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									LETTERBOOK INDEX - 19';

         Month/Date       Recipient                                    Subject
9             1           Cathi Cain                            Thanks for article in "Capital Outlook"
              2           Robert Smith                          letter to prospective student
              4           Judith R. Cohen                       acknowlegment of accomplishment of past student
              4           Richard H. Sullivan                   list of past directorships and trusteeships
              4           Greg Smith                            info re graduate program to prospective applicant
              5           Josie Reed/Barnard                    March 16 In-Service Day
              5           Dorey Whealan                         follow up re camera damage
              5           Mildred Leman                         response to letter of recommendation -Robert Stein
              5           Harriet Crawford                      letter to supporter of Evergreen
              5           Pres. Hanson/Malik/S tory Invitation to President's home with Trustee's
              5           Trustees                              invitation for cocktails at Evan's
              9           Larry Stenberg                        ICRC Representation
              9           Robert Flowers                        cover letter for college investment policy proposal
              9           Robert Cumbow                         thanks for offer of assistance - enrollment
              9           Eugene Schoblaska                     invitation for overseas programs in Malaga Spain
              9           John Gordon                           regret, unable to offer restaurant career training
              9           Tami Hickle                           thanks for ideas re recruitment
              9           George Lotzenhiser                    regret, unable to attend open house
              9           Gerry Seppi                           regret, unable to serve on WACLD committee
             10           M/Mjames Mason                        acknowledge gift given in memory of daughter 5100
             11           Les Eldridge                          formally appointed to expanded responsibilities
             Ti           Mrs. E. R. Farrell                    acknowledge receipt of tennis trophy
             11           Kenichi Yanagi                        thanks for 1979 Japanese calendar
             11           Rindetta Jones                        re educational leave for non-faculty menber
             12           Michael WiTs                          response to letter re problems with Registrar's staff
             12           Herbert Fuller                        thanks for opinion expressed in Post-Intelligence
             12           President's Council                   Establishment of Coals and Objectives.
             15           Gayle Layton                          thanks for letter to the Editor re Evergreen
             15           Tommy Ambrose                         thanks for letter of support
             15           Robert Sellers                        thanks for suggestions re enrollment
             15           Wm. Doebele                           submission of Mr. Pollard to Loeb Fellowship
             16           Gary Smith                            thanks for offer of assistance while in Port Angeles
             17           Evans Nguyen                          letter child - namesake
             17           Dick Granger                          letter to retiring public official
             17           Dean Clabaugh                         Bob Flowers request whereby trustees can return per d::
             17           Dean Clabaugh                         Intercollegiate Athletics report
             17           Tom Rainey                            Trilateral Task Force Proposal
             17           N/N Harris                            enclosing perceptive analysis of your paper
             17           Byron Youtz                           Clifton R. Wharton speech
             17           Rita Grace                            invite principals to meeting with Trustees
             17           Arnaldo Rodriquez                     admissions activities and suggestions
             17           Jerry Storvich                        thanks for help while at Clover Park
             17           Arnaldo Rodrigues                     meeting with David Moberly
             17           David Moberly                         further association with Seattle schools
             17           Pete Steilberg                        Soccer coaches
             17           Dean Clabaugh                         problem with student loan
             17           Arnaldo Rodriguez                     Admissions Counselor selection
             17           Arnaldo Rodriguez                     Admissions plan
             17           Charles Stokes                        letter to retiring legislator and judge
             17           Les Eldridge                          Faculty accomplishment file
             17           Don Kraft                             thanks for guidance re curriculum and our dilemma
             17           Karen Terwilleger                     explanation of closure of Northern State Hospital
             17           Don Frisbee                           hopes cooperative efforts are revived Washington/Ore
             17           Fonda Ray                             thanks for willingness to serve at student rep.

            Month/Date          Recipient                                 2                Dr. Samuel Magill
                                                                          2                Dr. Allan Hershfield
            January (Cont)                                                2                Dr. Robert Hatala
.               18       John Bagnariol 18         Duane                  2                Dr. Allan De Giuho
Berentson                                                                 2                Dr. Rod Dugliss
               22             Jerry Zubrod                                2                Dr. Brian Copenhaver
               23             Leslie Netzger                              2                Gregory Armstrong
               23             Michael Perry                               2                Graham Johnson
               23             Larry Norwood                               2                Affidavit of DJ Evans
               23             Knutson/Buck                          Subject
               23             Clayton Peterson
               23             Mike Layton
               23             Kent Young                   confirm him as speaker to Rotary same
               23             Martha Le Valley             Newspaper publishers Assoc. to tour Evergreen invite Hi school Principal to discuss TESC
               23             Youtz et al                  with trusts same
               24             KAOS/CPJ/TESC                same
               24             Trustees                     complimentary use of the recreation ctr by Leg. pages thanks for offer to help -
               25             Arnaldo Rodriguez            development ofc. Thanks for service to Bd. of Publications acknowledge rescue of Eli
               29             Ralph Fregosi                Higgins efforts letter to interested applicant - dance Wash. News. Publishers' Assoc. tour
               29             Jean Ameluxen                voluntary student contributions to Evergreen Foundatio, Leg. reception co-sponsored by
               29             Stephen Gill                 ECCO & Alumni Organ. Prospective student - Marlena Sessions thanks for letter of
               29             Ed McBride                   interest
               30             David Macmillan              cannot accept invite to speak re date of your proposed visit letter to interested applicant -
               30             Hobart Jenkins               sports same
               30             Tim Gilmour                  Industrial Adm. Program now in our Manage. & Public In cover to "Off-Campus Initial
               30             Eleanore Kenny               Inventory Form!! Cover for Rec. of the Interinst. Task Force report confirmation of
               30             Byron Youtz et aT            meeting arranged by phone agenda - private mtg. at lunch, status of college act. proposed
               31             Trustees                     investment policy
               31             Dean Clabaugh                Hi Sch. Principal invited to meet with trustees same
               31             Eugene Nicholas              Humanities recommendation for David Ammons as fellow same
               31             Gordon Prehm
               31             Nat. Fellowship in
               31             Nieman Foundation            Thanks for speaking to Rotary same
                                                           letter to interested applicant - administration regret unable to attend
        Feb ruar~                                          thanks for sponsorship re Master's degree at TESC same
              1               Duane Berentson              same
              1               John Bagnariol               same
              1               Donald Thompson              cover letter for enc. background material financial info for investment committee thanks
              1               Vic Atiyeh                   for application - VP & Provost same
              1               Dan Grimm                    same
              1               Darney Goltz                 same
              2               Charles Newschwander         same
              2               Ray Isaacson                 same
              1               Worthington Mayer            same
              1               Dean Clabaugh                same
              2               Rodney Vliet                 same
              2               Dr. Allan Spitz              same
              2               Dr. Robert Russo             re nomination for B of D of Unigard Ins. Unigard exemption

Month/Date        Recipient                     Subject

February (Cont)

              2          Gail Norris            28                 M/MFrand Roberts
              2          M/M Ricahrd Poff       28                 Elena Perez
              2          Christine Meserve      28                 Sarah Favret
              2          Steve Francis          28                 Youtz/Clabaugh
              2          Bill Hucks             28                 Dee Holder
              2          Lewis Yarbrough        28                 Dorothea Morgan
              2          Nancy Taylor           28                 Barney Coltz
              2          Dennis Peterson        28                 Youtz/
              2          Joseph Saltzer         28                 Prasert Lohavanijaya
              2          Cheryl Sjoblom         28                 Ronald Olson
              5          Wm. Fortney            to attend UPS discuss - off-campus instruct. for legislators & Evergreeners reception for
              5          Mary Isabell           presentation - Alumni Assoc rep. for presenting view to Higher Ed. Committees
              8          Shirley Vradenburgh          unable
              8          Richard Cowley               thanks thanks thanks same same
              8          Academic Classified          thanks for presentation to Chamber of Commerce mtg. thanks for presentation to
              8          Washington Generals          Higher Ed. Com.
              8          Frederic Salinger            return of ½ of tuition returned thanks for offer to help - recruitment letter to interested
              9          Paul Farrier                 applicant - teaching Final selection of VP & Provost letter to interested applicant -
             14          Faculty                      teaching letter to past student and interested applicant-Librac
             20          Katherine Piper        Personnel - Provost interviews regrets unable to attend same
             21          Daean Clabaugh               letter to interested applicant - history interviews with finalist for VP & Provost letter to
             21          Dave Carnaham                interested applicant - recruitment re consistant policy as host to invited groups
             21          Wes Berglund                 appreciate offer to serve of facilitator-Enroll. Task~ thanks for efforts with Housing
             21          Barbara Smith                Design Gp.
             21          Byron Youtz                  thanks for great job
             21          Les Eldridge                 re lack of communication with Bruce Chapman leisure Ed. followup for caucus wives
             21          Frederick Gies               re cooperative efforts with Sch. of Ed., Seattle U. unable to speak at banquet
             23          Bill Parker                  decline to speak at Women's Repulbican Club letter to interested applicant - teaching
             23          Phyllis Kaiser               same
             23          Carol Sherr                  same
             23          Dr. Yukiko Tanaka            same
             23          David Fineman                establishment of scholarship award fund letter to VP & Provost applicant letter to
             23          Carl Cooper                  Eagle scout
             23          James Mason                  re grad. program in Public Adm. direction Community College Trustees/Evergreen
             26          Robert Russo                 Olympia Lakefair videotape
             26          Virgil Myers                 memo from Kuehn re Enrollment recommendations re great article in Harper's on Ed.
             27          Forbes Bottomly Ins.         trends & needs thanks for remarks re enrollment facilitator letter of recommendation -
             27          Duke Kuehn                   Kormondy
             28          Will Humphreys               same
             28          Youtz/Clabaugh               Housing on campus for prospective students thanks for gift - contribution negotiate a
             28          Adele Simmons                repayment schedule for acct now in collect:
             28          Barbara Cooley               re student problems with evaluation - reinstatment Outline for VP discuss
             28          Charles Blame                expenses at Guadalajara meeting of Carnegue letter to supporter of outreach program
             28          Howard Klemme                cover for enclosure/ Harper's article by A. Simmons Adele Simmons article
             28          Dean Clabaugh                letter to interested applicant - teaching same

Month/Date        Recipient                    Subject

                             March               22               Josie Reed
              1         Shirlee Schiffer         22               Martena Sasnett
              1         7 state survey           22               Trustees
              1         TESC                     22               Duke Kuehn
              2         Myron Thompson           22               Edward White
              2         Sondra Seigel            23               Neal Peirce
              2         Alice Boytz              23               M/M Youtz
              1         Editor Chron. of         23               M/M Conner
              6         M/M Glen Carey           23               B. Youtz
              6         M/M C.S. Matthews        23               Elsie Geissmar
              6         Dr. Mary Ann Haas      Get Well message
              7         Ed LcChapelle          4 yr college academic salaries 1978-79 Faculty salary comparison re Channell 13 license
              7         Scott Williams         transfer to TESC unable to attend Torch Honor Society festivities
              7         Ross Jardine                       accept commencement speaking at Roosevelt Hi. Higher Ed. re article about suit
              7         Mark Coulding          with VA
              7         Kevin                              thanks for contribution same
              8         Dennis Peterson        letter of recommendation - Ed Kormondy request inquiry into deaths of Unsoeld &
              8         Howard Cherry          Diepenbrock Eagle awardee
              8         Victor Atiyeh          same
              8         Barbara Cooley         same
              8         Tim Ball               thanks for great job with Enrollment DTF thanks for contribution
              8         William Bennett        Malbeur Field Station controversy same
              8         M/M Byron Youtz        appointment to Campus Hearing bd. same
              8         M/M Dean Clabaugh      condolences at loss of father thanks for contribution - gift same
              8         J. Mark Pfouts         please to have internship arrange with Capitol~oemat.~e Enclose gift for one tuition
              8         Paul Roberts           scholarship at TESC thanks for work on Bd. of Governors of TESC foundatioc letter to
             12         George Kinnear         interested applicant - teach history same - Counseling & teaching
             12         J .C .G.Kine           letter from Ii. Jenkins re Industrial Adm. Program regret unable to speak at graduation not a
             12         Paul Moredock          Mason, no authority to resolve problem
             14         Cinny Ingersol et al          routing letter to Jeanne Hahn re research projects Force Job description for exempt
             14         Larry Curfman          statis - B Beeman
             14         Joyce Welty                   letter to interested ~~adidate - administrative letter to prospective student letter to VP &
             14         Ronald Strickland      provost candidate results of Provost Search Handwritten note with check enclosed same with
             14         Mbr of Salary Task     check enclosed
             15         Ronda Richardson                      same
             19         Inez DeCau             Search        announcement of Bryon Youtz as Provost to committee Comments on show
             19         Peter Conn                           featuring admission difficulties
             19         Dr. Adrian Tinsley     thanks for great job - In-Service training Day same
             19         Mrs. J. Gillian        Thank~ for Oct. 77 colloquium - Unsoeld death turning per diem back to college - proceedure
             19         Deipenbrock family     appointment as Special Assistant to President Letter of reference for J. Dolliver thought on
             19         Jolene Unsoeld         liberal arts ed. to WashPost Writer's grp. thanks for support during Unsoeld/Diepenbrock
             20         mbrs of Provost        ordeal Thanks for offer to keep Diepenbrock family Public Administration
             22         Phil Honohue           re Unsoeld death and climbing risks
             22         Bob Barnard

         Month/Date         Recipient
         March (Cont)

           23                                  Ted Hiltner
           23                                  Stanley Little, Jr.
           23                                  Howard McCaw
           23                                  M/M Zane Lambert
           23                                  Dr. Louis Benezet
           23                                  Dana Evans
           23                                  Applied Soc. Sc.
           23                                  John Schwenker
           23                                  Ted Watkins
           23                                  CPJ Ediotrs
           23                                  Leo Daugherty
           26                                  Sid White
           26                                  Grant Bunker
           26                                  James Haseltine
           26                                  Betty Jo Neils
           26                                  Stanley Little
           26                                  B. Youtz
           26                                  Debbie Robinson
           26                                  Wm. Toskey
           26                                  Rev. Wm. Edelen
           26                                  Kevin Moore
           26                                  Maclyn Burg
           27                                  Div.
           27                                      28              Ricahrd Atkinson
           27                                      29              Ray Jewison
           27                                      29              Trustees
           27                                                                               April
           27                                  Welcome to Board of Governors of TESC sent materials describing TESC method of
           27                                  operation enclosed editorial from Pt. Angeles News - Unsoeld thanks for suggestion of
           27                                  someone to replace Unsoeld enclosed column re Willi's philosophy - Pt. Angeles thanks
           27                                  for great article in Pt. Angeles News - Unsoelt Prison rehabilitation opportunities
           27                                  thanks for use of microphotographic exhibit congrats on job well done
           27                                  thanks for evaluation of intern, Bill Coan Review of recent events, Schmidt will,
           27                                  Provost, thanks for outstanding contribution of Enrollment DTF letter of reference for
           28                                  Them Richardson
           28                                  teacher certification at Evergreen Community Volunteer Service
           Philip Swain                        letter to interested applicant                                                           Co~
           Dr. Lilya Filippova                 acknowledgement of request to be released from Bd. of,, re oil protrait of Cov. Evans
           Jim Gulden                          letter to parent of student enjoying Evergreen decline invitation to write paper response
           Dr. T. Hombein                      to letter about common relatives letter of support of Grant - Tngersoll/ Jenny response to
           Jolene Unsoeld                      affirmation fo TESC concept of learning report of Evergreen 38
           Phyllis Miletich                    funding of CPJ marketing plan for college
           Helen Ratcliff                      VEC
           Dan Dissault                        Evergreen experience comparedto U of W - graduate request for him to servie as adviser
           Martha Turner                       re portrait loss of KCPQ TV, Channel 13                          WiT son (( Boeings interest
           Hon. Gordon Walgren                 in Securities Studies Program at/ formal adivse of appointment at Provost
           Trustees                            Add B. Beeman as signatory for Budgets 3000 and 3010 letter to interested applicant
           Duke Kuehn                          letter to interested applicant Letter to Eagle Scout letter to interested applicant
           Hon. John Anderson                  accept invitation as panel member -copy of speech enc. on Adult Ed change in Board day
           Helga Teske                         for April
           Barbara Cooley

     3          David Shaw              letter to applicant
     3          Al Leisenring           Thansk for serving on Campus Hearing Bd for 79-80
     4          John McClelland         internship at newspaper ofc for Bill Hucks
     4          James Campbell          letter to applicant - referred to Humphreys
     4          Youtz/Humphreys         Phil Shinnick interest
     4          Clabaugh                Release time program
     4          Jeff Frohner            High School Outreach scholarships
     4          Charles Rich            letter to applicant - referred to Kuehn
     4          Essie Steward           same                 -referred to Humphreys
      4       Clifford Knitter   same
      4       Rowena Alcorn      Official Portrait
      4       Mary Ellen Cecil   same
      4       B. Youtz           Jim Hayes interest

Month/Date   Recipient April (Cont)

     4        Richard Nichols                       Proud of Evergreener being chosen as Citizen of year
     5        David Hart                            letter acknowledging letter of reference - Sumner
     6        parents of students involved in Rainier avalanche - enclosed news clipping
     6        Leisenring                            Campus Hearing Bd. To consider Larsen petition
     6        Hoyt Brown                            thanks for assistance re KOIN TV on recruitment
     9        Dan Montgomery                        Request exemption for Youtz to serve as Petit Juror
     9        Hon. Tokitada Sakai                   Pleased we were able to exchange professors
     9        Dr. Rakasuke Suenaga                  Congrats for 50 yrs of founding University at Kobe
     9        Stome Thomas                          Third World Educational needs being covered
     9        Judy Annis                            Special rates at teb Westwater Inn
     9        Byron Youtz                           1977-78 Faculty Contact Hours Study
     9        Harvil, Steinke, Erickson handwritten notes
    10        David Wallbom                         VEG
    10        lone Eastby                           visit of students to old counselors not a part of Adm
    10        Catherine Burke                       Prospects of 4 yr. Univ. at Ft. Steilacoom
    10        Stephen Gill                          unable to meet with him during U. -S. trip
    10        Kenneth Risher                        Official Portrait
    10        Kevin Wildermuth                      letter to student leaving studies to pursue art
    10        John Terry                            recommendation of Claubaugh to writter
    10        Mervin Roberts                        re admissions standards and Graduate program
    10        Lopez Bible                           unable to attend celebration
    10        Robart Jenkins                        thanks for suggestion re Manage. and the Public Tnt.
    10        Sid White                             thanks for taking initiative action
    10        Youtz et aT                           Retreat at President's Residence
    11        Randall Stevenson                     development of experimental Learning center on Orcas;
    11        Neal Baxter                           letter to applicant - referred to Clabaugh
    12        Dianne Devlin                         Proposed annual Indian World's Fair
    12        James Strong                          Prefer name not be submitted as candidate at Grinell
    12        Ardie Allen                           unable to participate in Bothell Library ceremonies
    12        Provost Search Committee- Provost Search celebration at Evans
    13        Pat Emerson                           welcome to Bd. of Governors of TESC
    13        Trustees                              Report on status of college issues
    13        Geo. Weigel                           Unable to respond to request for participation
    13        Jean Leed                             regret unable to participate in conference for Ratelk'
    16        TESC Payroll Ofc                      Salary for B. Youtz
    16        Milo Clarence                         Release transcript to WWU and notify them of del. lo~
    16        David Story                           Ways to inform grads of opportunities at Evergreen
    16        NeTs Hamson                           same with numerous Comunity colleges
    17        Clark Kerr                            National Youth Service Program
    18        Mark Hoehne                           Quasar video- cassette
    18        WAlter Hunt                           letter to applicant
    18        David Holt                            Official Portrait
    19        Marvin Weber                          returned applicant materials for VP candidate
    19        Career Planning Services- University requested to return their materialsdira
    19        Paul Kavadas                          decline to present paper to Joint Ed. seminar
    19        Michael Schmotzer                     letter to applicant - referreto Humphreys
    19        Francis Robrer                        letter to applicant = same
    20        Sally Peterson                        Thanks for service to TESC Vancouver
    20        Mark Overland                         TESC unable to support Killer whale research project
    20        Inaugural PLan Comm                   unable to participate in inauguration at CWU
    23        Mr. Dinsmore                          David Wallbom our contact to the Energy Ofc.
    24        John Bateman                          unable to accept invitation to Awareness movememt
    25        John Robinson                         Official portrait
    24        Brad Freeman                          Eagle Award

Month/Date     Recipient

April (Co~t)
               26          Rick Ricks                15             Ceo. Corcoran
               26          Keith Cluckey             15             Bob Cleland
               27          M.K.Belanger              15             Wm. Perry
               27          Maureen Kawaeka           15             Hugh Bone
               27          Madeleine Jablonski       15             Judy Annis
               30          Maureen Pierre            15             Mike Beug
               30          Robert Roach              15             Dave Carnahan
               30          Donna Hayes               15             Mervin Roberts
               30          Philip Phibbs                                                                                   or law sch.
               30          Robert Satterwhite       Response to comments of former student re preparation letter to applicant - referred to
               30          Dick High                Kuehn Official Portrait
               30          Mike et aT               Expense report to Carnegie Council expense for Trilateral meeting letter to applicant
               30          H. D. Halliett           -congrats on grant from National Science Foundation congrats as Outstanding Black
               30          Gred Goldberg            Coeds contract between UPS and TESC letter to applicant - referred to Clabaugh letter
               30          Editor, Oregonian        of recommendation for Bill Hucks Evergreen Council
               30          Patrick Morgan           recommendation for Ed Kormondy thanks for Glen Alps print - TESC re colum by
               30          Angelo Pelligrini        Wayne Thompson Master's Degree consortium
               30          Ginny Ingersoll          speaker at Heritage program - invitation for seminars Prerequisites for junior year MPI
               30          To Whom It Nay Concern   Program
                1          J.P. Jones               - recomendation for John Beachamp
                1          Evans/Humphreys/Youtz    Art Collection
                3          Tom Fotte                thanks for help with legislative reception Board of Publications
                3          Barbara Smith            thanks for help with recruiting Com. Coil grads Use of Human Subjects Ins. Review Bd
                3          Edward Lindaman          letter to friend as President of Whitworth grant to John Randolf
                4          Del Langbauer            meeting date of Bd. of Trustees
                4          News release -           inquiries from potential employers not responded to trustees contributions to
                4          Rindy Jones              Foundations as memorial letter to applicant - referred to Humphreys recomendation for
                9          Trustees                 Ed Kormondy
               10          Donald Marquardt         personal note
               10          Donald Kleckner          letter to interested student - at Peninsula Presidential Management Intern Program
               14          M/M Willis               Program for local volunteer service
               14          Laurel Gloor             Matt Smith Letter
               11          Agency Directors         suggestion to present to faculty retreat thanx for Longacres passes memorial for
               15          Harris Wofford           Unsoeld and Deipenbrock unable to attend office warming Graduation trees
               15          Duke Kuehn               marketing proceedures and efforts LaChapelle REport
               15          Matt Smith               thanks for book by Hayak thanks for pledge during phone-a-thon thoughts sent for
               15          Morris Alhadeff          speech on learning
               15          Andy Keller              help offered to student experienceing problems at TESC support of presidential primary
               15          Elliot Marks             bill
               15          Dave WAllbom             thanks for service to people of this state News release
               15          Don Von Volkenburg       Recent memos - enrollment problems Community college visits
               15          Hahn/Annis               letter to parent of student
               15          Homer Huniston           Com. Coll&'
               15          L.R. Hennings

Month/Date    Recipient                      Subject

Ma~ (Con~

Bill Cleland              graduation & search for professional employment
Arthur Coffin             letter to retiring public servant
Lois Gottlieb             thanks for asssitant during reception of freshman leg.
Jo Jenner                 same
Joan Cullen               same
Joan Littlestone          same same to J. Keiffer,M. Erickson, B. YOutz
Malcolm Stilson           same also to Vonda Drogmund
Sam Smith                 letter of support for grant proposal for Ingersoll
Youtz et aT               converstaion with Mt. Ranier Park Rangers
Jeff Kelly                Proposed permit requested by Nat'l Park Service
Hon. Henry Kissinger      attendance at Wash. State Republican campaing kick ofF
Carleton Cooley           gift accepted in your name, scholarship award to be mm
Lynn McClune                            Eagle Award recepient
Freeholders                             suggestions re new county charter
Keith Lincoln             regard for Cecil Arnold, candidate for dis. Alumnus
Hon. Joel Pritchard       unable to attend Klondike Nat'l Park dedication
Youtz et aT                May 23 retreat
Youtz et aT                May 23 retreat items to ponder
Harriet Cant               unable to attend retirement luncheon
Bob Thwing                 film on Trans-Olympia espedition of 1950 for Park Servi
Cpt. Phillip Luther        thanks for Seattle 1st Economic Guide picture of Seatt:
Robert Monroe              requests for other pictures of Seattle for collection
Youtz/Clabaugh/Eldridge Scholarships
Dave Wallbom               Visual pollution
Putnam Barber              Unable to attend cbnference,
Bill Blackburn             letter to past student - volunteered for recruitment
Duke Kuehn et aT           Comphrehensive recruiting plan for next year
Pat Wallon                 unable to attend honor society banquet
Robert Davidson            thanks for care of dad during his illness
Finley Wallace             same
All Faculty                statis of what's happening and encouragement introduction of Evergreen ~s Alumni
thanks for job of hearing board
response to letter re TESC inability to attrect locals CPE Response directions Evergreen council explanation
of'.Evergreen style hand written notes matters about Mr. Haagg, deportation Summer working hrs/ energy conservation
Official portrait invited to serve on VEG same
letter to applicant - referred to Humphreys/Kuehn same invitation to Halvorson retirement graduation speaker -
details of event graduation day sche4ule
               Carolyn Dobbs et aT
               Bryon Youtz
               Richard Jones
               Bill Aldridge
               Les Eldridge
               John Sawhill
               McCann/ F. Williams
               Barbara Brundage
               Staff & faculty
               Jobyna Warner
               Keith McCandless
               Ernie Jones
               Careron Smith
               James Hunt Jr.
               Angelo Pellegrini
               Robert Flowers

      5        Ane~elo Pellegrini          thanks for graduation day speech
      6        Woody Herzel                requesting pictures be taken at Halvorson retirement
      6        Byron Youtz et al           re Halvorson retirement

Month/Date         Recipient                      Subject

June (Cont)

               6         form letter              18        Carol Schreiber
               7         James Hardy              19        Keith Olson
              11         Darrell Six              19        George Peabody
              11         David Skinner            20        Edward Kormondy
              12         Larry Camarillo                  VA litigation - sent to veterans Eagle Scout
              12         Nelson Hanson                     office furniture and arrangement unable to attend
              11         Robert Stauffer                   Speliman appreciation dinner
              11         Larry Stevens                     unable to participate in things not related to TESC
              11         Richard Jones                     thanks for assistance during Centralia College visit
              11         Thomas O'Connell                  same for Ft. Steilacoom visit
              11         Melvin Lindbloom                  same for Tacoma Community College visit same for Clark
              11         Richard White                     Community College visit same for Bellevue Community
              11         Shirley Gordon                    College visit same - Green River Community College visit
               8         M/M Gordon Moodie                 same, Shoreline Community College visit same HighTine
              12         Walker Allen                      Community College visit thanks for gift to Evergreen
              11         Judy Huntley                      thanks for graduation planning- prepare planning pack.
              12         Wm. Laidlaw                       thanks for graduation planning
              13         Byron Youtz                      congrats on new position as President of Whatcom Colle'
              13         Steve McGehee                    decision made by faculty on cirricular matters personal
              13         Hardesty/Johnson                  RMI & MOuntain sickness study Cooley Scholarship
              13         Les Eldridge                      Thanks for stock donation to college concerns of reduced
              14         Charles Eberhardt                 instruction program due to funding; Converstion with Ray
              15         Joe Buchanan                      Gillespie
              14         Bob Filmer                        consideration for external credit explained
              14         Pat Wilkins                       Coordination of Performing Arts Events response to
              14         Nesbitt et aT                     request for speech text of Evans' same
              15         Sam Reed                          lack of funding for internships decline invitation to
              15         Paul Thomas                       speak at Honor Society Super Saturday comments
              15         Ted Mahr                          response to comments re Graduation letter to applicant
              15         Pat Wellon                        - referred to Rita Cooper
              15         T. Evans Wyckoff                  arrangements to settle student dispute with faculty Cost
              15         Nancy Francis                     estimate of organic farmhouse
              15         Valeta Calcote                    Alexander Zinchuk
              15         David Larsen                      oes
              15         Dean Clabaugh                    thanks for excellent job done by Coast Guard ~ cover for
              15         Byron Youtz                      Wyckoff letter re Super Saturday Preparedness Ag.
              15         Jack Brubb                       recomendation for Howard McGee Potential reduction
              15         Stenberg/Annis                   inforce
              14         Sec. Manage. Div. Fed.            thanks for efforts re graduation thanks for time devoted
              15         Calambokidis/Cubbage              to Super Saturaday same
              18         John Schuminski          Christine Kerlin same
              18         Vickie Mikota                     comments on article by Chancellor Dumke thanks for
              18         Judy Lindlauf                     efforts with community colleges thanks for support of
              18         Karen Johnson/                    college and participation letter to applicant - referred
              18         Wally Elridge                     to Humphreys letter re channels for property tax relief
              18         Dave Carnahan                     share YACC project with Dr. Youtz
              18         Chuck Fowler               et aT thanks for expression of sympathy at Dad's death

Month/Date   Recipient June (Cont)

pleased to serve as reference for you thanks for efforts for "Tuesdays at Eight" same same same same letter to
applicant - referred to same - referred to Humphreys thanks for investigation of Ranier accident
     25        Maureen Pierre
     25        Wayne Hertz
     25        Sherman Huff me
     25        Bro. Ronald Hurst
     25        Dr. Jess Spielholz
     25        Wendell Allen
     25        James Devine
     25        John C. HelTer
     25        Dee Molennar
     25        George Senner
     25        Ed LcChapelle
     25        James Woodward
     25        Steve Herman
     25        Paul Conrad
     25        J.S. PRichard
     25        Glenna Gaylord
     25        Penny Spute
     25        J. W. Peltason
     25        Ann Brown
     27        Wm. Briggle
     27        Rebecca Gipson
     27        Charna Klein
     28        Deans/ Youtz & Allen

      3        Cathleen Carr             response to request for hearing Board
      8        Paul March                reflections on conference on Asian S tudies
      9        Irene Kaufman             letter to interested applicant - Humphreys
     10        Madeline Green            acceptance of Dr. Kaufman as ACE fellowship
     10        Steven Lange              letter to past student of TESC
     10        Mary Downing              letter to parent of deceased student
     10        Dr. Edith Kaufman         welcome to Evergreen - tentative appointment
     10        Pauline Hillaire          letter to alum re Evergreen degree problems
     10        Rachel Camp               letter to parent of prospective student
     11        Exempt Staff              SAlary increases
     11        All Evergreeners          Section 504, Fed. Rehab. Act
     11        Frank Thompson            letter to person who hit Evans car w hile parked
     11        Mike Bieglow              Request for Reserves
     17        James Chenfield           acknowledge join. Business Advisory Bd.
     17        Keating/Reidy             concerns re summer hours
     17        Henry Sandstrom           Ack. joining Business Advisory Committee
     17        Tom Black                 same
     17        Diane Robertson           letter of sympathy at death of husb and
     17        M/M Charles Robertson     same       death of son
     23        MIN R. Scheuer            thanks for contribution to TESC
     23        Samuel Kaplan             same
     24        Gail Norris               off-campus inventory
     25        Marlene Zendell           Displaced Homemaker Pilot Program
     25        Louis Ewald               Official portrait
     25        Larry Stenberg            Super Saturday Report and Handbook
     25        Larry Stenberg et al      Super Sat. II planning
     25        Arnaldo Rodriquez         re contact with prospective stdent.
     25        Frank Keegan              response to inquiry about Higher Ed in Washington
                                                                                  Eldridge & ClabaughL
                                          inqury repsone to presentation bn Labortory
                                          campus tour during visit unable to attend Northwest FEE seminar
                                          response to alumni newsletter response to inquiry re graduate program
                                          paying member of Amer. Council on Education Staff representativ~'~~Gn
                                          Bd of Trustees Student researchers plan for use of Mt. Ranier response
                                          to letter re late evaluation of student letter to ~pplicant -~ refr
                                          to Humphreys Late faculty evaluations
                           growth mangement

Month/Date        Recipient                    Subject

July (Cont)
     25           Elliot Marks            acceptance of committee comittment - Nature Conservanc~
     25           Dave Gallagher'         thanks for wood schulpture for Halverson retirement
     25           Mary MacClellan         request for repayment of $300 loan
     25           Orin Smith              1978-79 allotment request enclosed
     26           Raleigh Watts           response to request for copy of speech
     26           Maynard Miller          re Ed Shays visit
     26           Wallace Miller          regarding position for Ken Black at TESC
     26           Tommy Clarence Jones    response to letter to Former Gov..
     26           Richard Dollarhide      letter to legislative friend
     26           George Bush             letter to presidential hopeful candidate
     26           Connie Kerney et al     invitation to Clark County employees to takepart in pr'
     26           Will Humphreys          Carver Gayton as graduate faculty?
     26           Robert Stauffer         Joint efforts with Ft. Steilacoom CC
     26           Wes Berglund            Action Plan Outline enclosed - please return
     26           Tom Juarez              recommendation for Donna Hayes
     26           Carver Gayton           invitation to talk to deans re grad. faculty needs
     27           Duke Kuehn              Laura Arnone' 5 paper on info flow at TESC
     27           L.J. Kirchoff           budget for fire protection at TESC
     28           Mayor Jim Justin        Vancouver employees who might take management program
     30           Kenneth Binkley         letter to student requesting readmission
     30           Aikin/Cooper            Foundation support for development ofc.
     30           Byron Youtz             questionare distribution poli cy
     30           Clark Kerr              letter to friend
     30           Jack Peltason           Business-Highe? Ed.. Forum grantors
     30           Bob deLaubenfels        Concerns about Evergreen's future
     30           Rita Cooper             Ten-Yr. Service recognition
     30           Douglas Canning         problems we face on budgetary cutbacks
     30           Robert Deal             merger of elements due to budget cuts
     30           Bob Sluss               a simular letter as above
     30           Christine Schwennesen   same re loss of Dr. Jerry Cook due to budget cuts
     30           Carol Dean              same
     30           Michael Beug            contract support for ECOP lab
     30           Pobert Scarff           pleased you joined TESG Business Advisory Committee
     30           Dwight Call             same
     30           Lamont McDonald         same
     30           Cornell Archie          same
     30           Marty Wilson            outline of plans for TESC curriculum & teacher certici.
     30           Sam Card, Jr.           letter to prospective student
     30           Al Saunders             letter to ailing former trustees
     30-          Gordon Butterfield      letter to interested applicant
     30           Cruz Esquivel           letter to past student
     31           Guy Adams               re alum on Public Admin. Advisory committee at TESC
     31           Don Schussler           unable to accept invite to speak
     31           David Paget             support of TESC of new Chamber of Commerce bldg.
     31           Deans & Directors       Rescheduled Reaccreditation vitis
     31           Robert Godwin           letter re part-time study at TESC


              2         Bruce Satta             letter to autograph collector
              2         Duke Kuehn              notes on CC visitation Effort report
              2         Georgette Valle         congrats on fine speech, alternatives for Wash. progra cover
              2         Will Humphreys          letter for Elliot Richardson's interest in employ

Month/Date     Recipient                      Subject

August Cont.
      2        Robert Tenney             interest in "early days of TESC" memorabilia as exhibit:
      2        B. Smith/ M. Bigelow      Fort Warden for planning retreat
      2        Elliot Richardson         suggested dates for Phil Barringer visit to TESC
      3        Charles Allison           Contract relations with McLane Fire Dept & TESC
      3        Prof. Mitsuo Kodama       why missed Dr. Sakuyama '5 visit to Olympia
      3        To Whom it May Concern      introduction of Susan Aurand as employee of TESC
      3        Cathleen Carr             comments on petition
      3        Chris Meserve             information system for alum
      6        Charles Kincaid           interest inaward of merit grants in communications fiek
      6        Dave Wailbom              investigate complaint of misuse of campus car
      8        Charles Fauls             scheduling of hearing for past student
     13        All Evergreeners          summer working hours
     13        Mary Ellen Lewis          acknowledge resignation of staff member and alum
     14        Jean Jacob                request to finish job and at what salary
     14        Trustees                  reminder of Board meeting date
     15        Will Humphreys            unable to speak to Thurs. morn group in Port Angeles
     15        James Karkins             letter to interested applicant - Humphreys
     20        Isabel Lamb               thanks for joining TESC Business Advisory committee
     20        Paul McBride              unable to speak at chamber meeting
     21        Lee Anne Wynder           letter to Miss Thurston County winner in interested stui
     21        Leroy Christianson        acknowledge of invest. of campus car misuse
     21        Patt Sutton               support & endorser of non-partisan candidate
     22        Lowell Lueptow            accept assoc. membership of Cancer Society
     22        Richard McKinnon          interest in develop programs for foreign students & fac
     22        Stafford Hansell          decline chair for common cause
     23        Harold Lloyd              Dave Wailbom serve as designee re passenger veb.
     23        Harry Lewis               personal note
     23        Mrs. Norwood Cunningham   death of husband, former Representataive
     23        M/M Fletcher Byrom        personal note
     23        Terryl Hackett            unable to attend Eagle Scout awards
     23        Scott A. Cox              decline offer to publish and distribute book
     23        Vinson Givens             decline invite to participate in Nat. Awards Program oF
                                         distinguished American Hi Sch. Students
                                         decline endorsement on Pacific Northwest Trail
                                         re problems created by budget cutback
                                         announcement of first annual inst~:-~te of Foundation
                                         request head "Century Club"
                                         request to head " President's Club"
                                         current and projected activities in Peirce County area
                                         Virginia Saibel request
                                         re memo to Rita Cooper re resumes for 2 new coaches
                                         letter of sympathy at death of husband
                                         Proposal for leasing rodm for recruitment
                                         accept responsibility as Facult Rep for Athletics to NK
                                         endorse invitation of Cane Cable adressing seminar
                                         Agreements with Commtinity Colleges
                                         Possible Keystone relationship
                                         Th-ird World recruiting videotape
                                         Dr. Goeffrey Cornog materials
                                         Suggested names for Pub. Adm. Adv.
                                         Kill-Knowlton materials
                                         thanks for note of appreciation of my doing a good job
                                         Marketing and recruiting efforts
                                         Don Johns' interest
                                         A student of interest
     27        Ronald Strickland
     27        Thomas Stierhoff
     27        Leg. etc
     27        Walter Howe, Jr.
     27        Fred Haley
     28        Humphreys et al
     28        Dean Clabaugh
     28        Will Humphreys
     28        Mrs. Wayne Hall
     28        Dean Calbaugh
     28        Dr. Rudy Martin
     28        Naoki Nakano
     28        Byron Youtz
     28        Youtz & Deans
     28        April West
     29        Guy Adams
     29        Guy Adams
     29        Duke Kuehn
     29        Steven Christiansen
     29        Howard Gray, Jr.
     29        Will Humphreys
     29        Youtz/Eldridge

Month/Date     Recipient August Cont.

              29      David Broder        September
             29       Clabaugh?Youtz            letter to friend after attending Keystone oncference
              29      Hurley, Atkins &          Vancouver acquisitions recommendation
              30      Will Humphreys      Stewart cancellation of insurance - conflict of interests Academic
              30      James Walters              credit for pilots with various licenses reasons for official
              30      Clabaugh/ Wallbom          transcript
              30      John Sawhill              Relocation of AG office
              30      C.C. Bidridge             exchange of ideas between simular programed colleges enc.
              31      Virginia Saibel           article of faculty, Stephanie Coontz, higher Ed. use of ~rnard
              31      Arnaldo Rodriguez         Saibel Memorial Fund
              31      D. Clabaugh               Admissions Counselor candidate Northwest Assoc.. of Schools
              31      Washburn et aT            and Colleges Statement Saibel Memorial Fund
              31      Nancy Evans               Reaccreditation visit to Evergreen entertainment co-chair
              31      Stenberg/ Annis           Super Sat. II

               4     Dean Clabaugh            17        Duke Kuehn
               4     F.W. Steckmest           Study of Financial & Educational trends in Pub. Higher letter to
               4     Earl Epps                fellow Keystone member
               4     Frank Adams              response to request to be involved in Ph.D study refund policy,
               4     Dr. John Minter          quarter dates, caLalogue end. accept invite to serve as sample
               5     Terreance Wold           inst. Study of Organ. & Manage. of Wa St., Data Process Res.
               5     Arnaldo Rodriquez        commentary on the draft Mkt. Plan for next year Cathi Carr
               6     Trustees                 Petition
               7     Connie Kearney et aT     outreach efforts at Clark County Courthouse Unable to add to
               7     Don Miles                committments
               7     Mayor Jim Justin         career develop. efforts at Vancouver City Hall letter to student
              10     Chris Resnik             re.petition
              11     Gail Norris              proposal to introduce graduate studies at Evergreen samples for
              11     Bob Banyon               President's stationery order article from Daily 0 re swimming
              11     Bob Flowers              coach letter to interested student thanks for efforts re faculty
              12     John Van Arsdel          letter to encourage scout relocation of CPE invitation to serve
              12     Larry Eickstaedt         on PL~lic response to request for Alums Off campus school re
              12     Bruce Keck               status of GIAC VP discuss item plans and info re beginning a
              12     Byron Youtz et aT        advising system
              12     Stan Marshburn
              12     F~ank Greif
              12     Byron Youtz              Adm. Advisory committee to serve on Pub. Adm. Adv
              12     Catherine H. Troeh
              12     Byron Youtz
              12     Evergreeners
              13     Jane Pugel               new school year
              13     Herbert Gelman           unable to participate in celebration Welcome to Board of Trustees
              13     Trustees                 agenda for Board meeting
                              Pr ice
                      ~alnean~r~ e y vester   ~oeas~~ a ~ ~ ~udve.t oComsc ~ne~u ~r1~~o/~ accept invite to give
              17      Virginia Nielson        keynote to First Citizen Award acknowledge neeting with Ft.
              17      Robert Stauffer         Steilacoom re working toget date to get together £or grad program
              17      Brewster Denny          planning
              17      Josephine Mosney        L. Stenberg will serve on Intercollege Relation Commiss:
              17      Tim Hawley              letter to~prospective student re problems with delayed diplomas
              17      Stenberg/Allen          re Day Care problems

        Month/Date         Recipient
     September cont

           17        Sally Cloninger           28            Donald Kraft
           17        Will Humphreys            28            Harriet Oliveri et al
           17        Bigelow                   28            Hon. Cecil Andrus
           17        Paul McBride              28            Ralph Seeley
           18        Reade D. Hulburd          28            Clabaugh/Youtz
           18        Marilyn Erickson et al    28            Rita
           19        James Dolliver            29            Robert Redford
           19        Joseph Detweiler         re reading scripts from student by P. Miletich, writer report for J. Sylvester re modular
           19        Duke Kuehn               approach to economic:
           19        Dean Clabaugh            re reserves for President's Ofc.
           19        Byron Youtz et al        re honorarium for speaking to group letter to Eagle Scout
           19        Vancouver Advisory Bd    invite to serve on Unsoeld Memorial Committee cover to letter from KCTS
           19        Dorothy Stewart          re why diploma was not delivered
           19        Bob Williams             any recommendation of draft letter to Alberta Culp? Bill Mertena Article: A Legal Quirk
           20        Barbara Cooley           Invitation to communications conference Dorothy Stewart Letter
           20        Cathleen Carr            thank you for letter of concern re Vancouver Program thanks for assistance
           20        All Evergreeners         personal note
           20        Douglas Thatcher         decision not to formally review case by Bd. of Trustees Speakers' Bureau
           21        Trustees                 letter to receipient of Eagle Award invitation to reception
           24        Lois Berg et al          selection of Editor/Bus. Mgr for CPJ
           24        Ken Baisley              meet with Bd of Publication as resource person? Finishing dates for catalog
           25        Judy Annis               interest in community development & Planning Proposals for University Research
           25        Willa Mylroie            letter of recommendation for Denis Curry acknowledge pledge completion
           25        Byron Youtz              re dificulties with job. clarification with letter to prospective student
           25        Milosh Popovich          re assistance for book project
           25        Dean Clabaugh            re problems of dog in rental unit
           25        Ralph Larson             letter to retiring business associate and response to request for biographical info State of
           25        Eileen Durfee            the College message
           25        Jo Ann Roe               re activities during trustee visit to Lonview academic leave and responsiblity thereto
           25        George Fliflet           letter of recommendation for Duke Kuehn endorsement of SJR 110
           25        William Leckenby         evaluation for Dr. Paul Olscamp
           25        Russell Hoffer           unable to attend retireme~t dinner
           26        Staff                    contact United Way office, make arrange. for materials re comment from WSU advisor
           26        Herb et al               response to student at WSU re advisors comment re TESC Bernard Saibel Memorial Fund
           27        Ed Kormondy              act on redesignation of Saibel Mem. Fund in Oct.
           27        Theodore Johannis        response to bill presented for services not quite delivE assessment of historical decisions
           27        Marilyn Knight           by our government
           27        Robert Fernald           re article from PARRDE mag.
           27        Clayton Sturgis          re request for Public Relations position
           26        RIta                     UCN
           28        Glenn Terrell            sharing ofc. responsibilities, organization etc response to natural resource institute idea
           28        Ted Fick                 Dept. of Gam~
           28        Sue Washburn             public servant on Evans
           28        Virginia Saibel







   15          John McKibbin       welcome to TESC Foundation Board of Governors
              Rocco Siciliano
              Ellis Dunn
              Helen Dygert
              Larry Hobbs
              Ron Coffey
              Susan Hansen

              Michael Hall

              Tom Juarez

              Debbie Creveling
              Russ Hauge
              Molly Phillips
              Chris Meserve
              Bob Butts
              Lee Riback
              Doug Ellis
              J.P. Jones
              Mike Stanton
              Hattie Woodruff
              Eleanor Siegal
              Will Humphreys
              Les Eldridge
              Margaret McDaniel
              Jennifer Rich
              James Rocheleau
              Carnegie Council
              Richard Kirk
              Robert Schmidt
              Elizabeth Miller
               E. J. McWilliams:
              Louis Reis
              Rindetta Stewart
              Byron Youtz
              Will Humphreys
              Jerry Chapman
              Dean Clabaugh
              Rita Cooper
              Dean Clabaugh
              Dean Clabaugh
              Walker Allen
              Les Eldridge
              Diana Gale
                                   accept advisorship on Exec. Offc of the President invitation to attend~Bd of T. mt. at Vancouver
                                   samealso sent to John Lee, Ron Morrison, Dean Mosier same also sent to Suzanne Mulligan, Joann
                                   Peekema same also sent to R. Strong, R.A. Jones, J. Justin congrats Bd of Dir. TESC Alumni, same
                                   to Anne Fuqua, Jill Fleming, Joe Dear, Bob Crocker, Grant Bunker, George Barner Terry Oliver,
                                   Kevin Phillips, R. Ray Scott Salzer, Shelly Sullens,,Joyce Weston, thanks for job done on Alum
                                   Assoc Bd. same to Vern Justice, Kerry KIockner, Dale Martin, Pat Pearson, John Praggestis, Eleanore
                                   Price, Ellen Sogge, K. StevenL Karen Wallis, Edward Willert, Tom Juarez, Congrats on re election to
                                   Alum Bd. same to B. Milbrathi Gary Mozell, Andy Ryan, Pat Foster, thanks for job on Found. Bd.of
                                   Gov. & Alum Assoc. congrats on elect. as treas. of Alum Assoc. thanks for job as treas of Alum
                                   Assoc. congrats on election as secretary to Alum Assoc. thanks for job as Vice Pres. of Alum Assoc.
                                   congrats on elect. as VP of Alum Assoc. thanks for job as Sec'y of Alum Assoc. thanks fo job as 2nd
                                   VP of Alub Assoc. letter of indroduction for E. Cokke and A. Orleck suggestion that report look
                                   ahead to 1980 letter of recommendation for Norward Brooks outline needed for letter of
                                   recommendation release of funds for Evergreen 38
                                   information ofn transportation planning assistance for Dr. Stanislaw Eile, polish lecturer form of
                          response to leg. on CPE changes congrats as scholarship recipient
                          letter to interested applicant
                          expenses for Oct 4-6 meeting in Rhode Island re Evergreen and FarEast program
                          reBink Memorial
                          congrats to semifinalist in Natl. Merit Scholar. comp. Thanks for support thru Fidelity Sav. Bk
                          Scholarships demographic trends chart re speech
                          legal notice re leave status
                          social life on campus for young students
                          TESC students as aides for International Trade fair suggestions for Port Angeles Advisory Bd.
                          re suggestions of investing at todays prices for future re letter from Jerry~chapman
                          be resp. for United Good Neighbor Drive? financial resp. of governing Bds
                          re letter to Rindy re~leave re diploma selection
                          problems integrating resource people from Hetitage Prog appointmeht to talke over disertation

Month/Date          Recipient                Subject

October Cont

               15        Jane Sylvester        22           Frank Motley
               15        Robert Ingersoll      22           Rudy Martin
               15        Duke Kuehn            22          - Peta Henderson
               15        Sonja Brown           22           Dave Carnahan
               15        Maxine Minns          22           Suzanne Mulligan
               15        Clabaugh              22           Matthew Deller
               12        Arnaldo Rodriguez     23           Steve Charak
               16        Gail Norris           23           Jerome Farris
               17        Bob Carr              23           Gail Martin
               17        Glenn Terrell         23           Budgetary Unit Heads
               17        Barbara Cooley        24           Claudia White
               17        Byron.Youtz          copy of marketing plan
               17        Gisela Taber         Japan United States Friendship Commission meet. date. publishing advance schedule
               17        Rich Montecucco      unable to furnish speeh text welcome as faculty rep. to Bd. of Trustees proposal on parking
               17        Eleanor Siegal       fee increases grad, Harry Speer as recruitment aide Displaced Homemaker Program
               17        Alexander Simis      Organizational chart re to recreation & athletics
               18        Richard McLean       re student report that faculty at WSU disclaimed TESC Secretarial support
               18        Clabaugh et al       Request from Koenninger & Little re cable TV report on Comparable Worth
               18        Robert Hollister     Willie Jackson 10-8-79 memo VA problem acknowledge worth of The Little School
               18        Jane Sylvester       decline invite as political commentator for KAYO thanks for gift to TESC
               18        Robert Flowers       ready for reaccreditation team - reception per~ission for R. Cooper to access retirement
               18        James Remis          acct. report on Vancouver Board Meeting
               18        Michael Hester       results of Vancouver public relations re Bd Mtg. invitation to dessert - evaluation
               19        Ed Kormondy          committee confirm appointment as KAOS advisory Bd member same to Al Saari, Robert
                         Mary Stevenson       Sellers sabbatical financial arrangements member of President's club
               19        Duke Juehn et al     task and timing charts-for Bd of Trustees Baile Memorial Boys Ranch Ratification of
               19        Duke Kuehn           conversations The Evergreen Foundation
               19        Dean Claubaugh       availability of publications of Carnegie Comm & council. Authorization for transfer of
               19        Youtz/Smith          funds
               19        Youtz et al          re communications confereance Graduate program meet;[ng
               19        Barbara Smith        Region at the Crossroads - perhaps further ideas of in alternative to use of Pres. Fund for
               19        Edmund G. Ryan       refreshments TESC participate in WSLGA student loan program United Way campaign
               19        Byron Youtz          congrats to CPJ on first-rate edition utilization of the seimming pool conver for above letter
               19        James Thebaut        effective inventory control for library & equipment how The Cost of Living Index is put
               19        Dean Clabaugh        together? thanks for participation of Bd of Trustees as fac. rep. willing to serve of Seed
               17        Carl Donovan         Grant Review Board?
               22        All Evergreeners     same to Bob Bluss, Dave Gallagher, Richard Brian response to self-evaluation
               22        Larry Stjllwell      re off-campus coordinator to be added to staff re late evaluation, letter to student thanks for
               22        Judith Olmstead      willingness to serve on Campus Hear. Bd. congrats pn new post in Appelate court Request
               22        Pete Steilberg       for funds for Information days Enrollment Reserve
               22        Byron Youtz          re receiving complete set of pubs. from Carnegie Com &

Month/Date    Recipient OCTOBER Cont

             24       Jeanne Brockmann     1       Gail Norris
                      Dear Friend          2       Hon. B. Goltz
             24       Hear. Bd. Mbrs       2       Will Humphreys et al
             24       Faul/Allen Hearing   2       Rita Cooper
             25       Nelson/Darling       5       Herb Hadley
             25       Jon Cruz             5       Bryan Downes
             25       Will Humphreys       7       Budgetary Unit Heads
             25       Walker Allen         TESC abstract of Wash. St. CPE report letter soliciting funds
             25       Ho. Al Bauer         Faul/Allen Hearing
             25       Kenneth Brown        Witnesses and alternatie mambers thanks for work with VEG - also
             25       Takasuke Suenaga     Phillipson congrat on grant award from Am. Sociol. Assoc. Ed.
             25       Byron Youtz          Television consortius, Vancouver, Washington Confirmation of
             25       Ann Turner           enrollment statistics willing to serve of Evergreen-Vancouver
             25       David Broder         Advisory Bd. re enrollment from 1967 to 1970
             25       Sonya Rogers         re Richard Alexander's visit to Japan Incomplete fac. evaluations
             25       Byron Youtz          & lack of response to reque thanks for welcome of Bd of T. at
             25       Herbert Gelman       Vancouver personal note
             29       Susan Mejer          unable to attend Halloween program response to goals set by
             29       Trustees             Trustees for institution goals and president's evaluation
             29       Dean & Dir.          commentary invitation to serve on VEG, same to D. Robinso~, Mandeb
             29       Robert Lyon          Cathi Carr hearing
             29       Hon. Barney Goltz    Nov. 1 meeting notice
             29       Donnagene Ward       your organization provide in-service opport. to teacher
             30       William Milliken     remodeling women's gym
             30       Glen Terrell et al   handwritten note
             30       Russ Lidman          decline invitation ~o participate in Denter Bd of Adv. items for
             30       Rhomas Langevin      discussion at COP mtg.
             30       Herbert Hadley       support for initiative 62, but unable to be auditable unable to
             30       Sue Washburn         accept position on committee
             30                            re correspondence with Cowlitz County Bd of Realtors Forum Club
             30                            of Houston report
             31                            Annual report to CPE 1979 creating coalition for cooperation
             31                            unable to accept invitation to speak how light are changes in
             31                            parking lot Draft ltr. to Pub. Adm. Advisory committee
             31                            problems related to servingon Stanford Sch. of Busines. re
             31                            request for "House sitters"
             31                            Request from Wes Estes for "house sitter
             Nancy Carison
                       Milt Bosell
             Will Humphreys                Your proposals for potential projects listing Rita Cooper at
             Robert Jaedicke               institution Affirmative Action Replacement on Human Subjects
             Wesley Estes                  Review Board Redecorating President's office
             Laura Thomas                  obtaining Carnegie pub1ic~tions currently in print Draft reg. for
                         November          Wash. St. Ed. Services Reg. Act 1979 summary of report to CPE on
             1       Barbara Smith         TESC
             1       Marilyn Akita         Secretarial support Title IX Compliance Officer
             1       Byron Youtz           being brought up to date on Ken Binkley letter of recommendation
             1       Dave Walibom          for Lowell Kuehn7 Enrollment Reserve
             1       Claudia White

Month/Date    Recipient                    Subject


             Sharon Martin            letter to interested applicant
             Jullian Parks             letter to interested student
             Judy Annis               Logo consistency
             Will Humphreys           Orientation session for Vancouver & Pt. Angeles Adv. Bd
             Michael Griggs           use of campus recording equipment
             Susanne Mygatt Wakefield assistance to hi schs about Evergreen program
             Dean Clabaugh            Request for information for President Potter
             Tom Foote                Concerns over performing art center
              Ken Jacobsen               employee-member named to Bd of Dir. of REI
              Hon. Dan Grimm             invitation to have lunch with faculty & student reps.
              Tom Koeninger              providing cable TV in Clark County
              James Bemis                exit interview of accreditation team
              Byron Youtz                Study of Ramapo
              Byron Youtz                Ed. TV Consortium Representation
              Clabaugh et al             Nov. 13 weekly discuss mtg.
              Arnaldo Rodriquez          Dr. Wakefield letter
              Charles Fauls              Campus Hearing Bd. decision
              Richard Ford               letter of introduction for Bob Filmer
              Doris Cooper               endorsement of Judy Annis for Superior Perform. Award
              Mike Bieglow               Request from reserves
              Pat Kelly                  unable to accept invitation to speak
              Stanford University        confidential evaluation form for Bill Hicks
              William Murray             cable TV for Adult Ed for Vancouver area
              DFT on Marine Facilities   development of Marine facilities for TESC
              Robert Jaedicke            acceptance of membership to Adv. Council to
              George Potter              outline of campus and facilities for sister
              Sandra Simon                thanks for job on Pub Board
              Lois Berg                  same
              Paul Marsh-                same
              Ronald Hoffman              letter to interested applicant
              Mohammad Habib              same
              James Smith                 same
              Lolita R. Knight            same
              Mike Bigelow               responsibility for Athletic Bd?
              Carla Black                 invitation as member of Athletic Advisory Board
              Larry Eickstaedt           same also to Dwight Noll, Kris Robinson,
              Mary Kalihi                same also to Robert Kim, Rudy Martin, Pete Steilberg
              Barbara Fricke             same
              Dean Clabaugh              Jane Sylvester request - exempt officials resume Monthly budget & expend.
                                          summary graph
                                         Draft memo re reorganization Marion Oppeit letter baccalaureate program
                                         for nursing at TESC letter to student soon to graduate TESC image and
                                         the 0lympia~School Board Membership on Athletic Adv. Bd. Recruiting plan
                                         for minority students Saul & Dayee Hass Foundation grant request Outreach
                                         with Tektronix in Vancouver Outreach in Vancouver same
                                         Evergreen 38 same
                                                                                             Grad Sch. college
              Byron Youtz
              Will Humphreys
              Marion Oppelt
              Karen Kramer
              Wallace Fisher
              Evergreen Council
              Arnaldo Rodriguez
              Charles Kincaid
              James Sayer
              Ardis Bound
              James Doub
              Louis Larsen
              Jerry Husted
              Tedrowe Watkins
              John Condon

Month/Date    Recipient Nov. Cont

             20       Carl Sutter                   28           Steve Murdock                                  additions to Board
             20       Walker Allen                  30           Greetings                                      roster invitation as
             20       Youtz et al                   30           Judy Annis                                     member of Athletic
             21       Hon. Dixy Lee Ray             30           Budget Unit Heads                              Adv. Bd. same
             21       Trustees                      3o           Mr. Forry                                      Eagle Award receipent
             21       Youtz                                                                                     same
             23       Budgetary Unit heads                                                                      President's message -
             26       Jo Ann Charles         December                                                           comparison flyer Board
             26       Robert Drake           America's Cup and Evergreen 38 Robert J. Drake letter - problem    of Publications
             28       Athletic Adv. Bd.      Need to work on role and mission TESC Capital budget request       Reorganization plan
             28       Brian Johnson          re supplemental budget documents external credit for Bill Paris,   football coach volunteer
             28       Barbara Wooten         business degree Enrollment Reserves                                         statement
             28       Doug Barnard           letter to student with problem tuition and fee payment problems    letter to student

              3       George Beckmann               12        Pippa Coiley
              4       Dee Holder                    12        Phup Phibbs
              4       Dean Thornton                 12        George Kinnear
              4       Wm. Paris                     12        Dwight Noll
              5       ~iomas Gray                   12        Jay Porter
              6       Whitney Deschner              inaugual activities for Pres. Gerberding expense for Carnegie
              6       Dave Meharg                   Fdn for Adv. of Teaching trip Evergreen 100 club letters also
              6       Charles Kincaid               President's Club Lette External Credit Program
              7       Carin Christian               letter to interested applicant problems for report of "no credit"
             10       Barbara Smith                 - resolved Willi Unsoeld tape and slides presentation
             10       Slade Gordon                  acknowledgement of Saul Haas Foundation award program letter to
             11       Arnaldo Rodriguez             interested applicant Marketing position
             11       Youtz et al                   congrats to turdkey run participant Funding for guest rentals
             11       Allen/ Rodriguez              cancell of mtg on Fisheries' biologist position Nov. 16 memo:
             11       Richard Sorenson              specia1~students title of address to Western Deans conference
             11       Lois Pearson                  public service announcement on Ch. 5 for TESC laboratory building
             11       Burt Guttman                  access Aerospace/Aviation Ed workshop Eliot Bartlett letter
             11       Donnagene Ward                assistance with recruitment inNew England area condolence at
             11       Arnaldo Rodriguez             death of young daughter
             11       Eliot Bartlett                Ed radio service for Grays County
             11       M/M Carl Major                decline service on Bd of Director of private co. same
             11       Sue WAshburn                  acknowledge TESC as eonference site letter to parent of student
             11       William Nicolai               re housing recommendation for Johnn'ie Harris Presidents 100
             11       Jerry J Horn                  Club welcome - several Thanks for Evergreen Council job well done
             11       Bob Nelson                    same
             11       5. E. Heymann                 explanation of missed concert Thanks for your support to
             11       Marianne Jolley               Evergreen Thanks for contribution to athletic fund welcome to
             11       Patricia Griffith             President's Club
             12       Rachel Katz

Month/Date      Recipient                       Subject

                                                    Dec. cont.
     13        Dave Mehaug                 thansk for tapes and slides of Willi Unsoeld
     13         Harry Speer                Evergreen 38 project redesign
     13         Lovelace Owusu-Asante      international student admission & fina~cia1 provisions
     13        Mary Lou Block              letter to high school counselor about TESC opportunitie
     13         K.K. Marker                letter to parent of previous student
     13         Rita Cooper                Director of College Relations search
     13         Barbara Smith              Proposed conference on alternative education
     13         Bruce Baker                acceptance of speaking engagement
     13         Josef Cray                 same
     13         Ernest Boyer               recommendation for direction of Carnie Foundation
     13         Dir. of College Rel. Com    proceedure to follow for selection
     14         David L. Keller            letter to previous student
     14         Sue Washburn               Acknowledgement letters to Foundation donors
     14         Larry Stenberg             marketing tasks
     14         Rita Cooper                Mary Isabell's letter
     14         Burt Guttman               Position paper on teaching problems in SKI
     14         Ruben Marti                letter to interested applicant - refered to Humphreys
     14         Michael McTeague           request of grant for develop. simulator for PLATO
     14         Michael McTeague           3 proposals for computer course development
     14         Joseph Collins             response to request for Willi Unsoeld signature
     14         Judy Annis                 Speakers Bureau as per marketing plan
     14         Les Eldridge               requests for info from Legislators & Exec. agencies
     14      Walker Allen                  Jo Ann Charles petition
     14         Byron Youtz                Converstaion with Greg Portnoff
     14         Joanne Evans               letter re opportunities with Frank Russell & Co.
     14         Ray Meredith               welcome to Evergreen 100 Club
     17         M/M Ceo. Duecy             same
     17         Debbie Fetterly            thanks for work on Christmas cards
     19         Michael Dederer            welcome t9 Evergreen 100 club
     19         James Ellis                same
     10         Byron Youtz                Recruitment of Academic Dean
     19         Trustees                   meetings of interest to trustees
     20         Arnaldo Rodriguez          Admissions open House
     21         Rita Cooper                Process for hiring the Dir. of College Relations

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