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									LETTERBOOK INDEX --1978

Month/Date       Recipient


        3                 Anne B. Speirs                                     23                     The Honorable Gary Grant
             6             Rindetta Jones                                   Membership - College Entrance Examination Board
             6             Beverly Smith, YWCA                              Provost Selection
             9             John R. Walker                                   Exec. Director opening - YWCA
             9             David Larson                                     Census Summary Tape Program
             9             Cecil Baxter, Jr., N. Seattle C.C.               External credit policy
             9             William W. Ballew, Wash. Mutual                  Regrets - Graduation speaker
             9             Martin J. Moran, Jr.                             Regrets - guest speaker
             9             V.P., Deans, & Directors                         Autographed photograph enclosure
             9                                                              Access to application files
                                                                            Summary - Procedures for Recruitment & Selection of
         10                  John Koons                                     V.P. and Provost
                                                                            Thank you - gift to Evergreen Foundation
         10                  Mr. & Mrs. George Kinnear                      Thank you - monetary contribution to Evergreen
                                                                            Invitation to attend dinner Invitation to attend dinner

        11                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dixon
        11                Mr. and Mrs. Trueman L. Schmidt                   Resource center subcommittee designate
        11                Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Meredith                     January 4 Memo - setting the record straight
        11                Mr. and Mrs. Al Saunders                          Confirmation of January meeting
        11                Paul B. Hanson, WWU                               Financial aid request
                                                                            Strike Policy Advisory Group recommendations
        10                All Faculty                                       Provost Search
        11                 Trustees                                         Provost Search
        12                 Kenneth L. Binkley                               Evergreen's Curious Enrollment Picture
        16                 Trustees                                         Staff rep. to Trustee Board Thank you - gift to
        16                Roy L. Long, Boeing                                      Foundation
        16                Dr. Blanchet, Fort Valley St. College             Thank you - gift to Evergreen
        19                Seattle Times                                     Thank you
        20                 Judy Annis                                       Regrets - banquet invitation
        23                 Dr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Rauh                        Response to refund request
                                                                            Thank you - gift to Evergreen
        23                Mr. Samuel X. Caplan                              Thank you - gift to Evergreen
        23                Lois Gottlieb                                     Thank you - gift to Evergreen
        23                Frederick L. Salinger                             Thank you - gift to Evergreen
        23                Jack D. Roush                                     Lack of representation of Spanish culture on faculty
        23                William Driscoll, The JRD Foundation              Trustees to get acquainted with faculty Contact
        23                Mr. and Mrs. Allan C. Bennett                     sources for positions Congratulations
        23                Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Nagusky
        23                Ms. Maya Miller
        23                Mariano Torres

        24                Faculty
        23                 Rindetta Jones

          Month/Date      Recipient

           23             The Honorable J.T. Quigg, Jr.         Congratuat ions
           23             The Honorable Eleanor Lee             Congratulations
           23             The Honorable Paul Connor             Congratulations
           24             The Honorable Donald C. Olson         Congratulations
           24             The Honorable Eric J. Rohrback        Congratulations
           24             The Honorable Dianne Woody            Congratulations
           24             Douglas Ekblade, KRAB-FM              Appointment confirmation -

                                                                 KA05 Radio Advisory Board
           24             The Honorable Paul Sanders            Congratulations
           24             Ms. Jeanne Werle                      Housing deposit
           24             Fred Haley                            Fvergreen Foundation Board of
           24             Walter C. Howe, Jr.                   Evergreen Foundation Board of
            24            The Honorable A. N. "Bud" Shinpoch    Congratulations
            24            The Honorable Dennis Heck             Expression of thanks
            24            Maureen Kawaoka                       Enclosure of flight fare bill
            25            Mr. and Mrs. James Stephens           Public relations for            College
            25            Jonathan Smith Stephens
            25            Mr. and Mrs. John Stout
            25            Mr. and Mrs. John Tiranoff
      .     25            Mr. and Mrs. Irving Traunfeld
            25            Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Weekly
            25            Mrs. Jacqueline Willett
            25            Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Wilson
            25            Mr. and Mrs. John Woolsey
            25            Major General and MRS. Robert Yerks
            25            Dr. and Mrs. Robert Levy              Expression of thanks
            25            Grover J. Andrew, Council of Post     Expression of regrets
                            Secondary Accreditation
            25            Mr. Max Cleland, Veterans' Admin.     Exception taken
            24            The Honorable Avery Garrett           Congratulations
            25            Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Price            Public relations for            College
            25            Mr. and Mrs. John K. Reidy            Public relations for            College
            25            Mr. and Mrs. Robert Robinson          Public relations for            College
            25            Mr. and Mrs. George Schermer          Public relations for            College
            25            Mr. and Mrs. William T. Schlick
            25            Mr. and Mrs. John Schubert            Public relations for            College
            25            Mr. and Mrs. J. Schwennesen
            25            Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shephard
            25            Robert Parrish Shephard
            25            Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Shiflett                     'I                    'I
            25            Dr. and Mrs. E. H. Short                             I'
            25            Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo F. Siani                   'I                    'I
            25            Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Sieracki
           25                                                                                   I'
                          Robin Holly Silver
.          25             Mr.and Mrs. Irving Silver
25                        Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Silverman
25                        Daniel Gory Slavin
25                        Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Slavin
25                        Robert Smith

       Month/Date           Recipient                                                         Subject

             25             Mr and Mrs. James Russell Smith            Public relations for College
             25             Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Smoot                      Public relations for College
             25             Mr. and Mrs. Werner Low
             25             Tess Koningsberger Martinez                                                       'U
             25             Mr. and Mrs. Harvey McConnell                                                'U
             25             John E. McLaughlin                                                                          I'
             25             Mrs. Ruth W. Mileson
            25              Mrs. Mary Mount
            25              Mr. and Mrs. Eusebio Mujal
            25              Mr. and Mrs. Robert Murch
            25              Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Palaia
            25              Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Palmer, Jr.                                               'U
            25              Mrs. Dolorse B. Phillips
            25              Katherine K. Preston                                                                   I'
            25              Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Garfinkle                                           U'
            25              Mr. and Mrs. James A. Grant                                                  U'
            25              Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Henoch
            25              Lanny Roger Henoch
            25              Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bernard Hogan
            25              Mr. and Mrs. George A. Horkan, Jr.
            25              Dr.    and Mrs. John Ide Ingle
       .    25              Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Jackson
            25              Mr. and Mrs. Seymor Kant
            25              Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kissman
            25              Bart Klein
            25              Mr. and Mrs. John Albert Kneipp
            25              Wendy Jo Kramer
            25              Mr. and Mrs. Roy P. Lindgren
            25              Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Christiansen
            25              Mr. and Mrs. George Christoplos
            25              Mrs     Barbara Clark
            25              Mr. and Mrs. James W. Clinton
            25              Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Currier
            25              Mr. and Mrs. Robert Davis
            25              Mrs     Ann B. Dear
            25              Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Dratch
            25              Mr. and Mrs. Vladimir Dupre
            25              Mr. and Mrs. William A. Eames
            25              Mr. and Mrs. James R. Fay
            25              Mrs. Mary H. C. Feldman
            25              Mrs. Carol Fitch
            25              Jacqueline Dee Frankfourth
            25              Mr. and Mrs. Leon Funk
            26              Dr.    Priscilla Lisicich, Institute for
                             Professional Development
            25              Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Irwin Aron
            25              Mr. and Mrs. Guy B. Baird
       .    25              Mr. and Mrs. Jennings F. Ballard
            25              Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bown
            25              Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bray
            25              Pamela J. Bretz
            25              Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Briggs




                                Letter of regret



                                Public relations for college
                                     U,    UU

                                     U,    ~U
                                       U   U?
                                     U,    U,              'U
                                     U,    U?

       Month/Date     Carroll                                                                Letter of regret
                      All Evergreeners                                                       Note of appreciation
       JANUARY        Members, Collective Bargaining & strike Policy Review DTF              Note of appreciation
       25             Adele Simmons, Hampshire College                                       Designation of Paul Marsh
       25             Dave Carnahan                                                          as chairperson at conference
       25             Phill Briscoe                                                          Response to request for transcript of talk at
       25             H. Carroll Parish, Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast                  Rotary
       25             Jane Sanders                                                           Designing costs
       27                                                                                    Letter of regret
                      James K. Pharris Genevieve Tucker, National Alliance
       27                  of Businessmen Mrs. John L. Zimicki                               Thank you - gift to Foundation
       31                        31                   Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Seward           Thank you       -     "       "         'U

       31                      31                     John S. Williams                       Thank you       " "             'U

       31                      31                     H. Martyn Owen                         Thank you             U'       ?~       'U

                               31                     Mrs. Charles Liebman                   Thank you             "            "

       31                      31                     Mr. Walter P. Tooke                    Thank you             "            U?    U,

                      .          31                   JanetHolmes                            Letter of good will
       31             31                              Mr. & Mrs. Al Saunders                 Letter of good will
       31             31                              Trustees, Former Trustees, & Spouses   Note of confirmation
                      31                              Dr. Angelo Pellegrini                  Recognition of offer
       31             31                              The Reverend Dr. Samuel McKinney       Letter of regret
       Recipient      31                              Karen Kramer                           Recognition of offer
                      31                              John H. Turner                         Formation of Circle K Club
       Mr. and Mrs.   31                              Mrs. Roger D. Camp                     Letter of invitation
       Leo Brown      Subject                                                                Evergreen
       Mrs. Betty
       Calambokidi    Public relations for college
                         U,           ?~             ?U    U,
                         U?                          ?,
       Mr. and Mrs.      U,                                U?
       Canty          Fund raising from private sources Charge to the DTF
       Mrs. Barbara

        Month/Date         Recipient                                         10                     Stephen      Farber,     National
                                                                                                      Governors' Association
        FEBRUARY                                                        Subject
           1               Anne Lunt
           1               Dr. David C. Barry
           1               Karen Strathdee                              Childhood reminiscences
           1               Maribeth Morris                              Thanks for letter of encouragement
                                                                        Thanks for Christmas letter
            1              Bea Babcock                                  Thank you for verses of Ivan and Abdul Thank you for
            1              Elliot Marks - Nature Conservancy            computer calendars Fnvironmental project
            1              Leasa Burch and Classmates
                                                                        Thank you for Christmas program invitation
            1              John Walker                                  Thanks for demographic info.
            1              Petrina L. Walker                            VA's policy
            2              Douglas Thatcher                             Eagle Scout rank
            3              Paul C. Bender                               Exec. Order 78-01
            3              The Honorable Frank Warnke                   Congratulations
                                                                        Recommendation for employment
            3              Bob Strecker                                 Proposed academic study trip to China
            3              Henry N. Jackson                             Thanks for Wash. Post enclosure & note
            3              Warren G. Magnuson                           Conf. of College Admissions Counselors
            2              Arnaldo Rodriguez                            Prof. leave application of Ed Kormondy
            3              Kirk Thompson                                Summary of VA controversy
            5                    9                                      Letter acknowledgement
                                                                        Letter of regret
            6              Mariano Torres
            7              Ms. Maurita Smyth-Pack                       Letter of regret - commencement speake~

                              Black Hills Audubon Chapter               American K-2 Expedition
            8              Misses Greta Clutcher & Kathy Hatley         Student contribution to Foundation
            8              Willi Unsoeld                                Jeremy Robertson
            8              Mrs. Jane Sylvester                          Letter of acknowledgement
            8              Glenn Terrell                                Letter of acknowledgement
            8              Antonio Garcia-Paz                           Letter of acknowledgement
            8              Huey Pledger                                 Recommendation for Lala Klenman
            8              William F. Mitchell                          Maiheur Environmental Field Station
            8              Mrs. Mae Mitchell                            Proposed academic study trip to China
            8              Kenneth Winkley
            8              Liaison Officer, Peoples Republic of China   Proposed academic study trip to China
            8              Mr. Pi, Peoples
                           Republic of China                            Forum of trustees and regents Letter of acknowledgement
            8              Paul J. Olscamp, WWLJ                        Appreciation - Former G.O. staff
                                                                                                    U?          UU
            8              Edwin C. Olson                                                                       U?
            8              Mrs. Gerry Pugnetti
            8              Bonnie Ross                                  Brown bag forum & resignation of Cruz Esquivel
            8              Mrs. Robert Woodard                          Referral of resume to dean
            8              Bill Aldridge                                Follow-up on 2/3/78 deans' meeting
                                                                        Pellegrini proposal
            10             Walter H. Miller                             Energy Northwest request
            10             Deans and V.P.'s                             Teacher certification program
            10             Will Humphreys                               Bud Cook proposal
            10             Willie Parson                                District 22 TES~ graduates
            10             James Brooks, CWU                            States' roles in setting national goals
            10             Barbara Cooley
            10             Les Eldridge

Month/Date          Recipient                                 Subject





                     Vernon R. Briggs Joann Marshall, State Board of Examiners of Public Accountants
                      Robert C. Hawkins, Smithsonian States and urban policy Graham Johnson, Public Disclosure
                      Commission Les Eldridge Council for Postsecondary Education
                     Walter R. Hoesel, St. George's
                     Norm Dicks, U.S. Rep.
                     Don L. Bonker
                     Warren C. Magnuson
                      Mr. Milo M. Clarence
                      Herbert D. Hadley
                      Wesley Berglund
                      Janet Holmes
                     Halvor M. Halvorson                                   'U
                      Robert J. Flowers
                                                                        Letter of recommendation Letter of recommendation -
                                                                        F-l form Item #6
                                                                        Evergreen Council start-up
                                                                        Seattle Times editorial
                                                                        Letter of regret - commencement speaker
                                                                        VA's policy
                                                                        VA's policy
                                                                        VA's policy
                                                                        Program development
                                                                        VA policy - court decision
     14              Herbert D. Hadley
     14              Joye Peskin
     14              Wally Eldridge
     14              Jack Morgan, The Everett
     15              Mrs. Paul D. Sutley
     15              Will Humphreys and Linda Kahan
     15              Mr. & Mrs. Ed Kormondy
     15              Dean Clabaugh
     16              Nancy Bischel                                                                        rolleges
     16              Leslie W. Metzger, Principal
                       W. Winlock Miller H.S.                           Community-college relations
     16              William P. Kissling                                Letter of regret - Eagle Scouts
     16              Steven Mayeda                                      Eagle Scout rank
     16              Sally M. Butler                                    Note of condolence
     16              Director, Nat'l Fellowships                        Letter in behalf of David Ammons
                       in Humanities for Journalism
     16              William Ruckelshaus, Weyerhaeuser The Restaurant Association
     16              Thomas L. Hughes, Carnegie                         Nomination of Marcia Levenson for
                       Endowment for Internat'1 Peace                    internship
     16                                                                 Nomination of Steve Francis
  17                                                    Program proposal
  24                                                    Thank you for your support
  24                                                    Thank you for your support
  23                                                     Handwritten letter
  23                                                     Handwritten letter
  25                                                    Paul Fink's request for hearing
  25                                                    DTF to review KAOS Advisory Board
  28                                                    S.W. Wash. C.C. presidents meeting

                                                       Letter of appreciation
                                                       Article enclosure
                                                       Thanks for the picture
Tom Rainey
Susan & John Woolsey
                                              Mrs. Becky Bown
Jim Erickson - Tacamo News Trib
Jean Godden - Seattle P.E.
Members, Campus Hearing Board
Grady Ward, Evergreen Council
Shirley Gordon, President Highline Community College
Dr. Melvin Lindbloom Green River Community College
                                                        Her visit on campus
                                                        Thans for help in D.C.
                                                        Invitation to dinner
                                                        Invitation to dinner
                                                        Transfer problem - other
                                                             II      U,

Month/Date           Recipient                                     Subject
FEBRUARY                                                S.W. Wash. C.C. presidents meettng
                     D~1 Henry M Milander President
24                                                                                                 U'
                        ympic College'
24                   Dr. Richard A. Jones, President                                               U'
                      Clark College
24                   Dr. Nels Hanson, President                                                    U'
                      Centralia College
24                   Dr. Robert Stauffer, President                                                U'
                      Fort Steilacoom C.C.
24                   Dr. David B. Story, President
                      Lower Columbia College
24                   Mr. Ray Prevost, Director
24                   Dr. Paul C. Cornaby, President
                      Peninsula College
24                   Dr. Richard Batdorf, Dean of                                                  'U
                      Student Services, Tacoma C.C.
24                   Dr. Joseph Malik, President                                                   'U
                      Grays Harbor College
28                   Art Palmer, NEP Asphalt Sealing                 Parking lot maintenance

 1                  College Relations/CPJ              Student "brown bag" forum
 3                  Fowler Blauvelt
 6                  Benjamin McAdoo & Co.                          CAB Phase II
 6                  Johnnie Harris                                 Bd. of Advisers, Indiv. Achievement
 6                  Robert M. Humphrey                             Photos of Evergreen '38
 6                  Craig Beringer                                 Expression of interest-applicant
 6                  Honorable Sam Reed, Auditor                    Congratulations
 7                  M/M George W. Girvin                           Thanks for contribution-Foundation
 7                  Mr. Levelt L. Jackson                                                                 'U
 7                  Sharon Tobin                                   Graduate studies in psychology
 7                  Daily 0                                        News Release - Public Hearing
 7                  Hon. Donn Chamley                              Congratulations-Chr. Local Govt Comm.
 8                  Fred Tabbutt                                   Kormondy leave request
 8                  To Whom It May Concern                         Recommendation-Karen Vialle
 8                  Mark Reed Schol. Committee                     Recommendation-Karen Kramer
 8                  Nguyen N. Truong                               Suggestions in engineering field
 8                  Kormondy                                       Trustee request - program offerings
 8                  Dean Clabaugh                                  Trustee info intercollegiote athletics
 8                  Ed Kormondy                                    Language programs
 8                  Rob Knapp                                      Upward Bound & TESC curriculum
 8                  Willie Parson                                  Space needs Vancouver program
 8                  Ginny Ingersoll                                Thanks MPI report to Trustees
 8                  Ed Kormondy                                    TESC position in 7-state survey
 8                  Dean Clabaugh                                  Thanks for good job-Investiture
 8                  COP                                            Temporary injunction TESC/VA
 8                  Clabaugh/Les Eldridge                          Meeting w/Exempt staff
 8                  Arnaldo Rodgriguez                             Request for Admissions report
 8                  Clabaugh/Ken Winkley                           Fee waivers for campus space
 8                  Ed Kormondy                                    Determinations for budget making
 8                  Will Humphreys                                 AA figures in Dean's speech
 8                  Kormondy                                       Community College request

Month/Date           Recipient                        Subject

MARCH (Continued)
 8                   Richard Montecucco               Thanks-work on VA problem
 8                   Kormondy/Humphreys               Applicants-Grad Pub. Admin. Program
 8                   Jovana Brown/Dave Carnahan       Budget process & savings goals
 8                   Ken Winkley                      Cost Study
 8                   Walker Allen/Ken Winkley         TESC educ. costs by class level
 9                   Phil Harding/Greece Program      Thanks for postcards
 9                   Dr. Marjorie Donker              HJR 639 now 649 - Humanities & Arts
10                   Council for Jnternt'l Exchange   People's Republic of China Prog.
                       +18 others
10                   Les Eldridge/Judy Annis          Washington Bureau Chief: LA Times
10                   Denis J. Curry                   Faculty classroom contact hours
10                   Faculty                          VP & Provost Screening Committee
10                   James D. Newton                  Recommendation Ed Kormondy
                     Lindbergh Memorial Fund
10                   Hon. Jackson/Magnuson            Request support HJR 649 (Humanities)
13                   Faculty                          VP & Provost Screening Committee
16                   Graduation DTF                   Thanks for work on committee
14                   Friends of Evergreen             Reception in Vancouver area
16                   Rindy Jones                      AA Workforce profile
16                   Hon. Nat Washington              Enjoyed working with you
16                   Richard Gemson (Mrs.)            Women's University Club visit
16                   Arthur W. Chickering             Affiliation w/FIPSE (preliminary propos
16                   Rindy Jones                      Her office coverage
16                   Barbara Koh                      Regrets - sp. Torch Honor Society
16                   M/M Shacco von Estorff           Condolences - death of son
16                   Clark Coll. Faculty/Staff        Invitation Vancouver reception
16                   Rindy Jones                      Screening criteria
16                   Rindetta Jones                   Sex/race summary - VP/Provost candidate
20                   Ted Natt -Longview Daily News    Accept invitation speak Academic
                                                         Achievement luncheon
20                   Mark Papworth                     Tut speech Continental Board
21                   Joel Rushakoff                    Interested applicant
21                   Vladimir d'Algin                  Applicant
21                   Doranne Crable-Sundmacher         Applicant
21                   Steve Kenady, etc.                Participate in Job Day
21                   Clark Coll. Faculty/Staff         Invitation Vancouver area reception
21                   Meeting notice                    President's Council
22                   Rindetta Jones                    Revised Sex/Race summary
22                   Trustees                          Reminder: CPE Governance seminar
22                   Honorable Dennis Heck +14         Invitation to Vancouver reception
23                   Melvin H. Bernstein               Applicant
24                   Judy Annis                        Public Service announcements
24                   Phyllis Harris                    Dan Harris' sabbatical (here?)
24                   Will Humphreys                    w/Dan Harris letter
24                   Evelyn Breese                     Ministers' objection to l?~q~~5??
24                   Monica Lesh                       Thanks for offer of assistance
24                   John Ludders                      Personal
24                   Ted Gerstl                        Congrats on N. Thurston work
24                   Margaret S. Cox, AAUW             Acceptance invitation to speak
24                   Carl H. Pforzheimer, Jr.          Program on Initiative & Referendum
24                   Les Eldridge                      Parent & Student volunteers
24                   M/M George F. Ansley              Thanks for support
24                   Jean Walters Gay                  Interested applicant
24                   Will Humphreys                    Jean Gay interest
24                   Jovana Brown                      Janet Tourtellotte collection

Month/Date     Recipient                     Subject

 27            The Hon. Bill Paris           Will miss you in House
 27            Jay D. Porter                 Regret - Unable to serve on Board
 27            Jolene Unsoeld                Thanks for tickets
 27            Mollie Zrust                  Thanks for invitation to speak - regrets
                                              Prince of Peach Lutheran Church - Seattle
 27            Lin Foa                       Thanks for presentation - SWWCC Presidents
 27            Helen Terry
 27            Jim Symons, Tricia
                Hamilton, Br. Hurst          Thanks for participation - Investiture
 27            Don Chan
 27            Joan & Bill Winden
 27            Dave Carnahan                 Thanks for photographic display - Investiture
 27            Richard Jones, Karen
                Kramer, Mary E. Lewis        Thanks for participation - Investiture
 27            Jack Cunningham - U.S. Rep.
 27            Hon. Gordon Sandison
 27            Hon. Bruce Chapman                                        I'
 27            Hon. Joel Pritchard
 27            Dean John Raser
 27            Michael Dederer               Thanks for invitation - Sea. Historical Soc. Mtg,,
 27            Dorothy E. Frazier            Regrets - Speak Nat. Assoc. Educ. Secretaries
 27            Mark Machlis                  Offer of assistance - thanks
 27            Thurston County TESC          Request to use placement information
 29            Trustees                      W/Vancouver Research report
 29            Thad Curtz                    Congratulations - Ph.D.
 29            Strike Policy DTF             DTF Activities
 29            J.G.N. Rushbrook, PH.D.       Proposed visit to Evergreen
 29            Dr. Peter H. Rohn             Contact w/foreign leaders as Governor
 29            Daniel Barth - DNR            Mix-up in media studio reservations
 29            Art 0'Neal,Planning Coun.     Thanks for material - city's west side
 29            Robert E. Burke - UW          Thanks for time - Re: Evans book on Governor
 29            Hon. Tokitada Sakai           Richard Alexander exchange teaching
 29            Frederick Schmidt             Thanks for remarks
 30            M/M H. J. Rosenberg           Problems w/daughter Ginny's portfolio

 3             Craig Meloche                 Congratulations - Eagle rank
 3             Michael Boone                 Applicant
 3             W. Werner Prange              Regrets - Conf. on Innovative Ed.(Wisconsin)
 3             Marjorie Howard               Applicant
 3             Robert L. Sinsheimer          Regrets - hosting campus visit
 3             Faculty, Deans, Provost       Meeting re: enrollment, grad program, etc.
 3             Staff
 4             Clabaugh/Winkley              Approval of claims & expenses
 4             Graduates                     Quest ionaire
 4             Warner R. Keller              Problem of entering TESC
 4             Nam Chu Yang Pearl            Zuckerman evaluation
 4             Earl J. McGrath               Innovative education
 5             William Joel Smitherman       Applicant
 5             David Birkner                 Question of credit for 2-day workshop/campus tou~
 5             Rob Knapp                     Thanks - service on Hearing Board
 5             Cameo Smoot

            Month/Date        Recipient                               Subject

            (Cont 'd)

               5              Carolyn Dobbs                          Thanks      - service on Hearing Board
              6               Pres. George Fredrickson               Network for Public Service program in Olympia
              6               Larry Stenberg/W. Humphreys Academic Advising
              6               Martha Le Valley                       Applicant
              7               Hogness/Terrell                        TESC grads admission to UW & WSU
             10               Kristin Ockert                         Young Harvill's not teaching spring qtr.
             10               M/M Dan Harris                         Mr. Harris teaching
             10               William H. Bruns                       Ltr. to Governor Sakai
             10               E. Joseph Shoben                       Nice to receive your letter
             10               Hon. Georgette Valle                   Legislative research - student project
             10               Elmer Clausen                          Thanks for good job - (Retirement from SPI)
             10               Trustees                               Personal notes
             10               Mrs. M. Wright Smith                   Complaint re: Todd Weber internship
             11               Dave Grotjam                           Congratulations on Eagle award
             11               John Braun
             11               Mark Bergstrom
             11               Marty Hendrix
             11               Lester E. Elijah
             11               Mrs. Michael Newton
             11               Karen M. Armstrong
             11               Jack Etheridge, Jr.
             13               Sig Kutter
             13               Paul M. Gerrich
             13               Rob Knapp
             13               Mrs. Robert C. Smith
             13               Chuck Herring
             13               Herbert Flaig
             13               All Evergreeners
             14               Nat. Endow. Humanities
             17               Charles H. Graef
             17               Sheriff Don Redmond
             19               James Akridge
             19               United California Bank
             19               Roger A. Flanders
             20               Derrick Nakanishi
             19               Larry Hall
             20               Dee Holder
             20               Dwight J. Van Vleet
             21               Norbert Tiemann
             21               John Holum - Kasonic
             21               Peter M. Finnegan
             21               Bita Jenab
             21               Ruth L. West
             24               Max Cleland VA ofc.
             24               Larry Jones
             25               Mary V. Carter
             25               Jazz Quartet + 1 (Chan)
             25               Douglas E. Sayan
             25               Anne Williams
             25               Virginia Cox
             25               Diane de Moulin
             25               Ed Odegaard
             25               Warren H. Green
             26               Jane Sylvester
                                                                     Regrets - Membership in Read-a-thon Council
                                                                     Questions re: Portland City Club speech
                                                                     Thanks for words of support
                                                                     Met parents in Williamsburg
                                                                     P1 Article "Evergreen Works.??
                                                                     Prospective student
                                                                     Equipment list for Evergreen '38
                                                                     Thanks for information
                                                  Thanks for sharing his book
                                                  Section 504 - Handicapped Access
                                                  TESC background
                                                  Offerings in Law & Justice areas
                                                  Suggestions for law enforcement offerings
                                                  Black Prisoners' Forum
                                                  Recommendation:            Robert Walker Campbell
Regrets - unable to help candidacy(Gov. Hawaii)
Rotation of coordinator's role in MPI program
Expenses for Carnegie meeting
Regrets - speak Court of Honor
Sorry I missed you when on campus
Recommendation:                                                            Nolen Ellison
Prospective student (Flowers) per (Halvorson)
Thanks for interest in Evergreen
Andrew ~ S testimony before
Program at Grays Harbor
Thanks for assistance - Olympia High
Payroll Certification Officers
Regrets - MOVE Roast
Commencement address - Vancouver Program
Thanks for assistance - Olympia High
Material he requested
Discrepancy in cost of Provost ad
Background materials as new Trustee
                                                                                                      House VA Comm

           Month/Date     Recipient                      Subject

.          APRIL
           28             Sherman R. Huffine             Invitation - participate in Comm. Bldg. Dedi.
           28             Herbert Hadley
           28             Tom Wimmer                     Regrets -Wash. Environ. Council banquet
           28             Budget Heads                   1978-79 Budget Hearings Schedule
           28             Charles Teske                  Invitation to participate in Comm. Bldg. Dedi.
           28             Bruce Walker - Architect
           28             Louis Guzzo

               MAY                                          22                                 Isamu Suda
                                                            22                                 Chris Peyton
               1            Dr. Jane Dimski                 22                                 Janet Tourtellotte Holmes
               1            William Chance - CPE            22                                 Kim Lathrop
               1            Margaret Wulff                  22                                 M/M Arthur Munson
               1            Paul Dziedzic                   Thanks - participation in Greece program
               1            Aldon B. Bell/R.H. Sanford      CPE/TESC Liaison
               1            Robert E. Thompson              Condolences - Drowning of son, Reid
               1            Marsha Moody                    Thanks for offer of assistance
               1            Dr. David Larsen                Endorse grant request for DNA Public Forum
               1            Dr. Spiro Fouxides              Get well - also Jefferson Awards luncheon
               1            Dr. George Salimbene            Request for Head Start assistance - regret
               1            Dr. John Bailey                 Thanks - participation in Greece program
               2            Dr. Charles B. Minor
                   3        Classified Staff

  .        3                Caroline Allen                  Applicant
  3                         Robert J. Flowers               Salary Increments
                                                            Invitation - participate in Comm. Bldg. Dedi.
  3                         Hon. Alan Thompson
  3                         Hon. John J. Hainkel, Jr.       Thanks for recommendation:                     David Story
                                                            Request for remarks - Nat. Cen. State Courts
  5                         Fred Goldberg                   Welcome to Board of Governors of Foundation
  8                         Joel Pritchard                  Thanks for recommendation: Barbara von Reis
  8                         Local Performing Arts Cr.       Invitation to Communication Bldg. Dedication
  9                         Bettie Kenny                    Encouragement over VA controversy - thanks
                                                            Thanks for Amory Lovin' 5 article on energy
  9                         Roger Stritmatter               Cannot participate in reelection campaign
                                                            Recognition of his resignation at CWU
  9                         Hon. Jack Cunningham            Request for letters
                                                            Look forward to your return
  9                         Pres. & Mrs. J.E. Brooks        Regrets - Kiondike historical park
                                                            Process for faculty hiring
  9                         Richard Alexander               Review of material submitted - Tom Rainey
                                                            Douglas firs for grads
  9                         Rudy Martin                     Trustee luncheon
                                                            Namine of "McCann Plaza"
               10           Russell E. Dickenson            Applicant
               12           Eugene Kupferman                Applicant
               12           John H. Eyer                    Applicant
               16           Walker Allen                    VP & Provost Screening Process
               16           Vonda Drogmund                  (Seattle)
               16           Charles J. McCann               Latin in school?
               16           Thomas M. Lasater               Regrets:       Law Enforcement Dinner, speaker
               17           Jack Slee                       Difficulties with credit
               18           Robert W. Sutton                Introduction Richard Alexander for exchange
               18           Rindetta Jones                  Congratulations on Eagle rank
               19           Jeanette Deeb                   Resolution:           expression of gratitude (Trustee)
               19           Irene Gambill                   Applicant
  .   22                    William H. Wright               Congratulations - 50th wedding anniversary

      Month/Date     Recipient                        Subj e~t

      22                  Warren H. Green              Refund from AA Register (per 4/25 request)
      24                  Deans & Directors            Various task assignments
      24                  Kenneth Calderon             Note with materials sent Students -Garfield High.
      24                  Eugene Toney Coates
      30                  Anne B. Speirs               Rodriguez appointment to College Board
      30                  Walter B. Howe, Jr.          Thanks for seedlings for graduation
      30                  Howard Millan
      30                  John S. Sobieski             At request of Steve Mergler sent TFSC materials
      30                  Dr. Robert L. Van Citters    Regret: WAMI retreat
      30                  Mrs. Bert L. Cole            Appointment to Foundation Board of Governors
      30                  Trustees                     Confirmation: Date of Board meeting
      30                  Ruby Dobbs                   Regret: Item for auction
      30                  Mary F. Samuelson            Regret: Silver Circle Senior Center
      31                  Dwight Van Vleet             Congratulations on Eagle award
      31                  Tom Conner
      31                  Loren Grytness
      31                  Dr. Wm. R. Conte             Regret: Hon. Chr. Nisqually Delta fund-raising
      31                  Captain B. Ricker            Received materials sent on Panama Canal
      31                  Brig. Gen. Charles Gorden    Request Dis. Military Student award - Alavarez
      31                  Mrs. Bruce Stevenson         Appointment to Foundation Board of Governors
      31                  Staff & Faculty              Summer working hours

        1                 Academic Deans               Procedures for contacting off-campus programs
        1                 Trustees                     Proposed Institutional Budget 1978-79
        2                 Hon. Doon Chamley            Thanks for support re: VA problem
        2                 Michael R. Johnson           Time for appointment - prospective student
        2                 Phil Harding                 Contact procedures for off-campus programs
        5                 Shirley Cleary               Applicant
        5                 Pres. George Fredrickson     Article quoted in investiture speech
        5                 Bill Winden                  Missing evaluation of Zuckerman for Ms. Pearl
        6                 Edward A. Lafferty, III      Regret: Troop #51 Silver Anniversary
        6                 James A. Phillips, Jr.       Regrets: Cabaret dinner
        6                 Christopher Hayden           Yes - film on Olympic National Park
        7                 Pam Bergman                  Regret: Tacoma Senior Awareness day
        7                 Hon. Ronald M. Mottl + 10    Thornton testimony before VA Committee
        7                 Jerry Zubrod                 Invitation - Newspaper Publishers meet here
        7                 Paul Conrad
        7                 Deans & Directors            Correspondence routed from Pres. office
        8                 Pres. John Hogness           Follow-up experiences of TESC grads
        9                 Caroline Allen + 3           Thanks for participation-Comm. Lab. Dedic.
        9                 Trustees, Former Trustees    Invitation to Janet Holmes retirement dinner
                           Former President, etc.
        9                 Stan Pocock                  Thanks - Talk ~o students in Van. & Puget Prog.
        9                 Frank Cunningham
        9                 Amitzia Guibbory             Applicant
        9                 Norman Clark                 Provost decision
        9                 James R. Warren
  .     9                 Dr. David Story
        9                 Dr. Lloyd Averill
        9                 Dr. Ruth Weiner
        9                 Charles Teske                Thanks - Comm. Lab Dedication
       13                 Deborah Creveling            Welcome TESC Foundation Board of Governors

         Month/Date       Recipient                   Subject


         13               Ms. Helen Hunsberger        Chautauqua program complaint
         19               Carnegie Council            Expenses - meeting at Notre Dame
         19               Joseph Lassoie              Invitation list for Competency Testing Wkshop
         20               Fred Lovin                  Glad you're enjoying retirement
         20               David L. Warren             Thanks for contribution to Provost search
         20               Pres. Glenn Terrell         Representation on TF to Restore Support for TE
         21               Chris Gauger                Concerns re: floor of multi-purpose room - dance
         21               Hon. Ernest J. Skala        Regrets:          N. Bonneville dedication
         21               Margaret Chisholm           TESC women in administration
         21               John Paul Jones, III        Thanks:         note of support for grad studies
         21               John E. Corbally            Regret:         Assembly on State Policy Research
         21               Hon. Tokitada Sakai         Richard Alexander Japanese exchange
         21               Isamu Suda
         21               Prof. Takasuke Suenaga
         21               Suzanne Green               Membership College Board - Arnaldo Rodriguez
         23               Russ Fox                    Dedication N. Bonneville
         23               Charles H. Todd             Response to complaint about graduation ceremony
         23               M/M D. K. Bradford
         23               Ted Gerstl                  Thanks for good PR for Evergreen
         23               Willi Unsoeld               Thanks for candidacy for Provost
         23               All Evergreeners            Holiday Schedule for 1979
         23               Herb Robinson - Sea Times   Recommendation:            Nancy Parkes
         23               Jack Doughty - P1
. 23                      TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN
23                        Paul Conrad                 Allied Daily Newspaper mtg. on campus
23                        Ron Woodbury                Concern about special privileges (parking)
23                        Jovana Brown                Library Admin. meeting in Maryland
23                        Maxine Mimms                Provost candidacy
26                        Harold H. Heath             Thanks for note
26                        Hon. A. J. Pardini          Regret you're not seeking re-election
26                        C.Y. Jesse Chiang           Thanks for paper on research
26                        Eleanor Siegl               Speak at Little School
26                        David A. Clumpner           Thanks for offer of support
26                        Gov. Wm. Milliken           Thanks for letter
26                        Byron Youtz                 Thanks for willingness to serve as Acting VP
26                        John Aikin + VP Search C.   Thanks for service on Search Committee
26                        Ruth Weiner                 Thanks for suggestions for Search procedures
26                        Judy Annis                  KING-TV public service spots
26                        Arnaldo Rodriguez           Prospective student in Kenya
26                        Kormondy, Humphreys,        Mr. Cecil's interest in MPI program
26                           Ingersoll
26                        Rob Knapp                   Letter from Joe Malik, Grays Harbor CC
26                        Ms. Linda Hoffman           Constructive critique of internship program
26                        Robert Redmond, etc.        Thanks for service on Provost Search Committee
26                        Michael Johnson             Change of appointment
27                        Dan Ward                    Possibilities for contacts for friend
28                        Roger Otis Kuhrt            Guidelines for securing sub-contractors
29                        City of Tacoma              Challenge of ticket
29                        John L. Anderson            Applicant
. 29                      Hon. Phyllis Erickson       Off-campus instruction at Ft. Steilacoom
         29               Russ Fox                    Honorary degree
         29               Frank J. Owens +3           Thanks:        Estate Planning Seminar
         29               Thomas J. Whiting           Request for removal of credit

Month/Date     Recipient                Subject

 29             Leroy M. Hittle        Status of Ward Bowden Scholarship Fund
 29             Alan Aguilar           Hope you're improving from injury
 29             Mrs. Hattie Pikutark   Condolences on death of daughter, Diane
 30             News Release           Hearing on Campus Parking Policy
 30             Judy Hyslop            Service on KAOS Advisory Board

Month/Date     Recipient                Subject

  6             Jonathan Willging       Congratulations on Eagle award
  7             Galen Jacobsen          Audit findings
 10             Mitzi Kodish            Missing diploma/BEOG overpayment
 10             David West              Thanks for help on Luders 44
 10             Paul Schlofeldt         Thanks-report on Young Republicans at Eastern
 10             Leo E. Dontchos         Applicant
 11             Julie Grant             Thanks for offer of assistance
 11             Charles K. Sollitt      Regrets: Dept. of Civil Engineering
 11             Jeanne Rehwinkel        Regrets: Women's Day at UW
 11             Clabaugh, Kormondy,     July 12 retreat agenda
11              Mrs. George Lamb        Thanks: Serving Foundation Bd. of Governors
13              Rob Fellows             Thanks: Suggestion for carpooling
14              Hon. Paul Conner        Sorry about accident
14              C. Gail Norris          Recreation Center Use Pass
14              Hon. Scott Barr         Thanks: Lunch and conversation
14              Hon. Paul Sanders       Glad for your visit to Evergreen
14              Hon. Cliff Hanson +8    Alaska conservation
14              Julie Hubben            Thanks for support of Maxine Mimms: Provost
14              Alfonso Sherman         Provost selection process
14              Mrs. William K. Purdy   Admissions requirements for E. African students
14              James F. Bemis          B. Youtz as Accreditation Liaison Officer
17              Melanie Hayward         Preparation for college
17              Hon. Eleanor Lee        Delay in daughter's diploma
17              Phyllis Lee             Delay in diploma
17              Maureen Pierre          Congratulations on Fidelity scholarship
17              Hon. Henry M. Jackson   Alaska conservation
17              Orin C. Smith           Suggestions for CPE Enroll. Trends 1970-90 Rpt.
17              Hal Halvorson           Thanks for gift to Foundation
17              Gordon Sandison         TESC/Dept. of Pisheries controversy
17              Walker Allen            Recent memo: proposals for improvement
17              Tom Sheridan            Thanks for scholarship for Maureen Pierre
17              Marj Yung               Freeholder
17              Edward Kormondy         Instructional Equipment Inventory
17              Russell S. McClure      Welcome to Olympia/Interest in Evergreen
17              Herbert Hadley          News stories & Provost search
18              Robert C. Henry         Project Recognition
18              Edward Kormondy         Request for funds
18              Les Eldridge            Cleland deposition
18              Byron Youtz             High school visitations
19              Byron Youtz             Thanks accepting VP & Provost post
19              Chris Gauger            Dance floor surface
19              Carol J. Minugh         Sorry to miss your visit
19              Budget Heads            Any planned DTF activity
19              Michael J. McHugh       Incomplete on record for spring quarter
19              Harvey Manning          Sorry for inability to find trails
19              Sid & Bette Snyder      Thanks for reception
19              Thomas Murray           Thanks for biography of your father
19              Will Humphreys, etc.    Consideration of Centralia Col. using TESC
19              Dean Clabaugh           Report on interfund loans
20              Gerald F. Walker        Thanks for theories on human behavior
20              Mark Levensky           Provost II search
20              Dr. Charles M. Rich     Continuing education
20              Budget Heads            Operating Budget Report meeting
21              J. Robert Russo         Confusion over VP Search correspondence

       Month/Date         Recipient                               Subject


       25                 Robert Benson                           Target Budgets for TESC
       25                 C. Gail Norris                          1977-78      Professional Leaves report
       27                 Leroy M. Hittle                         Ward Bowden Scholarship fund
       27                 Steven C. Kocharhook                    Suggestions for deferred giving program
       27                 Woody Hirzel                            Aerial photograph
       27                 Hon. Wayne Eblers Hon. Gene Struthers   Thanks for coming for lunch
                          Hon. Peter von Reichbauer
       27                 Trustees
       27                 Paul R. Conrad                          w/budget materials
       27                 C. Gail Norris                          Allied Daily Newspapers meeting on campus
       28                 Betty Estes                             Financing off-campus instruction
       28                 Randy Donohue                           Thanks:       serving as ICRS representative
       28                 Mrs. Edward Bolds                       Thanks:       Helicopter for aerial photographs
       28                 Hon. & Mrs. Beck                        Condolences:          death of husband
       28                 Bert L. Cole                            Thanks for meeting
       28                 Clifford C. Nelson                      Thanks:       Helicopter for aerial photographs
       31                 M/M Armand Marion, Jr.                  Regrets:      Participation in American Assembly'
       31                 C. Gail Norris                          Handwritten note
       31                 Robert B. ladeluca                      1976-77       Unit Expenditure Study
       31                 David A. Van Vleet                      Applicant
       28                 Gov. James Longley                      Regrets:      Participation Northwest ASCE
       28                 Bob Henry                               Recommendation:              Pollard Dickson
       28                 David E. Skinner                        Project Recognition/Black Culture Workshop
       28                 Mrs. Bruce Stevenson                    Alaskan land preservation
       28                 Ed Kormondy                             Congratulations:             Bd. of Governors
       28                 Will Humphreys                          Sabbatical leave
       28                 Warren Vadman                           Continuing Education
                                                                  IRS notice
       AUGUST                                                     at Grays Harbor

        1                  Karen Kramer                    Scholarship funding                                        testing
        1                 Kathy Hahn                       Pleased to know of her current activity
        1                 Dean Clabaugh                    Telephone cutbacks
        1                 Larry Skerbeck                   Applicant/Tumwater School District
        1                  Paul Casey                      Welcome hack to Washington
        1                  Staff Devel. Comm.              Request of Rindetta Jones
        1                  Graduates                       Invitation to Alumni meeting
        1                  Putnam Barber                   Inability to serve on Safeco Board
        1                  Martha Simmons                  Thanks for confidence
        1                  Donald H. Zoller                Thanks for booklet
        1                  Marj Yung                       Thanks for note re: Freeholder
        1                 Carolyn M. Ragan                 Condolences/answers to questions re:
        2                  Herbert J. Arnold               Demographic charts
        2                  Miss Dana Ireland               Congratulations:   Graduation from high school
        2                  Douglas Scrima                  Evergreen's potential
        2                  Peta Henderson                  ?naccuracies in article in OUTLOOK
        2                  Jane & John Sylvester           Thanks for Janet Holmes' party
        2                  Will Humphreys, etc.            Centralia using TESC facilities
        2                  Bill Aldridge                   Reveries on faculty retreat
        2                  Hank Liebling                   Productivity Center
        2                  Robert W. Kelley                Photography in TESC structure
        2                 Hon. Jim Matsen                  Thanks for invitation:     Regret
        3                 Internship Supervisors           Expressions of appreciation

Month/Date              Recipient                                     Subject

  3                     Prospective Intern. Supervisor Thanks for interest
  3                     Pete Taylor, Dave Milne                             Fisheries Department hassle
  3                     Richard M. Montecucco                               Public Admin. Theory Network
  3                     Will Humphreys                                      Guy Adams? Proposed Project (above)
  3                     Will Humphreys                                      Recommendation for photo lournalism teacher
  3                     Bernard E. Kelly                                    Transfer for Affirmative Act ion office
  4                     Herb Robinson-Sea. Times                            Response to Times editorial on Fisheries/TESC
  4                     Deans & Directors                                   Budget priorities
  4                     C. Gail Norris                                      HEGIS coding
  4                     J. Vernon Williams                                  New International Economic Order
  4                     Robert R. Jones                                     Regrets: speaking Shelton Kiwanis
  4                     Prof. Jim Rosenzweig                                Managing motivation
  4                     Ruth V. Russell                                     Regret: speaking Educ. Oppor. & Resource Center
  4                     Robert P. Lawrence                                  Betty Estes - ICRC representative
  4                     Pres. Glenn Terrell                                 Resume: Mrs. Bailey (applicant)
  4                     Hon. August Mardesich                               Arrange time to meet
  4                     Hon. Eleanor Lee
  4                     Hon. Susan Gould
  4                     Ellis Dunn, etc. (9)                                Thanks: agreeing to serve on Vancouver Adv. Bd.
  4                     Hon. Sid Morrison                                   Arrange time to meet
  4                     Dana L. Campbell                                    Thanks for confidence and encouragement
 14                     Mrs. R. Humm                                        Regret: Speak Court of Honor Troop #51
 15                     C. Gail Norris                                      Graduate
           16                      Hon. Donn Chamley                                      Seattle Times
           17                      J. W. Peltason, American Council of Ed.                Evaluation of Marketing Paper
           17                       Glenn Pascall, Wash. St. Research Council
           17                      Mariel Strauss                                         Suggestions for improving summary
           17                      Herb Robinson
             17                     Bill Hucks/Barbara Swain
                                                                                          Thank you for wedding invite
             17                                                                           Replacement plate - campus photo
             17                     Gayle Rothrock
             17                     Janet Holmes                                      al/Court decision enjoining the VA Admin. Thanks for letter of confirmation
             17                     Hon. Warren Magnuson, et
             28                     Eleanor Siegl                                         Receiving Eagle award, I am pleased
             28                     Don Randall
             28                     James Turney                                                                       U,     U?
             28                      Erick Gray                                                                    U?       ??
             28                      Rudy Schaad
             28                      Sara Jane Rowland
             29                      Dean Clabaugh
                                                                                    Thanks for invitation
                                                                                    Regrets for not being in at time of campus visit
                                    All Faculty and Staff
                                    Laura C. Ford
                                                                                    Entertainment expenses
           6                        Paul Roberts
           6                        A. V. Smith, Pres.
                Draft of letter to Max Cleland Membership nonrenewal
                                                                                   Summer Working Hours
                                                                                    The Evergreen State College vs. Max Cleland
                                                                                   Adequate info on grad. ?~ current jobs - gift giv..
                Thanks for letter sent to Editor of the Seattle                     Prog. being initiated by Pacific NW Bell Tele.
                Thanks for prominent location of DJE's letter in

Month/Date        Recipient                                Subject

      6          Virginia Kemmis                      Advocate for senior citi~en issues
      6          Char Olson-Alkire                    Grad. offering to assist - regrets to Wash. St. YouthL
                                                      leadership Seminar
       6          M. Donald Hetu                      Response to former governor fan
       6          Ralph Lovelace                      Concerns re: Evergreen 5 enrollment
       6          Adm. A.M.Bledsoe                    response to former governor - fan
       6          Mrs. L. L. Dye                      Retort to accusation that Evans condones lewd acts.
       6          Frank Charvat, CLU                  Regrets - unable to aid acounting further
       6          Hon. James Dolliver                 RE: portrait - end. from J. Haseltine
       6          Charles Abernathy                   RE: directories on alternative high school in state.
       6          Freddie Martin                      Suggested participation in Minority Internship Frog.
       7          Brian Cantwell CPJ                  Expression of support from other campuses
       7          Kurt Hanson                         Exression of support - response to
       7          Dr. DAVID Warren                    letter to interested applicant -Provost
       7          Michard Montecucco                  Use of campus for campaigns for public office
       7          William Little                      Propose Ms. Jones as participant in Racial Mm. Stu~y0~
       7          Mat thew Smith                      Congrats on completion of Ph.D
       7          Larry Stenberg                      Thanks for job well done - new student pamphlet
       7          Daniel Elazar                       Discuss future activities of Adv. Bd.
       7          Charles McCann                      cost-of-living increase during leave of absence
       7          Louis Perry                         Regret unable accept invitation
       7          Gail Martin                         Prospective student - Michael R. Johnson
       7          Michael Johnson                     Refer prospective student to Career Planning and Plac.
       7          Byron Youtz                         Re; grants to further studies in Communications
       7          Charles Kincaid                     Re; program offerings in field of communications
       7          Maj. Gen. R. Miller                 Regret unable to attend dinner for Howard McGee
       7          Maj. Gen. H. McGee                  Gratitude for excellect service to armed forces
       8          Dr. Jim Duncan                      Good luck to Republican candidate.
       8          Sister Sally Furay                  Regret invatation to become member of West. Coil. Ass'
       8          Youtz, Clabaugh, Eldridge Ideas for consid. from Foundation's Bd. of Govs.
       8          same plus Annis                     Summary report of meeting with Lloyd Cooney
       8          Andrew Schmookler                   Letter to interested applicant
      11          Paul Marsh                          Support for the Asian, Studies conference
      11          BOb Carr                            Senate Bill 3170
      11          Willie Jackson                      Veterans Administration
      11          Barbara Clark                       Offer to help acitvate graduate program
      11          Hon. George Scott                   RE: outline for proposed book on Evan~s adminstration.
      11          John Gardner                        Regret decline candidacy for Govern. Bd. of CommonCas;
      11          George Kinnear                      Organization of Foundation acitivities
      11          Guy Adams                           Response to Aug. 3 memo
      11          Mark Lindquist                      sent catalogue
      12          Rindetta Jones                      Affirmative Action Programs
      12          Rob Knapp                           Suggestion for Orientation
      12          Hon. Georgetta Valle                RE: job of studying or research legislative problems.
      12          Dr. James Morishima                 response to letter of help re; Instit. Research staff'
      12          J.W. Peltason                       Withdraw from Council of Education
      12          Cameo Smoot                         Petition and related materials for cam~us hearing
      12          Robert Gottlieb                     Congrats on receipt of funds to support"Tues. at 8"
      12          Sherman Huff ins                    same
      12          Frank Charvat                       Decline responsibility in scouting in Seattle Council.
      18          Dennis DArling                      Residency status appeal
      18          Holly Sawin                         RE: particiaption in Env. Faire in Seattle
      18          Charles Bingham                     Seminar for businesses involved with Japan
      18          Robert Buck                         same
      18          Ricahrd Smith                       same

Month/Date           Recipient                                  ifiect

Sept. {~ont.)
        18           Ricahrd Ford                        Seminar Kyodai
        18           William Franklin                    same
        18           Philip Swain                        encourage attendance at Kyodai seminar
        18           Donald Vollmer                      same
        18           Dean Clabaugh et al                 Lunch mtg. prior to Governor's budget hearing
        19           Robert Hawkins                      Expense for Sept. 14 meeting.
        19           Hon. Slade Gorton                   Request formal AG opinion re political act. on campui
        19           Helen Hannigan                      Thanks for gift
        19           Robert Preston                      Approve request for Nat. Science Fdtion to ~o~rgmo~ny~

Kris D. Rothert                                               Award to Eagle Scout
William Moran                                                 Proposed gen. provisions for student assist. programs:
Les Eldridge/Annis      Note from Jeff Kelly
Guy Adams                                                     Dates suggested for seminar participation
Byron Youtz                                                   Coordinator position for C-Draw
same                                                          Karen Kramer letter
Pres. Ceo. Fredrickson DTF report on intercollegiate athletics at Evergreen
Barry Senter                                                  Thnaks for visual displays for budget presentation
Earle McNeil                                                  thanks for dihuas for opening session of faculty mt~
Cathleen Carr                                                 denial of Campus Hear. Bd. for further action
Malcolm Schulsberg       letter to interested applicant - teaching
Genny Ingersoll                                               evaluations/grade point aver. comparisons
Norward Brooks                                                evaluations sent to U of W. for doctoral program.
Gordon Chew                                                   Thanks for offer of assistance onerfitting yawls.
Grad. Program Adviser Recommendation for Robert Redman
Marvin Peterson                                               Decline invite to participate in NAVPA conference
James Richey                                                  use of vidoe cassette unit
All Evergreeners                                                Speakers' Bureau
Leg. Nom. facing Primary discuss challenges and hopes of Evergreen
Leg. nom., unopposed information re Evergreen's direction and goals
Ricahrd Montecucco       IRS Implications of College Invest. Foundation Money Expanded Responsibilities for Les Eldridge
Letter to interested applicant - Provost search Wolf Foundation
C.           Boyer Wolf Foundation letter accompanying job recomendation
Concern recomendation for Kim Kertson et al Attached Reprint from Center for Study of Federalism
             accompnaying letter to Adm. Smith & Rr. Adm Bridge
Congrats on new responsibility
Gongrats on Change of Command
RE:                                                             relocation of NOAA to SAnd Point
letter to former student
                         Dean Clabaugh
                         Peter Conn
                       Dave Milne
                       Mr. and Mrs.
                       Kim Kertson
                       To Whom It May
                         Ginny Ingersoll
                         Commander Bird
                       Rr. Adm. H.
                         Adm. Horton
                       Mrs. Thomas
                         Tim Hawley

       2             Friends of Evergreen                Financial support
       2             Peter Geiler et al                  Meeting to get acquainted
       2             Hon. Dixy Lee Ray                   TESC Handicap Accessibility and Trans. Plan for Leg.
       3             Dean Clabaugh                       Tuition rates fo~r out-of-state students in summer
       3             Dean Clabaugh                       Conservancy status of wooded areas on campus
       4             Bill Hucks                          Who's Who in American Colleges & Universities.
       4             Byron Youtz                         Orca Society
       4             Thomas Sampson                      thanks for letter of support

Month/Date       Recipient

October (cont)

                     4       Dr. Randall Eaton        23               Ibsen Nelsen
                    4        Rudy Martin              23               Milton Shapp
                    4        Bob Henry                24               J. W. Peltason
                    4        George Kinnear           24               Payroll
                    4        Mr. C. A. Widing         24               Cora Lawrence
                    4        Karen Kramer             24               Alan Otten
                    4        Nancy Taylor et al       25               Affidavit DJE
                    5        Mark Backler             25               Robert Carson Warden
                    5        Ms. Debra Johnson        formation of Orca Society recruitment spots of KING-TV re; exchange visits with
                    4        Kathleen Theoe           Project Recognition
                    5        Robert Lorence           correspondence related to development issues thanks for Hakai salmon
                    9        Robert Benson            reply to student re access to audio studios request to serve of DTF on design for
                    9        Walter Stolov            enroll. TESC Joyce Tangiora, fincancial aid arrangements letter to interested
                    9        Bette J. Martin          applicant
                   10        News Release             letter to student re internship needs Rental space for Centralia's Assoc. of Arts
                   13        Bob Kirkland             Degree TESC replacement Equip. Request
                   13        KAOS et aT               late evaluation problem corrected. letter of recommendation - Wm. Leckenby
                   13        Jane Sylvester           Notice of Public hearing - facilities usage Letter to Scout Eagle award
                   13        Mary Jane Clarke         Public hearing at Oct 19 Bd of Trustees mtg. letter to trustee re: delegation of
                   17        Mike Perry               authority etc. facilities uage by State Music Teacher's Assoc. TESC-High School
                   17        Members of the Faculty   in-Service Day
                   17        Rudy Martin              Provost II search
                   17        Yuki Chancellor          Faculty rep. at Bd of Trustees mtg. replace Dimitrc Staff rep. at Bd. of Trustees
                   17        Bill Hucks               mtgs. replace Annis Student " " 'T                      " replace. Hayes submission
                   17        Maureen Kawaoka          of expenses for Oct 11 mtg in D.C. welcome to faculty member, congrats on award
                   19        Edward McQuarrie         visit to campus from Adm. Assit ., Baylor U. thanks for gift
                   19        Ronald Boyce             acceptance of petition to Campus Hearing Ed. my cost of
                   19        Marlene Strans           repair from auto accident Contact with Capital Mall
                   19        Charles Gustafson        Meeting with Classified Staff VP Discuss
                   20        Ms. Sheryl Fejeran       response to letter of recommendation Policies for Vietman
                   20        Clabaugh/Youtz           Vets and handicapped HRD Letter of recommendation - Maureen
                   20        Claubaugh                Peirre off-campus programs offered by West. Wash U. art
                   20        Dean Clabaugh            gallery exhibits program
                   20        Eugene Cota-Robles       Design for Enrollment DTF
                   23        Deans & directors        reply re Design for Enrollment DTF views reply to
                   23        C. Gail Norris           recommendation on behalf of interest ap~l~ Letter from James
                   23        Robert P. Collier        Juehule - re Mr. Wink
                   23        James L. Haseltine       Re Republican party candidates for 1980 Jean Cay follow up
                   23        Larry Stenberg           re; article in Japanese Architectural Journal reply to
                   23        Kris Robinson            letter to former governor response to invite. for Washington
                   23        James Kuehnle            Panel Wini Ingram and Andrew Hangman - employ. contract
                   23        Will Humphreys           letter to interested applicant
                   23        John B. Anderson         letter to friend VA lawsuit letter to Eagle scout
                   23        Will Humphreys

Month/Date    Recipient

October ( Cont)

       26           Robert Charette                      Regret unable to attend
       30           Warren H. Green                      placing ad with Affirmative Action Register
       30           Hisato Yamada                        Letter to foreign student re English study
       30           Palmer Smith                         regret, unable to accept invitation to write
       30           Nbrs of Bd of Pub lications Req. for emergency mtg. of Bd of Publications
       30           David Milihauser                     response to mail delay problems
       30           C. Gail Norris                       eligibility for State Need Grant awards
       31           Donald Morken                        thanks for contribution
       31           Margaret Brown                       verification of names of Pres. and Business ofcer.


                   1           Dean Clabaugh                       29        Faculty
                   2           Sandra Simon                        30        Dennis Rivers
                   2           Lois Berg                           30        Tom McCarthy
                   2           Elizabeth Ulsh                      30        Jeffray Otto
                   2           Edward Reid                         Revised job description for Les Eldridge serve as Faculty
                   3           Barb Smith et al                    Adviser to TESC Bd of Piblications same
                   3           Hearing Bd. Mbrs.                   serve on TESC Bd of Publications represent CPJ attend Bd of
                   3           White /Aurand                       Trustees represent Staff Report to Trustees
                   3           Jackie Trimble                      Gustafson/Carnahan Hearing Report to Trustees thanks for job
                   3           John Terrey                         well done Handwritten note assistance re enrollment problems
                   6           Les Eldridge                        Role & Mission Statement & internship concerns agency
                   6           Byron Youtz                         legislation we might be requesting thanks for assistance with
                   6           Orin C. Smith                       PSAs appreciation for PSAs
                   6           Eric S. Bremner                     Faculty membership, Appointment& Eval. policy congrats at
                   6           Ancil Payne                         semifinalist in National Merit ScholarshL Continuation of
                   6           Press                               Gustafson/Carnahan Hearing issuance of report on TESC
                   7           Awardees                            sent caLalogue
                   9           Hear. Bd. Mbrs                      discussion with faculty re prison rehabilitation unable to
                  13           Wm. Chance                          accept invitation to speak suggestions of how to apply education
                  13           Gordon Cutler                       to job seaking Classified Staff met.
                  13           John Wachsmith                      to serve on college's Bd. of Publications letter of Barbara
                  13           Anne Hardin                         Ramsey success
                  14           Jana C. Hollingsworth               -             1978 Achievement award
                  14           Classified & Exempt                 staff Monthly invitation
                  17           Dave Ammons                         thanks re congrats same (8)
                  17           Jack Leversee                       thanks of assistance for snow removal transportation
                  20           Kathleen A. Smith                   reimbursement response to application for change of residency
                  20           awardees                            statu
                  22           Roy McCormick                       cosponsorship by Kyodai and TESC seminars, winter 197 offer of
                  22           Mary Isabell                        assist with job search
                  27           Kevin Ferris-Hanson                 congrats on election to Wash. St. House of letter to interested
                  28           Cane Cable                          a~plicant acknowledge not having received check Progress Report
                  28           Peita Peterson                      on Provost Search employee problems utilize grievance
                  28           Bob Eberle                          procedures explaning qualitative narrative evaluation to
                  28           Bob Coon                            employe grateful for continued interest in TESC - alum
                  29           Frank Wulff                         Represent.

Month/Date                Recipient                              Subject

November (Cont)
     30                   Ann Thompson                     Handicapped access
     30                   Vernon WArner                    witnessing a situation between employee & studeEt
     30                   William Evans (Mrs.)             PresidentFord"s visit to Seattle


                      1               Rinetta Jones             Charles Gustafson et al
                      1               Mike Kreinler             Margaret Gribshov
                      1               Richard 0. White          Kitty Gillespie
                      1               Nancy Parks               Galen Jacobsen
                      1               M/MDanie'l Dootson        Andrew Z. Edwards
                      1               John B. Foster            Mickey Gustin
                      1               Dr. Roy Cochrane          Wm Spino
                      1               Ron Keller                Monty Anderson
                      1               Del Bausch                Jerry Cook
                      4               William N. Paris          Mark Papworth
                      4               Phyllis Erickson          Gerard J. Sheehan
                                                                Kenneth Fisher
                                                                Eugene Andrews
                  5                                             John Bremman
                                                                Mack Smith
                      5                                         Bradley Folenshee Jr
                                                                Arnaldo Rodriquez
                  5                                             Art Feiro
                      5                                         Jury, Am. Inst. Of
                                                                Jeff Kelly
                  6                                             Franklin Fogg
                  6                                             Sheryl Fejeran
                  6                                             Mary Isabell
                  6                                             Robert P. Adams
                      7                                         George Van Neighem
                                                                Robert Kaffer
                      7                                         Mary Isabell
                                                                Friends of Evergreen
                      7                                         Peter Elbow
                                                                Diane Winslow
                      7                                         M/M Johnnie Harris Lovern King
                                                                Barbara Smith
                      7                                         Mike Contris
                                                                Philip Havens
                      7                                                Personnel Action form - educational leaves Budget request for TESC 1979-81 thanks
                                                                       for lecture to freshmen legilators Would you be willing to serve as resource perse~:
                      7                                                thanks for feedback thanks for feedback on graduates
                                                                       looking forward to reveiwing 1947 study budget requests of TESC - summary same
                      7                                                options for undergraduate credit for Legislat. servi~
                                                                       TESC participate in discussion re service resident o~ Peirce Co.
                  8                                                    Gustafson/Carnahan case
                  8                                             Faculty Rep. to Bd. of Publications educational needs of incarcerated people TESC housing
                  8                                             system audit
                  8                                             letter to grade school student at Laurelhurst visual arts director - working together no
                  8                                             authority to act as ex-governor letter of support and endorsement - thanks congrats
                  8                                             commtment to receiving applications prior to Dec. 15 regret unable to help at present
                  8                                             Preservation of Governor's Mansion receipt of Executive Planner for 1979 response to letter
                  8                                             of offer of assistance Camera Damage
                  8                                             response to interested applicant Admissions Counselor candidate
                  10                                                   acceptance of speaking engagement Port Angeles Arch. endorsement of James
                  11                                            Hussey as Fellow
                  11                                                   Affirmative Action Officer and Chemist Thanks for interest show in Evergreen
                  11                                            intentions to repair my vehicle that you hit introducing contact at TESC during stay here
                  11                                            thanks for support and offer to help thanks for resolving technical issues re budget decling
                  11                                            services as search consultants projects evolving with Ofc. of Fed. Contact compliani
                  11                                            requesting financial support
                  11                                            re manuscript from Johnnie & Diana Harris thanks for ideas and comments re Evergreen re
                  11                                            manuscript and where to proceed materials in Doctoral work paper Continuing problems
                  11                                            with audio equip. letter to retiring Daily 0 writer changes in age of population - higher

Month/Date   Recipient

December (Cont)

                   Dianah Snipes Roarty
                     Ruth Wilson
                   Anne Turner
                   Darrell Six
                   Gene Gredricksen
                    Gordon Brown
                    George Russell
                   Harvey Manning
                   Christopher Reynolds
                    Wally Eldridge
                   Ernest Boyer
                    Mark Myers
                   Gary Furness
                   Kim Spellman
                   Casey Clishe
                   Mr. .Wm. Hayton
                   Anne Wexler
                   President Carter
                   David Story
                   Joseph Malik
                   Nels Hanson
                    WAlter Williams
                   Rheta Lange
                   Richard Jones
                   Sam Sherer
                   Dean Henricksen
                   To Whom It May Concern
      20           Kitty Gillespie
      21           Al Williams
      21           Larry Hobbs
      22           Jack Slee
      22           Joseph Slatzer
      22           Roland Donisi
      22           Robert Yourzak
     22        Senators & House Mbrs
     22        Representatives
                                       use of facilities - Arts Festival, for Handicapped comfort and offer
                                       of assitance on disappearance of da
                                       thanks                                                    ght.
                                       excellent job of restoring Vancouver quarters thanks for Eskimo Art
                                       work calendar
                                       Thanks for apples
                                       decline inclusion of Evergreen trails in hiker's book declining
                                       intervention is audio equip case.
                                       home sales decline - indicator to watch leadership assistance at
                                       Carnegie selection of legislative interns interest in teaching at TESC
                                       thanks for article about TESC in O1yr~ian thanks for article about
                                       TESC in Olympus National Merit Scholarship award process offer of
                                       assistance, ratification Preservation of natural heritage in Alaska
                                       confirm invitation on behalf of Bd. of Trustees same
                                       decline in home sales - indicator to watch thanks for rememberance and
                                       old family letters conclude search for Provost and early appoint. made
                                       thanks for pocket calendar
                                       let me know if I can be of further assistance letter of recommendation
                                       - Dean Henricksen
              Collective Bargaining DTF Bd. Mtg. & consideration of Strike policy Strike Plan
                                       unable to handle individual contracts from WALLA WALL letter of GET
                                       thanks for help with Vancouver program Humphreys cking our capacity
                                       re your proposal student exit procedure
                                       acknowledge offer to assist - health services improve~ withdraw from
                                       speakers roster Am. Soc. of Civil Eng. cover letter for Evergreen

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