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									The Calgary Bar Association and the
     University of Calgary Faculty of Law
         Present a lecture by…

 Alain Hepner, Q.C.
          “Advocacy - On being a voice
            for the disenfranchised”
   Mr. Hepner’s talk will focus on assisting the less fortunate who come
   into contact with the criminal justice system and desperately need help
   to navigate the judicial system. He will specifically refer to the First
   Nations culture in Southern Alberta.

   The Calgary Bar Association Chief Justice J.V.
        Milvain Visiting Chair in Advocacy

Alain Hepner, Q.C. is a renowned criminal defence lawyer. He has represented
clients on all Criminal Code matters as well as in regard to charges under other
statutes that could lead to penal sanctions (e.g., narcotics charges, income tax
charges, immigration matters). Mr. Hepner appears regularly before administra-
tive tribunals and all levels of court in Alberta. He has also advocated before the
Supreme Court of Canada.

      Thursday, January 5, 2012
      Murray Fraser Hall 2370
        University of Calgary
          12:15– 1:45 p.m.

           * lunch provided by
      The Calgary Bar Association

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