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					                                                                                                HUG Benefits Sub Committee
                                                                                                         Meeting Agenda

    Meeting Date                  March 19, 2008                      Meeting Time        2:00-3:00 pm
    Meeting Location              Teleconference Dial In #: 805-240-9463 P: 237546
    Meeting Purpose               Discuss Benefit Activities

    Attendee                                Representing              Attendee                               Representing         
    Tina Williams                           Bakersfield           X    Sherrill Bunce                         Northridge           X
    Vivian Dea                              Chancellor's Office        Ghazala Khan, Nancy S. Kitamura        Pomona               X
    Diana Enos, Anna Pavin, Neal Fisch      Channel Islands       X    Mary Ford, Cindy Martella              Sacramento           X
    Brett Ainsworth, Andy Beach             Chico                 X    Lillian Hernandez, Lisa White          San Bernardino       X
    Brian Cummins, Randy Flores             Dominguez Hills       X    Elizabeth Reynertson                   San Diego
    JoAnne Hill                             East Bay              X    Robin Bates                            San Francisco        X
    Diane Jenkins, Lorraine Phelps          Fresno                     Carrie Medders, Anita Vasquez,         San Jose
                                                                       Twinki Mistry
    Angelica Perez                          Fullerton             X    Joyce Haratani, Kathy Constantine      San Luis Obispo      X
    Cindy Darnell Steven, Kristina Barnum   Humboldt                   Diana Wilsterman                       San Marcos           X
    Nikco Moore, Felice Sparks              Long Beach            X    Susan Zito, Trisha Nau                 Sonoma
    Deborah Williams                        Los Angeles                Kelly Pace Mode                        Stanislaus
    Cheri Sims                              Maritime Academy           Tammy Hines, Michelle Hamilton         HRA
    Gretchen Fuentes, Kristi McMahon        Monterey Bay               Maria Sandoval, Mahesh Patel           CMS Central          X

Meeting Agenda
      Roll Call                                                                                                     Brett Ainsworth
      This month’s Minutes Taker: Michelle Pearce                                                                          Bakersfield
      Benefits Subcommittee Chair for Jan – Mar 2008 & Co-Chair                                       Tina Williams/Brett Ainsworth

The Chancellor’s office will be next on the list for Subcommittee Chair for April. Brett Ainsworth from
Chico will no longer be able to co-chair. He is taking a new position at Monterey Bay in April and will
no longer be working in benefits. Please let Maria Sandoval know if you would like to volunteer for Co-
Chair on a regular basis.

      Remedy Tickets update                                                                                         Maria Sandoval

Ticket Number 113881- Sonoma put in a ticket regarding an issue with the Ben Admin process of
entering in terminations. Maria is currently working with Sonoma to determine the exact issue.

Ticket Number 114335- Northridge opened up a ticket regarding the payroll audit report. Sherrill Bunce
is starting to gather a group to work on getting the report fixed.

Ticket Number 114816- Chancellor’s Office opened a ticket regarding the conversion of the HBO
received date from 8.0 to 8.9.

Ticket Number 115179- East Bay requested info on multiple jobs and multiple benefit record numbers.
We are still researching the problem.

Ticket 115194- Chancellor’s Office opened ticket regarding Ben Admin rule and how the assignment of
life insurance is done for a MPP employee. We haven’t started analysis on that yet.

CMS is still testing the Cobra Mod and hope to have that to Campuses by Mon or Tues of next week.

                                                                                                                Revised: 10/17/2007
                                                                                                   HUG Benefits Sub Committee Call
                                                                                  HUG Benefits Sub Committee
                                                                                                Meeting Notes
                                                                                             January 11, 2007

Rene from East Bay has a question regarding employees who have more than one job where the criteria
makes them eligible for different eligibility. Are campuses assigning different Ben programs if term in
one job and active in another? Are campuses putting them in the term program for term. Brett responded
when in individual has two jobs and the first one drops below eligibility but second job increases the
timebase making them eligible, Ben Admin automatically terms it because it is looking at job 1. It is a
system process. What other campuses doing to make sure that the switch occurs?

Rene from East Bay responded that the first job that runs determines benefit eligibility. Not sure which
primary job is being set. Supposedly the CSU job is setting the primary job. Brett from Chico states that
the job changed because of the hours and that should have automatically switched to eligible.

Mary in Sacramento is not live on Ben admin and wants to know how it works. Maria states that Base
Ben has a 1 to 1 relationship. With Ben Admin, Benefits record 0 drives the benefits, Benefit record 1
does not. Brett commented that even if you have two jobs, both should be tied to Benefit Record 0. Ben
Admin termed benefits because primary job fell below hours, but second job, which qualified should be
tied to Benefit Record 0. Mahesh stated that the Ben program looks uses Hierarchy, if you feel this is not
working correctly, please open a remedy ticket so we can look at your situation. Also please include
screen shots. It could be a data issue with this employee but it should have worked. Brett from Chico
says that it should have switched the jobs to make the second job be the primary job because it was the
eligible job. Sacramento asked if anyone tried to use the eligibility debugging page. Renee from East
Bay has used it but did not to use it for this particular situation.

Joyce from SLO asked Maria if she thought it might be an issue on the sequence. She and Maria had
discussed this previously regarding when a Time Base Change occurs it determines whether the person is
eligible. Maria feels this may have been a different issue. Joyce stated their issue was identified during
their Ben Admin FIT Gap, when there was a break in-service but not a full pay-period, there is a sequence

Renee asked Maria if the job is benefit eligible then benefit record is 0 and if the job is not benefit eligible
then the benefit record is 1. Maria states that is correct. Brett from Chico asked Renee if East Bay is
going through Conversion. Renee stated that she is going through the pre-conversion process. Brett
responded that the benefits will kick it to the right Benefit Record numbers. Renee says her problem is
that they are not currently in the correct benefit program.

Vivian has a question for Maria regarding ticket number 114816. She was wondering if we have
determined if it is impossible to get the HBO received date back. Mahesh responding that there was a
script written to create the received date for 8.9. Vivian says that all of their HBO received dates are
showing 9/7/07 which is incorrect. Mahesh stated that the same upgrade scripts were used for everyone
and is not sure why this is a problem. Angelica from Fullerton is also having an issue with their HBO
received date reflecting the date of when they went to 8.9.

Mahesh wants to know what campuses are using this date for. Brett explains that ACES looks at the
HBO date (the date when the form has been signed) and makes sure that date is prior to the enrollment
date and if not, it will error out. Vivian stated the HBO received date is required by PERS and Aces will
look at that date and automatically assign the effective date for the transaction. She wants to know if the
incorrect HBO received dates are important from a PERS standpoint or can we move forward with
incorrect dates.

Teresa asked if the file that is transferred is a full file or only people with changes. Brett replied that it is
a changed file. Vivian feels that PERS probably wouldn’t be getting past information and she wonders
the value of restoring those dates. Would PERS ever audit PeopleSoft? Mahesh wants to discuss this at

                                                                            HUG Benefits Sub Committee – Agenda
                                                                                               Revised: 01/30/06
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                                                                            HUG Benefits Sub Committee
                                                                                          Meeting Notes
                                                                                       January 11, 2007

the next call because HR is not here to respond to these questions. Please send Michelle an email and get
her opinion on this and update ticket.

Maria asked campuses to open tickets for all these problems so that all campuses can have access to the
research on the issues and the resolution.

   Benefits Administration
              Daily Processing & troubleshooting – Sonoma Campus                        Susan Zito

San Diego is not on this call and has been moved to next month.

Sonoma’s implementation was in April 2005. They have been doing it longer than other campuses.
Susan states that they have their own worksheet that is given to employees in orientation. In the early
stages they had special emails between HR and Faculty Affairs that allowed them to communicate if there
were any problems with job data rows. They used to process every night but changed it to weekly so they
had time to review Bas Act before it ran. Sonoma’s Benefit and Payroll Techs process in the same office.
They have 1800 employees, 3 managers and four techs. Heather- HR and Faculty Affairs is responsible
for inputting data. She runs Bas Act on weekly activity. She typically has 550 plus rows at start of each
quarter. There are also 4 payroll techs in the office and they process all benefits on a daily basis and
TSA’s monthly. They process through On-Demand and bring it to Heather for auditing. She then sends it
to Aces daily and techs process forms for dental and vision. She also audits error reports, SCO interface
process, runs preliminary and works out error and then does final load monthly. This is a 2-3 day
process. Tricia tests Ben Admin for releases and if there is any problems in Ben Admin, Heather assists
with looking into the problem.

Brett from Chico asked if they have that process flow in writing. Susan responds yes. Brett asked
Susan to please send it to him or the Benefits HUG group and we will attach it to the minutes.

Kelly from Stanislaus asked if their techs key into PIMS. HR & Faculty key in job data hire rows and the
techs key the PPT and processes the HB transactions in BAS ACT to complete health and dental

Renee has a question regarding maintenance of BAS Act. She wants to know what transaction does
Susan have to maintain on BAS Act. Susan does not delete job data rows in BAS Act. If HR went in and
put in a New Hire and decided that the TBC was incorrect, then they would correct it. When Ben Admin
runs that through it should read it correctly and should term it. There would then be a notice that she
would watch for that activity.

Renee asked if Sonoma has workflow enabled? Susan responded that they do not but she set up an email,
so if anybody keyed anything that might be a concern they would send a special email to this folder. It
doesn’t happen often. Renee asked how Ben Admin handles 2 or 3 transactions in Ben ACT. Susan said
that they process leaves with several job rows and she lets it run through Ben Admin and Ben Admin
seems to handle it well.

               Troubleshooting Guide Update                                                Maria Sandoval

Cindy Darnell and Brian Cummings have volunteered to work on the guide. Maria sent them a draft and
they will go over it next week.

                                                                       HUG Benefits Sub Committee – Agenda
                                                                                          Revised: 01/30/06
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                                                                               HUG Benefits Sub Committee
                                                                                             Meeting Notes
                                                                                          January 11, 2007

           Ben Admin Daily Processing Guide Update                                         Maria Sandoval

We need another volunteer to work on that Brett volunteered to do. He’s leaving and we will try and get
through it before he goes. If any campus would like to volunteer please let Maria know.

           Open Enrollment Collaboration                                                   Sherrill Bruce

Sherrill asked if any campuses are interested in participating in a collaboration project for open
enrollment. Renee from East Bay would and wants to know if it goes through October? Pat responded
that it would depend on how close they are to 9.1. Vivian asked if she is referring to self service. Sherrill
responding that she was referring to running tables. Vivian answered that she does not know enough
about it yet. Renee asked if San Jose did entire Open Enrollment through self-service and thinks that
would be an excellent business modification. She is hoping to do the same at East Bay. Sherrill thinks
there were a lot of modifications though.

   Campus Open Forum
        o   Base Benefits                                                                                 All
Renee is a Base Benefits campus going to Ben Admin. There was a lot of confusion on which Ben
program they should be using. Maria states that during upgrade to 8.9, they condensed the 8.0 Benefit
Programs to 8 Benefit programs. Renee states that there is a lot of clean up and recommends to those
base benefits campus to do whatever you can to make sure employees are assigned to the correct Ben
Program prior to implementing the Ben Admin conversion. As you go to Ben Admin, it will make your
life a lot easier. Maria agrees with this and suggests that it will reduce the effort that you put forth in
doing the snap shot process if you are currently assigning employees to the correct Ben Program.

Karen with East Bay asked if there is any documentation on assignment of Benefit Programs. Maria
indicated there is a document on the CMS Website with the mapping of the 8.0 to 8.9 Benefit Programs.
Maria will send the link to Renee with East Bay with the location of this mapping. Also regarding job
code 2358, a recent email was sent out to the Benefits listserv on 3/18/08 with additional information.

Renee has a problem on the upgrade for the Ben program. The upgrade did not insert a row for the health
program. For example, C99 Ben program was upgraded to the right Benefit code but the past info was
not correct. This doesn’t have any affect other than those particular employees come up on the invalid
elections report. Mahesh asked if other campuses had the same issue. Chico responded no. Mary from
Sacramento says that they are seeing an election as of 10/01/07 and a term as of 10/01/07. Both elections
have the same date and are coming up on the report. They are changing the term to 9/30 and it’s clearing
those errors.

Renee asked Gahzala from Pomona if they were using elections report to show the errors. She responded
that they do and they clean up the errors manually. There were a lot on the elections report but most of
the errors were on the payroll deduction report. Almost everyone had the same situation. A 2/25/07 row
was inserted but if there was no action or change by employee, an incorrect Ben program was showing. It
was a huge problem. Renee responded that they are having the same situation but they were not going to
correct it because the Benefit program was okay. It would be helpful if there was a report to compare the
eligibly rules and the Benefit program to show that the election was valid or invalid for the Ben program

                                                                         HUG Benefits Sub Committee – Agenda
                                                                                            Revised: 01/30/06
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                                                                              HUG Benefits Sub Committee
                                                                                            Meeting Notes
                                                                                         January 11, 2007

Renee wants an invalid elections report that really shows the difference between election and Ben
program participation. Mahesh asked if other campuses find a need for this report. We will wait to
next month to discuss it. Please send some screen shots so that everybody can discuss it in detail. Maria
asked that a white paper be prepared so that we can add it to the agenda next month. Please send it to her.

        o   Ben Admin                                                                                    All
Vivian from Chancellor’s Office shares that when someone terminates the term code auto populates but
the Permitting Event code 99 does not. Brett from Chico does not key Permitting Event code 99 on rows.
He asked if this is supposed to be keyed individually and states that it would be very time consuming.
Cheryl says the only time they do it is when an employee goes beneath eligible status. Cathy added that
when someone terms you put in 99 because ACES picks it up. Brett responded that ACES picks up the
terms from PIMS. Maria suggests we to ask HRA. They are not on this call. We will need to review all
documents, BPGs and papers that reference to update rows with terminations. Mahesh mentions that the
Cobra Mod requires the Permitting Event Code and if it is not there, it will not process the COBRA
notification. Brett asked why Ben Admin does not automatically update the CSU Permitting Event code
of 99 when a termination is processed. Mahesh mentioned this was not programmed and we can discuss
further once we do additional research, he also asked Vivian to open a remedy ticket.

   Action Items – status updates                                                                  All

    None to report at this meeting.

        Reminder: please remember to put your phone on mute (not HOLD) unless addressing the group.

                                                                        HUG Benefits Sub Committee – Agenda
                                                                                           Revised: 01/30/06
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