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					                            MINUTES OF THE

A meeting of the Cape Cod Water Protection Collaborative was held at the Superior
Courthouse in Barnstable on February 14, 2007, commencing at 8:36 a.m.

Barnstable           Paul Niedzwiecki                    Present
Bourne               Peggy Fantozzi                      Present
Brewster             Bud Rowles                          Present
Chatham              Sean Summers                        Present
Dennis               Gene Tully                          Present
Eastham              Jane Crowley                        Present
Falmouth             Jack Barnes                         Absent
Harwich              Larry Ballantine                    Present
Mashpee              John Cahalane                       Present
Orleans              Augusta McKusick                    Present
Provincetown         Cheryl Andrews                      Absent
Sandwich             David Mason                         Present
Truro                Suzanne Grout Thomas                Absent
Wellfleet            Emily E. H. Beebe                   Present
Yarmouth             George Allaire                      Present

County Commissioners’ Appointees:
                  John O’Brien                           Absent
                  John Hinckley                          Present

Others Present:
Tom Cambareri               Cape Cod Commission
Ed Eichner                  Cape Cod Commission
Sue Rask                    Barnstable County Department of Health and Environment
Stephanie Ostapowich        Town of Barnstable
Kevin Galligan              Technical Advisory Committee
Mark Ells                   Technical Advisory Committee
Bob Duncanson               Technical Advisory Committee
Peter Boyer                 Falmouth
Julia Taylor                Assembly of Delegates
Brian Braginton Smith

1) Minutes - Chairman Niedzwiecki called meeting to order and asked for any
comments or questions on the Minutes of January 10, 2007. No comments or questions
offered. Mr. Niedzwiecki motioned to approve the minutes, motion moved by John
Hinckley. 2nd by George Alliare. John Cahalane and Peggy Fantozzi abstained.
2) Reports, Announcements and Updates –
Hiring Committee - Chairman Niedzwiecki announced that the Collaborative received 3
proposals in response to the Request for Proposals (RFP) for a Consultant. The hiring
committee would begin reviewing each proposal and he would be in contact with Mark
Zielinski, County Administrator/Director of Finance regarding scheduling a time for the
committee to meet and discuss the proposals. He inquired if the board members had any
questions. None offered.

Legislative Subcommittee – John Hinckley informed the board that they were working
with Senator Robert O’Leary and his Legislative Aide, Nate Mayo, on redrafting the RFP
for Barnstable County Wastewater Management Plan Development. The Committee will
provide more information at the next Governing Board Meeting as discussions with the
Senator progress.

Chairman Niedzwiecki introduced the former Falmouth Town Manager, Peter Boyer.

Resource Subcommittee – Peggy Fantozzi thanked Peter Boyer for coming and was
present to help answer any questions the board might have on the grant proposal from the
Massachusetts Environmental Trust. Ms. Fantozzi advised the board at this point that a
letter of intent had been submitted to the Massachusetts Environmental Trust and in
response the subcommittee was asked to submit a full grant proposal.

Sue Rask distributed a copy of the Letter of Intent and advised the board that there was a
delay in response due to the fact that it was mailed to Paul Niedzwiecki at the County and
the County mailroom did not recognize his name and returned the envelope. This will
cost 2 weeks that they had to work on the proposal that is due by March 7th.

Peggy Fantozzi reported on the $150,000 that would be allocated through the County
budget. She stated it was time to get out and offer some money to move people towards
direction of shared watershed.

Peter Boyer – Introduced himself as the Administrator for the Town of Falmouth for 10
years before retiring. In response to the discussion of asking for $150,000 to be allocated
Mr. Boyer stated that if nothing is done by the Collaborative for this coming year then it
would be on hold for another year.

Gene Tully – Stated concern on the source of money coming out of County’s budget.
And that the Collaborative is taking taxes assessed from the towns and not really giving
them anything. Money was to come from sources outside the County but instead is
coming from inside

George Allaire – Asked for clarification that the County’s primary source of revenue
comes from the Registry of Deeds and if the $150,000 is already allocated in this year’s
budget or next year’s.
Paul Niedzwiecki – Money is from FY08.Went over budget memo that was distributed to
the Steering Committee on February 7, 2007 from Stephanie Ostapowich.

General budget discussion continued between board members around the budget
information provided in the memo. Specifically regarding the proposed $100,000 for
FY2008 and the $191,800 from FY2005 that has been carried over and is still available.

Motion by Paul Niedzwiecki to send a request to Mark Zielinski to put in front of the
County Commissioners asking for $150,000 to be appropriated. Moved by Peggy
Fantoni. 2nd by John Cahalane. Approved 7-5.

Bob Duncanson – Inquired on the status of the TAC request for $150,000. Stated it has
not been discussed by the Governing Board yet.

Paul Niedzwicki – Said it was discussed by Steering Committee and the decision was to
respond to the TAC in writing.

Bob Duncanson – TAC members feel it needs a higher priority than being pushed off by
the Governing Board until FY09.

Gussie McKusick – Said that the technical models were discussed by the Steering
Committee in the last meeting. Committee also discussed inviting TAC members in for
an informal discussion to see what specifically the TAC needs.

Bob Duncanson – Asked for clarification on what the role of the TAC is supposed to be?
Unclear on why the Steering Committee would be discussing technical models.

Paul Niedzwiecki – Technical issues were raised during the discussion of the TAC
request of $150,000. Committee needs baseline understanding of technical issues.

Mark Ells – TAC would like to come in and work through details with the Governing
Board. TAC asking to tighten up and be clear on what the Collaborative needs from
them. How can the TAC best advise and get feed back?

Julia Taylor – It is unlikely that Mark will insert extra money. From a political point of
view it is still important to go through exercise of asking for the money. Wastewater has
been a fairly hefty item for the Assembly. Discussion of the Collaborative asking for
$100,000 was for what was needed for staff. Assembly never thought $100,000 would be
spent overall on the Collaborative. Strongly suggested coming to her Finance
Committee/Public Hearing on 2/28/07 and ask for the money.

Sean Summers – Asked what role does the 2 million have in this operation. Board should
have big say in how it is allocated.

Brian Braginton Smith – Important for Collaborative to bring forth the message that
we’re facing something serious. County Commissioners have to understand that
wastewater is a critical agenda item. It’s not something that will go down in cost but up
in cost.

Paul Niedzwiecki – It is important to make clear that the Collaborative is made up of
appointments to a voluntary board. Collaborative needs to stick to its mission and that’s
to find money to finance the Collaborative.

Sean Summers – What he is hearing from TAC members is that the Board has not acted
on its request. This needs to be discussed as a body.

Stephanie Ostapowich – It was discussed at a Governing Board meeting 2 months ago
that the TAC request for $150,000 would be discussed first by the Steering Committee
and then brought to the Governing Board if needed.

Paul Niedzwiecki – 2 concerns. If we had gotten to agenda item 2 then the TAC request
would have been discussed today. And, second the Resource Subcommittee is there to
look outside the County for financing. Not every request will be honored but should be

General discussion ensued among various board members regarding concern of the towns
perception of the Collaborative with regards to the money coming from inside the County
as opposed to it coming from outside. Also discussed was concern of the Collaborative
credibility. Paul Niedzwiecki said he will make the memo regarding budget that was
discussed in meeting earlier available to everyone.

Paul Niedzwiecki – Any other discussion? No response. Anything from towns? No
response. Anything from staff? No response. TAC? Not at this time. County
Commissioners? No response. Assembly of Delegates? No response. Cape Cod

Tom Cambareri – Waiting to hear back on EPA grant. Staff hard at work on 21st Century
Task force recommendations. November conference to be aired on public access
television this week.

Sue Rask – Eastham project coming to completion. Offering to give presentation on final
report to anyone interested.

Paul Niedzwiecki – Suggested that would be an appropriate presentation to include in the
WEBNNER workshop in April. It should be incorporated. Any other business?

Old Business

Paul Niedzwiecki – Since running out time for this meeting the draft RFP that was
emailed out last week will be discussed at the next Governing Board meeting. It will
give board members more time to offer any changes. Everyone should be working of the
1/29/07 draft as a baseline.

Paul Niedzwiecki - Motion to adjourn. Moved by Gussie McKusick. 2nd by George
Allaire. Approved by all.

Adjourned at 10:00 a.m.

Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday, March 14th, 8:30 a.m.

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