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									2012 Media Kit
Club Overview
Club MeMber Overview
COrpOrate Overview
- Gardening How-To
- ReaderProfile
- Affluent Buy
- Editorial Calendar
- 2012 Print Rates
- Print Production Specs

- Dedicated E-Mail
- E-Newsletter - Extra Dirt
- GardeningClub.com
- iPad Interactive Magazine
- Social Media

- Product Testing
- Member Research

- Contests & Sweepstakes
- National Hardware Show
reap the benefits Of MeMbership
The National Home Gardening Club is a national, membership-based organization designed
exclusively for active gardeners. The Club welcomes gardeners of all skill levels and serves
as their primary source for expert advice, member interaction and gardening knowledge. It
provides members with many opportunities to interact with one another and with experts in
the field.

hOw we attraCt Our MeMbers
After identifying potential members, based on lifestyle choices and past purchase behaviors,
these gardeners are invited to join the Club. The Club is not built on unqualified sales or
incentive premiums, just gardening enthusiasts motivated by information and passion.

hOw we Keep Our MeMbers
In a world of fierce competition and fickle consumers, our carefully planned and managed Club
benefits keep even the most passionate member satisfied. Designed to engage the
member and facilitate a closer relationship, the following benefits are exclusive to the
National Home Gardening Club:

 • Gardening How-To—a members-only, full-color magazine delivered five times a year
 • E-newsletter, Extra Dirt
 • Access to an info-packed website – GardeningClub.com
 • Opportunities to test and keep gardening products through our exclusive Product Test Zone
 • Giveaways of various gardening products and services through contests and sweepstakes
 • Unique member-to-member forums
 • Product purchasing opportunities and discounts
 • Directory of Public Gardens

hOw the Club benefits aDvertisers
Advertise with the us and experience the power of the Club. Whether you advertise within
the magazine, on the Club website, in the e-newsletter, or you sponsor a Club contest, event
or sweepstakes, your involvement has its privileges. Our media is our members’ source for
information and their link to their community of gardeners. Gain the acceptance of 575,000
active gardeners by becoming a part of their community.
fOr the seasOneD passiOnate garDener
The National Home Gardening Club speaks directly to everyday gardeners, helping them
become better informed, more accomplished and more passionate gardeners. The National
Home Gardening Club represents a dedicated community of avid gardeners who spend a
great deal of time living their passion. When it comes to gardening they set the standard,
they research what goes in their gardens, they buy the materials themselves and then they get
their hands dirty getting the job done.

The National Home Gardening Club is an environment for those looking to expand
their knowledge in the gardening space. Our members are eager to learn new techniques
and skills, as well as share their knowledge with others, all while showing off their prized
plantings along the way. They test products, submit photos and stories, vote in web polls and
participate in numerous Club contests. Our deeply engaged relationship with our members is
unmatched by traditional magazines and loyalty groups.
Gardening How-To is published by North American Membership Group (NAMG). As the
world’s largest lifestyle membership organization, NAMG reaches more than 20 million
readers who are united by their passions. Channeling the enthusiasm of the readers into
special interest magazines, NAMG captures the power of affinity and puts it to work for you.

For more than 30 years, NAMG has excelled in creating and servicing large membership
clubs that provide a sense of community and a network of support. Following a highly
successful business model, NAMG markets distinct lifestyle clubs and continues to thrive on
the camaraderie it fosters in these unique communities.

North American Membership Group’s Club Properties:
• National Home Gardening Club
• Handyman Club of America
• North American Fishing Club
• Cooking Club of America
• North American Hunting Club
• The History Channel Club
• Major League Baseball Insiders Club

North American Membership Group’s Club Magazines:
Gardening How-To, the official publication
of the National Home Gardening Club,
is the largest pure gardening magazine in
North America. Gardening How-To presents
advanced information about horticulture,
garden ecology, and the latest technology
to help readers create dream gardens. From
expert advice to member interaction,
Gardening How-To allows gardeners to
share their knowledge with others while
inspiring readers to achieve beautiful living
environments no matter what their skill level.

eDitOrial prOfile
Readers escape the rigid schedule of everyday
life when they open Gardening How-To
magazine. At the turn of each page, readers
are motivated by glorious photography
and inspiring information that helps them
visualize and plan their ultimate garden.
From pratical techniques and equipment to
inspirational design and outdoor living ideas,
Gardening How-To guides readers to create
beautiful outdoor spaces. Each issue spotlights
plants, landscaping, outdoor living, design
tips, projects, reader gardens and special
members-only sections like giveaways and member tests of the newest products.

reaDer invOlveMent
With regular columns devoted to reader input, Gardening How-To brings members inside the pages
and involves them like no other gardening publication. Encouraging member interaction is what makes
Gardening How-To popular with readers and effective for advertisers.
Meet Our Avid Gardeners
Readers Per Issue                                               Age (respondent)
All Adults                     4,636,000                        25 to 34                       402,000    9%
Women                          3,188,000        69%             35 to 44                       745,000   16%
Men                            1,448,000        31%             45 to 54                     1,215,000   26%
                                                                55 to 64                     1,000,000   22%
Readers Per Copy                                                Average                             52
All Adults                           7.92
Women                                5.45                       Household/Family
Men                                  2.48                       Married                      2,758,000   59%
                                                                One Child                      700,000   15%
Housing                                                         Two Children                   634,000   14%
Homeowners                     3,546,000        76%             Three or More                  345,000    7%

Home Value (if owned)                                           County Size
$250,000+                      1,027,000        22%             A County                     1,630,000   35%
$200,000+                      1,488,000        32%             B County                     1,480,000   32%
$150,000+                      2,029,000        44%             C County                       761,000   16%
$125,000+                      2,339,000        50%             D County                       765,000   17%
Average                        $206,878
                                                                Gardening Interest*
Occupation (respondent)                                         Garden size: 250+ sq ft                  61%
Managers/Prof                    859,000        19%             Average hours/week gardening              9.2
Sales/Office                     562,000        12%             Average spent on lawn &
Office Support/                                                 garden maintenance per year **           $565
Administrative Support           291,000         6%

Education (respondent)
Any College                    2,392,000        52%
Bachelor’s degree plus           932,000        20%

Household Income
$100,000+                        994,000        21%
$75,000+                       1,470,000        32%
$60,000+                       2,120,000        46%
$50,000+                       2,454,000        53%
$40,000+                       2,918,000        63%
Average                          $67,725

Source: 2011 GfK MRI Doublebase
* 2011 Subscriber Study, GfK MRI Market Solutions
** Base: Those who purchased lawn/garden maintenance items last 12 months
Readers Who Spend More
Reach a targeted audience of gardeners who do more, use more and spend more than
the average consumer.

Affluent Demographics
Total Audience                   994,000
Women                               65%
Men                                 35%
Average Age                           51
HHI Average                     $151,322
Home Ownership                      88%
Married                             72%
Children in Household               45%
Employed                            77%
Attended College+                    77%

Source: 2011 GfK MRI Doublebase, base GHT readers with HHI $100,000+

January/February                               March/April                              May/June
FEATURES                                       FEATURES                                 FEATURES
New Varieties 2012                             Cover: Outdoor living                    Garden profile
Using raised beds in your garden               Garden profile- San Diego                Peonies
Gardening myths                                Watermelon                               Garden project
Photo contest winners                          Long-blooming perennials                 Rain gardens

DEPARTMENTS                                    DEPARTMENTS                              DEPARTMENTS
Site Specific: Plants with dark foliage        Site Specific: Fragrant annuals          Site Specific: Hummingbird plants
Backyard Wildlife: Woodchucks                  Backyard Wildlife: Beetles               Backyard Wildlife: Fish for water gardens
Member Garden: Growing a coconut tree          Member Garden: Garden at a               Member Garden: Garden at a senior center
Member Tips: How has your garden               homeless shelter                         Member Tips: Which plant gives you the
changed in the last 10 years?                  Member Tips: Best tips for growing       most for your money and why?
                                               veggies and herbs in containers

July/August                                    Fall
FEATURES                                       FEATURES
Garden profile                                 Sweet potatoes
Heirloom tomatoes                              Amaranth
Garden Project                                 Garden project
Top questions about organic gardening          Tree-care tips

DEPARTMENTS                                    DEPARTMENTS
Site Specific: Native vines                    Site Specific: Biggest disease in your
Backyard Wildlife: Snakes                      region and resistant plants
Member Garden: Composting                      Backyard Wildlife: Foxes
Member Tips: Best lawn-care tips               Member Garden: Growing plants from
                                               grandma’s garden
                                               Member Tips: What’s the worst
                                               invasive plant in your garden?

Issues            Ad Closing        Materials Due     Mail Date
Jan/Feb             11/10/11             11/21/11     12/23/11
Mar/Apr              1/10/12              1/20/12      2/27/12
May/Jun              3/12/12              3/20/12      4/23/12
Jul/Aug               6/8/12              6/20/12      7/27/12
Fall                 8/10/12              8/20/12      9/25/12

All content is subject to change.
575,000 Guaranteed Rate Base

FOUR COLOR                    1 Time
1 Page                       $43,370
2/3 Page                     $34,695
1/2 Page                     $28,190
1/3 Page                     $23,855
1/6 Page                     $13,010

1 Page                       $34,915
2/3 Page                     $27,930
1/2 Page                     $22,695
1/3 Page                     $19,205
1/6 Page                     $10,475

1 Page                       $29,710
2/3 Page                     $23,770
1/2 Page                     $19,310
1/3 Page                     $16,340
1/6 Page                      $8,915

2nd Cover                    $47,705
3rd Cover                    $45,540
4th Cover                    $49,875
Center Spread                $99,750

Issues             Ad Closing           Materials Due   Mail Date
Jan/Feb              11/10/11                11/21/11   12/23/11
Mar/Apr               1/10/12                 1/20/12    2/27/12
May/Jun               3/12/12                 3/20/12    4/23/12
Jul/Aug                6/8/12                 6/20/12    7/27/12
Fall                  8/10/12                 8/20/12    9/25/12

Rate card #17, Effective January 2012
1. Commission and Cash Discounts                      other claims or suits that may arise
   A) 15 percent to recognized agencies               out of the publication of such an                          Unit            Live (safety)         BLeed             trim
    B) Net 30 days                                    advertisement. Publisher assumes
                                                      no responsibility for insertion of
    C) A finance charge of one and one-half percent incorrect key numbers or incorrect                           Spread           14 5⁄8 x 10         16 x 10 3⁄4 15 1⁄2 x 10 1⁄2
       (1.5%) per month will be assessed to all past  advertisement. Cancellations are not
       due invoices.                                  accepted after closing date. Covers
2. General Rate Policy                                are non-cancelable. Insertion orders                       Full Page            7 x 10           8 x 10 3⁄4      7 3⁄4 x 10 1⁄2
Orders beyond three months at rates then prevailing. for cover positions must be received
All verbal instructions regarding contracts or        one month before closing date.
insertions must be confirmed in writing. Separate     9. Special Position
advertisements in the same issue count towards                                                                   2/3 Vertical     4 5⁄8 x 9 1⁄2      5 1⁄8 x 10 3⁄4    5 x 10 1⁄2
                                                      There is a 10% premium for
frequency discount. Advertisers may choose any        advertisers requesting guaranteed
12-month period for frequency, notifying publisher positioning.
on first insertion order when period is to start.                                                                1/2 Island          4 5⁄8 x 7           ——               ——
Publisher shall have the right to hold advertiser and 10. Mechanical
its agency jointly and severally liable for monies    Requirements
due and payable to publisher for advertising          Printing: web offset, perfect bound
that advertiser or its agent ordered and that was     jog to foot.                                               1/2 Spread       14 5⁄8 x 4 5⁄8      16 x 5 1⁄4      15 1⁄2 x 5 1⁄8
published. Advertisers that do not fulfill a multiple A) Standard Unit Size (in inches):
insertion contract will be short-rated.                  see chart.
3. Inserts                                              B) Bleed Specifications:                                 1/2 Horizontal 7 x 4 5⁄8               8 x 5 1⁄4      7 3⁄4 x 5 1⁄8
Prices and specifications are available upon request.      No charge for bleed. 1/8” bleed
All inserts must be approved by publisher before           allowance on all four sides. Live
acceptance of insert. Publisher requires two dylux         matter must be kept 5/16” in
proofs be submitted for approval of mechanical and         from trim (7 3/4” x 10 1/2”).
                                                                                                                 1/3 Vertical     2 1⁄8 x 9 1⁄2      2 3⁄4 x 10 3⁄4 2 5⁄8 x 10 1⁄2
postal specifications.                                     Full bleed is 8” x 10 3/4”.
4. Mail Order                                              Two-page spread bleed is 16” x
A 20% discount is available to all mail order              10 3/4”.                                              1/3 Square       4 5⁄8 x 4 5⁄8          ——              ——
advertisers. Mail order advertising is determined as    C) Preferred Format:
any products or services sold exclusively by mail.         PDF/X-1a sent on CD-ROM
Specific terms required. Publisher reserves the right      with proof.
to determine if products or services qualify for mail                                                            1/6 Vertical     2 1⁄8 x 4 5⁄8          ——              ——
                                                        Digital Files: Files may be sent on
order rates.                                            CD-ROM, DVD or FTP site (contact
5. Classified Advertising                               us for FTP instructions).
Rates and sizes available upon request.                                                                          1/6 Horizontal 4 5⁄8 x 2 1⁄4            ——              ——
                                                        Approved software: PDF/X-1a,
6. Regional Advertising                                 PDF. Macintosh files only—
                                                        QuarkXpress, Adobe Illustrator,
Rates available upon request.
                                                        Adobe Photoshop. Photographs
7. Split Runs                                           and art in EPS, TIFF. Files must include all fonts for      Black & White: Halftones (density of tone)—The
Regional closing one week prior to normal closing       output. Transfer disks and their file names must be         shadow (darkest area) should be 95%. The highlight
dates for: A/B splits, regional copy splits, copy       clearly labeled. All imported graphic links must be         (lightest area) should be 3–5%. Spectral highlights
tests, dealer listings,50/50 and regional markets.      included on the disk and properly linked/updated to         (e.g. light reflected on a shiny surface) should be
Rates and availability for full-page units only upon    the page. List all font families, including the fonts       0%.
request.                                                used in EPS or other imported graphic links. SWOP           11. Send Materials/Questions to:
                                                        standards.                                                  Erin Nielson, Production Coordinator
8.Contract and Copy Regulations
Gardening How-To reserves the right to decline          Proofs: We suggest a hard copy proof at 100%                North American Hunter
                                                        size be provided for all digital files. Proofs should       12301 Whitewater Drive
or reject any advertising for any reason, at any
                                                        be SWOP certified. * If a hard copy proof is not            Minnetonka, MN 55343
time, without liability, even though previously
                                                        supplied, NAMG cannot guarantee color or content            Phone: (952) 352-7589
acknowledged or accepted.                                                                                           enielsen@namginc.com
Publisher will not extend credit for advertising
                                                        Color Rotation: (CMYK) Cyan, Magenta, Yellow,               12. Additional Charges
orders, contracts or space reservations that claim
                                                        Black. Line-Screen: 150.                                    Any additional work or changes on ad material will
sequential liability. All advertisements are accepted
and published by the publisher on the representation    Four-Color: Maximum total color density should not          be billed at prevailing rates. Ad materials held for 13
that the advertiser and/or advertising agency are       exceed 300% and only one color should be solid. The         months and destroyed unless otherwise specified.
properly authorized to publish the entire contents      preferred density of any one color is 80%, maximum
and subject matter thereof. It is understood that the   density is 95%.
advertiser and/or advertising agency will indemnify     Two or Three-Color: Maximum total density of two-
and hold the publisher harmless from and against        color should not exceed 190%, three-color should not
any loss, expense or other liability resulting from     exceed 245%,and only one color should be solid. The
any claims or suits for libel, violation of right of    preferred density of any one color is 80%, maximum
privacy, plagiarism, copyright infringement and any     density is 95%.
The National Home Gardening Club has built a trusted brand that delivers a highly engaged
and passionate online audience. We interact with our subscribers every day through opt-in
daily emails which curate the best and newest gardening tips and products within the industry
and tell them why it matters. Our subscribers are opinion leaders who pride themselves on
being “in-the-know” gardening experts. These avid gardeners are people who spend money
and influence others.

We create great outcomes for our clients and partners by developing unique campaigns and
promotions that maximize every impression. We “lend” advertisers this trusted relationship
we’ve built with our subscribers and our subscribers respond as if it were editorial. We have
trained our audience to respond to a particular voice and template and we know how to
drive actions.

whO we Deliver
• Passionate opt-in subscribers who value the voice of an expert
• Innovators, influencers and connectors who view themselves as “first-to-know” opinion
  leaders and subject matter experts
• Highly engaged and curious consumers who click to find out more information and who
  enjoy sharing with others
• Consumers of gardening products
Trust our talented editorial team to craft a message
for your brand that produces immediate, impactful
results. With 100% share of voice and content
ownership, the dedicated email gives your brand
direct access to our interested subscribers through
the anticipated voice of our editors.

• 100% Share of voice
• Implied endorsement                                  400x260
• Encourages viral send-to-a-friend functionality
• Immediate and timeless, when archived
• Actionable

OppOrtunities                                                        300x600
Display Ads:
Main Image (400x260)

Half Page Skyscraper (300x600)
or Medium Rectangle (300x250)
                                                             88x31   “Supported by” logo
“Supported by” Logo (88x31)                                          “Supported by” bar

“Supported by” Bar

Deeper Integration:
• Sweepstakes or Contest
• Product Testing
• Video
Exclusive sponsorship of Extra Dirt e-mails
allow advertising partners the opportunity
to maximize impact and the powerful ability
to engage readers through multiple touch
points. We have trained our audience to
respond to a particular voice and template
and we know how to drive actions.

Align your brand with editorial content that
is relevant and compelling to our subscribers
- subscribers respond to advertising as if it
were editorial.

OppOrtunities                                             300x250

Leaderboard (728x90)

Half Page Skyscraper (300x600)
or Medium Rectangle (300x250)

“Supported by” Logo (88x31)

                                                88x31     “Supported by” logo
GardeningClub.com is the online destination
for gardening enthusiasts. Filled with exclusive
content, member interaction points and special
deals, the site delivers a solid enthusiast touch

Club beNefits:
• Large, Active Gardening Community
• E-Commerce Deals & Discounts

We create great outcomes for clients and partners
by developing unique campaigns and promotions
that maximize every impression. Drive additional
online traffic to your brand’s website with online
advertising adjacent to exclusive content and
archived editorial.

Online OppOrtunities
Video Sponsorship
Leaderboard (728x90)
Custom Homepage Slide
Medium Rectangle (300x250, top)
Medium Rectangle (300x250, bottom)
Full Banner (468x60)
Text Link
On the forefront of consumer engagement, Gardening How-To has developed and released an
interactive iPad Magazine App. Bringing to life exclusive National Home Gardening Club
content our iPad App features interactive article-related extras (videos and e-commerce) to engage
users and enhance their overall experience. As an extension of the Gardening Club community
this interactive magazine links to forum boards, product reviews and archived content.

Engage and connect with our digital saavy consumers
through our interactive iPad App for immediate and
impactful results.

Single Issue Sponsorship
• Logo Appears for 5 seconds at launch of issue

Standard Ad
• Full page with link (768x1024)

Dynamic Ad
• Full page with link (768x1024)
 Capabilties include:
 - Slide Show
 - Videos
 - Audio
 - Photo 360

E-commerce Links

Gardening How-To’s iPad App has been ranked fifth in the Most Useful Category.

                                                           Source: August 2011 Affinity’s American Magazine Study
The National Home Gardening Club has expanded its member experience to Facebook,
fostering community engagement and further connecting and interacting with consumers.
Utilizing all of our media assets to drive consumers to our Facebook page, our fan base is
rapidly growing. As opinion leaders, our fans consistently interact with our posts, enter our
contests and sweepstakes.

“Sponsored posts” can be used to drive further engagement for advertisers as part of a digital
program. Harness the power of social media and provide an opportunity to increase brand
awareness, promote Fan page “likes” and get quality leads while aligning with relevant brands.

Sponsored posts can link to:
- Articles
- Tips
- New product launches
- Contests & giveaways
- Video
- Product test results

National Home Gardening Club is growing its Twitter following and engages regularly with
industry leaders and gardening aficionados. We’re the premier community for avid gardeners
and our members are eager to hear from us.
prODuCt testing & the OffiCial seal Of apprOval
Advertisers seeking product feedback, endorsement and exposure can participate in our
product testing program and earn the coveted Member Tested & Recommended Seal of
Approval. This program will differentiate your product at retail, justify premium pricing,
validate product appeal to win distribution, seed the marketplace to create word of mouth
buzz among influencers, and provide valuable in-magazine and online exposure.

For the cost of supplying and shipping the test products, you receive;
 1. Unlimited use of the Seal of Approval for advertising, packaging and promotion of the
    tested product.
 2. A quarter page write-up featuring a product photo and description, contact info and
    member testimonials.
 3. Unlimited rights to the names and testimonials in the evaluation reports for market
    research and promotions.
 4. Seeding of the garden market with your new product.

The National Home Gardening Club provides
you with the names and addresses of pre-
screened member testers who have completed
an extensive qualification survey. You ship the
products to the testers and the Club sends
them evaluation questionnaires. When 2
out of 3 testers recommend your product, it
receives the endorsement Seal, is featured in
the Garden Tested section of Gardening How-
To magazine, and it is posted on cookingclub.
com for one year. Note: If the product fails to
win approval, the results are reported to you but
not published. Tests are expedited and product
contributions are discounted for advertisers.

• Gain valuable market research from passionate National Home Gardening Club members
• Introduce new products to the marketplace to create buzz among influencers
• Improve SEO with newly created member content on social networking sites and social review sites
• Generate valuable new Facebook likes
• Generate incremental online sales through “Buy Now” opportunities attached to online reviews
• Feature your product in online “Click & Win” sweepstakes for additional exposure
• Product review featured on the National Home Gardening Club Facebook page
• Product featured in the National Home Gardening Club’s E-Newsletter, Extra Dirt
The National Home Gardening Club can conduct market research for advertisers via web
polls, online surveys and focus groups. This is a great way to get inside the minds of your
target market, gaining valuable information regarding your product. From seasonal purchase
intent to brand awareness, we can get the answers.

web pOlls
Web polls are the perfect solution when you need a quick answer to a single gardening or
product-related question from people who are passionate about gardening. Web polls are
posted to the home page of the Club website and/or to the Club Facebook page for time
periods ranging from a few days to several weeks.
• Question must be “single-answer” only (cannot be “check all that apply”)
• Results are available “live” during posting
• Final results are made available within two working days after poll is closed

Online surveys
When more in-depth information is required, an online survey provides the means to
obtain detailed feedback from our National Home Gardening Club audience.
• Each online survey is usually fielded via links within the Club E-newsletter
• Recommended survey length is 15-20 questions
• Question types can be “check one only”, “check all that apply”, rating scale, ranking, and
  open-ended/fill in the blank. Our survey tool also allows for skip logic and randomization
  of answer options to prevent bias. Graphics can also be included if needed.
• We recommend that an incentive of one or two $100 cash awards (sweepstakes/drawing
  from all respondents) be offered in order to improve response
• Duration of survey is typically three weeks
• Results are provided in Excel form detailing each individual question and the number of
  respondents to each answer option along with the corresponding percent. Results can also
  be provided in chart form for an additional charge.

fOCus grOups
If you are looking for qualitative data, such as feedback relating to a proposed new product
or new product feature, a focus group could be the solution you need.
• Six to eight members are recruited to participate in a one-hour focus group.
• Focus groups can be held in multiple markets.
• Script is written by NAMG research staff based on objectives and questions provided by
  client. Client reviews and gives final approval to script.
• Edited video, transcripts, and summary are supplied upon completion of focus groups.
Create excitement and buzz among influencers by sponsoring a National Home Gardening
Club contest or sweepstakes. Always well received by our members, our contests and
sweepstakes are a great way to garner attention for your brand and provide valuable in-magazine
and online exposure.

garDen giveaway!
Select premium advertisers can sponsor
this sweepstakes and receive free
exposure in this highly rated section of
Gardening How-To. Each sweepstakes
is promoted in the magazine and on
GardeningClub.com. For the cost of
the prizes, the advertiser’s product is
spotlighted with a 4-color photo, copy
points, contact information and a
website listing.

MeMber COntests
Advertisers can sponsor member
contests in which members are
encouraged to submit entries for
a chance to win sponsor products.
Contests can be announced and
promoted within Gardening How-
To’s Member Benefits section, Extra
Dirt e-newsletters, GardeningClub.
com, and through our social media
outlets. Contest titles can feature the
sponsor’s name and logo exposure will
be included on all announcements.
Winning entries are selected by
NAMG staff.
For the third consecutive year The National Home Gardening Club is offering advertisers
the opportunity to connect with key consumers through an integrated multi-media sponsorship
involving the National Hardware Show and our highly anticipated Product Test Shop. This
unique platform provides advertisers a comprehensive program focused on engaging with
experienced gardeners and garnering valuable product insights directly from consumers.

- Builds product awareness within an influential gardening consumer base
- Gain access to high-traffic show real estate, expanding your brand presence and media coverage
- Reach influential consumers via show promotions and create a strong B-to-C initiative
- Maximizes your investment by extending product messaging beyond the show

Pre-show ProMotioN
• Multi-media promotion to generate interest and excitement for the show
• Top Tool Tester Contest, 2 members win a trip to the show to participate in Product Test Shop
• Magazine & E-Newsletters promote sponsors, the contest & drive members to enter
• Product Test Shop Microsite houses videos, photos, editors blogs and member comments

oN-site iNteGrAtioN
• Product Test Shop booth located in the highly-trafficked Tailgate area providing high-visibility
• Advertiser logo inclusion on all booth signage
• Advertiser products are tested on-site by consumers, providing valuable product feedback
• Video footage is taken of editors and members using and commenting on products

Post-show CoverAGe
• In-book recap of the National Hardware Show event
• Product video footage is housed on microsite with links to advertisers websites

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