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									            Living History at Caesars Palace
If a trip to Las Vegas is planned, there is only one place to stay and that is Caesars Palace.
Located on the west strip it boasts nearly 4,000 rooms and a convention center with a whooping
300,000 square feet. It's six tower set up holds an incredible amount of amenities, making it its
own fantastic little city. Guests never have to leave the Palace if they do not want to and can
still have an incredible vacation.

Multiple five star restaurants are located within the hotel like Mesa Grill, Munchbar, Raos,
Restaurant Guy Savoy, and Serendipity 3. There is something for everyone and it all tastes
absolutely incredible. From Mexican to sushi, any taste can be met with style. With beautiful
views from almost all of the restaurants there is a show with every meal even if it wasn't planned
and performed professionally.

Entertainment is not at all hard to come by means. Acts like Elton John, Shiana Twain, Rod
Stewart, and Celine Dion are regulars performing incredible concert series and all new shows
that cannot be seem outside of Caesars. Comedies are on the schedule as well, Jeff Durham
and Russell Peters perform shows to packed houses.

Shows are not the way one to stay entertained. The hotel offers two different spas, golf
opportunities, shopping venues, and incredible clubs for nightlife. Once a year the world series
of poker takes place in the massive convention center and it draws an huge crowd. The Fall
of Atlantis show and the Festival Fountain show are both free opportunities for entertainment if
too much vacation money is dropped at one of the many casinos. The rooms are surprisingly
affordable as well. While some can go for thousands of dollars a night there are plenty that are
reasonable for a vacation that will not break the bank but makes you feel like a million dollars.

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