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									          District 25
          United States Power Squadrons

 May 2009
Volume 2009, Number 2

 Redwood SEO’s
‘wonderful, easy voyage’
           Page 4

                                          Lt/C Tree Champagne, JN, SEO of Red-
                                          wood Squadron, heads for a new learn-
                                          ing experience, boating out of San
                                          Francisco Bay, bound for Hanalei Bay,
                                          Kauai, Hawaii, 2,120 miles away.

Winner of the USPS Distinction in Journalism award 2008
 Page 2, Light 25, May 2009                                Sacramento, Debra Grinstead, JN, of San Joaquin
                                                           Delta and James Sadler, P, of Santa Clara for the
   District                                                time, the effort and the dedication you gave to your
 Commander’s                                               squadrons and to D/25 this past year.
                                                                I also want to thank my Executive Department
   Report                                                  Committee Chairs for their help and faithful service
     BY D/C LYNN R. PIERCE, P                              to USPS this past year. They are D/Lt Robert Souza,
                                                           Safety, D/Lt Mark Gilbraith, AP, Public Relations, P/
     For those who were not able                           C/C Les Johnson, SN, Legislative Chair, D/Lt Ri-
to attend the D/25 Fall Confer-                            cardo Mares, P, Co-Op Charting, P/D/C Tom Harri-
ence and Change of Watch and                               son, AP, District Liaison, D/Lt James Tripp, P, Radio
receive the seat packet reports                            Tech, D/Lt Robert Aurner, P, Boat Show Chair and
with the last reports of the year                          D/Lt Hal Morris, P,           Vessel Safety Check
from the Bridge along with my                              Chair. There were many levels of effort along with
repot as the District Executive Officer I want to repeat   time and expense given by each of these mem-
some of my statements recognizing the 2008/2009            bers. They freely gave so that we could all bene-
Squadron Commanders and the Chairs of the District         fit. Thank you.
Executive Department.                                           I've thanked the people that I, as the DXO
     Last year we were set back somewhat when we           worked with last year, but I also was involved with
were not able to attend the boat shows, most of which      many more committees and individuals and though I
were cancelled altogether. Boat shows are one of the       can't possibly name you all in this issue of Light 25 I
main functions wherein we are able to present USPS         want to express my appreciation to each and every
to the public and invite them to attend our Public         one of you and to thank you for “a job well done”.
Boating Course. So now what are we looking at in                What goals does the Bridge of D/25 have this
2009/2010 as far as boat show attendance? At this          year? I want to express one as the main goal which
time we are hoping to be welcomed to, and attending        is all encompassing. Let me start by saying that you
all the boat shows in our area as they are held. We        are D/25. We have nine squadrons that make up this
will need many squadron members to man the booths          district. From these nine squadrons you elect a
at these shows to tell the public about our Public         Bridge of officers to coordinate your activities with
Boating Course and invite them to attend. As they at-      the other squadrons and with our national organiza-
tend and understand what we do in USPS we invite           tion which we all refer to as National. The District
them to become members and join a squadron which           Bridge has the same committees as squadrons and
usually closest to their home or to where they dock        work with the Squadron Bridges. We have council
their boats. Boat Shows are one of our best ways to        meetings and conferences each year to bring the
get known by the public and gain new members.              membership together to present what is happening in
     At the district council meetings during our dinner    our organization, introducing new information on
the DXO has the privilege of having some private           education programs for the public and for our mem-
time with the Commanders and discuss issues such as        bers, just to name one of our many departments and
what is happening in your squadrons like your up-          committees. Count the number of committee and
coming events, classes coming up, your cruise outs,        activities we have in each squadron and you realize
parties and so forth. Often there is an exchange of        why we choose to have a district to bring all of this
ideas on subjects like solving problems or better yet      information together. This is a very brief overview
avoiding them altogether. Then during the general          of what we do as a membership group and organiza-
part of the meeting the Commanders are able to pre-        tion. So then what is our goal exactly? It is to have
sent their thoughts and programs to the general mem-       each squadron work with, share with and grow with
bership and invite other squadrons to attend their         each other through the help of our district officers
functions. This is always a fun part of the meeting. I     and committees. Tell us what you would like, where
would like to thank 2008/2009 Past Commanders              you could use help and your district will do its very
Mark Gibson, AP, of Carquinez, Gary Smith, AP of           best to work with you on these issues. As I stated we
Diablo, Mark Gathings, JN, of Marin, James Bosso,          as fellow squadron members and district officers we
S, of Monterey Bay, Bill Manolis, AP, of Peralta,          are here to serve and help in any way we can. Please
Robert Capps, P, of Redwood, Dora Cozzolino, S, of         call on us.
                                                                         Light 25, May 2009 — Page 3

                                              From left are: Executive Officer D/Lt/C Mark D. Gathings, JN;
                                              Secretary D/Lt/C Betty Bushnell, P; Administrative Officer P/C
                                              Russell C. Kaiser, Jr., P; Education Officer P/D/C Norm W.
                                              Pennington, AP; and Treasurer D/Lt/C Judith A. Pennington, P.

                                            Education Fund Awards
                                            were presented.

                                                                            At left, Conference Speakers Ray
                                                                            Tsuneyoshi, Dept. Boating & Wa-
                                                                            terways; D/C Price and and Dave
                                                                            Breninger, president RBOC.

                                                                              Norm Pennington gets the Ralph
                                                                              Stoppel Leadership Award.

        Journalism Awards were presented.

                                               The missing P/D/C Vic
                                               Howard Membership

New D/C Pierce
    Page 4, LIGHT 25, May 2009

                                                                                                  By D/Lt Dick Folger, AP

Redwood’s Squadron education officer, Tree Champagne, embarked on an adventure
in learning, applying the many skills she learned from her USPS classes and a lifetime
love of the sea. Her singlehanded trans-Pacific sail revealed new depths of strength.

      It was early Sunday morning, July 9, 2000, and Tree     snap. A sharp, distinct
  Champagne’s Trumbly 31’ sloop, Fisheye, was bashing         ‘thunk’. My first thought
  through the black seas heading for Kauai, still 540 miles   was to look aloft, but all
  distant. She was beginning the 16th day of her voyage and   seemed fine, and the boat
  San Francisco was now 1,580 miles behind her.               was sailing smoothly.
       Her Monitor wind vane had been steering the boat         “Yet I was aware of a
  through the night as the trade winds pushed her steadily    faint new sound. It reso-
  westward at five knots.                                     nated everywhere and it was difficult tracking it's
       Tree described the moment that followed: “As I re-     source. As I moved aft I'm not sure if I homed in on the
  member, I was sitting in the cockpit at the time, perhaps   sound first or noticed that the lines from the vane were
  with a morning cup of tea, when I heard something           turning the wheel erratically. I think I suspected some-
                                                                       thing was wrong with the vane before I noticed
                                                                       the wheel was no longer attached to the rudder.
                                                                       I had a flashlight so I could see under the cock-
                                                                       pit. It wasn't total darkness. I had to unscrew
                                                                       some paneling to gain access. The hardest part
                                                                       was wedging myself into a workable position at
                                                                       the end of the quarter berth where I could both
                                                                       see what I was doing and have enough leverage
                                                                       to tighten the bolts of the sheave. There was only
                                                                       about 10 inches between the underside of the
                                                                       cockpit floor and the inside of the hull.”.
                                                                             During the repairs Fisheye yawed and wal-
                                                                       lowed helplessly in the seas. It was a job that had
                                                                       to be done. There could be no excuses. Tree’s log
                                                                       notes minimized the achievement: “Repaired
                                                                       steering quadrant before dawn. Put cable back on
                                                                                           May 2009 , Light 25 — Page 5

                                                                                              sailed the Bay and Delta and
                                                                                              loved it.
                                                                                                   She also fell in love
                                                                                              again and this second mar-
                                                                                              riage resulted in the birth of
                                                                                              her daughter, Magdalena,
                                                                                              who is now grown and work-
                                                                                              ing as a community organizer
                                                                                              in Santa Rosa.
                                                                                                   The Maya was sold and
                                                                                              they moved to a farm north
                                                                                              of Ukiah. After separating
                                                                                              from Magdalena’s father,
                                                                                              Tree was back in Santa Rosa
                                                                                              where she continued to sail.
                                                                                                   Tree said, “I have
                                                                                              owned a Finn, a Frisco Flyer,
                                                                                              and a Rawson, selling each
                                                                                              as other pursuits took over
sheave.”                                                         my time. Inevitably I would miss sailing and buy another
      Remembering the incident, Tree said, “When I knew          boat. Then Fisheye, a Trumbly 31, came along it was a
I just had to go down there and fix it, it was no problem at     done deal. I didn't buy the Trumbly specifically for the
all. Repairs that would have been formidable on land             SSS Transpac, but I guess it had been in the back of my
seemed more possible at sea because there you have a             mind for many years. I was living on my boat with my
total focus out there. It wasn't eerie or scary, the boat con-   son Dylan in the Sausalito Yacht Harbor when the first
tinued sailing on as if nothing had happened. Gotta love         Singlehanded Transpac was held. It captured my imagi-
those twin jibs. ”                                               nation at the time and must have stuck in my brain.” wa
      Tree Champagne was born in Los Angeles and after              The Singlehanded Sailing Society’s first Transpac was
losing her parents at a very young age she was adopted.          in 1978 and Peralta’s D/Lt Dick Folger was in Kauai on
Tree’s new dad was a special effects foreman for Repub-          the race committee ithat year. Since then the event has
lic and Universal Studios. She said, “Perhaps the early          been held every even numbered year. In the year 2000,
exposure to movie magic made me a more adventurous               Tree Champagne decided to enter the race. By then she
person. I never got to see explosions, although my dad           had done a delivery from Kauai, crewed on two boats in
put on a pretty good 4th of July display. I was fascinated       Mexico, chartered in Canada and completed her 400 mile
with break-away glass which is made out of sugar though          qualifying cruise to the SSS event.
I never got to eat any. I saw lots of sets, models and
miniatures. I also spent quite a bit of time on my grand-
parents tiny farm where building and fixing things was
 Later, in Spokane, Washington she finished school and
started taking college courses. “I had a strong aptitude for
geometry, spatial relationship and drawing.” These skills
led her to employment as a technical support engineer.
      Tree married and had a son, Dylan, who now grown
is a graphic designer.
      One of her first boating adventures was the construc-
tion of a plywood trimaran with Dylan’s father. The boat
never made it to the water, ending up abandoned in a yard
near Hunter’s Point. The marriage ended as well.
      Tree always loved camping and boating was like the
next step. She said: “I always dreamed of living on a boat
and someday sailing away in it.” Always one to make her
dreams come true, she bought a 23’ Maya sloop in Sausa-
lito and moved aboard. It was home for the next three
years. She started taking Power Squadron classes and
Page 6, LIGHT 25, May 2009                                      was getting worse. Tree said, “I have to admit that night I
                                                                was kind of nervous so I cranked up the stereo and reefed
      The full realization of what she was going to do did      the sail. Rolling downwind she soothed herself with Sara
not really hit her until she was sitting on the boat waiting    McLaughlin, Mother Earth and Jimmy Buffet.
for the race committee boat to come and tow her to the                Next day her log entry read: “Big wind and hard rain
start. “I really had the feeling that, wow!, I am really go-    all night. Got up to 8 kts! Today big swells and steady
ing to do this.” For a moment she said she wondered,            20k wind all day. This must finally be the Trades.”
“What the heck and I doing, they are just going to come               On July 7 she had completed two full weeks at sea
and drag me out there.”                                         and by the next morning she only had 642 miles to go.
   “When they came to drag me out to the starting line,”        Fisheye was making time now with an average of 105
she said, “I thought this must be what a prisoner in the        miles per day.
tower feels like when they come to take him to the guillo-            The day after the steering cable broke Tree was chal-
tine. A bit extreme, but that's what crossed my mind. It        lenged with a monumental test of her mettle. This time,
was a sinking feeling, and a revelation that I really had no    with twin headsails poled out, Fisheye was racing toward
idea what was coming next. I did not feel ready, but I had      Kauai when disaster struck. In the brisk wind, one of the
to go. But once the race started it was fine. I had a feeling   poles came loose, pulling the track car from the mast. The
of being perfectly safe, and I was.”                            big pole began flailing wildly. The pole had been secured
      The race began at noon. Eighteen hours later at six in    to a car on the mast track. But, when the car came off., the
the morning Tree was only about two miles off S.E. Far-         pole went mad, secured only by the topping lift and the
allone Island. Fisheye’s meager advance throughout the          foreguy. Tree moved forward to deal with the disaster.
night was a paltry two knots per hour. Tree had been up         At the mast she secured her safety harness and began to
most of the night: “My off course alarm kept going off          do battle with the flying pole.
with the wind being so light and it was hard to hold a                She said, “The sheet was wrapped around the pole
course.” She said, “I was trying to go north to stay above      because I was trying to tie it down so I could get more
the high. I thought there would be more wind there.” Fi-        control, but the wind was too strong for me. The pole was
nally she got a light, steady wind and fell asleep. Her log     like a battering ram, but it didn't batter me. I was afraid it
entry for the second day read: “two to three hours of           would punch a hole through a port or the side of the
sound sleep. Awoke with sails flogging and soon off-            cabin. It could have easily knocked me over, but I was
course alarm again! Getting used to drill. Jib is backed in     not hurt. All I could do was guide it to keep it from doing
light air. Auto pilot can’t deal with it. Lots of grey and      any damage. However, I couldn't get it to stay still long
white dolphins leaping.”                                        enough to get the end hooked onto anything. It would
      On July 1 she was 258 miles from San Francisco,           hang suspended for a second or two before taking off in
averaging only 38 miles per day. But a week later things        another direction. I was hanging on desperately, waiting
were much different. She was flying along on big swells         for the perfect moment when everything was lined up and
and had hit 7.9 knots at one point. By radio she learned        I could act fast enough to clip it on.
that Anna Stockel had already finished the race, arriving             “Each pole originally had its own car because
in Hanalei Bay aboard her sleek Santa Cruz 50, Sun-             I thought the load should be distributed. I was pleased to
downer.       But
David Bennett,
of the Hobie
33, Space Cow-
boy had been
rescued by the
Coast      Guard
and Ken Roper
on Harrier, the
Finn Flyer 31,
had lost his
   Bad things
come in threes
and Tree was
beginning       to
worry that she
might be next.
The      weather
find out later that one car could handle the load of both                         May 2009 - Light 25 - Page 7
poles. When the spinnaker halyard was loose as well I
was definitely hanging on desperately. There's an old                           United States Power Squadron
                                                                                    District 25
saying, ‘When you get to the end of your rope, hang
on.’ So that's what I did.
      She said, “It took a long, long time to get the pole
hooked back on. But, finally the perfect moment came                               Bridge Officers
and I seized it, snapping the pole securely to the car on
the mast. It worked fine and I'm very thankful things did-                  Commander
n't get any worse and that I had my harness on. And, I
                                                                     D/C Lynn R. Pierce, P (SJD)
still love sailing with twin headsails. The best, easiest
                                                                           2344 Wayfarer Drive
sailing ever!”
                                                                      Discovery Bay, CA 94505-9224
      On Thursday, July 13, after 19 days at sea, Tree         
sighted land. “I could see clouds and it became clear that
it was Kauai. I had my GPS Course Plotter so it was no
                                                                         Executive Officer
surprise. After so many days at sea it felt strange to turn
toward the land, like I might hit it.                               Mark B. Gathings, JN (Marin)
    Soon Hanalei Bay opened, lush and green. Tree said,                   23 Eastridge Circle
                                                                          Pacifica, CA 94044
“I crossed the finish line about one in the afternoon. The
race committee had radioed a welcome and asked me               
what my favorite drink was. I don’t drink so I said I
would like a chocolate malt.” The malt was delivered and
                                                                         Education Officer
Fisheye was taken in tow to her mooring.
      “I was so happy. My kjds and everybody had been         P/D/C Norman W. Pennington, AP (Peralta)
there for days. I had rented a house on the beach and they                16 Cobblestone Lane
                                                                           Belmont, CA 94002
were all there waiting for me when I stepped onto land.. I
did the obligatory ‘kiss the sand’ thing and then the fun      
began. It was a wonderful, easy voyage.”
      Summing up, Tree reflected on having gone across,
alone: “All in all it was a great experience. It gave me a            Administrative Officer
wonderful feeling of accomplishment even though it was           P/C Russell C. Kaiser, Jr., P (Sacto)
for the most part an easy ride. I guess I'm still trying to                 2836 Roven Court
figure out the moral or the punchline.”                                West Sacramento, CA 95691

                                                                  D/1st/Lt Betty Bushnell, P (Diablo)
                                                                          319 Westcliffe Circle
                                                                        Walnut Creek, CA 94597

                                                              D/Lt/C Judith Ann Pennington, P (Peralta)
                                                                          16 Cobblestone Lane
                                                                           Belmont, CA 94002

                                                                          Light 25 Editor
                                                                      Dick Folger, AP (Peralta)
                                                                          32026 Trevor Avenue
                                                                           Hayward, CA 94544
Page 8, LIGHT 25, May 2009
         Administrative                                                Officer’s Report
         Officer’s Report                                     r
                                                                          BY D/LT/C MARK D. GATHINGS, JN

             BY D/LT/C RUSSELL C. KAISER, P
                                                              Gearing up for
Off and running!                                              the new term!
                                                                    I am very fortunate as your in-
     The Administrative Department                            coming district executive officer to
has several folks who have stepped                            have a solid team of department
up for another term: D/Lt Ethyl Ott,                          chairmen. Some are new to their po-
AP as conference chair; D/Lt Robert                           sition and some are thankfully re-
Burget, AP as photographer and D/                             turning; all have experience in their
LtBetty Dysart, JN as OT leadership                           field which will help the executive
chair. This still leaves some key po-                         department run smoothly.
sitions open and waiting for someone                                Should you have any questions
to throw their hat in the ring. I’m still                     or suggestions in any of these areas
looking to fill membership, member                            please don’t hesitate to contact these people directly.
involvement, boating activities and                           They have a wealth of knowledge and are anxious to as-
conference protocol.                                          sist you or your squadron in any way they can.
                                                                    Here is a list and their e-mail addresses:
     Speaking of boating activities, the two big events are   Public Relations Officer:
being finalized as this is being written. The Spring Cruise         Stu Bacon,
will be at Rio Vista with Sacramento hosting again. The       Safety & Boat Show: Bob Aurner,
dates are July 10-12 so mark your calendars now. Be pre-      Legislative: Leonard Komor,
pared to help out as we need many hands to put this all       Coop. Charting: Ricardo Mares,
together.                                                     Liaison: Tom Harrison,
                                                              Radio Tech: Jim Tripp,
     This year, there will be a new boat competition. First
there was the cardboard boat race. Now, there is the          Vessel Safety Check:
                                                                    Hal Morris,
model boat race. It would seem that we had a few too
                                                              Or you can contact me:
many sinkings which was making all us safety officers
                                                                    I am writing this on the afternoon of 16 April and
nervous. So now we will be racing model boats, risking
                                                              just got some great news from our Boat Show chairman
only our wallets. There will be at least two categories:
                                                              Bob Aurner. He is reporting that the boat show currently
sail and power (power being electrical only-not gas).
                                                              underway at Jack London Square is going very well and
There will be a “course” laid similar to autocross rules.
                                                              that he was able to obtain a far better booth location than
For those who know autocross, it’s not always the biggest
                                                              what we were previously given. It is inside the main tent
or most powerful that wins, so keep this in mind when
                                                              and in a heavy traffic area. Thanks Bob for all your hard
buying or building your boats. For those of you wishing
                                                              work. Just to let you know how hard Bob is working, he
to enter a sail type boat, please contact me ASAP for
                                                              spends the whole week at the show staying at a hotel
course ideas. Not being a sailor your input would be
                                                              across the street to assure our booth is set up correctly and
valuable in setting up the course. A flyer will be going
                                                              we are looking our best. Can’t ask for more than that!
out a month before the cruise with the details (Did I men-
                                                                    I am looking forward to seeing as many as possible
tion that I need someone to help with the flyer design?)
                                                              of our squadrons’ members at the upcoming district coun-
such as menus and racing details.
                                                              cil meeting 6 May, Wednesday, at the Yerba Buena Island
     The Fall Cruise is set up at Martinez Yacht Club so      Coast Guard Station. Dinner is at 1800 and the cost is
far. They have a conflict right now but have promised to      only $7. Please bring exact currency so change won’t be
work it out soon. I could use some help with this one set-    necessary. If you are coming, we need your name to get in
ting up some activities. Sacramento Yacht Club will be        the main gate. Please either contact me or tell your squad-
cruising in also so I’m trying to set up something together   ron commander you will be attending and they will get
which will only increase our fun. I’ll need some help         your name to me.
with a flyer for this one too. Please contact me ASAP if
you can lend a hand.
                                                                                            May 2009 - Light 25 - Page 9
                   Spring Conference wives enjoyed the
                   Lindsay Wildlife Museum and a great
                   lunch at the Back Forty restaurant at           ATTENTION
                   the D/25Change of Watch, March 14.           ALL SHIPS AT SEA
                                                                     A brief history lesson
                                                                   about Radio Room Clocks.
                                                                    Any “old salt” radio operator
                                                              aboard Navy ships are probably very
                                                              aware of the markings on the radio room clock shown
                                                              below. You may be surprised to learn of the origins of
                                                              the markings.
                                                                   The sinking of the “unsinkable” Titanic brought
                                                              about a lot of changes in maritime safety laws. One such
                                                              law was the “Radio Act of 1912” that required around the
                                                              clock radio watches to listen for Morse Code distress sig-
                                                              nals. These laws applied to all ships at sea, not just mili-
                                                              tary vessels.
                                                                  The original clock had just the two 3 minute wide red
                                                              bands at 15 minutes after and 45 minutes after the hour in
                                                              which 3 minutes of radio silence was observed as all
                   Keller Cherry                              ships at sea monitored 500 KCS, the maritime distress
     P/C Keller Cherry died Friday, 23 January 2008. in       frequency, for any weak distress signals.
San Francisco. He was the Past commander and SEO of                After WWII, a new distress frequency was estab-
San Francisco Sail and Power Squadron. Her also served        lished at 2182 KCS and it was necessary to add the two 3
as the D25 Swamp Fox. A memorial service may be held          minute wide green bands at the hour and the half hour to
for him at some future date. Cards can be sent to the         observe radio silence and to listen to that frequency.
family: at 28 Cragmont Avenue, San Francisco CA                   The red marks around the entire outer edge of the
                                                              clock is to allow the radio operator to accurately send the
                                                              required 4 second long alarm signal. The second sweep
                                                              hand would move over these red bands and the radio op-
        Chaplain’s                                            erator would have an accurate gauge of the required 4
                                                              second signal. Ships were required to have a receiving
         Corner                                               circuit aboard that would automatically detect this signal
                                                              and sound the alarm in the radio room.
                                                                   It was standard practice to have the clock set to
                                                              Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). On some clocks there
Change of Watch Invocation
                                                              was a second hour hand that could be set to local time,
and Benediction                                               but all radio room logs were kept using GMT.
      God,.... Thank you for the gift of                           Also, since GMT is usually used as a 24 hour sys-
life as we gather in friendship. We come                      tem, there is a second row of markings by the numbers
to say "well done" to the old bridge and                      that go from zero to 23 so that the 24 hour system could
boldly ask your blessings for the new bridge. Bless us        be used.
with Empathy: to acknowledge the pain of others because            So, there you have it! I want to thanks Walt
we too have faced the same pain. Bless us with Sympathy:      Schillinger of the Monterey Bay Sail and Power Squad-
to share the tears and sorrow of another's misfortune.        ron for bringing this subject to my attention. It is a topic
Bless us with Compassion: to forgive the wrongs and           we typically don’t worry about on our smaller vessels, but
slights handed up by life. Bless us with Patience: Cool us    one which we should all be aware of as it regards to mari-
down so we don't react in anger. Bless us with Generos-       time safety. But, remember, we are talking about
ity: To offer friendship to all we meet. Bless us with Hu-    “history” here and I suspect in this digital age that many
mility: For we too often call others to task for the same     of these requirements are being handled entirely by auto-
deeds we do. Bless us with Intolerance: Of the inequali-      matic systems since Morse Code is no longer required
ties, the prejudices, which separates us, stifling the good   aboard maritime vessels.
work that comes from mutual respect and cooperation.                                         Lt. James Tripp
      God,..... Be our beacon in the darkness of life. De-                              Radio Tech Committee Chair
fend us from all perils and dangers. Grant us a peaceful                   District-25 of the U. S. Power Squadrons©
night and a perfect end. Amen
Page 10, LIGHT 25, May 2009

                   Past District
                      BY P/D/C RALPH M. PRICE, JN

Back to reality
      Help, I’m out of work. These are difficult times and
I’m looking for a job. I am sure that someone somewhere          You may remember that District commander Ralph Price en-
will come up with something that a Past District Com-            tered his year of leadership by attending the USPS National
mander might be qualified to do. Might be iffy though.           Conference in Dallas. While there he was photographed rid-
      The first week after the change of watch there were        ing a bucking bull at Gilley’s. This year the USPS Annual
several loose ends that needed tying up or down which-           Meeting was held in Anaheim, next door to Disneyland where
ever way you want to look at things that needed doing.           he and Phyliss ended their whirlwind tour of duty by going on
      We are still searching diligently for the wayward          the spinning teacup ride.
(missing) P/D/C Vic Howard Membership Award. In the
meantime I am having the trophy shop build a new one. It               We have had a whole week now of some beautiful
will have a small Roman numeral ll in the lower right cor-       weather and that means outdoor things that need doing.
ner to signify it as being a replacement for the original.       Today all the front yard plants got fertilized and shaped a
      The Emeritus Award 50 Merit Marks has been sent            bit, not pruned, just shaped. Wrong time of the year for
to Warren Martens’ daughter in Arizona. She called yes-          that hack and whack stuff, just a touch here and there.
terday and informed me that she had received the plaque          We’ll be receiving our special home grown tomato plants
and diamond encrusted lapel pin. She did mention she had         shortly, from our personal “Master Gardner”. I don’t
a couple of uniform blazers and brass buttons that could         know how she does it but once we adopt those plants, get
be passed down to a member. Do keep in mind Warren               them in the ground, eight to ten weeks later we are har-
was a tall man. Should you desire or need a uniform or           vesting tomatoes until late in the fall. Best you ever ate.
blazer, contact me and I will put you in touch with Aned               The bushes and plants both front and back are vigor-
Halverson, Warren’s daughter.                                    ously putting out new shoots and buds, along with many
      Two days after Phyllis and I got home from the             flowers. This is definitely spring with summer soon to
Change of Watch I needed to print something from the             follow.
internet and our All-In-One printer came to a screeching               It is also the beginning of “Boating Season”. Most of
halt. Sounded like it had a short, then the gears, the travel-   the tinkering, adding “Safety Stuff” from West Marine
ing printer part, sounded as if it wouldn’t go into gear and     getting the “Bottom Job” done, new zincs and all, along
it ground to a halt. It died, right there on the spot. I do      with a fresh wax and polish job done on the hull. We’re
suppose it had something to do with the number of print          now ready for cruises, the anchoring out, the barbeques
jobs it was called on to perform over the past six or seven      and all that goes with boating and the comradeship we all
years. Brings to mind, that is about how old this machine        enjoy. Each of us pursuing our passion, the freedom of
was. We are now the proud owners of a new HP All-In-             boating.
One, my how they have improved on them. This new                       Many of us that have been around awhile will be
technology baffles me. Of course a lot does anyway. Only         returning to familiar haunts, special docking locations and
a few of you know this though.                                   anchorages. We look forward to having new members
      Over this past year it seems many “Honey Do’s” got         with us to showcase the areas that have become familiar
passed over. Now I am trying to change gears and get             to us and learn from them their special talents.
back into the Phyllis wants mode. Before I had an excuse,              This helps us and them to become comfortable join-
need to write an article, prepare an agenda or any number        ing our classes in advanced education, along with the
of excuses that popped into my head. It is different now,        electives that are offered by all our Squadrons. These cou-
didn’t take long for “The Boss” to look me in the eye and        pled with “The Seminar Series” from USPS University;
say, “I’d like you to” and dutifully I do her bidding, with-     there are sixteen two hour Seminars now available, make
out complaining. I did learn this action a long time ago;        USPS the most advanced safe boating organization world-
things go much smoother this way and you get dinner              wide. Sure makes me proud to be a member of The
regularly too. This is not being a “woose” it’s a fact of        United States Power Squadron…District 25…and Diablo
life.                                                            Sail & Power Squadron…             P/D/C Ralph Price, JN
     Squadron Spotlight
                                                                                              May 2009 - Light 25 - Page 11

                                                                    ron. Not the least amongst these is our planned Piloting
Carquinez Squadron                                                  program being run at the California Maritime Academy
                                                                    and being instructed by Capt. Tuuli Messer-Bookman.
Cdr. Trevor Steel, AP                                               This will be a unique opportunity to learn from a profes-
                                                                    sional instructor using state-of-the-art facilities and we
                                   I think that if there is to be   would like to invite all D-25 squadrons to make the
                             theme to the focus of Car-             course known to any members that would like to use this
                             quinez for 2009 it would have          as their introduction to piloting. Visit the Carquinez
                             to be ‘member activity’. I             s q uadr o n web -s it e f or mor e infor ma ti on
                             don’t mean member activity in
                             the traditional way of taking on             In many ways our goal is ambitious in these difficult
                             an official role within the            financial times but our future lies as much in being of
                             squadron. Activity in this case        value to our members as it does to being of value to the
                             means activities for the mem-          public.
                             bers; giving members a reason
                             to want to remain members.
                             We’re all aware that USPS as a         Marin Squadron
                             whole is feeling the effects of
the recession; money is becoming scarce in most house-              Cdr. Dwight Coddington
holds and people need to be sure that the money they do
spend is worth something to them; this applies to mem-                                                 “The Marin Sail and
bership renewals as much as anything else. As squadron                                           Power Squadron is off to a
commanders possibly we forget at times that leading the                                          great new year,” says the new
squadron also means giving back to the members.                                                  Squadron Commander, Al
     Carquinez is affected by the recession as much as                                           Coddington. “This is our 50th
any squadron. To counter the trend of falling membership                                         Anniversary here in Marin.
the Bridge has embarked upon a program of creating                                               We are going to make this a
events, both social and educational, to let members know                                         great year. At the March
there is value in being a member that goes beyond insur-                                         Change of Watch ceremony,
ance discounts. I think sometimes, as more active squad-                                         Coddington laid out his plan.
ron members, we get too focused on organizational is-                                            His major goal is to increase
sues, administrative duties and staging classes as we can                                        membership in the Squadron.
manage. We forget at times that while each of these is                                           Coddington wants to empha-
necessary they are the ‘business’ side of the organization;                                      size fun activities, like better
there is also a ‘social’ side which seems to fall by the way                                     speakers at the meeting, at
-side…after all, isn’t our aim “to make boating fun!”               least two cruises, and one environmental project.
     Member social events at Carquinez are now in the                     The April Dinner Meeting will feature Tom Boone
works. Guided by Executive Office Mike Fordyce (JN)                 from the Marine Vessel Traffic Service on Yorba Buena
we plan to introduce more weekend get-togethers, eve-               Island. His presentation entitled, “It's not just channel 16
ning gatherings and revitalizing the squadron’s Speaker             anymore,” is something all mariners should find important.
Series. As we move further into boating season we also                    In June the squadron plans to celebrate its 50th anni-
hope to hold some Crew Days where non-sailing mem-                  versary. For the Squadron celebration, we plan to invite all
bers will have a chance to discover the appeal of ‘rag-             the mariners we can find to a great barbecue on June 20.
boats’. Hopefully we’ll also get a chance to hold a few             At this gala event we'll celebrate our history and anticipate
maritime gymkhana’s where members will have a chance                our future.
to either put knowledge into use (and maybe find out                      The Squadron has placed a heavy emphasis on com-
what knowledge they though they had but really don’t)                                             munity outreach. We have
     On the education front our EO Lt/C Dean Lamp is                                              increased our press releases
                              pushing forward with mem-                                           for the dinners as well as our
                              ber’s advanced courses, once                                        classes. By getting the word
                              again to make sure that mem-                                        out that we are going to have
                              bers find value in the squad-                                       important speakers, we hope
                                                                                                  to attract interest in joining
                                                                                                  our organization.
Page 12, LIGHT 25, May 2009
                                                             ated from the Sail and Power show.
                                                                    This month we are preparing for our first general
  Peralta Squadron                                           meeting since the COW. It is always anticipated as it is
  Cdr. Bill Manolis, AP                                      first a pizza party and then a general meeting. Everybody
                                                             likes this one. In May we are going to scamper aboard
                                                             the Hornblower for a Sunday Brunch/Cruise which is
                                                             such a hoot with good food, fabulous views and wonder-
     The Peralta Squadron has been ex-                       ful company. June will welcome in a new event, a visit to
tremely busy in the past few months on                       the County Flood Control to find out what prevents us
several levels. Getting past the national                    from having to hoist a sail on the roof of our homes.
economic turmoil has not been the easiest                     So we are looking forward to fun and frolic in the quarter
road to travel since I can remember. How-                    to come. Hope your quarter spends as well.
ever, we do have much to be thankful for
and much to look forward to. Our membership continues        Diablo Squadron
to increase due to new educational opportunities into our
public boating classes. Many students of these classes       Cdr. Richard Holden, AP
elect to continue on to advanced class study which re-
quires membership into USPS. In May we will be hold-         What’s going on at Diablo?
ing our first one time presentation at the new West Ma-
rine store in San Carlos. We are looking forward to that          Glad you asked because, now in our
challenge and hope to get enrollment in future classes.      50th year, a lot is going on. Some high-
We are also fortunate to be involved in the Sail and         lights:
Power Boat show this month at Jack London Square.            Last month, we had our second annual
Peralta has tendered a number of members to staff the        miniature golf get together in Fairfield.
USPS booth at that show during the showing week. We          This event is aimed at our younger mem-
are honored to be a major participant and look forward to    bers and their kids or grand kids and we
acquiring new students for our classes. We are also see-     had over 40 turn out to enjoy some fine
ing an interest and increase in the number of classes be-    “golf”. Several holes-in-one were accomplished and a lot
ing offered on both sides of the Bay and for a desire for    of pizza was consumed.
                                   advanced classes.              We are also getting our Seminar Series underway
                                   All in all we are look-                                   with a one a month pro-
                                   ing for a great year                                      gram. The first one this
                                   ahead and know it can                                     year is Sail Trim on May
                                   be done!                                                  7, followed by Paddle
                                                                                             Smart on June 11. Look
                                                                                             on Diablo’s website

Santa Clara Squadron                                         ( for details.
                                                                  We also have a great article in our newsletter, The
Cdr. James Sadler, P                                         Meridian, on the AIS systems. Two of our members have
                                                             installed them on their boats and have given us some
                  The new bridge is settling in to their     great information on installation and operation. Look on
             jobs in the Santa Clara Power Squadron. It is   our website for a link to the Meridian.
             the same usual suspects that always show up
             and lend a helping hand to the squadron they
             love so much. The good news is we have
             some new directors and that is a very good
                                                               Check out your
             thing. Of course every scrap of effort from
any member for any reason is truly appreciated by all of
the members.
                                                               District 25 Web Site
     April finds the beginning of the new Weather course
with a good turn out. Everybody always wants to talk           It keeps you up to date
about the weather. Now we will do it intelligently. The        D/Lt Jim Tripp, webmaster
end of the month also finds the beginning of the spring
ABC/3 course taught at Wilcox High in Santa Clara. We           http://www,
are looking forward to some interested students gener-
San Joaquin Delta Squadron                                                              May 2009 - Light 25 - Page 13

Cdr. Michael N. Wolfe, P                                     of these very fast and low profile craft out on the water.
                                                             You may see them at all times of the day, but typically in
                                                             the early mornings and late afternoons to sunset. Let’s
     I would like to start off by wel-                       please keep a sharp eye out for these hard to see boats and
coming this year’s SJDPS Bridge                              take care not to wake these athletes.
Officers. We have a great crew and I
know this year is going to be one of
success and prosperity.                                      What’s ahead?
     San Joaquin Delta Power
Squadron is off to its typical “Hit
the ground running” start this year.
Our new cruise Chairperson Jerry
Kosmala has a full schedule planned
with a cruise a month most all year long. He and his Flag
Officer Karen Kosmala put a lot of time, thought and
effort into each trip and it shows.
     Our Education department just completed our spring
Public Safe Boating class. John Jones and his team
turned out 15 more safe boaters into the world. Some of
which have become new members. Speaking of new
members, our membership is in fact growing. I believe we
are up in the 190’s now and more waiting in the wings.
     I would like everyone to please join me welcoming

our new Power Squadron members. Let’s step up and en-
courage them to jump in and get involved in our social
events. Let’s be supportive and encourage them to further
                                                                District                        Calendar
their boating education with the next Seamanship class
coming soon.                                                               MAY
     Our Vessel Safety Inspectors have once again made
record numbers. I’m told of 123 District wide inspec-        Wednesday, May 6
tions, SJDPS inspectors have done 93 of them. This is a      District Council Meeting at Yerba Buena Island.
very worthwhile and important task these volunteers per-     May 16—22
form. I believe vessel safety checks directly effect our     National Safe Boating Week
boating communities. Their efforts are saving lives and
protecting property. Our thanks to Chairperson Don                          JUNE
Webb and his team Joe Pustizzi, Pat Carson and Lynn
Anderson. Good Job!
                                                             Friday, June 12
     Once again Island Chairperson Michael Haverty           SEO begins preparation for Chapman Awards.
and his team of volunteers have done a wonderful job         Wednesday, June 17
pulling our island retreat from the grips of winter in       District Bridge meeting. Judy Pennington host.
preparation for the summer season. Grasses mowed,
weeds cut, trees trimmed, wood painted, docks washed                                 JULY
and much much more. Our training facility is in the finest   Monday, July 6
shape I have ever seen it. Lets all do our best to keep it   Light 25 input deadline.
that way.
     Our San Joaquin Delta Power Squadron webmaster          Monday, July 6
Deborah Wolfe is an award winner this year! “2008 Web        SEO sends out Chapman nominations to DEO
Site Excellence Award” Just about everything we do as a      Friday to Sunday, July 10-12
Squadron is chronicled there and kept very current. Please   District 25 Cruise to Delta Marina at Rio Vista
come and see it and drop us a line. “”
     I’d like to take a moment to talk briefly about shar-
                                                             Wednesday, July 15
ing the waterways with our fellow boaters. One class of      District Council meeting at Sacramento Yacht Club.
craft in particular is rowing shells. Crew rowing is grow-   Monday, July 27
ing in popularity and hence, we are seeing more and more     Light 25 is mailed.
Page 14, LIGHT 25, May 2009

                               District 25
                              headed south
                              to attend the
                              USPS Annual
                               which was
                                 held in
                               Anaheim in
                                Thanks to
                               P/D/C Norm
                              camera these
                               shots were

                                              Photos by P/D/C Norm Pennington
Light 25, May 2009, Page 15
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