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               PETA’s undercover investigator was documenting conditions      The horse-racing industry breeds more than 30,000 new foals
               at a crowded, terrifying livestock auction in the Midwest,     every year, and owners pay millions of dollars for the chance
               where thousands of thoroughbreds discarded by the racing       to acquire a winner—but turn their backs when horses don’t
               industry end up, when she met a timid, frightened mare. The    make the grade, as most do not. PETA is demanding that the
               horse was painfully thin and covered with wounds from being    people who bring these horses into the world also provide a
               bitten and kicked by other horses who had lashed out in fear   decent retirement for them.
               in the chaos of the auction. She was jammed into a holding
               pen so crowded that she could barely move. She had no way      We have met with and asked The Jockey Club―which
               of knowing that she faced a horrifying journey and a bloody    registers all thoroughbred racehorses―to require owners
               death at a slaughterhouse.                                     and breeders to pay a fee for each foal, stallion, and
                                                                              broodmare registration and set the money aside in a
               Her lip tattoo identified her as a racehorse who had started   retirement fund. In a letter to the Jockey Club on PETA’s
               out with great promise, the relative of champions, but she     behalf, Secretariat star James Cromwell wrote, “These
               had never won a race. Her name was Coming Home, the            magnificent animals should not end up on a meat hook after
               granddaughter of Kentucky Derby winner Unbridled and           a terrifying journey to a terrifying death.”
               cousin of Eight Belles (who shattered both front ankles in
               the 2008 Derby). Coming Home was cast off by the racing        Thanks to the support of generous PETA members who make
               industry at just 6 years old, and like 10,000 other            investigations like this one possible and to everyone who
               thoroughbreds every year, she was sold to a “kill buyer” who   helped along the way with care and transport, Coming Home
               planned to send her to a slaughterhouse in Canada or Mexico.   has finally come home for good. She is now safe, her bony
                                                                              frame is filling out, and she is gaining back her muscle tone,
               That’s when PETA’s investigator stepped in. A deal was         as she walks and runs with other horses, with her head once
               struck with the kill buyer, and instead of ending up on a      again held high.
               meat hook, Coming Home headed for rest, rehabilitation,
               and retirement on a PETA founding member’s beautiful
               mountain ranch.

                 People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals • 501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510 • 757-622-PETA • PETA.org

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         Dear Friends,

         Thanks to our more than 3 million members and supporters, 2011         PETA’s creative and compelling messaging efforts were a big
         has been a history-making year for PETA in the fight against animal    hit this past year. A PETA anti-fur TV spot carried off a gold medal
         abuse, and the following pages convey only a snapshot of what          in the Addy Awards (the world’s largest advertising competition),
         we’ve accomplished!                                                    a PETA ad encouraging people to adopt dogs from animals shelters
                                                                                took a bronze in the 32nd annual Telly Awards, and an ad campaign
         For example, this year, as result of a PETA undercover                 highlighting the abuse that elephants endure in circuses won a
         investigation of Professional Laboratory and Research Services,        Bronze Lion at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.
         Inc., former workers at the laboratory were indicted on

         criminal charges of cruelty to animals—the very first felony           In 2011, PETA continued to set the standard for innovative and
         cruelty charges for U.S. laboratory staff ever. The very first         successful use of the Internet and social media to help animals.
         prosecution—which was for misdemeanors—stemmed from PETA’s             Our online “vegan pledge” was signed by more than 45,000
         seminal undercover investigation of a laboratory in 1981—the           people, and our powerful online videos were viewed more than 8
         famous Silver Spring monkeys case.                                     million times. In April, we launched a free iPhone application that
                                                                                allows users to respond to PETA’s urgent campaign action alerts
         The laboratories in both of these cases closed their doors, and to     while on the go. So far, we’ve had over 35,000 downloads, and
         this day, PETA is the only animal protection organization that         more than 650,000 actions to help animals have been taken
         has ever been responsible for shutting down an animal testing          through the app. PETA also has more than 1.4 million “likes” on
         facility. You can be sure that animal experimenters are worried as     Facebook, and more than 220,000 Twitter followers!
         they await word of PETA’s next target!
                                                                                So a huge thank-you to all our members and supporters—
         So is agribusiness, whose fear of PETA has reached a fever pitch—      especially our Vanguard Society, Augustus Club, and Investigations
         as illustrated by its latest salvo. In 2011, in an attempt to thwart   & Rescue Fund pledge members—for enabling us to make a huge
         PETA’s groundbreaking undercover investigations, factory-              difference in so many animals’ lives.
         farming interests got legislation introduced in Florida,
         Minnesota, Iowa, and New York that would have criminalized
         recording video or taking photographs on factory farms and
         in slaughterhouses. But we fought back. I’m pleased to tell you             Ingrid E. Newkirk             Board of Directors and Officers
         that after our efforts—with help from well-known PETA supporters,           President                     Ingrid E. Newkirk
         including Republican strategist Mary Matalin, actor Cloris                                                Michael P. Rodman
         Leachman, and popular blogger Perez Hilton—all four bills died!                                           Jeanne Roush
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We believe that animals have an intrinsic worth of their own, quite apart from    Awareness is the first step. Change is the second.
their utility to humans, and should not be reduced to human commodities.
Therefore, PETA’s motto is “Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on,     In addition to the aforementioned tactics, PETA also creates change for
use for entertainment, or abuse in any way.”                                      animals through shareholder activism, corporate negotiations, Internet
                                                                                  marketing, scientific research and analysis, lobbying, humane education,
The greatest cause of animal suffering is not malice. It is ignorance.            youth involvement, outreach to the courts and law enforcement, and
                                                                                  rescue work.
The places in which the largest numbers of animals suffer the most intensely
for the longest periods of time are inaccessible to most people: factory farms,   With these tools, we’re getting animal tests replaced with sophisticated
slaughterhouses, fur farms, laboratories, the entertainment industry, the pet     and humane non-animal tests. We’re convincing grocery and restaurant
trade, and the backyards and homes of abusive animal guardians.                   chains to require their meat and egg suppliers to make sweeping reforms.
                                                                                  We’re persuading designers and retailers to stop selling fur and skins.
The ally of ignorance is silence.                                                 We’re convincing the film, television, and advertising industries to replace
                                                                                  the use of live chimpanzees and orangutans with computer-generated
Just as mold thrives in the dark, animal abuse thrives in a climate of secrecy.   animation or animatronics, and we’re turning people away from live-animal
Just as sunlight is the best disinfectant, public awareness is PETA’s most        shows and exhibits.
effective weapon against animal mistreatment.
                                                                                  We’re saving animals’ lives through hands-on rescue work. We’re convincing
No one does more to raise awareness of the plight of animals than PETA.           law-enforcement authorities to take cruelty to animals seriously. We’re
The video footage and other findings from our undercover investigations of        persuading the courts to give animal abusers stiffer penalties, anger-
facilities in which animals are neglected and abused draw millions of Web         management training, and prohibitions on owning animals. We’re engaging
viewers each year. Our media campaigns—and especially our use of celebrity        young people and revolutionizing the way future generations will regard
spokespeople—put animal issues in the headlines of major media outlets every      animals. And we’re inspiring countless people to go vegan, to buy only
single day. Our grassroots outreach is second to none, with demonstrators and     cruelty-free products, and to make animal-friendly choices in all aspects
leafleters on the streets all over North America seven days a week.               of life.

                                                                                                                                                                   Lion: © Sean Noronha • Other animals: © PETA
At a time when all but the most controversial voices are drowned out in a         Ultimately, PETA strives to achieve a world in which animals are respected and
media din, our willingness to be cheeky and provocative when necessary            people are aware of and concerned about the ways in which their daily
ensures that the plight of animals is not ignored.                                decisions affect the lives of other sentient beings.
The Dedication and Generosity of PETA Members Make Our Work Possible
Vanguard Society members and Augustus Club members like those below serve as the roots of financial support that enable our lifesaving programs to grow stronger.

   Errol Antzis, AUGUSTUS                  CLUB MEMBER
   “I’ve been a PETA member since close to its inception. I believe PETA strikes an excellent balance between dissemination
     of valuable knowledge and promulgating action on behalf of animals. I believe PETA is one of the best in achieving
     results. Being involved in their programs and providing funds to continue their heartfelt work gives me a great sense of
     achievement and accomplishment. I have also planned a bequest to PETA so that they will be able to continue their
     valuable efforts into the future.”

                                     Larry & Gretel Ladutko, VANGUARD                             SOCIETY AND AUGUSTUS CLUB MEMBERS
                                     “Among the many dedicated animal welfare organizations, we support PETA primarily because PETA gives the best
                                      bang for the charitable buck due to its efficiency and the dedication of all its employees, starting with Ingrid Newkirk
                                      and continuing to all levels of office staff. When PETA talks, CEOs and politicians listen!”

   Marie Crandall, VANGUARD                       SOCIETY MEMBER
   “I deeply admire the work of PETA and have worked to support their mission. As an academic trauma surgeon and educator,
    I have written letters and contacted colleagues directly to help decrease the use of animals in medical education, surgical training,
    and research. In addition to advocacy work, I also make yearly donations because I believe PETA has been extraordinarily
    effective at conveying a message of compassion. PETA’s work has helped thousands adopt a healthy, plant-based diet, improved
    understanding, and has engaged people of all generations and backgrounds to help reduce global animal suffering.”
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                   ANIMALS ARE

                   No organization does more than PETA to alleviate        by getting the cruel product removed from the                                  death by scalding. PETA helped organize more than
                   the suffering of animals on factory farms and in        offerings of many restaurants, special events, and                             200 McCruelty demonstrations, took over the podium
                   slaughterhouses. For more examples of progress,         companies, including global retailer Costco and                                at eight speaking engagements featuring McDonald’s
                   visit PETA.org/AnnualReview.                            food-service industry giant Aramark.                                           executives, presented a shareholder resolution at
                                                                                                                                                          McDonald’s annual meeting, and reached thousands of
                   PETA learned that on factory farms owned by             As a result of PETA’s behind-the-scenes work,                                  people with media coverage of our battle with several
                   Nebraska egg company TWJ Farms, it was                  national restaurant chains Ruby Tuesday and                                    city governments over our free speech rights to erect
                   standard operating procedure to dispose of              Denny’s took action that resulted in less suffering                            our “McCruelty—i’m hatin’ it” chicken statue (designed
                   hundreds of thousands of unwanted hens per year         for millions of animals. The companies are now                                 by The New Yorker cartoonist Harry Bliss).
                   by grinding them up alive. One week after PETA          sourcing much of their turkey flesh from suppliers
                   contacted local and state officials, posted an online   that have switched to a less cruel slaughter method,                                                           We successfully used
                   call to action, and contacted the company’s CEO         and Ruby Tuesday’s brunch menu items no longer                                                                 headline-making
                   demanding an end to these horrific killings, the        contain eggs from suppliers that keep hens in cages.                                                           demonstrations and
                   Nebraska State Patrol confirmed that TWJ would                                                                                                                         public service
                                             comply with industry          This year marked an important turnaround in                                                                    announcements
                                             guidelines going forward.     kosher slaughter standards when Agri Star—the                                                                  (which you can view
                                             This means that hens will     company that purchased Agriprocessors (the largest                                                             at PETA.org), as well
                                             no longer be ground up        kosher cattle slaughterhouse in the U.S., at which a                                                           as tongue-in-cheek
                                             alive—a practice that may     PETA investigation revealed that fully conscious                                                               tactics (see examples
                                             have continued for years      cattle had their trachea and esophagus ripped from                                                             online), and celebrity

                                                                                                                                    © Ricardo Saint-Cyr
                                             had PETA not intervened.      their throats)—implemented five out of seven of                                                                spokespeople—
                                                                           PETA’s recommendations for animal welfare                                                                      including rock icon
                                            PETA made terrific             improvements.                                                                                                  Chrissie Hynde
                                            progress in our campaign                                                                                                                      and Telemundo
                                            to end the sale of foie        We increased pressure on McDonald’s—the biggest                                Network host Natalia Villaveces—to draw media
© stopgavage.com

                                            gras—made from the             chicken-seller in the U.S.—to require its suppliers to                         attention to and raise awareness of the billions of
                                            diseased livers of force-      adopt the new slaughter technology, which would                                animals who suffer and die in the meat and dairy
                                            fed ducks and geese—           spare millions of chickens from broken limbs and                               industries each year.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   © David Sobel
                   Cindy Landon, VANGUARD                             SOCIETY MEMBER
                   “PETA doesn’t discriminate; they are outstanding in bringing causes to the forefront. Their commitment, dedication, and passion are
                    extraordinary. By exposing truths, educating, and creating awareness, they are able to ultimately create change. I have great
                    admiration and respect for this outstanding organization.”
               ANIMALS ARE

               PETA has convinced more designers and retailers           Australian sheep farmers use shears to cut chunks of                        Harry Bliss, which shows a seal instructing a
               to become more animal-friendly and promote                flesh from lambs’ backsides. As a result of discussions                     bartender, “Anything but a Canadian club,” in bars
               cruelty-free fashion than any other organization.         with PETA, hugely popular clothing chain Ann Taylor                         across Canada; producing ads featuring rock icon
               Online video footage of animals being killed for their    has pledged to decrease its use of wool from                                Iggy Pop and pop star Ke$ha with the tag line
               skins during undercover investigations conducted by       mulesed lambs, and national retailer Talbots is                             “Canada’s Club Scene Sucks”; and sending pleas to
               PETA and our international affiliates has now been        phasing it out altogether. Other major retailers that                       government officials from Canadian natives Pamela
               seen by tens of millions of people. We are also the       stated in 2011 that they are mulesing-free include                          Anderson, Sarah McLachlan, and William Shatner—
               only organization with a major campaign against the       Kenneth Cole and Arcadia Group—parent company                               all of which generated enormous media attention
               cruelty of the wool industry. For late-breaking news      of U.K. retailer Topshop.                                                   and global pressure on Canada to end this shameful
               on these issues, please visit PETA.org/AnnualReview.                                                                                  massacre.
                                                                                                             This year, PETA
               After learning from PETA that the fur industry causes                                         continued to                                                            Through attention-
               countless animals to be trapped, electrocuted,                                                ratchet up the                                                          grabbing
               bludgeoned, or skinned alive, Papaya Clothing                                                 pressure on the                                                         demonstrations, as
               removed all fur items from its more than 90                                                   Canadian                                                                well as ads, videos,
               outlets across the U.S. and joined a growing list of                                          government to                                                           events, and other
               designers and retailers that PETA has convinced to                                            stop Canada’s                                                           actions with
               go fur-free, including Polo Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein,                                       annual seal                                                             celebrities—
                                                  Tommy Hilfiger,                                            slaughter—the                                                           including Oscar
                                                  Ann Taylor,                                                largest commerical                                                      nominee Taraji P.
                                                  JCPenney, Chico’s,                                         slaughter of                                                            Henson, actors
                                                  Victoria’s Secret,                                         marine mammals                                                          Laura Vandervoort

                                                                                                                                   © Xavier Martin
                                                  Jones Apparel          on Earth. Actions included generating thousands of                                                          and Elisabetta
                                                  Group, and many        protest e-mails to Canadian government officials in                                                         Canalis, fashion
                                                  others.                response to our action alerts; creating a video parody                                                      expert Tim Gunn,
                                                                         called “Explore Elsewhere” in which seal slaughter                                                          and television
© Chip Vinai

                                                  During “mulesing”      footage was interspersed into “Explore Canada”                              personality Olivia Munn—PETA educated millions
                                                  mutilations,           tourism ads; placing our ad by New Yorker cartoonist                        of people about the cruelty of the skins industry.

               Wendy Doyle, VANGUARD                               SOCIETY MEMBER
               “I continue to be in awe of everything that PETA has accomplished. They give animals a very loud and important voice,
                continually fighting for the protection of beautiful animals that we are privileged to live with on our planet.”
© Shutterstock.com/1st Gallery

PETA has done more than any other organization           for experiments on monkeys. In the $1.75 million
to ensure that people who abuse animals in               study, dozens of monkeys would have been
laboratories are not beyond the reach of the law         exposed to radiation—which would likely have
and the courts. We are also blazing the trail in the     caused brain damage, blindness, and cancer—
replacement of animal tests with superior non-animal     despite the fact that results from previous radiation
methods, more details of which can be seen at            experiments on monkeys have not been applicable
PETA.org/AnnualReview.                                   to humans.

For the first time in U.S. history, individuals are      By giving Unilever—parent company of Lipton—
facing felony charges for abuse and neglect of           a glimpse of PETA’s global campaign that was set
animals in a laboratory. These charges resulted          to launch, PETA convinced the company to end all           This year, PETA pressured the University of Utah into
from PETA’s undercover investigation of Professional     animal health studies for its tea products. Such           no longer purchasing dogs and cats from animal
Laboratory and Research Services, Inc. (PLRS), a North   tests included infecting piglets with E. coli bacteria     shelters for use in experiments, convinced the U.S.
Carolina laboratory in which animals were kicked,        and cutting their intestines apart while they were still   Army to stop using monkeys in nerve-agent attack
thrown, dragged, and violently abused in other ways.     alive. Ocean Spray, Welch’s, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo,           training exercises, persuaded the U.S. Department
PLRS subsequently closed and surrendered nearly 250      POM Wonderful, and ITO EN have also dropped                of Transportation to promote the use of non-animal
cats and dogs, who were then placed in loving homes.     animal tests as a result of PETA’s efforts.                methods instead of rabbits in skin corrosion tests,
                                                                                                                    helped dissuade the National Institutes of Health
                                     Following a         Three hundred thousand animals per year will be            from transferring more than 200 retired
                                     year of             spared from agonizing tests to measure the toxicity        chimpanzees back into laboratories, stopped the
                                     vigorous            of shellfish intended for human consumption now            University of Wisconsin-Madison from continuing a
                                     campaigning         that the European Union—following PETA pressure—           decades-long series of excruciatingly painful
                                     by PETA, the        has mandated a more effective non-animal test.             decompression experiments on sheep, persuaded
                                     U.S. National       Additionally, 1,400 animals were spared from               China Southern Airlines not to ship 80 monkeys to
                                     Aeronautics         suffering and death in chemical tests after PETA’s         a U.S. laboratory, convinced numerous medical
                                     and Space           scientists pointed out the flaws in plans by the U.S.      facilities to replace cats with human patient
                                     Administration      Environmental Protection Agency to require animal          simulators for intubation training, and ended animal
                                     grounded plans      tests for certain chemicals.                               dissection at dozens of schools.

                                                                                                                                                                            © Dean Macdonell
Gilles & Vicki Fecteau, VANGUARD                               SOCIETY AND AUGUSTUS CLUB MEMBERS
“We are glad we are in a position to be able to support PETA. We greatly admire Ingrid Newkirk and her dedication and passion.
 She has obviously passed that passion on to all the employees who seem to be truly committed to the cause.”
© Shutterstock.com/InnervisionArt

No organization is more successful than PETA                 State Board of Education, and several newspaper      beatings, confinement, and psychological
in exposing and stopping animal abuse in                     editorial boards and public libraries—to stop        abuse, Capital One, Pfizer, Travelers Insurance,
film productions, zoos, circuses, and other                  promoting Ringling or, in many cases, issue          Samsung, and AT&T pulled their commercials
entertainment venues. Check out                              statements condemning Ringling’s animal abuse.       featuring great apes off the air; Maxwell House
PETA.org/AnnualReview for more information.                • Held demonstrations outside Ringling                 decided not to run a new ad featuring an
                                                             performances from coast to coast and convinced       orangutan; and our list of companies that have
                                       Having                families (including ticket-holders) to boycott the   pledged not to use great apes in advertising
                                       obtained              shows.                                               expanded to include 10 of the top 15 advertising
                                       photos taken                                                               agencies in the world. Young & Rubicam (the
                                       inside the          Other strides that PETA made to end the suffering of   number three ad agency in the world) and GSD&M
                                       Ringling Bros.      captive elephants include training animal control      Idea City extended the policy to all primates.
                                       and Barnum          officers across the country to identify signs of
                                       & Bailey Circus     elephant abuse when inspecting circuses; assisting     An undercover PETA investigation documented
                                       elephant            with the passage of a Fulton County, Ga.,              young thoroughbred racehorses forced to run in
                                       training            ordinance banning the use of bullhooks; helping to     reckless speed trials. Although many are barely 2
                                       center—                                          prompt federal charges    years old, these horses are forced to sprint at
at which baby elephants are bound with ropes,                                           against the Cole Bros.    speeds faster than they ever would in their lifetimes,
stretched out, slammed to the ground,                                                   Circus for illegal        resulting in fractured legs, heart failure, and
electroshocked, and gouged with a bullhook                                              treatment of elephants;   death. We are now pressing for life-saving reforms.
(a heavy, spike-tipped rod)—we turned up the heat                                       and helping to convince   (See back cover for a rescue story related to our
on Ringling this year with the following actions:                                       the Toronto Zoo to        thoroughbred racing campaign.)
• PETA’s meticulous evidence-gathering, formal                                          close its elephant
    complaints, and celebrity support fueled a USDA                                     exhibit.                  Bob Barker, Demi Moore, Cloris Leachman,
    case against Ringling resulting in a $270,000                                                                 Joan Jett, Pink, Anjelica Huston, Lea Michele,
    fine—the largest ever assessed against a circus.                                   As a result of our         Pamela Anderson, James Cromwell, Jillian
• PETA convinced numerous organizations—                                               campaign to protect        Michaels, Steve-O and others provided their star
    including Gap Kids, the George Mason University                                    chimpanzees and            power to raise awareness of the abuse of animals
    Student Government, HOPSports, the Maryland                                        orangutans from            for entertainment.

James Callahan, VANGUARD                                 SOCIETY MEMBER
“I am so impressed with what PETA has already accomplished, with my particular areas of support being the campaigns against
 circuses, SeaWorld, fur, and horse-drawn carriages in Manhattan. There are so many more vital issues on which PETA is working that
 merit your support!”
© Shutterstock.com/Raj Krish

                                 From protecting           • Cats who were languishing in filthy cages (some               In response to the more than 300 cruelty reports
                                 the tiniest mouse           had not been let out in years) and denied                     received by PETA every week, we work to get
                                 to keeping                  veterinary care for chronic illnesses and injuries            animals seized and to ensure that their abusers
                                 companion animals           at a cat hoarder’s facility disturbingly misnamed             face serious legal consequences. The following
                                 out of the hands of         Sacred Vision Animal Sanctuary (resulting in                  examples give a tiny glimpse into this year’s caseload:
                                 criminals, no job is        cruelty-to-animals charges against the hoarder                • A West Virginia cockfighter—who also tried to
                                 too daunting for            and the seizure of over 230 cats, more than 100                   kill a puppy—was forced to relinquish all the
                                 PETA’s cruelty              of whom were treated and adopted)                                 roosters on his property and was banned from
                                 caseworkers. See                                                                              owning animals for five years.
rescue stories at PETA.org/AnnualReview.                   Thanks to PETA’s efforts, glue traps—which cause                • The North Carolina guardian of a dog whose
                                                           animals severe injuries as they struggle before                     flesh had grown around her neck chain was
Animal abusers could not escape exposure by                succumbing to shock, dehydration, asphyxiation,                     banned from owning animals for three years.
PETA’s undercover investigators, whose video               or blood loss—are no longer used by Goldman                     • An Ohio animal hoarder was charged with
footage and other documentation revealed the               Sachs, Compass Group North America (16,000                          cruelty and forced to relinquish more than 415
plights of the following animals:                          cafeterias), Bank of America (6,000 locations),                     dogs and cats.
• Gravely ill dogs and cats who were allowed to            Teavana (130 stores), the Chicago Transit
   suffer terribly without treatment or pain relief at a   Authority, the Hampton Roads Transit Authority,                                                   Campaign actions
   self-proclaimed “hospice and rehabilitation             the New York City Police Department, and                                                          by Jane Lynch,
   center” called Angel’s Gate (resulting in pending       numerous universities.                                                                            Alicia Silverstone,
   law-enforcement action)                                                                                                                                   Michael Vartan,
• Ferrets—mass bred at Triple F Farms, Inc., to be         PETA prevented countless animals from being                                                       Laura Bell Bundy,
   sold to laboratories and pet shops—whose babies         acquired on a whim by guardians unprepared to                                                     Rose McGowan,
   were left to die after falling through wire cage        give them adequate, lifelong care when we got                                                     Chase Utley, and
   floors, who suffered from gaping wounds,                Pocket Pets—which sells squirrel-like marsupials                                                  Lance Briggs
   herniated organs, and other painful conditions,         called sugar gliders—banned from 71 malls. Also,                                                  allowed our
   and who were thrown into an incinerator while still     after 18 months of PETA pressure, Brookstone                                                      message to reach
   alive (prompting citations for violations of federal    stopped selling Frog-O-Spheres—plastic boxes                                                      the widest possible

                                                                                                                  © PETA
   law and an ongoing criminal investigation)              containing live frogs.                                                                            audience.

Michael Radkowsky, AUGUSTUS                                CLUB MEMBER
“I wish that all animals could have a life as free of fear as does my dog, a shelter rescue. PETA is helping to move the world in this
 direction. PETA helps people recognize that all sentient beings can experience pain and terror.”
© ft251166/Fotolia.com

PETA’s youth outreach division—known as peta2—          peta2’s compelling Animal Liberation Project                                                                   not wanting to dissect animals and a Guam student
has the largest youth membership of any social          exhibit, which juxtaposes images of human and                                                                  who successfully fought for a ban on shark finning!
justice organization. peta2 helps ensure that future    animal exploitation and featured the Glass Walls
generations will understand that animals are not        video narrated by Sir Paul McCartney, was seen by                                                              peta2’s new text-messaging platform enabled us to
ours to exploit. To learn more, please visit            thousands of tourists every week visiting the                                                                  get even more young people involved in animal
PETA.org/AnnualReview.                                  National Mall as well as neighborhoods throughout                                                              rights by allowing them to sign campaign petitions
                                                        Washington, D.C., appeared at several top U.S.                                                                 via their cell phones.
Traveling to more than 60 major universities across     colleges, and also gained a huge audience of
North America this year, peta2 collected more than      enthusiastic college students during its first-ever                                                            This past year, we reached thousands of educators
90,000 petition signatures from students in             appearance in Mexico.                                                                                          through TeachKind.org by offering free humane-
support of additional vegan options on campus.                                                                                                                         education materials, including lesson plans, books,
Not only did many of these schools adopt more           In 2011, peta2 sponsored stages or staffed                                                                     DVDs, classroom posters, and kids’ magazines. PETA’s
vegan-friendly menus, our efforts also contributed to   information booths at more than 260 music                                                                      TeachKind Network is more than 8,000 strong.
a larger ripple effect: Sodexo—one of the world’s       festivals and concert tour stops—including the
largest food-service distributors—announced that it     enormously popular Vans Warped Tour. Our outreach                                                              Many popular youth-culture celebrities—including
would be embracing Meatless Monday programs             team collected signed pledges from approximately                                                                                             Glee star Lea
at hundreds of college campuses.                        281,000 young people to go fur-free and/or to try a                                                                                          Michele, Twilight star
                                                        vegan diet and gave free PETA literature and DVDs                                                                                            Christian Serratos,
peta2’s high-profile “Is Eating Meat Ethical?”          of our undercover investigations to more than                                                                                                musicians Justin
debates drew big crowds at 10 prestigious               356,000 concertgoers.                                                                                                                        Bieber, Mike Ness,

                                                                                                                 © Cliff Watts/Icon International/www.cliffwatts.com
schools, including the University of Chicago, Johns                                                                                                                                                  Waka Flocka Flame,
Hopkins University, New York University, Georgetown     The peta2 Street Team—our youth activist                                                                                                     Steve Aoki, The
University, University of Michigan, and Amherst         network—is now more than 75,000 members                                                                                                      Ready Set, and
College. Our debates set campus newspapers              strong. In recognition of stellar activists who embody                                                                                       NFL player Willis
abuzz with articles on the ethics of eating animals—    the peta2 spirit, we gave Star Street Teamer Awards                                                                                          McGahee—spoke out
even garnering a front-page headline in the             this year to compassionate, fearless young people,                                                                                           for animals through
Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s student         including a Florida teen who refused to back down                                                                                            their participation in
paper boldly asking, “Should MIT Go Vegan?”             when a biology teacher bullied and teased her about                                                                                          peta2’s campaigns.

Barbara Myers, AUGUSTUS                           CLUB MEMBER
“It is my strong belief that I can leave no greater legacy than to have bequeathed my entire estate to PETA. During my lifetime,
 it remains my great pleasure to give freely of my resources so that I may contribute to making a difference.”
© Wrobel27/Dreamstime.com

                                                                                                                                   financial statement
                                                                                                                                   Contributions                                  30,057,595
                                                                                                                                   Gross Merchandise Sales                         1,032,139
•   PETA’s websites were visited by more than 40 million               ethical gifts, which not only raise urgently needed funds   Interest, Dividends, Royalties,
    people.                                                            for PETA campaigns but also help to promote cruelty-free      and Other Income                             1,255,459
•   PETA sent out e-news to more than 1.6 million subscribers.         living.                                                     Total Revenues                              $32,345,193
•   The PETA Files blog received more than 5.5 million page        •   PETA had more than 450 letters to the editor and 400
                                                                                                                                   OPERATING EXPENSES
    views and the PETA Living blog received more than 12               opinion pieces printed in various newspapers and
    million page views.                                                magazines and posted on websites.                             International Grassroots Campaigns      7,568,666
•   PETA secured free advertising space worth more than            •   PETA was mentioned in many top print and online               Public Outreach and Education          10,106,819
    $1.5 million.                                                      newspapers, including Advertising Age, AOL News,              Research, Investigations, and Rescue   10,680,673
                                                                                                                                     Cruelty-Free Merchandise Program        1,398,431
•   PETA’s Communications Department booked more than                  the Associated Press, CNN.com, The Daily Caller, The
                                                                                                                                     Supporting Organization Activities      2,017,504
    4,500 radio, TV, and print interviews.                             Daily (iPad), FoxNews.com, The Huffington Post, LA          Membership Development                    5,130,193
•   PETA’s International Grassroots Campaign Department                Weekly, Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News, New         Management and General Expenses             491,898
    helped organize nearly 1,500 demonstrations.                       York Magazine, New York Post, The New York Times,           Total Operating Expenses               $37,394,184
•   PETA’s youth division, peta2, reached out to nearly half           NFL.com, Perez Hilton, Politico, Reuters, USA Today, The
                                                                                                                                   CHANGE IN NET ASSETS                        ($5,048,991)
    a million young people at colleges, music festivals, and           Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and WENN.         Net Assets Beginning of Year                   17,196,972
    other events, and our Youth Action Team grew to more           •   PETA was also mentioned in major magazines such as          Net Assets End of Year                         12,147,981
    than 75,000 subscribers.                                           The Atlantic, Bloomberg Business Week, Entertainment         Donor Restricted (Permanently)                 3,130,862
                                                                                                                                    Donor Restricted (Temporarily)                 2,665,421
•   PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door contest received               Weekly, ESPN the Magazine, Forbes, Harper’s Magazine,
                                                                                                                                    Board-Designated Legal Matters                 1,000,000
    more than 1.2 million page views.                                  The Hollywood Reporter, The Nation, National Journal,        Undesignated                                   5,351,698
•   Via our advocacy campaigns, PETA sent out more than                The New Yorker, People, Reader’s Digest, TIME, and
    5.5 million letters urging companies and individuals to            US News & World Report.                                     OPERATING EXPENSE ALLOCATION
                                                                                                                                   Direct Program Support                             84.97%
    make changes that would benefit animals.                       •   PETA’s work received television news coverage on ABC’s
                                                                                                                                   Membership Development                             13.72%
•   PETA filled requests for more than 650,000 free copies             Jimmy Kimmel Live and World News Now; Al-Jazeera                                                                1.31%
                                                                                                                                   Management and General Operations
    of our vegetarian/vegan starter kit.                               English; BET’s 106 & Park; CBS’ Early Show, Entertainment
•   PETA handled more than 18,000 calls and e-mails                    Tonight, Inside Edition, and The Late Show With David       PETA is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation
    regarding cruelty to animals.                                      Letterman; CNBC’s American Greed and Squawk on the          funded almost exclusively by the contributions of our
                                                                                                                                   members. We strive to use our funds in the most cost-
•   PETA built and delivered more than 300 free doghouses              Street; CNN’s Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell, Morning
                                                                                                                                   effective and efficient manner possible, a commitment
    and bagged 1,200 bales of straw, providing warm, dry               Express With Robin Meade, Piers Morgan Tonight, and         illustrated by the fact that 84.97 percent of our operating
    shelter to dogs forced to live outdoors. We’ve now                 The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer; Discovery Channel’s   expenses went directly to our programs fighting animal
    delivered a total of more than 5,000 free doghouses.               Cash Cab; E!’s Chelsea Lately, E! News, and The Soup;       exploitation. We expended only 13.72 percent on
                                                                                                                                   fundraising efforts that drive our operations and 1.31
•   PETA’s SNIP-mobile and ABC DogDoc clinics spayed and               The Ellen DeGeneres Show; ESPN’s Sports Center; Extra;
                                                                                                                                   percent on management and general operations.
    neutered more than 11,000 cats, dogs, and rabbits in               Fox News Channel’s America’s Nightly Scoreboard, Fox &
    Southeastern Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina,             Friends, and Hannity; HLN’s The Joy Behar Show;             Fourteen percent of PETA’s dedicated staff earn only
    including 1,200 feral cats and 450 pit bulls at a discounted       MSNBC’s Hardball With Chris Matthews and News Live;         $24,960 to $29,999, 49 percent earn $30,000 to $39,999,
                                                                                                                                   and only the remaining 37 percent make more than
    rate or free of charge. We’ve now spayed or neutered a             NBC’s Access Hollywood, Today, and The Tonight Show
                                                                                                                                   $39,999. Our president, Ingrid E. Newkirk, earned
    total of more than 79,000 companion animals.                       With Jay Leno; TBS’ Conan and Lopez Tonight; TV Guide       $38,597 during the fiscal year ending July 31, 2011.
•   PETA’s online catalog sold more than 130,000 pieces of             Network; and many more.
    animal rights merchandise, including T-shirts, books,          •   As of 2011, PETA has given $905,800 to scientists who are   The financial statement shown here is for the fiscal year
    stickers, buttons, companion-animal and infant items, and          developing alternatives to animal testing.                  ending July 31, 2011, and is based on our
                                                                                                                                   independently audited financial statements.
                                   PETA would like to thank the following compassionate companies, which are members of our
                                   PETA Business Friends program. These companies are generous PETA and animal rights
                                   supporters. To learn more about this program, please visit PETABusinessFriends.com.
                         © PETA

•   Allison’s Gourmet                        •   Hampton Domestics                      •   Organic Bouquet                   PETA’s Tree of Life is on permanent display in
•   Alternative Outfitters                   •   HappyCow’s Vegetarian Guide            •   Pangea                            our headquarters. Each golden leaf on the tree
•   AnimalRightstuff.com                     •   Humane Cellars Charity Wines           •   PetGuard                          can be inscribed with a special message to
•   Anthō                                    •   Ian Fox                                •   Pinnacle Holdings, LLC            honor someone whose commitment to animals
•   Bjorn’s Brew                             •   Jaguar Global Trading, Inc.            •   RossRichter.com, LLC              is exemplary. Leaves can also be engraved to
•   Boston Baked Bonz                        •   Jamieson Laboratories Ltd.             •   Salvador Kitti                    pay tribute to the memory of a loved one.
•   Calico Dragon                            •   Jamm                                   •   SocialVibe.com
•   Candle Cafe                              •   Jason Natural Products                 •   Software Discount                 For additional information about the Tree of Life,
•   Cherry Berry                             •   Jelique Products Inc.                  •   So I Don’t Forget                 as well as other ways to make “in honor of” and
•   Clear Conscience                         •   Jivamukti Yoga Center                  •   Sophie’s Kitchen                  memorial gifts, please contact Kalista Barter at
•   Copenhagen Artificial Fur                •   Jusani Culture                         •   The Cloutier Agency               510-629-6403. For specific information about
•   Couch Guitar Straps                      •   K-9 Friends (K-9 Biscuits)             •   The Faux Throw Co.                making memorial gifts, you can also visit our
•   Cupcake Britain                          •   Lavish Lint                            •   The Paws Cause LLC                True Friends® Memorial Program website at
•   Daisy Dog Studio Inc.                    •   Linda Loudermilk                       •   The Paws Clause                   TFMemorial.org.
•   Decadently Raw Confections               •   Long Grove Popcorn                     •   The Underground Faction
•   Donna Salyer’s Fabulous-Furs             •   LooLoo’s Escape                        •   The Vegan Sex Shop
•   Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps                •   Lucky Break Wishbone Corp.             •   TheVegetarianSite.com
                                                                                                                                  A SPECIAL
•   Earth Diva Cosmetics                     •   Max and Ruffy’s                        •   TisBest Philanthrophy
•   Ecofō Rugs                               •   Max Green Alchemy                      •   Triage Lights
                                                                                                                                   NOTE OF
•   Eco Isp                                  •   Michael Antonio                        •   Tundra Gear                            to the following important groups
•   Ecotricity                               •   Mind Bind, by Max Zografos             •   Twin Couture                           of PETA members:
•   ecoVegan, LLC                            •   MissionFish                            •   Upward Dog
•   Elizabeth’s Kind Café                    •   MooShoes, Inc                          •   Urban Expressions
•   Everlife Memorials for Pets              •   MyCoupons.com                          •   V-Dogfood LLC                      • Our monthly pledge donors, who support
•   Evol Burrito                             •   My Lip Stuff                           •   Vegetarian Wellness                  PETA’s Investigations & Rescue Fund
•   Finngate Pictures                        •   Nasoya                                 •   Viva Granola                       • Our Vanguard Society members, for their
•   FrogLog                                  •   Native Foods                           •   Wharton Insurance & Financial        generosity and leadership
•   Gobble Green                             •   Natracare                              •   Yourbrain Media Inc                • Our Vanguard Society President’s Circle
•   Golden Earth                             •   Nature’s Gate                          •   Y3K                                  members, for their outstanding
•   Griffin Web Design                       •   Nomadic State of Mind                                                           commitment
•   Gummi King (Vitamec USA)                 •   Only Natural Pet Store                                                        • Our Augustus Club members, who have
                                                                                                                                 included PETA in their estate plans and wills

                                           PETA’s True Friends® Memorial Program honors and preserves the memory of people who were true friends to animals as well as the
                                           memory of animals who were true friends to their guardians. For more information about this program, please visit TFMemorial.org.

Tommy Tallarico, Vanguard Society Member   In loving memory of the following true friends:

•   Abba and Max from Joanie Stern                  •   Deborah Blackmore Abrams from friends at the        •   Lloyd D’Agusta and Richard Ronzano from          •   Richard Vance from Judy Vance and Larry Schultz
•   Alice Grace Morrell from Karen R. Meldrum           PETA Foundation                                         Phyllis Brown                                    •   Robert Post and Seymour and Leona Post from
•   All animals who have suffered at the hands of   •   Debra Chandler from Barry D. Chandler, M.D.         •   Lloyd DeLamater from Jeanne Lindsay                  Judith Ann Post
    humans from Jonathan Fagerlund                  •   Deidre (Didi) Rainford from Nina Ogaard             •   Louie Green from Love Yoga Center                •   Mr. and Mrs. Roger Tuteur from U.S. Charitable
•   Allen Serody from Dr. Regina Bannan             •   Diane Resnick from Joseph E. Orzano and Johel       •   Lynne Capizzano Roberts from Caron L.                Gift Trust
•   Anita Engleman from Randolph Taylor and             G. Tarnoff                                              Capizzano                                        •   Ronald Sissons from Penny Martin and AZ
    Patricia Savadove                               •   Doug Miller from Sandra Collett and Mrs. Miller     •   Marcia Biesek from Robert Biesek                     Behavioral Health Corp.
•   Anne Benefield Murphy from Catherine Lackner    •   Ed Hutchinson from Shirley Oscarson                 •   Maria Danylyshyn from Debra Lones                •   Russell and Koji from William Rivas-Rivas
•   Benji from Kristen Ganjoo                       •   Elizabeth “Betty” Vadar from Dan Morrison           •   Marie McKnight from McGuire Woods LLP            •   Saida Cirulla Vitale from Jean Vitale
•   Berry from Nancy Perholtz                       •   Ellie from Jeff Petty and Ellie’s friends at PETA   •   Mary Ann Buchau from Lawrence and Deborah        •   Sammy from Celestine Lehmann-Haupt
•   Berry Hills from Susan G. Trippi                •   Erica Lynn Shumard from friends at J & J                Kassuba                                          •   Sarah Stacey Rothbard from Lamar Card
•   Bill King from Dorene and Jimi Booth            •   Frances (Fran) George from C. Youngdahl             •   Mary Fenton Hanness from Kathleen Robinson       •   Scooter Pie Macaluso from Carolyn Spigel
•   Bob Hirsh from Shari Barton                     •   Galen and Harriet Herr from Robert and              •   Mary H. Rouillard from Janet Frances Russell     •   Shade, my most beautiful, sweetest angel in
•   Boomer Meinhardt from Tom and Jayn                  Christine and family                                •   Max and Ginger from Pamela Fallon                    my life from Theresa Greene
    Meinhardt                                       •   Gay Koetzle from Tom and Jayn Meinhardt             •   Maxine Gates from Nancy Meyer                    •   Simon from Ingrid, Scott, and all of your friends
•   Brad Beachy from Paulette Beachy                •   Gina Cody from Steve, Lauren and Sheila Shur        •   Melissa Wallace and Nancy Szwaja from Jozef          at PETA
•   Brad Clague from Judith Murray                  •   Gingie from Arthur Frank Benoit                         Szwaja-Franken                                   •   Sinbad from Robb Curtis
•   Brady from Lois Berg                            •   Goofus, Goofus II, and Barbie Doll from Jack R.     •   Mobi from Pamela Strovell and Arnel Leyva        •   Slade from Ronald Belkin
•   Buddy Radloff from Beau Radloff and Elaine          McCarthy                                            •   Molly from Barbara Detwiler                      •   Stephanie Ingram from Bobby Ingram
    Radloff                                         •   Hendrey Wu from Grace Wu                            •   Molly Isabella Johnson from Laura Johnson        •   Sugar Buck from Dawn Buck
•   Buddy, Shadow, Sparky, Sterling, Pantera,       •   Huguette Plamondon from Fort Insurance, Jean        •   Molly Wolfe from Julia Bailey                    •   Susanne Lindenmayer from Mark and Gretchen
    Caesar, Red, Luna, and Mini from Mitchell           LeClercq                                            •   Moolah from Bernadine Alling                         Sackett
    Ignarski                                        •   Isis from Diana Artemis                             •   Mother, Grandmother, and Molly the cat from      •   Tazzie from Tracy Reiman
•   Buster from Susan Hilton                        •   Jacques from Andy Schulgasser                           Christine Ann Besack                             •   Terry Korman from David and Kay Raybin
•   Butters Puffin Cash-Chan Sr. from Deborah       •   James Henry from Johnnie and Karen Jerome           •   Nellie, Maud, Maggie, and Babe from Rick         •   Tezra Eileen Gangi Hendrickson from Nancy
    Hecker                                          •   Janet Frazier from Margaret Townsend                    Thompson and Ken Seigert                             Deck, Yong Song, SOLA3, and John and Nancy
•   Camille and Lilly from Frederica Davis          •   Jaymie B. Creitz from Eileen Creitz                 •   Nelson and Buddy Hyndman from Gregory                Slovinosky of Mrs. Lee’s Grade Class at
•   Carol Hoover from JoAnne Schneider              •   Jessica Yorama from Georgianna Yorama                   Hyndman                                              Nottingham Elementary School
•   Charlie from Hope Ferdowsian and Nikhil         •   Jewel Sato from Rita Kusiak                         •   Oscar from Julie Flaherty and Bob Cukla          •   Theresa Clements from Lucinda Meehan
    Kulkarni                                        •   Joanne Hamilton from Leisa Layman                   •   Paul Sullivan from Jessica O’Hara                •   Toby Andrews from Robert Andrews
•   Charlie Greco-Harmon from Rosanne Greco         •   John Lubera Sr. from Union Employees Sunshine       •   Pepper from Marcia Mueller                       •   Virginia Davis Peters from Maxie Lafaver and
•   Chris Anderlik from Kerry Masters                   Fund                                                •   Pepper Lesch from Anonymous                          Barbara and Dennis Gleason
•   Cookie, a.k.a. Quetal from Sherry Darnell       •   Jo-Jo from Thomas and Janet Winemiller              •   Petey from Paula DeBlanc                         •   Virginia Deyo from Debra Lones
•   Copper, Mojo, and Mr. Phil from Anna Borden     •   Judith Smith from Albert Smith                      •   Precious Mia from Matthew Gerrard, Ashley        •   Wendy Gay from Marie Spotter
•   Curtis Engleman from Randy and Barbara Taylor   •   Katharina Slaght from Wayne L. Slaght                   Saunig, Sara, and Rudy                           •   Whimsey from Vicki Carey and Tracy Reiman
•   Daisy the Dog from Eugene Salvo and Nancy       •   Kelly V. White from Samuel and Katherine Beattie    •   Princess, Ranger, Sammy, Scooter, Muldoon,       •   William Carroll Jones from Jim and Susan
    Winchester                                      •   Koro, Druzhok, Rogan, Shandy, and Darby from            Billie, Harley, Pete, Elyse, Claudia, Sabrina,       Gatten
•   Daniel and Evelyn Schulgasser from Andy             Karen L. Porreca                                        Taxi, KC, Anna, Sarge, Roxy, and Lucy from       •   William E. King from John Robinson
    Schulgasser                                     •   LAMPs, Dale, and Ms. Lucifer from Michael               Andy Schulgasser                                 •   Willy and Boo from Louis Sbar
•   David Hanggee from Yvonne Lutz                      Bandler                                             •   Rajah and Claire Oey from Aimee and Han Oey
•   David Lee Privette and G’Nell Sawyer from       •   Legs from D. Adair                                  •   Raymond E. Horn IV from Jay Ogletree
    William C. Nelson                               •   Little Bit and Freckles from Louise’s People        •   Renee Firmin Novelen from Peter and Jean
•   Debby McElhenney from Donna West                    Model and Talent Agency, Inc.                           Firmin
                                                     VANGUARD SOCIETY

                                        We would like to extend a special thank-you to the members of our Campaigner’s Circle ($5,000-$9,999), Investigator’s Circle ($10,000-
                                        $24,999), Director’s Circle ($25,000-$49,999), Vice President’s Circle ($50,000-$99,999), and President’s Circle ($100,000+). You give us hope
                                        on the hard days, strength when we’re tired, and the resources necessary to make the huge changes that animals need. Animals can’t pick
                         © Chip Vinai
                                        up the phone and dial 911—but thanks to each of you, they have a loud voice, and society is listening. Members of our Leadership Council
                                        (Director’s, Vice President’s, and President’s Circle donors) and Executive Committee (President’s Circle donors) provide additional
                                        invaluable support and guidance, for which we are particularly grateful.

President’s Circle                                • Anonymous                                    • Diane Warren                                • Mrs. S. Kendall Gold
• The Alec Baldwin Foundation                     • Dr. Todd Zankel                                                                            • Graham Family Charitable
• Anonymous                                                                                      Investigator’s Circle                           Foundation
• Bob Barker                                      Director’s Circle                              • Leslie Alexander                            • Jane Grant and Lee Child
• John and Fany Borger                            • Patty and Ron Allison                        • Marianna Allgauer                           • Anonymous
• Mike, Isabella, and Rick Friar                  • Robert W. Baggett                            • Arthur T. Anderson Family                   • Coco Hall
• Marguerite Gordon                               • James E. Bowers                                 Fund/Greater Milwaukee                     • Lea Harris
• Dr. Daran W. Haber                              • Gloria Christal                                 Foundation                                 • The Harry Schwartz Foundation
• Holland M. Ware Charitable                      • Ann K. Clapp                                 • Marketa Bankova                             • Christopher and Laura Heintz
   Foundation                                     • Anonymous                                    • Lee Biernat                                 • Glenn Ista
• Anonymous                                       • Emogene Gable Fund                           • Big Science                                 • Anonymous
• Carlee McGrath                                  • Faith & James Knight Foundation,             • Anonymous                                   • Joshua Judge
• Laurie C. McGrath                                  Inc.                                        • John Bowman                                 • Lynne and Stephen Kane
• John and Wendy Neu                              • Sharon Gannon and David Life                 • Gail C. Campbell                            • Barry Kipperman, D.V.M.
• Anonymous                                       • Gary W. Wood Foundation                      • The Celia and Marcos Family                 • Eric and Melissa Kurtzman
• Anonymous                                       • Jonathan Grill                                  Institute                                  • Anonymous
• Adam and Leni Sender                            • Robin Ishmael and Sean McVity                • Betsy U. Chang                              • Anonymous
• Sam Simon                                       • Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold Jerome                  • Isabell Coffey                              • Brenda J. Luwis
• anna j ware                                     • Steve and Darlene Komie                      • Michel David-Weill                          • Cary M. Mabley
                                                  • Anonymous                                    • Lisa DeBartolo and Don Miggs                • Sally Mackler
Vice President’s Circle                           • Chiu-Chu Liu Liang                           • Sandra De Poi                               • Brooks McCormick
• Erika and Robert Brunson                        • Linda Look                                   • Anonymous                                   • Patrick McDonnell and Karen
• Jan H. Corning                                  • Marjorie E. Lucero                           • Cindy Doumani                                 O’Connell
• Anonymous                                       • Bryan and M.J. Morgan                        • Wendy and Michael Doyle                     • Lindsay Mickles
• Brian J. Field                                  • Pettus Crowe Foundation                      • Anonymous                                   • Mel Mond
• Anonymous                                       • Anonymous                                    • Peter and Jean Firmin                       • Anonymous
• Anonymous                                       • Anonymous                                    • Yolanda Allen Fleet                         • Gina Myers
• Anonymous                                       • Anonymous                                    • David and Laura Frisk                       • Ari and Dr. Becky Nessel
• Anonymous                                       • Judi Strauss                                 • Caroline D. Gabel                           • Anonymous
• Bill Maher                                      • Dr. Brent Venable                            • Jim and Susan Gatten                        • Anne W. Noonan
•   Joan and Larry Peaslee             •   Sharon Codner                       •   Nancy E. Grosfeld                   •   Kerry Masters
•   Patience Parker Pierce             •   Dr. David and June Collins          •   Carol Grunewald and Jeremy Rifkin   •   Anonymous
•   Anonymous                          •   Anonymous                           •   Lucy Hadac                          •   Betty McDonald
•   Belle Price                        •   Andréa Connolly                     •   Dr. Alexandra Haessler and Peter    •   Gregory McLagan
•   Elizabeth K. Raymond               •   Gail and Jon Couture                    Fredericks                          •   Dr. Holly J. Morris and Dr. Renee
•   Lavonne R. Rodstein                •   Bryan and Christy Cressey           •   Karin Hakanson                          Holoien
•   S.J. Roesch                        •   Beverly Curci                       •   Paul Hanna                          •   Edward and Kelly Moyzes
•   Philip Rome                        •   Elsa Damon                          •   John and Shelley Harrison           •   Al Neipris
•   Charles Romesburg                  •   Anonymous                           •   Nancy and Kirk Hartwig              •   Carol A. Osborne
•   Anonymous                          •   Darren Star & Dennis Erdman         •   Sarah L. Henry                      •   Beverley O’Toole
•   Kathy Ruttenberg                       Animal Welfare Fund                 •   Dr. Patricia S. Herzog              •   Fred Perlman
•   Jacques and Sylvie Salain          •   Frederica Davis                     •   Anonymous                           •   Mary Ann Peters
•   David and Molly Selig              •   Rick Davis                          •   Anonymous                           •   Anonymous
•   Terri and Jeffrey Siben            •   Larraine Decker                     •   Edith A. Jeffrey                    •   Felicity Pool
•   Anonymous                          •   Vincent Diblanda and Diann Sikora   •   Ann-Margaret Johnston               •   Dr. Michael and Cheryl Prater
•   Andrew Smith and Jennifer Bottos   •   Ellen M. Diskin                     •   Ken Johnston                        •   Eleanor Phipps Price
•   Jane Stamper                       •   Andrea Dominguez                    •   John W. and Claribel K. Chapman     •   Ellen Quinlan and Alan Gould
•   The Suzette Carroll Foundation     •   Brook Dubman and Amy Dubman-            Family Fund                         •   Janet Raibaldi
•   Ruth Tkacz                             Wells                               •   Susie Jones                         •   Jason Rockland
•   Lena Tsakmaki and Stefanos         •   Chris Durfee                        •   Gary Karrass                        •   Andrew Rodriguez and Jeff
    Sidiropoulos                       •   A. Craig Elsinger and Kent Rice     •   Sue Klapholz                            Hoffman
•   Wendy M. Globe Tsien               •   Dr. Ann English                     •   Steve Kratzer                       •   Anonymous
•   June Volsky                        •   Anonymous                           •   Michael and Angela Kroeger          •   Laurence J. Rosansky
•   Anonymous                          •   Bob and Martha Falkenberg           •   Andrew Ku, M.D., and Diane Bandy    •   Gaile Russ
•   Adam Weinrich                      •   Victoria and Gilles Fecteau         •   Denise Di Fabio Kuhl and Anton      •   John Russell
•   Elisa Wolfe                        •   Anonymous                               Gunther Di Fabio                    •   Collin Sasser
•   Ann Zobrosky                       •   Dr. Sumith and Manel Fernando       •   Dr. Sujata Kulkarni                 •   Maurice E. Saunders
                                       •   Waltraud Finch                      •   Dr. Robert Lamm                     •   Roy and Fran Savarick
Campaigner’s Circle                    •   Anonymous                           •   Kimberley Lang                      •   Anne Savino
• David Alessi                         •   Stanley Fleishman                   •   Eloise and Asa Lanum                •   Pat and Kathleen Scanlon
• Beth Bader                           •   Jennifer Fritz                      •   Steven Levy                         •   David Schaffer
• The Baobab Fund                      •   Kristen Ganjoo                      •   Dorothy Lichtenstein                •   Colin Selig
• Barbara A. Baxter                    •   Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Gannett Jr.       •   Fu-Kuen and Yun-Jiuan Lin           •   Harish Sethu and Denise Tremblay
• Frederick Bear                       •   Matthew Gerrard and Ashley          •   Jean Lowe and Kim MacConnel         •   Jack Shuck
• Martha C. Bell                           Saunig                              •   Deborah Lucas                       •   Paul Simoniello
• Tina Beriro                          •   Terry Gilmore                       •   Jeanette MacDonald and Charles      •   Dr. Anthony Sinkula
• The Black Cat Foundation             •   Brad L. Goldberg                        Morgan                              •   Albert Smith
• Sandra Boss and Gary Reamer          •   Steven and Florence Goldby          •   John P. Mackey                      •   Hal Snelling
• Waltraud and Michael Buckland        •   Deborah Goodman                     •   Dana Madalon                        •   Lucinda and Darren Sparks
• Susan Bulkeley                       •   Michael Gordon                      •   Alysoun Mahoney and Greg Reiter     •   Elizabeth Steele
• Victoria Calvert                     •   Archie Gottesman and Gary           •   Eric Margolis                       •   Judith Stein and Ira Friedman
• Julia Caruk                              DeBode                              •   Hugh Martin and Elaine Harrison     •   Charles Steinberg and Violetta
• Peter Castonguay                     •   Anonymous                           •   Michele Martinez-Hixon                  Landek
                                  GIVING ANIMALS A FUTURE:
•   Vincelee Stevens
•   Dr. Guylaine St. Jean
•   Joanna Stroz
•   James Sutherland
•   Mr. and Mrs. Mehran Taslimi
•   Amanda Taylor                 We would like to express our profound appreciation to the following members who in the past year joined PETA’s Augustus Club.
•   Herbert Taylor                Named after a macaque monkey discovered by PETA in 1980 during its first undercover investigation, at a laboratory in Silver
•   Clare Eddy Thaw               Spring, Md., Augustus’ dignity and noble image make him a fitting symbol for this very special group. By naming PETA in their
•   Brett Thompson                will or trust or as a beneficiary of another planned gift, they and the rest of our 4,600 Augustus Club members enable us to
•   Mary Toynbee                  protect other animals from suffering the inexcusable cruelty that Augustus endured—and to do so for generations to come.
•   The Trailviews Foundation
•   Irene Trautman
•   Anonymous                     •   Keith V. Abramson, J.D.    •   Mary Anne Broshek           •   Robyn Daugherty            •   Dana Fortier
•   Susan G. Trippi and John C.   •   Angela Adams               •   Judy Brown                  •   Asoka De Silva             •   Sarah Foster
    Kerr                          •   Tracy Adams                •   Robin Brown                 •   Janet Diamond              •   Myriam Fowler
•   Donna M. Turley               •   Dora Africk                •   Carmen Buitrago             •   Christine Dickinson        •   Marvin M. Fried
•   Jay and Liza Turley           •   Julie Alexander            •   Lola Buonaguidi             •   Anthony Diiulio            •   Kathy Fritz
•   Bob Tuschman                  •   Nikki Allen                •   Margaret Burgard            •   Christopher Dodrill        •   Shelley Gale
•   Virginia A. Van Norden        •   Darcy Angell and Paul      •   Anne and Robert Burr        •   Vera Dolansky              •   Wiliam Garlic
•   Marianne Varkony                  Terlosky                   •   Cleo Calderwood             •   Elle Dominquez             •   Renee Geaney
•   Heather and Leor Veleanu      •   Shannon Anselmo            •   Mariane Campbell            •   Jeanmarie Donlin           •   Elsa Geldhof
•   Jane Velez-Mitchell           •   Rose Arning                •   Louis Cardinal              •   Candice D’Orsay            •   Julie Geno
•   Jennifer and John Vogel       •   Lorre Arnold               •   Candice Carpenter-          •   Diane Doucet               •   Marcel Georget
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•   Dr. Roger White               •   Lana Bauman and            •   Laura Chessler              •   Linda Earhart              •   Carol Girvan
•   Margaret Zankel                   Diana Quagliariello        •   Gloria Christal             •   M.J.N. Edinger             •   Tom Goldsberry
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•   Terry Zwigoff                 •   Kimberly Beres             •   Veronica Clark              •   Ruth Emmett                •   Jamie Goodall
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                                  •   Lori Bowers                •   Irene Crowe                 •   Laurie Fitzgerald-         •   Gary Grode
                                  •   Helga Braconnier           •   Mrs. D.M. Cumming               Westberg                   •   Tiffany Gustafson
                                  •   Patricia Brant             •   Ellen Cummings              •   Stanley Fogel              •   Barbara Hagan
                                  •   France Brassard            •   Morton Cummins              •   Jason Folkman              •   Pamela Haigh
                                  •   Karen Brickman-            •   John Czyscon                •   Christian Folland          •   Barry Halkides
                                      Emmons                     •   Michelle Daikos             •   Joyce Ford                 •   Roger Hall

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•   Kristen Hansburg           •   Patricia Livingston         Kaehler                   •   Donna Roitstein           •   Barbara Susdorf
•   Virginia Harper            •   Shirley and Navin Lobo    • Debbie Netardus           •   Carol and Louie Ruiz      •   Trisha Swanson
•   John Hasemeyer Jr.         •   Ellen Lockert             • Connie and Peter          •   Mr. and Mrs. Charles      •   Dawn Swiderski
•   Ronda Hayes                •   Debbie Sue Love             Newell                        Russell                   •   Rachel Talbot
•   Lisa Hearn                 •   Kathleen MacDonald        • Michael Newman            •   Joseph Russo              •   Jay Teitzell and Ariana
•   Fern and James Heifort     •   Marguerite MacDonald      • Pauline Ng                •   Alice Ryan                    Muenker
•   Vanessa Helmer             •   Robert Mackenzie          • Judith Nichols            •   Ernest Sansregret         •   Lucie Thibault
•   Joan Herstein              •   Barbara Macredie          • Dani Nichols and Robin    •   Barbara Sareeram          •   Arlette Thomas
•   James Hicks                •   Karen Madsen                De LaPena                 •   Edwin and Judy Saslow     •   Rosina Thomas
•   M. Virginia Hoke           •   Jane Malcho               • Danika Nieves             •   Steven Schechter          •   Jitka Thompson
•   Charlotte Honda            •   Sarah Maloy               • Muriel O’Connor           •   Juanita Schneider         •   Robin Thompson
•   Gail Horaneck              •   Ruth Mannis               • Yasuko Ogashiwa and       •   Lisa Schway and Tim       •   Diane Threadgill
•   Saine Hsu                  •   Celeste Manuel              Peter Shapiro                 Viscelli                  •   Min Thura
•   Janice Hubis               •   Frances Marcelli          • Christine O’Keefe         •   Gayle Scott               •   Kevin Tierney
•   David and Helen Huillier   •   Lorenne Marden            • Virginia Oman             •   Michael Scott             •   Jennifer Titus
•   Gertie Hunt                •   Judith Marienthal         • Maxine Onorato            •   Tayler Scott              •   Helen Tomlinson
•   Marie-Christine Husk       •   Marilyn Marshall          • Rick Ouerend              •   Stefanie Scully           •   Lisa Toth
•   John G. Hynes, D.V.M.      •   Marcia Masulla            • Thomas Overton            •   Dr. Luis M. Seadra        •   Carole Tumiel-Gulino
•   Vicki Jackson              •   Grainne Matthews          • Mildred Paget             •   Harish Sethu and Denise       and Russell Gulino
•   Laurie Jakab               •   Brandy May                • Monique Paradis               Tremblay                  •   Angela Tumwa
•   Colleen Angelou            •   Denny Mayer               • Poppy Parker              •   Cyrus and Brenda          •   Deborah Uchida
    Jennings                   •   Gertraud Mayr-Fuleky      • Judith Patterson              Shamloo                   •   Raelene VandenBosch
•   Sidney Jesperson           •   Brooks McCormick          • Mr. and Mrs. David Paul   •   Dennis and Suzanne        •   Dalia Vemikovsky
•   Cheryl Johnson             •   Ray McDonald              • Cari Pelow                    Shanelec                  •   Marilyn and Thomas
•   Larry Johnson and          •   Barbara McDougal          • Jeri Peratis              •   Arnold Shapiro                Voskovitch
    Mardell O’Brien            •   Teresa McInerney          • Tatyanna Peterson         •   Tiana Shimazaki           •   Genevieve Wagner
•   Lisa Johnson               •   John and Margaret         • Chris Petitclerc          •   Ellen Shlom               •   anna j ware
•   Susan Kehoe                    McMahon                   • Forest Phillips           •   Nagaratnam Sivarama       •   Margaret Wiegandt
•   Karen Kessler              •   Alexandra McNamara        • Linda Piee                •   Loretta Slifkin           •   Steve and Elizabeth
•   Diane King                 •   Jill McQueston            • David Pierce              •   Carolyn Smith                 Willey
•   Jim and Elfi Komonko       •   Ralph Meyer               • Judy Pizarro              •   Christopher Smith         •   Louise Wilson
•   Jean Kristof               •   Edith Miller              • Melodee Placial           •   Kimberly Smith            •   Rebecca Wilson
•   Phyllis Krueger            •   Donna Minor               • Ruth Powell               •   Leah Smith                •   Virginia Wingate
•   Danielle Lafay             •   Gloria Monroe             • John Price                •   Lois Smith                •   Nancy Wolfe
•   Doreen Lafone              •   Terry Mooney              • Trianna Raefski           •   Sheila McLaughlin Smith   •   Mary Anne Wyatt
•   Catherine Latham           •   John Moore                • Alicia Ratkoczy           •   Theo Sorenson             •   Larry Zielinski
•   Richard Latterell          •   Lucile Casey Morency      • Winter Reeb               •   Sherry Stanley            •   Eric Zuesse
•   Laura Lieberman            •   Dr. Holly J. Morris and   • Barbara Reichert          •   June Stannus
•   Tija Lietuvietis               Renee Holoien             • James Gregory Reynolds    •   Denise Stephens
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