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					A Quick Rundown on Fashion Photography

These days a number of
people         are       into
photography, all various
types of it. With the
accessibility of equipment
as well as quick tutorials on
the Internet, some have
unfortunately deemed the
craft diminishing due to the
lack      of     experience,
credibility, and that artistic
factor. Case in point:
fashion        photography.
Many may be into the fad,
but to pull off such an
ingenuity-demanding field,
one has to consider many a

Among the basics to consider are the principle and concept of fashion photography. While people
will differ in their perceptions of the art, one thing stays true: it is a sub-type of photography that
aims to produce “stylish” and “glamorous” images. It has almost the same idea of the main
discipline, only it composes of models to advertise certain products, such as dresses, suits, shoes,
and others. The common misconception of fashion photography is that it is all about the models and
the body form; this is actually called glamour photography. In essence, these two genres of
photography are quite similar, but they have different focuses and goals.

Another issue that needs considering is the history of fashion photography. The first regarded
fashion model ever was Countess di Castiglione, Virginia Oldoini, a Tuscan noblewoman at Napoleon
III’s court. Author Adolphe Braun wrote a book published in 1856 that contained over 200 photos of
the countess, wearing royal wedding garbs. The photo shoot she went through was also thought of
as the first photography session. In the 20th century, the genre became popular among the French
and French magazines, such as La Mode Practique, La Gazette du Bon Ton Lucien Vogel, Jardin des
Modes, and others. Since then, the world started taking notice of these photographs and now a
trend in the 21st century.
                                                                   Today,              fashion
                                                                   photography has opened
                                                                   its doors to several artists
                                                                   who want to venture into
                                                                   the      field   and      to
                                                                   collaborate            with
                                                                   businesses that require
                                                                   their expertise. It has
                                                                   been one of the best
                                                                   ways        to    advertise
                                                                   clothing lines, and so far
                                                                   it has not failed. But to
                                                                   succeed in an effort, one
                                                                   must not only have to be
                                                                   knowledgeable of the
                                                                   ideas and background
                                                                   behind this form of art,
                                                                   he must also gain the
                                                                   experience and apply the
wisdom acquired. It takes a whole lot of patience, “eye” for creativity, skill, and ultimately
professionalism to thrive.

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