       BF

               STREET INDEX OF SCHOOL ZONES                               MARCH 20, 2008

KILDARE CT             MN         LAUREL CT.                      SC    LODI CT            SC
KILKENNY               JP         LAUREL HILL CT                  MN    LODI LN            SC
KILLARNEY DR           SC         LAWNCREST COVE                  MN    LOKEY AVE E        NF
KIMBRO RD                         LAWNDALE DR                     MN    LOKEY DR W
 1472; 1836; 2136;                LAZARUS WAY                     SC           102-319     NF
 2350 & 2800           CLA        LEAF AVE                        JP           418-1234    MN
 2197 & 2383           SC                 except 805-1211         HG    LONDON AVE         MN
KINGS CT               MN                 and 1307-1607           MN    LONDON VIEW DR     BF
KINGS HWY              CLA        LEANNA RD                             LONDONDERRY DR     MN
KINGS RIDGE DR         ES                 3400-3417; 3468 only    ES    LONE WOLF RUN      SC
KINGSGATE DR           JP         LEANNA TRAILER CT 3417          ES    LONG MEADOW DR     NF
KINGSVIEW DR           NF         LEAR CT                         MN    LONGFORD DR        ES
KINGWOOD DR E & W      MN         LEATHERWOOD DR                  CLA   LOOK ROCK CT       JP
KINSALE AVE            CLA        LEBANON HWY.                          LOTUS LN           JP
KIRKWOOD AVE           SC          (3401-3433 odd only); 3449-3511;     LOU CT             ES
KIRTLEY CT             ES          3663; (3737-3755 odd only);          LOUISE ST          HG
KITTY CT               ES          (4001-4299 odd only)           ES    LOVE CT            NF
KNIGHT CR              ES         LEE ST                          NF    LOVELACE LN        JP
KNIGHT DR              CLA        LEEDS CT                        MN    LOYD ST            MN
KNOLLWOOD PL           JP         LEGARE CT                       CLA   LUCILLE LN         MN
KNOX ST                MN         LEIPERS FORK TR                 CLA   LUCKY CR           JP
KUBOTA DR              BF         LENOX COVE                      JP    LYNCH DR           BF
KUCHAR CT              SC         LENTIL DR                       SC    LYNN ST            MN
LAKESHORE DR           BF         LESLIE LN                       SC    LYNNFORD DR        BF
        except                    LEWIS CR                        ES    LYNNWOOD CR        JP
LAKESHORE DR N                    LEWS CT                         CLA   LYTLE ST           NF
        1002-1121      SC         LEXINGTON TRACE                 MN    MTSU BLVD          HG
LAKEVIEW ST            SC         LEXMARK CR                      SC    MACARTHUR AVE      ES
LAMBETH DR             CLA        LIBERTY CT                      NF    MACDUFF DR         SC
LANCASTER CT           MN         LIBERTY DR                      NF    MACEDONIA DR       JP
LANCASTER GATE PL      BF         LIGHT AVE                       SC    MACK CT            ES
LANDMARK LN            CLA        LILLARD RD (811-813 only)       JP    MACKINTOSH DR      SC
LANGTRY CT             MN         LILLY LN                        SC    MADISON AVE        ES
LANSDAN DR             BF         LINCOYA DR                      BF    MAGNOLIA CT        SC
LARRY CT               BF         LINDEN LN                       CLA   MAGNOLIA DR        SC
LASCASSAS PK, NEW                 LISBURN DR                      CLA   MAHOGANY TR.       JP
        up thru 2095   JP         LISMORE DR                      BF    MAIN ST E
LASCASSAS RD, OLD      JP         LITTLE ADAMS RUN                MN           100-1199    NF
LASSETER DR            HG         LITTLE TURTLE WAY               BF           1200-2426   HG
LAURA JEANNE BLVD      MN         LOCERBIE DR                     CLA   MAIN ST W          CLA

                  STREET INDEX OF SCHOOL ZONES                                 MARCH 20, 2008

MAITLAND DR                      MN   MATCHLESS CT                   CLA     MERCURY BLVD
MAJESTY DR                       ES   MATTERHORN RUN                 JP             511-903     BR
MANCHESTER PK                         MAXMILLION CIR                 SC             1210-3299   HG
        4232; 4270 & 4429 only   BF   MAYA DR                        SC      MERCY CT           SC
MANDELLA WAY                     BF   MAYBROOK CT                    CLA     MERIDIA DR.        MN
MANDERLAY WAY                    JP   MAYFAIR AVE                    BF      MERSHON DR         SC
MANEY AVE N                      NF   MAYLON DR                      CLA     MERTON DR          CLA
MANEY AVE S                           MAYMONT DR                     JP      MESSICK CT         SC
        105-230                  NF      except 1200-1499            MN      NEYLAND WAY        ES
        303-430                  MN   MCCORD CR                      MN      MI-TECH DR         SC
        501-529                  BR   MCFADDEN AVE                   CLA     MICHALEAN DR       BF
MANOR DR                         SC   MCFARLIN RD                    HG      MIDDLE TENN BLVD
MANSON CROSSING DR               SC   MCKINLEY PL                    JP       980-1280          SC
MANSON PK                             MCKNIGHT DR E                  NF       1465-1530         BR
 1200-2006                       MN   MCKNIGHT DR W                           1803-2027         HG
        and                                 101-114                  NF       2105-2123         NF
 3305; 3325; 3405; 3406;                    306-509                  MN       2212-2859         JP
 3508;3588;3590; 3607; 3621;          MEADOWBROOK RD                 MN       2911-2971         MN
 4219 &4337 only                 SC   MEADOWCREST COVE               MN      MIDDLEBOROUGH CT   JP
MANTES ST                        ES   MEADOWCREST DR                 MN      MIDDLEBURY CT      SC
MAPLE ST N                       NF   MEADOWGREEN DR                 BF      MIDDLEBURY DR      SC
MAPLE ST S                       NF   MEADOWHILL DR                  JP      MIDDLETON LN       NF
MAPLESIDE LN                     SC   MEADOWRIDGE CT                 ES      MILL ST            CLA
MARGARET CLOSE                   SC                                          MILWALKEE CT       JP
MARIAN LN                        JP   MEDFORD CAMPBELL BLVD                  MINERVA DR
MARICOPA DR                      SC            up to 2634 only         BF           300-708     HG
MARIETTA ST                      SC   MEDICAL CENTER PKWY                           710-1722    BF
MARIGOLD DR                      ES     428; 710; 714; 716 only        NF    MINOR ST
MARILYN CT                       NF     1302; 1304; 1306; 1308;        MN           1000-1199   MN
MARK ALLEN LN                    SC     1310; 1314; 1405; 1407 only    MN           1200-1418   HG
MARKET DR                        MN   MEDORA CT                        JP           600-920     BR
MARS ST                          HG   MEIGS DR                         BF    MIRABELLA WAY      JP
MARYLAKE WAY                     SC   MELVIN DR                        CLA   MISSION RIDGE DR   JP
MARYMONT DR                           MEMORIAL                               MOCCASIN TR        MN
        1202-1399                NF            up thru 3001            NF    MOHAWK TR          MN
        1400-1599                MN    3002-3392; (3401-3433 odd only);      MOHICAN CT         BF
MARYMONT SPRINGS BLVD            SC    3449-3511; 3663; (3737-3755 odd       MOLLOY LN          CLA
MASON CT                         BR    only); 3813; 4001-4299          ES    MOLLY TR           CLA
MASON ST.                        BR   MERCHANTS WALK                   BF    MONARCH            ES
MASTERPIECE AVE                  JP                                          MONET CT           MN

                 STREET INDEX OF SCHOOL ZONES                                  MARCH 20, 2008

MONROE ST                     MN    NEW SALEM RD                            OHIO CT                          BF
MONTCLAIR AVE                 MN     340-1199; 1576-1788; (1833-            OLD CASTLE DR                    BF
MONTE HALE DR                 MN     1919 odd only); 1840; 1921only   CLA   OLD FORT PARKWAY
MONTECELLO CT                 MN     2248; 2339; 2397;2431; 2620;                    up thru 2227            CLA
MOONLITE CT                   CLA    2750 only                        SC      2374-3024; (3025-3059 odd only)SC
MORAY CT                      JP    NEWARK CT                         BF    OLD GLORY CT                     ES
MORGAN RD                     NF    NEWBERRY DR                       JP    OLD LASCASSAS RD                 JP
MORGAN TAYLOR DR              MN    NEWCASTLE DR                      NF    OLD NASHVILLE HWY
MORNING MIST CT               SC    NEWPORT CT                        ES             1302-1527 only          MN
MORNING MIST WAY              SC    NEWTON AVE                        MN    OLD SALEM RD
MORRIS CLOSE                  NF    NEYLAND WAY                       ES             500-1399 only           SC
MOSEY LN                      BF    NIGHTWALK CT                      JP    OLD SAMSONITE BLVD               SC
MOSAIC TRL                    JP    NINA MARIE AVE                    MN    OLIN TAYLOR ST                   ES
MOSKOVITZ CT                  SC    NORMAL WAY                        HG    OLIVE ST                         NF
MOUNTAIN MAPLE CT             SC    NORMAN AVE                        BF    OLIVET DR                        SC
MTSU BLVD                     HG    NORRIS LN                         JP    OLMSTEAD CT
MULBERRY CT                   JP    NORTH COVE                        MN             2101-2114               SC
MULBERRY GROVE RD             BF    NORTHBORO CT                      ES    OLMSTEAD DR
MULLINS CT                    MN    NORTHBROOK CT                     JP              1134-1245              SC
MURFREE AVE                   MN    NORTHFIELD BLVD E                 JP    OLYMPIA PL
MYERS DR                      NF            except 101-608            MN             302-799                 HG
MYERS PARSONS WAY             BF    NORTHFIELD BLVD W                                800+                    BF
MILES CT AND DR               MN            130-1399                  NF    ONEIDA CT                        SC
N.Y.U. PL                     BF            1402+                     MN    ORANGE CT                        JP
NAHANEE CT                    JP    NORTHWOODS DR & COVE              JP    ORMOND ST                        NF
NANCY DR                      MN    NORTON CT                         BF    OSBORNE LANE
NANDINA CT                    MN    NOVEMBER CT                       ES      655; 745; (657-901 except 745
NATCHEZ TRACE CT              BF    NUGGET CT                         JP      county); 903-1183 odd only     ES
NATHAN CT                     SC    O’BRIEN DR                        BF             and
NATIONAL DR                   BF    O’MEARA LN                        BF     266-902 & 906 even only;        NF
NATURE DR                     CLA   O. GREEN COVE                     MN       (904 county)
NAVAJO CT                     BF    OAKHILL DR                        JP      1172+ even only                JP
NAYLOR AVE                    SC    OAK LEIGH COVE                    MN    OTTAWA PL                        MN
NEILSON CT                    MN    OAK LEIGH DR                      MN    OVERALL ST                       CLA
NELSON LN                     MN    OAK ST                            NF    OVERHILL CT                      ES
NESBITT DR (100 – 199 only)   HG    OAKHAVEN DR                       NF    OVERLOOK PL                      SC
NETHERLAND DR                 BF    OAKLAND DR                        JP    OWASA TR                         JP
NEW HOLLAND CR                BF    OAKSIDE CT                        SC    OXFORD DR                        MN
NEW HOPE BAPTIST CR           HG    OAKWOOD CR                        CLA   OXFORD HALL AVE                  BF
                                    ODESSA AVE                        SC    OZARK CT                         BF

             STREET INDEX OF SCHOOL ZONES                           MARCH 20, 2008

PACIFIC PL           CLA        PEPPER BRANCH DR           CLA   PRITCHETT DR                 MN
PAGOSA CT            JP         PEPPERDINE DR              BF    PROGRESS CT                  JP
PAINTED PONY DR      BF         PERALTO PL                 CLA   PUBLIC DR                    SC
PALACE               NF         PERIMETER PLACE DR         BF    PUBLIC ST                    MN
PALISADE DR          ES         PERLINO DR                 SC    PUCKET CREEK CROSSING        SC
PALM CT              NF         PERLOU LN                  SC    QUAIL CHASE COVE             MN
PALMER DR            HG         PERSIMMON CR                     QUANAH PARKER TRL            BF
PANTERA DR           SC         3501-3510 only             MN    QUANTUM CT                   CLA
PARADISE DR          BF         PHEASANT RUN TRL           ES    QUEEN CT                     NF
PARK AVE             SC         PHILISTIA CT               BF    QUEST AVE                    JP
PARK CR              NF         PILLAR DR                  SC    R. T. JOHNSON DR             MN
PARK HILL RD         ES         PINE CT                    HG    RACQUET CLUB DR              CLA
PARKLAWN DR          MN         PINEHILL CT                NF    RAGLAND AVE & CT             HG
PARKVIEW TERR        BF         PISCA CR                   MN    RALIEGH CT                   JP
PARKWOOD CT          JP         PITTS LN                   JP    RAMBUSH DR                   SC
PARSON CT            ES           (E Pitts Ln is county)         RAMPART LN                   SC
PARSONS ST           BF         PLANTER CT                 SC    RANSOM CT & DR               BF
PASSAGE DR           JP         PLYMOUTH CT                BF    RAVENEL CT                   JP
PATCOLE CT           ES         POLK ST                    NF    RAVENWOOD DR                 NF
PATRICIA CR          CLA        POPLAR AVE                       REAGAN DR                    ES
PATRIOT DR           JP                   706-811          NF    RED BANK LN                  SC
PATTERSON AVE        SC                   1003+            MN    RED CLOUD CT                 SC
PAUL NORMAN DR       BF         PORTER ST                  SC    RED FEATHER TR               BF
PAULINE CT           JP         PORTREE CT                 SC    RED FOX CT                   MN
PAULOWNIA CR         MN         PORTSIDE CT                CLA   RED JACKET TRACE             BF
PAVILION PL          ES         POST DR                    SC    RED OAK CT                   JP
PAWNEE TRL           BF         POTTERS CT                 CLA   RED WILLOW DR                SC
PEACE PL             JP         POWER AVE                  CLA   REDBRIDGE DR                 CLA
PEACHTREE ST         MN         PRATER CT                  BF    REDBUD DR                    SC
PEACOCK AVE          NF         PRECIOUS AVE               SC    REDLAND CT                   CLA
PEARLKNOB CT         JP         PRESCOTT CT                SC    REDMOON WAY                  BF
PEARTREE CT          CLA        PRESLEY DR                 CLA   REEDWOOD DR
PECAN CT             HG         PRESTIGE CT                CLA     615, 622, 625, 626, only   SC
PECAN RIDGE DR       CLA        PRESTWICK DR               JP    REGAL DR                     ES
PECONIC PL           NF         PRETORIA RUN               SC    REGAL CT                     MN
PENDARVIS LN         ES         PRIMM LN EAST only         ES    REGENCY PARK DR
PENDLETON BLVD       SC         PRINCE LN                  NF            up thru 2822         NF
PENN CT              CLA        PRINCE EDWARD CT           SC            2902+                ES
PENNINGTON DR        ES         PRINCESS CT                ES
PENNY LN             JP         PRINCETON LN               ES

                 STREET INDEX OF SCHOOL ZONES                                 MARCH 20, 2008

REGENWOOD DR                        ROBINWOOD DR                     CLA   SABIN CT                        SC
        up thru 2827          NF    ROCHESTER DR                     JP    SADDLEBROOK DR                  NF
        2830+                 ES    ROCKING HORSE LN                 JP    SADLER CT                       MN
REID ALY                      MN    ROCKY LN                         JP    SAGEWOOD CT                     CLA
REID AVE                      MN    ROELLEN RD                       ES    SAINT ANDREWS DR                SC
RENAISSANCE AVE               ES    ROGERS ST                        BF    SALEM COVE LN                   SC
REPUBLIC AVE                  ES    ROLLING CREEK DR                 SC    SALEM CREEK CT & DR             CLA
REXLAND PL                    SC    ROLLING OAKS CT                  MN    SALEM PARK CT                   CLA
RICE ST                       NF    RONALD DR                        ES    SALEM RD, NEW
RICHARD RD                    NF    ROSCOMMON DR                            340-1199; 1576-1788;
RICHARDSON AVE                MN            up thru 2914             CLA    (1833-1919 odd only);
RICHLAND PL                   HG            3003+                    SC     1840; 1921                     CLA
RICHMOND AVE                  BF    ROSE AVE                         HG            and
RIDEOUT LN                    SC    ROSE CR                          SC     2248; 2339; 2397; 2431; 2620
RIDGE DR (4204 & 4205 only)   BF    ROSEBANK DR                      MN     2750; 2789                     SC
RIDGECREST DR                 MN    ROSIE MAE CT                     BF    SALEM RD, OLD
RIDGELY RD                    MN    ROUND TABLE CT                   ES            500-1399 only           SC
RIDINGS CT                    SC    ROWLETTE CR                      BF    SALLY ANN ST                    CLA
RIGSBY AVE                    MN    ROXBURGHE CT                     SC    SALT LICK PL                    MN
RINCON CT                     BF    ROXBURY CT & DR                  SC    SAM HOUSTON AVE                 ES
RISEN STAR DR                 SC    ROXIE CT                         BF    SAM JARED DR
RIVER COVE WAY                MN    ROYAL DR                         MN            5000-5799 only          ES
RIVER RD                            RUCKER LN (151; 158; 182; 449;         SAMSONITE BLVD OLD              SC
 2305; 2309; 2377; 2381;             457; 465; 521; 535; 545; 702;         SANBYRN DR
 2385; 2389 only              MN     1126 only)                      SC     Changed to Middle TN Blvd      SC
RIVER ROCK BLVD & CSNG        CLA   RUDDER BLVD                      BF    SANCTUARY PL                    SC
RIVER ROCK CT                 CLA   RUGBY ST                         MN    SANDERS CT                      MN
RIVER TERRACE DR              MN    RUNNING WOLF CT                  SC    SANSA LN                        SC
RIVERBEND DR                  MN    RUNNYMEADE DR                    BF    SANTANA ST                      MN
RIVERCHASE DR                 CLA   RUSHWOOD DR.                     SC    SAPELO WAY                      SC
RIVEREDGE CT                  CLA   RUSSELL CT & DR                  BF    SAPPHIRE DR                     SC
RIVERSIDE DR                  MN    RUTH AVE                         SC    SARAH CT                        SC
RIVERSTONE DR                 CLA   RUTHERFORD ST                    BF    SARATOGA CT                     JP
RIVERVIEW DR                  MN    RUTHERFORD BLVD S                      SARATOGA DR                     SC
RIVERWOOD BLVD                NF            100-4000                 BF    SATINWOOD DR                    ES
RIVIERA DR                    HG    RUTHERFORD BLVD N                      SATTERFIELD CT                  CLA
ROB CR                        ES            285                      HG    SAVANNAH RIDGE                  BF
ROBERT ROSE DR                MN            703-1322                 JP    SAVOY DR                        JP
ROBERTS ST                    NF    RUTLEDGE WAY                     SC    SAWMILL ST                      CLA
ROBINSON RD                   JP    RYE CT                           MN    SAWYER DR                       MN

                   STREET INDEX OF SCHOOL ZONES                             MARCH 20, 2008

SAXONY CT                  MN         SHERRILL BLVD.                     SPAULDING CR              CLA
SAYRE LN                   BF           1400-1427                  HG    SPECTRUM CT               SC
SCALES ST                  BR           1502 +                     BF    SPENCER DR                MN
SCARLETT DR                JP         SHERRINGTON RD               SC    SPIGOLD RD                SC
SCEPTER DR                 ES         SHERWOOD LN                  MN    SPLASH PL                 JP
SCHOOLSIDE ST              BF         SHIELD CT                    ES    SPLINTER CT               JP
SCHROER DR                 SC         SHINNECOCK CT                BF    SPOTTSWOOD CR             SC
SCOTCHASE CT               JP         SHOREHAM ST                  NF    SPRING COVE DR            SC
SCOTLAND DR                JP         SHORT PL                     NF    SPRINGLEAF CT             JP
SCOTT ST                   MN         SHORT ST                     CLA   SPRING ST N               NF
SCOTTISH DR                SC         SHOSHONE PL                  BF    SPRUCE CT                 CLA
SEALS WAY                  SC         SHOTEKA DR                   SC    SPUR ST                   SC
SEARCY ST                  MN         SHRINE BLVD                  JP    SQUIRE CT                 NF
SECOND AVE                 MN         SIEGEL RD                    ES    ST CHARLES PL             MN
SEMINOLE ST                BF         SILVER CT                    BR    ST CLAIR ST               NF
SENTRY CT                  JP         SILVER POINTE DR             BR    ST IVES DR                SC
SEQUOYA TRACE              BF         SILVER SPRINGS CT            SC    ST JOHN DR                ES
SERGIO AVE                 SC         SILVERADO WAY                JP    ST PATRICK CT             SC
SEVIER ST                  MN         SINGER RD                    MN    STALEY ST                 MN
SEWANEE PL                 BF         SIOUX PL                     MN    STANDING BEAR WAY         BF
SHADE CT                   BF         SITTING BULL XING            SC    STANFORD CT               JP
SHADY FOREST DR            CLA        SKIPTON DR                   CLA   STARBUCK CT               JP
SHADY GLEN CR              SC         SLATER DR                    CLA   STARNES CT & DR           SC
SHADY GROVE COVE           SC         SLOAN ST                     HG    STATE ST                  MN
SHADY GROVE DR             SC         SLOVER CT (1902-1911 only)   CLA   STEAFORD CT               BF
SHADYWOOD LN               RR         SMITH ST                     CLA   STEPFIELDS COVE           BF
SHAFER DR                  CLA        SMITTY DR                    SC    STEPHENS AVE              BR
SHAGBARK TR                JP         SNYDER CT                    NF    STEPHENSON DR             BF
SHAMAN XING                SC         SOARING EAGLE CT             BF    STETSON CT                BF
SHANGI                     JP         SOLOMON CT                   JP    STEVENS BEND DR           BF
SHANNON DR                 MN         SOMERSET DR                  MN    STILLWELL CT              JP
SHAWNEE DR                 JP         SORRELL CT                   SC    STOCKARD ST               MN
SHEARRON CT                SC         SORRELL DR                   SC    STOKESLY DR               SC
SHEILA CT                  NF         SOUTH PARK                   SC    STONE MILL CR             ES
SHELBY PL & ST             SC         SOUTHBEND DR                 SC    STONE TRACE DR            SC
SHELBYVILLE HWY                       SOUTHGATE BLVD               SC    STONEAPPLE                SC
 (3551; 3571; 3591 only)   BF         SOUTHRIDGE BLVD              BF    STONECENTER LN            SC
SHELLSFORD CIR             CLA        SPARCO CR                    CLA   STONEHEDGE DR             SC
SHELLY ST                  MN         SPARTACUS WAY                ES    STONEWALL BLVD            JP
SHERBORNE CT               CLA        SPARTAN CT                   CLA          except 1200-1499   MN

                 STREET INDEX OF SCHOOL ZONES                                   MARCH 20, 2008

STONEWATER CT                    SC    TASHA LN                        SC    TIMBERWOOD PL              JP
STONEY MEADOW DR                 CLA   TAUNTON CT                      BF    TINNELL CT                 NF
STOW CROSSING                    SC    TAYLOR CLOSE                    NF    TIREE DR                   SC
STRATFORD RD                     MN    TAYLOR PL                       MN    TITANS CR                  BF
STRATFORD HALL CR                JP    TEAKWOOD CT                     JP    TODD CT                    SC
STRICKLAND DR                    BF    TEASIDE LN                      SC    TODDINGTON DR              SC
STRONG DR                        SC    TEDDER BLVD                     MN    TOMAHAWK TR                MN
SULPHUR SPRINGS RD                     TELLYMAN AVE                    JP    TOMBEE CT 4510-4536 only   SC
 100-2499                        NF    TEMPLE CT                       BF    TORTUGA CT                 BF
 2700-3199; 3465-3485;                 TEMPLETON LN                    NF    TOUR DR                    JP
 3605-3645 only                  MN    TEN BEARS WAY                   BF    TOURMALINE DR              SC
SUMMITT CT                       JP    TENNESSEE BLVD N                      TOWER DR
SUN CR                           MN      1500-1706 & 2315              JP           up thru 2811        NF
SUNDAY SILENCE WAY               SC            1116-1499               MN           2906+               ES
SUNLAND CT                       CLA   TENNESSEE BLVD S                      TRADEWINDS TR              SC
SUNRAY DR                        BF     Changed to Middle TN Blvd            TRAFALGAR CT               SC
SUNRISE ST                       BR    TERESA LN                       SC    TRAILSTAR CT               JP
SUNSET AVE                       MN    TERRAGREEN CT                   JP    TRALEE CT                  SC
SURREY CT & DR                   MN    TERRAPIN CT                     SC    TREMONT DR                 SC
SUSAN DR                         MN    TESSA CT                        SC    TRENTON CT                 ES
SUSSEX                           MN    TEXAS WAY                       ES    TREVIO                     SC
SUTTON PL                        MN    THAD CT                         CLA   TREVOR TRL                 CLA
SWAMP LEANNA RD                        THAMES CT                       NF    TRICIA PL                  MN
 1207; 1217; 1227; 1237; 1247;         THATCHER CT, PL & TR            NF    TRINITY DR                 NF
 1313; 1323; 1333; 1343; 1353;         THETAHILL RD                    ES    TRISH ST                   CLA
 1409;1417;1425;1433;1445 only   ES    THISTLE BEND CT                 ES    TROON DR                   SC
SWEETBRIAR AVE                   SC    THOMAS CT                       BF    TUDOR CT                   ES
SWILLY CT                        CLA   THOMPSON LN NORTH                     TUDOR PL                   MN
SWINDON CLOSE                    JP     100-1299; (1300-1798 even only);     TULANE CT                  BF
SYCAMORE CR                      BF     2000-2866                      MN    TULLOCK TR                 CLA
SYCAMORE DR                      CLA    2916-2994; 2996-3199           ES    TUNE AVE                   MN
SYDNEY PL                        ES    THOMPSON LN WEST                      TURFLAND CT & DR           BF
TABASCO WAY                      SC            100-899                 ES    TURNBERRY CT               JP
TABITHA ST                       MN    THRONE ST                       ES    TURNSTONE CT               CLA
TAHOMA TR                        CLA   THRUSH PL                       HG    TURRET WAY                 ES
TAMARAC DR                       SC    THUNDER GULCH WAY               SC    TURTLE ROCK CT             ES
TANGLEFOOT COVE                  ES    TICONDEROGA AVE                 ES    TURTLE TRACE               BF
TANGLEWOOD TR                    JP    TIDESRIDGE COVE & CT            SC    TWEEDLE CT                 JP
TANIMA CT                        JP    TIFFANY CT                      CLA   TWIN FEATHER DR            MN
TARTAN CT                        JP    TIMBER CREEK DR                 SC    TWISTED OAK DR             ES

                   STREET INDEX OF SCHOOL ZONES                      MARCH 20, 2008

TWO MOONS WAY                    SC    VINE ST              NF    WESTHAVEN DR          CLA
TYBEE TR                         BF    VINEMONT DR          ES    WESTON BLVD           SC
TYLER DR                         SC    VIOLET CT            SC    WESTOVER CT           MN
TYNE AVE                         HG    VIRGINIA AVE         SC    WESTSIDE CT           BR
ULSTER CT                        MN    VISOR CT             NF    WESTVIEW DR           SC
UNBRIDLED DR                     SC    VISTA CT             CLA   WESTWOOD DR           JP
UNITED DR                        SC    WAKONDA CT           JP    WEXFORD DR            ES
UNIVERSITY COMMONS               JP    WALES CT             MN    WEYBRIDGE DR
UNIVERSITY ST N                        WALKING DR           JP           up thru 2943   CLA
        111-423                  NF    WALL ST              BF           3001+          SC
        507-528                  HG    WALLA CT             SC    WHEATLEY COVE         JP
UNIVERSITY ST S                        WALLACE CT & DR      ES    WHITE BLVD            MN
        106-218                  NF    WALNUT ST N          NF    WHITE CLOUD TRL       BF
        303-528                  MN    WALTER HALE CT       MN    WHITE OAK LN          JP
UPLAND CT                        NF    WALTON DR            SC    WHITEAMORE RUN        BF
UPPERPOINT CT                    BF    WALTON LN            NF    WHITEBUD LN           SC
VALLEYWOOD COVE                  MN    WAR EMBLEM DR        SC    WHITEHALL RD          JP
VAN CLEVE LN                           WAR PAINT CT         BF    WHITWORTH COVE        JP
 1401; 1411; 1417; 1503; 1509;         WARD DR              NF    WICKLOW DR            CLA
 1523; 1604; 1605; 1621;               WARREN ST            MN    WIGAN DR              JP
 2320-2742 only                  MN    WARRIOR DR           SC    WILES CT              JP
VAPOR TRL                        BF    WATERFORD RD         MN    WILKINSON PK
VAUGHN ST                        BR    WATERS EDGE CT       BF     2007-3299 odd only   MN
VELMA LN                         MN    WAYWOOD DR           SC    WILL DREW DR          SC
VELVET CT                        SC    WEDGEWOOD ST         MN    WILLOW COVE DR        SC
VENADA TRL                       CLA   WELLINGTON DR        MN    WILLOW DR             BF
VENUS PL                         HG    WELLINGTON PL              WILLOWBROOK DR        JP
VERANDA CR & PL                  JP    up thru 2934         CLA   WILLOWHILL CR         BF
VERDE CT                         CLA            3011+       SC    WILSON AVE            HG
VERMONT CT                       JP    WELLSHURST DR        MN    WILTSHIRE DR          MN
VERONA PL                        NF    WELLSPRING CT        JP    WINDEMERE DR          CLA
VICTORIA DR                      MN    WENDELLWOOD DR       NF    WINDSONG PL           ES
VICTORY                          SC    WENLON DR            JP    WINDSOR GREEN DR      ES
VICTORY GALLOP LN                SC    WENTWORTH CT         BF    WINDSOR ST            JP
VICWOOD                          BF    WESSEX DR            ES    WINDWALKER CT         BF
VIJAY AVE                        SC    WEST ST              HG    WINFREY DR            NF
VILLA ST                         CLA   WESTBROOK DR         JP    WINGATE ST            BF
VILLAGE CT                       JP    WESTCHESTER CT       ES    WINSTON PL            BF
VILLAGE RD                       SC    WESTERWALD CT & DR   BF    WINTERBERRY DR        JP
VILLAGE GREEN CR                 BF    WESTGATE BLVD        SC    WINTHORNE CT & LN     NF

               STREET INDEX OF SCHOOL ZONES   MARCH 20, 2008

WISEMAN PL                   BF
WISMAR CT                    SC
WISP CT                      CLA
WOLVES DEN PL                SC
WOLVES TR                    BF
WOMACK LN                    HG
WOODHILL DR                  MN
WOODLAND ST                  MN
WOODLINE CR                  SC
WOODMONT DR                  MN
WOODMORE DR                  SC
WOODRIDGE TRL                JP
WOODRUFF CT                  BF
WOODS CT                     JP
WOODS EDGE DR                JP
WOODS VIEW DR                JP
WOODSIDE CT                  JP
WOODWARD DR (100-199 only)   MN
WRATHER PL                   SC
WREN ST                      HG
WRIGHT HAVEN CT              ES
WYCHECK LN                   BF
WYTHE CL                     NF
 103; 105; 107; 109 only     HG
YELLOW GOLD RD               SC
YORK CT                      MN
        3300-3399 only       ES
YORKTOWN CT                  NF
YUMA CT                      MN


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