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									                   How to Design
                  Outdoor Spaces

                                                          Live... Outside.
                                                          Residential and hospitality design is undergoing a subtle yet
Contents.                                                 undeniable change – the emergence of outdoor living.
                                                          Leading the way, outdoor furniture is the defining element that
page 1   Introduction                                     allows a space to f low from the inside by bringing traditional
page 2   Trending Now                                     entertaining outside. Similar to designing an interior space,
page 4 Perspective; insights from a Landscape Architect   outdoor furniture is the leading distinction that exemplifies
page 5   Perspective; insights from the Design Media      style, quality and ambience. Unlike never before, it is now
page 6 Perspective; insights from an Interior Designer    possible to blur the two spaces and make them one.
page 7   Perspective; insights from a Retailer
page 8 Materials                                          As the fastest growing sector of all furniture sales and amidst the
Page 12 Planning                                          explosion of media coverage, this brochure has been created to
Page 13 History                                           explain how to furnish an outdoor space with an explanation of
                                                          the technology behind the numerous material and fabric
                                                          options. Whether looking at ways to expand your design or
                                                          landscape business or whether looking to furnish your own
                                                          space, this brochure will provide you with the knowledge,
                                                          process and confidence to plan the perfect outdoor room.

                                                          As the leading brand of upmarket outdoor furniture, Gloster has
                                                          partnered with a prominent international architectural firm, a
                                                          leading national outdoor magazine, an innovative boutique
                                                          landscape architecture firm in Southern California and an award
                                                          winning retailer to better explain your options, give you a few
                                                          ideas and ensure you design, build and furnish the perfect
                                                          outdoor room.

Trending Now                                                                                                                                                      Trending Now

Outdoor furniture is not what it                                          Norman Vanamee, Garden Design - is the Editor-in-Chief of
                                                                          Garden Design, a leading national publication which features

used to be...                                                             cutting edge modern design concepts aimed at gardening and
                                                                          landscape enthusiasts/ professionals.

Choices no longer revolve around plastic loungers and
                                                                          Dottie Simons, Dodds & Eder - is the President of Retail
uncomfortable metal dining chairs. Unlike any other room in
                                                                          Operations and three time winner of the prestigious
your house, the outside room is not confined by walls, but by a
                                                                          International Casual Furnishings Association’s Apollo award as
sense of personal space, an oasis of peace, relaxation and
                                                                          well as numerous Landscaping awards. Dodds & Eder is
freedom. View the outside as an extension of the home, every
                                                                          recognized as one of the nation’s leading outdoor centers.
bit as important as any other room in the house.

An expanding array of specially engineered designs, materials
                                                                          Irrespective of geography,
and fabrics create an almost limitless choice of outdoor living           climate, lifestyles or design
rooms that mirror the quality and comfort of anything inside.
There is no limit to what the outdoor space can be. Choose or             inspirations, with a good dose
combine a dining area with a conversation area or a lounging
area with a relaxer. Decorate the garden with benches or with             of imagination and some
chaises around the pool or stools by the bar.
                                                                          common-sense planning –
A well designed outdoor space will not only increase the
property’s value, it will immeasurably change how it is used.             the sky is truly the limit.
Outdoor kitchens, televisions, umbrellas, firepits & heaters
make it possible to use an outside room virtually all year long.

In the following pages you will
hear from four industry
Chris Fenmore, Garden Studio Design - is a nationally
recognized residential Landscape Designer who combines
landscaping, horticulture with design. Her outdoor residential                                                                             QUICK TIPS:
installations and leading concepts are often covered in national
publications.                                                                                                                              Spend a few minutes on-line and search for design blogs.
                                                                                                                                           Either subscribe to updates from these or follow them via
Mary Suenaga, WATG - is a Senior Designer (AVP) with WATG,                                                                                 your preferred social media account. You’ll soon find
the world's leading design consultant for the hospitality, leisure                                                                         sources of inspiration that match your tastes! Remember,
and entertainment industries. Many of WATG’s projects have                                                                                 it may not be your first choice that proves successful but
become iconic international landmarks renowned not only for                                                                                persevere and you will quickly accumulate a dynamic and
their design and sense of place but also for their bottom-line success.                                                                    exciting virtual source book!

    2                                                                                                                                                                                              3
                                                                     Chris Fenmore -                                                                                     Norman Vanamee –
Perspective                                                          Garden Studio Design                                                                      Garden Design, Editor in Chief                                          Perspective

Landscape Architect                                                                                                                   Design Media                                                         QUICK TIPS:

In our busy world fewer people have either the time or inclination   5.Are you a real cook, someone that grills or would you rather   From my editorial perch, overlooking the landscape of garden
                                                                                                                                                                                                           1.     Blend your interior and exterior palettes.
to garden; homeowners are now looking for that ‘Aha’ moment          lounge, relax and chat outside?                                  design, one of the most exciting developments in our field has
at the end of a busy day. Escaping to your yard is now about                                                                          less to do with actual design than it does a sea change in
                                                                                                                                                                                                           2.     Harmonize interior and exterior furniture
enjoying your outdoor space in a comfortable furnished room          6.How much time and money do you want to invest in the           attitudes.
and taking that time to ref lect on the day.                         maintenance of your yard?
                                                                                                                                      We at GARDEN DESIGN have been witnessing a wonderful
                                                                                                                                                                                                           3.     Research the difference in furniture brands.
Rather than being a separate entity, outdoor spaces have become      Just as a Gourmet Kitchen or Master Bedroom Suite add            groundswell of enthusiasm for collaboration on residential
an extension of our interior spaces and as such should be a          quantitative value to your home from a Real Estate perspective   projects, for a collective aesthetic that merges indoor with
ref lection of the home’s internal architecture, furniture, way of   so does a well-executed outdoor living space. Protect your       outdoor from the very first sketch or job meeting. No longer is
life and colors. Being outside no longer means substandard,          investment; remember your outdoor room might cost just as        the outdoors an afterthought, its attendant appointments
inexpensive or disposable: - Opening glass walls (Nano Walls),       much if not more than your car. With regular scheduled           relegated to the punch list.
blur the distinction of the home’s parameters. Outdoor kitchens      maintenance, your outdoor furniture may very well last longer
are equipped for real gourmet cooking, LED televisions have          than your car.                                                   Homeowners are requesting—demanding!—that all their design
ref lection-free f lat screens and the options of designs and                                                                         professionals be in sync, whether it's to coordinate a color
materials in outdoor furniture combined with soft all-weather                                                                         palette or to link the aesthetic of the interior furnishings to
                                                                        QUICK TIPS:
fabrics mean one is only limited by one’s imagination..                                                                               those of the exterior.

                                                                        1.If you have a dining set immediately outside the back
Think things out - plan ahead: bad design, inappropriate advice                                                                       This blurring of the lines has had a wonderful effect (in terms of
                                                                        door on a single patio, consider two deep seating chairs
and inadequate furnishings can all contribute to needlessly                                                                           both supply and demand) on the furniture, fabrics, and
                                                                        and a small coffee table as a conversation area and then
expensive and unfulfilling results. Treat the outside no different                                                                    accessories used to create distinct personal spaces. Homeowners
                                                                        create your outdoor dining room away from the house,
to how you go about decorating the rest of your house in terms of                                                                     are doing as much living as looking in their gardens, and
                                                                        deeper into the garden space. This gives a sense of depth,
design, function and quality. Educate yourself on the difference                                                                      manufactures have responded with bold, fresh options that
                                                                        the illusion that there is something far beyond the
between low priced options and the more expensive brands.                                                                             range in attitude from Nantucket to Neutral: pieces crafted with
                                                                        backdoor. A patio in the distance draws attention to a
                                                                                                                                      at least as much care as their indoor counterparts; and, every
                                                                        spot further away that can be up-lit at night creating a
Before making any decisions, ask yourself:                                                                                            year, miles and miles of richly textured, gorgeously functional
                                                                        sense of destination.
                                                                                                                                      new fabrics that can withstand the elements.
1.How is your interior decorated; what can you do on the outside
                                                                        2.Mix and match pieces and different materials; do not be
that will replicate the same mood as the inside?                                                                                      Our advice in the face of this exciting expanse? Do your
                                                                        afraid to be counter intuitive by introducing some
                                                                                                                                      homework to make sure the furnishings that promise to work
                                                                        modern pieces into a traditional home or more tradi-
2.What is the style of your home and how will the materials on                                                                        outdoors really do. Can you lounge in that lounger? Does that
                                                                        tional pieces in a modern home.
your patio outside ref lect the style of the home?                                                                                    sun-resistant fabric feel comfortable against bare skin? Will that
                                                                                                                                      wood or metal frame fade or require recoating or have to be
                                                                        3.Use inviting outdoor fabrics in the same color family as
3.Do you have room for more than one outside room (chat/                                                                              taken in over the winter or in the rain, pampered and prepped to
                                                                        your interior space. This gives the sense of continuity and
dining/ lounging/ pool area)?                                                                                                         within an inch of its life and your last nerve? The more work you
                                                                        that the indoor and outdoor spaces are well thought out.
                                                                                                                                      or your design team do upfront, the more relaxing and
4.How many people do you envisage entertaining or do you have                                                                         pleasurable the end results will be.
a more solitary existence?

    4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            5
                                                                       Mary Suenaga -                                                                                   Dottie Simons –
Perspective                                                            WATG                                                                President of Retail Operations, Dodds & Eder                                                  Perspective

Interior Designer                                                      Designers have the creative training to conceptualize your ideas
                                                                       as well as the practical understanding of how much space is         QUICK TIPS:
                                                                       needed. They are also able to accurately assess what your content
Professional designers are acutely aware that spaces (both                                                                                                                                           Make your outdoor space a permanent area that complements
                                                                       options are an how to best integrate all those elements.            1.     Think Big - Think Me! – Ask yourself what you
residential as well as commercial) with an outdoor component                                                                                                                                         your homes architecture, furnishings, colors and location. Plan
                                                                                                                                                  want your outdoor room(s) to be?
necessitate a cohesive design package. Everything must f low                                                                                                                                         and budget for the outdoor space to be of comparable quality to
together thematically between the interior and exterior for the                                                                            2.     Plan #1 – Lay out various generic spaces (patio/   the inside of your home. Add accents and decorate the outdoor
look to be complete. Not too long ago, this was not practically           QUICK TIPS:                                                             pool/ etc.) and then link them together with       room as you would the inside with lighting, artwork, sculptures
possible, but today there are an array of products from pavilions,                                                                                pathways, lawn areas, green wall (fencing &        and candles. Less expensive furniture will not offer the required
canopies, furniture, fabrics, lighting and even artwork that will         1.       Co-ordinate your interior and exterior spaces.                                                                    comfort and will quickly fade and break.
                                                                                                                                                  hedges) and gardens.
survive any outdoor environment.                                                                                                           3.     Plan #2 – Consider if existing impediments
                                                                          2.       Complement your furniture to the buildings                                                                        Unlike other rooms in the home, outdoor spaces present unique
                                                                                                                                                  (doors, windows, walkways) might inhibit the
When I first approach a space, what catches my eye the most is                     architecture and natural surroundings.                                                                            challenges, such as placement, creating shelter from the sun and
                                                                                                                                                  realization of a concept.
how an outdoor living space is integrated with the environment,                                                                                                                                      wind or providing for privacy. In developing plans for the out-
or how it is coordinated with an adjacent area or how it might            3.       Don’t skimp on furniture – budget for it as you         4.     Plan #3 – Does the furniture complement the        door room, consider the need for pergolas, parasols, awnings,
stand alone completely. Some spaces are quite successful in all                    would any other element of your project.                       style of the home. When looking from within,       fire pits, greenery and fences, whilst arranging the furniture in
of these aspects. There are many ways this can be accomplished                                                                                    does the plan complement its surrounding and       such a way that enjoys other eye-catching landscaped features.
- and the many new styles and material options available offer            4.       Choose accessories as you would inside.
                                                                                                                                                  look pleasing to the eye.
designer's an easier means to accomplish this.                                                                                                                                                       Whether the outdoor area is spacious or intimate, look to create
                                                                                                                                                                                                     zones that define where to cook, lounge or chat, conscious of
At Halekulani Hotel, Gloster’s Luna collection is streamlined to                                                                                                                                     people’s natural tendency to break away into smaller groups and
match the pure lines of the building architecture. WATG con-                                                                                                                                         the need for good traffic f low.
tinuously collaborates with its client’s; seeking their invaluable
feedback and input to ensure their needs are addressed in terms                                                                                                                                      Allow enough room to manoeuvre and remember to consider
of aesthetics, comfort and maintainability. WATG’s reputation is                                                                                                                                     how these areas will be used throughout the day and into the
built not only from designing destinations that lift the spirit, but                                                                                                                                 evening with the use of lighting.
because we specify trusted, reputable and proven brands that are
highly durable to the wind, sun and water while not having to                                                                                                                                        Whilst dining sets are a staple and come in a multitude of
appear this way aesthetically.                                                                                                                                                                       designs and materials, consider bar height tables and chairs in
                                                                                                                                                                                                     poolside areas to facilitate a bird's eye view over young
The new variety of solution dyed acrylic fabrics have the look of                                                                                                                                    swimmers. Deep comfortable lounge chairs and low coffee/ side
a high end residential product but are meant for exterior                                                                                                                                            tables are perfect for intimate conversation areas. Modular
environments in contract use. The same revolution is occurring                                                                                                                                       seating allows for stylish lounging. Why not make a statement
in the styling of the outdoor furniture lines - there are more                                                                                                                                       and incorporate a relaxing day bed.
styles to choose from, more material options and f lexibility to
adjust components to the desired end product. New lines of
accessories to pair with the varied styles of furniture complete
the designed space.

Using a professional designer is a cost efficient means of ensuring
your ideas come to life.

    6                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             7
Materials                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Materials

Teak                                                                  Woven                                                                Aluminum                                                                   Stainless Steel
Native to South and Southeast Asia, teak is a dense, close-grained,   Arguably the most in-demand outdoor furniture material due to        Aluminum is perfectly suited for outdoor furniture being light-            Strength, durability, luster and design f lexibility are only a few
tropical hardwood. Courtesy of its natural oil content teak is        its varied price points, design versatility and maintenance free     weight, strong, corrosion-resistant and 100% recyclable without            of the reasons why Stainless Steel is fast becoming the most
unequivocally the best suited timber to cope with extreme             characteristics. Woven furniture can be crafted in any fashion       any loss of its natural qualities.                                         desired material for outdoor furniture. Stainless Steel is an alloy
changes in weather conditions and is virtually impervious to the      and lends itself to all architectural and aesthetic styles.                                                                                     that does not corrode, rust or stain with water or moisture.
effects of rotting or insects. In keeping with ethical policies,                                                                           Due to its malleability, aluminum can be bent and shaped into
Gloster only uses sustainably grown plantation teak.                  As a manmade material, virtually any color, texture or pattern of    any design. Additionally it can also be painted in any color,              Its inherent strength allows for thinner, more elegant frame
                                                                      weave can be employed to mix and match with other materials.         made to mimic stainless steel or paired with other materials               designs, a feature that is further enriched by combining with
Teak is typically used in more traditionally designed furniture.                                                                           such as woven man-made fiber, sling and teak. Gloster expertly             teak, woven and sling accents. Nevertheless and despite its
However, due to its inherent strengths, current designs vary          All Gloster woven products are hand woven by highly skilled          grinds and welds its frame to give the appearance of a single,             name, Stainless Steel is susceptible to salt water which causes
from the classic garden bench to the very contemporary dining         artisans, rendering each frame individually unique. Although         continuous piece of metal.                                                 superficial discolorations which can be easily rubbed off.
and deep seating.                                                     impossible to differentiate by sight or touch, Gloster only uses a
                                                                      superior quality, high density polyethylene fiber (HDPE) that is     To further enhance aluminum’s inherent properties, Gloster                 To accommodate all styles and tastes, Gloster provides a number
Teak can be a relatively low maintenance material, especially for     highly supple, tear, UV and weather resistance.                      electrostatically applies a weather proof powder coat finish               of finishes. Choose from a fine brushed finish for a smooth, less
those that prefer its weathered silver-grey patina. To maintain                                                                            which unlike conventional paint finishes, is knock and scratch             ref lective surface or an electro polished (EP) finish for a shinier,
the unblemished honey color of teak, regular cleaning and light       Unlike cheaper fibers, Gloster’s proprietary fibers have been        resistant, impervious to moisture and easy to clean.                       more corrosion resistant surface. A third process, involves shot
sanding or a regime of protection applications will keep it           engineered and tested not to crack, split or fade. For all their                                                                                blasting the stainless steel to produce a textured feel, which is
looking fresh.                                                        durability, they are soft to the touch and natural in appearance.    Its only fault is also one of its attributes – its lack of weight, which   visually and tangibly pleasing.
                                                                                                                                           can be problematic in areas prone to high winds or strong gusts.
Teak’s gentle transformation of color enables teak to be teamed
with a host of other materials to create highly stylized and
sophisticated collections.

   QUICK TIPS:                                                           QUICK TIPS:                                                          QUICK TIPS:                                                                QUICK TIPS:

   The care-free approach; Left to weather naturally teak                Check for UV resistance. Cheap man made fibre may look               Neutral or solid colors are more timeless than intricate                   Minor maintenance required to remove discolorations
   will last just as long and gain a sophisticated silver patina.        similar but simply will not stand the test of time.                  patterns or finishes and are easily updated with accessories.              can be limited further by rinsing with fresh water.

    8                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                9
Materials                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Materials

Sling                                                                Outdoor Lounge                                                      Fabrics                                                                Cushions
Fabricated from polyester and PVC – sling is a perfect material      Take your indoor furniture out!                                     It is now impossible to distinguish between indoor and outdoor         ‘Excellence is in the details’ - Cushions are what first attract the
for outdoor furniture. Strong and subtle properties are                                                                                  furniture. Soft to the hand, exceptionally comfortable and available   eye; they are the test of comfort and the final measure of quality.
combined with an inherent ‘memory’ that ensures sling retains        Fully upholstered - outdoor lounge furniture can be left outside    in thousands of colors, patterns and textures, it is now               Beware of poorly engineered cushions, ultimately they may be
its tautness after being used; sling is available in an almost       all year round in all weathers without any need to cover or         commonplace to find interior designers using outdoor fabric for        the reason you keep or discard your furniture sooner rather than
unlimited array of colors and a variety of patterns.                 protect. Unique and unparalleled, this is a wholly new mode of      indoor upholstery. These fabrics are family and pet-friendly, but      later and ultimately determine the value of your investment.
                                                                     outdoor furniture that is tough yet very indulgent – highly         more importantly allow you coordinate interior and exterior
Supremely durable yet extremely comfortable, sling offers a          modular seating units provide the building blocks for each of       spaces. Outdoor rooms no longer needs to be a separate entity          Standard outdoor cushions typically consist of a single layer of
unique combination of forgiveness and breathability.                 the three collections.                                              defined by walls, but can become a continuation of your home.          densified fiber inside an outer fabric casing, while most mid-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                level brands offer multiple layers of fiber. Angular in appear-
Whether forming the basis of a seat, a backrest, a lounger or as     Through the application of innovative new technology in both        Gloster only offers, 100% solution dyed, UV stabilized fabrics,        ance and lacking the necessary support, these cushions will
part of a frame (to add extra comfort), sling adds a fun and         fabrics and cushion engineering, Gloster has developed a system     collaborating with industry leading names such as Sunbrella,           typically lose their shape within a shorter period of time.
personalized element to outdoor furniture. As such, Gloster          of upholstery that is completely impervious to the elements; one    Sunbury and Outdura. These fabrics are impervious to damage by
constructs its frames with design flexibility in mind, engineering   that combines all that is coveted in traditional indoor furniture   dry rot, sun, rain or bleach. Additional treatments further enhance    Gloster engineers its cushions to the same meticulous standards
many frames so that users can easily swap out their existing         with the most practical elements of outdoor furniture.              stain, weather and mildew resistance. By requiring all its fabrics     as its frames and offers an almost unlimited array of optional
slings ensuring that their furniture is in keeping with new                                                                              to be reinforced, Gloster is able to offer more design focused         embellishments. At a minimum, cushions are made of multiple
trends and tastes.                                                   Essentially maintenance free, a pressure hose on a low setting      cushion styles that will not stretch through normal wear and tear.     layers of densified fiber, which are then surrounded in a Dacron
                                                                     will typically suffice to clean the surface of any outdoor lounge                                                                          wrap to add both comfort and curvature that is then enclosed
                                                                     furniture. A non-foaming cleaner will remove most stains and in     Exclusively for Design Professionals, Gloster also offers 23           inside a water resistant liner. Premium collections use an indoor
                                                                     cases of severe marking or staining, Gloster’s Sling & Woven        Crypton colors and patterns. Crypton is the only fabric based,         foam which is not only more comfortable, but also more durable.
                                                                     cleaning solution will bring your outdoor lounge cushions back      patented and tested process capable of delivering permanent
                                                                     to new.                                                             protection against stain, moisture, bacteria and odors.

   QUICK TIPS:                                                          QUICK TIPS:                                                         QUICK TIPS:                                                            QUICK TIPS:

   Consider mixing sling colors for an informal look or                 Just like indoor furniture - change the mood of he furni-           Match interior tones for continuity or surrounding colors              Keep cushions fresh by storing them in dry sheltered
   change colors year on year for a quick and easy facelift.            ture and its space with exciting throw pillow options.              to create a focal point.                                               areas with good air circulation.

    10                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        11
Planning                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         History

One of the key elements of successful design is the consolidation    You will find studio and location imagery of all product in all      From its humble beginnings in West Africa, Gloster has grown to         Recent awards include three Red Dot awards (Club Outdoor
of resources. Effectively combining reference materials and tools    color variations - along with the option to download images          become the leading international brand of upmarket outdoor              Lounge, Fusion Folding Chair and Axis in 2010 & 2011) and a Design
to ensure moments of inspiration are not dulled by frantic           large enough to see details such as surface texture. Additionally    furniture.                                                              Guild Mark for Cloud Dining, an IIDA Design Award for Bloc
searching will ultimately ensure both an effective design process    all fabrics are available as high resolution images to download.                                                                             Outdoor Lounge and the ICFA Best in Show for the Ventura Deep
and a well-considered concept.                                                                                                            Renowned for its manufacturing excellence, innovation and a             Seating Swivel Rocker (2012).
                                                                                                                                          continued commitment to green and ethical policies, Gloster
                                                                     In addition, the website also features a planner. This simple 2
                                                                                                                                          represents the epitome of design and quality for consumers,             Gloster’s philosophy, passion, design and engineering are founded
Whether designing for yourself of for a client, some simple rules    axis f loor plan allows you to recreate your outdoor space by
                                                                                                                                          retailers, architects, designers, showrooms and hospitality             on the belief that outdoor furniture is as important a style statement
can be applied to ensure the best results are achieved. Many of      entering space dimensions (customized with tile or plank effect
                                                                                                                                          specifiers worldwide.                                                    as indoor furniture.
these tips are explored in the 'Perspectives' supplied by industry   f looring) whereupon the entire Gloster range can be selected
professionals (pages 4-7) however visual cues such as                using the drop down menu and then simply dragged and                 Gloster partners with leading international designers to season after   We hope that you choose Gloster
complimentary or contrasting colors or a variety of textures are     dropped into the planning space. Clicking on the product once        season introduce original concepts and leading-edge technologies, a
key in the decision making process.                                  placed in the planner will allow you to rotate the product and       number of which have won internationally distinguished awards.          furniture for your home or
                                                                     position it exactly – in proportion to its surroundings              Concepts which in turn become the industry standard.
Trying to successfully combine various elements can seem             and other product.                                                                                                                           business, and having done so
challenging but creating mood boards (a designers favorite) -                                                                             Gloster’s season-after-season original concepts and leading-edge
will help identify trends and show how well your choices             Once complete the plan can be saved to PDF - the plan will not       technologies are often honored by the international design              enjoy its beautiful craftsmanship,
work together. Collect materials and fabrics that match your         only be captured for future reference but will also contain a full   community.
scheme and use the web as a resource for product images.             list of product and all related details.                                                                                                     comfort and function for many
Combine these in one scrap book or board and you will quickly
begin to see what works effectively and what does not.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  years to come.
At Gloster we have gone the extra mile to assist with the planning
process. We like to think of our new website as a comprehensive
design resource, where each product is listed with all relevant
details including dimensions and weights.

    12                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           13

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