Icons of Science Evolution video worksheet

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Icons of Science: Evolution

   1) What did Charles Darwin introduce in 1859?

   2) What was different about the finches?

   3) What eventually made the dark colored moths more fit to survive in birch forests?

   4) What is it called when natural selection favors a specific trait, such as color?

   5) What is it called when natural selection favors two distinct traits, such as strong, short
      beaks or long beaks?

   6) What is it called when natural selections favors individuals most like everybody else?

   7) A selfish gene is not contagious, but is spread throughout a population. How?

   8) Altruistic traits help spare a species, while possibly sacrificing an individual. Why is this a
      good thing for the species?

   9) Even though male peacock tails are so big and bright, making them more visible to
      predators, these are prominent in the peacock population. Why?

   10) Why do females prefer these big tails?

   11) What is a species where the males expend as much, or more, energy to raise the offspring?

   12) What do some biologists think might have eventually killed off the Irish Elk?

   13) Why are the mouse and the mango considered two different species?
14) What can cause different species?

       a.                                       -

       b.                                       -

15) What are examples of species that experiences convergent evolution (appear similar, but

16) Divergent evolution is when a species splits off and forms _________________________.

17) Subspecies are all members of the same species because they can ____________________.

18) What 7 words can sum up “evolution”?

19) How old is the Earth?

20) Electricity passed through Miller’s experiment, with its inorganic compounds, to make
    organic molecules. What did this simulate from early Earth?

21) Similarities in ___________ can be used to determine how closely related 2 organisms are.

22) Which is more closely related to dogs – wolves or coyotes?

23) A complex change can occur through _________________________________________,
    so that each small step leads up to the design.

24) With a complex design, there are more ways to make it _______ than to make it ________.

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