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Positive Discipline -
  How To Say No Nicely​The ability to be both kind and firm when dealing
  with children is especially important when it comes to discipline issues.
  Kindness is important in ...
  Positive Discipline for Kids​Many psychologists have long recognized that
  overly strict discipline can create more problems with your children than it
  solves. Kids who are ...
  Positive Discipline with Kids​Positive discipline focuses on the positive
  points of behavior modification as relates to raising happy and healthy
  children. Adherents of positive ...
  Teenage Cooperation and Discipline​Positive discipline and teenagers can
  be a confusing mix. During adolescence is the time when most teens start
  trying to find out who they are and ...
  Creating Financial Discipline​Discipline is a big part of all financial
  management, and without discipline, it can be very difficult to acquire or
  accomplish anything of real ...
  Discipline in Schools that Works​According to a new report titled
  “Discipline Policies, Successful Schools, and Racial Justice” compiled by
  the Office for Civil Rights in the U.S. ...
  Developing Self Discipline​The philosopher Bertrand Russell once said
  "Nothing of importance is ever achieved without discipline. I feel myself
  sometimes not wholly in ...
  Discipline through Empowerment​When you look up empowerment in the
  dictionary you’ll find that to empower is defined as “to invest with power,
  to equip or supply with an ability.” ...
  Effective Classroom Discipline Techniques​Even though it may not seem
  possible in some of the chaotic urban schools in the United States today,
  there are effective discipline techniques that ...
  Self Discipline Tips​Self discipline is not a trait, it’s a skill and you need it
  to succeed at almost anything in life. The ability to do what you need to
  do at a given ...

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