What Is Laser Liposuction and How It Can Benefit You

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What Is Laser Liposuction and How It Can Benefit You

Laser Liposuction – A Great Option to Contour Your Body

Imagine if you could melt away the excess body fat with a magic pill.
Unfortunately, it is not practical. But the latest advancement in the cosmetic
surgery field has made things easier. With laser liposuction – one of the recent
innovations in cosmetic procedures - people can get that stunning trimmed look
painlessly. To know what laser liposuction is and how it can benefit you, just read

Laser Liposuction – What Is It?

As mentioned above, laser assisted liposuction or laser liposuction is one of the
newest additions in liposuction surgery, which utilizes a unique combination of
laser beams that facilitate superior body
sculpting. The procedure is simple and
safe and so can be performed on an
outpatient basis.

During the treatment session, the plastic
surgeon gives local anesthesia to the
patient, which numbs the area to be
treated. One or more small incisions are
then made on the skin. To break up the fat
deposits underneath, the Smartlipo Triplex device is used. A specialized cannula
carrying a laser fiber is inserted through the incisions. It emits lasers of three
different wavelengths. This liquefies the fat that is drained out carefully. The laser
also tightens the skin as it promotes collagen production.

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What Areas of Your Body Can Be Treated?

Laser liposuction can effectively treat any area of your body that has stubborn fat
deposits that are resistant to conventional weight loss methods. Some of the
common areas that are treated include:

   • Face, jaw line and neck
   • Inner and outer thighs
   • Bra strap
   • Arms and knees
   • Back and hip
   • Love handles and saddle bags

Are You a Smartlipo Candidate?

Both men and women, who lead a healthy lifestyle, can achieve excellent results
with Smartlipo liposuction. Those who are obese or overweight, or are victims of
serious medical problems such as heart disease, blood disorder, diabetes, and
liver/kidney disorders often do not respond well to this liposuction treatment. It is
important that you have realistic expectations about the outcome. Likewise, you
need to actively change your eating habits and follow a good exercise regime to
speed up the recovery process. Above all, you should stop smoking and alcohol

Even if you are an ideal candidate, some sort of discomfort may be associated with
laser liposuction. Among this are bruising, swelling, and blistering. If a large
quantity of fat is removed in a single session, then the patient may experience

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irregular skin contour. Chances of skin pigmentation are also possible. So to get
fine aesthetic results, it is essential to approach an experienced and skilled plastic
surgeon. An expert surgeon will explain everything you need to know about laser
liposuction and how it can benefit you.

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Description: Laser liposuction utilizes a unique combination of lasers to remove unwanted fat from the body. The procedure also tightens the skin to give a more toned and athletic look.