Cash For Unwanted Clothing Fortune International by jennyyingdi


									    Cash for Unwanted Clothing
                     EARN CASH
                      WITHOUT A CATCH!
        It is very simple, Recycle your clothes and we pay MONEY!!
        This scheme is designed to recycle your unwanted clothes,
whilst earning that extra cash without any effort in this difficult economy.
    It encourages doing your “BIT” for the environment by recycling
                           and reducing the landfills.
   We offer Bag Drop service to the public where you bring your bags
    of used clothing to our Bedford depot. Items must be clean, dry
     and in wearable condition. We take all sizes, types and brand.

  We will give you £4.50 for every 10kg bag (.45 p per kilo) and we take:
                       Adults & Children's Clothing
                          Paired Shoes & trainers
                           Handbags and belts
                       Bed Sheets, Curtains, Towels
   Paper back and Hard back books at .02 per Kilo.(Keep separately)
   If you have substantial quantity (over 200 kilos and or over 20 bags)
           we can also organise to pick up from your door step
                     with prior agreed date and time.
            We recycle almost each and every Clothing items.
    Recycle your clothes now with us and earn yourselves money too!

                       Fortune International Ltd.,
     5 Shuttleworth road, Elms farm Indl Estate, Bedford MK41 0EP.
           Phone :- +44 1234 347272 – email :-

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