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									SAVOR ……..Wilmington
                Catering by SMG

Catering Menu
    2008-2009 Season
                            Table of Contents

Continental Breakfast & Coffee Breaks           3

Breakfast Buffets                               4

Breakfast Enhancements                          5

Á la Carte Additions                            6

Grab & Go                                       7

Lunch Buffets                                   8

Light Fare Luncheons                            9

Lunch Salad Selections                          10

Served Hot Lunch Entrees                        11

Lunch Dessert Selections                        12

Dinner Salad Selections                         13

Served Hot Dinner Entrees                       14-15

Dinner Dessert Selections                       16

Dinner Buffets                                  17-18

Hors d’Oeuvres                                  19

Grand Displays                                  20

Chef’s Carving Stations                         21

Specialty Action Stations                       22

Beverages                                       23-24

Food & Beverage Policies                        25-27

                          Continental & Coffee Breaks
All continental breaks include fresh brewed coffee, decaf coffee, tea & chilled orange, grapefruit juice and apple juices.
                          Continental breaks are based on a two- hour maximum service time.

                                   The Oleander Continental
                                        Fresh fruit juices and coffee
                 An ever changing assortment of breakfast quick breads and fruit filled Danish
                                             $6.95 Per Person

                                  The Shipyard Bagel Break
                                         Fresh fruit juices and coffee
             Fresh assortment of sliced cinnamon-raisin, blueberry, poppy-seed, plain and bagels
                        Served with plain, light & home-made flavored cream cheese
                                               $6.95 Per Person

                                               Healthy Start
                                          Fresh fruit juices and coffee
     A variety of muffin tops with preserves and scones along side of individual yogurts and sliced fruit,
                  bowls of sun dried fruit and granola will be served with our yogurt display
                                               $7.95 Per Person

                                           The Wake-Up Call
                                         Fresh fruit juices and coffee
                   Sticky buns, cinnamon swirls, assorted donuts and breakfast quick breads
                                            Seasonal Whole Fruit
                                              $7.95 Per Person

                              The Market Street Continental
                                        Fresh fruit juices and coffee
             Lemon-poppy seed ring, cinnamon-walnut ring, and blueberry flavored coffee cakes
              Served with fresh berry bowls, plain whipped butter, flavored butter and preserves
                                              $6.95 Per Person

                           The Randall Parkway Continental
                                           Fresh fruit juices and coffee
                      Mini muffins, butter croissants, fruit Danish, and seasonal sliced fruit
                                       served with butter & fruit preserves
                                                 $7.95 Per Person

                                    Belville Breakfast Bistro
                                        Fresh fruit juices and coffee
               Raspberry & blueberry scones, assorted Danish, butter croissants, fruit turnovers
                    Served with individual cereals & milk, individual yogurts with granola
                                     And a seasonal sliced fruit display
                                             $9.95 Per Person
                                         Breakfast Buffets
All breakfast buffets include fresh brewed coffee, decaf coffee, tea & chilled orange, apple and grapefruit juices. Breakfast
                                   buffets are based on a two-hour maximum service time

                                       The Eagle Island Buffet
                     Ever changing selection of sliced breakfast quick breads and mini pastries
                                        Fresh sliced seasonal fruit display
                                    Fluffy scrambled eggs with three cheeses
                                          Cured bacon and pork sausage
                                       Oven roasted hash brown potatoes
                                                $11.95 Per Person

                                  The New Hanover Breakfast
                Seasonal selection of mini scones and mini muffins served with butter & preserves
                            Citrus bowls of grapefruit, orange & mandarins with mint
                                 Fluffy scrambled eggs with cheddar and herbs
                                             bacon and pork sausage
                                      Oven roasted potatoes with diced ham
                                               $13.95 Per Person

                                South of the Border Breakfast
                     Buttermilk biscuits, muffin tops and warm tortillas with butter & preserves
                                          Fresh seasonal sliced fruit display
                          Scrambled eggs with diced tomatoes and pepper jack cheese
                                   Spicy Chorizo sausage with onions & peppers
                                     Refried Beans, Red and Green Chili salsa
                                                  $14.95 Per Person

                       West Coast Low-Carb Breakfast Buffet
                  Cottage Cheese with pineapple & blueberries and sliced seasonal fruit displays
                                    Fluffy scrambled eggs with asparagus tips
                       Marinated & grilled top round of beef, sliced with brown gravy on side
                              Sautéed mushrooms, onions and zucchini with bacon
                                                 $15.95 Per Person

                              The Hightsville Breakfast Buffet
                                          Seasonal sliced fruit display
                   Ever changing mix of breakfast quick breads and assorted fruit filled pastries
                                     Mini egg & cheese croissant sandwich
                                         Cured Bacon & Pork sausage
                          Cinnamon French toast with pecan streusel and warm syrup
                                Served with individual cereals & assorted milks
                                               $17.95 Per Person

Breakfast Enhancements
         Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
               $36.00 per gallon

          Fresh Brewed Coffee/Decaf
               $38.00 per gallon

          Assorted Bottled Fruit Juices
                  $2.50 each

      Cranberry, Grapefruit Juice or Apple
              $28.00 per gallon

            Starbuck’s Frappachinos
                  $5.00 each

            Assorted Jumbo Muffins
               $20.00 per dozen

            Jumbo Cinnamon Buns
              $26.00 per dozen

               Assorted Donuts
               $20.00 per dozen

             Assorted Coffee Cakes
                  $28.00 each

               Pecan Sticky Rolls
               $22.00 per dozen

   Individual Milks & Chocolate Milks ½ pints
                   $2.25 each

             Granola & Cereal Bars
                  $3.00 each

   Assorted Individual Fruit Yogurts & Granola
                $2.75 per person

        Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwiches:
      Ham & Swiss or Sausage & Cheddar
                  $2.50 each

      Assorted Bagels & Cream Cheeses
              $26.00 per dozen

            Breakfast Quick Breads
                $20.00 per loaf

               Butter Croissants
         With Flavored Whipped Butter
               $18.00 per dozen

          Assorted Large Fruit Danish
              $24.00 per dozen
                      À la Carte Additions
Bottled Water                                     $2.50 each
Bottled Spring or Sparkling

Sodas                                             $2.25 each
Assorted Bottle Pepsi / Coke Products 12oz

Grain Trail Mix                                   $12.00 per pound
Dried Fruit, Chocolate Chip & Granola

Energy Bars                                       $3.00 each
Assortment of Power & granola Bars

Sliced Seasonal Fruit                             $3.00 per person
Chef’s Choice of the Season

Whole Fresh Fruit                                 $1.50 each
Apples, Oranges, Bananas and Seasonal Offerings

Chips                                             $1.75 each
An Assortment of flavored potato chips

Cookies and/or Brownies                           $22.00 per dozen
Choc Chip, Chocolate Peanut Butter,
Oatmeal Raisin, White Choc Mac Nut

Assortment of Candy Bars                          $1.75 each
Hershey’s, M / M’s, Snickers, Milkyway
Skittles, Twix

Ice Tea, Lemonade or Fruit Punch                  $36.00 per gallon
Serves 20 people per gallon

Water Pitchers                                    $2.00 each
Individually placed

Water Station                                     $25.00 set up
5 gal. spring water                               $10.00 each refill

                   “Grab & Go”
              Perfect for a quick bite, Grab it and go!
All selections include a 12oz can beverage and small bottle water
                 Your choice of cookie or brownies
                 And appropriate accompaniments

                     “Wrap It Up”
                        Your choice of
     Chicken Salad, Chicken Cesar, Turkey, Ham or Veggie
           Wrapped in Traditional or Specialty Tortilla
          Yukon Gold Potato Salad or Specialty Chip
                        Roll and Butter
                      $14.00 Per Person

       Cheddar & Beef on a Kaiser
         Slow Roasted Beef on a Traditional Kaiser Roll
              with Aged Sharp Cheddar Cheese
                   Horseradish Mayonnaise
                       Specialty Chips
                     $14.75 Per Person

          Chicken Salad Croissant
       Homemade Chicken Salad with a Flaky Croissant,
                     Specialty Chips
               Seasonal Seedless Grapes
                   $14.75 Per Person

              Stand-By-Me Caesar
       Mesquite Marinated-Flame Grilled Chicken Breast
       atop Fresh Romaine Lettuce with Caesar Dressing
            Herbed Croutons and Fresh Dinner Roll
                     $14.00 Per Person

        Turkey or Ham on a Hoagie
    Roast Turkey or Cured Ham on a Traditional Hoagie Roll
              with Aged Sharp Cheddar Cheese
                       Specialty Chips
                     $14.75 Per Person

                  Butchers Block
  Cured Ham, Roast Turkey with Swiss and Cheddar Cheeses
              On a Fresh Baked Hoagie Roll
                      Specialty Chips
                    $14.00 Per Person
                                       Lunch Buffets
        All lunch buffets include fresh brewed coffee, decaf coffee, tea and assorted breads & butter.
                           All prices are subject to service charge and state sales tax.

             “The Windemere”                                           “The New Englander”
Platters of Slow Roast Turkey, Cured Ham & Cajun                     Potato & Roasted Corn Chowder
                    Roast Beef                                          Seasonal Fresh Fruit Salad
Swiss & Cheddar Cheeses with Assorted Breads &                      Four Bean & Roasted Pepper Salad
                       Rolls                                          Herb Roasted Breast of Chicken
         Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Pickles                        Herb Crusted Mac & Cheese with Pancetta
      Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella Pasta Salad              Sliced London Broil with Peppercorn Sauce over Onions
         Yukon Gold & Chive Potato Salad                                         & Peppers
              Appropriate Condiments                                   Devastating Chocolate Cake
             Assorted Gourmet Cookies                                       $15.95 per person
                 $14.95 per person

                                          Classic Caesar Salad
                       Grilled Asparagus & Red Pepper Salad with Balsamic Glaze
                     Grilled Chicken Breast with Sun dried Tomato & Artichoke Cream
                      Sonoma Seafood Stuffed Sole with Lemon-Herb Beurre Blanc
                      Tri Colored Cheese Tortellini with Mushrooms, and Garlic & Oil
                                   Honey & Ginger Glazed Baby Carrots
                                            Toasted Orzo Pilaf
                       Fresh Strawberries-Sauce, Pound Cake & Whipped Topping
                                            $18.95 per person

             “Silver Lake Side”                                          “Asian Influence”
                Fresh Cole Slaw                                  Yaki Soba Noodle with Peanut Sauce
                Seafood Bisque                                            Spicy Broccoli Salad
           Barbecue Basted Chicken                                    Grilled Pineapple & Teriyaki
Baked Sherry Crumbed Atlantic (Sustainable) Scrod                            Chicken Breast
              Boston Baked Beans                                               Pork Lo Mein
        Parsley Buttered New Potatoes                                     Stir Fried Vegetables
             Fresh Corn on the Cob                                       Traditional Fried Rice
  Homemade Apple Crisp with Whipped Cream                                 Steamed White Rice
               $17.95 per person                                          Lemon Meringue Pie
                                                                            $16.95 per person

                                 Light Fare Luncheons
All light fare luncheons are served with fresh brewed coffee, decaf coffee, tea and dessert. Entrée Salads are also
         served with baskets of breads & butter. All prices are subject to service charge and state sales tax.

                                                 Caesar Salad with
                                         Grilled Mesquite Chicken Breast
                                                $10.95 Per Person

                                          “Hewletts Creek”
                                     A Trio of Tuna, Chicken and Egg Salad
                                           On a bed of Mixed Greens
                                                $11.95 Per Person

                                          “Whiskey Creek”
                              An Italian-Antipasto Style Salad of Mixed Greens with
                                 Italian Meats, Cheeses & Marinated Vegetables
                                                $11.95 Per Person

                                          “Alligator Creek”
                                  Choose One of the Following Sandwiches:
                                             Albacore Tuna Salad
                              Chicken Breast Salad with Red Grapes and Walnuts
                             Smoked Turkey Breast with Light Cranberry Mayonnaise
                                 Honey Glazed Ham & Aged Cheddar Cheese
                                         Grilled & Chilled Vegetables
                                               $11.95 Per Person

                                 Served on Fresh Baked Croissant or Bulkie Roll
                                            With Choice of Two Sides

                                            Sides -Choose Two-
                 Yukon Gold Potato Salad, Soba Noodle Salad, Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella Pasta
             Asian Cole Slaw Salad, Cucumber-Bermuda Onion Salad or Four Bean & Pepper Salad

         Lunch Salad Selections
Hot Entrées include Fresh Rolls and Butter, Coffee, Decaf, Iced Tea
          and your choice of one of the following Salads:

                 Caesar Yada Salad
              Hearts of Romaine Lettuce served with
             Caesar Dressing and Italian Vinaigrette
     Garnished with Fresh Grated Reggiano-Parmesan Cheese
           and Toasted Herb Croutons Yada Yada Yada

                Chef’s Garden Salad
Fresh Mixture of Iceberg Lettuce, Slices of Red Cabbage and Carrots,
   Tomato Wedges, Sliced Cucumber with Toasted Herb Croutons
                         Choice of Dressing:
 Raspberry Vinaigrette, Creamy Herb or Buttermilk Ranch Dressings

                      Popeye Salad
        Tender Leafs of Baby Spinach, Fresh Mushrooms,
        Bermuda Onion Slices, Red Grape Tomatoes with
   Bacon Dressing, Buttermilk Ranch or Creamy Herb Vinaigrette

                  Wedge of Lettuce
        Crisp Iceburg Lettuce with Chunks of Blue Cheese
              Fresh Slices of Tomato and Cucumbers
                         Choice of Dressing:
 Raspberry Vinaigrette, Creamy Herb or Buttermilk Ranch Dressings

       Served Hot Lunch Entrees
  Hot Entrées include: Fresh Rolls and Butter, Coffee, Decaf, Iced Tea

                 Chicken “Escondito”
             Seared Breast of Boneless Chicken topped with
        Sliced Ripe Tomato, Avocado & Monterey Jack Cheese
            Served with a Roasted Red Pepper Cream sauce
                           $19.50 Per Person

                Call Me Chicken Little
Rosemary & Garlic Roasted Chicken Breast with Parmesan Cream Sauce
    and Truffle Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli Crowns
                         $18.50 Per Person

                      Asian Influence
              Skewered Breast of Chicken and Pineapple
                           Atop Steamed Rice
 With Asian Stir-fried Snow Peas, Water Chestnuts, Sprouts and Carrots
                           $18.50 Per Person

           Lunch “Thyme” Tenderloin
 Slow Roasted Sliced Beef Tenderloin topped with Thyme, Demi-Glace,
                    Mashed Parmesan Potatoes,
                    Sautéed Green & White Beans
                         $28.95 Per Person

            Pistachio Crusted Grouper
         Baked Pistachio Crusted (Sustainable) Grouper Fillet,
                 Basmati Blended Rice with Broccoli
                         $21.95 Per Person

                       Santiago Pork
   Loin of Pork, Seasoned with Adobe and Cilantro and Slow Roasted
                       Roasted Sweet Potatoes,
            Steamed Broccoli, Cauliflower and Carrot Medley
                          $19.75 Per Person

                Lunch Dessert Selection
         Lunch Entrées include your choice of one of the following Desserts:

                  Mini Chocolate Bundt Cake
         Mini chocolate bundt cake topped with chocolate icing surrounded
                         By freshly made crème anglaise

                   Irish Cream Mousse Cake
     Three generous layers of chocolate cake soaked with Irish cream syrup and
                     then layered with an Irish cream mousse,
               enrobed in ganache and finished in chocolate layers

                   Caramel Apple Granny Pie
         Buttery caramel and granny smith apples tossed in a custard toffee,
                  help make this all butter shortbread crust delightful

                     Chocolate Kentucky Pie
              Bittersweet chocolate chips and toasted Georgia pecans
                              Drizzled with chocolate

                 Gourmet Turtle Cheesecake
            New York style cheesecake resting on a thick layer of fudge
                 covered with a caramel sauce, garnished with
                  chopped pecans all in a graham cracker crust

                            Big New Yorker
Traditional NY style cheesecake with baked cream cheese and extra egg yolks with an
              all graham cracker and pecan crust spiced with cinnamon
                           Served with seasonal fresh fruit

                Dinner Salad Selections
 Dinner entrées include your choice of one of the following Salads and two dressings
                               Other choices include:
Caribbean Mango Vinaigrette, Orange Mandarin & Ginger Vinaigrette, Herb Goddess,
      Buttermilk Ranch, Fat Free Raspberry Vinaigrette, Cabernet Vinaigrette,
                              Creamy Herb Vinaigrette

                              Chevre Salad
          Belgian Endive, Frisee, and Watercrest with Herb Goat Cheese
                           And Yellow Pear Tomatoes

                               Greek Salad
             Iceburg Lettuce, Diced - Green Peppers, Bermuda Onions,
             Tomatoes, Feta Cheese, Ripe Olives, (Anchovies-optional)

                               Wild Greens
          Fresh Field Greens with Belgian Endive, Spicy Candied Walnuts,
                       Dried Cranberries, Manchego Cheese

                               Boston Bibb
       Tender Buttercup Lettuce & Lollo Rosa with Vine Rip Roma Tomatoes
                             And Buffalo Mozzarella

                        Chef’s House Salad
  Mix of Iceberg and Romaine Lettuces with Grape Tomatoes, English Cucumbers,
                    Croutons, Red Cabbage and Grated Carrots

                           Served Hot Dinner Entrees
  Hot Entrées include your choice of Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Rosemary New Potatoes, Basmati Rice,
Israeli Couscous or Linguine Pasta and your choice of Asparagus, Baby Bok Choy, Broccoli or Vegetable du Jour,
  Fresh Rolls and Butter. All dinners include one starch and three vegetables, Coffee, Decaf, Iced Tea, and your
                                            choice of Salad and Dessert.

                                       Chicken Florentine
               Breast of Chicken stuffed with Spinach, Ricotta Cheese and Sun-dried Tomatoes,
                                       Served with a Basil Cream Sauce
                                               $22.00 Per Person

                                      Chicken Macadamia
                 Macadamia Nut-Crusted Chicken Breasts with Lemongrass-Coconut Emulsion,
                    Recommended sides are Basmati Blended Rice and Steamed Broccoli
                                           $23.50 Per Person

                                       Chicken Provençal
                        Breast of Chicken Sautéed with White Wine, Garlic, Tomatoes,
                       Anchovies and Black Olives finished with Cream and Fresh Basil,
                       Recommended sides are Herbed Linguini and Vegetable du Jour
                                             $25.00 Per Person

                                           Chicken Oscar
   Breast of Chicken floured and seared topped with Lump Crab Meat, Fresh Asparagus and Sauce Bearnaise
                            Recommended sides are Basmati Rice Blend or Linguini
                                              $26.50 Per Person

                        Orange-Chipotle Roasted Pork Loin
                      Roasted and Seared Pork Loin Glazed with Orange-Chipotle,
             Recommended sides are Roasted New Potatoes with Steamed Asparagus or Broccoli
                                          $23.95 Per Person

                                    North Atlantic Salmon
                Fresh (Sustainable) Salmon seasoned and baked with a Raspberry BBQ Sauce
                             Recommended sides of Cous-Cous and Asparagus
                                             $22.00 Per Person

                        New England Baked Scrod
                 Atlantic (Sustainable) Scrod laced with Sherry and topped with
                                 Parmesan-Herb Bread Crumbs
                              Served with Lemon Tarragon Cream
                   Recommended sides of Traditional Rice Pilaf and Broccoli
                                        $21.00 Per Person

                      Filet Mignon Blackberry Hills
                              Charbroiled 7 oz Filet of Beef,
           Served Medium to Medium-Rare with a Blackberry Port Wine Sauce,
  Recommended sides are Horseradish Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes and Steamed Asparagus,
                                      Market Price

           Sliced Tenderloin of Beef and Salmon Duo
                        Sliced Tenderloin served Medium to Medium-Rare
              and Fillet of (Sustainable) Salmon with an Orange Béarnaise Sauce,
                     Recommended sides are Garlic Mashed Potatoes with
                        Steamed Haricot Verts and Braised Red Cabbage
                                           Market Price

                   Filet Mignon and Baked Chicken
     Filet Mignon Brushed with Herbed Butter and Baked Chicken with Oregano & Lemon,
Recommended sides are Mixture of Wild Rice with Steamed Broccoli Crowns and Mandoline Carrots
                                        Market Price

           Filet Mignon and Marinated Baked Prawns
                    Filet Mignon served Medium to Medium-Rare with a
                          Roasted Red Pepper Merlot Demi-Glace
          with Three Jumbo (Sustainable) Prawns Baked with Scampi Seasoning,
    Recommended sides are Herbed Linguini with Grilled Asparagus and Hand-turned Squash
                                       Market Price

                                    Ultimate Duo
      Filet Mignon served Medium to Medium-Rare with a Shallot-Green Peppercorn Sauce
                     and Cold Water Maine Lobster Tail with Clarified Butter,
            Recommended sides are Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Steamed Asparagus
                                        Market Price

                           Dinner Dessert Selections
                     Dinner Entrées include your choice of one of the following Desserts:

                                        Banana Cha Cha
        Moist banana chocolate cake soaked with sweet banana syrup, baked on a buttery chocolate
        shortbread crust, piled high with chocolate truffle filling, crisp milk chocolate banana crunch,
                                  buttery caramel and smooth banana icing

                               Crème Brulee Cheesecake
                           Vanilla Bean flecked custard layered with cream cheese
                                           Fired with burnt caramel

                                    Big Blitz Snickers Pie
         Buttery caramel layered with lots of salted peanuts, tart cream cheese filling with chunks of
                             Snickers Candy Bar, all covered in milk chocolate

                                   Lime is on My Side Pie
                       Tart and creamy “real” key lime filling on a graham cracker crust

                               Chocolate Lov’in Spoonful
                                Rich chocolate pudding between two layers of
                                  moist chocolate drenched chocolate cake
                                        More chocolate more better!

                                         Tirami Su Torte
Layers of sponge cake saturate with coffee liquor, combined with a thick-creamy layer of Marsala custard and
                                  Mascarpone cheese, topped with cocoa

                                 Ultimate Chocolate Cake
                  Layers of rich chocolate cake filled with creamy dark chocolate mousse,
                            And covered in chewy fudge brownies and ganache
                                           A choco-holics dream!

                            Dinner Buffets
  Dinner Buffets include Fresh Rolls and Butter, Freshly Brewed Coffee, Decaf and Tea

Fresh Romaine Lettuce, Garlic-Herb Croutons, Caesar Dressing, Fresh Parmesan Cheese
     Platters of Fresh Mozzarella and Roma Tomatoes, Vegetable Spiral Pasta Salad
 Farfalle and Marinara with Chicken, Alfredo Penne Primavera, Lasagna with Meat Sauce
                    Baked Garlic Bread with Tiramisu and Italian Cannoli
                                    $24.95 Per Person

                                 “Out West”
            Mixed Greens Salad with Croutons with a variety of Dressings,
                       Tomato-Cucumber Salad, Waldorf Salad
               Buttered Corn on the Cob and Lynchburg Baked Beans,
                BBQ Pork Ribs and Mesquite Grilled Chicken Breast
 “Bourbon” Pecan Pie, Apple Cobbler, Heavy Whipped Cream and Lemon Meringue Pie
                                 $25.95 Per Person

                           “Chinese Dragon”
            Vegetable Egg Rolls with Hot Mustard and Duck Dipping Sauce,
                            Traditional Hot & Sour Soup,
                          Sesame-Oriental Cabbage Slaw
                       Almond Chicken with Asian Vegetables
                       Beef Lo Mein with Fried Rice Noodles,
                                Steamed White Rice,
                       Traditional Egg & Vegetable Fried Rice,
                         Fortune Cookies and Lemon Cake
                                  $24.95 Per Person

                          “Southern Comfort”
                  Garden Fresh Greens, with a variety of Dressings,
                        Fresh Watermelon Slices (Seasonal),
                              Farm Fresh Potato Salad
                                 Southern Cole Slaw
         Southern Fried Chicken, Chicken Fried Steak and Honey Baked Ham,
                Home-Style Mashed Potatoes with Peppercorn Gravy,
              Country-Style Green Beans, Honey Glazed Baby Carrots
   Peach Cobbler with Heavy Whipped Cream, Pecan Pie and Double Chocolate Cake
                                 $25.95 Per Person

                            “Spring Branch”
         Fresh Mixed Field Greens, Mushrooms, Black Olives and Grape Tomatoes with
                        Choice of House Dressings and Herbed Croutons,
Sliced Tenderloin with Madeira Jus and Baked Chicken with Shiitake Mushroom Ragout
             Bread-Baked (Sustainable) Scrod with Lemon Caper Sauce
       Herbed Israeli Couscous and Horseradish Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes,
     Fresh Steamed Asparagus garnished with Peppers and Sauteed Mushrooms,
          New York Cheesecake, Key Lime Pie and Chocolate Mousse Cake
                                  $32.95 Per Person

                       “Tex-Mex Celebration”
                  Romaine & Spinach Caesar Salad with Dressings
   Shredded Cheese, Lettuce, Diced Tomatoes, Salsas, Guacamole, Sour Cream
                      Roasted Corn, Pimento and Cilantro Salad
                     Marinated & Grilled Chicken and Beef Strips
                            With Sauteed Onions & Peppers
                       Spicy Ground Beef, Sweet Corn Souffle
  Soft Flour and Corn Tortillas, Spanish Rice, Refried Beans and Fresh Tortilla Chips
                  Cinnamon-Sugar Sopaipillas with Caramel Sauce
                                   $25.95 Per Person

                      “A Taste of Wilmington”
    Our Chef will use his skills to develop a menu based on your tastes and flavors
                               Mixed Greens with Dressing,
        Two Salads, Two Entrees, One Beef, One Fish or One Chicken Dish,
        Two Seasonal Vegetables, One Appropriate Starch, Assorted Dessert
                                    $24.95 Per Person

Buffets are based upon 2 hours of service and may be extended for an additional charge
           For groups less than fifty guests a service charge of $125 will apply

                               Hors d’oeuvres
                                Cold Selections
                           All Selections Are Priced Per 50 Pieces

Honeydew & Cantaloupe Balls with Proscuitto and Midori Liqueur                $100
Assorted Lavish Pinwheels with Herb Cheese Filling                            $100
Toasted Parmesan Crisp with Fresh Sliced Apple & Candied Ginger               $100
Sweet Cherry Tomato Stuffed with Feta, Toasted Pine nuts & Red Onion Confit   $105
Tomato, Basil & Smoked Mozzarella Canapé                                      $110
Smoked Salmon Nacho on Fried Tortilla with Lemon-Chive Rosette                $110
Sun Dried Tomato Tartlet with Kalamata Olive & Caper                          $110
Boursin Cheese Balls Rolled with Candied Walnuts                              $110
Roasted Asparagus Spears Wrapped with Proscuitto & Balsamic Glaze             $110
Assorted Beef & Ham Brochettes with Artisan Breads                            $110
Anti-Pesto Skewers with Sun Dried Tomato, Artichokes & Marinated Olives       $120
Blue Crab Deviled Eggs                                                        $130
Grilled & Chilled White Gulf Shrimp Cocktail with Sauce                       $175

                                 Hot Selections
                           All Selections Are Priced Per 50 Pieces

Potato Pancakes with Apple Sauce                                              $95
Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls                                                   $95
4 Cheese & Scallion Pizette                                                   $95
Crab Rangoon with Duck Sauce                                                  $100
Spinach & Feta Spanikopita                                                    $100
Irish Bangers with Grain Mustard                                              $105
Assorted Mini Quiche                                                          $110
Sausage-Walnut Stuffed Mushroom Caps                                          $115
Garlic Shrimp Toast with Sherry & Sesame                                      $115
Saltimbocca Spanikopita with Italian Meats, Cheeses & Sage                    $120
Smoked Chicken Cornucopia with Salsa                                          $120
Pan Fried Pork-Scallion Dumplings with Cherriyaki                             $125
Mini Baked Brie with Raspberry Preserve & Sun dried Fruits                    $125
Beef Hibachi Skewers with Peppers & Cheese                                    $125
Crab & Cheese Stuffed Mushroom Caps                                           $130
Mini Crab Cakes with Sun dried Tomato Vinaigrette                             $130
Thai Chicken Sate Skewers with Coconut-Peanut Sauce                           $135
Mini Beef Wellingtons                                                         $140
Chicken Dijon Puffs                                                           $145
Scallops in Bacon with Maple Drizzle                                          $150
Coconut Battered Shrimp with Honey Mustard BBQ Sauce                          $175

                                        Grand Displays
                                 Fresh Vegetable Crudités
  A variety of garden vegetables to include a bounty of fresh cut seasonal garden vegetables such as broccoli,
cauliflower, tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, celery sticks, carrot sticks, red & green bell peppers, cucumbers,
                          green onions & radishes. Served with cucumber & ranch dips
                                                $3.00 Per Person

                         Import & Domestic Cheese Display
Swiss, Cheddar & Pepper Jack Cheese Cubes, an assorted selection of fine imported cheeses such as mini Brie,
 Danish Havarti, Port win Cheese Spread, Holland Smoked Gouda & Swedish Fontina Black Wax Cheddar, Port
                      Salute, offered with seasonal fruits, berries, crackers, and flat breads
                                                $4.25 Per Person

                              Fresh Seasonal Fruit Display
            An assorted selection of the season’s best offering to include berries, citrus and melons
                                              $3.50 Per Person

                                       Baked Brie Display
                                              (serves 40 people)
                         French bread crostinis and fresh slices along imported brie
                     Wrapped in flaky pastry with brown sugar and golden delicious apples
                                          Served warm and melted
                                               $125 Per Wheel

                       Lump Crab, Spinach & Artichoke Dip
                                           (Serves up to 50 people)
            This creamy hot dip is served with Pita Points and Fresh Fried Tri-colored Tortilla Chips

                                            The Antipasta
 Imported and domestic olives, marinated artichokes and mushrooms, stuffed grape leaves, grilled asparagus-
 peppers-eggplant, fresh mozzarella, Genoa salami, Capicola Ham, feta cheese crumbles, served with gourmet
                                          crackers and flat breads
                                              $5.25 Per Person

                                     Middle Eastern Mezah
               Mid east delicacies such as hummus, tabbouleh, baba ghanoush, presented with
               Served with harvest pita bread, lavosh & tomato-feta salad & extra virgin olive oil
                                              $5.50 Per Person

                Chef’s Carving Stations
      All carved meats are served with appropriate condiments & dinner rolls.

Brown Sugar & Grain Mustard Glazed Honey Ham
     Slow cooked and carved right off the bone. Served with select mustards
                              $8.50 Per Person

                     Roasted Baron of Beef
   Accompanied by horseradish cream, béarnaise sauce & whole grain mustard
                              $9.95 Per Person

                        Spring Leg of Lamb
              Old Irish favorite, rolled with poached garlic & rosemary
                         Served with herb aioli and mint jelly
                                     $9 Per Person

                    Maple-Ginger Pork Loin
      Special house brine to lock in moisture, grilled to medium temperature,
       Served with grilled apple & cranberry chutney and select mustards
                                 $8.95 Per Person

                   Pepper’d Beef Tenderloin
  Seared with Kosher salt, garlic & cracked black pepper then baked to perfection
                        Paired with Port Wine demi-glace
                                 $12.50 Per Person

             Herb Crusted Prime Rib of Beef
      The “King of Cuts”, slow roasted to medium-rare & graced by traditional
                       popovers, fresh horseradish & au jus
                                 $15.00 Per Person

                           Specialty Action Stations
                                 Little Italy Pasta Station
             Tri colored cheese tortellini & imported mini penne rigate with basil marinara and
          Roasted garlic alfredo sauce, diced Italian vegetables, garlic bread and shredded cheese
                                               $8.50 Per Person

                      Asian Noodle Bar & Stir Fry Station
           Sesame soba noodles and green tea noodles with stir fried vegetables, teriyaki chicken
                                 & steamed jasmine rice with ginger
                                          $9.00 Per Person

                                     Risotto Martini Bar
                Arborio rice sautéed to order, served in martini glass with choice toppings of
                                - Seasonal exotic mushrooms in cream sauce
                                   - Lobster & crab in orange-saffron sauce
                               - Smoked chicken in chipotle-black bean sauce
                                              $10.00 Per Person

                                              Spud Bar
             White or Sweet potato puree piped in martini glasses with choice of two toppings:
            Caramelized Onions, shredded cheese, apricot chutney, mixed mushroom compote,
                             roasted pancetta bacon or herbed butter balls
                                            $8.00 Per Person

                            Dessert Action Stations
                          Banana Fosters Flambé Station
                     Sliced bananas flamed in rum and brown sugar and banana liquor
                                       Finished with cinnamon and
                                   Served over vanilla bean ice cream
                                            $5.50 Per Person

                               Chocolate Warm Brownie
                       Chef’s Famous Ooey Gooey Brownie Concoction Action Station
This almost liquid warm Brownie will be hand-scooped and topped with chocolate Haagen Daaz handed to your
 guests-toppings include an assortment of nuts, marachino cherries, M&M’s pieces and finally Hershey syrup
                                              $6.00 Per Person

                                    Chocolate Fountain
             Choose One Flavor: Semi-Sweet Chocolate, Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate
 Includes: Fresh Strawberries, Large Marshmallows, Graham Crackers, Marachino Cherries & Pound Cake
                                          $9.95 Per Person

Beverage List                                Hosted                       Cash

House Brands                                 5.25                         5.50
J&B Scotch, Jim Beam Bourbon,
Beefeater Gin, Smirnoff Vodka,
Castillo Rum, CC Whiskey Blend,
Quervo Gold Tequila

Premium Brands                               5.75                         6.00
Dewar’s Scotch, Jack Daniels Bourbon,
Tanqeray Gin, Absolut Vodka, Bacardi
Rum, Seagram 7 Whiskey Blend,
Jose Quervo 1800 Tequila
Two Liquor House Drinks                      5.75                         6.00
Two Liquor Premium Drinks                    6.00                         6.25
Cognacs/Cordials                             6.00                         6.25
Domestic Beer                                3.50                         3.75
Imported Beer                                3.75                         4.00
Domestic Draught                             3.00                         3.25
Imported Draught                             3.25                         3.50

House Wine by the Glass                      5.50                         5.75
Stone Cellars
         Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay        5.50                         5.75
         White Zinfandel                     5.50                         5.75
Henri Merchant
         Champagne                           26.00                        26.00
Premium Wines available on request           Price varies on selections
Soft Drinks and Juices                       2.25                         2.50
Mineral Waters                               2.50                         2.75

           House Hosted Bar
               $10.50 Per Person One Hour
            $12.50 Per Person One and ½ Hours
               $13.75 Per Person Two Hours

        Premium Hosted Bar
               $11.50 Per Person One Hour
            $13.50 Per Person One and ½ Hours
               $14.75 Per Person Two Hours

    Wine/Champagne Bottle
                         House $26

Premium Prices will vary based on your selection

                    Champagne Punch
 Requires an attendant at $65.00 for I.D. verification over 21
                    $75.00 Per Gallon
       Lemonade or Tropical Fruit $35.00 Per Gallon

                  Dry Snacks
      Chips with Cold Dip $14.00 (serves 25 people)
    Spicy Confetti Snack Mix $17.00 (serves 25 people)
    Pepperidge Farm Goldfish $17.00 (serves 25 people)

   Additional premium wines are available upon request.


SMG is the exclusive food & beverage provider for the Convention Center. No food or beverage of any kind will be permitted to be brought into the facility by the patron or
patron’s guests or invitees without prior written approval of the General Manager or Food & Beverage Director. Food items may not be taken off the premises; however,
excess prepared food is donated under regulated conditions to agencies feeding the underprivileged at SMG’s sole discretion. Sampling and or distribution of food or
beverage by any exhibitor or vendor must be approved by the Food & Beverage Director two weeks prior to any function (must complete authorization request provided by
the catering department) and will require a temporary Health Permit from the City of Wilmington and State of North Carolina. SMG reserves the right to adjust, waive or
modify exclusivity of these policies related to move-in and move-out of the facility for tradeshow, consumer or related events.

A 50% deposit and signed Banquet Event Order is due 20 days prior to your event. If you are not ready to place a catering order, the deposit will be $20.00 per person,
based on estimated attendance. All catering orders require full payment in advance (or a written cancellation notice) is due 5 business days before the event. All deposits
are non-refundable. Payment may be made by check or by money order. Management reserves the right to require a Bank Certified Check. All prices are subject to
service charge and state taxes.

Five (5) business days prior to your function (Monday through Friday), please advise the Catering Office of your final guarantee. The change-order deadline is 1:00pm
five (5) business days prior to the start of your event. For multiple-day events there is one change-order deadline for the entire event. Custom menus will require an
earlier change-order deadline. If no confirmation of attendance, or change to the order is received by the deadline, the most recent Banquet Event Order will be
considered your final guarantee. The catering order cannot be reduced after the deadline. Also, it is generally not possible to add items to the order past the ordering
deadline. Any additions to the order that we are able to accommodate will be subject to a 30% surcharge. All charges will be based on your guaranteed attendance or
actual attendance, whichever is greater. Each function space has a unique capacity. Please keep this capacity in mind to ensure that your final expected attendance
does not exceed the capacity of the space that you have reserved. The customer will be billed a change-order charge for any changes in function space, furniture, or set-
up requirements after the change-order deadline.

All buffets and dinners are priced on a per person basis and must be ordered for the full guaranteed attendance or actual attendance, whichever is greater, and will be
billed accordingly.

For groups of less than 50 people there is an additional $125 Administrative Fee. Buffet service is not available for groups of less than 50 people. There is a $75 chef’s
set-up fee for manned hors d’oeuvres stations ordered for less than 100 people.

A $1.00 plate charge will be added to split menus (menus offering a choice of two entrees). A $2.50 plate charge will be added to menus offering a choice of three
entrees. These entrees will be subject to the same conditions regarding the final change-order deadline for your event as all other items. We must have an exact count for
each type of entrée ordered. For split menus, you must provide us with a method of identifying each guest's menu choice such as tickets, place cards, or stickers on
name badges.

Vegetarian and other entrées can be made available for guests with special dietary concerns with sufficient advance notice. These entrees are also subject to the
change-order deadline and we must have an exact count. If the total number of special or vegetarian entrees exceeds 5% of your attendance the split menu charge will
be added for the entire attendance. Vegetarian and other special entrees will not be served without the use of tickets, place cards, stickers on name badges, etc.

Savor… Wilmington adheres to the highest standards of food quality in all of our menu offerings. In order to ensure the freshness and safety of food, all buffets are based
on a one-hour maximum service time. Continental breakfasts and manned stations, such as carving stations, are based on a two-hour maximum service time.

All food and beverage events on the first and second floors and in the Exhibition Hall, with the exception of plated meals, are accompanied by disposable ware. However,
if china is a necessity the following fees will be applied for additional labor and equipment expense.
            Breakfast, Lunch, Receptions & Dinners: $2.50++ per person per meal period.
            Refreshment or Coffee Breaks: $1.00++ per person per break.

Meal functions in the Exhibition Hall are considered “Specialty Events” and may require customized menus not in our guide. Your Catering Sales Manager will work with
you to design menus that are creatively and logistically appropriate for large numbers. In certain cases, additional labor and equipment fees may be applied to orchestrate
such events.

The Convention Center has an extensive inventory of furniture and equipment on premise. The rental of function rooms on the third floor of the convention center includes
the cost of one approved room set-up. The set-up for standard social events includes such items as dining tables and chairs, one registration table, a dance floor of
appropriate size, a podium & microphone, a standard head table on a riser. All of these items are covered by your room rental up to the limits of our inventory on a first
come, first served basis.

There will be a change-order fee for any alterations or changes to your room after the change-order deadline. There may be charges for any additional furniture or set-up
requirements. Any on site changes to room settings may or may not be possible depending on the availability of labor and will incur labor charges as well as a table
setting fee per person.

Our standard banquet service is planned for oval shaped tables of ten persons each. Other service options, such as tables of eight, are available upon request at
additional expense. Assigned seating plans are always recommended for full meals. Table numbers and stands will be provided at no additional cost. Our standard color
for tablecloths is white. Napkins are available in a variety of colors at no additional cost with at least two weeks advance notice. Colored tablecloths are available in
limited supply for an additional charge.

There are generally no additional charges associated with bringing in DJs and small bands if we have sufficient advance notice as to their needs. We will require that your
entertainers fax or mail us a list of their electrical needs and all equipment that they require or intend to bring in themselves. There may be additional costs and
restrictions involved with the use of lighting, stage effects, sound and light boards/operators, etc.

All banners must be hung by the staff of the Convention Center. If we receive your banner one week before the date of the event there is generally no charge to hang a
single, standard size banner. There may be a charge if pipe & drape or other equipment is required to hang your banner, if you have more than one banner, or if you
need your banner taken down immediately following your event. We reserve the right to approve the location of all banners.

Nothing can be taped, tacked, or otherwise affixed to any of the walls, doors, or windows. Metallic confetti is not allowed. An additional cleaning charge will be applied for
paper confetti, rice throwing, etc.

Helium balloons are not allowed as they can activate our laser smoke detectors or become entangled in our HVAC and lighting equipment when they get loose. Air-filled
balloons are acceptable.

You can arrange for access to your rented space for set-up or decoration purposes up to three hours before the contracted start time of your event, based on availability.
We do not guarantee that your space will be fully set, cleaned, and available for your use before the contracted time. Items cannot be delivered or stored on premise
before that time. Please be prepared to use your own carts, dollies, and people to move boxes of programs, centerpieces, etc. as ours may be in use by our staff.

Our service staff is not responsible for assisting in table decorating, program distribution, putting out centerpieces, or moving items in and out of the building.
All items brought in must be promptly removed at the end of your event. Nothing can be stored on the premises or left overnight. The Convention Center will not be
responsible for picking up or storing any items left at the end of your event.
There is no charge for the normal cleaning associated with an adult social event. If additional cleaning is required (removing confetti, washing carpets, removing tape
from walls, etc.) there will be an additional cleaning charge that may be deducted from any rebates.

Wilmington’s Savor… Staff makes a sincere effort to ensure a clean, safe, and pleasant environment for all of your business and social events. Your assistance in this
effort is greatly appreciated.

At the discretion of the Convention Center, in order to maintain adequate security measures, you may be required to provide security for certain functions including but not
limited to proms, homecomings, dances etc. Security personnel will be at the sole expense of the client. Please consult your Event Coordinator for details.

There will be an automatic additional premium labor fee for food and beverage service or preparatory days on the following holidays: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day,
Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

All state & local fire codes must be met: Items/decorations must be non-combustible or treated with flame retardant. All lighting must meet commercial electrical codes.
Items such as two-prong electric lights are prohibited.

To be considered for tax exemption, your group must submit North Carolina ST-2 and ST-5 Certificates of Exemption (valid through the date of your event) at least seven
days prior to your event. If we do not have the proper forms on file or do not feel that your event qualifies under the rules for exemption, tax will be charged and it will be
your responsibility to file for a refund from the state.

Savor… Wilmington holds the exclusive right to sell food and beverage within Wilmington Convention Center. No unauthorized sale or complimentary distribution of food
or beverage is permitted.

Exhibitors and vendors with booths may bring in candy bowls of individually wrapped mints or penny-candy style candies as complimentary favors for show attendees. No
other food or beverage products are allowed unless approved by Savor… Catering. Popcorn machines, etc. are not allowed. We offer Exhibitors and Vendors direct pre-
ordered booth catering. Order forms can be sent directly to exhibitors in their show packets. Ask your Catering Sales Manager for details.

The Exhibition Hall permanent concession stands will be made available for ticketed (box office) shows and expositions which are open to the public. The concessions
will be open on show days during show hours. Savor… Wilmington reserves the right to approve locations and hours of all cash sales operations. Savor… Wilmington
reserves the right to close concessions or open additional locations as business conditions warrant. If the client requires additional outlets beyond what is considered
necessary to adequately service a group, a guarantee of minimum sales will be required at the additional outlets.

Permanent Exhibition Hall concession stands will be made available for additional days for a set-up fee of $300.00 per day. This fee will be waived if sales exceed
$1,500.00 during each day of operation. Each “day of operation” for permanent concession operations is defined as any period up to six consecutive hours that the
location is open for business.

Temporary concession stands are available for the convention center’s third floor, show move-in/out days, or registration hours. Ask your Catering Sales Manager for
more information on menus and set-up fees. Any set-up fees will be contracted with the client in advance and are due and payable according to the Standard Payment
Terms of Savor… Wilmington.

We welcome any suggestions and input from the client in offering menu items that best meet the needs of attendees. Savor… Wilmington reserves the right to make any
final decisions regarding menu selection and pricing.


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