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					                          Top 5 Android Apps
So you own an Android Phone, do you? Having an Android is like freeing you up from the rest
of the world, who have been tied down from the restrictions of their manufacturer and phone
service provider. Like the iPhone, the Android has a ton of apps to choose from, and today we
are going to go over some of the best Android apps to get your hands on.

1. Colornote - Colornote is one of the top Android apps that you can get. Colornote gives you
the ability to take detailed notes on anything that you want. It also gives you the ability to
cut/copy/paste very easily.

2. Tapatalk - this is mainly a great app if you like to chat on forums, etc. It gives you the ability
to tap the screen and do whatever it is you wish.

3. Camera Timer - Ever get sick of having people take a picture for you in public. Well camera
self time gives you the ability to do this, simply set the timer and walk away! You will have
yourself a great picture taken and give you the option to redo it as many times as you would like.

4. Facebook - We know you love this one. If you are a Facebook user, you must have the
Facebook Android app. This gives you the ability to do everything that you can with the full
version of Facebook on the desktop browser version and more!

5. Gmail - We are more a lover of Gmail than we are a lover of the app, but the app is just as
good. This app is simply an extension of the program. Gmail Android App gives you the ability
to seamlessly send, receive, compose, and organize your inbox with a simple tap of the button.

The android is an amazing device. The system is designed by power users, so you know that it
can handle anything that comes its way. The Android SDK is a very attractive feature of owning
an android for the developer in you. This enables you to develop an app, or even edit some of
the existing functionality of the operating system to meet your own preferences.

If you would like more information or you want to see more of Androids top apps, check out our
website. There are literally hundreds of thousands of apps for the taking. Having an android is
not only having a phone, it is being part of a community. There is an entire family of people out
there that will not just help you anytime you need an app for a specific purpose, but will also
help you with anything that you need.

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