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                                                            The Border’s
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                                                            to successful

                                          Baby bonus grant
                                    3 stages of pregnancy
                                  work and breastfeeding
                                       taming your toddler
44 pages                                    family day care
of great
tips and

           Foot health             Resuming sex             Child car restraints
           Caring for tiny feet    When’s the right time?   A matter of life or death
                                                             FELLTIMBER OCCASIONAL CARE

                                                                              ARE YOU looking at returning to
                                                                                part-time work?
                                                                                  OR wanting to enrol in a course but
                                                                                    don’t have child care?
                                                                                     OR reluctant to shop with your
                                                                                       young child/ren?
                                                                                        OR expecting another child and
                                                                                        wanting to socialise your
                                                                                         child/ren with children
                                                                                         of similar ages?
                                                                                         OR just needing a break?
                                                                                          Felltimber Occasional Care is an early
                                                                                         learning environment that supports
                                                                                         families by providing flexible care
                                                                                        options. Children between the ages
                                                                                        of 3 months and 5 years can access
                                                                                       our programs.

                                                                                     Centre Hours: 8.30am – 5pm

                                                                                    Fees: $6.20 per hour
                                                                                  (all families are eligible for Child Care Benefit)

                                                                                FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO MAKE A
                                                                             BOOKING, DROP IN OR CALL THE CENTRE
                                                                            ON (02) 6059 6244.


    Available to all families with children from birth to school entry age. Our Maternal
    and Child Health nurses offer family support, information, health promotion, early
    identification and intervention for health concerns.

    • Breastfeeding         • Nutrition             • Other Local Support
                                                      Services and
    • Child Health and      • Family Planning         Resources
                            • Home and Car Safety   • Post Natal Depression
    • Parent Child
      Relationships         • Child Accident and    • New Parents’ Group
                              Injury Prevention
    • Immunisation

    Baranduda M&CH 4 Sage Crt, Baranduda • (02) 6020 8291
    Belgrade M&CH 12b Belgrade Ave, Wodonga • (02) 6056 2794
    Central M&CH 158 Lawrence St, Wodonga • (02) 6022 9720
    Felltimber M&CH 101 Melrose Dve, Wodonga • (02) 6043 4555
    Mungabareena Aboriginal Corp & M&CH
    44 Trudewind Rd, Wodonga • (02) 6024 7599
    Trudewind Road M&CH
    44 Trudewind Rd, Wodonga • (02) 6056 2907

2   THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER                                                                                                    2007
b by to t ddler                                                                                             2007
BEING a parent is the most rewarding                            navigate your way through the early years:
experience of your life and often the most                      ideas on breastfeeding and child restraints,
challenging and exciting.                                       what to consider when choosing child
From the first moment when you find out                         care and toys, and the benefits of mothers'
you are pregnant there are new things to                        group and playgroup. Plus a handy services
experience and anticipate each day.                             directory.
And there are many decisions to make.
Baby to Toddler has many tips to help you
                                                                One thing is certain, having a baby will
                                                                change your life forever.
                                                                                                                                Special features
                                                                                                                                8. Getting pregnant: Not as

Contents                                                                                                                           easy as you may think
                                                                                                                                13. Right on schedule: The
4 Early breakthrough                                             28 Mind solutions                                                  stages of development
♥ The sex of foetuses can be identified as                       ♥ Keepingimportant skills development
                                                                           your child entertained can also
                                                                                                                                16. Babies and pets:
     early as five weeks into pregnancy                            provide
                                                                                                                                    Getting along
7 The three stages of pregnancy                                  34 Putting tiny feet first
                                                                                                                                19. Nappies: What’s best?
♥    The process of gestation explained
                                                                 ♥ Proper foot health is a vital part of your
10 Birth trends                                                        child’s overall well-being                               24. Playgroups: Fun for your
                                                                 36 Toddler taming
♥ booming on the Border
     The business of having babies is                                                                                               kids and you
                                                                 ♥ Tips to encourage good behaviour                             25. Picky, picky: Toddlers
20 Ties that bind                                                38 Family day care                                                 can be fussy eaters but
♥ Bonds formed at parent’s groups can be                         ♥ Combining childcare services with                                there are ways to tempt
     the foundation for lifelong friendships                           the intimacy of a home environment
22 Juggling act                                                  42 Resuming your sex life
                                                                                                                                26. Lessons of note: Music
♥    Breastfeeding baby at work
                                                                 ♥ When is the right time?                                          education’s a winner
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2007                                                                                                                       THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER     3
                                                                                                 smear" — was safe for the mothers and
                                                                                                 babies. But it would be at least five years
                                                                                                 before it could go into widespread use.
                                                                                                   Andrew McLennan, a consultant in foetal
                                                                                                 medicine at Royal North Shore Hospital,
                                                                                                 said previous attempts to isolate foetal cells
                                                                                                 had failed, and Professor Kovacs's technol-
                                                                                                 ogy was still at a very early stage.
                                                                                                   If the new technique proved effective, Dr
                                                                                                 McLennan predicted it would initially be
                                                                                                 used with more traditional tests.
                                                                                                   A woman whose cervical mucus test
                                                                                                 showed she was at increased likelihood of
                                                                                                 having a baby with an abnormality could be
                                                                                                 referred for amniocentesis or CVS, he said,
                                                                                                 while women with more reassuring early
                                                                                                 results might opt not to have further tests.
                                                                                                   Australian statistics show that more
                                                                                                 than 90 per cent of women whose foetus is
                                                                                                 diagnosed with Down syndrome choose to
                                                                                                 terminate the pregnancy.
                                                                                                 Screening options

Early breakthrough
                                                                                                   5-7 weeks. New cervical mucus test
                                                                                                 might identify Down syndrome, cystic fibro-
                                                                                                 sis and other serious abormalities very early.
                                                                                                 This would not harm healthy pregnancies
                                                                                                 but would allow women to consider termi-
Baby's sex test offers new hope for mothers
                                                                                                 nation if a problem was identified.
AUSTRALIAN doctors have identified the             Professor Kovacs's initial study, reported      10-13 weeks. Nuchal translucency
sex of 22 foetuses as early as five weeks        in the Australian and New Zealand Journal       ultrasound can pinpoint an increased risk of
into pregnancy from cells taken from their       of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, was              Down syndrome and chromosomal abnor-
mother's cervix, in a "proof of concept"         carried out in women who were having            malities, but cannot definitively diagnose
experiment they say could lead to improved       abortions. The scientists compared the sex      them. Blood tests on the mother can further
tests for conditions such as Down syn-           of the foetus identified from foetal cells in   narrow down the risk.
drome and cystic fibrosis.                       the women's cervical mucus with the sex           11-12 weeks. Chorionic villus sampling
  Gab Kovacs, professor of obstetrics            chromosomes they found in the placenta          extracts cells from the placenta. Provides a
and gynaecology at Melbourne's Box Hill          after the termination. The results matched      definite diagnosis of Down syndrome and
Hospital, said women would welcome               in all cases.                                   other chromosomal abnormalities, but can
the opportunity to know their foetus was           The next phase would be to conduct a          trigger miscarriage in less than one in 100
healthy as early as possible during preg-        larger study in women who were continu-         procedures. Test results take a week.
nancy.                                           ing their pregnancies, Professor Kovacs           15-19 weeks. Amniocentesis tests amni-
  Where an abnormality was detected and          said. This would provide extra information      otic fluid drawn via fine needle through
the woman chose termination, this would          about the reliability of the method, which      the mother's abdomen. Provides a definite
involve fewer risks and medical complica-        uses polymerase chain reaction (CVS)            diagnosis of Down sydnrome and other
tions if it could be done earlier. At present,   technology to confirm the cells are not         chromosomal abnormalities, but can trigger
the earliest test that can determine             from the mother and the sex of the foetus.      miscarriage in less than one in 100 proce-
definitively if a foetus is affected by Down     "We have ethics committee approval to do        dures.
syndrome is chorionic villus sampling, in        that in an antenatal population," Professor       18-20 weeks. Ultrasound checks the
which placental cells are cultured around        Kovacs said. Detecting abnormalities would      baby's limbs, head and internal organs for
11 weeks of pregnancy. But the test is           be no more difficult technically than deter-    obvious abnormalities but cannot identify
invasive, and occasionally triggers miscar-      mining sex, he said.                            every potential problem, and cannot detect
riage of healthy foetuses. Amniocentesis,          The trial would also confirm the tech-        chromosomal abnormalities.
conducted later in pregnancy, has similar        nique — which Professor Kovacs described
                                                 as causing "less discomfort than a pap           _ Julie Robotham, Sydney Morning Herald
 4   THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER                                                                                                       2007

The three
Your pregnancy is generally about 40 weeks
in length, calculated from the first day of your
last menstrual period (LMP) and is referred
to in terms of three periods (trimesters) of
foetal development.
EACH trimester is about three months long and will feature
certain milestones, though these can occur at different times for
each pregnant woman. You will probably notice that your health
practitioner refers to your pregnancy mostly in terms of the number
of weeks since your last menstrual period.
 First trimester
  Week 1 to Week 12
  The first trimester is a period of major development for your foetus
and of profound physical and emotional changes for you.
  You may realise that you are pregnant straight away, however
many women will not realise they are pregnant until at least week
four or five. This is one of the reasons why women are encouraged        become darker, and the breasts feel larger, heavier and quite sore
to plan for pregnancy.                                                   to touch. Wearing a comfortable bra can help alleviate some of the
  What will happen to you?                                               discomfort.
  During the first trimester of your pregnancy, your body is undergo-      Research your options
ing dramatic changes. Physically you may experience some of the            Start researching the childbirth options that are available to you
following symptoms during the first trimester;                           during this trimester. Talk to your doctor and other mothers about
  Fatigue                                                                the type of birth you want. You may also want to do some reading to
  As your body begins working overtime developing the foetus, you        bring yourself up to speed with the options available to you.
most likely will be exhausted during the first trimester. You should       Antenatal care
take plenty of time out to rest during this period. If you feel like       Throughout your pregnancy you will have regular check ups, or
having a sleep during the day, try to do so. If you are in a relation-   “antenatal visits” with your doctor or specialist. These visits will
ship, make sure your partner helps around the house or if neces-         generally take place every month until 28 weeks, then fortnightly
sary, employ a cleaner or ignore some housework for a while.             to 36 weeks and then weekly for the last month. If you have any
  Nausea                                                                 complications, the regularity of visits will be increased. You should
  While we have all heard about morning sickness it is often not         take advantage of your visits by asking as many questions as pos-
until you are pregnant that you realise you can be nauseous at any       sible. If necessary, take the questions written on a sheet of paper to
time of the day during pregnancy.                                        ensure that you get the answers you need.
  If you experience only slight nausea, you may find that snacking                                                    Continued on next page >
regularly on biscuits and cheese may help to alleviate the symp-
toms. If you have severe nausea and vomiting however, consult your
doctor as you may be nutritionally at risk.
  Micturition (urinary frequency)
  You may begin to experience frequency of urination early in your
pregnancy (as early as one week after conception). With an increase
in progesterone levels and secretion of hCG, the blood supply to the
pelvic area increases, resulting in bladder irritation. As the uterus
grows, it exerts increasing pressure on the bladder, resulting in the
need to pass urine more often.
  Breast changes
  Breast changes can begin quite early in pregnancy with increas-
ing levels of oestrogen and progesterone. You may notice nipples
2007                                                                                          THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER              5
      Thinking about education?
      NSW Public Schools - leading the way

                                                                Second trimester
                                                                 Week 13 to Week 27
                                                                 The second trimester is often considered to be the best period of
                                                               pregnancy. You will probably find that many of the side effects of
                                                               the first trimester have begun to disappear and you should begin to
                                                               experience a general feeling of contentment and well-being. Also, you
                                                               do not yet have the full weight of a maturing baby placing stress on
    Contact your nearest public school                         your body.
    to find out more about the quality                           What will happen during the second trimester?
    education on offer in your local area.                       Your digestive system is slowing the rate at which it moves food
    Albury North Public School Mate Street T 6025 1730         through your body. This and the increasing size of your uterus
                                                               pushing on your stomach can cause heartburn and you may also
    Albury Public School David Street T 6021 3849
                                                               experience bloating and indigestion. The slower rate of your digestive
    Albury West Public School Mott Street T 6021 2288          system can also result in constipation. Try to eat smaller meals more
    Burrumbuttock Public School Howlong Road T 6029 3253       often, rather than three larger meals a day.
    Gerogery Public School East Gerogery Road T 6026 0514
                                                                 Pigmentation will continue to increase during this trimester. You
    Glenroy Public School Logan Road T 6025 4044               may notice the linea negra (a dark line down the centre of your
    Howlong Public School Hawkins Street T 6026 5206           abdomen) begins to appear.
    Hume Public School Parklands Crescent T 6025 1850            Size
                                                                 You will lose your waistline and will begin to look pregnant during
    Jindera Public School Dight Street T 6026 3280
                                                               this trimester.
    Lavington East Public School Douglas Road T 6025 1157        Nipples
    Lavington Public School Hague Street T 6025 1864             Your nipples will become darker in colour and may begin to secrete
    Mullengandra Public School Hume Highway T 6020 4227
                                                                 Baby movements
    Springdale Heights Public School Cardo Drive T 6025 6433
                                                                 You will begin to feel the baby move during this trimester.
    Table Top Public School Burma Road T 6026 2220               Breathing
    Thurgoona Public School Bottlebrush Street T 6043 1244       You will notice a change in your breathing to deeper breaths and
                                                               you may begin to experience shortness of breath.
    Walla Walla Public School Commercial Street T 6029 2253
                                                                 Weight gain
    Wewak Street School Wewak Street T 6040 6284                 You will gain the most weight during the second trimester, which
                                                               can result in back pain.
    For more information, ask                                    Antenatal care
                                                                 An ultrasound will probably be carried out at around 18 to 19
    your local public school for a
                                                               weeks, giving you a chance to see your baby for the first time. You
    free copy of our brochure.                                 will also be able to listen to your baby’s heartbeat and may be able to
                                                               see him or her move.
                                                                 Prepare for baby
                                                                 This is actually a good time to start shopping and preparing for
                                                               baby. If you are superstitious about buying things too soon, window
                                                               shop now (before your size makes shopping uncomfortable) and
                                                               return to make purchases at the end of this trimester.
6    THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER                                                                                            2007
                                                    is more difficult during this trimester. Try           ● When possible, elevate your legs
 Third trimester                                    sleeping on your side or using pillows to              ● Itchy skin. Your abdomen in particular
   Week 28 to Week 40
   In the third trimester you will probably be      prop yourself into a comfortable position.          can become itchy as the skin stretches and
feeling a combination of excitement as the            Leaking urine                                     tightens. Keep your skin well moisturised
birth approaches, mixed with an increas-              Increasing pressure on your bladder can           and try not to scratch.
ing desire to hurry things along. As you are        cause slight leakage of urine when you                 ● Stretch marks are inevitable for many
now carrying a large weight around, you will        cough or laugh, however this should not be a        women during pregnancy. They generally
experience a number of symptoms related             problem after the baby is born.                     appear as streaks on your breasts, abdomen
specifically to your increasing size. By now          Skin changes                                      and upper thighs and unfortunately there is
your uterus, which used to weigh about 50g,           Varicose veins can appear in later preg-          little that can be done about them. Do not
will be carrying your baby, the placenta and        nancy as the growing uterus exerts pressure         worry too much however, as they should
up to about a litre of amniotic fluid, so it is                                                         slowly fade. Cocoa butter is said to be helpful
little wonder that you will be feeling a bit                                                            for reducing stretch marks and can also ease
uncomfortable.                                                                                          itchiness.
   Physical changes                                                                                        Preparing for labour
   Shortness of breath                                                                                     During this trimester, you should begin
   Your diaphragm is increasingly pushed up                                                             preparing for labour. Prepare your labour kit
by your growing uterus, which decreases                                                                 and hospital bag. It is normal to be feeling
lung capacity. At the same time, progester-                                                             nervous about the birth (especially if it is
one is causing you to breathe more deeply                                                               your first).
ensuring that, although your lung capacity is                                                              If you are worried about anything, then be
decreased, you are actually taking in a higher                                                          sure to check with your doctor or specialist
volume of air. Improving your posture can                                                               to ease your concerns.
help you breath easier. If you are having any                                                              Preparing your home for the baby
difficulty sleeping, try propping yourself up                                                              Many women are superstitious about
on pillows or lay on your side.                     on the veins in the legs. Talk to your doctor       buying baby items too early in their
   During the last couple of weeks of               if you are concerned about them and take the        pregnancy, however, now is the time to
pregnancy, this shortness of breath will            following steps to try to improve circulation;      ensure that you have prepared your home for
subside when the baby drops down into your            ● Do not cross your legs when sitting             baby’s arrival. You will need to sort out your
pelvis in preparation for birth.                      ● If possible, maintain exercise to promote       baby’s nursery and purchase some essential
   Sleeping difficulties                            circulation (check with your specialist before      equipment to get you through the first weeks
   Because of your increasing size and short-       starting new exercise during pregnancy)             at home with your new baby.
ness of breath, you may find that sleeping            ● Try not to stand for long periods of time

                                      The head-start for your child
                                                  PRE-KINDER IS A SPECIALLY DESIGNED PROGRAM FOR CHILDREN WHO ARE 4 YEARS OLD
                                                  AND PLANNING TO BEGIN FORMAL SCHOOLING THE FOLLOWING YEAR.
                                                  Pre-Kinder provides a gentle transition into       Border Christian College is a co-educational
                                                  future schooling through its accredited            school offering continuous education from
                                                  education program which includes introductory      Pre-Kinder through to Year 12 consistent with the
                                                  reading, writing and maths activities.             New South Wales Board of Studies Curriculum.

                                                  Pre-Kinder has its own private classroom           Border Christian College staff are committed to
                                                  and play area featuring activities to stimulate    providing a quality educational program in which
                                                  young minds. Pre-Kinder gives your child the       our students can achieve their best academically,
                                                  opportunity to learn and be nurtured in a fun      physically, socially and spiritually.
                                                  and caring environment.
                                                                                 Border Christian College
                                                                        Elizabeth Mitchell Drive, Thurgoona NSW 2640
                                                                         Phone: (02) 6043 1577 Fax: (02) 6043 2247
                                                          Email: Website:

2007                                                                                                 THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER                 7
Starting a family
these days is not
quite as easy as
you think
THESE days we can make a conscious
choice about whether or not to have
children, and we can also choose when we
will have them.
   Today many factors including career,
travel, a desire for independence and the
urge to experience more of life prior to
settling down and starting a family, have
caused women to delay, or in some cases
completely avoid settling down and starting      Conception: A finely-tuned sequence of events occurs when trying to get one sperm to meet and fertilise one egg.
a family at a young age.
   More and more women (and men) are             night, but in reality conception may not                     If you are over 35, have an irregular
choosing to put off parenting until a later      happen as quickly as they would like.                     menstrual cycle, have been trying to
age. This decision may be due to the desire         There is a finely-tuned sequence of events             conceive for more than a year, or are
to accomplish individual goals, or simply        that occurs when trying to get one sperm to               concerned about your fertility for other
because we feel we are just too busy 'living'    meet and fertilise one egg.                               reasons, you should make an appointment
to fit a baby into our lives.                       Pre-pregnancy checklist                                to see your GP.
   We plan and control so many aspects              A guide to planning a safe and healthy                    Before a couple is considered to be
of our lives that when the time comes to         pregnancy:                                                infertile and referred to a fertility clinic, a
have a baby, we are in danger of approach-          ● Start taking a daily folate supplement               GP will need to conduct a thorough
ing conception, pregnancy and birth with            ● Check your rubella immunity                          investigation of the couples circumstances.
the same desire to regiment the process.            ● Visit your GP to review all medications              This may include questions about;
Unfortunately the world of conception, preg-        ● Quit smoking as soon as you can                         ● Age
nancy and babies, tends not to work that            ● Avoid alcohol                                           ● Health
way. Rather it will all take place as mother        ● Stop any recreational drug use                          ● Sex life
nature intended (which is sometimes not             ● Check diet and exercise                                 ● Medications you take
necessarily what you had intended).                 Do some research to determine whether                     ● Whether you smoke or drink alcohol
   Preparing for pregnancy                       you want to take out (or upgrade) health                     ● Any serious illnesses or surgery
   The decision to try for a baby is probably    insurance                                                    ● if you have conceived before or have
one of the most significant you will ever           Problems with fertility                                had other children with a previous partner
make — particularly if it is your first child.      Fertility varies between different people                 ● If you have any other problems such
   If you are reading about getting pregnant,    and at different times in our lives. While                as endometriosis or polycystic ovarian
the chances are that you have recognised         most couples manage to conceive without                   syndrome
the need to prepare yourself and your life-      experiencing any problems, some of us                        The path of testing to uncover why you
style for this important step in your life.      (approximately one in six couples) will have              have not yet fallen pregnant can often be
   Many women will not realise they are          some difficulty.                                          fraught with intense anguish and can place
pregnant until at least the second or third         Most couples assume that they are fertile              a great deal of burden on relationships. It
week of pregnancy, and some will not know        and that when they decide they want to                    is important for couples to communicate
until much later. Taking care during the         conceive, they will.                                      and support one another throughout this
first three months of pregnancy is crucial          But, conception is not always immediate                process.
for the safe development of your pregnancy       — in fact for couples not using contracep-                   The causes of conception difficulties
and to provide the best chance for your          tion, only approximately 25 per cent of                   can be quite complex. If you have been
developing baby.                                 women will conceive within the first month                diagnosed as having any infertility problem,
   Conceiving a baby                             of trying. About one in 10 couples will take              it is important that you ask as many
   Most would be parents tend to assume          more than a year to conceive and one in 20                questions as necessary to get an under-
that becoming pregnant will be a fairly          will take more than two years.                            standing of the condition and possible
simple task. After all, most of you have been       Infertility should be approached as a                  treatments.
practising the basic “moves” required for        couple and determining whether or not a                      And most importantly, talk to others who
some time.                                       couple is infertile is not always a straightfor-          are having similar problems or read about
   Having made the decision to try for chil-     ward exercise. Many couples who think they                couples who have successfully conceived
dren, the frustrating part for some couples      could be infertile may simply need some                   after battling fertility problems.
is that they expect to fall pregnant over-       assistance to successfully conceive.               
 8   THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER                                                                                                                       2007
       Health and well-being                                                 Central Pharmacy
                                                                         Full range of breast care and
                                                                         feeding products.
                                                                         • Lily Padz.
                                                                           Revolutionary new nursing
                                                                           Stays in place in the
                                                                           absence of a bra.
                                                                           Thin and transparent.
                                                                         • Breast Warmers.
                                                                           Thin mastitis pads
                                                                         • Lansinoh. Lanolin for nipples
   THE nutritional status of both parents before conception              • Vitamins. For use during
   can influence the health and wellbeing of your baby and its             pregnancy.
   chances of optimum health throughout life.                            Breast pumps available
     As a prospective mother, general health, diet and fitness
   can play a major part in influencing the health outcomes              for hire.
   of your unborn child. It's up to you to find the information,         1) Medela Lactina $25/week or
   educate yourself and take action!                                         $80/month.
     Your body is going to carry, protect and nourish your
   unborn child for nine months. During this time you need               2) Medela Symphony (the first
   to be able to supply your baby with all of its nutritional                electric Medela breast pump
   requirements, in addition to ensuring that you maintain your              with 2 - Phase Expression)
   own health and well being.                                                $35/week or $110/month.
     For the sake of both of you, you should start providing             3) Ameda $25/week or $80/month
   your body with all of the inputs it needs to maintain both you
   and your baby’s health now!                                               Also available for
     By starting now, you will develop good habits and ensure                purchase
   that your body is in the best condition when your baby is                 Medela hand held and
   conceived.                                                                electric breast pumps and
     During your pregnancy you will be undergoing an entirely                accessories.
   new range of physical and mental changes which you will               Rod Hardinge Baby
   cope with better if you are properly nourished. Getting your          photos Second Wednesday
   diet right now will also ensure that you are building up all of
                                                                         each month in store
   the nutrients and energy needed if you choose to breastfeed.
     If you have concerns about your diet and are tempted
                                                                         (First photo is FREE)
   to take supplements, talk to your health practitioner about
   whether this is necessary. It is preferable to focus on getting                                         Settler Bears
   most of your nutritional requirements from a balanced diet                                              Great gift idea.
   — rather than popping vitamins!
                                                                                              Novalac Infant Formula
      10 steps to a balanced diet                                                             Range available.
      Listed below are the National Health and Medical Research                               Important notice - Breast milk
   Council Recommendations from 1994 which offer sound
                                                                                              is best for babies. Before you
   guidelines for developing a balanced diet;
                                                                                              decide to use this product
      ● Enjoy a wide variety of nutritious foods
      ● Eat plenty of breads and cereals (preferably wholegrain),                             consult your doctor or health
   vegetables and legumes and fruits                                                          worker for advice.
      ● Eat a diet low in fat and, in particular, low in saturated fat
      ● Maintain a healthy body weight by balancing physical
   activity and food intake
      ● If you drink alcohol, limit your intake
      ● Eat only a moderate amount of sugars and foods
   containing added sugars
                                                                             OPEN               7          DAYS
      ● Choose low salt foods and use salt sparingly                          Monday to Friday until 7pm
      ● Encourage and support breastfeeding
      ● Eat foods containing calcium. This is particularly                   Central Pharmacy Wodonga
   important for girls and women                                             127 High Street Wodonga (Next to Medicare)
      ● Eat foods containing iron. This applies particularly to
   girls, women, athletes and vegetarians                                                     Ph: 02 6024 1710
2007                                                                                    THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER    9
       Border babies

    Examining the stats on
    the Border’s birthing

    THE business of having babies is boom-
    ing on the Border but there’s little
    evidence to suggest that Federal Trea-
    surer Peter Costello’s $4000 baby bonus
    has anything to do with the increase.
      Wodonga Hospital welcomed 1657
    babies into the world in the year to June
    30, 2007, an increase on 1618 in the
    previous financial year and up by 144
    babies on the 2005 financial year figure.      Three-month-old William Butko was one of 1657 babies born on the Border in the year to June, 2007.
      The upward trend ties in with Australian
    Bureau of Statistics figures which put the       “It is quite expensive but it’s about what         She also fits into the most common age
    number of births during the calendar year      I expected. There are so many things                demographic where 73 per cent of women
    2006 at its highest level since 1971.          you have to have for safety reasons such            who delivered in the year to the end of
      There was a total of 265,900 births, up      as the car restraints which have to meet            June were between 21 and 34 years old.
    0.3 per cent on 2005. This was only            safety requirements. And they grow so               Women over 35 made up 20 per cent of
    surpassed by the 276,400 births                quickly. William seems to be forever                births and the 20 and under age bracket
    registered in Australia in 1971.               going up a size.”                                   contributed 7 per cent of new babies.
      Wodonga Hospital’s 1657 births would           The additional doctor’s bills was one              Interestingly, maternal age figures
    have cost the Federal Government around        aspect she hadn’t thought about much.               available for the whole of Victoria for the
    $6.6m in its baby bonus scheme but               “William had a cold when he was three             2005 calendar year put the most common
    in anecdotal evidence, parents see the         weeks old and we’ve been three times                age for women to give birth at the 30-34
    $4000 windfall for what it is – a bonus.       since. I’ve been to the doctor more in the          age bracket, accounting for 37 per cent of
      Wodonga hospital’s director of business      last little while probably more than I have         births. The next most common bracket was
    services, Greg Pearl, said he didn’t see       in my life,” Jane said.                             25-29 years old which accounted for 25
    any significant tie-in with the rising birth     “It all adds up but I wouldn’t change a           per cent of births.
    rate and the introduction of the bonus.        thing”.                                              Of the total deliveries at Wodonga, 27
      “I think it’s been a natural progression,”     Jane, 28 and able to have a normal                were twins and 43 per cent of the babies
    Mr Pearl said. “It reflects the demo-          birth, is typical of most new mothers on            were born to mothers whose residential
    graphics of the region with a younger          the Border.                                         address was in NSW.
    population.”                                     Of Wodonga’s 1657 births during the                Mothers from Victoria made up 40 per
      Albury’s Jane and Michael Butko, both        past financial year, 75 per cent were               cent of the births and 54 babies were
    28, had their first child, William, in March   normal births and 25 per cent were either           born to mothers who had their residential
    and had already set up their nursery by        planned or unplanned caesareans.                    address as Queensland.
    the time they received the bonus.
      But was the baby bonus an incentive
    to have a child or did it just cover initial
      “It certainly was not a deciding factor
    for us,” Jane said. “We didn’t have too
    many people around us who had babies
    so to set up probably would have been
    about that ($4000) actually,” Jane said.
      She said the cost of having and
    raising children was high but not really a

10 THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER                                                                                                                  2007
   Family planning doesn’t come more naturally than
   the Billings Ovulation Method.
   IF you thought you knew a thing or two about your body, consid-
   er this statistic from the Billings Life headquarters in Melbourne.
      Only 18 per cent of women to attend Billings Life education
   had any knowledge of their fertility beforehand.
      And if you have been trying for a pregnancy for some time
   consider these statistics: the average time for couples to try for a
   pregnancy before Billings is 15 months and for them to fall
   pregnant after Billings is 4.7 months. Or this: pregnancy has
   been achieved in 68 per cent of cases classified subfertile and
   infertile, including some failed IVF cases, after they use the
   Billings method.
      Albury fertility educator, Carmel Hicks, has been teaching the
   Billings method to Border couples for about 13 years and says 90
   per cent of the couples she sees are trying to get pregnant after
   prolonged use of the pill.
      The Billings method, developed by the late Dr John Billings
   and recognised as an evidence-based method around the world,
   teaches a woman to interpret her natural signs of fertility through
   all her changing life stages from puberty to menopause and can
   be used by a couple to achieve or avoid a pregnancy.                   Billings method fertility educators Anne-Marie McAuley and Carmel Hicks.
      “Sometimes we get young engaged couples wanting to know
   about their fertility and some people are into healthy living and         She cites a case where a client of Dr Billings who was
   don’t want to put chemicals into their bodies,” Carmel said.           experienced in the Billings method and who knew what was
      “But mostly its people who have been on the pill and they don’t     normal for her body, was able to recognise an abnormality
   realise it’s had an effect on them.”                                   which led to an early, and ultimately, life-saving diagnosis of an
      She says when the Billings Ovulation Method is properly             aggressive form of cervical cancer.
   understood and applied according to the rules for avoiding a              So, ask yourself – how much do you really know about your
   pregnancy, it is among the most highly effective techniques.           fertility?

       At Moorefield Park Early Learning Centre we focus on:
       •    Staff whose abilities and skills are matched to the appropriate age group
       •    Academic programs based on the latest brain development research taken from global
            perspective that reflects individual strengths, needs and interests of the children
       •    An outdoor environment where children are encouraged to explore
       •    Parent and community involvement within the centre environment

       Moorefield Park Early Learning Centre:
       •    Provides High Quality Care for children 6 weeks–5 years                N L
                                                                                  for 2
       •    Operates 6:30am – 6:00pm Monday to Friday                                  008
       •    Offers a Preschool Program with Qualified Teacher
       •    Provides nutritious meals
       •    Has limited vacancies in some age groups for 2007

       Early Learning Centre
       8 Moorefield Park Drive, Wodonga
       Phone: 6056 67700

2007                                                                                          THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER 11
                                                          Almost there
                                                        YOU are approaching the end of your pregnancy and it is time
                                                        to get ready for that big moment when labour begins.
                                                          If this is your second or subsequent pregnancy then you
                                                        know what to expect, however, if this is your first time you are
                                                        heading into the unknown.
                                                          To make things easier on yourself use the checklist below to
                                                        prepare yourself and plan for your trip to hospital;
                                                          Getting To Hospital
                                                          Well before your due date, work out the easiest route to
                                                        the hospital. Find out where the parking is, whether you need
                                                        money for parking and which entrance you will need to use.
                                                        Also check which entrances you will use if you arrive in the
                                                        middle of the night. Arrange beforehand for someone to be
                                                        available to drive you to hospital once you go into labour.
                                                        Organise a back-up person — in case your original driver

   Complete                                             cannot get to you in time.
                                                           Contact Numbers
                                                           Keep this list of important phone numbers with you at all

   Family Care                                            Hospital/birth centre: __________________________

                                                          Doctor/midwife name: __________________________

                                                          TEL 1:__________________________________________
   • Expert Advice                                        TEL 2:__________________________________________

   • Quality Service.                                     Birth partner: __________________________________

                                                          TEL 1:__________________________________________
   • Lowest Price Guaranteed.                             TEL 2:__________________________________________

   • Locally Owned                                        Driver #1: _____________________________________

   • Locally Operated.                                    TEL 1:__________________________________________

                                                          TEL 2:__________________________________________
   ■ Experienced staff and pharmacists available
                                                          Backup driver: ________________________________
      to assist you in the care of your new born
      and toddlers, as well as the whole family.          TEL 1:__________________________________________

                                                          TEL 2:__________________________________________
   ■ Car parking at rear of pharmacy
      for easy access.                                    Babysitter #1: _________________________________

                                                          TEL 1:__________________________________________
      Complete range of baby
      care items are             CHEMIST                  TEL 2:__________________________________________

      available, from formula
      and feeding aids to
                                           OPEN           Backup babysitter: ____________________________

                                                          TEL 1:__________________________________________
      nappies, with lowest
      price guarantees. When
      your family requires               DAYS             TEL 2:__________________________________________

                                                          ● Keep some old towels handy (even leave some in the car
      health care Terry White                           you will be driven to hospital in) in case your waters break on
      chemists Albury have                   PEN
                                    NOW ONTIL 8PM       the way
                                       AYS U              ● Pack your bags for hospital
      all your requirement        WEEKD        IL 7PM
                                        DS UNT
                                        N                 ● Have a notebook handy to keep a record of the timing of
      covered.                     WEEKE 6021 2714
                                     PH: 02             contractions
                                                          ● If you want to take a camera or video camera with you,
                                                        get film and test that camera is working (check batteries) and
                                                        keep it with your delivery bag — it is easily forgotten!
               543 Dean Street, Albury          

12 THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER                                                                                     2007
Right on
From the moment a child is
born, it develops cognitive
skills, essential to success
in later life.
SCIENTISTS have discovered that a child's
brain can acquire a tremendous amount of
information about language in their first
year of life, even before they learn to talk.
By the time a baby learns to talk, they know         ● Talking about what you are doing while        ● Begin to play with other children
the sounds of their language and the sounds        they are with you                                 ● Speak in short sentences
combined to create words.                                                                            ● Match primary colours and name one
                                                     Most children by their second birthday
  A child's development early in life is           should be able to:                               colour
strongly tied to their success later in life.        ● Identify body parts                           ● Tell a short story or repeat a short
  There are guidelines available that help           ● Understand simple questions and com-         nursery rhyme
parents know if their child is on the right        mands                                             ● Learn to share and wait their turn
track, but it is important to realise that every     ● Name pictures                                 ● Obey prepositional phrases
child will develop at their own pace. Let's          ● Refer to themselves by name                   ● Know their last name, the name of the
take a look at some of the guidelines from           ● Build a tower using eight blocks             street they live on and their sex
age one to age three.                                ● Carry on a conversation with their dolls      ● Wash and dry their hands and face and
  Most children by their first birthday            or themselves                                    show improved motor skills
should be able to:                                   ● Ask "What's this?" "What's that?" and         ● Express fatigue verbally
  ● Crawl, maybe even walk                         "Where's mine?"                                   ● Stay with one activity for eight to nine
  ● Wave goodbye and play patty cake                 ● Use two-word negative phrases                minutes
  ● Sit up on their own and pull themselves          ● Ask for a drink, food or to go to the         ● Have a vocabulary of almost 1000 words
into a standing position                           toilet                                            As a parent, you can stimulate your three-
  ● Recognise their name                             ● Stay with one activity for six to seven      year-old's speech and language skills by:
  ● Understand the word "no"                       minutes                                           ● Letting your child play with other
  ● Show interest in other children                  ● Use a sentence of two to three words         children
  ● Imitate familiar words                           ● Have a speaking vocabulary of 300 words       ● Reading them longer stories
  ● Discriminate between many sounds                 As a parent, you can stimulate your two-        ● Talking to them about how things are
  ● Give a toy on request                          year-old's speech and language skills by:        different and alike
  ● Show affection                                   ● Repeating new words                           ● Using words they have trouble with
  ● Identify and react to others' emotions           ● Reading books with colorful pictures         when you talk
  ● Feed themselves small pieces of food             ● Playing music                                 ● Teaching them the relationship between
  ● Put a cube in a cup when told                    ● Talking about what you are doing             words, ideas and objects
  As a parent, you can stimulate your one-           ● Helping them listen to and follow
                                                                                                     ● Encouraging them to tell stories using
year old's speech and language skills by:          instructions when playing games with them
                                                                                                    pictures and books
  ● Reading colorful books                           ● Listening to them (don't ever tell them
                                                                                                     ● Paying attention to them when they talk
  ● Reciting nursery rhymes                        you don't understand them)
  ● Playing games like peek-a-boo                    ● Praising them for telling you what they       Children develop at their own pace, so
  ● Talking to them using short words              are doing                                        these guidelines are just that, guidelines.
  ● Imitating their movements and vocaliza-          ● Asking them questions and carrying on         However, if you have a reason to believe
tions                                              a conversation                                   that your child is not developing as they
  ● Encouraging and rewarding them for              Most children by their third birthday           should, you should contact your pediatrician
any efforts using new words                        should be able to:                               and let them know your concerns.

2007                                                                                              THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER 13
                                                  Jane Butko, of East Albury,
     Bath time                                    bathes her three-month-
                                                  old month-old son, William.

  How often do babies need to
  have a bath?
  YOUR new baby does not need a full
  bath every day, rather aim for every two
  to three days or every week, depend-
  ing on what suits you both. In between
  baths, you can “top and tail”, cleaning
  your baby's face, neck and bottom.
     If your baby particularly dislikes
  bathing, you could stretch time between
  baths even further.
     On the other hand, if your baby loves
  bathing, and finds the bath settling, you
  can bath him/her every day if you want.
     Be sure you have everything ready
  before the bath.
     When bathing your baby make sure            ● Two soft baby towels (a hooded             I can’t get comfortable bathing
  you prepare everything you need and         baby towel is ideal for wrapping baby        my baby. What should I do?
  keep things close at hand. You should       after a bath)                                   Contact a support organization such
  never leave your baby unattended in the        ● Nappies and pilchers                    as Karitane, Tresillian, your local child
  bath, even if you are using a baby bath        ● Clothes                                 health nurse or your health practitioner
  support.                                       ● Cottonwool and vaseline                 to find out how you can spend some
     One easy way to make bath time              ● Soap-free baby bath                     time with a midwife or nurse specialist
  easy is to keep all bathing items in a         ● Soft baby hair brush and comb           to help you gain your confidence.
  portable container — at bath time grab         Where should I bathe my baby?                There is help and support available
  a towel, add clothes and off to the bath       Whether you use a specialised baby        which can make a huge difference to
  you go.                                     bath, the laundry tub or a sink, the         your ability to cope with your new baby.
     What will you need at bathtime?          main thing is that the room is free of          Never be afraid to ask for help!
     Prepare everything you need before       draughts, and that the area is safe, clean      Go to the essential support page at
  you bring your baby to the bath area.       and free of hazards.               

                      Premier Early Learning Centre
                      UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT
        At Premier Early Learning
      Centre Lavington we focus on:
          Staff whose abilities and skills are
        matched to the appropriate age group.

       Academic programs based on the latest
   brain development research taken from a global
     perspective that reflects individual strengths,
          needs and interests of the children.

        An outdoor environment where children
             are encouraged to explore.
                                                                        (02) 6040 3771
       Parent and community involvement within
                                                                   413 Griffith Road, Lavington
                the centre environment.                     Offering care for children birth to 5 years.
                                                                                Open 7am - 6pm

14 THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER                                                                                               2007
                                                                                                    Good         Bright ideas for
                                                                                                               baby from Border

▲ Clockwise from top left                        able in assorted colours and costs $45. For a
                                                 beautiful wrap try the Fishlilly 100 per cent
PRETTY PRINTS                                    cotton baby wrap. Measures 1m x 1m, has
This Bebe print crossover jacket and leggings    a duck design and costs $45. The Fishlilly
is 100 per cent cotton and sells for $17.55 at   sleeping bag with duck design is available
Stork Maternity. Phone: (02) 6023 4800.          in size 0-3 months and costs $45. Available
                                                 from madaboutyou, a local company about
SUPER STRIPES                                    to take offer a complete online purchasing
                                                 option. Visit or
DRESS your baby warmly in this 100 per cent
                                                 phone (02) 6056 5911.
cotton long sleeve romper suit by Bebe for
$27.95. Available in sizes 0000 to 0 from
                                                 BEAUTIFUL BABY
Stork Maternity. Phone: (02) 6023 4800.
                                                 Aromababy’s extensive collection of
                                                 Australian-made skin care is rich in certified
                                                 organic, natural oils and gmo free pure
This pretty Flower Chain range of Bertini
                                                 vitamin e. The products contain no
manchester includes a cotton quilt and cot
                                                 petro-chemicals, added colour, artificial
top for $79.95 and a three-piece embroi-
                                                 fragrance, animal ingredients, propylene
dered sheet set for $59.95. Team it with
                                                 glycol, sulphates, alcohol … the list goes on.
velour bassinet blanket at $39.95, cushion at
                                                 The hair cleanse 250ml costs $16.95, change
$19.95, pink cotton plush throw for $49.95,
                                                 cream 250ml $17.95, bath gel 250ml $16.95
nappy stacker at $21.95 and pink Russ teddy
                                                 and baby wash $9.95. Available from Terry
for $32.95. Available from Baby Heaven
                                                 White chemists. Phone: (02) 6021 2714.
Lavington (02) 6025 6006 or Baby Heaven
Wodonga (02) 6024 6007.

Mix and match with Bertini’s lifestyle range.
This is the X4 Lite frame which costs $549
combined with a blackberry seat at $349.
Combine the seat with the multi-function
stand to turn it into a high chair or use a
bassinette on the X4 frame. Available from
Oke’s Toy Warehouse. Phone: (02) 6021 8822.

Pure New Zealand wool felt has been used
for the Hey Diddle Diddle Cat which is avail-

2007                                                                                              THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER 15
    Babies and pets
  For years, your child has been
  the one and only in the family.
  But now, there is a new baby on
  its way.
  YOU are worried about how the two are
  going to get along. Will there be jeal-
  ousy? Will there be aggressive behav-
  iour? These are legitimate concerns.
  What you need to know is the best way
  to introduce the new baby to the old
  baby, the family dog. Here are some tips.
     Preparing the dog for the arrival of
  the baby should be done months in
  advance. You should make sure the dog
  knows basic obedience commands, like
  sit, stay and down, and to come when
  called. If the dog does not know these
  commands, obedience school is in order.
  Make sure all the commands are associ-
  ated with good things — treats work
  well. Once the dog has mastered these
  commands, use them while doing things
  you will be doing when the baby comes.         Before returning home, greet the dog        for a walk with the baby, take the dog. If
  Wrap up a doll like a baby and rock it,     without the baby. Let the dog get used to      you can't handle them both, have some-
  feed it and walk around with it.            the sounds and smells associated with          one go with you.
    During these practices, periodically      the baby, and after the dog has calmed           There are no set guidelines as to when
  reward the dog. Babies make strange         down and the baby is quiet, make the           a dog will get used to a baby. Everything
  sounds, so help the dog get accustomed      introductions. Have someone be there           depends on the dog's history of aggres-
  to the noises by playing recordings.        to control the dog and someone else to         sive behaviour. It could take a couple
  Ideally, if you know of someone with        hold the baby. Put the dog on a leash          of days or it could take weeks. If, after
  a baby, have them bring the baby over       in the sit/stay position, if necessary.        several weeks, there has been no sign of
  so the dog can get used to having one       Gradually bring the dog and baby closer        aggressive behaviour, it is unlikely that
  around. This will naturally take more       together.                                      anything will happen.
  than one time.                                 Repeat this introduction several times,       All experts agree that you should
    While you are in the hospital, make       each time bringing the dog and baby            never leave a dog unattended with a
  sure the dog's routine is kept as           closer together until you feel comfortable     baby under any circumstances. The
  normal as possible. To avoid stress,        enough to let the dog get close enough         sudden movement of a baby could
  keep the dog's same feeding and             to sniff the baby.                             startle the dog, causing it to bite the
  walking schedule.                              Allow the dog the freedom of the            baby, or the dog could sit on the baby
    Prior to bringing the baby home, have     house as before while you are with             and suffocate it.
  someone bring home something that has       the baby. Use a screen door or gate to          Most dogs will adjust to a new baby
  the baby's smell on it, like a blanket or   prevent the dog from entering the baby's       without incident. Observe the dog's
  clothing, so the dog can become familiar    room without you.                              behaviour for any signs of aggression
  with the baby's odour. Let the dog smell       Be sure to devote the same amount of        and take precautions. That way, you can
  the item as much as it wants.               attention to the dog as before. If you go      avoid problems and accidents.

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                                                      Meet and talk with other mums and mums to be - with over 10,000
                                                      forum posts each day there’s bound to be an active topic of interest to you

                                                      “I recommend EB to everyone I know who is a mum, pregnant or
                                                      trying to be. I love our sense of community”    Possum11 – EB member since 2002

16 THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER                                                                                                      2007
       Food intolerence

   Jane Fricker and children Jemima, Olivia and Ryan. Picture HOBART MERCURY.

   AS the number of people at risk from food intolerance grows,
   one Australian mum has a solution to remove the problem.
      One in 20 Australian children suffers from food allergies
   and even more suffer from food intolerance.
      In the last 12 years, the number of children with food
   allergies has also increased.
      We all eat to live but imagine if your child could die, simply                              CLOTHING!
   by eating the wrong food.                                                        Children's clothing Newborn to Size 14.
      Tasmanian Jane Fricker’s daughter Olivia has spent her life                              Our Brands include:
   one bite away from tragedy.                                                       Pure Baby, Smirk, Oobi, Alex & Charlie,
      The five-year-old is allergic to a disturbing number of                       Osh Kosh, Big & Fiona by Fiona Scanlan,
   ingredients and additives found in everyday food.                                      Tommy Rocket & Two Belles,
      She is never without a medical device that is the only                             Guess, Utam London, Edenstar ,
   thing that can save her if she has a potentially-fatal allergic              Books to Wear & Snugglebum just to name a few!
      Intolerances can cause skin irritations, dietary problems,                                  GIFTWARE!
   bloating, headaches, mood swings and behavioural problems.                   Toys, rattles, squeakers, books, bath gifts, bibs,
      But giving your kids food that is allergy and additive free is
   not easy, as Jane discovered.
      Jane finally realised if Olivia was going to eat a wide range                            FOOTWEAR!
   of normal foods that were safe, she was going to have to                         Chookleaf, Surefit, Red Bootie, Bobux,
   make them.                                                                       Agatha De Ruiz, Blue Farm, Osh Kosh
      What began as a need has become a burgeoning business                          & also Boston & Clifton gumboots.
   called Hullabaloo Food, operated from her Hobart home.
      The wide variety of allergy and intolerance free products                               ACCESSORIES!
   cost a fraction more than their preservative and additive                    Baby wraps, hats, sunglasses, hair accessories,
   packed alternatives but they are the result of a lot of trial and                 tights, belts, braces, gloves, scarfs,
   error.                                                                             portable high chairs, umbrella’s,
      “Sometimes it works straight away, other times it’s three in                        bags, backpacks & more!
   the morning and I decide to cut my losses and start again in
   the morning,” Jane said.
      “I don’t want Olivia to have to go to school and not be able                               FOR MUM!
   to buy food at the school canteen.”                                                 We have a great range of unique
      The Hullabaloo range includes products like wheat-free play                             & comfy footwear,
   dough to help avoid peanuts, tree nuts, potatoes, peas and                     also our devine Mekko handbags & more!!
      Links:                                                                           Mon to Sat 10 - 5 & Sun 10- 4
      Hullabaloo Food: or call                                    49 Ford Street, Beechworth
   Jane on 0419 364 136.                                                                      Ph: 03 57281771
      Additive Education:                          Shop Online:
      Fed Up: Kathleen 0422 947 205 or
      Today Tonight:

2007                                                                                         THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER 17
                                                 Allen McCowan of
                                             Albury with new-born
                                                  daughter Aleira.

                                     My princess
18 THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER                                   2007
   AS a new parent, you are going to have all kinds of choices to
   make. One of the most important ones is what kind of nappy to
   use, cloth or disposable. There is no right or wrong answer to
   this age-old question, but there are pros and cons to using each.
   Let's take a look at some of those.
      The number one pro of cloth nappies is the price. They are
   cheaper than disposables, even when the cost of a laundry serv-
   ice is figured in. They are also easier on a baby's skin, less likely
   to cause an allergic reaction and trap less moisture, reducing
   the risk of nappy rash. There are cloth nappies available on the
   market with Velcro straps, so you no longer need nappy pins.
   Cloth nappies also make pretty good rags after their initial use.
      The number one con of cloth nappies is the extra work they
   require to clean them. You can either clean them yourself, which
   means you need a washer and a dryer, or you can send them out
   to a nappy service. Regardless of which you use, you will need
   a nappy bucket for storage of used nappies and you will need
   to rinse out the soiled ones in the toilet. Prepare yourself for a      which can increase the chance for nappy rash. Because a
   constant smell and mess. When washing cloth nappies, don't              child can't tell when they are wet, using disposable nappies
   use detergents or fabric softeners. Soak them in nappy sanitising       can increase the length of time it takes to toilet-train them.
   product then rinse well. Cloth nappies are more likely to leak even     Disposable nappies are not biodegradable and fill up landfills.
   with plastic pants. They don't travel well either since you have to     Because they can't be rinsed out, the waste is left in the nappy,
   take the used nappies along with you.                                   which could cause health risks.
      The number one advantage of disposable nappies is the                  If you are having trouble deciding which kind of nappy to use,
   convenience. You can throw them away when the time comes,               why not use both? During the day and when at home, use cloth
   and if you run out, you can go to just about any store and find         nappies. During the evening and when travelling, use disposable
   some. They are less likely to leak, which makes them an excellent       nappies.
   choice for babies with frequent diarrhoea. They are also easier to        When choosing what kind of nappy is best, you should
   travel with.                                                            consider your budget and lifestyle. Who would have dreamed
      Disposable nappies are not without their cons, however. They         that something so simple as the type of nappy to use could be
   are more expensive than cloth and they trap more moisture,              such a big decision?

2007                                                                                        THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER 19
Ties that
Bonds formed at
parent’s groups are
often the foundation
for lifelong friendships.

           A MOTHER’S group was a life-
           line to sanity for Inga Purton
           after she had baby Neeve nearly
five months ago and the friends she made        Melissa Quick with Ella and Inga Purton with Neeve. Below: Greater Murray Health Service's Elizabeth Burge.
then are still her closest buddies.
  It’s a familiar story to child and              “If one of us feels like we need to get out             Ms Burge said the parent’s groups had an
family health nurse Elizabeth Burge who         for a walk, we can ring each other up, it’s            increased importance these days with family
runs parent’s courses through the Greater       great.                                                 support often not close at hand and chang-
Murray Health Service in Albury, Lavington        “I could imagine it would be very isolat-            ing views on parenting.
and Thurgoona.                                  ing, very lonely if I hadn’t met these people             “More and more people don’t want to do
  “It’s a regular occurrence that mums          through mother’s group.”                               it (parent) the way their parents did and we
meet other mums with whom they become             Ms Burge said parent’s groups ran almost             know so much more about some things.
friends, often lifelong friends,” Ms Burge      continuously at Lavington and Smollett                    “More are breastfeeding or attempting to,
said. “There are so many stresses and they      Street, and on demand at Thurgoona, on a               whereas (their) parents are saying ‘just give
often have similar problems or concerns and     six week program.                                      up or go on the bottle. It’s easier… to fill
mothers with children of the same age can         Week one allowed everyone to meet                    their tummies up’.
be a great support to each other.”              each other and discuss their pregnan-                     “I think (parents are) more in tune with
  Tasmanian-born Inga hardly knew a soul        cies and labour, week two discussion                   their babies and we know a lot more about
when she moved to the Border with her           focussed on developing a routine including             health issues such as safe sleeping through
Albury-born husband-to-be Ben McGown 18         settling techniques and learning about                 SIDS.”
months ago.                                     sleep patterns and crying while week three
  She was surrounded by his family and          was devoted to feeding.
friends but formed few friends independ-          In week four, participants discussed the
ently.                                          expectations and changes in their life with
  “I worked a bit in hospitality before I had   a new child, talked about relationships with
Neeve,” Inga said.                              their partner and post natal depression.
  “I made friends but they were mostly            Sexuality and contraception was the topic
younger than me and we didn’t form a            of week five and week six was devoted to
strong bond. I did feel very lonely. It would   safety in the home and how to recognise
have been nice to make my own friends.”         signs and symptoms of childhood illnesses.
  “I was really looking forward to mother’s       “Then on the seventh week, we have a
group because I’d heard it was really good.”    father’s night and have a guest speaker,
  When Neeve was three weeks old, she           child psychologist Peter Reilly,” Ms Burge
attended her first session and hasn’t looked    said.
back.                                             “He talks about fathering and the changes
  “It’s been six or seven weeks since we        over the years. He gets the dads to talk
finished and the whole group still meets        about their feelings – what was it like to see
every week. We meet at each other’s houses      the person you love in pain during labour,
and there is no-one in the group who is         relationship with the baby and partner, how
intimidating or takes centre stage.             is it with a new baby?”
20 THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER                                                                                                                    2007
 Child Restraints

 Always use an approved child restraint

 Don’t carry your child in your arms. In a crash you won’t be able to
 hold your child. He or she will be thrown around the vehicle interior or
 thrown out of the vehicle.

 Infants (up to 9kg, about 6 months)                                          Advice on using a restraint safely
 Keep your child in a rearward-facing child restraint until he or she
 physically won’t fit.                                                        To ensure a child restraint gives your child the highest possible level
 Before moving to a forward-facing child seat, your child must be able to     of protection in a crash:
 sit and easily hold his or her head upright.
                                                                              • Install your child restraint in the centre position of your car’s back
 Young children (9kg - 18kg, 6 months to approx 5 years)                        seat, except in a case of a booster seat when there is a lap only
                                                                                seat belt.
 Continue putting your child in the seat until he or she is too big for it.
 This is usually when a child will not fit in the seat because of shoulder    • When tightening the seat belt push the child seat firmly into the car
 width.                                                                         seat with your body weight, so that the car seat cushions are
                                                                                compressed.This helps ensure a very tight fit, and minimise
                                                                                subsequent movement in a crash.
 You may be tempted to move your child onto a booster seat early if
 you have an infant that is ready for the child seat.                         • Adjust the harness firmly. A loose harness won’t perform well in a
 This is not recommended.                                                       crash.There should be no twists in the harness.

 Older children (up to 26kg, about 6 years)                                   Do you need help with installation of your child seat?

 A booster seat may be needed to improve seat belt fit or to enable
 your child to see out of the vehicle.                                        RTA Authorised Fitting Stations are
                                                                              trained in the checking and fitting of                    AUTHORISED
 A rigid booster seat (with a back), side wings and a sash guide to keep      child restraints to vehicles.                           FITTING STATION
 the seat belt in place is recommended.
                                                                              They provide a checking service for
 With the booster seat, use either as adult lap/sash seat belt or child       those who have installed their own                SEAT BELT AND
 harness in conjunction with the centre rear lap belt.                        child restraint and just want peace of                 CHILD
                                                                              mind, as well as fitting child restraints            RESTRAINT
                                                                              to all types of cars, wagons, dual cabs,            FITTING AND
                                                                              vans etc.                                          INSPECTIONS
 Never use a booster seat or cushion with a lap only seat belt.
                                                                              They even have tips for keeping the                CLICK CLACK
                                                                              seatbelt tight and in the same position            Front ‘n’ Back
                                                                              every time you use the restraint.

                                                                              Currently in NSW it is illegal to use a child restraint in a front
                                                                              passenger seat if there is an airbag for passenger.

 Baby Capsule                   Child Seat                  Booster Seat      Advice on buying a car

                                                                              • Make sure there is a centre rear anchorage point if you want to use
 Advice on getting a second hand child restraint.                               the seating position for a child.
 Second-hand child restraints are OK but unless you are getting the           • Ensure seat belts are long enough to thread through the restraint
 restraint from someone you know, it may be difficult to check it’s             when it’s most extended position.
 history. Points to take note of include:
                                                                              • Choose a car that will carry the number of restraints you need.
  • Do not use a restraint that has been in a collision                         Not all cars have big enough back seats to carry three restraints at
  • Do not use it if there are obvious signs of wear on the harness or if
    the plastic shell or buckle is cracked or broken.

  • Test out the buckle and adjusters to be certain they are in working        Children in Australian Standards
    order.                                                                     approved child restraints have
                                                                               survived crashes previously thought
  • Only use restraints that carry the Australian Standards mark and           to be unsurvivable. All child
    ensure you obtain and use the installation manual.                         restraints currently sold in Australia
                                                                               carry the Australian Standards
  • In NSW, an Authorised Fitting Station will also be able to check a         mark. If correctly installed and used
    restraint to confirm it is in working order.                               they should provide protection for
                                                                               your child well beyond what a seat
                                                                               belt will provide.
 It is recommended that you have your child restraint fitted
 or checked by an RTA Authorised Fitting Station.

       For more information on child retraints or to find your nearest Authorised Restraint Fitting Station,
                                       please phone the RTA on 13 22 13

2007                                                                                              THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER 21
                                                                                                  “I hired a Symphony breastpump from
                                                                                                 the Australian Breastfeeding Association
                                                                                                 — I had a huge supply of breastmilk in
                                                                                                 the freezer before I went back — and (ABA
                                                                                                 counsellor) Sharon counselled me on a lot
                                                                                                 about breastfeeding and returning to work.

                                                                                                  “Brendan would bring Dean down to the
                                                                                                 school once a day and I’d breastfeed in the
                                                                                                 car and other times I would lock myself in
                                                                                                 the classroom to express.”

                                                                                                  Natalie said she was surprised by the
                                                                                                 reaction from some people to her breast-
                                                                                                 feeding a baby who was eating solids and at
                                                                                                 times felt a bit uncomfortable expressing at
                                                                                                 work but said it was a small price to pay for
                                                                                                 being able to give Dean all the benefits of

                                                                                                   “I know workplaces are supposed to, by
                                                                                                 law, provide somewhere for you to breast-
                                                                                                 feed and its not supposed to be the toilet,
                                                                                                 but in truth, I enjoyed our little moments
                                                                                                 out in the car, it was like an escape. I would
                                                                                                 have liked somewhere to express though but
                                                                                                 I never did push for it. I suppose I should
                                                                           Natalie and Brendan
                                                                           Thompson with their    “I did find people were surprised that I was
                                                                           first child, Dean.
                                                                                                 bothering to breastfeed, it was like once he
                                                                                                 got teeth I was supposed to give him a steak
                                                                                                 or something. But I think the benefits are

Natalie's juggling act                                                                           totally worth it.”

                                                                                                  With one term successfully accomplished
                                                                                                 and the new status quo working so well,
Breastfeeding can be achieved even when you return to work                                       the Thompsons have decided Natalie will
RETURNING to work seven months after           as would he take expressed breast milk from       continue to work.
the birth of Dean was so far removed from      the bottle and not want to feed from me,           “I couldn’t have done it without such
the way Natalie Thompson had envisaged         would my milk supply drop off causing him         a supportive husband, I think having a
bringing up her son, that she was quite        to wean himself and how would I go about          supportive husband makes a big difference
daunted by the prospect.                       expressing at work?”                              to mothers breastfeeding because you know
  One aspect of parenting that Natalie knew     Now Natalie knows those fears were much          you’re in it together for your child.
she would be passionate about before the       bigger in her head than they were in reality.
                                                                                                  “Another unexpected benefit is the
birth of her first child was breastfeeding,     “It was so much easier than I had antici-
                                                                                                 fantastic relationship that Brendan and
and when Dean came along she cherished         pated and all those worries were unfounded.
                                                                                                 Dean have developed.
their moments together with him suckling,      It’s worked really well.”
knowing she was providing the best start                                                          "It’s so nice to see. Brendan loves taking
                                                The Thompson’s hand was forced when
she could for him.                             Natalie’s husband Brendan’s work on the           him to all the things that I had planned to
  But returning to work threatened all that.   Hume Freeway finished and the new project         like swimming and playgroup but I don’t
 “I was worried that I might not be doing      he was to move to was delayed.                    really feel like I’m missing out on much
the right thing by Dean,” Natalie said.                                                          because I still have a close relationship with
                                                “We’d planned about two months of down
 “I just had it in my head that I would be     time but when it looked like going beyond         Dean, particularly through breastfeeding.

staying home for him and now I wasn’t          that we had to re-think things,” Natalie said.     “The one thing I do miss is going to the
going to be there for him.                      Fate intervened when she was offered a           ABA meetings and catching up with all my
 "Then there were the physical things such     casual teaching position.                         friends.”

22 THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER                                                                                                         2007
       Breastfeeding and work
   FIRST steps towards breastfeeding and working
      ● Discuss your breastfeeding requirements with your                       – Cool for kids
   employer well in advance of your return (ideally before you
   even go on maternity leave.)                                    AlburyCity in conjunction with the
                                                                   Albury Community Health Centre pro-
      ● You will require a private room (not the toilet area)      vides free Immunisation Clinics in accor-
   with a comfortable chair, a refrigerator where you can store    dance with the Australian Standard
   expressed breastmilk, somewhere you can store an electric       Vaccination Schedule on a monthly basis.
                                                                   Both day and evening clinics are offered
   breast pump or manual breast pump, and time to express          to suit working parents.
   milk during lunch break and other breaks if necessary. Time     Council’s friendly professional immunisa-
   could be made up at the end of the day.                         tion team are available to answer any
                                                                   questions you may have in relation to
      ● If you have an equal employment opportunity (EEO)          your child’s immunisation needs.
   officer, human resources group or personnel group, or are a     AlburyCity keeps immunisation records
   member of a union, check their attitudes and knowledge of       of all children immunised through its
   breastfeeding policies.                                         service and provides a convenient
                                                                   reminder system to advise parents when
      ● You may be able to have your baby brought to you at        vaccinations are due for their child.
   work. Talk about this with your employer. Discuss also the      Immunisation sessions are held on the
   possibility of breastfeeding during breaks and lunchtime, and   1st Monday of the month (except for
   flexible work hours and breaks.                                 October which is the first Thursday) at:-
                                                                   • Glenecho Neighbourhood Centre, Burrows Road, Glenroy,
      ● Consider all options. Be creative, be persistent, be         9.30 am until 10.30 am
   positive.                                                       • Springdale Heights Neighbourhood Centre, Cardo Drive,
                                                                     Springdale Heights, 11 am until 12.00 noon.
      ● Consider the purchase of an electric breast pump to        • Thurgoona Community Complex, Cnr Kosciusko & Old Sydney Roads,
   make expressing sessions at work quicker.                         Thurgoona, 1.30 pm until 2.30 pm and
      ● Be aware that expressing may seem difficult at first but   • Westside Neighbourhood Centre, Mulga Place,West Albury,
                                                                     3 pm until 4 pm.
   most working mothers say they get very good at it quickly,
                                                                   On the 2nd Wednesday of the month Council holds 2 clinics at its
   and the benefits are worth the initial effort.                                   Administration Building, 553 Kiewa Street, Albury
      Other tips for returning to work                                              between the hours of 11 am until 12 noon and 7 pm until
                                                                                    8 pm.
      ● When looking at child-care options, consider their                          For further information please contact
   proximity to your workplace, rather than your home. You can                      Council’s Immunisation Officer on
   then lessen the time between breastfeeds and even return to                      (02) 6023 8111 or visit our website at
   your baby during your breaks.
      ● Refrigeration facilities nearby means the breastmilk you
   express during your time away can be saved for feeding to
   baby next time.
      ● Once breastfeeding is well established, make time to
   familiarise your baby, yourself and the caregiver with giving
   expressed breastmilk.
      ● A baby's needs can be well met in child-care, but only
   you, a mother, can produce the breastmilk for your baby.
   Many mothers find this enhances the bond between mother
   and baby.
      The ABA has a complete package of information about
   combining breastfeeding with employment.
      This includes a 28 page booklet, Breastfeeding Women
   and Work; A caregiver's guide to breastfed babies; all the
   assistance an employer needs in creating a breastfeeding-
   friendly workplace and to receive the breastfeeding workplace
   accreditation award.

                                                                     Showing you the future
                                                                            Regional Imaging Border is a local provider of high
                                                                                quality ultrasound, using the latest imaging
                                                                                  technology and highly qualified staff.
                                                                             Our practices are conveniently located at Albury
                                                                              Base Hospital and Albury Wodonga Private
                                                                             All ultrasound examinations require a valid referral
                                                                                          from your GP or specialist.
                                                                                 For bookings please call 02 6022 5225

2007                                                                                   THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER 23
   Social interaction
                                                had a newborn or very young
 Playgroups                                     child as well as an older sibling.
                                                  “It’s great for mothers with
 Playgroup is about making                      newborns because the older
                                                child can be kept busy and you
 friends and having fun – for
                                                know that it’s in a safe envi-
 parents and their children.                    ronment with lots of parental
 JENNIFER Waugh started at Tiggers              supervision. There’s usually
 playgroup to meet people, now she goes         someone who will say ‘I’ll hold
 to catch up with the friends she’s made.       your baby for a little while’ so
   In fact, she’s such a fan of playgroups      the mother can have a bit of a
 she is now the coordinator of the group        break, perhaps have a cup of cof-
 which meets once a week at Thurgoona           fee and relax.”
 Community Centre.                                Jennifer had her second child
   Playgroups operate right across Australia    Jeremy only 13 months after
 and aim to give children an opportu-           Alex was born so that brief inter-
 nity to have fun, make new friends and         lude when there were others
 develop new skills through informal play.      around to give her a break was
 It also provides parents and carers with       especially welcome.
                                                                                       Jennifer Waugh at play with sons Alex, 3 and Jeremy, 2.
 an opportunity to meet other parents and         Each week one of the members
 carers, make friends and share ideas and       plans an art or craft activity in a                to playgroups by all members of the
 experiences.                                   semi-structured way but Jennifer says the          community.
   “For me it was about meeting people to       extent of that depends on the demograph-             Playgroups run on various days
 start with,” Jennifer explained. “I had just   ics of the group.                                  at Glenecho Community Centre,
 moved to Albury and didn’t know anyone.          “At the moment we have a really big              South Albury Youth Club, Thurgoona
 So it was probably more for me than Alex       mix of ages so it’s difficult to find a craft      Community Centre, and North Albury
 who was only one at the time and prob-         activity that works for everyone, so we            Guide Hall. Across the border they run at
 ably didn’t know much about it.                tend to keep it pretty simple.”                    Baranduda Community Centre, Belgrade
   “That changed and it became good for           Tiggers is one of many playgroups                Avenue Centre, Birallee Neighbourhood
 his social skills and now it’s changed         that come under the Playgroups NSW                 House, Faith City Church, Felltimber
 again because he’s nearly three and most       banner which is a not-for-profit commu-            Community Centre, IMBY House,
 of the kids he knows and have become his       nity organisation operating with financial         Trudewind Road Neighbourhood House,
 friends.”                                      support from the Department of Family              Sacred Heart Church Hall and Wodonga
   Jennifer said it was the safe and child      and Community Services.                            Tafe.
 friendly environment that made it such a         It is their aim to keep annual member-             For information contact 1800 171 882.
 haven for parents, particularly if parents     ship fees to a minimum to allow access   

 YOUNG Dads, Mums and Pregnant Tums is a                                     “We have people
 playgroup run by young people for young people                           with children from
 out of the Retro Café in Dean Street, Albury.                            newborn through to
    The group started life as a young parents’ group and decided          about two-years-old,”
 to continue to meet each week. Sometimes it’s at the group’s             Tamara said.
 home base at the Retro Café and sometimes the members go on                 “We’ve got one dad
 excursions or meet in a member’s home.                                   and have had a couple
    Group leaders Tamara Coan and Sarah Haynes regularly organ-           of people come along
 ise guest speakers and in recent weeks have had a talk from a            who are pregnant and
 childhood behavioural expert and a dietician to discuss nutrition.       the idea is that they’ll
    Program coordinator at the Retro Café Bek Nash-Webster said           be back when they’ve Young Mums, Dads and Pregnant Tums members
 the Retro youth program was a support agency for the playgroup           had their babies.”       at the Retro Youth Cafe. Felicia Mitchell, with son
 but had little to do with running it.                                       Tamara said there     Samson Delaveris, Jacqueline Atkinson, with son
    “They organise everything themselves, it’s a very motivated           had been nothing avail- Jordan, Tamara Coan with son Michael Taylor and
                                                                                                   Sarah Haynes.
 group. They use the phone here to organise their speakers and            able for young parents
 we provide a bit of advice here and there, but they are pretty self      in Albury and the transport issues of taking a pram and child
 sufficient,” Bek said.                                                   on public transport, sometimes needing to change buses three
    The group has access to a room at the back of the youth café          times, to reach a similar service in Wodonga made it prohibitive.
 and in addition to guest speakers, coordinator Tamara said they             The group meets every Wednesday and is aimed primarily at
 had received some AlburyCity funding to purchase a toy box which         parents or parents-to-be under 25 years of age.
 they keep stocked with toys for the children to play with.                  For more information contact Tamara on 0401 253 664.

24 THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER                                                                                                                 2007
       Eating habits
                                                     get used to the regular
  Picky, picky                                       meal schedule.
                                                       ● Cook only one
  Toddlers can be fussy eaters                       meal. If your toddler
                                                     doesn't like what you
  but there are ways to tempt
                                                     have prepared and
  them.                                              refuses to eat, then
  DOES your one-year-old spit out a lot of           let them skip the
  the food you give him? Does your two-              meal and make them
  year-old reject some foods and binge on            wait to eat until the
  others? Does your three-year-old whine             next meal. Don't cook
  about the meals you make? If any of this           them something they
  sounds familiar to you, then you may have          will eat. Not only will
  a picky eater on your hands. Fortunately,          it take up time, but
  there are ways you can please picky eaters         eventually your child
  and get them to eat.                               will come to expect a
    Even the pickiest of toddlers tend to eat        separate meal and you
  a well-balanced diet over the course of a          may start a habit that
  week. They may not do it each and every            will last long into their
  day, but they manage it somehow over the           teen years.
  week. Generally, if your toddler is active           ● Make mealtime                                people need to have their meat cooked
  and growing normally, they are getting             pleasant. Do not argue with others or            just so or their vegetables cut a specific
  the nutrients they need and you have               get into a heated debate. The tension will       way to eat them. If this is the case with
  nothing to worry about. Still that leaves          make your toddler not want to eat. Keep          your toddler, oblige their habits to a
  you with the problem of their pickiness.           the conversation light and the mood              point. If they can't eat a sandwich unless
  How do you get a picky toddler to eat?             happy.                                           it is cut in half, then cut their sandwich
    Here are some suggestions:                         ● Reduce distractions at mealtime. Turn        in half. Don't go overboard, however, and
    ● Never dole out punishment for poor             off the TV, refuse all phone calls and insist    spend 30 minutes preparing their food.
  eating. Doing so will only reinforce your          your toddler stop playing and sit down           Set limits.
  toddler's behavior.                                with you at the table. This will allow your        ● Keep dessert to a minimum. Don't
    ● Limit snacks and drinks. The more              child to focus on eating.                        provide dessert every night and use it to
  snacks your toddler eats, the less room              ● Provide a wide variety of foods at           get your child to eat. You could cause
  they will have for a meal. Two or three            mealtime. With more of a selection of            them to develop poor eating habits
  snacks a day, plus some juice and milk,            foods to choose from, your toddler will be       like rushing through a meal or eating
  are enough.                                        more likely to eat.                              everything on their plate, even though
    ● Create a regular meal schedule. Don't            ● Offer new foods once or twice a week.        they are full, just to get dessert.
  try to eat when your toddler seems hun-            Although your toddler may refuse them              Hopefully by following these tips, you
  gry. Stick to your schedule, and if your           at first, eventually they will try them          will get your picky eater to eat. If you
  child isn't hungry, make them wait to eat          and could wind up liking them. This will         don't, speak to your child's doctor or a
  until the next meal. They will not starve          expand their palate.                             nutritionist. They're sure to have other
  in the meantime and eventually they will             ● Respect quirky eating habits. Many           ideas.

         Women cycling naturally
         Would your lifestyle be enhanced if you could:
         ■ Manage your fertility naturally?
         ■ Achieve pregnancy naturally?
         ■ Regulate fertility while breast feeding naturally?
         ■ Manage menopause naturally?

         The Billings Ovulation Method of Natural
         Fertility Regulation can assist you in all of these
         areas of life.
       To find out more, call 1800 335 860
       Visit our website
2007                                                                                                 THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER 25
                                                                                             improved on spatial-temporal reason-
                                                                                             ing tests after listening to Mozart, which
                                                                                             prompted the coining of the phrase “Mozart
                                                                                              The researchers behind the study,
                                                                                             Professor Francis Rauscher and Dr. Gordon
                                                                                             Shaw from the University of California
                                                                                             at Irvine told a psychological association
                                                                                             convention in the US of a follow-up study
                                                                                             in the late 1990s which inspired people on a
                                                                                             grand scale to reintroduce music –
                                                                                             especially classical music – into children’s
                                                                                             lives and education.
                                                                                              Dr. Rauscher and Dr. Shaw’s results
                                                                                             showed that the spatial reasoning perform-
                                                                                             ance of 19 preschool children who received
                                                                                             eight months of music lessons, far exceeded
                                                                                             the spatial reasoning performance of a
                                                                                             demographically comparable group of 15
                                                                                             preschool children who did not receive
   Debbi Forrest jamming                                                                     music lessons.
   with her children
   William, Lily and                                                                          They said they hoped their research would
   James, and Musikids
                                                                                             help convince school administrators of
   educator Kathryn
   Downie.                                                                                   how crucial music instruction was to all
                                                                                              There are more than 5000 licensed
                                                                                             educators using the Kindermusik
                                                                                             curricula in 66 countries, reaching one

Lessons of note                                                                              million families.
                                                                                              Two are based on the Border, with the
                                                                                             Murray Conservatorium running classes in
Children love music and the good news is, it's good for them.                                Albury and Musikids running classes on the
                                                                                             Border, Corowa and Wangaratta.
ROHAN and Debbi Forrest have research          “There have been lots of studies done
from around the world to support what they    about the developmental benefits of music       But if its not music then there are plenty
know to be true — that music is great for     for young children and I know the program      of other class options for youngsters.
children and their development.               has an effect on the whole family by encour-    Swimming lessons are offered in several
 Eldest son James started Kindermusik, a      aging every parent to use music at home.”      locations throughout the school term. Most
musical program for children from birth to     “It’s such an easy and fun way to get music   accept babies from about six months in a
seven, when he was two years old and his      right back into the home.”                     once-a-week water confidence and familiari-
siblings, Lily and William have followed in                                                  sation program, offering classes most days
                                               The Forrests have seen the impact on their
his footsteps from an even earlier age.                                                      except Sundays. For the first years, parent
                                              children and they like what they see.
 Kindermusik teacher from Musikids at                                                        involvement is required.
                                               “They really have a love for music and
Gateway Island, Kathryn Downie, said James                                                    A mobile service is offered by qualified
                                              singing and I believe that is directly from
was now learning to read and write basic                                                     teacher of infants and accredited swim
                                              their involvement in Kindermusik,” Debbi
musical compositions in the Young Child                                                      coach Marcus Phillips who conducts
curriculum for five to seven year olds.                                                      sessions in your pool or, for next winter,
 “The Kindermusk program focuses on            “The program is great, but it’s the whole     by arrangement at Wodonga Sports and
music and movement from a very early          package. Kathryn has so much energy and        Leisure Centre.
age and introduces them to instruments,       the kids really enjoy learning from her. She    Call GT Aquatics Swim Centre: (02) 6025
musical concepts and finally reading and      works out how to reach each child.”            9257, Mobile Learn 2 Swim: 0418 664
understanding written music. They can then     Among research to support the Forrest’s       050, Seal Swim School: (02) 6056 0642
go on to do more formal music tuition if      anecdotal evidence is a 1993 study which       or Wodonga Sports and Leisure Centre:
they want to,” Kathryn said.                  revealed that college students’ scores         (02) 6043 4526 for more information.
26 THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER                                                                                                     2007

   Ten minutes a day is all it takes
   to make a difference
   What is Story Time? The Story Time project
   supports families in their role of providing children
   with the best start for learning. It promotes ‘ten minutes
   a day’ spent sharing stories and building a love of literacy
   through reading, talking, singing and dancing, drawing, and
   playing together. Simple ways to nurture a love of language
   and books are shared to encourage each child on the path       Join in the fun at…
   to becoming an active learner.                                 WODONGA LIBRARY
                                                                  STORY TIMES
   Simple ways to encourage story time with your child...
   • Read road signs while in the car.                            Cuddles’ Story Time
   • Talk about the day’s events.                                 • Fridays, 10am
   • Sing songs during bath time.                                 • Stories, songs, rhymes
                                                                    and finger plays for children
   • Discuss items on your shopping list.                           6 – 24 months
   • Read a favourite story together.                             • Bookings essential
   • Dress up and dance to music.
   • Paint a picture and talk about it.                           Toddlers’ Story Time
   • Play a game and have fun.                                    • Tuesdays, 9.30am
   • Use a recipe to make a cake.                                 • Stories, songs, music and movement for children
                                                                    18 months – 3 years
   • Make up silly rhymes.
                                                                  • No bookings required
   • Visit the Wodonga Library.
   • Collect your Let’s Read package from your Maternal and       Preschool Story Time
     Child Health nurse at key stage visits. Packs include a      • Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 10.30am
     children’s book, DVD and Tips’ Sheets for carers.            • Stories, rhymes and songs for children 3 – 4 years
   • Join a playgroup.                                            • No bookings required

   THE CITY OF WODONGA • TEL (02) 6022 9300                       WODONGA LIBRARY • TEL (02) 6022 9117

   PRESCHOOLS FOR 2008                                            BUILDING BRIDGES...

   Enrolling your child in Wodonga Council                        The City of Wodonga, together with Charles
   Preschools for 2008                                            Sturt University Albury, presents a Regional
   The year before school can be a time of tremendous social      Early Childhood Conference – Building Bridges
   and emotional development for children as they reach out
   to broaden their knowledge of people and behaviour             FRIDAY, AUGUST 17 AND SATURDAY, AUGUST 18, 2007
   outside their family.                                          At the Wodonga Civic Centre and surrounds
                                                                  106 Hovell Street, Wodonga Victoria
   Wodonga Council provides high quality preschool programs
   that give children the opportunity to develop and practise     The City of Wodonga and Charles Sturt University recognise
   the many skills necessary for them to make a smooth            the diversity of those people involved in the lives of young
   transition to school and the wider community.                  children. In light of this, they have combined to present a
                                                                  conference for service providers and parents with children
   Part time and full time enrolments for the eight council       aged 0 – 8 years. Building Bridges is an analogy for what the
   managed preschools are now being accepted.                     conference aims to achieve. It is about building bridges
                                                                  between services, parents and schools. It is about building
   APPLICATIONS CAN BE MADE AT WODONGA COUNCIL                    bridges across the border and between regions.
   UPON REQUEST BY CONTACTING COUNCIL                             Who should attend?
   ON TEL (02) 6022 9300                                          People involved in the following activity and services
                                                                  • Primary school
                                                                  • Child care services
                                                                  • Preschool
                                                                  • Parenting
                                                                  • Support services
                                                                  • Playgroups

                                                                  FOR INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION DETAILS, PLEASE
                                                                  CONTACT THE CITY OF WODONGA • TEL (02) 6022 9300

2007                                                                                THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER 27
       Skills development
       Joseph Hill, 15 months, and
       Bella Fowler, 13 months play
       saucepan drums with Belinda
       Crothers at Yarrunga Early
       Learning Centre.

   Mind                                        solutions
    It's raining and you’ve run out of ideas to entertain your little one. Don’t worry, with a bit of
    imagination and some everyday items from your home you can keep them busy for hours.
    ANY parent will admit it can be tricky     movement, language skills (talking about    the child won’t tell anyone what you sound
    to keep their baby or toddler amused or    what’s going on) and social development     like and join in the fun.
    entertained at times.                      (spending quality time with you).             Finger painting
      Sometimes you just need a change of        Try some of them and when you’ve            Mix a small amount of cold water and
    scenery – go for a walk or take a picnic   finished, why not rug up against the        cornflour into a thick paste. When smooth
    into your backyard. Even placing your      weather and enjoy a splash in the rain!     add boiling water until you have a smooth-
    young baby where they can see the            Cubby                                     er, clear mixture. Once the mixture cools
    clothes flapping on the line can work        Place a blanket or sheet over a table     place 2-4 tablespoons into a Ziplock bag
    wonders. But rainy days can be particu-    or the ends of two stable chairs. Add       and close. Tape the bag on to a high chair
    larly tricky because we often spend more   cushions and soft toys for a comfy          or table. Show your child how to press onto
    time indoors.                              hide-a-way. Children love having their      the bag to make patterns. Add food colour
      Sandy Dwyer has been keeping babies      own special place.                          for variety. Children love to mix the colours
    and toddler amused for years through         Pots and Pans Band                        and mixing two colours is even better.
    her work as a carer at Yarrunga Early        Give your child some pots and pans          If you don’t mind a bit of mess, place
    Learning Centre. Her suggestions allow     or some large plastic bowls. Add a few      the paint directly on the table and let the
    children to develop many skills such       large wooden spoons, soup ladles, potato    children enjoy the sensory experience.
    as fine and gross motor development        mashers or some other utensils. Listen to   Don’t forget a smock or old clothes.
    (experimenting with their hands and        their music. Throw in your singing voice,     Explore-a-box

28 THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER                                                                                                2007
Rory Parnell, 2, enjoys explore-a-basket.              Yarrunga's secret ingredients for finger paint.    Peta Byrne mixes the special formula.

  Fill a low cardboard box or laundry                  a long rope to pull out of the hole in               Natural materials
basket with a variety of items for your                the box. It’s like the magician’s handker-           When it’s too wet to go outdoors, bring
child to explore. Suitable items might                 chief.                                             the outdoors in. Have a basket or tray with
be empty margarine containers, pieces                    Building blocks                                  some of the nature that you find on walks
of sheer materials, plastic strainers, old               Fill clean empty milk cartons with               or in the garden. This might include some
phone hand pieces, small tongs, plastic                scrunched up newspaper and securely                bright autumn leaves, pine cones or small
plates and cups or laminated photos.                   tape the top closed. Use different sized           logs that make great homes for plastic
  Posting box                                          containers and you have unique building            animals.
  Cut a hole into the top of a large shoe              blocks. For brightly coloured blocks wrap
box or similar box. Give your child lids               the cartons in Contact.                              — Sandy Dwyer has a diploma of social
from jars and plastic containers, to                     Dolls’ house                                     science-child care studies and works
post through. Alternatively collect some                 Use an old suitcase for a portable dolls         in the nursery room at Yarrunga Early
silk scarves and tie them together to form             house. Add some small dolls and furniture.         Learning Centre in East Albury.

                                                              Baby Care
                                                         Reflux & Colic
                                                            Skull Shape
                                                          Ear Infections
                                                         Sleep Problems
                                                                                                          A safe, caring environment where
                                            Catherine Doherty                                             children are nurtured in a family
                                                    B.App.Sc.(Clin) B.Ost Sc
                                                                                                          orientated community atmosphere.
                                                                                                          Come and experience a real
                                                                                                          difference in education!
                                                                                                          Visit our Web site for more

        Kirrian Steer
        B.App.Sc.(Clin) B.Ost Sc

        Pregnancy Care
        Neck & Shoulder pain
        Pelvic Instability
        Back Pain

                                                                                                  For information contact the school office.
                    A gentle and drug-free approach to health                                    Phone: (02) 6056 2288; Fax: (02) 6056 2321.
                                                                                                    20 Kinchington Road, Leneva 3691
                    674 Pemberton Street Albury       02 6023 1603                                

2007                                                                                                       THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER 29
        Children's toys

   Toy test                                                                            drive
    There are so many toys to choose from, so how do you avoid ending up with a dud?
    A VERSATILE plastic shell with 101 uses is
    one of the hottest items for the under threes at
    educational toys specialist shop Who What Why
    in Albury.
      The sturdy plastic Bilibo can be a mask, a
    hat, a seat, a tunnel or a portable sandpit as well
    as any number of other things that a toddler’s
    fertile imagination can conjur up and almost
    walks out the door of the Dean Street shop.
      While across the border, a rolling shape
    sorter that traverses the ages and bead mazes
    are big hits among customers of Youngsters
    Toys for Learning.
      “The toys that are really good are those that
    do more than one thing for more than one age
    group,” Who What Why owner Claire Jorgensen
    said.                                                 Annabelle, 3, plays plays peek-a-boo with the versatile and extremely popular new toy, the Bilibo.
      “Toys are useless if they don’t engage kids. If
    the toys don’t need the kids to play with them or     the shape-sorting component.                              ● Toy chests and boxes should be designed
    don’t let the children interact then they usually       “I can’t say enough about it, it’s such a good        not to close on top of children, or better still
    have a very limited value.”                           toy for a broad range of ages,” Tamara said.            with a removable lid. Anything big enough to
      Claire started Who What Why 12 years ago to           The Chapmans have recently launched their             crawl inside must have q ventilation hole.
    fill a niche market for educational toys and has      shop online and have started to sell toys around          ● Read and heed the age labelling on new
    learned a lot about toy buying along the way.         the country.                                            toys. "Not suitable for children aged under 3"
      Some of her biggest sellers are toys that             That includes their baby favourites, wooden           means that there are small parts which could be
    didn’t really appeal on first sight.                  painted mobiles that hang over the change table         swallowed; it is not an indication of skill level or
      “The Playgro activity rings are fantastic,” she     or cot and for slightly older babies the Lamaze         intelligence.
    said. “They’re brightly coloured, the kids can        wrist and foot finders. These have a brightly             ● Check toys regularly for loose parts which
    chew and suck them, use them to hang other            coloured insect with bells or rattles inside them       may be choking dangers.
    things off the drycleaning rail in the car, they      attached to either a bracelet-like band or a sock         ● Check that there are no gaps or holes
    make a noise and they’re only $8.                     which attracts baby’s attention.                        which could entrap a child's fingers.
      “At first I almost passed them over but now I         Colourful bead mazes are popular even before            ● Be wary of toys that make loud noises as
    wouldn’t be without them.”                            the child is old enough to understand how they          they can be harmful to hearing. Particularly toys
      Mum’s on the Phone by K’s Kids and a yellow         work, simply for their colour and interesting           which are held against the ear, such as walkie
    duck floating on blue water encased in a clear        shape.                                                  talkies and toy mobile phones.
    ball by 123 Grow are two more of Claire’s best          Ten things you should check before buying               ● Check for ventilation before buying tents,
    sellers for the baby to toddler group.                a toy:                                                  masks, helmets etc.
      Tamara and Travis Chapman, who opened                  ● Look for sharp edges or rough surfaces as            ● Ensure that ride-on toys are stable,
    Youngsters Toys for Learning 12 months ago,           they can cause cuts and splinters.                      appropriate to the age of the child and will not
    say the Tolo rolling shape sorter enthralled            ● Buy washable, non breakable toys for                overbalance. Toy bikes should have effective
    babies when it was used as a rattle, crawl-           babies.                                                 brakes which can be applied by the rider.
    ers who pushed it along the ground and                  ● Anything small enough to fit into a 35mm             From Australian Toy Association website
    toddlers 16-18-months-old were able to master         film canister can choke a child under three.  

30 THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER                                                                                                                             2007
                                                                                                   Sunflower Kids
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Baby to Toddler
                                                                                                   0420 926 255
                                                                                                   Boutique local online store,
                                                                                                   specialising in:
                                                                                                   *nappy cakes
                                                                                                   *baby and childrens clothing
                                                                                                   *squeak shoes
                                                                                                   Free postage orders $80.00+
                                                                                                   Free delivery Albury-Wodonga Hospitals

                                “5 STAR” QUALITY CHILDCARE
             Care now available 24/7 in
                  Wodonga, Towong
                       & Indigo.
           You select from our Registered
             Professional Careproviders.
             Supported & monitored for                                                                                                                                                                         Hospitals
                  Quality Assurance.                                                                                                                                                                           Albury Base Hospital: (02) 6058 4444
                 Approved for Child
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Albury-Wodonga Private Hospital: (02) 6041 1411
                    Care Benefits.
            Call us today on 6022 8200 to                                                                                                                                                                      Wodonga Hospital: (02) 6051 7111
           discuss your child’s care needs                                                                                                                                                                     Wodonga Hospital Obstetrics Unit: (02) 6051 7250
                   or request a free
                 “Information Kit” to                                                                                                                                                                          Murray Valley Private Hospital: (02) 6055 3100
               become a Careprovider.
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Baby hire
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Albury Family Day Care: (02) 6023 8726
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Wodonga City Council: (02) 6022 9300
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Baby equipment or capsule hire:
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Hire For Baby: (02) 6023 2277
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Oke’s Toy Warehouse (02) 6021 8822

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Parent and baby unit Mercy Health Service: (02) 6021 0233
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Post-natal depression support group
                                                                                   Fully Inflatable Walls DESIGNED FOR KIDS UNDER 12
                                                                                   Safety Barriers             Mini Castles 4m x 4m                                                                            Belgrade Ave Maternal and Child Health Centre: (02) 6056 2794
                                                                                   FREE Rain Cover          Medium Castles 5m x 5.5m
                                                                                   UV Sunshade          OVER 40 DESIGNS • OPEN 7 DAYS                                                                          Australian Breast-feeding Association
                                                                                   Safety Peg Covers                       Best Castles!
                                                                                                            Castle Hire Best Prices!                                                                           Albury: (02) 6027 0679
                                                  Russell and Anna-Lise White      Credit and Bartercard     from  $150 Guaranteed!
                                                  Your Local Franchise Owners

                                                     Perfect for Kids Backyard Parties, Birthdays,                                 Special Booking No. 70706                                                   Wodonga: (02) 6027 0679
                                                       Christmas Parties, Corporate Functions,
                                                     Sporting Events, Fetes, Festivals AND MORE!
                                                                                                                                  1300 CASTLE                                                                  Tresillian 24-hour helpline: 1800 637 357
                                                   Prices & themes subject to change see website for full terms and conditions.

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Maternal and child health line: 24-hour advisory service: 13 22 29
                                                  Sprout Milkshake Baby Plum Oilily Run Scotty Run Mini Mini Minors
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Parentline: 13 22 89
                                                                                                                                                               Eeni Meeni Miini Moh Papoose Minimoo Marquise
Pumpkin Patch Ticklish Bonds Osh Kosh Fred Bare

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Positive Parenting telephone service: 1800 880 660
                                                                                   Recycled & New Childrens Clothes
                                                                     Looking to pay less for quality children’s clothes?
                                                                      Bearly Worn is a children’s clothes shop where                                                                                           City of Albury immunisation clinic: (02) 6023 8111, (02) 6023 8260
                                                                      customers can buy & sell on consignment high
                                                                          quality label clothes sizes 000-0 to 10.                                                                                             City of Wodonga immunisation clinic: (02) 6055 9300
                                                              We only accept the very best recycled clothing & items.
                                                                                         Trading Hours.                                                                                                        Maternal and child health centres (Wodonga):
                                                                                       Monday – CLOSED
                                                                                   Tuesday-Friday – 10am-4pm                                                                                                   Felltimber Community Centre: (02) 6043 4555
                                                                                     Saturday – 10-am-1pm                                                                                                      Trudewind Rd: (02) 6056 2907
                                                                                       Sunday – CLOSED
                                                                                          02 6041 5518                                                                                                         Baranduda: (02) 6020 8291
                                                                                  505 Kiewa St (opp Post Office)                                                                                               Belgrade: (02) 6056 2794
                                                                                         Albury NSW 2640
                                                                                                                                                                          Mungabareena: (02) 6024 7599
                                              Matchbox Jack & Milly Baby Guess Peter Rabbit Absorba Marquise Esprit

   32 THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          2007
                                                                                                   Sunflower Kids
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Baby to Toddler
                                                                                                   0420 926 255
                                                                                                   Boutique local online store,
                                                                                                   specialising in:
                                                                                                   *nappy cakes
                                                                                                   *baby and childrens clothing
                                                                                                   *squeak shoes
                                                                                                   Free postage orders $80.00+
                                                                                                   Free delivery Albury-Wodonga Hospitals

                                “5 STAR” QUALITY CHILDCARE
             Care now available 24/7 in
                  Wodonga, Towong
                       & Indigo.
           You select from our Registered
             Professional Careproviders.
             Supported & monitored for                                                                                                                                                                         Hospitals
                  Quality Assurance.                                                                                                                                                                           Albury Base Hospital: (02) 6058 4444
                 Approved for Child
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Albury-Wodonga Private Hospital: (02) 6041 1411
                    Care Benefits.
            Call us today on 6022 8200 to                                                                                                                                                                      Wodonga Hospital: (02) 6051 7111
           discuss your child’s care needs                                                                                                                                                                     Wodonga Hospital Obstetrics Unit: (02) 6051 7250
                   or request a free
                 “Information Kit” to                                                                                                                                                                          Murray Valley Private Hospital: (02) 6055 3100
               become a Careprovider.
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Baby hire
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Albury Family Day Care: (02) 6023 8726
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Wodonga City Council: (02) 6022 9300
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Baby equipment or capsule hire:
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Hire For Baby: (02) 6023 2277
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Oke’s Toy Warehouse (02) 6021 8822

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Parent and baby unit Mercy Health Service: (02) 6021 0233
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Post-natal depression support group
                                                                                   Fully Inflatable Walls DESIGNED FOR KIDS UNDER 12
                                                                                   Safety Barriers             Mini Castles 4m x 4m                                                                            Belgrade Ave Maternal and Child Health Centre: (02) 6056 2794
                                                                                   FREE Rain Cover          Medium Castles 5m x 5.5m
                                                                                   UV Sunshade          OVER 40 DESIGNS • OPEN 7 DAYS                                                                          Australian Breast-feeding Association
                                                                                   Safety Peg Covers                       Best Castles!
                                                                                                            Castle Hire Best Prices!                                                                           Albury: (02) 6027 0679
                                                  Russell and Anna-Lise White      Credit and Bartercard     from  $150 Guaranteed!
                                                  Your Local Franchise Owners

                                                     Perfect for Kids Backyard Parties, Birthdays,                                 Special Booking No. 70706                                                   Wodonga: (02) 6027 0679
                                                       Christmas Parties, Corporate Functions,
                                                     Sporting Events, Fetes, Festivals AND MORE!
                                                                                                                                  1300 CASTLE                                                                  Tresillian 24-hour helpline: 1800 637 357
                                                   Prices & themes subject to change see website for full terms and conditions.

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Maternal and child health line: 24-hour advisory service: 13 22 29
                                                  Sprout Milkshake Baby Plum Oilily Run Scotty Run Mini Mini Minors
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Parentline: 13 22 89
                                                                                                                                                               Eeni Meeni Miini Moh Papoose Minimoo Marquise
Pumpkin Patch Ticklish Bonds Osh Kosh Fred Bare

                                                                                                                                                                                                               Positive Parenting telephone service: 1800 880 660
                                                                                   Recycled & New Childrens Clothes
                                                                     Looking to pay less for quality children’s clothes?
                                                                      Bearly Worn is a children’s clothes shop where                                                                                           City of Albury immunisation clinic: (02) 6023 8111, (02) 6023 8260
                                                                      customers can buy & sell on consignment high
                                                                          quality label clothes sizes 000-0 to 10.                                                                                             City of Wodonga immunisation clinic: (02) 6055 9300
                                                              We only accept the very best recycled clothing & items.
                                                                                         Trading Hours.                                                                                                        Maternal and child health centres (Wodonga):
                                                                                       Monday – CLOSED
                                                                                   Tuesday-Friday – 10am-4pm                                                                                                   Felltimber Community Centre: (02) 6043 4555
                                                                                     Saturday – 10-am-1pm                                                                                                      Trudewind Rd: (02) 6056 2907
                                                                                       Sunday – CLOSED
                                                                                          02 6041 5518                                                                                                         Baranduda: (02) 6020 8291
                                                                                  505 Kiewa St (opp Post Office)                                                                                               Belgrade: (02) 6056 2794
                                                                                         Albury NSW 2640
                                                                                                                                                                          Mungabareena: (02) 6024 7599
                                              Matchbox Jack & Milly Baby Guess Peter Rabbit Absorba Marquise Esprit

   32 THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          2007
Early childhood health centres                                                           OUR PHILOSOPHY is based on the right for
Albury, Smollett St: (02) 6058 1800                                                      every child to high quality care and education
Lavington: (02) 6025 4822                                                                that supports the development of their potentials.
Springdale Heights: (02) 6025 3191                                                       OUR PHILOSOPHY is based on being support-
Thurgoona: (02) 6043 1038                                                                ive to the child, parent and each other.
West Albury: (02) 6041 2236
                                                                                         OUR PHILOSOPHY is based on the belief that
Upper Murray Family Care                                                                 by providing children with the opportunity of
(counselling, parenting and life skills)                                                 belonging to a community that values and respects
                                                                                         each other they will be better prepared to live
Stanley St and Nordsvan Drive, Wodonga: (02) 6022 8000             AND PRE-SCHOOL        happy, fulfilling and productive lives.
Upper Hume Community Health Service:                                                     Lots of Tots Learning Centre
Parent education service, Wodonga: (02) 6022 8888                                        LOCALLY OWNED and part of the community
                                                                                         for the past ten years.
Poisons Information Centre: 13 11 26                              BETH AND MARK FLETCHER                                 02 6025 4331
Lifeline Albury-Wodonga: 13 11 14
Child Protection Crisis Line: 13 12 78
Kids Help Line: 1800 551 800                                                 LUTHERAN COLLEGE
                                                                                              Drages Road, Wodonga
                                                                                        PREP TO YEAR 11 – 2008
Wodonga: (02) 6056 1861
                                                                                          TO YEAR 12 – 2009
Albury (02) 6042 3700

Toy libraries:
Albury (02) 6043 3311
Orana: (02) 6025 3988                                                                    Visitors welcome any school day

Thurgoona: (02) 6043 1588                                                           “Education for Living - Values for Life”
Wodonga: (02) 6059 2447                                                                 Phone: Principal on (02) 6059 1577
Woodstock (for children with disabilities): (02) 6025 5041                      

Multiple Birth Association (Albury-Wodonga). Contacts:
Rose (02) 6024 4464, Sam (02) 6071 8604 or April (02) 6056 4488

Toddler Kinder Gymbaroo: Albury: (02) 6024 4464                                  Complete Nursery Shop
Playgroups — Albury:
Lavington/ Springdale Heights Community Centre:
(02) 6025 3988, (02) 6043 3593
Mission Australia Family Services, Albury. (02) 6041 5155

Playgroups — Wodonga:
Playgroups, City of Wodonga: (02) 6022 9300
                                                                  “One Stop Nursery Shop”
Baranduda: (02) 6020 8223
                                                                                    Nursery Furniture
Felltimber Community Centre, Melrose Drive: (02) 6043 4550
                                                                                    Baby Wear
Parenting courses:                                                                  Prams
Centacare: (02) 6042 3700
                                                                                    High Chairs & Car Seats
St David’s Care: (02) 6021 7009
Positive Parenting Program, Trudewind
Road, Wodonga: (02) 6024 3950                                                       Exclusive Childrenswear
Women’s Domestic Violence
Crisis Service, Victoria                                               ● Boori ● Valco ● Safe’n’sound ● Bertini
1800 015 188                                                            ● Mountain Buggy ● Infa ● Phil & Ted
                                                                       ● Steelcraft ● Baby Love ● Fisher-Price
Internet sites:
                                                                                 ● Bebe ● Minihaha — Billings Life
                                                                    Mon-Fri – 9.30am-5.00pm          Mon-Fri – 10.00am-5.00pm
                                                                     Sat – 9.30am-1.00pm              Sat – 10.00am-3.00pm
(Fertility education)                                                320 Urana Rd, Lavington            77 High Street, Wodonga —
                                                                   Ph: (02) 6025 6006 Ph: (02) 6024 6007
(Albury-Wodonga mothers' group)

2007                                                                                 THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER 33
                                                                                                   that has experience with children's shoes.
    Riverina Podiatry's                                                                            They will be able to accurately measure your
    Paul Musarra checks                                                                            toddler's feet. Because some children have
    patient Evie Irving's
                                                                                                   one foot that is bigger than the other, have
    foot development.
                                                                                                   them measure both feet. Buy the shoes on
                                                                                                   the basis of the bigger foot.
                                                                                                    To ensure a better fit, shop later in the day.
                                                                                                   By then, your toddler's foot will have expand-
                                                                                                   ed five per cent. With your toddler standing,
                                                                                                   check to make sure there is about a centi-
                                                                                                   metre between their big toe and the front of
                                                                                                   the shoe. This will give their feet some room
                                                                                                   to wiggle. Don't necessarily buy expensive
                                                                                                   shoes, because in two or three months, your
                                                                                                   toddler will need a bigger pair of shoes.
                                                                                                    Look for shoes that have a flexible, breath-
                                                                                                   able upper, such as canvas, soft leather or
                                                                                                   cloth, instead of stiff leather or synthetic.
                                                                                                   The soles should be lightweight and have a
                                                                                                   broad, flat, flexible base for flexibility. For
                                                                                                   good traction, choose shoes with a rubber,
                                                                                                   non-skid, ridged sole. Firm soles can catch
                                                                                                   on the carpet or floor, causing a fall.
                                                                                                    Shoes with Velcro are a good idea until
                                                                                                   your toddler learns to undo their shoes by
                                                                                                   themselves. Laces, too, will work and give
                                                                                                   your toddler more support during the early
                                                                                                   stages of walking, but take care not to tie
                                                                                                   them too tight. Double-knot laces. That way,
                                                                                                   your toddler won't be able to easily untie
                                                                                                   them and they won't come untied as easily
                                                                                                   on their own.
                                                                                                    While walking marks a milestone in your
                                                                                                   toddler's life, don't be so eager to buy them

Putting tiny feet first                                                                            shoes that you deprive them of the experi-
                                                                                                   ence of walking on different surfaces. Give
                                                                                                   them time to adjust and then buy them a
A child's foot health is a vital element of its overall well-being.                                comfy pair of shoes that will give them the
                                                                                                   support they need to become a good walker.
BEFORE you know it, you're going to be            that important shoe decision.                     Riverina Podiatry’s Paul Musarra says
parents. You have so many things to look           Because a toddler's foot is still growing, it   that when your child becomes very active,
forward to, like your child's first bath, their   doesn't look or act like that of an adult. For   particularly while outdoors, correctly-fitted
first word and their first step.                  a while, their foot bones are more cartilage     shoes should be worn at all times to prevent
 Walking marks a milestone in every tod-          than bone, so they need to be allowed to         trauma to the skin and toenails.
dler's life. They begin to see the world in a     grow without being compressed.                    “You will have less chance of seeing skin
totally different light. However, just because     The padding of baby fat under their arches      infections like tinea, warts, and ingrowing
they are walking does not necessarily mean        may make them look like they are flat-footed.    toenails.” Mr Musarra said.
they are ready for shoes. When your toddler       They might walk toe-in, a tendency to turn        “If there is a family history of diabetes, flat
first begins walking, it is a good idea to let    the toes in when walking. A child should         feet, bunions, hammer toes, or knock-knees,
them run around barefoot or in slipper socks.     outgrow this by school age. If your toddler      your child should be seen by a podiatrist
This will help their foot muscles develop and     rolls in at the ankle or if one foot turns in    before they are one year old. Good advice
let them get used to walking on different         more than the other, be sure to consult your     early in your child’s life can reduce many
surfaces. Once your toddler becomes adept at      doctor. It is easier to correct problems when    complications and episodes such as ‘growing
walking, you can buy them their first pair of     a toddler is little.                             pains’. Foot health is as important as dental
shoes. Here are some facts to help you make        Go to a reputable shoe store, preferably one    and nutritional health.”
34 THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER                                                                                                              2007
       A mouthful                                                                            Upper Hume
                                                                                             Community Health Service
                                                                      Creating Positive Relationships
                                                                      Families are the first place children learn about and practice how to get on
                                                                      with others. Early positive parent child relationships help wire a baby’s brain
                                                                      for learning and feeling good. When children experience a loving and caring
                                                                      environment, in the early years, they learn to know and trust that their needs
                                                                      will be met. This supports the early development of good self esteem and sup-
                                                                      ports their growth and development in the best possible way. Babies need lov-
                                                                      ing touch, time to talk, sing and play with lots of eye contact. Through spend-
                                                                      ing time with your child, their language and social skills develop. They learn
                                                                      important life skills about relationships, intimacy and how to relate effective-
                                                                      ly with others. Spending time tells them you are truly interested in them, that
                                                                      you value and enjoy their company and want to know how they are experi-
                                                                      encing their world.
                                                                      Upper Hume Community Health Service offers a range of services that pro-
                                                                      vide valuable information and education for all families. Services include:
                                                                      • Counselling                        Counselling for Young Children
                                                                                                           & Families
                                                                      • Interacting with your baby         Mother Goose Program
  YOU'LL soon be busy caring for your new baby and encoun-
                                                                      • Parent Support & Education Parent Education Service
  tering one novel experience after another.                                                               Positive Parenting Telephone Service
     Once of the new experiences that you will face is your           • Relationships                      Relationship Education & Support
  baby's first tooth. For most babies, this occurs between five                                            Resolve (Parent/Adolescent Mediation)
  and seven months. After months of feeding your baby nothing                                              Family Case Conferencing
  but mush, you may look forward to them getting a mouthful of        • Young Parents (15-20 yrs)          Kids’ Accredited Course
                                                                                                           (modified Cert. III Children’s Services)
  teeth. They'll finally be able to sink their teeth into something
                                                                      • Young Mothers (15-25 yrs)          Young Mum’s Group
  good.                                                                                                    (Getting to know other young Mums)
     Usually lower teeth come in before upper teeth and girls         • Grandparents & Kin Carers          Grandparents Support Group
  tend to get them faster than boys. Occasionally, some new-                                               For persons other than parents who
  borns are born with teeth. These are usually extra, and once                                             have taken on the primary care of
                                                                                                           children from birth to 16 yrs.
  examined and confirmed by a physician, will be removed to
                                                                                     For further inquiries: Phone: (02) 6022 8888.
  prevent problems with feeding and damage to the tongue.                              Address: 155 High Street, Wodonga 3690.
     Babies get teeth at different rates. While some may have
  their first tooth by five months, others may not have their first
  tooth until eight months. Baby teeth generally come in pairs,
  and as long as your baby starts to get teeth before 18 months,
  you probably don't have much to worry about. Here are some
  general guidelines concerning when teeth come in:
     ● Central incisors, lower 6-10 months, upper 8-12 months
     ● Lateral incisors, lower 10-16 months, upper 9-13 months                  WODONGA
     ● Cuspids (canines), lower and upper 16-23 months
     ● First molars, lower and upper 13-19 months
     ● Second molars, lower and upper 23-33 months
     When teeth come in, most babies experience pain and may
  be cranky and fussy. Common signs of teething include sore,
  tender and swollen gums, excessive droo, loss of appetite,
  difficulty sleeping and a low-grade fever. Babies may be clingy

                                                                      9 9
  and chew on their fingers or toys. They may also break out in
  a rash on their face, neck and chest due to the excessive drool.
     Most babies are miserable when teething and unfortunately                                         TO
  there's not a lot parents can do. Teething rings, wet cloths
  and certain medications for teething might be of comfort to
  the baby. However, there is no set way to deal with teething.
  Just do you best to comfort your baby and let nature take its
  course. If your baby seems really irritable, call your physician.
  They may be suffering from another illness.
     After your baby's teeth begin to come in, you'll need to take
                                                                                        AM                                           PM
  care of them. Use wet gauze to wipe them off or a toothbrush          We can help you with all requirements for mothers,
                                                                                infants and children of all ages.
  if necessary. Don't use toothpaste until they are older.
     If your baby still does not have any teeth by 18 months, talk             Helpful service – helpful advice.
  to your physician. There may be an underlying problem, such
  as hypopituitarism or hypothyroidism, that is causing the delay                      EVERY DAY AND
  and needs to be addressed.
     By the time they turn four, your child should have a mouth-
                                                                                    ALL PUBLIC HOLIDAYS
  ful of baby teeth, 20 to be exact. As guides for permanent                   Cnr 178 High & Sesame Sts, Wodonga
  teeth, baby teeth are important and should be taken care of.                            (Next to Coles)
  Make sure your child brushes and flosses their teeth and visits
  a dentist regularly.                                                                 6024 1411
2007                                                                                         THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER 35

    Help is at hand for
    parents trying to deal
    with unruly tots

    THE biggest issue for parents of toddlers is
    around non-compliance — at meal times,
    bedtimes and shopping — but luckily
    there’s help at hand through the Positive
    Parenting Program.
      The program, run in the eastern side
    of the Hume region by the Upper Hume
    Community Health Service’s parent educa-
    tion service, looks at causes of bad behav-
    iour in toddlers and children and focuses
    on ways to encourage desirable behaviour.
      “We get people who are interested in
    learning about parenting strategies to
    improve relationships with children and
    there are others who say ‘my child is not
    listening, this is not working’ and do the
    program to pick up a range of strategies
    to deal with that,” parent education service     Danielle Williams saw a definite change in two-year-old Zac’s behaviour after studying the program.
    coordinator Maria Hutchings said.
      Chad and Danielle Williams’ son Zac              “It’s like someone is taking your hand and          especially if they can’t express themselves
    was barely into his toddler years when           walking you through it. These kids don’t              well enough verbally, so when you repeat
    they decided to fore-arm themselves with         come with a guidebook,” Danielle said.                back to them what you think they might
    information and completed the course             10 tips to encourage good behaviour                   be feeling, it helps to relieve some of their
    through the phone hook-up service.                 ● Children do as you do. Your child                 tension and makes them feel respected and
      “I came across the program when I was          watches you to get her clues on how to                comforted.
    researching parenting programs for a             behave in the world, so, as a role model,               ● Keep promises. Stick to agreements.
    client,” Danielle said. “We were starting to     use your own behaviour to guide her.                  When you follow through on your promises,
    have some problems with tantrums and               ● Show her how you feel. If your can                good or bad, your child learns to trust and
    sleep issues and we wanted to be consist-        tell her honestly how her behaviour affects           respect you.
    ent with our discipline.”                        you, she recognises her own emotions in                 ● Choose your battles. Before you
      The couple also knew they wanted to            yours, like a mirror, and is able to feel for         intervene in anything your child is doing,
    parent differently from the accepted way in      you.                                                  ask yourself if it really matters. Rules are
    their parents’ day.                                ● Catch her being ‘good’. This simply               important, but reserve them for the most
      “We knew we didn’t want to smack but           means that when your child is behaving                important things.
    we didn’t know what to do instead. A lot         in a way you like, you can give her some                ● Whining: be strong. Kids don’t want to
    of it is about recognising normal toddler        positive feedback.                                    be annoying. By giving in to their annoying
    behaviour and focusing on the positives            ● Get down onto her level. Kneeling or              persistence we are unintentionally training
    and not the negatives. We saw a definite         squatting down next to children is a very             them to do it more.
    change in three weeks because we were            powerful tool for communicating positively              ● Keep it simple and positive. If you can
    being consistent.”                               with them. Getting close allows you to tune           give clear instructions in simple terms, your
      Danielle said the flexibility of the program   in to what they might be feeling or think-            child will know what is expected of her.
    meant that they could have the phone             ing. It also helps them focus on what you               ● Say it once and move on. It is surpris-
    hook-up after Zac went to bed at night           are saying or asking for.                             ing how much your child is listening even
    and because it was tailor-made for their           ● Active listening is another tool for              though she may not have the social maturity
    situation, they felt they were being guided      helping young children cope with their                to tell you.
    the whole way.                                   emotions. They tend to get frustrated a lot,  

36 THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER                                                                                                                         2007
       Child care
   Choosing quality child care is an important
   and challenging decision for parents. We ask
   AlburyCity’s Banjora Children’s Centre
   coordinator EMMA McQUALTER what to consider.
   CHILD care often coincides with the first time children are left
   with people other than family and friends so choosing a service
   which meets the family’s needs and expectations is important.
     It’s a good idea for parents to visit a few services to find the
   one in which they feel most comfortable.
     The first impression is often important. Staff should have
   a genuine interest in children and their families, so a friendly
   welcome to parent and child is a positive start.
     Another factor is the environment. Is it an interesting and           Banjora coordinator Emma McQualter reads to Athena Bouteris, 5.
   inviting place to play? Are the staffmembers interacting positively
   with the children in their care?                                         to become familiar with the staff and other children, while still
     Other considerations in choosing quality care include:                 having their parent with them.
     ● Does the service have their philosophy and goals displayed?             Often as children settle into care, they may experience some
     ● Does each room have a program displayed.                             separation anxiety. This is normal and supportive staff can
     ● Does the program consider individual needs.                          make this easier.
     ● What are operating hours and what is included in the fee?               It is beneficial for parents to have a consistent drop off
     ● Does the service provide an orientation process.                     routine. For example, some parents choose to read their child
     ● Is the environment clean and safe?                                   a story before leaving, while others prefer to say goodbye and
     ● How is feedback regarding the child’s day given?                     leave rather than draw out the process. Regardless, it needs to
     ● Most importantly do you feel comfortable at the service?             be consistent so that the child knows what to expect.
     Starting care                                                             Separation anxiety can be an ongoing problem, but persever-
     Starting care can be a challenge for children and their parents,       ance is the key.
   but with a consistent, caring approach it can be much easier.               At Banjora, we often find that despite it being a difficult time
     It is a good idea to prepare the child by visiting the service for     for children and parents, the effort that is put in to get children
   a couple of orientation visits. This gives the child an opportunity      through this is worth it. Rarely does it have a bad ending.

   Take the right steps now to ensure a pain free future
                                                              Reduce the chance of foot and leg-related
                                                              problems for your child by taking some
                                                                precautionary steps now?
                                                                    ● Family history of foot, leg & back pain?
                                                                    ● Flat feet & knock knees                                        Knock knees
                                                                     ● Foot & ankle deformities -                                     or flat feet
                                                                        club foot, talipes, metatarsus adductus
                                                                      ● Diabetes
                                                                       ● Footwear advice

                                                                          For an accurate diagnosis, consultation by
                                                                          a Podiatrist is a must.
                                                                                                                                     Leg muscle
                                                                          Riverina Podiatry Group have been treating                complications
                                                                            people in the district for over 20 years.

                                                                                                           NO REFERRAL NECESSARY
                                                                                                           Peter Collier, Brenton Earl, Paul Musarra.
                                                                                                           Ph: 02 6021 7411
                                                                                                           674 Pemberton St reet, Albury, NSW, 2640.

2007                                                                                           THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER 37
                                                                                                                 Carer Carolyn Wight with
                                                                                                                 Mitch Wight, 4, Chloe Carkeek,
                                                                                                                 3, and Riley Wight, 6.

                                                                                                  Carolyn admits. “I love to get out and the

A duty of care                                                                                    one I had just wasn’t big enough so we
                                                                                                  bought an eight-seater.”
                                                                                                   For many mums the thought of going
Family day care combines the benefits of other childcare                                          shopping with a handful of children in tow
services with the warmth and intimacy of growing up in a                                          is not something to look forward to but
                                                                                                  Carolyn loves it.
home environment.
                                                                                                   “We go to the library for storytime, to
CAROLYN Wight has the best of both worlds        quota of children she is allowed to have         playgroup, to the park and to the shops.
— she is at home for her two young boys          which is governed by national day care           Sometimes we might think about doing
and earning money at the same time.              standards and overseen by the Upper Murray       some cooking and I think it’s great for the
 Carolyn, a family day carer for the past        Family Care family day care coordination         younger children to go out and buy the
three years, is one of around 12,000 carers      unit in Wodonga.                                 ingredients.
across Australia who open their homes and         Her home also had to pass a stringent            “The kids are always so polite and listen
their hearts to provide a childcare alterna-     safety test before she was allowed to take in    and do as I say. It’s always your own child
tive to more than 90,000 children from           children for care.                               that’s the one running off and causing trou-
birth to 12 years of age.                         Family day care coordinator Jenny Citroen       ble.”
 About 38 per cent of this family day care is    said after potential carers attended an infor-    Carolyn was never worried about looking
provided in regional, rural and remote areas     mation session, an interview and all adults      after a group of children although she did
of Australia.                                    in the home had passed a police check,           have reservations about how her own boys
 “I love it, I love children,” Carolyn said.     their homes were assessed and cost effective     would handle having other children in their
“The children I have are just fantastic. One     suggestions made to help it reach the high       home and playing with their things.
little girl I’ve had since she was five months   standards required.
                                                                                                   “To start with the younger one didn’t like
old and she is now three and a half. It’s been    “We look for a smoke-free environment, if       it and it took him a good 12 months to get
great watching her grow up.”                     they have dogs is there a fingerproof fence,     used to it, but now we have their toys and
 Carolyn has boys of her own – Riley now         is hot water able to regulated, if windows go    day care toys so they can still have their
six and Mitch who is four.                       to the ground are they reinforced or have a      own special place where nothing is touched
 “I didn’t want to put the boys in child         barrier? That sort of thing,” Jenny said.        by others and that’s their bedrooms.
care and I didn’t want to go out to work. I       Carolyn made a few modifications to her          “But now they both love having the kids
wanted to be home with them and this fits        home but essentially it was already well set     in the house. They look forward to it and I
our lifestyle.”                                  up for her own toddlers.                         think sometimes they get a bit bored on the
 Carolyn’s two boys are counted in the            “I did have to buy a new car, though,”          weekends when it’s just us.”
38 THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER                                                                                                            2007
       As times goes by...                                                 Yarrunga Early Learning Centre
                                                                                               Accredited Centre
                                                                         • Nursery to Pre-School 0-6 years
                                                                         • Qualified, caring Staff programming
                                                                           to Meet individual needs
                                                                         • Child care benefit Available
                                                                         • Regular bookings and occasional
                                                                         • Meals and nappies provided
                                                                         Inquiries and
                                                                         Inspections welcome
                                                                         Community Based

   BEING a parent changes everything. But being
   a parent also changes with each baby. Here are
   some of the ways having a second and third child
   is different from having your first.
       Your clothes
       1st baby: You begin wearing maternity clothes as soon as
   your gynaecologist confirms your pregnancy.
       2nd baby: You wear your clothes for as long as possible.
       3rd baby: Your maternity clothes ARE your regular clothes.
       Preparing for the birth
       1st baby: You practice your breathing religiously.
       2nd baby: You don't bother practicing because you
   remember that last time, breathing didn't do a thing.
       3rd baby: You ask for an epidural in your 8th month.
       Baby’s clothes
       1st baby: You pre-wash your newborn's clothes,
   colour-coordinate them, and fold them neatly in the baby's                                                   YOUR
   little drawer.
       2nd baby: You check to make sure that the clothes are                                                    CHILD’S
   clean and discard only the ones with the darkest stains.
       3rd baby: Boys can wear pink, can't they?                                                                VISION
       1st baby: If the dummy falls on the floor, you put it away                                               ISAVERY
   until you can go home and wash and boil it.
       2nd baby: When the dummy falls on the floor, you squirt it                                               PRECIOUS
   off with some juice from the baby's bottle.
       3rd baby: You wipe it on your shirt and pop it back in.                                                  GIFT
       1st baby: You change your baby's nappies every hour,
   whether they need it or not.                                            Vision guides & shapes your child’s behaviour.
       2nd baby: You change their nappy every two to three hours.
                                                                           Take care of your child’s         All children’s vision should be
       3rd baby: You try to change their nappy before others start         vision, have your child’s eyes    checked before the age of 2
   to complain about the smell or it sags to their knees.                  and vision checked regularly.     & prior to starting school.
       Going out
       1st baby: The first time you leave your baby with a sitter,            Graeme                 Michael           Michael
   you call home five times.                                                  Frauenfelder           Harrold           Smith
       2nd baby: Just before you walk out the door, you remem-                                                         Behavioural Optometry
   ber to leave a number where you can be reached.                                                                     Specialist
       3rd baby: You leave instructions for the sitter to call only if
   she sees blood.                                                                                 Albury
                                                                                                   Shop 9 City Walk Arcade Dean Street
       At home                                                                                     ✆ 6021 7366
       1st baby: You spend a good bit of every day gazing at baby.
       2nd baby: You spend a bit of everyday watching to be sure                                   Shop 20A Centro Wodonga Elgin Street
   your older child isn't squeezing, poking, or hitting the baby.                                  ✆ 6056 2699
       3rd baby: You spend a little bit of every day hiding from the                               Also visiting Corryong ✆ 6021 7366

2007                                                                                         THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER 39
                                                    say ‘my child has so many toys they can’t

   Cutting                                          possibly need any more’.
                                                      “But toy libraries have a wide variety
                                                    of toys including ones that most parents

   toy costs                                        probably wouldn’t buy for their kids.
                                                      “We’ve just spent $400 on some big
                                                    tumble blocks – you wouldn’t spend that
                                                    money yourself.”
                                                      But not all toys are necessarily new when
    Toy libraries can help                          they join the toy library and most services
    parents reduce their                            in the North East encourage families to
    environmental footprint.                        recycle their toys by donating them when
                                                    their children have outgrown them.
                                                      Janita Crowe from the Wodonga Toy
    SUPPORTERS of toy libraries across the          Library said they often put recycled toys
    Border enthuse about the money they can         into circulation through their service.
    save on toys, the benefits of getting a fresh     “We ask people to bring in toys they no
    batch of toys each fortnight and the friend-    longer want and some of them are recycled
    ships they forge.                               through the library. We make sure they are
      But as the community becomes more             safe and durable first and then there’s no
    environmentally conscious and embraces          reason we can’t use them.”
    the concept of reduce, reuse, recycle more        Albury Toy Library also recycles toys,
    completely, toy libraries are suddenly look-    using suitable donated ones in the toy
    ing a lot greener to a lot more people.         library and raising money by selling others
      “There’s no doubt toy libraries help          through the Rotary market.
    decrease the need for consumerism in the           “Some toys are just not suitable for toy
    family,” chairperson of the Beechworth Toy      libraries,” Albury Toy Library’s Catherine
    Library, Heather Gerrard said.                  Little said. “They might not be strong
      “We have toys we bought when we               enough to stand being borrowed week after        Siblings Rose and Hamish Morrow at play with toys
    started 11 years ago and they’re still going    week or they might be damaged or have a          from the Albury Toy Library.
    strong. Generally you’ll find toy libraries     piece missing. But it doesn’t mean some-
    buy toys of very good quality that will last    one won’t get some enjoyment out of it so        areas of development from gross and fine
    and last.                                       we recycle them again by selling them at         motor skills to cognitive and role play.”
      “And because you can turn the toys over       the market.”                                       Annual memberships range from $20 for
    every fortnight, you don’t need to buy as         Most toy libraries are a good source of        the first child at Albury, $25 at Wangaratta
    many yourself. Once the kids are bored          information about age-appropriate toys,          and $30 at Wodonga to $28 a family at
    with them, you can take them back and get       often being set up in developmental stages       Beechworth and $35 a family at Corowa.
    a new lot.”                                     so it’s easier for parents to find something     Additional children in the family are generally
      Heather said a common misconception           for their child.                                 on a sliding scale and some toy libraries had
    about toy libraries was that there was noth-      “You have access to a wide variety of          separate rates for family day carers, kinder-
    ing they could offer to children who already    toys that are age appropriate,” Wodonga’s        gartens and for families not wishing to do a
    had a lot of toys.                              Janita said. “You don’t have to think ‘what      roster duty.
      “People have this preconceived idea           is right for my child’ because it’s set out to     Whichever way you look at it, toy libraries
    about what we have in the toy library and       make it easier. There are toys to assist all     don’t cost the earth.

40 THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER                                                                                                               2007
       Recycled clothing
   CATHY Chapman couldn’t find a recycled designer clothing shop
   when she moved to Albury five years ago– so she opened one.
      Aptly named Bearly Worn, Cathy’s shop is full of barely worn
   designer label and mainstream children’s clothing at a fraction of
   their original cost.
      She sells on consignment and has discovered there is no
   shortage of overseas labels being worn by the babies and tod-
   dlers on the Border.
      “There are a lot of people who move in and out of the region
   with work and many from overseas so I’ve found we can get
   quite a lot of the European and US brand names,” Cathy said.
      She was an ardent shopper at recycled designer clothing shops
   in Perth before she moved to Albury five years ago and discov-
   ered a gap in the market when she arrived and went shopping for       Cathy Chapman sizes up Mason Walker, 17 months, for a racing car jumper.
   her own two children, Matthew 6, and Nathan, nearly 3.
      “I thought ‘OK where do I get my OshKosh overalls at a rea-          When the clothes are brought in, Cathy examines each piece
   sonable price’ and couldn’t find a recycled clothing shop any-        to make sure it’s up to her standard and in great condition with
   where.”                                                               no rips or holes.
      Cathy’s background made the decision seem much less of a             “I set the price because of the need for consistent pricing
   gamble. She has a degree in marketing, was a buyer for Thingz         across the range of clothes,” she said.
   Gifts and has done virtually everything in retail except own a          This is generally around a third to a half of the garment’s
   shop.                                                                 original price, depending on the item.
      “I wanted it to be a place where mums could come and shop            Once GST is taken off after an item is sold, the rest is split
   and be comfortable about bringing their children. I’ve got a pool     50-50 between the owner of the clothes and Bearly Worn.
   gate at the front and everything that’s low down is either vinyl or     And surprisingly, new items are not that unusual.
   easily cleaned. When parents come, they can do their shopping in        “I get a lot of clothing that still has the swing tag on it.
   a relaxed environment.”                                               They’re probably gifts although for a lot of people, dressing
      The steps involved in consigning clothes for sale at Bearly        their kids is their hobby.”
   Worn start with a phone call to Cathy to see if there is a market       That makes for a lot of barely worn items for Bearly Worn’s
   for the particular items.                                             clothing merry-go-round.

                                                                             When you have captured those special moments like their 1st
                                                                             smile, roll, steps or just kidding around on camera, bring your
                                                                             disk, negatives, memory stick or photos into our store as we
                                                                             are the ultimate framing specialists.

                                                                             We have the ability to offer enlargements, canvasses, collages and
                                                                             combination black/ white & colour of any size up to 1200mm.
                                                                             All this is done onsite & you’re not waiting weeks for your
                                                                             precious memories to be sent away, you can be assured they are
                                                                             cared for with a touch of class.

                                                                                Phone 02 60409494           329 Urana road Albury/Lavington

2007                                                                                         THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER 41
While your sex life
during pregnancy
may continue
normally, sex after the
birth is probably going
to be the last thing on
your mind!
A NUMBER of things contribute to a decline
in sex drive after the birth of your baby.
Labour is a physically exhausting and highly
emotional process, so it’s only natural that
your body will need some time to recover.
In addition, your hormone levels change
significantly after birth, and of course you
will also need time to adjust to your new
  Why don't I feel like having sex?
  It's only natural to overlook sex for days
or more likely weeks, after you have your
baby. Some of the reasons you may not feel
like, or enjoy sex include:                       There are no hard and fast rules about when desire will return or when to resume your sex life.
  ● Tiredness and feelings of general
discomfort                                        to talk about any problems together, and               with a contraceptive gel or cream. At your
  ● Pain due to an episiotomy — this can          you should also talk about when each of you            six-weekly check-up you can discuss the use
sometimes take months to subside                  is ready to resume sex.                                of a diaphragm or IUD with your doctor.
  ● Feeling unattractive because of a flabby        Resuming sex has its advantages. The                   Tips for sex after pregnancy
stomach — exercise will help.                     hormones released during sex cause                       ● Talk to each other about how you feel.
  ● Anxiety about your new baby and the           contractions that will help the uterus to                ● Be gentle with each other and build up
new world of motherhood.                          return to it's normal state, and of course,            things gradually.
  ● Distractons, such as a crying or              returning to a physical relationship can                 ● Avoid penetration and concentrate on
unsettled baby.                                   be good to renew the physical closeness                caressing and oral sex the first few times.
  ● Fear of getting pregnant — conception         between you and your partner.                            ● Spend more time on kissing, caressing
can still occur while you're breastfeeding.         What about contraception?                            and foreplay to aid arousal.
  When should we start having sex again?            After you have given birth, ovulation                  ● Until your hormone levels are back to
  There are no hard and fast rules about          could occur at any time, even when you                 normal your vagina won't lubricate itself
when desire will return or when to resume         are breastfeeding. You and your partner                very well, so try using a water-soluble
your sex life — it varies for different people.   will need to think about contraception and             lubricant.
While the general opinion is that sex can         discuss the options with your doctor.                    ● If you have had an episiotomy, let your
resume straight away, it's probably best to         Contraceptive pills that contain oestrogen           partner know if you experience pain.
seek the advice of your doctor or obstetri-       are not prescribed for breastfeeding women.              ● You may also find a warm bath and
cian.                                             Progestogen-only pills are available but               lubricant will help.
  It's not just you that might not feel like      their long-term side effects are unknown at              ● Try different positions if you feel
making love. Your partner's sex drive can         this stage. Until your six-weekly check-up,            discomfort.
also be affected by the new baby. You need        the only other alternative is condoms, used    
42 THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER                                                                                                                  2007
          Your children are in good hands with the Border’s best
Product                               Business                                        Website                               Page no.    Telephone
Baby Prams, Furniture & Accessories   Baby Heaven                                                                              33       02 6025 6006
Clothing                              Bearly Worn                                                                              32       02 6041 5518
                                      Sunflower Kids                                         32       0420 926 255
                                      Red Hill Clothing                               17       03 5728 1771
Council                               Albury City Council                                 23 & 44    02 6023 8111
                                      Wodonga City Council                                   2 & 27     02 6022 9300
Education                             NSW Department of Education                                  6
Entertainment                         Jumping Jay Jays                                      32       1300 227 853
Gifts                                 Sunflower Kids                                         32       0420 926 255
                                      Frame N Memorabilia                                                                      41       02 6040 9494
Health and Well Being                 Billings Life                                                      25       1800 335 860
                                      Border Osteopathic Medicine                                                              29       02 6023 1603
                                      Border Regional Imaging                                          23       02 60414555
                                      Riverina Podiatry Group                                                                  37       02 60217411
                                      Upper Hume Community Health                                                              35       02 6022 8888
                                      Upper Murray Family Services                                                             32       02 6022 8200
Kindergarten and/or pre-Schools       Lots of Tots                                                                             33       02 6025 4331
                                      Moorefield Park Early Learning                                                           11       02 6056 7700
                                      Premier Early Learning Centre                                                            14       02 6040 3771
                                      West Albury Pre School                                                                   39       02 6021 7053
                                      Yarrunga Early Learning Centre                                                           39       02 6021 7597
Optometrist                           Fraunfelder, Harold & Smith Optometry Albury                                             39       02 60217 366
                                      Fraunfelder, Harold & Smith Optometry Wodonga                                            39       02 60562 699
Pharmacies                            Central Pharmacy                                                                         9        02 6024 1710
                                      Terry White Pharmacy                                                                     12       02 6021 2714
                                      Wodonga Pharmacy                                                                         35       02 6024 1411
Photography                           Hardinge Photography                             43       02 6021 3824
                                      Sue Davis Photography                            40       02 6033 4453
Road Safety                           RTA                                                          21       02 6043 1577
Schools                               Border Christian College                               7        02 6043 1577
                                      Mount Carmel Christian College                              29       02 6056 2288
                                      The Scotts School Albury                             19       02 6021 3233
                                      Victory Lutheran College                           33       02 6059 1577
Toys                                  Oke's Toy Warehouse Albury                                                               31       02 6021 8822

          To advertise in the 2008 edition of Baby to Toddler please call Debbie Mosbey on (02) 6024 0501

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                   185 mm by134 mm
                    Booking Code:EG
               First Appearance:30/07/07
               Last Appearance:30/07/07

2007                                                                                                               THE BORDER MAIL BABY TO TODDLER 43
       Care, education and recreation
              At AlburyCity we recognise that healthy children are the future of a strong and
              vibrant community. From high quality Long Day Care to Family Day Care and
              Out of School Hour’s Care (OOSH), AlburyCity’s point of difference is that its
              services are government owned and operated.

                                Albury Family
                                Day Care
                                1132 Burrows Road
                                Ph (02) 6058 5510
                                Quality accredited
                                care for children up
                                to 12 years of age in
                                the homes of
                                registered carers.

 Out of School
 Hours Care
 Children cared for in
 a safe, friendly and
 relaxed environment,
 after school each day.
 Phone 02 6023 8111
 for further details.

                                Banjora Long
                                Day Care
                                Cardo Drive
                                Ph (02) 6058 5540
                                Catering for children
                                0 to 5 years.

w w w . a l b u r y c i t y. n s w . g o v . a u


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