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nice read.                                                  also includes the stats for Tarannor. Many more
                                                            articles can be found in the main edition, I have to
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 The loyal members of Cheeseweb review the one of the
   latest supplements produced by Games-Workshop.
A terrible shadow threatens to eclipse the realms of          First of all, it details which army you should collect,
Middle-Earth. Sauron, the Lord of the Rings, seeks            and why you should. This is very true, it tells you to
to dominate the world under a tyranny that will               use ones which appeal to you, which I find is very
never end. Across hundreds of battlefields, minor             true. Then it starts with the game.
skirmishes erupt into wars that will span many
lifetimes of Men and claim thousands of lives. From           It details the steps to take to play a points match in
the desolation of Arnor and the eaves of Lothlorien,          the game. It takes you slowly through the steps of
to the deserts of and the ash-choked wastes of                creating an army, as well as a few handy reminders
Mordor, the legions of Middle-Earth do battle for             and tips. It also gives you tips on building a themed
the fate of the world!                                        list.
                    The Legions of Middle Earth
                                                              Then it details limits, most of which seem fine to
The Legions of Middle-Earth is an expansion to the            me. OK, I think the model limits are a tad
Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game, and details           restricting, but the bow and siege engine limits are
how to set up your force, using guidelines and                needed. It also gives the first sample list, chosen
themed lists. It gives your examples of lists, and            from the fairly basic ‘Gondor: The Tower of
how to make your games more enjoyable.                        Ecthelion’ list. It shows how they chose their heroes
                                                              and warriors.
Though it doesn’t contain any statlines, or narrative
(themed) scenarios, it contains a host of generic             Then it comes to adding allies to a force, an
scenarios, 12 in all, and a terrain generator to ensure       excellent idea. It also shows an allied force, with the
                           your board isn’t barren of         previous list having 250 points of Rohan added on.
                                                              The ally rules are not very limiting, but they restrict
                                                              bows to 33% from both forces. This is to stop
                          “The Dark Power,                    people taking advantage, taking Khazad Guard and
                          moving its armies                   Elven bowmen for example.
                          like pieces on a
                          board,         was
                          gathering     them
                              The Lord of the

                          First of all, when you first
                          pick up the book, you
                          notice its size. It is 128
                          pages long in all, which
                          makes for a thick book.
                          Though the cover is fairly
                          uninspiring, it introduces          The Armies of Good
the book well.
                                                              The first set of lists in the manual are focuses
Unleash the Legions of Middle-earth!                          around the armies of good. This includes a wide
                                                              variety, from the power of the Fellowship to the
So the book begins. This section details how to               Horse-Lords of Rohan. There are some forces that
build your army, the restrictions, and how to set up          have a generic place in the time-scale, such as the
a battle. It details leaders, alliances, limits, and          Minas Tirith force, but most are from the end of the
shows you two example armies.                                 third age.

Some forces have special rules for their                       allies to other forces, with some very powerful
construction, such as The Grey Company and The                 heroes able to ally with most, which helps to lead to
Riders of Eorl. I think this helps to make the force           some odd partnerships, such as the Balrog with the
more unique.                                                   Khandish Mercenaries.

It also gives a variety of sample lists, varying in size       Scenarios
from 500 points to 1000 points, and all detailing
how they were chosen. There are many mistakes in               As I have stated earlier, this book is supplemented
the army lists though; some break the 33% rule,                by 12 generic scenarios, all with different objectives
whereas some calculate the points wrong. This does             and styles of play. They can be randomly decided
not really take much away from them though.                    with rolls on a chart, or they can be chosen by the
                                                               player. Some seem very similar, but they have
Champions of Good                                              interesting objectives. Few have special rules, but
                                                               the ones that do are made a lot better by them.

                                                               The scenarios are easy to use for points play, and
                                                               some are interesting, and offer a new way to play
                                                               the game, further influenced by:

                                                               Appendix One: Terrain Generators

                                                               The terrain generators give you the terrain to use on
                                                               the board by rolling a dice. I think it is a bit to much
                                                               to presume that people will have large amounts of
                                                               terrain to use it, but at tournaments organised by
                                                               Games-Workshop it should be usable. There are 7
                                                               lists of terrain, all with varying charts, this would be
The first set of mini-lists, the good side has several,        very useful if I had the pieces, but as it is I will have
from the Wild Men of Drúadan Forest to the                     to stick with what I’ve got.
Guardians of the Carrock. Each list is designed as
an allied force, with some wandering heroes, or                Appendix Two: Frequently Asked Questions
creatures that are part of no other force.
                                                               This section is small, but very useful. It details
The Eagles and the Wizards provide a stern backup              queries the players have, which tell you more about
to a force, as will the Guardians of the Carrock               how to enjoy the game.
when their rules come out. The Wild Men of
Drúadan forest should provide as nice bonus to a               It also details why there are many statlines in here
force, and the Wanderers in the Wild add extra                 that are not released yet. This is due to the fact that
strength, with heroes such as Gildor and Glorfindel.           they do not want the book to be obsolete when
                                                               another sourcebook comes out, but, judging by The
The Armies of Evil                                             Two Towers, the Points Value in Legions of
                                                               Middle-earth will surely differ.
The evil forces have, if possible, a wider selection
of army types, ranging from the goblins of the Misty           Final opinion
Mountains to the vile Uruk-hai of Isengard.
                                                               All in all, a pretty decent book. Useful for all
The evil side also have two forces that can ally with          players, though unfortunately littered by mistakes.
all, which leads to some odd partnerships, but                 Many things are well thought through, but some
shouldn’t take away from the lists, unless                     will not be used regularly, such as the terrain
improperly used. There are many different forces               generators, though if they were less restrictive (and
you could choose to use, and they have many                    I had the terrain pieces) I would love to use them.
different styles of play.
                                                               So, 7/10 for me. Not the greatest supplement I’ve
Again there are many army lists, some reaching                 seen, but a solid release by Games-Workshop.
1500 points in size. These are nicely illustrated and
set out, so you can see the groups of units chosen.            Aratheking
The Champions of Evil                                          Aratheking.
The Nazgûl and the Monsters of Middle-Earth are a
powerful ally to any evil force. They are taken as

   Members of the Cheeseweb forum review the Two Towers journey book.

                                                       It also includes a lot of painting guides, clearly
“How shall any tower withstand such                    set out with step-by-step instructions and
numbers and such reckless hate?”                       pictures. It also gives general painting tips,
  - The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers              including layering and drybrushing.

I do like a good scenario. I much prefer 17.           It also gives us a detailed painting guide for all
This journey book has more than lived up the           the members of the Fellowship in Rohan,
bar set by the previous book, and it is a great        focusing on certain parts of the model for each.
supplement, ideal for those who whish to
collect new armies, play new scenarios, or             Then it gives a clear and detailed guide on
make new terrain.                                      building hills, and using flock and paint on
                                                       terrain. It gives different types of Craggy hill,
The book is thick and expensive, but well              and Fissures, which are needed in the later
worth the cost. The cover is well done, and            scenarios.
draws you in nicely to read the book.
                                                       Scenario 1 - Lets Hunt Some Orc
The book starts of with descriptions of the            This is a nice starter scenario, and features the
                           things found in             three hunters trying to break through a small
                           it,           from          Uruk-hai scout forces, consisting of no heroes.
                           scenarios        to         They need to do it quickly, though there is
                           painting        and         little opposition.
                           terrain guides. It
                           then        jumps           I like this scenario; it has a nice introduction
                           straight into the           feel to it, though it feels a bit unfair on the evil
                           first section:              side, probably due to it being a linked
                              The Treason of
                              Isengard                 After this it gives us painting guides for the
                                                       many heroes and warriors of Rohan. They do
                              This is by far the       not have ant detailed guides, but they tell you
                              longest section,         the paint colours they recommend that you use,
                              covering         8       which is very informative and simple to read.
                              ranging from the         It then gives a guide on building a Rohan
                              journeys of the          House, which looks very good and simple, and
                                     remaining         clearly laid out. It also gives us a nice
                              fellowship to the        campfire, with flame.
Defence of Rohan.

Scenario 2 – The First Battle of the Fords of         Thjs scenario is based on the film, though it is
Isen                                                  still fun. It’s always fun to have Warg Riders
                                                      fight Riders of Rohan, as you know that the
Forgive me for being too kind, but I have to          fight will be close. Unless they have Aragorn,
say that the creators of this scenario are just       Legolas and Gimli, that is.
using it as an excuse to kill Théodred as
brutally as possible. He must charge into the         Scenario 7 – The Second Battle of the Fords of
thick of combat, he suffers penalties when            Isen
being wounded, and he must be killed for the
evil side to win the fight. I wonder, will the        Another battle on the river. Looks as good,
evil side just ignore him?                            with the good side having to survive for 10
                                                      turns against a greater force of evil, with the
But the scenario itself seems fun and it is           advantage of the river. And there are some
heaped with special rules, which can’t be bad.        flanking Warg Riders, of course, to add a bit
I like the way they show narrative scenarios          more spice.
now, with a picture of the board.
                                                      Then we have a painting
Scenario 3 – The Scouring of the Westfold             guide for Saruman and
                                                      Grima         Wormtongue.
This scenario also looks fun, with houses to          Saruman’s cloak gains a 5
burn down, which is never boring. It also             step guide, very detailed,
introduces the Outriders, who come on in later        and I wish I could do it so
as reinforcements.                                    well.

Scenario 4 – The Wrath of Rohan                       Following on from this, we
                                                      have a nice guide for
Looks good, again, though I’ve seen a similar         Orthanc scaffolds, very
scenario countless times before. Should be fun        detailed and well made, with a fairly simple
though, as you have to get the puny hobbits           guide.
into the forest before they are trampled on.
                                                      Scenario 8 – The Last March of the Ents
After this there are different examples of
painting Ents, as well as a modelling guide for       Finally. I’ve wanted to see this scenario for
undergrowth and rough ground., both of which          ages, and it looks as good as it should have
have step-by-step instructions to them, clearly       done. A handful of Ents against a lot of Uruk-
laid out.                                             hai and Orcs, with the objective of bashing
                                                      town a few structures, what’s there not to
Scenario 5 – Alone in Fangorn                         love? If I had the money to buy three Ents, I
                                                      would definitely play this scenario. As it is, I
This scenario, on first thoughts, looks a bit         have to look at it and admire it.
easy for the good side. On second thoughts, it
looks very fun. The hobbits have to wake up a         The Journey to Mordor
sleeping Ent without being caught by orcs or
uruk-hai. Simple.                                     We now change to four scenarios covering the
                                                      journey of Frodo and Sam to Mordor,
I like the way you can choose to play the             encountering Faramir and Sméagol on the
scenarios by the film or the book, making             way.
alterations to change between them, such as
replacing the orcs with Grishnakh in this             It starts of with painting guides of the main
scenario.                                             good models, Frodo, Sam and Gollum. The
                                                      golum guide, especially, is very detailed, as is
Following this are a couple more painting             the Frodo and Sam guides. Then, over the
guides, though I have seen the Warg one               page, it gives a guide for painting Morgul
before, I can see why they have included it in        Stalkers, which, in my opinion, look a bit odd.
this book as well. There is also a painting           Then the guide for spectres, which is only
guide for the Warriors and Wildmen of                 really a guide for their skin.
                                                      It has a guide for Emyn Muil, and various
Scenario 6 – Warg Attack                              other rocky platforms, made solely of
                                                      polystyrene foam, stones and gravel.

Scenario 9 - The Taming of Sméagol

This is the smallest scenario in the book, but it
looks fun, Frodo and Sam having to subdue

“Where are they with my Precious?
Curse them! We hates them.”
                    Gollum, The Two Towers.

Then we have the painting guide for the
                                                        Scenario 12 – Osgiliath
Ringwraith on Fell Beast, very detailed and
well explained. It looks in detail at the whole
                                                        This scenario does not include any of the
Fell Beast, and gives the colours for the
                                                        fellowship, unless you are following the film,
                                                        which is good. It consists of orcs and the
                                                        defenders of Osgiliath fighting it out over the
Over the page it gives us a guide for building
                                                        ruined city, trying to claim buildings and
the Dead Marshes, which can also be used as
                                                        defeat their foe, while both forces replenish
general pieces of marshland. It also gives us a
                                                        their losses repeatedly.
small guide on using wet effect, to great water
in the marsh.
                                                        It is more interesting based on the film, with
                                                        Frodo and Sam fighting off a Nazgul, that is
Scenario 9 – The Passage of the Marshes
                                                        searching for the ring.
This is a bit added on by Games-Workshop,
                                                        The Battle of Helm’s Deep
but it looks a fun scenario, with Spectres using
their special rule to push Frodo into the
                                                        The third, and last, section of the campaign,
marshes. Frodo has to stay alive, if he doesn’t
                                                        detailing the battle of Helm’s Deep, against the
he will lose.
                                                        Uruk-hai and Dunlendings of Isengard. Each
                                                        scenario covers a certain bit of the action, with
Then it gives a painting fuide for the Mûmak
                                                        a final scenario for the whole thing.
and the Haradrim. It gives a very nice guide
for the Mûmak’s tusks and skin. It also gives a
                                                        It opens with a guide for painting Uruk-hai,
painting guide for Rangers of Gondor and
                                                        similar to the scouts but with more armour and
Osgiliath Veterans, the latter having a very
                                                        less cloth. Easily the most interesting bit of
similar armour guide to Warriors of Minas
                                                        this page is the guide for painting the White
                                                        Hand, which I have not seen before.
It also gives a guide for the ruins of Osgiliath,
                                                        Over the page is the guide for the Troll, the
like many I’ve seen before. It uses almost only
                                                        Ballista and the Battering Ram. The Siege
foamcard, a lot of it too, with quite a simple
                                                        Engines are surprisingly similar to Uruk-hai to
Scenario 11 – Ambush in Ithillien
                                                        Over the page are guides for the Elves and
                                                        Gandalf the White, who has a similar paint
Another version of this scenario, based on the
                                                        scheme to Saruman. On the next page there is
scene from the story of the ambush of the
                                                        a guide for the Deeping Wall, covering several
Southron armies by Faramir, and the capture of
                                                        pages, including a page on making a Breached
Frodo and Sam. It is nicely done, since it is a
bit hard on the good side to make them face
the full force of Haradrim, they come on in
                                                        Scenario 13 – The Deeping Wall
waves. With Frodo and Sam in the thick of it.
                                                        The first of the Helm’s Deep scenarios, and
                                                        looks very good, the Uruks having to blow up
                                                        the wall via their demolition charges. In all the
                                                        Helms Deep scenarios there is an option to
                                                        play by the film, and add in some Elf Warriors.

Scenario 14 – Into the Breach                            you get several turns of pure fun. I want to
                                                         play this, but gathering Helm’s Deep together
This scenario looks fun, with a ton of evil stuff        will push me a bit. Ah well.
pouring through the walls, with a handful of
denfenders to stop them. With Aragorn, of                It then has a guide on linking the scenarios,
course. The defending force is large though,             similar to the guide in the Fellowship of the
and can take on the Uruks in this battle.                Ring, and the risk that your men might die. It
                                                         is well done and simple, so you can easily play
Following this is a guide for the Gatehouse,             on from your last game.
similar to the walls, but with a gate (surprise!).
There is also a guide for the causeway, and              Good Heroes and Warriors
raising Helm’s Deep onto a hill.
                                                         Finally, the stats! Firstly, we have 3 named
Scenario 15 – In the Shadow of the Hornburg              Rohirric heroes, Erkenbrand, Hama and
                                                         Théodred, alongside the Outriders and
Don’t you love Aragorn and Gimli? Fighting               Sméagol. Erkenbrand is a solid and strong
off a few dozen orcs and dunlendings, the two            hero, with a nice special rule, as are Théodred
heroes have to defend the gate. Looks fun,               and Hama. Outriders are mini-heroes, with one
looks very fun.                                          Fate point, and 1 attack and wound.

Scenario 16 – Théoden Rides Out                          There are few new warriors, but the Osgiliath
                                                         Veterans have a nice rule, they gain a bonus
                                                         from Faramir or Boromir. There are also stats
                                                         for Ents, similar to Treebeard, without the
                                                         Might, Will and Fate.

                                                         Evil Heroes and Warriors

                                                         The Uruk-hai scouts get two more named
                                                         heroes, Ugluk, who leads the Uruk-hai from
                                                         Amon Hen, and Vrasku, with a double shot
                                                         crossbow. There are also captains for the
                                                         Dunlending Chieftains.

                                                         There are a lot of new evil warriors, namely
Similar to the scenario in Siege of Gondor, this         the Isengard Troll, the Morgul Stalkers, the
scenario details Théoden’s suicidal charge out           Spectres, the Feral Uruk-hai and the
of the walls, with Gandalf arriving behind,              Dunlending Warriors. The Spectres have a
unbeknownst to the defenders. Looks fun, as              very nice rule, and the Dunlendings are a solid
ever.                                                    force.
Then we have a guide for building a curved
wall, similar to the other sections but curved. It
then gives you a list of all the pieces you need         That brings us to the end of the book, with a
to make Helms deep, and there is a lot.                  summary and a guide of the needed materials.
                                                         I have loved this book, from start to finish, it is
Scenario 17 – The Siege of Helms Deep                    well crafted and thought through. 9/10, great!
I do love a scenario that has 1500 points of             Aratheking
models a side, and does a whole section of the
books in one go. And that is just what this one          Aratheking
does. It details all the events in one chunk, and

      When Roleplaying on Cheeseweb, Tomdidiot becomes Tarannor
Tarannor, Lieutenant of the 4th Company (Man)                                            Points: 20
                         F S           D         A   W   C   M/W/F
Tarannor               4/4+ 4          7         1   1   4   1/ 1 / 1

Tarannor carries a sword and a shield, and wears heavy armour. He may be given the following equipment
at an additional cost:

Horse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6pts
Lance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1pt
Longbow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2pts

Special Rules
I'm only a Lieutenant!!! Unless you have a captain of Minas Tirith in your force, Tarannor has no fate
(This represents the captain being dead and Tarannor taking temporary command).
Not the Commander. If you have any captains in your force, designate a Captain of Minas Tirith as
Tarannor's commanding officer. Unless the captain is killed, Tarranor may not call stand fast rolls. He may
only be mounted if this commander is mounted.
Two hands. Tarannor has only two hands, so he can not hold a shield and fire a bow at the same time. His
Defence is reduced to 6 if he uses the Longbow.

Tarannor, as the son of the Lord of Anorien, was accepted into officer school and after graduation, was
made a Lieutenant of the 4th Company of the 2nd Batalloin, Erelas Regiment.

Tarannor, Captain of Anorien (Man)                                                        Points: 70
                         F S           D         A   W   C   M/W/F
Tarannor               5/3+ 4          7         2   2   5   2/ 2 / 2

Tarannor, Captain of Anorien, carries a sword and a shield, and wears heavy armour. He may be given the
following equipment at an additional cost:

Horse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10pts
Lance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5pts
Longbow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5pts

Special Rules
Rather Lax. Tarannor does not believe in harsh discipline, and encourages his men on instead of ordering
them forward. As such, he commands the respect of his men. Tarannor has an 8"/20cm range on a stand
fast roll instead of 6"/14cm.
Two hands. Tarannor has only two hands, so he can not hold a shield and fire a bow at the same time. His
Defence is reduced to 6 if he uses the Longbow.

After Distinguishing himself, Tarranor was promoted to Captain of the 4th Company, and later to
command the 2nd Batallion. Tarranor proved a capable commander and led his men to many victories.

Tarannor, Field Commander (Man)                                                            Points: 90
                          F S            D      A      W       C      M/W/F
Tarannor                5/3+ 4           7      2      2       5      3/ 2 / 3

Tarannor, carries a sword and a shield and wears heavy armour. He may have the following items at an
additional cost:

Horse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10pts
Lance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5pts
Longbow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5pts

Special Rules
Shield Bash. If Tarranor wins his combat, he may roll another die before he rolls to wound. If he gets 4+
on that die, one of his opponents is knocked to the ground. If used on a cavalry model, the rider is thrown.
Might may be used to modify this roll. Tarannor may NOT use this when he is mounted.
Rather Lax. Tarannor does not believe in harsh discipline, and encourages his men on instead of ordering
them forward. As such, he commands the respect of his men. Tarannor has an 8"/20cm range on a stand
fast roll instead of 6"/14cm.
Two hands. Tarannor has only two hands, so he can not hold a shield and fire a bow at the same time. His
Defence is reduced to 6 if he uses the Longbow.

Tarranor, during the War of the Ring, was a highly respected Regimental Commander, though still an
excellent warrior. He commanded the 4th Anorien Guard Regiment during the war, and was present at
Minas Tirith, the Battle of the Pelennor Fields and the Black Gate.

Tarannor, Lord of Anorien (Man)                                                            Points: 120
                          F S            D      A      W       C      M/W/F
Tarannor                6/3+ 4           7      3      3       6      3/ 3 / 3

Tarannor, carries a sword and wears heavy armour. He can have the following items at an additional cost:

Horse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10pts
Lance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5pts
Longbow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5pts
The Standard of the House of Anorien. . . . . 5pts

Tarannor may have any of the above two plus the horse.
Standard of the house of Anarion. The Standard counts as a banner except it has a range of 6"/14cm and
every friendly unit in range recieves a +1 bonus to their fight value.

Special Rules
Shield Bash. If Tarranor wins his combat, he may roll another die before he rolls to wound. If he gets 4+
on that die, one of his opponents is knocked to the ground. If used on a cavalry model, the rider is thrown.
Might may be used to modify this roll. Tarannor may NOT use this when he is mounted.
Lord of Anorien. Tarranor comands great respect among GOndor's armies. As such, he has a Stand fast
Range of 12" among Men of Gondor.
Two hands. Tarannor has only two hands, so he can not hold a shield and fire a bow at the same time. His
Defence is reduced to 6 if he uses the Longbow.

     Althamus is a mighty ranger, who has acquired many valuable
     possessions over the years, some of which he carries in battle.

Note. The stats two issues ago can be used without any of this wargear, or can have some or most of it
bought for them.

The four prices correspond to the four sets of stats I have.

Manthuiel : 1/2/3/4
Captain Althamus' ancestral sword, handed down for many generations. It allows him to re-roll any natural
1s when roling to see who wins a combat.

Belt : 1/3/4/4
Crafted by Althamus in his early years as a ranger, this belt is a source of great fortitude for him. It allows
him to ignore the first failed courage test in the game (from whatever cause).

Bracers : 2/5/6/-
Gifted to Althamus when he first started fighting, these bracers allow the bearer to fire faster, and their
shots fly truer, and are said to have been made by the Dunedain in the far north. They allow the bearer to
re-roll a single failed to hit roll in the shooting phase per turn.

Ornate Dagger : -/-/2/2
A gift to Althamus from a friend in Minas Tirith, this dagger is of little use in a fight. However, it does
allow him to have a emergency weapon which can potentially turn the tide of combat. Once per game,
when Althamus wins a fight, he may re-roll all his dice to wound.

Quiver of arrows : -/-/3/-
Said to be originally from the leafy vales of Lorien, this quiver contains arrows which are straighter, truer,
fly further and penetrate deeper than all their counterparts. When equipped with this, Althamus benefits
from the Poisoned Arrows rule.

Horn : -/-/5/10
A gift from the south, Althamus received a large horn, of an oxen or bull, which allowed him to easily be
recognised on the battlefield. When bearing this horn, Althamus may once per game blow it in the combat
phase,     counting     as     a   banner     to    all    friendly   models      within   6”     radius.

Hide boots : -/-/5/5
Gifted by the elves of Mirkwood, these are boots made of the lightest material, but warm and waterproof
better than any material made by man. When in these, Althamus can move through difficult terrain with no

Shadowmane : -/-/-/15
From a captain of Dol Amroth, Althamus received what was widely known as ‘the finest steed in Dol
Amroth’. Shadowmane has the stats of a normal steed, but as the Knights of Dol Amroth prize hardiness
and strength over speed, Shadowmane has +1S, D.

             Phoenix expands his Rohan army building article.

                      The Ride of the Rohirrim
   Phoenix updates his Rohan Army Building Article (Found in Issue 4) following the
                   release of The Two Towers Journey Supplement.

Erkenbrand, Captain of Rohan

Erkenbrand is a hero of Rohan, who, in the books, leads the
reinforcements alongside Gandalf the White to aid Théoden at Helm’s
His great and heroic attributes are mostly covered in his profile.
Though many say that judging from his actions in the written trilogy,
he should have improved stats, they are that of a much-improved
Captain of Rohan, with a few notable exceptions. Erkenbrand wears
Heavy Armour like all of the named Rohirrim heroes, and also carries
a shield with him into battle, giving him a Defence of 7. He also has
more Might than a regular captain as well as a better Fighting ability.
For just 65 points, Erkenbrand is an able hero, able to lead your troops into chaotic battles
or smaller, ferocious skirmishes.
Erkenbrand should be given a Horse. He is an Expert Rider and this means he retains his
high Defence. By giving him this extra mobility, you can use his Might where it is most-
needed, whether to gain the upper-hand via a Heroic Action or to lend his weight in a
battle against a powerful enemy hero. He is also a good fighter, with a solid Fight Value
of 5, so he can beat the likes of Uruk-hai in most circumstances, and steal draws with
Uruk-hai captains. It is for this reason that his battlefield abilities are best utilised with
Erkenbrand leading from the fore. If you do decide to give him a mount (which is heavily
recommended) be sure to lend his support to any mounted troops you have.
His Horn of the Hammerhand rule allows him to give great aid to fellow Rohan warriors
and heroes. He can blow it at the beginning of any Fight phase, and all Rohan models on
the battlefield count as being within 3”/8cm of a Banner, which is useful when the
numbers are against you.

Háma, Captain of Rohan

                       Háma was a great warrior and loyal captain of Rohan, who
                       defended the gatehouse of Helm’s Deep from Saruman’s foul
                       Uruk-hai. Though it was here where he met his demise, he slew
                       many of the black-hearted beasts and his death inspired the
                       Rohirrim to victory.
                       Háma was respected by his followers and died a hero’s death.
                       Though he basically has the same stats as a Captain of Rohan, to

represent his death, he has no Fate but a Defence of 6. He also has the Bodyguard rule,
meaning that he can protect Théoden during a battle without having to test for Courage
whilst the King is alive and on the table.Háma is a solid fighter, who is great to use as a
fringe hero. Though not necessarily the greatest hero of the Riddermark, for a mere 50
points, or 60 if you wish to give him the extra mobility a horse can bring, he is a great
buy for any Marshal of Rohan. By being an Expert Rider it would be 10 points well-spent
to give him a horse, too.
To get the most out of Háma, I recommend that you place him amongst your infantry. He
can use his Might to make some useful Heroic actions to take the initiative, or simply use
it to help terminate stronger troops that you will face, such as the Uruk-hai.
The Bodyguard rule he has means that he doesn’t have to test for Courage at all whilst
Théoden is alive and on the table, so if you are facing strong enemies who cause Terror,
he can go in alone to keep them busy or even keep them engaged long enough to destroy
them, such as draining down the will of the Nazgûl.
Háma is a great hero, but his major weakness is his lack of Fate. Though he has a strong
Defence to help keep enemies at bay, sooner or later he will succumb, especially if he
becomes surrounded.

Théodred, Heir of Rohan

                         A fierce lord of the Riddermark, Théodred was second Marshal
                         of Rohan and the Heir to the throne. He was a constant thorn in
                         Saruman’s side during the early stages of the War of the Ring,
                         before he finally met his doom at the Fords of the River Isen.
                         A commanding presence on and off the battlefield, Théodred is
                         a mighty warrior; a legend in his own right.
                         Théodred is a great warrior, more than able to hold his own in a
                         fight. His stats are not too dissimilar to those of Éomer, though
                         the noble son of the King has no Fate, but more Will. At 70
                         points, Théodred is a great threat to any enemy commander, and
                         they should seek to terminate him immediately; such is his great
He is an Expert Rider, which allows him to carry a Shield whilst mounted. I strongly
recommend that he is given both a mount and a Shield, due to his lack of Fate. The
increased Defence would rise to 7, making it even more difficult for your enemy to take
him out.
He is best deployed where his mighty combat abilities are most effective; on the front-
line. In larger battles, Théodred will most likely be your biggest attacking threat, so it is
best for him to head straight towards the biggest and most dangerous enemy he can find.
If you decide, however, to field him without a mount, the lack of mobility will mean that
it is best if he sticks close to a group of Warriors of Rohan, or that you assign several
Rohan Royal Guard. His 3 Might points are basically worthless if he is alone and without
aid, should you require to take the initiative by making a Heroic Action.
His lack of Fate means that’s sooner or later he will bite the dust, but until that point you
should simply throw him into the lion’s den and watch him battle his way through to the

Rohan Outriders

The most-feared of Rohan’s troops, the Outriders
were scouts amongst the Rohirric soldiery who
were famed for their skill in archery.
Though few in number, these brave men often
scattered beleaguered enemy troops with hails of
Bowfire, leaving their force confused and
The Rohan Outriders are basically Warriors of
Rohan with extra skill in Bowfire. With a
Shooting value of 3+, they are able to take down a
fair few enemies before they are taken out
themselves. Their Defence is just 4, and since they can take no Shields, they are gifted a
single point of Fate which will be used sooner than most Rohan generals would like.
They can, however, make use of their one special rule, by taking a horse for 5 points.
They are Expert Riders, and if they kill an enemy who carries a shield they can take it
and still get the bonus for the shield even whilst mounted. For a combined 15 points, they
cost the same as Riders of Rohan with Throwing Spears, and you should field them
amongst your cavalry. If you wish, you could replace some of your Riders of Rohan with
Outriders, as they are similar cost and their improved archery skills would be a great asset
from horseback.
Best placed amongst your cavalry, or with your most-powerful hero if you chose not to
mount them (which is seriously recommended), the Outriders can run rings around your
opponent whilst shooting them to death. Even if you fail to kill any troops with the
Bowfire, your opponent will be forced to change their battle lines to deal with the deadly
hail of arrows.

Tactician’s Note: I hope you find this update helpful when choosing which models to
field in your army and how to utilise them to the best of their ability.

                                     Happy Gaming,

                   Phoenix, Resident Cheeseweb Rohan Army Expert

                             Cheeseweb Newsletter
Well, the past month on Cheeseweb has been a fantastic one for the community. Records
have been broken, new members have arrived and old ones return. No only that, but a
special Cheeseweb Party, albeit not as successful as hoped, was called for in response to
Captain Althamus and Phoenix passing 5000 posts, as well as several members
celebrating their birthday. Not only that, but we have smashed a record of 12 members
online at anyone time, and now stands at 31 members online.

The activity on the forum has increased dramatically, and some 8000 replies have been
posted over the month, with posts-per-day averaging near the 100 mark with ease. Many
new members have also joined, numbering half a dozen, and some more familiar faces,
such as that of Glorond and Captain Baranor have also returned, which is a sight
welcomed by all. Long-lost member Mardat has also returned, though we still await his
full activity.

Phoenix, who has become Temporary Moderator whilst Raddy is away, has started a cult
on the forums. His fairly-popular ‘The Great Wanderers’ series, a small company of
Cheeseweb members who set off to aid the Fellowship has sparked a return (pun
intended) of many old Fantasy Fellowships and Battle Companies, in particular that of
Saviour and Aratheking’s Cheeseweb Fellowship. In addition, Aratheking’s Neldur
supplement has taken off with nearly seven new articles during the month.

Away from the forum, the month has been a great one for The Lord of the Rings Strategy
Battle Game. The upcoming expansion book; Legions of Middle-earth, was released
along with the new journey sourcebook for The Two Towers, which continues the story
of the book. Some new beautiful models have been created, such as Erkenbrand and the
Morgul Stalkers, as well as the awesome Isengard Troll. Though not thematically correct,
the Troll is a well-liked figure by those with a bit of imagination.
Legions of Middle-earth is an expansion to the One Rulebook, making it an essential buy
for newcomers and veterans alike, whilst The Two Towers is truly a great buy for those
who wish to fight out the story from the books, rather than that of the film.

                     It has been an honour to write this newsletter!

                       Bye, or as they say in the Czech Republic:
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