Hamilton�s Mythology, Part one Chapter 4:

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					           Hamilton’s Mythology, Part one Chapter 4:
                        Early Heroes
                                         Guided Reading Questions
                                         *PLEASE REMEMBER:
   If you don’t print out this sheet and staple it to your answer sheet(s), then you will need to answer
 these questions in COMPLETE SENTENCES. If you do print out these Guided Reading Questions, then
you may simply write your answers (as long as you number them!) without using complete sentences – but
                   please still write your answers on a SEPARATE SHEET OF PAPER.

 Regardless, EVERYONE must use page numbers to support answers (i.e. When you answer a question,
         please indicate the page number where you found it in parenthesis after your answer).

Prometheus and Io Questions
1.   Who came to see Prometheus on the rock?
2.   Why does Io wander in a frenzy as a mad cow?
3.   Who was Argus?
4.   Why does Zeus order Hermes to kill Argus?
5.   How does Hermes get Argus to fall asleep so that he can kill him?
6.   What river must Io get to in order for Zeus to restore her?
7.   What is the name of Zeus and Io's son?
8.   What famous mythological hero is a descendent of Io?

Europa Questions
1. How did Zeus fall in love with Europa?
2. What did Zeus change himself into when he appeared before Europa for the first
3. Where did Zeus take Europa after they crossed the sea?

The Cyclops Polyphemus Questions
1.   Who landed his boat on the Cyclops's land?
2.   How did Odysseus gauge Polyphemus's eye out?
3.   Who was Polyphemus's father?
4.   Who did Polyphemus fall in love with?

Flower Myths
General Question
 Why is it natural for flowers to be connected with the gods?

Narcissus flower Question
 How did Zeus use the narcissus flower to help Hades lure Persephone?

Narcissus Questions
1. Why did Hera punish Echo?
2. How did she punish her?
3.   What happened to Echo after she was rejected by Narcissus?
4.   How did Nemesis punish Narcissus?
5.   How did death set Narcissus free?
6.   What happened to Narcissus's body after he died?

Hyacinth Questions
1. How did Hyacinth die?
2. What happened to Hyacinth after he died?
3. What is an alternative speculation regarding the wind?

Adonis Questions
1.   What is the name of Adonis's flower?
2.   What 2 goddesses did Adonis split his time with?
3.   What seasons did he spend with each?
4.   How did Adonis die?

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