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					PRESS RELEASE 19th October 2011

International Conference-Cyprus: Your Corporate, Tax and Banking Partner

WARSAW, POLAND-30th September 2011, the Cypriot law firm Kinanis LLC along with
Eurobank EFG (Cyprus) Ltd organised an international seminar which covered aspects of
corporate, tax and banking sector in Cyprus which was held at the Warsaw Marriott Hotel. The
aim of the seminar was to offer the participants an insight of the operation of and advantages of
the setting up and management of private and public companies, the tax advantages available
to such, examples of international tax planning structures and the favourable banking system of

The seminar was opened and addressed by the Managing Director of Kinanis LLC, Mr. Christos P.
Kinanis (Advocate, LL. Cantab.). Ms. Eliana Pieridou of Eurobank EFG (Cyprus) Ltd followed with
a presentation on the Cyprus banking system and operation of the system in general and mostly
on the services offered by Eurobank in Cyprus. Following this, a presentation was given by Mr.
Charalambos Meivatzis, ACA/Tax Advisor, on why and how Cyprus is considered to be one of the
most prominent holding and tax planning jurisdictions, the tax advantages available to not only
businessmen and investors but also to other professionals such as lawyers and tax advisors who
may assist and advise their clients seeking the best possible effective tax structures for their

Ms. Andri Michael, Manager Lawyer in the Corporate Division of the firm then gave a
presentation on Collective Investment Schemes in Cyprus or as more commonly known, funds,
the tax treatment of such funds in Cyprus and the key competitive advantage of such funds in
Cyprus compared to other jurisdictions. From a Polish tax point of view, the seminar was then
addressed by Mr. Pawel Trojanek, Lawyer and Tax Advisor who spoke about the tax advantages
offered by the encouraging Cypriot tax regime from a Polish perspective. The seminar was
closed by a presentation on the Cyprus public company given by Mr. Kinanis which focused on
the way such a company may be registered and put to use, basically, as the ultimate vehicle for
IPO’s and listings in stock exchanges.

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