EEO PUBLIC FILE REPORT

                    For the reporting period of April 1, 2011 through March 31, 2012

     This report covers the following station employment unit (SEU):

                                            Call Sign        Community of License      FCC Facility
Licensee / Permittee Name                   and Type                (City, State)       ID Number            LMA
Salem Media of Illinois, LLC                KKHT–FM          Winnie, TX                   57801              N/A
South Texas Broadcasting, Inc.              KNTH(AM)         Houston, TX                  61174              N/A
South Texas Broadcasting, Inc.              KTEK(AM)         Alvin, TX                    10827              N/A

     I.        VACANCY LIST
               The following is a list of all vacancies for full-time jobs filled during the
               reporting period and the recruitment source (“RS”) that referred the person
               hired for each vacancy:

     Job                                             Recruitment Source that         Date       RS’s Contacted
     No.             Job Vacancy Title                 Referred Hired Person        Filled      to Fill Vacancy
      1       Sales – KNTH                           Linked-In                     04/18/11     1-17,19-22
      2       Sales Assistant/Promotions             Employee Referral             08/29/11     1-17,19-22
      3       Sales – KNTH                           TAB.Org                       09/14/11     1-17,19-22
      4       Sales – KNTH                           Employee Referral             12/27/11     1-17,19-22
      5       Traffic Director                       Internal Promotion            02/17/12     1-17,19-22
      6       Sales – KNTH                           Employee Referral             03/26/12     1-17,19-22

               During the reporting period, the following recruitment sources (“RS”) were
               contacted as vacancies for full-time SEU jobs opened. There were a total
               of 31 people interviewed for full-time positions.

                                                                                               Number of
RS                                                     Address, Telephone and Contact          Referred by
No.         Recruitment Source               (*)       Person of RS                            RS
* Denotes those organizations that requested notification of vacancy information
                                                       3110 Mustang Rd.
           Alvin Community                             281-756-3500
 1                                                                                                      0
           College                                     Alvin, TX 77511
                                                       6001 Gulf Freeway
           Association for                             713-926-4756
 2         Advancement of                              Houston, TX 77023                                0
           Mexican Americans                           Contact: Lisa Schott
                                                       8405 Greensboro Dr., Ste 800
           American Women in
 3                                                     McLean, VA 22102                                 0
           Radio & Television, Inc.
                                                       3337 Duke St.
           Association for Women                       703-370-7436
 4                                                                                                      0
           in Communications                           Alexandria, VA 22314
 5         Chinese Community                           5855 Sovereign Dr. Ste 92                        0

     Revised March 2011                                                               EEO Public File Report – Page 1
        Center                         713-271-6100
                                       Houston, TX 77036
                                       Contact: Josephine Eng

6       Christian Jobs                 4880 Santa Rosa Road,                          0
                                       Camarillo, CA 93012
                                       1301 Texas Ave.
        Houston Area Urban
7                                      Houston, TX 77002                              0
                                       Contact: Eric Goodie
                                       7502 Fondren Rd
        Houston Baptist
8                                      Houston, TX 77074-3298                         0
                                       Contact: Ann Reynolds
                                       5601 West Loop South #114
        Houston Community              713-718-7718
9                                                                                     0
        College                        Houston, TX 77081
                                       Contact: Shameka Reed
                                       1625 K. Street NW #1275
        Internal Women’s Media         202-496-1992
10                                                                                    0
        Foundation                     Washington, DC 20006
                                       Contact: Lisa Gross
11      Linked-In                                           2
                                       1771 N. Street NW
        National Association of        202-429-5497
12                                                                                    0
        Broadcasters (NAB)             Washington, DC 20036
                                       Contact: R. Sultana
                                       48800 Santa Rosa Rd.
13      Salem Communications                                                          3
                                       Camarillo, CA 93012
                                       502 E. 11 St
        Texas Association of           512-322-9944
14                                                                                    2
        Broadcasters (TAB)             Austin, TX 78701
                                       Contact: Craig Bean
                                       3100 Cleburn St.
        Texas Southern
15                                     713-313-6861                                   0
                                       Houston, TX 77004
                                       8373 Westheimer
        Texas Workforce                713-953-9211 ext 2950
16                                                                                    1
        Commission                     Houston, TX 77063
                                       Contact: Nicholas Albano
                                       613 Agnes Arnold Hall
17      University of Houston                                                         0
                                       Houston, TX 77204-3000
                                       Contact: Cornelius Johnson

                                                                               Number of
No.     Description of Other Sources                                          Interviewees
18      In House Interview                                                          5
19      KKHT Website –

    Revised March 2011                                              EEO Public File Report – Page 2
20      KNTH Website –
21      Radio Ad – KKHT (FM)                                                                5
22      Radio Ad – KNTH (AM)
23      Employee Referral                                                                   6
24      Unsolicited Resume                                                                  7
                                                 Total Number of Interviewees              31

           The following outreach initiatives were completed by the SEU during the
           reporting period:

           A.         Management Training:

                      The Salem Director of Human Resources provided monthly HR Network
                      Training information via teleconference and PowerPoint presentations,
                      which include review of EEO policies and compliance. The SEU’s
                      Business Manager/HR Manager participates in these training sessions
                      each month and routinely communicates with the SEU’s General
                      Manager and other management team members to keep all employees
                      apprised of the company and SEU’s policy on equal employment.

           B.         Employee Training Advancement:

                      Advancement Training: Salem Communications has implemented a
                      program to train part and full time employees in the skill sets necessary
                      for career advancement at Salem Communications. The objectives of the
                      program are to enhance the skills of individuals interested in pursuing
                      radio broadcast careers, to improve job performance and to prepare
                      personnel for management roles within the employment unit and
                      throughout Salem Communications. The program is designed to promote
                      diversity, and to increase minority and female representation in key
                      decision-making positions. The program is open to qualified applicants in
                      a manner consistent with the FCC’s equal opportunity rules. Currently the
                      Production Assistant, Sales/Promotions Assistant and the Weekend
                      Production Director are participating in this program.

           C.         Internship Program:

                      The objective of this program is to provide students the opportunity to
                      work with a major market media group. Through this experience the
                      student is able to learn more about careers in the broadcast industry. The
                      General Manager and Operations Manager work with students in
                      establishing their schedule and internship work responsibilities. One
                      student from the University of St. Thomas interned beginning in
                      December of 2010.

           D.         Job Fairs:

 Revised March 2011                                                       EEO Public File Report – Page 3
                     1. The SEU’s Sales / Promotions Assistant participated in the Career
                        Expo Spring 2011 at Houston Baptist University. The Sales /
                        Promotions Assistant informed the attendees of job opportunities
                        available at the SEU. Employment applications and resumes were

                     2. The SEU’s Sales / Promotions Assistant participated in the
                        Employment Guide’s 2011 Job Fair at Minute Maid Park on May 18th,
                        2011. The Sales / Promotions Assistant informed the attendees of job
                        opportunities available at the SEU. Employment applications and
                        resumes were collected.

         F.          Other Activities for Radio Station Outreach:

                     The SEU’s General Sales Manager held a “brown bag” job fair at the
                     SEU’s Houston Office located at 6161 Savoy Dr, Suite 1200, Houston TX
                     77036. The General Sales Manager met with various candidates to
                     collect resumes and answer questions about a broadcasting career at the
                     Houston cluster.

         G.          Job Banks and Internet Programs:

                     The employment unit participated in job banks and internet programs
                     designed to provide general information about opportunities in
                     broadcasting and to encourage women and minorities to consider future
                     employment in broadcasting. In addition, all job openings have been
                     posted on websites to ensure broad internet recruitment. During this
                     reporting period the following job bank have been used:

                     Texas Association of Broadcasters
                     American Broadcasters School
                     American Woman in Radio and Television
                     Association for Women in Communications
                     National Association of Broadcasters (NAB)
                     Internal Women’s Media Foundation

Revised March 2011                                                     EEO Public File Report – Page 4

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